May 17, 2013 (#1333)

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Poem Copyright Alan Watt May 17, 2013:

Neuroscience has a Ball, The Mind has No Firewall:

"Solid in Your Opinions - Never Budge?
Perhaps You Arrived at Them by a Nudge,
Governments want Compliance, Consternation,
Created Departments of Behaviour Modification
Using Behavioural Psychology, Opinions Wilt,
Anti-Green Thoughts Bring Feelings of Guilt,
It Worked so Well These Experts with Glee
Are Changing Opinions Regarding LGBT,
Guilt-Indoctrination Works Like Gestalt,
Wrong-Thought Sends You Back to Default"
© Alan Watt May 17, 2013


Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - May 17, 2013 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)
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Hi folks.  I am Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix on May 17, 2013.  I always start off by advising any newcomers who come in to look at the website because thereís lots of free audios for download. It will keep you busy for a long, long time, if you can even go through a few of them in fact. I go into the system that weíre born into and the big agenda, because it is a big agenda, an ongoing agenda, here for long, long time. It was on the go before your grandparents were even born and every generation goes through it. This big agenda is run by a few people, really, the richest folk on the planet and their descendants too. They have lots of think tanks working on every societal problem that has to be mended or altered, changed to work for the new global society. That includes behavior modification on the cultures and everything else too. They are run by the riches folk in the world, as I say. 


The top bankers, or international bankers of their day, set up their big foundations and classed themselves as tax free foundations under philanthropy. Youíll find the Royal Institute of International Affairs is one of the biggest on the planet. It set up the idea for taking over the world, making it global, and also the free trade agendas they would do that would merge countries together into blocs, trading blocs. Then, with a partner in the US, their branch there thatís called the Council on Foreign Relations Ė which also owns all the media, basically, at least the guys who run it are all members of the Council on Foreign Relations Ė they shape our minds for us. They give us our realities, what to think about, what to argue about and so on. So everything in the world today as we know it is controlled by small groups, all working together, with huge foundations, lots of money, lots of think tanks, and they literally go through the whole world agenda, including the takedowns and the bringing into austerity for post consumerist societies.


So help yourself to the website. Remember too, you can get transcripts as well as the audios on all the sites in English. If you go into you can get transcripts in other languages.  As Iíve said before many, many times, you are the audience that bring me to you because I donít bring on guests as advertisers. I donít take money from advertisers. The only cash that comes in here is from the listeners that buy the books and disks at Through the books and so on I do go through the histories of these societies down to the ages, the art of conology, which is the art of controlling masses of people through various techniques. Itís a very, very ancient art. Today itís incredibly specialized. There are actually archives of material for the ones who are brought in to help manage the world, world managers you might call them, and some professors actually admit to this too.  So if you want to buy the books and disks you can go into the website and find out how to do it.  [Order and donation options listed above.]  And straight donations are always awfully welcome as we go through devaluations of the currencies. And things are getting very expensive, as you all know a lot there too.


And thatís the plan, because you see, this quantitative easing, which is really inflation, or devaluation of the currency, has been already mentioned many times by guys like in the Federal Reserve; theyíre going to keep this going for about another 10 years, at least. So every year everything is going to go up, at maybe a quarter to a half of the cost of the previous year, and this is the agenda for the next 10 years. Thatís to bring austerity in. It wonít happen by itself. The big boys make it happen. Austerity was all planned long before the bank crashes, because that is the plan for the future. All the extra money youíd have for spending on things that you wanted, youíll have to spend on essentials things only. Thatís the new future. And it will all be pushed along as well-being, gross well-being and youíll be taught to be quite happy as you tighten your belts. Back with more after this.


Hi folks, weíre back. Iíve talked before about the world smart grid. Of course, IBM, by the big boys themselves, theyíve been given the rights to run this smart grid for the whole planet basically. Again, itís all way above governmental level. Iím talking about the real government, the real boys that are the movers and shakers that create policies and tell the politicians what to do. And doors simply open for them, any laws that have to be altered are simply altered on the spot, and thatís how quickly things are done.  The same with Monsanto too, as you know, doors to simply open, all the old laws just simply seem to fade away when they come in and they break all the rules in the book. So it doesnít really matter for the big boys because a higher authority has obviously given them permission to go up to the very top, to get to the top.


Getting back to that IBM and the smart meters and so on, we know that the whole idea is to monitor all of our use. Eventually you will be cut off, theyíve said that in articles in Canada when they first talked about it years ago, that eventually they could cut different people off, if they say youíre using too much electricity for any particular thing. Now, you could be a single individual living in a home, and itís not because youíre using more than, say, a big family. Theyíre actually going to limit it according to what you would normally use as an individual, you see. And theyíll say, well youíve used too much for a single individual, and theyíll say, we need to cut you back, and cut you off, for a little while. Eventually fines and fees will come into it too for going over certain limits. So itís a control factor really, apart from the fact that itís a spy in your home as well, and itís not healthy because of the microwave radiation that it gives out.


But in Britain theyíre bit behind with it. Theyíll have to go along with it regardless, regardless of this article even, because thereís MPs in Britain complaining about it and it says:


Smart meters 'a waste of money',

MPs told Smart meters should allow people to work out how much electricity is used by boiling a kettle / 15 May 2013


The plan to introduce smart meters into every home across Britain is a "waste of money", MPs have been told.


The units are designed to show people exactly how much energy they are using at any time.  (Alan:  Now, thatís the lie that they pushed initially in Canada too, that you would be able to monitor your energy use. But the things are outside.  If youíve got three things on the go at one time you have no idea how much any one thing is actually burning up. In the ads that they showed you, long before they installed them, they showed you that there would be little meters inside the house on the walls and so on that would tell you how much you are using; that was all a con to get it through.)


Energy analyst Alex Henney said people could be given live information on their energy use via weblinks or smartphone apps much more cheaply.


He told the energy select committee the smart meter scheme would cost £600m.  (A:  Thatís not a bad deal,eh, for the guys that get the contract.)


A smart meter is a device which provides real-time information about how much gas and electricity is being used - and how much it costs - to the customers and to the energy provider.


The idea is that this should encourage people to cut energy use or switch their energy consumption to off-peak hours, for example by using the washing machine at a different time of day.  (A:  Now, thatís another con too. When they first bring them in theyíll tell you itís cheaper to use any heavy appliances at night, you see. That worked for about a year or two, and then they change that again too, so it doesnít matter which time of day. So everything is a con, a con to get you into it.)


Questions about value for money


The original plan to require energy firms to offer smart meters with in-home displays to every home in Britain was announced by Ed Miliband when he was Climate Change Secretary (A:  Can you believe that somebody is a climate change Secretary?   Huh?  Itís like giving a high priest, you know, thatís in charge of the God of weather, you know.  Itís ridiculous.) in the last Labour government.


Under this plan, the energy suppliers will pay to install and maintain the meters, and they will pass on this cost to their customers. (A:  So everything goes up of course.) The hope is that in the long run the energy companies and customers will save more than the displays cost.   (A:  Really? What a joke.)


(A:  And this politician actually says that)  "around half" of them would never be used.


He said: "You've got to ask yourself, firstly what proportion [of the public] are going to use it (the in-house display), and secondly why can't they use their smartphones or their computers?"


The government will be running a computer system to co-ordinate the information received by smart meters.  (A:  Of course the government will be, because as I say, this sends a spy right into your home, and broadband and the whole bit too.)


In written evidence he had previously given to the committee, Mr Henney, a former London Electricity board member and author of various books and studies on energy issues including smart metering, said the technology behind the scheme was "another government IT disaster in the making".


(A:  Then they go intoÖ) Delays and cost over-runs


But itís an essential thing for this smart grid. With the smart grid too, they can actually cut off nonemergency households, for instance, keep hospitals going and things like that, but switching everybody else off and divert all of that electricity to some other region, across the planet for that matter. Because thatís the big hope.  Theyíre actually laying big underground cables right now across the planet to link them all up. And of course, youíll be paying for the Third World for a long time; thatís all part of it too Ė they havenít mentioned it in this article but Iíve seen it and other ones as well. Thatís the world you live in, itís all conology.


Many, many times before Iíve said, youíve got to watch all of the studies that they do. When the big boys need something done, on a change in society, theyíll bring out a study to prove why you should do something or change your ways or whatever. They have a Department in Britain of mental health, actually, and it actually prompts you for behavioral change. But they do the old Bernays thing of getting so-called experts to write things and do fake studies, which are just that, theyíre fake studies. Now, since theyíre putting up the retirement age across Europe, because they donít want to pay the pension money out, you see, they have to bring studies out to prove itís a good thing. And hereís one right here, right off the bat.


Retirement 'harmful to health', study says / 16 May 2013


Retirement has a detrimental impact on mental and physical health, a new study has found.  (A:  Wow, eh. Science is amazing.)


The study, published by the Institute of Economic Affairs (IEA) (A:  Who else?), a think tank, found that retirement results in a "drastic decline in health" in the medium and long term.


The IEA said the study suggests people should work for longer for health as well as economic reasons.


The government already plans to raise the state pension age.  (A:  See how they do it, they just come out with their, you know, studies that will contradict every other study. So hereís the new study, this is the in-house study now; this is the one theyíre all going to go by. Itís good for you, and now teach you that, through 1000 different ways, ads on television to encourage you, encourage you to stay working and how great it is, and smiley faces in the ads and stuff. Nobodyís got sore backs or anything or arthritis, you know.)


Also too, an article to do withÖ


Inequality, debt and growth / Paolo Lucchino and Salvatore Morelli / 14th May 2012


(A:  Itís quite good actually. Itís an article where theyíre trying to blame the lower classes for causing the last bank crashes. It saysÖ)


Inequality, debt and growth shows that low to middle income households were reliant on borrowing to fund much of their spending for more than a decade before the financial crisis. The report reveals the full extent of the increase in borrowing and deterioration in household savings rates in the run up to the 2008/09 crisis, with the poorest 10% outspending their income by 40% by 2007. Given only a minority of the poorest are homeowners paying off their mortgage, it is highly unlikely this was counterbalanced by an increase in housing wealth. 


The report, authored by the National Institute for Economic and Social Research, found that over the 10 years 1997-2007, spending grew faster than incomes across all households, but for the poorest groups this was much more pronounced.  (A:  So the bottom line is, when you go to this article, it was all the peoplesí fault. It wasnít the banks; it was the peoplesí fault. So there you go.  That will go down in history in the official reports.)


Also, weíre in an age nowÖ weíre in the last stage of the last kind of old, normal human beings; weíre normal that is. Although weíve been bioengineered by various means and chemicals, and the stuff that we eat now is engineering us, plus the massive vaccinations too have already even changed the physique of males and females in a lot of places. But anyway, they want to go the whole way, and within 50 years. If you look at all the reports up to the year 2050 from the top think tanks, they really see this as a sort of hallowed time for them, when some new creation seems to take over from the old man, which is all of us, you see. So it says here:


New spectre of cloned babies:

Scientists create embryos in lab that 'could grow to full term'

(A:  So theyíre already on that, you see.) / Fiona Macrae / 15 May 2013


-Breakthrough could have major implications for stem cell treatments.  (A:  Well, itís nothing to do with treatments. They donít do this stuff for treatments, folks.)


-First time cloned embryos have developed enough to provide stem cells.


-Raises possibility of babies being cloned in the lab by rogue scientists.  (A:  Well, they wonít be rogue; theyíll be authorized.)


The prospect of cloned babies has moved a step closer after scientists extracted stem cells from human embryos created in a laboratory.


The breakthrough could lead to customized cells to help treat and even cure (A:  They always put this in immediately, to throw you off from saying, what the heck are they doing? You know. Itís not going to cureÖ) a range of diseases (A:  They want you to die, for God sake.), from Alzheimerís to multiple sclerosis.


However, it also raises the spectre of babies being cloned in laboratories. This could allow couples who lose a child to pay for the creation of a Ďduplicateí.


Designer children move a step closer:   (A:  It shows you how itís done and all the rest of it.)


While human embryos have been cloned before, none have had healthy stem cells extracted from them. The latest advance means scientists are now even closer to being able to clone children.


The US team behind the work stress that they want to find treatments for incurable diseases (A:  Yeah.) Ė but critics fear there is little to stop a rogue scientist from copying their work to try to clone humans. 


So itís actually probably being done, folks. It probably has been done. Thereís lots of islands. Itís like the old James Bond series, the more important enemies that the world had were extremely rich people who had islands and lots of scientists working on them, outside of any international boundaries. And they actually do have islands like that across the world. The Island of Doctor Moreau.  They actually do have them, for sure.  It reminds me too of all these extraordinary renditions, where your governments kidnap people and drag them off to some country like Thailand even, as we found out recently, where theyíd got a little base made to torture folk abroad. I mean, itís a veryÖ Itís the same kind of thing. Unless itís got leaked out by some whistleblower weíd never know whatís going on where. We have no idea.


Now another article too, it says, in this day and age weíve got:


More Foreclosures and Suicides than During the Great Depression / George Washington / 05/17/2013


Foreclosure rates of the late 2000s are often compared with those of the Great Depression, which took place through the first half of the 1930s. However, there were no public or private agencies keeping track of foreclosure rates at that time. Indeed, the government still does not keep an official statistic on the number of homes in foreclosure or repossessed by banks and lenders.  (A:  Back with more after this.)


Hi folks, weíre back Cutting Through The Matrix talking about the Great Depression and the homes that were lost versus the present time weíre in.  Thereís comparisons worked out. This also has the suicide rates as well and how they go up massively during times of what they call now recession; they donít want to call them depressions but itís the same thing. It also compares the amount during the Great Depression to the present as well. It also touches on the military because it saysÖ


The number of deaths by suicide has also surpassed car crashes (A:  In the US.), and many connect the increase in suicides to the downturn in the economy. Around 35,000 Americans kill themselves each year (and more American soldiers die by suicide than combat (A:  Theyíve got links for that too.); the number of veterans committing suicide is astronomical and under-reported). So youíre 2,059 times more likely to kill yourself than die at the hand of a terrorist.  (A:  Iíll put this up tonight; itís from Zero Hedge.)


Also tonight Iíll put up at couple of articles on free trade.  For those whoíve been following the free trade deals, the Transpacific Partnership for the Americas and also the same thing, the Transatlantic one for Europe, theyíre both going on at the same time. Thereís a lot of articles coming out about it, because you see, itís to bind us all together. Itís to bind us all together, the same way they did with the EU, until eventually they had one Parliament running the whole of Europe. It says:


Free trade across Europe and America: prize or penalty? / Dean Carroll / 13 February 2013


Imagine a free trade zone stretching across Europe and America. The largest hub of open enterprise in the world, able to compete with emerging economic giants like China on a level playing field.

(A:  Really? What nonsense that is on the wages we get.) Well, the idea may just have stepped out of the realm of fantasy. United States President Barack Obama, in his State of the Union address, has tentatively agreed to a round of free trade discussions between the European Union and the US.


Although it is unlikely that Obama's move will actually pave the way for a free trade agreement (A:  Well actually it is, it has already.) during his time in office, at least the groundwork will have been laid for a deal at a later date. After all, you have to start somewhere. In reality, EU officials have been working on a proposal since November 2011 and unofficial discussions stretch back even further.  (A:  They go back for about 20 years.)


Talking to Congress yesterday and couching the FTA proposal in his own American citizen-friendly terms (A:  See, they donít want Americans to know itís a free trade agreement, which is the sameÖ Itís like the European common market agreement, free trade.), Obama promised to "launch talks on a comprehensive transatlantic trade and investment partnership (A:  So theyíre calling it an Ďinvestment partnershipí for the Americans to believe; it sounds better that way. It doesnít sound like youíre losing your sovereignty.) with the EU because trade that is free and fair across the Atlantic supports millions of good-paying American jobs".


(A:  Iíll put this link up too. Itís from the Public Service Europe; this is the site that deals with diplomats and bureaucrats for Europe; it helps train them, some of them, and they actually take part in it.  And also another one from the same organization, they go further into it and it says:)


EU-US free trade deal could 'spread western norms' across world / 17 May 2013


The potential free trade agreement between the European Union and the United States could help to spread western norms (A: Normals.) across the world in an 'Atlantic century' as well as creating an open market for 800 million citizens, a senior American diplomat has claimed. In an exclusive interview with, the acting deputy chief of mission at the US Embassy in London - Mark Tokola - spoke of the "excitement" spreading through diplomatic circles on both sides of the Atlantic.


By providing extra leverage when dealing with third states outside the FTA, the pact could enable Europe and America to demand democratic and human rights improvements at the negotiating table. This would mirror the EU approach used in accession talks and through the neighbourhood policy - whereby those non-European nations wanting to join, or trade with, the union are forced to adopt certain normative standards. 


So itís all going ahead. So it isnít just free trade to do with economics. Itís also to do with politics. What they eventually do when you start merging with them is change all of your laws, by the way. You harmonize all of your laws, they call it; thatís what happened to Europe. So itís ongoing. Remember, this goes back, again, to the early 1900s with the Milner group that became the Royal Institute of International Affairs, a private organization thatís still runs most of the politics across the world today. A private organization. They were the guys who said weíll have free trade across the whole planet under three main trading regions and then eventually weíll merge them all together under a single parliament. So weíre well on our way.


Last week I mentioned something from the Rolling Stone Magazine and it said that everything was rigged. Of course, it was to do with the Libor rigging in Britain and something similar in the US. Everything is rigged to do with money. Now theyíve got another one, part two.


Everything Is Rigged, Continued: European Commission Raids Oil Companies in Price-Fixing Probe / Matt Taibbi / May 15, 2013


And they go through that. Iíve read other articles before last week on that, but itís still ongoing because itís just astonishing, just to see the amount of cartelsÖ They form their own little clubs, all these different owners or CEOs of big oil companies. Theyíve got cartels, and they rig the prices so that they donít undercut each other. There is no free competition. And they can maximize as much profit as they want by jacking all the prices up and all having the same prices at the same time. Thatís what it is, folks, utter greedÖ Weíre held to ransom by these guys whoís got this kind of power.


And also another article too from the Public Service Europe and it says:


Even Europhiles starting to turn against the EU project / 14 May 2013


When College of Europe graduates - traditionally the most loyal of all Europhiles - (A:  You see, they have their own college now, and theyíve had it actually since the end of World War II. They never told the general public that they were churning out these bureaucrats for the European merger, back then.  They just didnít tell the citizens of any country; it was all done in secret.  And they call these guys Europhiles, the ones who have gone through their courses at their college, their own personal college to turn out bureaucrats and diplomats.) start to turn against Brussels you know the project is coming off the rails.   (A:  Some folk arenít happy with it. Back with more after this.)


Hi folks, weíre back Cutting Through The Matrix and talking about the Eurocrats, the ones whoíve been through the special college they have for bureaucrats of this European monstrosity, in this communistic system of Brussels. One of them has kicked back; heís not too happy with what happened and heís actually speaking out as an insider. His name is Ricciardelli and heís mentioned that itís not going well. He talks about the fact that there is an elite bunch at the top and that theyíre out of touch with the rest of the people down below, all the voters and so on; they ignore the voters, in fact. Of course, theyíre looking for a complete Federation of it all, in a federal type government theyíre creating right now. So theyíre going to the present government, they want to go to the next step, the Federation, the federal government, and I think theyíre going to start disbanding local governments all together; thatís national governments. So Iíll put this piece of tonight as well.


And also, this is an article too from the Financial Post and it says:


The EU green hell / Benny Peiser / 13/05/13


Limits to growth ideology a self-fulfilling prophecy


The European Unionís utopian scheme of transforming itself into a green energy powerhouse is faltering as its fantasy plan is colliding with reality. As the EUís economic and financial crisis deepens and unemployment continues to rise, what used to be an almost all-embracing green consensus is beginning to disintegrate.


The spectre of green stagnation, the loss of competitiveness and economic decline has replaced 20 years of collective wishful thinking. The green folly was founded on two apocalyptic fears: firstly, that global warming was an urgent threat that needed to be prevented at all cost, and secondly, that the world was running out of fossil fuels, which meant that oil and gas would inexorably become ever more expensive. Both conjectures, however, turned out to be bogus.  (A:  It says, the same policy is still going ahead and itís detrimental to any form of growth at all. Itís detrimental to the whole system.)


I also want to touch on this article tonight, itís been here for a little while, actually I havenít talked about it. With all the talk of instant asylum and so on and citizenship for all the illegals that come into the US, itís astonishing that this stands out like a sore thumb. That says a lot in itself because of who it concerns. It says:


Court upholds Obama Admin denial of asylum

for German homeschool family / John-Henry Westen / May 14, 2013


PURCELLVILLE, VA., May 14, 2013 ( - Today the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals upheld the Obama Administration's denial of asylum granted to Uwe and Hannelore Romeike and their six children.


The Romeikes fled Germany in 2008 when they were subjected to criminal prosecution for homeschooling. (A:  Thatís what you get in Germany now, and I think in Italy as well.) in Bissingen, district of Ludwigsburg, Baden-WŁrttemberg , they faced exorbitant fines, forcible removal of their children, and possible imprisonment all for homeschooling their children.


The Supreme Court of Germany declared that the purpose of the German ban on homeschooling was to "counteract the development of religious and philosophically motivated parallel societies."  (A:  See, itís to be one standardized system and thatís it, folks, with everybody PC, with the same indoctrination.)


The family, currently residing in Tennessee, was granted asylum in 2010 by Immigration Judge Lawrence O. Burman, but that grant was overturned by the Board of Immigration Appeals in 2012.


A three-judge panel of the Sixth Circuit heard the Romeikes' appeal on April 23 in Cincinnati, and issued today's unanimous decision against the family. Uwe Romeike, a piano teacher, said that if the courts turned down their asylum completely, ďit would mean they would send us back to Germany where we would face the same persecution as when we left.Ē


"We believe the Sixth Circuit is wrong and we will appeal their decision," said Michael Farris, HSLDA Founder and Chairman. "America has room for this family and we will do everything we can to help them."


The court said that the Romeikes had not made a sufficient case and that the United States has not opened its doors to every victim of unfair treatment. Although the court acknowledged that the U.S. Constitution recognizes the rights of parents to direct the education and upbringing of their children, it refused to concede that the harsh treatment of religiously and philosophically motivated homeschoolers in Germany amounts to persecution within our laws on asylum. 


Itís just a pity that they didnít belong to any other group. Itís amazing.  See, America supposedly was founded on a lot of Christian folk coming in; lots of them just flooded into the US in the pioneering days and so on. Of course, itís been heavily attacked by a new dominant minority ever since, who runs the United States, and they donít like Christianity, and they donít like the family unit either, of certain peoples; this is all part of it too, thereís no doubt about it. Now, theyíll let anybody in that says theyíre persecuted, if theyíre homosexual, lesbian or whatever else in their own countries; thatís okay. But if youíre just a family thatís getting persecuted by the government because of religion or whatever, will they make an exception here? No, nope, we wonít let you in; wonít let you in. So you see, it depends on what minority you belong to on the victim scale, because itís definitely written out, believe you me.  Thereís a victim scale of priorities, and ones theyíve donít want, no doubt about it.


Now we know that Syria had its Internet cut off to the world, and of course thatís warfare technique of the US, Britain and all the rest of the countries that are involved in it. But some of their hackers managed to.


Syria hackers breach Financial Times accounts

(A:  And put up a video of executions by rebels, the ones who are all being financed by the West, and armed by the West, to get rid of the government that they have there.) / 17 May 2013


Pro-Assad hackers publish video content of alleged executions by rebels on newspaper's social media accounts and blogs. (A:  Now, they mustíve gotten help from the Russians to do it, Iím sure.)


The Syrian Electronic Army has claimed credit for hacking various news outlets including Agence France-Presse [AP]


The website and Twitter feed of the Financial Times (FT) have been hacked, apparently by the "Syrian Electronic Army", a group of online activists who say they support Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.


The group on Friday posted links on the newspaper's Twitter feed to a YouTube video, uploaded on Wednesday, which purports to show members of the al-Qaeda-linked Jabhat al-Nusra Syrian rebel group executing blindfolded and kneeling members of the Syrian army. 


You understand, if most of the public in Syria, and the troops too, didnít like the guy that was at the head, or the system, they wouldnít be supporting him. And these guys are fighting to the death. Because they know that the ones that are all going to come in are going to slaughter them all, men, women, children, the whole lot, there will be no difference. They know that. And the West knows that too. The West doesnít care. They want to get Syria out of the way, because it was on the list of the New American Century group [PNAC] to be taken out and standardized, just like they flattened Libya and all the other countries before it. Thatís when folk really fight to the last because they know these people are going to slaughter them all. You want to see mass graves, you wait and see when theyíre finished with Syria, and the cover-ups of the West not to report it.


Also tonight to all put of this article; itís quite good. It says:


How Wisconsin and Alabama just helped save the world / James Delingpole


Wise Alabama legislators ignored the United Nations.


From my poolside in Puglia I was going to do you an amusing post about The Archers. (A:  This is the author, of course.)  I expect it would have been very funny. But sadly we shall never know. That's because I want instead to draw your attention to two important stories from the US which, I suspect, will have far greater impact on the world than even Nigel Pargeter's murder (by politically correct BBC harridans) (A:  Heís talking about a series on television.) ever did. I refer to Governor Scott Walker's victory in Wisconsin and an equally important but perhaps less well-publicized victory won in the Alabama house and senate over the UN's malign and insidious Agenda 21. (A:  Also called the Millennium Project, and other names to, like Sustainable Development.)


Walker's victory has been thoroughly and expertly analyzed by my estimable colleague Tim Stanley. For the benefit of those readers who a) find US politics remote, weird or dull and/or b) think Walker was one of the Brothers responsible for The Sun Ain't Gonna Shine Any More before going a bit weird on his solo albums, I'd just like to reiterate that this is a story of significance to all of us.


The Wisconsin result mattered because it was a show-down between the entrenched statism of the Left and the free market, small government values of the Tea Party. Walker's victory was by no means a foregone conclusion: that's what was so nerve-wracking about it for those of us who believe that the economies of the West are on the brink of a precipice right now; and that the reason that they are on the brink of a precipice is the direct result of governments spending more than they can afford Ė on welfare, on public services, on everything. So on a State-sized scale, Governor Walker was doing what all our leaders throughout the Western world should be doing (but so rarely: vide David Cameron have the balls to do): saying "Enough is enough! We cannot go on living this lie any longer."


The repercussions will Ė I hope and pray Ė be enormous. For too long we have been told by many siren voices on the alleged Right ("detoxifying the brand", anyone?) that socialism is now so well-entrenched that the very best any conservative administration can hope to achieve is to continue the upward trend of government spending only at a marginally smaller and less catastrophic rate than a Left-liberal administration would adopt. Wisconsin proves that this ain't necessarily so Ė and, as Tim Stanley notes, will afford a tremendous shot in the arm for the Romney campaign against Obama.


Equally important is the victory won in Alabama. One of the reasons I have become so embroiled in the Climate Wars these last few years is because I recognized early on that the once-worthy cause of environmentalism has been suborned by the international Left as a proxy issue designed to mask its real agenda: the destruction of the capitalist system; global wealth redistribution; the removal of property rights; a gradual takeover by democratically unaccountable Left-leaning bureaucrats and technocrats belonging to organizations like the United Nations and the European Union. Agenda 21 Ė born at the Marxist Maurice Strong's Rio Earth Summit Ė is a key part of this campaign. (For more details I refer you to a particularly excellent book called in the United States Watermelons (A:  And the link is on here. Iíll put all these links up tonight at the end of the broadcast.), in the UK Watermelons, and in Australia Killing The Earth To Save It - (A:  All the same book.) whose author's name eludes me, but it's bloody good and highly recommended, I know that).


Until really quite recently, those us fighting this war felt badly outnumbered, much put-upon and very lonely. The Wisconsin and Alabama results show that the tide is turning. To which I, for one, say: "Hallelujah!" (And knowing, as I do, some of the commenters below this blog, I suspect I shan't be alone.)


But also, so there was Wisconsin and Alabama, and also another one, itís from another website.


Oklahoma House Passes Bill to Ban UN Agenda 21 - / 19 March 2013


Thatís good news.   

Missouri Legislature Bans UN Agenda 21 - / 09 May 2013


And Iíve got (this following) as well.


State Ban on UN Agenda 21 Clears Arizona Senate - / 27 March 2013


So itís pretty good that itís catching on. And folk mustnít slack off, with all the other crises that come along. Theyíve got to keep hammering at it state-by-state because this is the big one. Itís to end up controlling our lives, the way that the children are brought up and how they think about energy conservation, all of that kind of stuff.  Itís to do with bringing in austerity, forced austerity, and training us all, the whole population into a new way of living, of just giving, giving, giving, giving, and giving, etc., and having no extra spending money. Itís all taken for green causes and taxes and fees and so on. Very, very important. And no private property, remember. Agenda 21 says that, in the new communitarian cities that theyíll be living in and so on, it says, everything will be rented to the public; no private property. And no one will own a car for private use; there will be essential vehicles only. So I hope you realize how important this is.


And also another article too, to do with how you are manipulated. Last night I mentioned that weíre run by neuroscience today, and marketers work with them. They actually get taught these techniques in behaviorism, psychology, and how to modify behavior on your target audience, the general public. But this one here talks about:


The west's hidden propaganda machine

(A:  Iíve mentioned this before and this is newer article about it.) /17 May 2013 / Eliane Glaser


Strolling into the British Library, I was brought up short by a gigantic white-bearded man, pointing sternly in my direction. The iconic image of Uncle Sam, taken from a 1917 US army recruitment poster, was advertising its exhibition Propaganda: Power and Persuasion.   (A:  Very important, Propaganda: Power and PersuasionÖ) In one corner, the picture fragmented into pixels: the exhibition will include not only retro memorabilia such as posters, stamps and flags, but also Facebook and Twitter. How rare, I thought, for any aspect of western culture to be identified as propaganda, let alone social media, that beacon of transparency and individual empowerment. I resolved immediately to attend. The image had done its work. 


(A:  Then he goes through some of the history of propaganda and so on. He goes into the assumptions, that weíre free and self-determining and we make our own decisions and so on. But he goes to the fact that, no, everything we do is manipulated by others, and in ways that you donít even notice. In it he goes into the fact that governments Ė Iíve mentioned this many times before Ė the British government has a Department, really, of change and modifying behavior. Theyíre in the process now of privatizing it because itís lucrative, and theyíve got contracts to guide all advertising, from government, to change our behavior, which they guarantee weíll do, because we wonít whatís reallyÖ Weíll think weíre coming to our own conclusions, you see.)


Now that ideology is disavowed as passť and "divisive", governments are adopting subliminal forms of policy and persuasion. Behaviour change Ė the "new science of irrationality", "neuro-economics" or "nudge" (A:  You get nudges, they call it.) Ė claims that since people often fail to act rationally and in their best interests (A:  You know, you just donít know whatís best for you.), their decisions and behaviour should be guided subconsciously by (rational) experts. David Cameron's "nudge unit" is run by David Halpern, (A:  So the Prime Minister is nudging, heís talking about.) a former social psychology lecturer, whose cabinet office paper Mindspace: influencing behaviour through public policy (A:  And Iíll put that link up tonight.) advocates an approach that relies on citizens "not fully" realizing "that their behaviour is being changed".  (A:  Itís subliminal, you see. And you think you live in a free society.)


It may be good for us to eat more cabbage and prioritize our pensions. But this modish wonkery is all about eroding vital distinctions between government, psychology and marketing. The government's public health responsibility deal works jointly with the nudge unit and fast food giants. The nudge unit is itself to become a profit-making business.   (A:  Thatís in the process right now.) According to Rory Sutherland of Ogilvy Change, a "behavioural sciences practice" that builds "connections, in all directions, between the social sciences, business and policy making", this enterprise is "bigger than the internet".


We are no longer appealed to as thinking citizens. We are simply flawed units to be prompted into spending more and costing the state less. The propaganda lies not only in the political-corporate manipulation of the public but also Ė most insidiously Ė in the way this is cloaked in the language of ideology-free empiricism and the semblance of autonomy: the idea that people are being nudged "to make better decisions for themselves".  (A:  Your betters know how it should be, and theyíll nudge you into doing it. Behavior modification.)


Let's take the second revolution Ė in social media. To read the trade literature of the PR and online advertising industries is to be hit by a tidal wave of guff about authenticity, engagement and two-way conversations. In the "era of participatory public relations", the story goes, "the people have defeated the corporation". The objective now is to "make your customers a partner in the selling process". This is pseudo-egalitarian code for the voluntary circulation of Facebook ads. The notion that propaganda is always a state-run, top-down affair provides a cloak for our complicity. Social media's veneer of openness and people-power exemplifies western propaganda's habit of masquerading as its opposite.  (A:  So under the guise of inclusiveness and all the rest of it, youíll be sucked into it, thinking youíre in charge, but of course itís their way of manipulating YOU to behave the way and change the way that they decide and say that you should. Back with more after this.)


Hi folks, weíre Cutting Through The Matrix talking about behavior modification from experts that are employed by governments. The US has their own department too that works heavily on altering the behavior of those within the US as well and giving you your opinions. But tonight Iíll also put up the one from Britain, the group there, and itís out from the cabinet office from the British government. Itís called:


MINDSPACE Influencing behaviour through public policy / 02 March 2010


MINDSPACE is the company name that theyíre using right now, for the group that changes behavior and public policy. Right off the bat theyíve got a little drawing there, one of these little graph drawings, where everything is connected, of affects, your mood - priming you to accept a new way of thinking about something or believing in something, salience, incentives, habit, ego - work on your ego, your norms. Then they give you default positions, on things that areÖ In other words, things that are PC and you have a different opinion about them, theyíll change your mind and they give you a default position. So whenever it comes into your mind, what you used to think about something, youíll go to a default position and youíll feel uneasy; thatís what happens; it triggers that. So Iíll put this one up tonight.  Itís to expand even bigger as the company goes completely private but still works with a government contract. Quite something, eh.


And tonight too, I want to put up an article, another PDF tonight too. Itís for the US.


Joint Non-Lethal Weapons Directorate (JNLWD)

Non-Lethal Weapons (NLW) Reference Book


It was put out on the different things that they have in store, that they admit to, because this is unclassified, remember. But itís bad enough when you look at all this stuff here that they have; itís just quite astonishing actually, itís quite a long PDF. But this is what theyíre going to be turning loose on the public.  If the economy goes down too much, you know, thereís riots or whatever, or they start doing their bank Ďhaircutsí, Ďbail-insí as they like to call them, and folk arenít too happy about it, youíll see a lot of that stuff getting used then.



Fitch: Canada Moving Ahead on Bank Contingent Capital Plan - / May 17, 2013


That sounds... not bad. Because most folk say, what does that mean, bank contingent capital plan?  Thatís making sure that they can bail themselves in by robbing the depositors. Thatís from the Herald Online. Iíll put that up tonight too, that link for those who want to see it. Because itís really rampaging ahead. Itís definitely coming, folks.


European Air Forces Seek a Common Weaponized UAS / May 13, 2013


Some European countries may consider an Israeli made unmanned air system (UAS) as a platform for a ďBlack programĒ to create a European medium-altitude/long-endurance (MALE) armed UAS, i-hls reports.


This is the assessment of European sources familiar with the advanced Israeli made UAS.


According to Aviation Week, frustrated by apparent U.S. ambivalence in granting authority to integrate weapons onto its Reaper aircraft, the Italian air force is looking at possible alternatives, including a yet-to-be-announced ďblack programĒ to create a European Medium Altitude/Long-Endurance (MALE) armed UAV. (A:  A drone basically.)  Several European air forces have long planned to arm their UAS but none of the NATO nations have so far reached this goal.


While the Italian aircraft manufacturer Alenia Aermacchi is already developing a MALE drone (SKY-E), Italy decided to purchased the General Atomics. (A:  So it goes through all the different names of these things. But theyíre actually saying that the Israeli one will probably be the one of choice.)


I hear the music coming in and itís been a fast week indeed. And last night too, it was down to the freezing mark again; there was frost all over the place. At this time of the year, eh? Itís global warming, you know.


From Hamish and myself from Ontario, Canada, itís good night and may your God or your Gods GO with you. 



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