June 21, 2013 (#1358)

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Poem Copyright Alan Watt June 21, 2013:

Marketers of Persuasion Use 'Fact' Creation:

"Perhaps We're Ruled by Beings from Mars,
Straight-Faced Experts Present Us with Farce,
Dressed-Up as Logic, Backed with Statistics,
We All Must Obey because of Logistics,
"Allow GM Crops or Children will Die",
"Geo-Engineer Skies or We're Going to Fry",
Wear Plastic Shoes, No More Leather,
Farting Cows are Destroying the Weather,
Big Energy Companies Must Be Given Power
To Monitor and Gouge You for Every Shower,
Big Agri-Biz Companies have a Dream,
"To Feed the World", A Virtuous Scheme,
No Doubt About, Each Big Enterprise
Uses Guilt and Psychology to Profit from Lies"
© Alan Watt June 21, 2013


Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - June 21, 2013 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)

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Hi folks.  I am Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix on June 21st, 2013. For newcomers, please help yourself to cuttingthroughthematrix.com website, lots of articles and audios for download and you can get transcripts too for print-up of lots of the talks I’ve given on all the sites listed there. Go into alanwattsentientsentinel.eu and you can get transcripts in other languages for print-up as well.


I go through the system of reality, the one that you’re not supposed to know about, because we’re living in a scientific age where big sciences and private corporations really run the world, planned a long, long time ago, lots of books written about it, a long time ago again, and we are living in it. Of course neuroscience, behaviorism, and so on, all these big psychological associations are working hard to keep us under their different spells, to keep us dumb and stupid, as the big boys, who run the world, along with the profiteers, get awfully, awfully rich. They plan to eventually collapse the economy, once again of course; they’re at that stage today in fact. They also want to start to reduce the population big time, big, big time; they’re already doing it actually in different places.


So as I say, I go through the history of it all, the foundations that set themselves up a hundred years ago, private foundations, that still work today, and they are independent of government. They put their own guys into government, by the way, and have done for a hundred years, especially in the top positions, of all governments across the world; and they work again with the economies and so on of the planet. So we’re living through a fixed system, but you’re supposed to believe that it’s free and you have a vote and it’s democratic and so on. Nothing is further from the truth. A scientific system runs the world and it’s not the bogus sciences they give out to us at the bottom, it’s real sciences at the top. So if you don’t understand that you won’t understand anything at all that’s really, really happening. They own all the media. They tell us what our topics are for today, to chat about, but it’s never the real topics about what’s really, really happening above our heads.  So help yourself there.


Remember too, you bring me to you. You can help me keep going by buying the books and discs at cuttingthroughthematrix.com.  [Order and donation options listed above.]  Straight donations are really welcome because, as I say, I don’t push this as a big business or anything like that, and I don’t go off the topics either. I try to keep it grounded on reality. I don’t go into fiction or show biz and so on; I’m just giving you the basic facts, hard though it may be, because it’s not entertaining as such, although some people do find it entertaining. Truth is really entertaining when you find out what’s really going on, really, really going on, and especially having a good laugh at yourselves, to see how easily you’ve been fooled, yourselves, to actually believe certain things, or even to get involved in certain agendas for rights for groups, for this group or that group or whatever, and it’s all someone else’s idea and they’re using you for another purpose altogether. Most folk don’t know that all the things that they protest about are given to them, authorized and they’re given to them. So help yourself, as I say, and hopefully you can keep me going as well.


Now, we’re going through incredible times, because sciences…   A long, long time ago if you read the books by, say, Aldous Huxley, back in the 1930s, and then George Orwell, or Blair his name was, who corresponded with him all the time. They both wrote to each other for many, many years to decide – because they attended some of the top world meetings at that time, where the elite of the age had decided that the system they were bringing in was just too much for the general population and they’d keep the population in the dark. They’d bring in a system of psychological controls and training from birth right through adulthood in fact that would keep them in the box, and that experts and scientists and so on, and financial experts, should really run the world for private businesses and corporations, who would comprise international governments. All governments are bought and paid for, in fact. What we see is just the sham of the low-level ones and that’s from prime ministers and presidents down. Back with more after this.


Hi folks, we’re back Cutting Through The Matrix and talking about the system that runs our minds for us basically. We’re trained from birth in a scientific system to keep us dumb all throughout our lives. It isn’t the people at the top, who get awfully, awfully rich and wealthy, the ones who give you these little smiles when they’re on television, knowing smiles, it isn’t that they’re special in some way or another; they haven’t been brought up in the box like you have. It’s been like that way for a long time. As I say, the big foundations agreed that this was the system they’d bring in a hundred years ago. It’s here, folks; it’s been here for quite some time.


We’re fed nonsense at the bottom for news basically, half-truths, complete lies, and lots of propaganda, lots of polls which are always lies because the majority of the public say, well gee, maybe my opinion is wrong if everyone else agrees it should be this way. So polls are meant to bend your mind, to go along with the herd, even if it’s a fake poll. So it works very, very well. They understand human psychology, perfectly, of the masses.  The idea that was set out a long time ago was that this system would have to come in one day and you would have, really, a majority of the public that would be kept in a different reality, an alternate reality, and they truly are. They truly are. Your function is to be a slave.


Remember, Charles Galton Darwin was in on this too at world meetings.  And he was a physicist, he worked on the Manhattan project, and a descendent of Charles Darwin. He said the same thing in his book, The Next Million Years.  He said, we will have to make the men effeminate, and he wrote the book back in the 1950s, he says, by introducing hormones, female hormones into the food supply, into the water, he says, we can even put it through injections, called vaccinations, things like that, a whole bunch of deceptive ways to get it into the public. He says, because it will make them more docile, pliable, and less aggressive to those who are ruling over them. Well, that’s already happened to a lot of people; you can see it yourselves of course.


So these things were all discussed at the highest possible world meetings, high-level meetings, and yet to the average person today, they’re ignorant of all of this, completely ignorant. Even though they’ve read the articles that appear in the media, never going over what I’m talking about, the history of it, but always saying, my goodness the water from Lake Ontario is high in estrogen, and so are the rivers and yada-yada-ya. So you’re seeing the effects of things that were planned a long time ago. One thing you can be sure of, when they have world meetings on something and they come to their consensus, they will write out their agenda and they will go with it, they will not alter it for anything. So whatever they’ve written 50, 60, 70 years ago, take it to the bank, the real bank, the one that doesn’t crash, because these guys will make sure they will implement it all. They always do.


So different classes of people really exist and the majority are lumped down below. Now, Charles Galton Darwin also said, we are creating a new form of slavery. He says, slavery has always existed in one form or another, and for the elite to live off, naturally, because all produce and so on comes from the ones who make things at the bottom, even your tax money. He says, we are in the process of creating a more sophisticated form of slavery. It’s called democracy for those who don’t get it, because you think you’re free, you see. People haven’t even read the history of democracy, where even the ones who brought it in a long time ago, a hundred-odd years ago, really it’s only a hundred-odd years old… Winston Churchill had quite a few interesting comments to make about democracy and who was forcing it upon the British, because it wasn’t people who were actually British that were forcing it along, by the way. It was a very common people who were always pushing rights for others, to destroy cultures and so on.  But the whole idea with democracy was to make you think that you had a vote and rights and so on. But in reality, they said at the time, that only approved, special groups, that are now called non-governmental organizations, will have a voice, and they will represent the public. That’s what we have today.


Now, the NGOs, non-governmental organizations are all well-funded. They have full pension plans, all their leaders, the whole bit, great big office towers. They are funded by the foundations. The foundations are private entities that set themselves up on behalf of the international bankers of their day, and they have trillions of dollars to spend across the world with their big armies of NGOs, and they are tax-free as well, because they call themselves charities and philanthropists... they’re philanthropic organizations... for the good of all, you understand.


Now, in times of war people are employed, actual physical warfare, they’re employed to try and find out what the enemy is up to. In times of war you generally know who the enemy is and therefore they scour everything the enemy is doing to see what they’re up to and so on and they have intelligence about it and analysis etc. But in times of peace you’re off guard, because you think you’re living in, again, a democracy. Not only that, you’ve been trained like Bertrand Russell says, we’ll train the public to believe in experts until they can’t do anything without an expert’s opinion. That’s here. You’re flooded with nonsensical experts’ opinions every day by the media, that’s also owned by the big boys who own the foundations.


Of course when they go after your food supply, you’ve had it, folks. When five companies, that really have all the same shareholders owning them all, are taking over the entire food supply of the planet, in times of war you’d have no problem seeing what they were up to. But of course you think you’re living in peace, of course, and they’re private companies, and of course they’re not really at war with you are they?  Well, yes they are at war with you, to take over the food supply of the planet. Once they have that on the go, the sky’s the limit to what they can do to you, or how much they can charge you as well. Food and water, everything that you need for survival, is used as a weapon. It’s a weapon, folks. You can make folk do anything you want if you have the food supply. Anything you want.


Now, the big GM thing to do with these five Agri-businesses too – with their special GM seeds and so on, and Terminator seeds that they can’t replant and all the rest of it, to control the whole supply of the planet – has been given the pass by the US government, where it seems to have been born out of; at least the US has been used as the main one to push it, across the world, by force if necessary. In all their trade deals too, and their aid deals and all the rest of it, and funding deals, they will not give it to countries that will not take the GM. That’s written into their charters and agreements that they do with them. I’ve read the articles here on the air where the President has told every diplomat he’s got, you must push the GM stuff on every deal that you make ...to make sure those countries all eventually cannot be independent. Private corporations run the world… private corporations, unelected corporations, folks. These corporations also put in your presidents and prime ministers, and they pay them extra by the way.  It’s not just you taxpayers paying up their salaries. They’re paid a hell of a lot more money than you think once they leave office, with the deals that are suddenly given to them as their payoff.


Now, we know that people in Britain, for instance, and other places are so sick of this GM food stuff.  Every study that’s been done – not that many have been done because they even passed laws to stop anyone testing Monsanto’s food. I mean, doesn’t that make you suspicious in the first place? If it’s so great and wonderful, and so good for you, why can’t you test it? Which tells you all the legal system is totally corrupt as well, and bought and paid for, that passes these laws to stop you testing it. But the ones that have come out, and I’ve put them up before from France and other countries, that went ahead regardless, show you the same studies – that came out even from the early Monsanto boys – that cancers of the stomach and the intestines and all kinds of things happen with this stuff when it was given to different animals. Well, we are an animal too, folks. We have digestive systems, etc. and we die as well with the same diseases. But it doesn’t matter. You see, the big push is on, because total control of the general population of the world must be done. Because the big boys at the top are always scared of the unwashed masses, in case they do wake up.  Again, the more tools and weapons they have at their control, the better, so if they can keep you living in the dark and terrified, because they’re not going to feed you anymore, then you’ll do what they say. They want compliance. 


So here they go and the big push… When you see it breaking in the news, across the world at the same time, you know every Prime Minister and President, who is corrupt of course and well paid for by the big boys that put them in, not you, that they’re pushing the one agenda. It says…


GM even safer than conventional food, (Alan:  Can you believe this?  The artificial food is safer than conventional food...)

says environment secretary (A:  ...for Britain, for the government.  This comes out in one day, 3 or 4 articles, all in the same day, as they make their push, their unified reply to the general public, you see.)

bbc.co.uk / 20 June 2013 / Matt McGrath


GM crops are probably safer than conventional plants, according to the Environment Secretary.  (A:  ‘Probably’ is very, very good, a very legal word, that, ‘probably’, right.)


Making the strongest call yet for the adoption of the technology, Mr Paterson told the BBC that that GM has significant benefits for farmers, consumers and the environment. (A:  Well, they poison the soil too, and the glycophosphates they use too, poison all of us, and the bees and everything else. And by the way, it’s also a xenoestrogen.)


He said the next generation of GM crops offers the "most wonderful opportunities to improve human health."  (A:  They understand how stupid the public are. I’m sorry to say it, folks, but see, we’ve been trained to be stupid. When guys in suits and ties come on the television with some title given to them by the government in the position that they’re in, and they’re called an expert, people’s jaws just drop, you know, and they listen to this garbage getting spewed out.  And they want to believe it, because they don’t want to believe that a guy with a suit and tie… He’s not dressed in an army uniform screaming at the top of his lungs. No, he’s wearing a suit and tie. Well, these guys are the worst guys to watch out for. Businessmen are.)


But green groups say this new push is dangerous and misguided.


The environment secretary has never made a secret of his support for GM technology. Speaking to the BBC ahead of a major speech in favour of GM, Mr Paterson said it was being adopted by the rest of the world and the UK and Europe risked (A:  Now here’s the standard techniques that they used for, if you don’t join the EU you’ll be left behind, you’ll be poverty-stricken. Well… You’ll be left behind…) being left behind.  (A:  ...if you don’t adopt this stuff. Left behind what?)


He dismissed criticisms that GM could pose problems to human health.  (A:  ...just like that, you know.)


"The use of more precise technology and the greater regulatory scrutiny probably make GMOs even safer than conventional plants and food," he said. (A:  It’s wrapped in utter secrecy, the GM stuff. You can’t test it even.)


"The EU chief scientist Anne Glover has said it pretty bluntly - there is no substantiated case of any adverse impact on human health on animal health or on environmental health."  (A:  So there you go, an expert just told you. She’s paid to say this, you see. Aren’t you convinced now?)


Persuade the public  (A:  Well, I’m going to do more on this particular topic before I get into some other topics, because the government departments, every government department is screaming the same stuff, they’ve got to take it. Big money involved. Back with more after this.)


Hi folks, talking about the GM food and so on, and the big push for the big corporations to get this through. It’s not just the corporations; it’s the guys who own it all at the corporations.  Again, all attached to the big private foundations and all the rest of it, like the Rockefellers etc.  I love the propaganda pieces they give and how they just with a wave of the hand and they pooh-pooh any danger to the general population.  Like that’s the evidence right there, a wave of the hand and a pooh-pooh is evidence that it’s quite safe, right?


Mr Paterson said that GM offers benefits not just to UK consumers and farmers but holds a great deal of promise especially in the developing world.


(A:  See, you’ve always got to push out oh we’re going to help poor folk across the planet. Meanwhile mind you, they’ve taken all the natural seed that had been developed for each area and climate across the whole planet, and stuffed it away in islands – remember that? – off the coast of Norway, inside fortresses, so they’ll have stuff for the future for the elite, you see. Because this stuff is the natural stuff that they’re hiding away, all the natural seeds.  And once it gets lost to the areas that it was in and you put in the GM stuff, now you’re stuck with GM forever, and all the chemicals you need to keep it going. And even the chemicals that they say will kill all the weeds off, they’re not. Now they’ve got resistant weeds, already; they’ve got to use lots more chemicals to try and keep them down. Plus when you’ve got one strain of stuff growing in any area, even in corn, there’s umpteen strains of corn in the old fields that they used to have, the wild stuff, the varieties, it was a mixture, so if something attacked them not all of the strains died off; you’d always have some left. If this attacks the GM stuff, they’ll all die off. You see. But sense doesn’t matter and facts don’t matter when there’s a big, big financial system behind all of this to take over, and the power that comes with it to rule your food.)


Last year about 170 million hectares of GM crops were cultivated in 28 countries. Proponents argue that about half of the GM crops grown worldwide are produced by resource poor farmers. Apart from the US, the world's leading growers are Brazil, Argentina, Canada and India.  (A:  India had no choice, by the way. Remember they crushed their economy for the farmers, withdrew all their loans. Thousands of them committed suicide a few years back; it was in mainstream too for those who’ve got a memory. And then the Rockefeller boys and the Rothschild boys went in with their GM company and they bought them all up for peanuts. Now they’ve got polluted land all over the place with the chemicals they’re using.)


(A:   And they go on about the rubbish here too…) This helps prevent blindness in young children . . .  (A:  ...because they add vitamins to it, Vitamin A. What rubbish, rubbish!)


This is BIG, BIG business and power over life itself, human life. This is what it’s about. But as I say, there’s a big project going under way and they’re all on board with it; they’ve been given their marching orders by the big corporations that fund them. I’m talking about the politicians taking the cash, which they do. And at the same time it says here that Cameron in Britain, the Prime Minister, has still banned it, that’s GM food, from being used in the cafeteria for all the politicians that are pushing this on the general public, with an article too. When Tony Blair tried to push it through on the British public, he was the first one to say that, we’re not going to eat it in the Parliament building, but all of you lot out there, you know, the unwashed masses, you’re going to have to eat it. Well, the same thing with Cameron; he’s done the same thing.  The politicians that are making us all eat this stuff are refusing to eat it themselves. That should be enough warning for anyone, even with a very low IQ, that something is awfully wrong here.  But it really gets you... it really gets you to see the con artistry, the lies of the spiels they give you, we want to help the world.  It helps the big boys fill their bank accounts that are stuffed already as it is.  And that’s what it says here…


GM foods kept off the menu at Westminster  (A:  ...for the politicians.)

The House of Commons is continuing to bar genetically modified food from its restaurants and cafés, (A:  They call them restaurants, you should see these palaces in there where they dine.) despite a drive by ministers for the technology to be more widely accepted. 

(A:  ...by the general public.  Huh?  Hypocrisy!)

telegraph.co.uk / James Kirkup, Deputy Political Editor / 21 Jun 2013


That’s all you need to know, folks. They’re not going to eat the poison. They don’t eat it at home either; they’ve all got special passes for the stuff that’s specially grown. I hope you know that. Do you know that? Well, you do now. But I’ve got a few articles on this, the particular push now and I’ll put them all up tonight for those who care. Most folk don’t, mind you. Remember, Canada, it came out from Britain, when Tony Blair was pushing it in Britain years ago, and Canadians did not know that they were the test subjects to eat all this stuff. And the Canadian government was monitoring all the health info that was coming in through the National Health Services from the different provinces on cancers of the stomach and things like that, and keeping it all quiet, you see. They didn’t tell the Canadians that they were the test subjects, the guinea pigs for all that; for 10 years we didn’t know. And you VOTE for these same people to come back in and take care of you?


Downing St refuses 10 times to say if David Cameron would eat GM food

telegraph.co.uk / Christopher Hope, and Rowena Mason / 20 Jun 2013


The One Vegetable You Should NOT Be Eating

leanonlife.com / May 13, 2013 / Michelle Schiffman




Big Brother alert: Cameras in the cable box to monitor TV viewers

washingtontimes.com / June 17, 2013


I don’t care about that, I don’t watch TV. And everyone knows what they’re doing so if you want to get your head full of nonsense by television, it’s up to you. And I don’t think most folk mind getting watched now. I really don’t think they care. I think they’re so far gone, most are. Television is meant to do that to you. That’s where you get most of your ideas and thoughts from, and your opinions. You don’t think for yourselves.


Also an article too about a little country that’s been in dire straits since the Soviet system.


Bulgaria standing on the edge of revolution?

english.pravda.ru / 21.06.2013


Modern Bulgaria is going through tough times. The economy is stagnant, living standards are going down, (A:  Maybe they’ll give them GM, eh?) and young people are leaving the country to find work and earn a decent wage. (A:  They’re all flooding into Europe, a lot of them in Britain too.) This is coupled with a political crisis that does not allow the country to develop in the right direction. (A:  The corruption amongst the politicians is rampant, because the same old guys that were in the Politburo in the old days, and they were taking millions from the EU union which they joined but it’s not getting to the general public. I’ll put this up tonight as well. Because you see, the other countries outside there have big plans for Bulgaria. Back with more after this.)


Hi folks, we’re Cutting Through The Matrix, talking about the real state of the world. Part of the problem today too is mass corruption everywhere. Because I’ve mentioned before it’s not just the politicians who tend to be psychopathic personalities that claw their way up there, and smile so sweetly to the public and appear so charming – that’s one of the gifts that psychopaths have. But the fact is, there’s a lot more, too, getting into even lower positions in cities and so on. I think it’s across the board today in all countries to be honest with you. I mean, California, it says…


California on the Brink: Pension Crisis About to Get Worse

statebudgetsolutions.org / Elizabeth MacDonald / June 12, 2013


(A:  Interesting meme, this, because Britain is going through the same meme today as well where they’re giving the Goldman Sachs group and their subsidiary companies, they’ve got lots of subsidiary companies, control over lots of British pensions now as well. So this is all obviously coordinated when you see these memes come across the world at the same time in different countries.)


A growing number of key California cities are a lot worse off than previously thought, thanks to new changes coming in the way state and local governments must account for their pension costs.


The pension changes from Moody's, and separately the Governmental Accounting Standards Board, scheduled for this month, could result in Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Jose, Azusa and Inglewood joining fiscally troubled Stockton and San Bernardino, among others, as severe credit risks. It's all largely due to soaring employee retirement costs (A:  You should see the scams they’ve got in with all these retirement costs, and they hide a lot of cash in there too, of dirty money and so on.), according to new analysis based on the methodology by Bob Williams and his team at State Budget Solution (SBS), a non-partisan organization that studies state budget crises.


The new rules could nearly double California's unfunded liabilities to $328.6 billion. Moreover, California cities that have already filed for bankruptcy protection, like Stockton and Vallejo, will fall deeper into the red. 


Now as I say, that’s just one place in one country. This is happening across the whole planet right now. Because there’s so much corruption involved. And you’ll find it’s all the same corruption with the same technique, and the same kind of mobsters running it all. That’s how they know how to do it all. But everything is coming to a head today because it’s planned this way. Everything is planned this way. In fact, even, I think it was Bernanke’s stop printing the money, he says, stop printing the money. As soon as he said it all the people in Britain in the stock market were calling crisis, crisis, crisis, he was just going to stop printing money, which they call quantitative easing, which of course is just inflation. So they’re all gambling on more and more money getting printed by other countries. It’s not going to go on forever, folks. And the big boys that control it all know it too. They won’t lose anything off it. But we’ll lose our shirts. Everybody will. 


Also in Canada…


Canada Is Doomed: Three Signs That The Country Up North Is Screwed Beyond All Recognition

beforeitsnews.com / June 17, 2013 / JOSH BARRO


You might be under the impression that everything is going pretty well in Canada, which had no banking collapse and only a mild recession in 2008-9.


You would be wrong.


The country is beset by political corruption scandals of the sort that people focus on when the economy is good. But it also has a massive ongoing housing bubble, and its economy is being propped up by a global commodities boom that now shows signs of slowing.  (A:  By the way, he’s wrong on that one part there, the 2008 bank collapse in the States ALSO hit Canada, but being in Canada the politicians didn’t admit they were bailing out the banks until 2012. All the banks were bailed out, the big ones.)


Let’s break down the three ominous signs.  First, the scandals:

- Montreal Mayor Michael Applebaum (A:  ...who belongs to the non-Italian Mafia that runs Québec…) got arrested this morning, charged with 14 counts including fraud and conspiracy. Applebaum was appointed to replace Gérald Tremblay, who resigned last year after getting caught up in a separate corruption scandal involving kickbacks from construction firms with alleged mafia links.


- Toronto Mayor Rob Ford may or may not be on video smoking crack [cocaine]; last week, Toronto and Ontario police raided an apartment complex linked to the alleged video and arrested 43 people, including the two pictured on either side of Ford in this photo.


- The mounties (A:  ...that’s the RCMP.) are investigating whether Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s former chief of staff, Nigel Wright, committed a crime when he gave a Conservative senator over $90,000 to pay back expenses that he had improperly claimed.  (A:  Meaning, he was trying to defraud by claiming expenses of $90,000.)


- London, Ontario Mayor Joe Fontana is under indictment for allegedly using public money to pay for his son’s wedding reception. (A:  It was a massive deal, this massive wedding.) London is the 11th largest city in Canada. Fontana (A:  ...of course...) is seeking re-election.


- Laval, Quebec mayor Alexandre Duplessis asked that his city, Canada’s 13th largest, be placed in receivership after “he and almost every sitting municipal politician in the city was linked to illegal political financing by a corruption-inquiry witness,” according to the National Post [newspaper]. His predecessor as mayor has been charged with two counts of “gangsterism.”  (A:  [Alan chuckles.] And this just goes on and on and on.)


Everything today… I guess it came out of what they called the me-generation. Now, the me-generation was the generation that Lord Bertrand Russell, who helped create the system and the culture that’s now underway today, he’s long dead, but he created, step-by-step, changes in cultures, even from the miniskirt all through the present time, mass promiscuity and so on, the me-generation, narcissistic people, and atheistic as well, so the old morality is out the window. Just get what you can in life, grab what you can, get as much as you can. Well, this is the results of it today, folks. It’s worldwide now. Utter corruption. There’s just no morality left. Planned that way. See, when you’re all dysfunctional it’s easy for a smaller group, who planned the whole darn thing, to control all of you, because of the trouble you’re all in.


Also tonight too I’ll put up a link to the Irish Parliament; quite a good little two or three minute clip of a woman there, a politician who calls Obama…


Obama called "war criminal" & "hypocrite of the century"  in Irish Parliament



She makes quite a little elegant speech about it and doesn’t say anything I could disapprove of, because of course he is a hypocrite. I mean, the US is putting drones all over the planet; they’re attacking, not just two or three, but dozens of countries. And they’re planning to attack more countries with drones, just killing folk, literally, out of the blue. And they’re out for peace? They’re bringing peace to the world? Who’s kidding who? Who got all the oil fields across the Middle East? Who’s still getting them? Who benefits? It’s nothing to do with peace.


Also too, from Israel, it says…


Gal-on: Continue struggle against human trafficking

jpost.com / By JPOST.COM STAFF / 06/20/2013


(A:  An article came up recently and they had to respond to it, and it says…)


Meretz leader Zahava Gal-on on Thursday welcomed the US State Department report on human trafficking, saying that Israel's high ranking is an important achievement for the country, but that there is "still a lot of work to be done to combat human trafficking."  (A:  It’s one of the highest in the world for human trafficking, and yet most folk are scared to report it. Why should you be scared to report something? Doesn’t anybody know?)


And also this article too is to do with…


U.S., British intelligence mining data from nine U.S. Internet companies in broad secret program

washingtonpost.com / Barton Gellman and Laura Poitras / June 6, 2013


(A:  I’ll put that up. There’s nothing new in it at all. You understand too, the big boys that run the financial system of the world, they run the NSA. They run the Mossad. They are the Mossad. They are the NSA. They are MI6. And they have been all along. They’re all really private, you understand. And those guys who have all the information on who’s going to put massive investments in this and that and the other, or pull them out of corporations, the guys who know this stuff are going to be winners because they know what to invest in, immediately, in real time. And in all wars economic warfare is number one, at the top of the list; all human life is secondary. And this is standard warfare for those who run the world. But it says here…)


The National Security Agency and the FBI are tapping directly into the central servers of nine leading U.S. Internet companies, extracting audio and video chats, photographs, e-mails, documents, and connection logs that enable analysts to track foreign targets, according to a top-secret document obtained by The Washington Post.


Now the thing is though, as I say, you’ve got Israeli companies making the equipment that the NSA is using. And even supplying the staff, that were all members of the Israeli Defense Force, meaning Mossad, to work with it. So they’re getting the information before anybody else. Not only that, you find that the UN went over there recently to Israel, for all their high-tech stuff they’re producing, and they want to buy a lot of the stuff too. Everybody’s going over there to buy their stuff. Guess who’s got all the back doors on it, folks? Money is power and you make sure you’ve got all the money. You’ve got to have all the latest data, up to date, above everybody else. You don’t make mistakes in your investments. You know exactly how much to put on what and what’s going to shoot up. You know exactly when to pull it out. You’ve got the edge over everybody else, and that’s at the top of the tree. That’s what that’s about, folks.




Government parenting advice is 'corrosive and harmful', report finds

telegraph.co.uk / John Bingham, Social Affairs Editor / 21 Jun 2013


(A:  This is Britain.) Official Government advice... (A:  Now they’re telling the people how to bring their children up – after giving them 60 years of degrading filth, bringing them down, and telling them to have free sex and love and all the rest of it, and then giving them all the VD clinics to deal with all the diseases, and the abortion clinics and so on. Now they’re telling them how to bring up their children, again, the same government.  You understand, it’s warfare. When government gets in to telling the people how to behave, that’s not what government is there for. So it says...) 


Official Government advice telling people how to bring young children up should be torn up because it is “corrosive and harmful” and can damage family life (A:  Well, that’s what it’s for. They want to end the family unit, folks.), a new academic report argues. 


The so-called “positive parenting” approach which involves avoiding punishment or even criticism while constantly accentuating the positive can do more harm than good and simply “sets parents up to fail”, it concludes.


In the study, published in the journal Ethics and Education, Helen Reece, an expert in family law at the London School of Economics, argues that the official obsession with being “nice” to children all of the time is “arduous, if not impossible” and can simply destroy the spontaneity of the parent-child relationship.


She argues that in extreme cases it has led to parents involved in contact or care cases being judged against an impossible standard and then unfairly marked down by social workers and even judges with major consequences for the rest of their lives.  (A:  Now, why should social workers be involved? I mean, I’ve mentioned GIRFEC – look into the website archives section at cuttingthroughthematrix.com – this is mandatory for every child in Scotland to be constantly monitored from the age of two months!  And the government’s supplying their own advocate for every child, that’s got more power over the child than the parents have. For ALL children. This is MAJOR interference and it’s time people took it by the horns and kicked them all out.  All these departments and so on, kick them all out! Otherwise they’re going to destroy you.  That’s their function, is to destroy you. )


Under the heading “Be positive about the good things”, the guide advises new parents that even if their children’s undisciplined behaviour comes to “dominate everything” they must react by talking about something “good” and encourage children to “be themselves”.  (A:  So, the child is going to be themselves by smashing all the furniture and all the rest of it. Don’t be crazy, folks!)


Look at the mess they’ve already created with the family. Don’t forget, the destruction of the family unit was one of the major things of communism, which was funded by the West and the big foundations and banks.  Bertrand Russell mentioned it too, the end of the family unit had to come, and the same again with HG Wells and many other propagandists for the Fabian Society. They’re still at it today. What they want is to destroy all your culture, all together. Because culture makes a people strong; you’ve got lots in common with each other. When you’ve got nothing in common with each other you’re all floating about, you feel helpless, and you’re prey for government to do what they want with you.


Also this article…


How Western experts can be a weapon of mass destruction

english.pravda.ru / 28.05.2013 / Nicolas Bonnal


(A:  Quite a good article and it’s from Pravda. Sometimes you get better stuff in Pravda now than you get from the rubbish from the West. Because all the big papers, as you well know, are owned by magnates, who all belong to the Council on Foreign Relations and Royal Institute of International Affairs, to keep you all living in a box.)


The modern world is full of maths, ciphers, strange machinery and magic illusions; it vacillates under data; despite its arrogance this unquiet world needs a new kind of magi and 'scientific foreseers' who are named experts. (A:  That’s what they’re called, experts.) Around 6000 channels of television around the world call at any time the experts to study with them complex events or forecast a brighter future. They are consulted at any time, when there is a bombing, a new little menace, a global problem concerning climate, growth, debt and of course now football and art. The experts are now proliferating like viruses or mosquitoes in summer. Some call it the wizard of Oz syndrome. But is mainly a biblical syndrome, the syndrome of the prophets -or Daniel. (A:  And they give you little quotes out of the Bible to give you a little laugh.) 


Recently an excellent writer, Mr John Freed, who happens to be an expert's expert, has revealed in his book: these experts are often wrong; they are often dangerous and they are overestimated and too much consulted. Think of the following data provided by Mr Freed's book: He begins by writing that about two-thirds of the findings published in the top medical journals are refuted within a few years. (A:  ...two-thirds of what they say, as the in-thing.) Then it gets worse! As much as 90% of physicians' medical knowledge has been found to be substantially or completely wrong. There is a 1 in 12 chance that a doctor's diagnosis will be so wrong that it causes the patient significant harm. And it's not just medicine. Economists have found that all studies published in economics journals are likely to be wrong.


The new global obsession for experts comes too from an excess of studies or data: yet these studies are financed by non-innocent people and can reveal anything; for instance that eating everyday in a MacDonald can be good for your health (any doubt on the matter?). Mr Freed asserts here that there are studies that come out that say obesity is actually good for you and those that say exercise doesn't do you any good!


Of course there always were experts in history and one fundamental element of the force of the ancient Hebrews in the Bible lies in the fact they are excellent experts (and not only foreseers): they can read the dreams like Professor Freud and decipher the economic and agricultural future of a country. The best books about experts are Genesis, with the highly respected and prestigious figure of Joseph, who happens to become the pharaoh's favourite; and Daniel, cast into the den of lions, who becomes later a privileged counsellor (who send his enemies to their death, and with their family)...


John Freed states then that the interpretation of the experts can prevent political actions: 'when presented with expert advice, we actually lose our ability to make our own decisions... The brain actually shuts down a bit in the face of expert advice. When we hear an expert, we surrender our own judgment.'


I think he is partially wrong; thanks to the experts we often take bad decisions. The more wrong the better! For instance we decide to help Wall Street, the banks and the hedge funds in order to ruin American and European nations -then we decide to cut social welfare; for instance we decide to attack Iraq, bomb Libya, destabilize Egypt and atomize Iran. The expert is here to dissolve the doubt. Says the Bible (Daniel, 5, 16):  (A:  Then it gives you another quote from the Bible.)


If an expert like Mr Hans Blix doesn't fit, he is promptly cast away: Dad's enemy has to be killed and an expert has of course to be politically and economically correct, adapted to the era of 'capitalism of disaster'. The neocon expert has to be engaged against all western enemies -or supposed so- with his post-modern mix of Messianism and scientific jargon.


Of course Mr Freed confirms and proves that 'experts edit and so manipulate the data'. This expression reminds me the periphrasis of Dr Reich, a former secretary of labour of Clinton Administration: the manipulators of symbols. These people are the new professions born with the dictatorship of informatics and the new society of control. Their expertise alters and manipulates continually reality. How can we make a difference with a Hollywood terror movie and an over-commented bombing scene like in Boston? Ask an expert!


Immediacy and irrefutability are the characteristics of the truth that comes to us through the computers: yes, there is a global heating; yes, Saddam Hussein has destructive mass weapons; yes the crisis is over thanks to Fed quantitative easing (A:  ...which is inflation.); yes there is shale oil enough for one thousand years and more in Colorado.


A very important point underlined by Freed is the following: we are drowned by flows of information and news that alter our understanding or produce desensitization: 'Newspapers, magazines, TV and the Internet oblige us by constantly reporting the stuff. (A:  Then he goes on to say, well, what’s it going to do to us? Back with more after this.)


Hi folks, we’re back Cutting Through The Matrix.  Not much time now so I’ll just kind of race through the last couple of things I want to mention. But the fact is too, also I should say that the United Nations condemned some of the practices of Israel and torturing children. Of course there was a massive backlash from Israel about that too. I’ll put up tonight too a couple of articles about that.


Israel furious at UN report detailing torture of Palestinian children - telegraph.co.uk / Phoebe Greenwood / 21 Jun 2013


UK Ready to Take on Israel Over Fate of Children Clapped in Irons -miftah.org / Terri Judd / June 27, 2012


Also a good article, again, from Pravda. It says…


JP Morgan's man in the White House: Barack Obama's legacy of ashes - english.pravda.ru / 19.06.2013 / John Stanton


It goes into Mister Holder and so on. It’s quite an interesting article, indeed.


A guy in Britain… This is how bad it’s come to today where you can’t defend yourself in Britain at all.  In democratic countries like Britain, you’re actually allowed to legally be murdered, if you’re attacked if you’re a householder, but don’t hurt the person that’s trying to kill you, or you’re in prison. It says…


Dad of 5 jail fear (A:  ...fears jail, LIFE in jail.) as burglars walk free

thesun.co.uk / ALEX WEST / 21st June 2013


...for harming a burglar who broke into his home, and his children were in there and so on so he defended himself because the guy came at him with some wood, so he got the wood and bashed the guy back. And now he’s going to suffer for it. This is what it gets to. This is government interference, just like they say, oh when your child is wrecking up your house and smashing everything, just be nice to them. Hmm? Why on earth would you follow this insanity?


And also too, at the National Health Service, that’s totally corrupt in Britain as well...


Boss named and shamed in NHS cover-up was also in charge of Stafford Hospital

thesun.co.uk / PAUL SIMS and EMILY ASHTON / 21st June 2013


REVEALED: The health bosses who ordered cover-up at hospital unit where 16 babies died are finally named and shamed - dailymail.co.uk / Matt Chorley / 20 June 2013


This woman apparently had all stuff to do with so many patients dying, like crazy, and she had all this stuff, all the reports destroyed. That was her order, keep destroying them. But she was in charge of two big cover-ups. I’ll put this up here too.  She was getting £195,000 a year for covering up all this stuff, and she’s now got a pension pot and a £200,000 lump sum. Not bad for crooks these days, isn’t it? You’re in the wrong profession, you see, if you try to do something nice and honest.


And again, back to Britain again, the Environment Secretary says…


'Back GM food or children will die': Stark warning from Environment Secretary as row grows over controversial crops - dailymail.co.uk / 19 June 2013


I wonder how much they’re paying him to do that? I’m not talking about the government paying him; I’m talking about the backhanders, under the table stuff, that he’s obviously got to push this rubbish on the public.  Children will die...  Every dirty trick is used for big commercial business, isn’t it? Every dirty trick they’ll use on the general public. And I mean every trick. There’s nothing they won’t do.


And then of course… You never hear about Clinton anymore do you? Billy Clinton. Remember, he was putting all those cruise missiles over into Iraq for his whole time in office, all quietly. Each one had to get replaced by the American taxpayer. Big business for the weapons industry and so on. But he was over in Israel and he got a medal of distinction given to him by Peres for his good deeds.  It’s just amazing how you get rewards down the road, isn’t it?


Peres confers Medal of Distinction on Clinton - jpost.com / 06/19/2013


And just to finish off too, it’s to do with shares...


Shares crash over US's Quantitative Easing decision

thesun.co.uk / SIMON ENGLISH / 21st June 2013


SHARES crashed to a six-month low yesterday — with one expert comparing it to a scary ride at Alton Towers.


World stock markets took a pounding after America’s central bank chief signalled it would stop printing money to boost the economy. (A:  That’s all they’re doing is printing paper. Everything to do with money is the biggest con and racket! A very old con and racket. But it’s completely corrupt today.)


The FTSE 100 lost three per cent — or nearly £50 BILLION — its biggest daily drop since September 2011.  (A:  Thanks to Mr. Bernanke who’s in charge of the bankie.)


Well, from Hamish and myself from Ontario, Canada, it’s good night and may your God or your Gods GO with you. 



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