May 15, 2013 (#1331)

Poem Copyright Alan Watt May 15, 2013:

Rearrange in The Century of Change:

"Change is Now Rapid, Change is Good,
You Should Be for It, You Know You Should,
Free Trade Deals and Opportunity for All,
As Old National Sovereignty Goes to the Wall,
Tax-Free Movement of Goods and Labour
Heralded by the W.T.O. as the New Saviour,
All National Laws are Out On the Table
To Be Merged and Run by a New Stable,
Like the E.U. Did, Went Super-Governmental,
Perhaps We should Yell Where to Shove-it All"
© Alan Watt May 15, 2013
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Hi folks.  I am Alan Watt.  This is Cutting Through the Matrix on the 15th of May, 2013.

For newcomers make good use of the website  Youíll see a bunch of sites listed there.  These are all the official sites that I have and they all carry audios for free download going back quite a few years.  And they all carry transcripts in English for print-up as well of many of the talks I have given over the years.  And you can also go into for transcripts in other languages.  And I always remind the audience that you bring me to you because I donít bring on sponsors as guests basically to sell you things.  I donít take money from advertisers at all and I depend upon you the people to keep me ticking along because what Iím doing is not some sort of big corporation or job sort of thing, a big business.  Itís simply me as an individual who came out a while back realizing that people had to start telling the truth about what was really happening in the world because every country at that time was being forced in a sense and led to navel-gaze rather than look at the whole world situation, this global system, who was behind it, what was happening, why things were happening and so on.  Well documented stuff but not mentioned by the mainstream.  And so I just came out to tell the people what was really behind it all and the big foundations that set up over a hundred years ago to bring in this very system.  And theyíre not finished with it all yet either, theyíve got a long ways to go.  And the big shake-ups across the world, even the wars that are going on, itís all part of the same system of standardizing the whole planet under one system.  So help yourself to the archive section at

Remember too you can buy the books and discs I have at  And from the U.S. to Canada you can still use personal checks or international postal money orders from the post office, or you can send cash or use Paypal.  Across the world, Western Union, Moneygram, and Paypal.  And straight donations are always welcome as the currencies of the world all get devalued at the same time. 

And of course this is all part of the plan too, to bring in what they call austerity.  And without crisis creation and bringing the solution to it they canít make it happen.  They have got to cause crisis after crisis because theyíve got quite a lot to do yet with the money system and completely put it under one world system all together.  Thatís the whole goal of all this crisis thatís going on.  And to get you to start using all your extra cash to pay for your very existence.  In other words essential things only, for fuel, for heating, cooking and so on, and extra taxes on all energy that you use, including the stuff that you purchase because everything takes energy to create and make.  And you will be taxed for all of that too.  Thatís where all your extra cash will go, to support the system and they call it an austerity system.  And itís all well underway.  And itís all again out of our hands completely remember because under all the farce of democracy none of this stuff is mentioned to the public.  All the international trade deals that are going on, we are never ever asked what we think about it or even how weíd even vote for it, never mind that, that will never happen.  Because the big plan of course is a free trade system, they call it, which is not free trade at all.  Itís really corporate ones only, the guys who are in the big businesses, the big clubs themselves.  And these are the guys who get the contracts to trade across the water.  And they donít have to pay taxes to export or import stuff.  Thatís what free trade is all about.  And it keeps all the little guys out. 

The future is to have no small businesses at all.  And even when Thatcher was in she talked about that coming system because she knew it too.  And she really upped the taxes on all small businesses and put thousands of them out of business all together because they couldnít spend half the day filling in forms for the government. 

So what weíre living through is an agenda and a big, big plan.  And of course itís being forced down everybodyís throat whether they like it or not.  The youngsters are indoctrinated in school for the system that theyíre born into and how it will change in their lifetime.  Theyíre already preprogrammed for all the changes that they will see in their lifetime, because youíre living, as I say, through a script written in advance.  Back with more after this.

{Break ♫}

Hi folks.  Weíre back Cutting Through the Matrix and Iíve mentioned over the years ad nauseam to do with free trade deals and so on, going through the NAFTA deals.  Before that we had the Free Trade Association for Canada and the U.S. and Mexico and itís expanded into NAFTA and itís still ongoing because between 2005-2010 so many meetings were done every year and treaties drawn up to further integrate the North American continent basically, actually into the whole continent eventually, thatís what they hope to get eventually.  But theyíve got the trouble with the BRIC countries at the moment.  But it might not be trouble at all because theyíll probably merge with the same system down the road.  Itís all worked out in advance and you understand there are big, big think tanks working on all of these problems all the time, 24 hours a day basically.  And they will get what they want down the road.  Thatís how the world is really run.  In every aspect of society, and social problems, and trade problems and all the rest of it, itís all worked out way in advance.  Nothing is left to chance.  Anything that wonít happen, they speed it up by having wars and things like that, and it happens much, much quicker. 

Now again too free trade is an old, old concept.  John Dee in fact in Britain was the first guy to bring it out, this whole idea of free trade and using what he called, he termed the coin "Brightish", for British, and he said the Brightish Empire.  And the whole idea at that time was to use the British concept which wasnít British at all, it was just a clique that moved into London and they were going to use this empire they were creating to take over a world system.  And the idea is that anyone who would join the free trade system would have to integrate their system with the same kind of politics or political group or government system that ran Britain from London; that was part of the deal.  It still is today.

And then we find the same thing going down through the centuries since.  And it was brought up again in the 1800ís with the Cecil Rhodes Foundation that he left behind him with Lord Rothschild as his partner.  They merged with the Lord Alfred Milner Group that also caused different wars by the way, itís well documented by their own historian Carroll Quigley, to make things happen; and they merged together and formed the Royal Institute of International Affairs, which then formed the big, big foundations, tax-free foundations, under the guise of philanthropy.  Meanwhile every politician who is anybody at all, any writer who is anybody at all, anybody who is anybody at all in power, is a member of it in Britain and the British Empire.  And every country in the British Empire has a division belonging to this.  And they put in the prime ministers, they select them, itís always left wing and right wing, doesnít matter, theyíre always members of the same institution.  And across the waters they set up the Council on Foreign Relations in the U.S. and in other countries as well. 

So theyíve been on the go for a hundred years with this plan for free trade and a planned society where experts will rule over the public down the road once they wean you off the idea of democracy and you will be run in a scientific fashion, you see, so itís all going ahead.  In the meantime too they had to dehumanize the public and destroy certain cultures.  Thatís why the massive immigration was for first world countries because certain groups thought that they might turn into fascists basically or Nazi as they called it at the time after World War II.  And so they drafted up agreements at the United Nations to start to multiculturalize these countries.  Thatís all part of it too. 

Remember too free trade also incorporates free trade of goods and labor across all borders and thatís also part of it as well.  But at the moment for the first idea, and Karl Marx talked about it as well, for those who wonder if itís a right wing thing or a left wing thing, they work together folks, thereís one group that owns both sides.  And thatís how you get changes made.  You canít get change if there is no opposing group.  The opposing group brings out the change into the public sphere and the arguments and so on, and then they have basically the conclusion out of it or they merge together and compromise into what they wanted anyway.  The thesis idea.  So the free trade idea is going on.  And Karl Marx talked about first of all setting up a free trade zone in Europe, then the Americas, and then the Far-Eastern/Pacific-Rim countries, and the Royal Institute of International Affairs has been working on that for an awful, awful long time, been awfully successful too.  In fact their division in the U.S. the CFR also drafted up the NAFTA agreement for the government to sign.  So private organizations run the world. 

Now that theyíve got the European group into it all under one big superparliament, a Soviet type system, because itís not democratic, they want to now merge the Americas in with Europe you see, even though they havenít quite finished, to the publicís point of view anyway, but to the politiciansí point of view they are finished with it pretty well.  So it says in this article here:

"British Prime Minister David Cameron on Monday said a proposed free trade agreement between the European Union and United States should cover all sectors," 

Alan:  And thatís awfully important, "it should cover all sectors".

"...drawing a contrast with France, which wants to leave out sensitive cultural industries." 

"To realize the huge benefits this deal could bring will take ambition and political will.  That means everything [is] on the table," 

Alan:  And thatís all your national policies because once you go into this free trade, itís not just free trade, everything in your legal system revolves around commerce.  Even the penalty for murder, whatever it is in your country, revolves around the cost of killing a person.  That person could be a producer, a taxpayer and all the rest of it.  So thatís how they come to their sentencing for the person who did it.  And things like that. 

So it says:

"ďThat means everything on the table, even the difficult issues, and no exceptions,Ē Cameron said at a White House news conference with President Barack Obama.  France last month threatened to block the proposed free trade talks unless cultural sectors, such as television and radio, were excluded from the agreement." 

Alan:  So even all the cultural, whatever the culture is at the present time, which is all changing in the West of course, whatever it happens to be, has to be put on the table.  And that means you have to have a lot of multicultural advertising and programming and things like that.  Thatís all part of it as well.  And also your education systems because weíve had different histories and all that.

It says:

"France last month threatened to block..." 

Alan:  The free trade agreement and so on unless they kept their cultural parts.

" The European Parliamentís influential trade committee voted a week later to leave all of Europeís cultural and audiovisual services out of the negotiations due to start in July, a decision that will shape the negotiating mandate to be agreed on by trade ministers from the EUís 27 member states." 

"The Motion Picture Association of America, in comments filed last week with the U.S. Trade Representativeís office, urged the United States not to agree to any "up-front, blanket sectoral exclusions," but acknowledged EU sensitivities on the issue and said there were limits to what it expected from the talks." 

Alan:  So I can imagine Hollywood will still want to stay Hollywood and not to be flooded in with other cultures taking over and putting out other information or types of movies or cultural movies and stuff like that.  And it says:

"ďWe recognize the importance of cultural diversity..." 

Alan:  Awfully important article, this, because you got to understand what theyíre really talking about here.

"... and the contribution the audio-visual sector makes to achieve that goal ... We want, in particular, to make clear we are not calling into question existing EU or national financial support measures and mechanisms for the audio-visual sector,Ē the industry group said." 

Alan:  Now itís awfully important, that part too, to do with money because once you join this new union youíre closer to the Bank for International Settlements running all, completely all, of the central banks and then demanding from the U.S. and Canada bailout money as they have done and they can do now forever, on the treaties theyíve made from the European countries.  So weíll all be financing all the other countries too, as they go in the hole.† And it says:


"Britain, which is in the midst of a national debate over whether to stay in the EU, is hosting the annual summit meeting of the Group of Eight leading industrial economies next month in Northern Ireland." 

Alan:  Now the Council on Foreign Relations, Royal Institute of International Affairs, set up all these Groups of Eight and G20ís and G10ís and all the other ones.  Again itís not included in anybodyís charter of rights, or anything like that, or constitutions.  So private groups set up all these clubs that all your supposedly elected representatives belong to.  And now theyíre supranational.  Theyíre not dealing with national problems, although everything they do will affect and cause national problems and shake-ups.  And the public have never been asked about it, what they think about it, in any country involved.  Not one has been asked. 

So I mean, I always say, see, politics as we know it and democracy and the type of government system is antique.  It was bypassed a long, long time ago.  It says:

"That gives Cameron a high-profile platform to help shape the negotiating mandate for the talks with the United States and to shore up support in Britain for remaining in the EU.  Leading EU states Germany, France and Italy are also members of the G8 along with Japan, Russia and Canada. The presidents of the European Commission and the European Council, two EU executive branch institutions, also attend G8 summits.  "President Obama and I have both championed a free trade deal between the European Union and the United States.  And thereís a real chance now to get the process launched in time for the G-8.  So, the next five weeks are crucial," Cameron said." 

"Cameron has promised to renegotiate Britainís relationship with the EU and hold a referendum on membership if he wins the next election in 2015." 

Alan:  And Obama of course, heís already told Cameron, because his bosses told him to tell Cameron, that heíd better stay in the EU because a lot of folk are wanting a referendum to get out of the EU because itís been one of the worst disasters that theyíve ever done for the country and many other countries involved.  But that doesnít matter because itís a massive agenda.  And youíve got to understand these institutions were sworn to make all this happen over a hundred years ago, generation after generation to make this happen.  And Iíve never, ever seen them change their minds when it comes to things like this, never, ever.  It doesnít matter how ridiculous it becomes, they will bankrupt us all and destroy us all in the process to make it happen.  And there are big powers and there are different groups involved to make all this happen too, each one trying to vie for power for their own particular people to be on top. 

Also too, on the table, it mentions Ontario is talking about this big agreement. 

"Ontario government wants drug patents taken out of Canada-EU deal"


"The online news journal reports there is more in the way of a Canada-European Union trade and investment deal than a disagreement over beef and cheese.  Contrary to reports earlier this week that the only remaining hurdle in the CETA (Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement) talks is how much Canadian meat Europe is willing to import tariff free (and for how much European cheese heading the other way)..." 

Alan:  There is more to it than just that. 

Back with more after this.

{Break ♫}

Hi folks.  Weíre Cutting Through the Matrix, talking about the Free Trade Agreement with the Americas basically and Europe and all the things that are on the table.  Everythingís on the table and itís going to affect a lot of people in many, many ways.  But it talks also about the drug problems, the drugs for medical drugs.  And how itís going to affect your insurance and so on and the cost of your pharmaceutical drugs because all thatís on the table as well and some of the big corporations want to ban a lot of the generic drugs that Ontario and other provinces in Canada are using, under the guise of intellectual property rights and so on.  So there are a lot of things that are going to change and it could put up the cost of pharmacy drugs from 1 and 3 billion alone, just in Ontario, if they get their way and drop all the various basic stuff that Canada has in generic standards.  India already turned it down as well because they were pushing them for the same thing.

So thatís only one area.  There are many, many areas.  Everything is involved, all your trade, all your produce and so on.  Itís all on the table.  And then youíll be competing with European companies that are heavily subsidized too to bring their stuff into the Americas and all that kind of stuff.  So thereís a lot involved in it all and we have no say in it at all.  As I say this is a private organization, all the G8ís, the World Trade Organization that was set up by the Royal Institute of International Affairs decides where all the trade goes.  Theyíre basically the Star Chamber court.  Theyíre already working and they decide what is what and thatís as simple as that.  The public have no input whatsoever to any of this. 

And eventually of course they want to have regions you see.  Karl Marx talked about it, so did the Royal Institute of International Affairs.  They wanted to have regions set up, and this is what of course youíre a trade region and eventually those regions have one parliament working them.  So eventually you become like a parliament of Britain.  Youíre a minor provincial parliament with not much power compared to the big one of the EU Parliament.  And the same thing will happen with the Americas.  Then when they merge them theyíll have another parliament on the go and then youíll be under a super world parliament.  That whole thing was spelled out long before your grandparents were born.  And thatís how the world is really run. 

Now an article too from the Activist Post is interesting...†

"US Business Owners Can Be Fined and Imprisoned for Supporting Israeli Boycott" 

Alan:  For trade, itís actually a trade deal.  And Iíll put that up tonight too, to see how it actually works.  But itís amazing, as I say everybodyís at it to get their own way and law of course is the greatest way to get your own way.  And the threat of a fine or imprisonment is a big, big deterrent for anything at all. 

And also, itís interesting because I mentioned before that under this organization that runs the world we are all simply economic units.  And economic units, they talked about this in many, many books from the boys who helped to set up this global system including Julian Huxley, the brother of Aldous Huxley.  And he was into family planning, in other words abortion across the world, big time.  And he wanted to bring down all the useless eaters basically along with Bertrand Russell.  And he said weíll have to dehumanize the public to an extent and drop them off this pedestal of being the most supreme being on the planet that Christianity gave a lot of folk in the West.  It gave you a status of value that people couldnít touch so easily, you know the feudal overlords.  And of course weíre right back to where we started now in the old Pagan days because now we have no value at all.  And weíre accepting it quite easily with all the police killings in the U.S. and things like that are going on, with martial law everywhere.  We have no rights, etcetera. † Weíre being taught that all the time. 

Also what we see about the mass abortions, we accept that without problem.  It doesnít shock anybody.  Even with the scandals that break out with the Gosnell case and others like him.  It doesnít bother anybody at all these days.  We are being dehumanized to accept the fact that we are not worth much at all.  It depends on your social standing you see. 

We see it too in hospital treatment, hospital care in different countries and how they grade you for resuscitation or better treatment or so on, or simply for death.  And of course we now accept euthanasia as they push it across the planet.  That all was discussed a long, long time ago to get rid of the surplus population.  The United Nations said too that a good global citizen is both a producer and a consumer.  When you retire youíre a consumer, youíre not producing so therefore youíre not a good citizen anymore.  In other words youíre useless.  And weíve seen the moves now to steal money from the pensioners.  They donít want you to... They want you to pay in all your life but they donít want you to live long enough to claim any of it.  Governmentís got big things to do, like hand it off and help prop up big corporations, things like that.† So it says:

"Vermont becomes the fourth US state to permit euthanasia" 

"House of Representatives of the US state of Vermont passed a bill allowing euthanasia for the terminally ill patients, reported local media on Tuesday." 

Alan:  Now thatís a foot in the door for terminally ill and then it will expand, like it did in Holland, for those who simply are deemed unfit to live or are a bit senile or whatever, you know, or even depressed, by the way.  People who just say, oh, Iím fed up, Iím awfully depressed, and then theyíll sum up your social standing and say, ah well, we wonít miss this character, and, bang, off you go.

Now Britain also has just passed one too, put one in I should say, to do with two doctors signing off that you should be terminated.  Iíll put that one up tonight too.  All these articles Iíll put the links up remember at at the end of the broadcast. 

Now, weíre run by deceit in many, many different areas.  And itís all management perception.  Management perception often can make you mad in a sense.  I mean if you believe something thatís completely untrue and youíre taught to believe it like a religion then technically youíre mad.  And brainwashing does that very, very well.  So when you deny your own sensibilities and perceptions, then thereís something wrong with you.  And Iíll touch on that when I come back as they have snow in May in Devon and Cornwall, in England, because thereís Global Warming. 

Back with more after this.

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Hi folks.  Weíre back Cutting Through the Matrix and talking about Global Warming and all that nonsense because thereís a big agenda behind it.  Thatís why they pushed it and the far left too because they think thereís going to be social justice that comes out of it for other peopleís more redistribution of wealth across the world, all that kind of stuff.  Because under the guise of Global Warming and Climate Change Ė now they want to call it Climate Change, now that they canít quite get the warming thing going Ė then they say that theyíll have to control our lives, the way we live completely from birth to death.  And of course the carbon taxes are coming out of it, massive taxation, which the left hopes that some of it will go to the third world countries and things like that.  And of course it doesnít go to them at all, because if they set up anything in a third world country itís simply a factory owned by international corporations for cheap labor.  Thatís what they do with it all.  And the big boys at the top want the carbon credits so they can trade these credits just like, you know, sports cards and make a killing off it, which some of them are already doing. 

But it talks here in this article about snow hitting Devon and Cornwall, England, and blizzards with 65 mile-per-hour winds at the same time.  Iíll put this link up tonight to show you too.  But again as I say everything is a farce and when youíre brainwashed by a massive movement, even brainwashing them in school Ė itís easy to do in school with the selective film clips, things like that Ė you can make them believe anything at all and they really want a generation to believe all this stuff to give up all their power for any decisions in their own personal lives to be left to government agencies and big government and international organizations. 

Now Iíll go to the caller.  Thereís a caller hanging on from California.  Itís Leif in California.  Are you there Leif? 

Leif:  I have a question for you thatís a bit off topic.  I hope you donít mind.  I understand that most of the religious myths and other legends are based on the progression of the zodiac, correct?

Alan:  Thereís no doubt at all that a lot of them are in some ways, or some of them were also put into the zodiac once the religion was established.

Leif:  Well you know my question about that is, do the elite who gave us the story of a society built of spiritual importance to the zodiac or is that just... I mean why did they base it on that?

Alan:  Iíll tell you why they did it, because if you go back into ancient Egypt for an example youíll find that what they did with certain high kings, kings that made big changes, big pharaohs made big changes and were powerful.  They would create their dynasties and the first one, if they were born under a particular sign, like Rameses, it was under the Ram, Aries, you see.  And so thatís why you had all the avenue of rams for that family and dynasty that came along.  So they used to name themselves after the particular constellation that was dominant in the sky at that time.  And then later on, what they did was... there is a story in it, when the scorpion bites of course in the fall, then the great hero is slain, he is killed.  He dies off into the winter and then he rises again after midwinterís day.  So this is all written into the stars of course, ancient.  And what they did too, the secret societies, they also used all of this stuff under the guise of mysticism, but really they would decide their plans and they would wrap it up in cosmic terminology, their actual plans, with a timetable in it and they would use symbols of the zodiac for particular events that were to take place or revolutions and things like that.  So itís been used for many purposes down through the ages.

Leif:  It would be the Age of Aquarius for instance when we get the androgynous man.

Alan:  Thatís right and Aquarius was to be the androgynous man who also holds the pool of life in the jug, you see, the water of life.  And you can also say thatís like the gene pool you might say.  And out comes the new man.  This was the Age of Aquarius that was supposedly, everything was to change, thatís why they also call it the Century of Change in academia.  The 21st century is where all their big long ambitions come to fruition and are implemented and working by the end of the 21st century. 

Leif:  Thatís probably one of the biggest barriers people have to the understanding of this, just realizing that itís been planned for that long. 

Alan:  Oh it has.  Thatís absolutely right.  Itís incredible but when you go back into even the ancient philosophers from Greece, they all studied in Egypt and they all had to be initiated into the craft in Egypt.  Plato talked about it, his uncle long before him talked about it too.  They all went there to get initiated.  And then after Egypt they had to go to the Levant area to go to another mystery school and then to India to complete their education and that was a very old thing.  Before that too you had Pythagoras who when he was sent back, what they often did from Egypt, Egypt actually exported trained revolutionaries.  And Pythagoras was a revolutionary that trained in Egypt and he went back to his area to start up his own school and they taught youngsters especially to become revolutionaries. 

You find the same thing with Socrates.  Socrates was actually charged with trying to change the young, destroy the young by bending their minds, making them turn against their parents.  He also taught even young women to be spies and they would go in and marry the nobility and try to influence their policies and change their policies, so that was really the charge against Socrates.  And they did it in other countries too.  So revolutionary attitudes are very old and all connected to mystery religions.  Right up to Madame Blavatsky youíll find where she also talked about the zodiac and the time of Aquarius and so on.  And then the song came out of course in the 1960ís, ďThe Age of AquariusĒ, the dawning of the Age of Aquarius.  With lots of it in that, peace, understanding and all this lovely, lovely stuff, which of course doesnít talk about all the ethnic conflicts that you have in different countries now as we get to this lovely peace.  So itís all to do with a planned society where experts rule.  They call themselves philosopher kings, donít forget that, benevolent dictators, this is what theyíre talking about.  Technocracy itself, technocrats, there is actually a science called technocracy where experts would rule the world.  Well thatís all being implemented right now you see.  And eventually theyíll do away with even the pretence of democracy.  Thatís all it is at the moment, is a pretence.  So itís being implemented, this whole Century of Change or Age of Aquarius.  And theyíll make it happen come hell or high water, even if it kills us all off.  They are fanatical about it, absolutely.†

Leif:  Alan, do the boys at the top, the lazy boys you call them, do they believe that theyíve lived before and theyíll live again?  Is that how theyíre able to do the long-term...

Alan:  Some do but theyíve had incredible training from generations of the high, itís generally called, loosely, Freemasonry.  There are many camps of masonry you know but they get up to higher orders outside of the main lodges and these guys are multi-generational Freemasons.  Freemasons, remember, are always at the forefront of all revolutions.  Even Trotsky talked about it, he joined it in prison at one point and actually when he died he was writing, he said it was to be the biggest compilation of Masonic writings ever written that he was writing himself.  He was so enthralled by the revolutionary aspects of it.

Leif: And Socrates basically like a Trotsky or a Lenin figure, I mean in college when I read Platoís "Apology" itís supposed to be the persecution and you know an injustice, but he was actually corrupting the youth wasnít he?

Alan:  Thatís right. 

Leif: Alright, well thank you very much.

Alan:  Thanks for calling.  Yeah, the world is nothing like it seems but people should start to wonder why the left wing is so heavily, heavily funded by international bankers.  It was international bankers, well documented in the history books, that funded Jacob Schiff and all the rest of them, Kuhn Loeb and Company, that funded the revolution in Russia, the Bolshevik Revolution.  In fact they trained many of them and sent these immigrants back from New York to fight in Russia.  And they became the first politburo and so on.  And a lot of them stayed on there and were intergenerational rulers of Russia.  And they became the multibillionaires that youíre always reading about today.

Anyway getting back to this article here, the brainwashing to do with Global Warming is well underway and come hell or high water or come toasting they arenít going to mention...  Theyíre going to make us believe or let us believe that weíre actually being cooked or frozen it doesnít matter.  It doesnít matter.  So youíre taught to deny your sensibilities and perceptions and go with what they tell you, that the world is warming, even though weíve got nothing but snow.  And even in Canada where Iím living right now itís down to the freezing mark at night most nights now.  And this is May.  But thatís brainwashing for you, it works well.  And these guys literally will do anything it takes to make you deny your own perceptions and you wonít believe your freezing skin. 

Now also tonight Iíll put up some other articles to do with the price fixing, which is nothing new, with the big corporations that work in cartels, to do with gasoline and so on.  And in Britain they call it petrol.

"Petrol price-fixers will face Ďfull force of the lawí,"

Alan:  Big joke.

" minister vows as questions mount about how Ďlimp-wristed lettuce leafí inquiry gave oil industry clean bill of health"

ē† "European Commission launched inquiry into price manipulation." 

ē† "Fear prices have been driven up at the pumps for millions of motorists."

ē† "Commission suspects firms Ďhad colluded in reporting distorted pricesí."

Alan:  And it says here that theyíve been just plundering the public for at least 10 years, actually itís a lot longer than that.  And the companies involved are BP, Shell, and all the biggies.  Because they all work together; mind you, all their top shareholders will be the same little clique.

"Oil executives caught fixing the price of petrol will face the full force of the law..." 

Alan:  Oh yeah. And:

"European Commission investigators raided the offices of several major oil companies yesterday as they launched a far-reaching probe into price manipulation claims dating back a decade.  But Members of Parliament are furious that the move came just months after a Ďlimp-wristedí inquiry by the Office of Fair Trading gave the industry a clean bill of health." 

Alan:  Well theyíre all paid off.  So Iíll put this one up tonight too.  There is nothing really new in it.  But we have the same thing in Canada and elsewhere. 

And also to do with this article here...

"ĎMinority Reportí policing comes to the UK" 

Alan:  Like the movie.

"A police force has become the first to adopt ďMinority ReportĒ style crime fighting by using technology to predict where offences take place." 

Alan:  It says.  Itís all computerized. 

"Kent Police is using computer software to analyse historic offending and criminal behaviour to try and pinpoint where crimes will happen next.  It is an echo of the Tom Cruise science fiction film Minority Report in which "pre-crime" units use psychics to predict future criminals and arrest them before they have even offended." 

Alan:  Now Iíll also put up tonight too along with this article another one to do with GIRFEC, this organization thatís running Britain, especially Scotland.  I think Sarkozy helped push it.  And he had nothing to do with Scotland, but understand there are no nations anymore; everything is international.  And what they want to do is literally test every youngster all through your life, as an adult too, till you die.  Lifelong Education they call it and observation by the state for every single person born.  Itís in effect now.  And Iíll put up an article tonight to do with GIRFEC, this is what they call the program, where they nurture you throughout your life and make sure that youíre part of the community, etcetera, etcetera.  Now thatís exactly what tyrannyís wanted all down through the ages, is what they want today in fact.  Itís everyone being standardized exactly the same with no personal opinion thatís outside the box.  You must all agree and all have the same opinions and be little robots like the Stepford Wives.  This is here folks, itís all here.  Again all planned out a long, long time ago before we were even thought of or a gleam in your dadís eye.  Thatís how it really is.  Thatís how the world works. 

Also to do with euthanasia Iíve mentioned that Britainís also following the U.S. and theyíre pushing the crisis card again.  Cause crisis, then they say whatís the solution; well weíll bring in euthanasia, this helps.  This preceded this article...

"National Health Service will collapse if elderly bed blocking continues" 

Alan:  There are too many elderly folk you see.  And it says if they canít get them out of the hospitals the hospital system is going to collapse.  So theyíre blaming the old folks, so letís euthanize them.  Theyíre just passing the law to euthanize them.  Does anybody care out there?  Of course most of you donít.†

And it says:

"Mr Lamb, the care minister," 

Alan:  Oh itís like doublespeak, the Ministry of Love, isnít it?

"...said Britainís system of health and social care is becoming ďdysfunctionalĒ and could ďbuckle under the pressureĒ unless radical changes are made to the way it operates."

"He issued his warning amid growing concern that Accident & Emergency (A&E) departments and ambulance services are failing to cope, with rising numbers of patients forced to endure long waits.  Last week one of Britainís most senior A&E doctors said units had begun to feel like ďwar zonesĒ while the head of the NHS and social care watchdog said such services were ďout of controlĒ." 

Alan:  Now itís all to do with economy, economics and you being economic capital, which at a certain age youíre a burden and they donít want to put out any money on you, even though youíve been paying taxes all your life for it.  They donít want to give you anything back in return, unless youíre a special person with special standing in the community, meaning youíre important to the system.  This is how it really is in this system.  We shouldnít be shocked, you see, but weíve all been brainwashed to see it in a different way, like a Disneyland.  But Iíll put this up tonight.

And also this article to do with the big boys, the big corporations going after the food of the world as you know.  And weíre in a bad state when theyíre already halfway to owning the water, the fresh water of the world, the gas of the world for fuel, oil and all the rest of it.  And now theyíre going for your food as well.  But now theyíre doing the same thing across other countries too, especially in Mexico that tried to keep out the GM food from Monsanto and others and theyíre losing.  It says here:

"In the 2011 action-thriller ďUnknownĒ, scientists are persecuted by the biotech industry because they plan the open release of a drought- and pest-resistant strain of maize that could help eradicate world hunger." 

Alan:  Whatever they do, even making brain chips, itís always to help the paralyzed and stuff like that.  They always use the same tactic, donít they, even in the movies. 

"There are certain parallels with the situation today in Mexico, the birthplace of maize, which is at the centre of the global fight to protect the cropís diversity from the onslaught of genetically modified varieties.  ďItís the first time in history that one of the most important harvests in the world is threatened in its centre of diversity,Ē Pat Mooney, the head of the Action Group on Erosion, Technology and Concentration (ETC Group), an international NGO, told IPS." 

"ďIf we let the companies win, there will be no chance to defend them in other parts of the world. What is happening here is of key importance for the rest of the planet.Ē"

Alan:  And it goes into the fact, you see food is a necessity.  Do you have to be told that folks?  Do you?  Nobody is bothering about all this stuff thatís going on.  Foodís going to be used for blackmail purposes and coercion when you get your daily rations.  And thatís going to happen.  Thatís on the cards down the road.  And the big boys are going to get richer and richer and richer when they have you in an utter, you know, merciless corner.† Anyway it says:

"In September, the U.S. corporations Monsanto, Pioneer and Dow Agrosciences presented six applications for commercial plantations of transgenic maize on more than two million hectares..." 

Alan:  Two million hectares.

" the northwestern state of Sinaloa and the northeastern state of Tamaulipas.  Moreover, in January these companies and Syngenta..." 

Alan:  Also is another company.

"...presented 11 applications for pilot and experimental plots to grow transgenic corn on 622 hectares in the northern states of Chihuahua, Coahuila, Durango," 

Alan:  And other ones it says.

"...Sinaloa and Baja California.  And Monsanto has applied for an additional plantation in an unspecified area in the north of the country." 

"Since 2009, the Mexican government has issued 177 permits for experimental plots of transgenic maize..." 

Alan:  But the fact is, they say, this is for national sovereignty.  Itís a national sovereignty issue.  If you canít own your own food youíve had it.  Back with more after this.

{Break ♫}

Hi folks.  Weíre back Cutting Through the Matrix.  Last night too I mentioned on the air about this gang in Oxford, England, that was taking children, young girls, out of childrenís homes, picking them up there by the way, the staff all knew it.  The police kept away too because theyíre terrified to get involved now, theyíve had so much indoctrination to do with multiculturalism and these guys basically it said here were from primarily Pakistan and everybody is terrified of being called a racist now with the indoctrination theyíve all had that these sort of things happen now.  So these gangs were picking up young children and they were physically with hot irons branding them, folks, for their property, injecting them with heroin because they can import a lot, having connections of heroin, and then send them out for prostitution getting £600 an hour apparently.  And itís quite the story but itís a whole litany of disasters and failures for anybody to act from the council homes that were for these orphans, the local government run it, and also to do with the police as well.  And so Iíll put this up tonight for those who want to see what happens now with the wonderful system thatís been brought in.

And also to do with the police chief constable that was in charge of it and the council chief executive in charge of the homes and so on, both are women I think, and they refused to stand down and get out of the job.  Normally in one time that would happen if they were disgraced, but no, theyíre too much of an ego.  In other words these people are enablers.  They helped this to carry on.  They were enablers to abuse and of course their egos are so big they want to carry on with their big paychecks after all these young girls are getting branded and addicted to heroin and all the rest of it by this gang that ran them for prostitutes.  Itís just amazing.  Itís just astonishing.  Iíll put that up tonight too and also...

"A Portrait of Modern Britain" 

"Armed police officers patrol Luton Estates to stop dangerous shoot outs between gangs." 

Alan:  Now these gangs are primarily foreign.  Iíll put Wikipedia up tonight, because it doesnít mention it in the story here, again theyíre being all PC.  But it says here that theyíre armed and theyíre shooting each other and it says there are different murders going on and so on as they have reprisals, etcetera between the different gangs because itís for drug territory and all the rest of it.  And if you read the article as I say to do with Luton it actually says in Wikipedia...

"Since the 2011 census, Luton has become one of 3 towns in the United Kingdom to officially hold a white British minority."

Alan:  A very small minority of whites.

"It was announced in a report based on the census figures that along with Leicester and Slough, Luton was one of 3 towns outside of London where white Britons were minority, making up only 45% of Lutonís population."

Alan:  And the rest are mixed Asian or Asian-British, Black, or Black-British, and other ethnic groups, a lot from Eastern Europe.  So this is what they knew would happen with multiculturalism and they say we have to go through all of this kind of stuff to get to wherever weíre supposed to go down the road, which I think itís going to be something like an utter disaster to be honest with you.  Thatís the way it seems to be going right now.  A lot of folk are suffering like never before.  And again a lot of these gangs are getting off with way too much because folk are terrified to even go near them because the worst criminal or even a murderer can just shout racism and everybody blushes through their Pavlovian conditioning and theyíre scared of getting fired.  So children have to suffer and get branded in Oxford and get addicted to heroin and be shoved out for prostitution, beaten up and forced abortions with wires in the 21st century.†

From Hamish and myself from Ontario, Canada, itís goodnight, and may your God or your Gods go with you.


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