June 27, 2008  (#133)


Alan Watt "Cutting Through The Matrix" LIVE on RBN:

Poem Copyright Alan Watt June 27, 2008:

"Food is a Weapon, Say the Ancient of Sages,
Used Over and Over Down through the Ages,
Weather Warfare and Food Cartels are Working Today,
To Bring Famine and Riots to the Old USA,
And as This Agenda is Gradually Unfurled,
Starvation will come, Across the Whole World"
© Alan Watt June 27, 2008


Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - June 27, 2008 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)


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Hi folks.  I am Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix on the 27th of June, 2008.  Newcomers should always look in to www.cuttingthroughthematrix.com while it’s still up there and download as much of the material as possible because there’s a lot of information, a wealth of information and history contained within.  It should enable you to take short cuts through history and time right up to the present and show you how we’ve got to this stage and to prove to you that nothing’s simply developing and evolving by itself as time goes on, The way that the media is supposed to present it to the public.  Also look in to  www.alanwattsentientsentinel.eu for transcripts which you can download in the various languages of Europe. 


It’s amazing to watch the weather manipulation of a daily scale.  It’s been amazing to watch it for the last 10 years or more.  While most people are looking at the sidewalk as they walk along… at least they’re looking at things horizontally, they don’t look up and they don’t notice what changes have happened in cloud formations.  They don’t even know what a normal condensation trail from a jet looks like compared to the chemical sprays which have been given on for 10 years or so as they DO manipulate the weather.  Of course, the majority of people, it doesn’t matter if you show them all the evidence in the world, if it’s not on main stream television, it can’t be happening.  That’s where they get their reasoning and their thinking from.  It’s all done for them by the media. 


You watch this happening and I’ve watched them creating storms right above me and it blows down to Toronto and even in today’s paper, it tells you, ‘storm heading for Toronto’, maybe twisters, maybe lightening and so on and hail.  As I say, I’m hundreds of miles northwest of there, and I watch them make it.  It’s quite entertaining to understand - when you understand what’s happening - very, very entertaining indeed.  Because you can always predict what’s going to happen next.  We’ve watched them wiping out the farmers and the bread basket of the US and Canada over these last 10 years.  Simple stuff, written into the Weather Warfare Treaty at the United Nations in the 1970s.  Either flood them out or give them drought.  Very simple stuff with today’s technology.  IN that Weather Warfare Treaty, they say that atom bombs are obsolete now, weather warfare is far more powerful.  They can literally bring storms across whole continents… and wipe out thousands or even millions of homes, if they want to.  Old, old stuff.  High technology and the Wizard of Oz behind the curtains pulling the strings and as long as he doesn’t come out, as long as he keeps whistling when we ask him what he’s doing and never admits to anything, it will continue.  WE MUST BE CONVINCED that WE ARE the problem. 


Sure enough, people are starting to parrot ‘carbon footprints’ and ‘climate change’, you don’t get weather now, you get ‘climate change’ and all of this stuff in their regular conversations.  The victims are being trained to believe they’re the cause of it all.  Of course, with ignorant victims, it’s quite easy to do.  Those victims don’t know that the whole culture they’ve been given for the last 100 years was a PLANNED CULTURE just like the one coming up.  It’s planned as well.  Planned not by the people.  We simply adapt and accept what culture we’re given; what mode of transportation we’re given and so on while the big boys who owned it, are changing it to the next step to suit themselves.  Back with more after this break.


Hi.  I am Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix and before I go on to my talk tonight, I should give myself a quick plug and tell you to look in to the site www.cuttingthroughthematrix.com and see what’s for offer there, for sale, because that keeps me going along with the FEW contributions I get from people.  It’s generally the same people over and over and over.  That keeps me going and it’s up to you to do so IF you are getting something out of this.  So much for my shameless self-promotion.


Now, getting back to the weather warfare and so on.  We’re in a time of long-planned chaos.  we’re over the brink, we’re going in to the deep now as crisis comes from every direction.  The signs of it being planned are all around you.  You don’t hit people who are struggling to keep their vehicles on the road with the high cost of gasoline.  You don’t hit them at the same time with carbon taxes and so on, but they are.  It’s to INTENSIFY it.  Everything is to be intensified and bureaucracies are allowed now to run rampant… almost like little independent governments.  This was predicted as early as the 1950s by Lord Bertrand Russell and Aldous Huxley.  They talked about the coming tyranny of OFFICIALDOM, when there’d be so many government departments they’d literally be standing on each other’s toes for territory and power.  It was designed this way.  Lenin talked about it in 1917.  He also said it would come around the turn of the century… or the end of the millennium.  We just passed that a few years ago and sure enough, here it is.  This is the plan to pummel the public and create ‘shock and awe’ - is what they use now - ‘shock and awe’ and put you in to the limbo state where you allow yourself to be managed with all these ridiculous, crazy laws.  Remember, Bertrand Russell said techniques had been developed which were perfectly workable.  They did WORK on most people.  He said eventually you’ll be able to convince the public of anything with these techniques. 


That’s what they’ve done with this global warming scam as they create the build-up of heat, here and there, across the planet with this massive Air Force that’s spraying from Canada to Australia to Britain to all over Scandinavia and even China’s getting it now.  No one will take responsibility for this particular Air Force.  Just like the one that HG Wells had in Shape of Things to Come.  He called it the ‘brotherhood of the air,’ the ‘freemasonry of the air’, he said… the scientific elite as they would GAS people into submission.  Well, here they are dropping all this stuff in to the clouds and you see those trails growing bigger and bigger and then you see the weather changing and you get these odd rainbow bursts around the sun.  That’s because of the polymer that they use - stuff developed for the military - which is actually designed to CARRY VIRUSES OR BACTERIUM OR CHEMICAL AGENTS down to the surface.  It’s all happening. 


As I say, when this is happening, all the big organizations, the well-funded non-governmental organizations to do with greening, are all out in force.  They all got ads on television and the big marketing companies are all on board with it.  They love the term, ‘on board’ - being pirates - and they’re spouting the greening campaigns everywhere you go.  And just to make sure we get the message, they’re going to INTENSIFY the food shortage because they’re wiping out the farms and the produce for this year, AT THIS MOMENT, as we speak, with flooding and so on. 


Let’s be honest, most people will never accept or even look in to what we’re talking about here regardless of the evidence.  They have been trained since childhood to believe main stream media.  So we can not concentrate on them.  They’ve never been conscious.  In line with what I’m talking about is an article from JournalSentinal.com posted June the 23rd, 2008 and it’s interesting how it’s worded because this is down in the farm belt in the US. 


Food relief line grows long, tense

Frustration rises, officials caught off-guard as thousands turn out for flood assistance

By Annysa Johnson, Linda Spice and Greg J. Borowski of the Journal Sentinel

Posted: Jun. 24, 2008

Gary Porter 

[emphasis added to article]


The chaos that erupted outside Milwaukee County's main welfare office Monday over disaster-related food aid had more to do with a weak economy and crushing poverty in parts of this community than the devastating floods that swept through the state earlier this month, local government and food relief officials said.  (Alan:  So, it’s not really to do with the flood that’s driving these people to get food aid, it’s because of the crushing poverty.  This is America, people.  This is America.  And the officials are admitting it.  It’s because of the poverty.)


About 3,000 people turned out for the assistance beginning at 3 a.m. Monday (A:  It sounds like the Soviet Union doesn’t it?), creating a line that stretched several blocks around the Marcia P. Coggs Human Services Center at 1220 W. Vliet St. At least one woman said she was trampled when a crowd rushed the doors as they opened around 7:30 a.m., and dozens of Milwaukee police officers and sheriff's deputies were called to quell the scene.


"The food crisis in Milwaukee and throughout the United States is worse than many of us have realized," said Milwaukee Common Council President Willie Hines, who with other elected officials called on the community to support local food pantries.


"We expect long lines for free food in Third World countries," Hines said. "We don't expect a line of 2,500 people waiting for food vouchers" in Milwaukee. (A:  Well, that was then.)  No one was seriously injured, and there were no arrests Monday, but those in line described the scene as chaotic. Many thought they would receive vouchers immediately, and frustration mounted when some learned that was not the case.


"They just went crazy down there, just totally crazy," said Charline Britt of Milwaukee, who said she was trampled when about 200 people surged forward as the doors opened.


"They kicked me in my back, stepped over my shoes," said Britt, who'd come to the center about 4:30 a.m. because her basement flooded in the recent rains.


"I fainted when I got through the door."


Then it goes on and on with what’s happening down there.  This is only the latest thing that comes to me along this desk here from MANY organizations in Canada and the States who are seeing the pinch.  It’s not just people who are unemployed or on the welfare list who are going in to food banks now.  It’s people who are working and can’t afford their rent.  I said years ago, as the United States finishes off its job to bring in a new world order, they’ll be pulling the rug from underneath them back home at the same time and that is happening.  That is happening because it must merge in to the world system which IT helped fund and create.  Not a nice picture but that’s where it’s supposed to go.  Novus ordo seclorum. 


The people, as I say, who don’t want to know, don’t want to hear, you have to forget them because they’re casualties of complete indoctrination.  It’s strange too, I think even deep down within them, for all their indoctrinations, they are making choices that somehow work in a certain way which we don’t understand yet, there’s no one that can possibly say, in this day and age, they didn’t KNOW what was happening across the world.  They didn’t KNOW what their elected leaders and their tax money was doing to other people.  NO ONE COULD POSSIBLY FEIGN IGNORANCE.  They can’t do that.  So somehow this ties up in it.  Perhaps collectively, who knows.  But for those who are awake, you have to keep your cool because they say that ignorance is bliss and we can not be ignorant anymore.  We’re not ignorant, we’ve woken up.  We must be able to HANDLE the bad news.  It is a WAR and people will crack under warfare.  This is to be an ongoing war which the elite have published, from the Department of Defence, concerning the 30 years of intensifying RIOTS, GLOBALLY, but mainly across the western world.  That’s from their own Ministry of Defence in Britain and for the NATO countries.


When 9/11 happened, I said to people, this is the kick-off for the next phase.  It wasn’t the beginning of it, it was simply the next phase.  I said, the hardest thing will be TO HOLD ON TO YOUR SANITY as we go through it.  Sure enough, we’re getting all these odd-ball, crazy, mad-as-a-hatter policies coming out from ALL bureaucracies and the big stick of the environment is being wielded over the public and the cops and the military are ready to back it up.  You know the odd thing is about LAW?  LAW is just an order that’s given by someone.  It could be a tyrant.  It doesn’t really matter who it is.  Yet we’re taught that somehow it’s a holy word.  ‘Well, that’s the law.  You got to obey the law.’  One day, they’ll be bringing in members of the public for execution and that will also be law.  I’m not kidding about that.  That will be law.  Then most people will go along OBEDIENTLY because you ‘must obey the law‘.  People will kill them because they must ‘obey the law’ too and they work for them and after all, it’s just their job, right?  That’s what we’re going to see coming down the pike - people losing their heads as they go through incredible craziness. 


It’s not bad enough, as I say, that everything has gone out of sight because it’s planned that way.  The economy is planned to cause incredible inflation and terrify the public.  Out of that, by the way, will come the next part of the total merger for the Americas.  That will be their solution.  That’s how it’s going to be presented to the public.  A common currency.  A common Parliament for the Americas.  Back with more after this break.


Hi folks.  I am Alan watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix.  The last talk I gave was to do with this nonsense about al-Qaeda spreading in to the big, white, blue-eyed, blond world.  That follows on the heels of course, by the CIA’s declaration a couple of months previously, that they were getting sophisticated and turning out these blond people, so it could be anyone, you see.  Because they’ve got to justify what they’re doing to the whole world over this farce of al-Qaeda.  It’s nothing to do with al-Qaeda as we know.  This is an old plan, simply being promoted world wide to make everybody OBEY AND BE OBEDIENT as we go through the changes… which ultimately come to extinction for a lot of people and a whole new type of society at the end of the 30 years riots that they’re going to bring on. 


It’s so amazing, this double-think.  You know, where you can have a good sadist who tortures people for the military.  He’s a GOOD sadist because he wears the right uniform.  He’ll like his job too and I’m sure they don’t have to give him pills to sleep at night.  However, a young boy supposedly - real or imaginary, who knows - with the same symptoms, is a BAD boy because he’s not a soldier yet, you see.  There’s your craziness because there’s no logic there at all.  Something is either wrong or it’s right in either case.  And wrong must always be wrong, you see.  It’s very simple.  That’s called LOGIC, but we don’t live in a logical world.  It’s not meant to be logical.  We’re meant to live in a form of insanity, controlled insanity, by those who control the culture industry and the media.  That which we adopt, we adopt and we adapt.  We adapt through all the crazy changes until ANYTHING CAN BECOME NORMAL and it will become normal.  Crazy things become normal after a generation or so.  In a generation or so, you’ll probably hear people going off to the extermination chamber and giving themselves up to save mother earth and that will be considered normal too.  You can do anything, as Russell said, you can convince them of anything with enough propaganda and mind conditioning. 


This is out of Britain.  Before I go to the callers, I’d like to read this because it shows you the kind of character that has been BRED over the last 20, 25 years… intentionally.  One generation was bred purposely, given a different culture from the previous - the most debased culture, music and otherwise and entertainment wise - and all they played were video games to kill, kill, kill until they eventually get to wear that black uniform and have the real gun and so on.  We still call them POLICE although they’re paramilitary organizations.  This is from TheMirror.co.uk


Exclusive: Innocent dad beaten by Kung fu police 

By Richard Smith 26/06/2008


(A:  You can see the picture of this man all beaten up with his eye almost hanging out.)

 David Markham after the attack (Pic:Jeremy Williams)

Innocent dad of three 'beaten by two police out hunting joyrider'


A dad claimed yesterday he was battered and given a kung fu-style kicking by police who thought he was a joyrider fleeing a stolen car.


Farmer David Markham (A:  He‘s a farmer.), 35, claims he was attacked by two officers when he stepped outside his bungalow after hearing a car crash.


The married dad-of-three spent seven hours in hospital after the attack and has only 40 per cent vision in his left eye and bruising to his head, ribs and back.


David said: "You don't expect to walk out of your front door and be battered by the police.  (A:  Oh really.  Really.  It’s happening all over.)


"I thought I was going to die - it was like something out of Life On Mars.


"One officer ran towards me and knocked me to the ground with a kung fu kick in the ribs.  (A:  This is what they want to do.  These are the young bullies at school.  You’ll see them doing it there, then they grow up to be these cops.) Then he kicked me in the eye and three or four times on the back of the head while I was face down on the ground.  (A:  That’s a favorite of theirs now.  They want actually hear your neck snapping.)


"The other officer sat on my back pummelling me. I was in agony and screaming for help from my wife and I was shouting, 'You've got the wrong man - it isn't me'."


Police were hunting for a passenger who fled from a stolen car. (A:  Well, even if you had a real person who really did flee from a stolen car, is that how you apprehend them?  You want to KICK them?)  The driver was arrested. The drama unfolded when David and eight-week pregnant wife Stephanie were woken by one of their children crying at 5am on Sunday on their farm in Corley, near Coventry.


David, a chicken breeder, explained when he heard police sirens he got out of bed and went to see if he could help.


He said: "I met a police officer on the drive. He grabbed both my hands and asked for my name and date of birth - which I gave him.


"He wanted to know my telephone number but didn't accuse me of anything - he just asked me questions. Then the officer let go of one of my hands and waved over a second policeman.


"He then came charging at me full tilt and kicked me to the ground kung-fu style."


(A:  Now, here’s the difference here.  This is why it’s in the paper.)

David's brother Dan is a director on BBC TV programme Crimewatch UK (A:  Ho, oh.), while second brother Matt is a detective chief inspector and third brother Richard is a police sergeant.  (A:  Oh boy.  Are these little kung-fu guys going to get it eh?  They’ll have to move them off to the north pole.)


The farmer said: "I didn't imagine the police could ever behave in this way. I've always had a really high respect for my brothers and we bring up our children to respect the law - but how do you tell an eight-year-old you've just been beaten up by the police?


(A:  This is the generation, as I say, that’s been purpose bred for the bullying tactics which they will be allowed to use on the general public in the not too distant future.  You couldn’t get the old-style police to do what must be done, according to the elite, very shortly.  So they’ve bred a generation and gave them the most debased culture EVER.  I’ll be back with more after these messages.)


I am Alan Watt back Cutting Through The Matrix, this big, thick, deceptive system in which we live but it’s well managed, it’s well controlled.  We’ll go to the callers and I think we’ve got a long distance here from Evros in Cypress.    Hello?


Evros:  Hello, Alan?  Can you hear me?


Alan:  Yes.


Evros:  Thank you very much for taking my call.  I’ve been listening to your for a few years and I just wanted to thank you for doing what you’re doing.  You’re doing an excellent job.  I actually wanted to talk about what you started off the show with and it was the whole weather warfare thing.  Cypress is recently taken on the Euro.  You probably know it.  We’ve just gone in to the European Union.  We’re currently experiencing one of the worst droughts in recent history.  Now in the past few years, they’ve just been spraying the hell out of us and I’ve noticed this and a lot of my friends, like-minded people, have been noticing this.  Now you’ve mentioned how the chemtrails can bring storms but can they actually STOP rain as well, do you think?


Alan:  Absolutely.  It’s documented, as I say, in their own Weather Warfare Treaty AT the United Nations.  They can add chemical substances which will actually disperse clouds and then bring in the HAARP, which will cause the jet stream to MOVE the clouds wherever they want them, even hundreds or thousands of miles away. 


Evros:  Alan, this is exactly what’s been going on.  You have in the distance, looming in the distance, you’ll have big, black clouds and you know it’s going to rain in half an hour.  In 20 minutes, the clouds are over your head and it will start sprinkling and I guarantee you, within 5-10 minutes, they’re gone completely.  It’s like the whole winter, it’s been like this.  We haven’t had a drop of rain.  I think it’s all part of this thing of basically bringing us to our knees both economically and culturally before we’ve really been assimilated into the whole European thing.  Also, another thing that you’ve been saying that’s REALLY been resonating with me recently is the whole wanting people to be in the city.  Now, I live just on the outskirts of Limassol, so I haven’t really been effected by the water cuts but most of the country has water less than… I think it’s about 3 times a week now.  They regularly cut the water off.  Now, the difference between me being able to water my trees and my best man, let’s say, in the city who hasn’t got enough water to brush his teeth is so evident now.  It’s just quite scary.  It’s something that they will solve eventually but they’re going to offer us… we’re going to beg them to offer us the solution that they want and it’s going to be basically to price us into the ground. 


Alan:  Yes.  Exactly.  And new rules, regulations. 


Evros:  One other thing before I go, I just wanted to ask you, have you read anything or do you have any inkling of what their agenda might be for this island?  Because, there’s so much money coming in to this place at the moment.  You probably know it’s one of the money laundering centers of the world.  There’s so many foreign business, foreign people buying properties here.  Big, big money is basically coming here to the point where the local people are kind of being priced out.  Your average traditional Cypriot life where, you know, you’d get married and your wife’s father might buy you a house or something, that’s gone now.  They can’t even afford to buy you an apartment with the way the prices have risen.  They’ve priced the local people out of actually owning property.  I’m just actually wondering what this tiny little place, what their agenda might be for this place in the future.  I’ll take you answer off the air but thank you very much.


Alan:  Thanks for calling.  There’s no doubt that they have set up a few places in the world FOR the elite themselves to move in to when the troubles start.  They’ll be very modern type cities with new building structures and so on.  You’re quite right too.  They’re pricing the little people out and they actually encourage them to emigrate, to get out, of those countries and go over to other European countries or over to the Americas.  That’s what they’re going to do probably in that area too, now that the big elite boys are moving in and building their futuristic homes where they’ll weather the storms and be well protected from the mobs that will be arising elsewhere in the world.  So that’s probably one of them indeed. 


Now we’ll go to Alma, on the line.  Is Alma there, in Nebraska?


Alma:  Hi.  This is Alma.  How you doing Alan?


Alan:  Yes.


Alma:  I hope you’re doing fine?


Alan:  Yes.


Alma:  Yes, sir.  I finally found someone interested in your book and I gave my book away to them knowing I’d never see it again so I have to order more books from you.  I’ll be doing that.  Thank you for your show.  I’m taking a satirical renaissance course and the people that… the poets, John Don, Thomas Lodge, Joseph Hall and Marsden.  I started to dawning upon me that these people are, a lot of them are nothing more than court jesters just like we have today, entertaining the people into the elitist agenda but more than that.  I’m not sure if it’s Marsden or Hall that actually worked for the Queen under the secret service.  I’m going to ask a couple questions, a few questions, and then I’ll get off and listen.  Then I have, I wanted to know if you have any idea of what books I can use to decipher this middle-English.  It is like a totally foreign language and if you want to talk about Ama, amarita ananya, the mya who supposedly is of the new divine mother that some of my friends… I can’t believe that they’re being taken in by this woman.  If maybe you could just pick one of those subjects to speak to then…  I appreciate your show and I’m going to let you go and listen off air.


Alan:  Thanks for calling. 


Alma:  Thank you sir.


Alan:  They have declassified information to ONE major author at the moment.  This is how they do things.  They declassify it and they give it to someone who’s connected to publish the first book on this very topic, the culture industry, where they admit and they list all the famous poets that were authorized to work for a Department of Culture for the British and the American governments all throughout the Cold War.  In fact, from even earlier times, as well.  Because everything, all information, even that which you like, even poetry which can carry you away in a dream, shapes your mind and your way of thinking.  Not only that, you then start to read the lives of these poets and they way it’s presented to you is so wonderful, you adopt their opinions and attitudes.  We copy.  See, very few people are truly independent.  We tend to copy people and adopt their postures and their opinions.  This works very well for most people, for the masses, as they say.  These big poets were all put out there and there are lists of them in declassified documentation FROM the CIA and from the British government MI-6 that worked together to give us all the famous people in the last 50-60 years or so and even before. 


As far as middle-English goes, there are some programs out there you can download if you do a search for them.  Remember, too, middle-English really was a transitory phase between old German and when they brought in the new English which was to be the international language of business for the world according to John Dee and Francis Bacon who had a hand in making it.  There were whole teams that went into creating this new English language.  As I say, they said that that would be the business language of the future for this British Empire they were creating, this global empire.  It’s been very successful.  It IS THE business language but they knew that 500 years ago.  Go and do some searches for the programs you can get, which are free, on the particular wording.  It was also brought in with Shakespeare at the same time who introduced thousands and thousands of new words.  That helped to promote it from the university level down.  Then of course, the King James Bible did the rest.  That’s why they all worked together at the same time. 


Alan:  Now, we’ll go on to Rose from Georgia.  Are you there Rose?


Rose:  Hey there Alan.  How are ya?


Alan:  Not so bad.


Rose:  Hey, would it surprise you that we’re having a little major electrical storm over my little part of Georgia?


Alan:  No.


Rose:  Yeah.  What a surprise.  We go from drought to this.  But anyway, I just wanted to thank you for all the wonderful reading tips that you give us all the time.  I’ll tell you what boy.  Since I’ve been listening to you, man, I’ve been learning.  Not just from what you have to say, but I dig up everything that you talk about.  I look for it on the internet, read all the stuff.  But anyway, so now I’m going through Bertrand Russell, his book The Scientific Outlook.  It’s AMAZING some of the things he had to say.  They’re pretty chilling.  There’s this one chapter… now I haven’t finished the book yet.  There’s this one chapter and it’s called Technique and Inanimate Nature.  Man, there it is.  80 years ago he was saying this shit.  But anyway, he says, “The supply of oil in the world is limited.  It will probably not be very long before the world’s supply is practically exhausted unless wars which will take place for its possession are sufficiently destructive to reduce the level of civilization to a point where oil will no longer be needed.”  Now, it’s important for everybody who’s listening right now, really pay attention…


Alan:  Hello?  Hello?  Awe, she got cut off.  If you’re there Rose, call back.   Call back and we’ll probably have time to get you back on again.  We’ve got John from Texas.  Is John there?


John:  Yes.  I’m here.  I’m 18 years old and I’ve been listening to you now for about 3 months and I’ve been looking up a lot of stuff and I have one question that’s really confusing me.  I’m confused about really what came first.  Did the writings of the Bible come first or are they just following… I mean, why are they following the same thing that they Bible’s leading up to?  Are they following it because they made it or are they following it because that is the outcome?


Alan:  Well, I’ll tell you, if you understand… very few people do understand how the Bible was put together or the history of it and even when certain books were accepted in to it.  Revelations, if you look at it, it’s written in what’s called the ‘mystery language’, the typical mystery language of the day.  It’s a sort of metaphysical type language.  The reason for that being, there’s the esoteric message for those in the know who get taught it and there’s the exoteric for the masses who then argue about all the points which they don’t understand.  But there’s no doubt that Revelations is a sort of blueprint which they are following to the letter with their plagues, famines, war, marked so you can’t buy or sell without the mark, etc.  They’re following that to the letter.  Earthquakes, all that kind of stuff.  Everything can be done today with science if you understand it.  You got to understand that even in the earliest mystery religions, going back thousands of years, they often couched it in the terms of nature, understanding nature’s laws.  They meant science.  By breaking down the sciences, they’d be able to control nature by understanding it and using it on the public.  I’ve no doubt whatsoever they had information, long, long ago, on sciences which are relatively advanced, really.  The alchemists of the middle-ages, if you look in to them, they were the same.  They were a fraternity who belonged mainly to the Rosicrucian Societies.  They swore not to divulge their findings to the general public because knowledge is power.  They were into weaponry and various forms of gunpowders and so on.  They said that that would give them power OVER the masters of the world one day; the scientific elite that HG Wells eventually talked about.  It’s all the same fraternities down through the ages that keep real sciences from the public.  Anything the public’s given is obsolete. 


John:  Okay.  Thank you.


Alan:  Thanks for calling.  You got to understand how it really works because they’ve dug up what are lead batteries and they’ve got them on display in museums in Cairo and some in I think Iran too and Iraq.  That’s just how it is.  It’s old, old sciences.  In Moscow museum they’ve got polished lenses that would do telescopes and perhaps even microscopes in the museum there they got from Egypt. 


I think Rose is back from Georgia.  Rose are you there?


Rose:  Yeah.  Hey.  I’m back. 


Alan:  Okay.  Did you get cut off with the storm?


Rose:  Wasn’t that perfect?  A strike of lightning and thunder and boom, out went the power. 


Alan:  That’s good.  I tell you, that’s control. 


Rose:  That’s control.  I tell you.  They got it down to a science.  [laughs]  But anyway, I wanted to share a couple more of these things that Bertrand Russell had to say.  I think they’re perfect.  Anyways, he says that “Modern techniques have given man a sense of power which is rapidly altering his whole mentality.”  It doesn’t sound very promising to me.  I don’t know about how it sounds to anybody else.  But anyway, he also says, “For the typical modern mind, nothing is interesting on account of what it is, but only on account of what it may be made to become.”  I guess they want to tweak nature and make it better than it is.


Alan:  Yes.


Rose:  So, “In psychological terms the love of power has thrust aside all other impulses that make the complete human life.”  I love the way he words this because it’s just… I mean, his writing is blowing me away.  Anyway, “Manipulation and exploitation are the ruling passions of the typical scientific industrialist.  The average man may not share this zero concentration.  But for that very reason he fails to acquire a hold on the source of the power.”  And then he wraps up that chapter by saying, “All history shows that great power is intoxicating.”  Oh, boy.  Really.  Like we didn’t know that.  “Fortunately, the modern holders of power are not yet quite aware how much they could do if they chose.”  Well, that part I don’t agree with but… “When this knowledge dawns upon them, a new era in human tyranny is to be expected.”  He’s not saying possibility, IT IS TO BE EXPECTED.


Alan:  That’s right.


Rose:  So, he’s telling us where it’s coming from but you know what?  That was 80 years ago.  I’ll tell you what.  Most people reading this guy 80 years ago are probably dead.  So here we are, if it weren’t for you, most of us would probably not even dig in to this reading.  So all you folks out there listening to Alan, he’s your teacher.  We only have him for a little bit of time so, you know, follow all the readings.  I want to thank you.  Man, you’re awesome.  You’re the best.  You are, to me, your voice and what you have to say is a guiding hand through the smoke and mirrors and then the hell fires that are coming ahead of us down the road.  Keep on keepin’ on.  You’re the best, Alan.


Alan:  Thanks for calling, Rose.


Rose:  We love you.  You are it, man. 


Alan:  Well, you hang in there. 


Rose:  I’ll tell you what.  If there is a God and there is a heaven… I don’t believe in all that stuff because I am not really religious, but I’ll tell you what.  You would shoot straight to heaven.  You won’t pass Go and you won’t collect $200 but you’re going straight to heaven.  You’re going to be sitting on cloud, man, right up there.


Alan:  That’ll do me.  [laughs]


Rose:  That’s what I wish for you.


Alan:  Well thanks for calling, Rose.


Rose:  You have the most glorious night.


Alan:  Take care.  We’ve got Tom in Massachusetts.  Are you there Tom?


Tom:  I’ve got a question for you.  Just wanted to know what your take was on all this 2012 phenomena which involves the Mayan Calendar.


Alan:  Ah… nothing at all.  I tell you, if you ever read Alistair Crowley who worked for MI-5 and 6, in his own memoirs, The Beast 666, he tells you that he was inducted into all branches of Freemasonry but he was inducted into the Scottish Rite of Freemasonry while in Latin America by a Mayan.  [laughs]  And if you say MAYA backwards, you’ve got I AM, you see. 


Tom:  I AM. 


Alan:  Of course, the whole thing is to make all the new agers think that something wonderful is going to happen and they all go along with it.  Of course, something is going to happen, absolutely.  They’ve already said 2010 for the amalgamation of the Americas and 2012 for the UN to come out as the world power.  So that’s what’s really going to happen.


Tom:  Okay.  Great.  Thanks for the info. 


Alan:  Thanks for calling.  I’ll be back with more after this break. 


Hello.  This is Alan Watt back Cutting Through The Matrix.  We might have time to get a couple of callers in.  Albert from New Brunswick, Canada.  Are you there Albert?


Albert:  I was wondering if you knew anything about DARPA?  The artificial intelligence control grid?


Alan:  Yes.


Albert:  Wow.  Okay.  Well, I guess anyone can check that out, any of your listeners.  D-A-R-P-A.  DARPA’s iXo artificial intelligence control grid. 


Alan:  They put a lot of stuff out at the beginning.  In fact, they had a pyramid with an all-seeing eye looking down upon the masses, the people below.  That was their initial logo.  Then they pulled that.  They’re into some really high tech stuff.  It’s mainly to do along the road of interfacing the human brain with computer, under the guise of helping paraplegics, although they’re the military establishment.  They’re heavily funded and they’re part of the total surveillance network. 


Albert:  Awesome.  That’s really awesome.  I mean, to call something awesome that is actually evil but at the same time this nano technology, the bio technology, the autonomous drones, the naval sea bases, space weapons, weather modification…


Alan:  This is what you know about too.  They’re only the ones we know about. 


Albert:  And weather modification.  All to control us. 


Alan:  That’s right.


Albert:  Amazing.  I just wanted to drop that in there for all of your listeners.  Keep up the good work man.


Alan:  You take care.  I’ve got Megan from Pennsylvania.  Are you there Megan?


Megan:  Alan hello?


Alan:  Hello.


Megan:  Okay.  It’s that dreaded… never mind.  Anyway, I just wanted to recommend that if all the listeners would make a small monthly donation, it would add up and be helpful for you.  I’m going to hang up now and put my money where my mouth is.  Okay.  Thank you Alan.


Alan:  Thanks very much.  [laughs] 


Well that’s true.  Very few people really do.  It’s the same as when I used to be on the Sweet Liberty.  People thought everyone else was probably sending money in and of course, it went under eventually - the Jackie Patru show - because the money wasn’t coming in.  You leave it to everyone else.  Of course, once you’re off the air, they’re saying, ‘what happened to you, where’d you go?’  You tell them, ‘well, no one helped‘.  It’s always the same few people who help each time.  That’s just the sign of the times as well. 


Again, there’s so many others out there crying for money and giving out stories to fascinate people and keep them going in circles that they’re confused and they do send off money to other people.  But you have to, you have to do that.  You have to send it where your money, where you think you’re getting the most from for you personally… and that is up to you.  It is up to you if you want to keep me going or not.  I don’t get paid for the shows.  I never ask for anything on any of the shows, TV or radio.  I’m only doing this because it must be done.  It must be done. 


At least I’ve changed the face of Patriot Radio and getting them out of the old loop that they used to be in of left and right and just voting and all this stuff and showing them the big, big picture that’s not only affecting America but the whole planet.  This is a war on the world, on the entire planet for a whole new system world wide with a very small population at the end of it and eventually a new genetically created type to come out of it.  They’re even passing laws, by the way, in European countries, giving great apes all the rights that humans have IN preparation for creating chimeras, genetic chimeras.  Not kidding.  That’s what they’re doing.  What a world eh?   …as we go in to hell once again. 


From Hamish and myself in a very mosquito ridden and deer fly ridden country land here.  Plus there’s bears going through the back land right now.  It’s good night and may your God or your Gods GO with you.





"Food relief line grows long, tense" by Annysa Johnson, Linda Spice and Greg J. Borowski (jsonline.com) - June 23, 2008.

"Exclusive: Innocent dad beaten by Kung fu police" by Richard Smith (mirror.co.uk) - June 26, 2008.)



Transcribed by Diana


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