June 24, 2013 (#1359)

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Poem Copyright Alan Watt June 24, 2013:

The Black Hole of CarbSchmucka:

"The Great Black Hole of the Carbon Con,

Money for Nothing, Credits Go for a Song,
They're Guaranteed to Soar in Market,
No Need to See it, Nor Warehouse to Park it,
Governments Agreed to Inject in Cash,
Ensuring Escalating Value of Non-Existing Stash,
A New Trading Market for Casino Rothschild,
His World Conservation Bank Running Wild,
Plus All the Peasants Will Pay to Exist
And Extra for Items on Regular Shopping List,
It's the Best Scam since Paper Money,
Backed by Nothing, Elastically Funny,
For the Average TV-Watching Naive Soul,
Ignorant of Rich Ruling World with Cons for Control"
© Alan Watt June 24, 2013


Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - June 24, 2013 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)

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Hi folks.  I am Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix on the 24th of June, 2013. I always suggest that newcomers to the broadcast make good use of the website cuttingthroughthematrix.com, lots of audios for free download. I take you through the system that you’ve been born into and how it got to be that way, who planned this system in fact, including your whole reality, and the future of course, long, long term future, into centuries, of the kind of society that those who’d already controlled it a hundred years ago wanted to bring in for the future to make sure that their offspring still controlled it. That’s really what you’re living through. Not hard to do when the richest men on the planet got together and formed the private organizations, like the Council on Foreign Relations/Royal Institute of International Affairs; same organization actually. They created foundations, big massive foundations, some of which would deal with non-governmental organizations, or lobbying armies you might say, to get different laws passed, to alter, drastically alter society altogether and culture and so on, and also other foundations which deal with bringing all the other big international corporations, big businesses together, on board, on consensus with big agendas, and you see that happening all the time.


So really, you’re in a new kind of government altogether, where they call it governance, and it’s governance by international corporations, all working together under a supreme head of course, and they’re all on board with the agenda. We’re postdemocratic, postconsumer society; they write that about themselves.  Even their Club of Rome said that, which works for them of course, and the United Nations, which also was started up and owned by the Royal Institute of International Affairs to bring in the world society. And they make no bones about it. You’re in a new kind of system. Your government really is there to rubber-stamp laws that enable big corporations to take up more power of government and actually be government in a technical sense too, a very real sense, and they even put their own boys into top positions in countries as prime ministers and presidents across the world. Private organizations do this and have done for a hundred years. Carroll Quigley’s books are awfully good on that. He was the historian, the private historian for their own archives, because these organizations have their own version of history, since they claim themselves they’ve been behind all the history for the last 150 years, including wars, and they’re very proud of it too. Because the end justifies the means, and they believe they have the right kind of end. They said that democracy is a good tool for getting the masses mobilized for causes they don’t really understand. They think they do, but they’re useful idiots.  And they truly are. And that time is almost gone, when the big corporations run the world, and they’ve got everybody on computer, they run all the whole systems in the world, they know everything that’s going on. They have privatized basically the security services of the planet; they run them all. And this is the new type of governance.


So help yourself to the website. Remember too, you bring me to you. You can help me tick along by getting the books and discs at cuttingthroughthematrix.com where I go through all this stuff and the art of conology down through the ages up to the present time.  [Order and donation options listed above.]  Straight donations are seriously welcome as we go through the quantitative easing, they call it, which is just inflation and printing paper, and of course devaluation of currencies. So help yourself to the websites. Remember too, you can also get transcripts as well as audios on the websites and you can get transcripts in other languages of the talks I’ve given if you go into alanwattsentientsentinel.eu.


But we truly are run in a really scientific fashion. Even the topics we’re given are authorized to be out there, even the ones that you argue about, or you say oh that’s terrible, etc. But you understand, with the mass of the people being pretty well ignorant, and quite happy, nothing will happen. They’re not organized to do anything. The only thing that’s ever worked in this world were organizations; as they say, get organized. Back with more after this.


Hi folks, we’re back Cutting Through The Matrix. If you go into the think tank, and there are so many think tanks that work for the big boys of course and are funded by the big foundations, to come up with ideas on how to con the public, to get them to go along with big scams, you see. The Club of Rome was given the task of finding a way to unite the planet so that you could tax them and change their way of life, by some crisis or other, something out there, all that kind of stuff, and they searched around. And they said themselves, and I’ve read the article so many times but to paraphrase it really, they said that we finally came upon the idea that famine and drought and so on, in other words, climate change, would fit the bill. So that’s what they settled on that it would be, and of course once they stick on something they never change it. They stick with it a hundred percent, even if it’s snow coming down when they have their meetings, and often that actually has happened since then. But anyway, that was the idea.  Because they want Agenda 21 through, to get most peasants into the big overcrowded cities for the next 30 - 40 years to let them die off in squalor and various other things too. And at the same time give corporations more land, under the guise of carbon, carbon sinks. This is the biggest, biggest con for centuries, actually, is the whole climate change thing.


Now, they’ve been geoengineering for years and years and years, openly in the sky, lots of articles have come out on it too. People have tested their own soils after rain. Up here where I live it tested out at high concentrations of aluminum oxide and barium and other things in the soil too, toxic levels, after rain falls.  The same thing happened, I got an article from Nova Scotia last week; the same thing is happening there. The government is turning around and blaming it on, well it must be acid rain.  Remember, that went out with the dinosaur, acid rain, it fell flat about 40 years ago. But they resurrected it because they’re finding high levels of aluminum in the water and they’re trying to say, well this acid rain is affecting things in the river... and the conversion factor ends up being aluminum oxide. So, it’s the stuff that’s pouring from the skies as part of the geoengineering projects that have been going on steadily since 1998.


Now, the big plans of course with the geoengineers, and many of the articles that have come out from their international meetings say, well if we ever do it – IF, because that’s the con, is if we ever do it; while they’ve been doing it – then there’ll be extreme weather events, it will cause extreme weather events, and of all kinds and upsets. And of course they’ll have to blame it on the public, because everything gets blamed on the public, so as you can be taught to change the way you live, into austerity and moving into the cities, etc. etc., everything else must be unsustainable. Then the big boys of course come along and take up the country, which they’ve just got for nothing, and they call them carbon sinks, and then they take your tax money that’s given to them as a reward for having these carbon sinks, all the wild trees and all the rest of it. Con after con after con.


Now, they are creating massive climate change. They truly are because we’ve watched the jet streams just stop basically. That’s right in the Weather Warfare Treaty at the United Nations, they can do that, and they have been doing it. And they can cause standing waves when they use HAARP along with it, so everything sits still in the middle of this big vortex of swirling water around the top of you, which sucks water from nearby places.  Outside of it is nice and sunny, inside it’s just deluging. Well, that’s what they’ve done to Calgary, a couple of times in the past, and Ontario, and they’re doing it again now. They’ve flooded out Calgary. There are even mandatory evacuations for a city, a CITY to be evacuated, folks. Ontario hasn’t been any better. It’s been raining solidly for three weeks.  And these aren’t normal rains, these are monsoons. These come down straight down from the sky, massive drops, until you can’t see through them. They don’t give up like a monsoon after half an hour, they go on for hours and hours and hours, and they flood the roads and everything else. My road is still flooded after this weekend. So anyway, I’ve hardly seen the sun till today; it’s the first time in about three weeks or so.  And they’re doing it mightily.


Canada hit by heavy flooding - telegraph.co.uk / By Reuters / 21 Jun 2013


Canada's power supplies could be hit for months by floods - guardian.co.uk / 23 June 2013


And of course they’ll use everything... The biggest thing you’ll find in the Council on Foreign Relations is a term they use, how can we use this disaster to our advantage? Well, they use these disasters, which they bring on, and they know they’re bringing them on, for years.  They bring it on and then they blame the public.  Then the public will say, well help us, help usOkay, it’s going to cost you, we’ve got to tax you on carbon, teach you to use less, etc, because you’re causing this problem, they tell you, and money is going to help, you see. So the big corporations are all on this big bandwagon of money getting thrown at them for nothing, actually, because they don’t do anything with carbon at all. Then of course they end up having land grabs, massive land grabs which they call carbon sinks, then they can claim money from the government for doing so.  Get paid for having land sit and do nothing. It’s scam after scam.


Meanwhile, as they give us the 10,000 things in the media to argue over, they’re pushing through the carbon, all the carbon taxes and so on, on the QT, the quiet. This article says…


Obama to push climate plan as Senate grapples with immigration controversy

dailycaller.com / 06/22/2013


President Barack Obama is about to launch a new high-profile “climate change” initiative, according to a personally-signed Sunday tweet from the White House’s Twitter account.


“We owe it to our [children] to do something about climate change. (Alan: Maybe he’s talking about his own children and the ones who are up there, who are going to rake in the cash and live awfully well, as they eradicate what’s left of any middle class.)


The tweet included a link to a short video, in which Obama touts the impending initiative, but the president offered no details on the plan’s goals, costs or spending.  (A:  No, they don’t want to scare the living daylights out of you, because they’re going to fleece you till you’re back into the peasant era.)


“This Tuesday, I’ll lay out my vision for where I believe we need to go.”


Now, he’s a liar, because you see, they were all given it at the G8 meeting, all the countries were given the same plan, and they all signed agreements. Now, the big one is to happen in November so there’s got to be a lot of geoengineering going on causing extreme climate change, to train the public that something terrible is happening, so it will be more believable that taxing them to death is going to solve it all. You understand? It’s a simple strategy, very simple. So next November all the big countries have to sign an international agreement, totally on board with it. The European Parliament just injected a lot of cash into the carbon plan, where they give thousands of carbon credits out to big international corporations, for free, to get them all… to raise the shares of carbon pricing. I mean, it’s literally the King has no clothes. But once they start trading it amongst themselves they start making profits on that too. 


Mind you, the carbon taxes are passed all the way down on all products, right down to the sellers level and to the buyer, and to you at the bottom, the buyer; you pay for it all. So everything that you purchase, even food, will have this tax on it, folks, as you’re squeezed and squeezed and squeezed. And again, they want you off the land and they’re using climate engineering to do it big time. You can tune into short wave radio and from the morning all through the day and night, they will change frequencies but it doesn’t stop 24 hours a day. It hasn’t stopped since 2001, by the way, with they call it the woodpecker, tapping sound that comes out. It’s very strong, a very strong signal on the short wave. That’s getting added to the heavy rains from the geoengineering. So it’s well proven stuff that they’re using, lots of articles up there on it. Look them up for yourselves if you care to look.


But remember, this is meant to train you into a new way of living, into austerity, high taxation for everything that you purchase, and to move and eventually get pushed into the big overcrowded cities, where they expect you to die off over the next 30 to 40 years. Most will because they will not have children, you see; you’ve been trained not to have children. And most folk will just go out very ignorant of this world never knowing whatever happened. That’s just how it happens.  So anyway, it’s not Barack Obama’s plan. It was planned by his betters who put him in office, and the same with all the prime ministers across the world too.


Also this article here from even British Columbia and it says…


Unlikely alliance urges Ontario government to adopt price on carbon

rabble.ca / Dr. Christian Holz /  June 6, 2013


The Ontario premier and members of her cabinet received a letter this week from an unusual alliance of organizations urging her government to swiftly adopt a meaningful price on climate-altering carbon pollution.  (A:  Now who are all of these ‘unusual alliances of organizations’ that are behind it? Well, they’re all NGOs, funded by the foundations, which are owned by the richest bankers on the planet, tax-free foundations. They can start up any army of them, for any particular topic, so quickly, and give all the leaders full pension plans, all the greatest perks and so on, and fly them across the world to lobby governments. And they call themselves charitable organizations. Quite something, eh?)


(A:  Anyway it says this has got a consensus…) The letter shows that there is broad consensus among industry, trade unions and environmental organizations on the need to act now to address climate change by establishing a price on carbon. It is now clear that industry does not agree with oft-repeated claims that reducing carbon pollution will be a demerit to economic activity. (A:  Of course it’s going to be a demerit, because it will get to the point where folk can’t afford to buy anything because of all the taxes on top of it.  They’ve even got the Cement Association of Canada…) In particular, the Cement Association of Canada is one of the signatories of the letter, despite the fact that they would be subject to a carbon price as cement production is a carbon-intensive process. (A:  No, they’ll do the same as BP has done, because British Petroleum have actually leased land, which they’ll end up owning from the Indians in Canada, and they call it a carbon sink and they can actually claim money from the government. It’s all con after con, folks. We’re run by cons. You think your government is yours? That’s a great con!)


Before being defunded by the Harper government, the National Roundtable on the Environment and the Economy (NRTEE) (A:  See, round table groups all started with the Royal Institute of International Affairs, they still run them today, the private organization that’s at the top of the tree here.) concluded that a “low-carbon economy is no longer a concept of the future,” and that a “price on carbon is fundamental to achieving the required efficiency gains and innovative drive to support low-carbon growth.” Adopting a price on carbon for Ontario would send a clear signal that Ontario is serious about expanding its green economy (A:  What is a green economy? Unless they’re talking about all the fungus that’s developing everywhere because of all of this pouring rain from geoengineering!) and creating the jobs associated with this development. (A:  Well what jobs? They don’t produce anything. They get big grants given to them, they end up giving you nothing back in return, they go bankrupt, and we’re all out-of-pocket again. So again, it ties in with conology.)


But I’ll put all these articles up tonight on the cons that are going on on this. Because there’s just too many. There’s a meme pushed out among society right now about carbon taxes, to get you ready for it happening, you see. And as I say, everything gets passed down to the consumer at the bottom. And it also sends your electricity, electricity prices are going to skyrocket AGAIN when you pay all these extra energy and carbon taxes. Back with more after this.


Hi folks, we’re back Cutting Through The Matrix, talking about many cons, but the carbon cons is a meme going round right now because we’re supposed to get the message. Most folk get it by osmosis. They don’t actually remember things verbatim, they simply get it by… it sinks into them through repetition, and that’s how it’s done. It’s very simple. But this one article says…


Obama Quietly Raises 'Carbon Price' as Costs to Climate Increase

bloomberg.com / Mark Drajem / Jun 12, 2013


Buried in a little-noticed rule on microwave ovens is a change in the U.S. government’s accounting for carbon emissions that could have wide-ranging implications for everything from power plants to the Keystone XL pipeline.


The increase of the so-called social cost of carbon, to $38 a metric ton in 2015 from $23.80, adjusts the calculation the government uses to weigh costs and benefits of proposed regulations. The figure is meant to approximate losses from global warming such as flood damage and diminished crops.  (A:  What a joke.)


With the change, government actions that lead to cuts in emissions -- anything from new mileage standards to clean-energy loans -- will appear more valuable in its cost-benefit analyses. On the flip side, environmentalists urge that it be used to judge projects that could lead to more carbon pollution, such as TransCanada Corp. (TRP)’s Keystone pipeline or coal-mining by companies such as Peabody Energy Corp. (BTU) on public lands, which would be viewed as more costly.  (A:  Now remember too, the Rockefeller boys are funding the boys in Canada, all these NGOs, to lobby against having these, like the tar sands project and so on, actually made. So another country is really directing the downfall of things in Canada.)


“As we learn that climate damage is worse and worse, (A:  Well of course it is with the spraying, geoengineering and so on.) there is no direction they could go but up,” Laurie Johnson, chief economist for climate at the Natural Resources Defense Council, (A:  Now, what is the Natural Resources Defense Council? Another group, you see, an army employed by the private not-for-profit foundations, owned by the big banking boys, Rockefeller, etc. and so on.) said in an interview.


Even supporters questioned the way the administration slipped the policy out without first opening it for public comment. (A:  Well that doesn’t surprise me because you never get public comment for anything; it doesn’t make any difference.) The change was buried in an afternoon announcement on May 31 about efficiency standards for microwave ovens, a rule not seen as groundbreaking.  (A:  So they put something innocuous in there and of course folk ignore it and don’t read the rest.)


“This is a very strange way to make policy about something this important,” Frank Ackerman, an economist at Tufts University who published a book about the economics of global warming, said in an interview. The Obama administration “hasn’t always leveled with us about what is happening behind closed doors.”


“It’s a pretty important move. To do this without any outside participation is bizarre,” (A:  ...not really, you always think, you believe in a democracy existing.) said Jeff Holmstead, a lawyer at Bracewell & Giuliani LLP (1222L) representing coal-dependent power producers and other industry groups. A legal challenge to the determination would be difficult, but could be tried by itself or in a challenge to a specific rulemaking that uses the cost, he said.


The administration first arrived at this calculation (A:  ...the cost of carbon...) in 2010 using “leading expert models” (A:  You know, computers, the same ones they use for predicting the weather and stuff.) and updated it “applying the same methods and assumptions,” Office of Management and Budget spokeswoman Ari Isaacman Astles said in an e-mail.


The Economic Report of the President in March said the administration would update estimates “as new scientific and economic analysis become available.”  (A:  So it’s all to get the prices of the carbon credits up for the big international corporations that gamble on them, like a stock market. It is a new stock market, by the way.)


In addition, the Environmental Protection Agency is late on issuing rules to cap greenhouse-gas emissions from new power plants. . . (A: ...etc. etc.  Then they go into fuel efficiency as well.)


For example, the administration’s vehicle fuel-efficiency standards would cost industry $350 billion over the next 40 years, (A:  You won’t be driving in 40 years, folks; don’t worry about it.) while benefits in energy security, less congestion and lower pollution totaled $278 billion. . .


So they’re giving you the prices of them and how much they’ve decided to raise the prices of carbon up. And as I say, you all have to pay it. You’ll all have to pay it. It’s quite simple, folks, it’s all going to be in your lap, or out of your wallet.


And also, in the UK, to do with all of the monitoring of you, and the management of you, and the behavior modification of you of course, is smart metering, for the global grid, by the way. It says…


UK introduces obligatory Smart Metering via backdoor



 -   New licensing conditions for Suppliers means “No Backwards Step” once Smart Meters installed  (A:  So if you get it installed they’re not going to take it out.)


-    Conditions will prohibit suppliers from replacing Smart Meters with safer, more secure analogue meters, (A:  In other words, the ones that don’t fry you with microwave all the time.) e.g. when a customer has moved house


-    Government has now reneged on repeated commitments that Smart Meters would be “voluntary”  (A:  Well they always lie to you. Why would you believe them in the first place?)


-    Customers may be left with no choice but to use provisions of existing Gas & Electricity Acts to outmanoeuvre stealth restriction on free choice


LONDON, ENGLAND (23 May, 2013)   Early last week, Edward Davey’s Parliamentary Undersecretary, Baroness Verma, made an announcement in the House of Lords that the UK’s Smart Meter programme would be delayed by at least “one year”.  The announcement gained much attention and media exposure across the UK, but a crucial component of her announcement was seemingly omitted from all popular reports and commentary. (A:  That’s because all the media is owned by the same boys who own the foundations.) 


According to the recordings of the Baroness’s statement in Hansard (the official report of the proceedings in parliament), she revealed a second major shift in Government policy regarding Smart Meters which went unnoticed as admissions regarding delays overtook the media glare.


In a stunning and outrageous Government u-turn, Ministers have decided that from the end of this year, UK energy suppliers will be BLOCKED from fulfilling customer wishes to replace a pre-existing Smart Meter with a more safe and secure analogue alternative.  (A:  ...the one that doesn’t spy on you and give you brain cancer.) This change will be enforced through modifications to supplier licensing conditions on 14 July 2013. (A:  So after that date you can’t do anything about it. It’s going to be there forever, basically. Back with more after this break.)


Hi folks, we’re back Cutting Through The Matrix.  I’ll put a whole bunch of articles actually up today about the climate con and the carbon taxes.  Because as I say, they just had a big meeting, the G8 meeting talked about it too; they signed different agreements. The big signing for them all, for the big one that’s going to affect us all, happens in November. So expect lots and lots of data to get you ready for this, so as you’ll all sit back and yawn or turn on TV and get lost in fantasy – they’re already starting. 


B.C. plans to promote carbon taxes, among other green initiatives

theglobeandmail.com / IAN BAILEY / Jun. 23 2013


EU parliament support grows for carbon market rescue-climate boss

trust.org / Source: Reuters / 24 Jun 2013


And from Geoengineering Watch too, I’ll put an article up tonight to show you that geoengineering has been well documented, and admitted to as well, quietly, and sometimes more overtly. But it says here…


LIVE Updated Presentation – The Most Important Topic of Our Time

geoengineeringwatch.org /June 21, 2013


The debate over whether geoengineering programs are going on is now a moot point. We have more than enough data to confirm it. We have actual footage showing tankers spraying. The materials showing up on the ground are exactly the same materials mentioned in the numerous geoengineering patents and documents. (A:  ...and even what they’ve mentioned at their meetings, all these top scientists.) Visit our website for a list of these government patents and documents.


Our skies today are simply not normal. Upon examination this cannot be denied. They are filled with nanoparticulates of heavy metals.


(A:  That goes back to the days of Teller, by the way, who said in the 50s, we could spray the skies with these objects, for weather warfare, and we could also use ELF technology, that’s pulsating electric, now it’s called HAARP technology.  That’s what they’re using, which further exacerbates the problem and causes it to be used like a weapon. They can flood an area out if they want to, they can stop rain in other areas if they want to, depending on the frequency that they use and the type of spray they use. And it ties in actually with the big market, the world market now; they’ve got a futures market up on food, you understand. And the big boys who are in it, the big five Agri businesses to do with food, treat, like all the big businesses do, business as a war. All business is total war to them. And they have all the information coming from the NSA and all the rest of the big things, just like the Bloomberg boys and all the rest of them get, and they use that information to their financial advantage. So it all works together as I say, and they can cause droughts and then these five Agri businesses can import foods from other countries at steep, massive prices. It’s all working the way it’s supposed to work.  Anyway it says the skies today are filled with heavy metals and so on...)


But the skies have been filled with grid patterns for so long now that we are used to them and do not see them anymore. (A:  Actually, very few folk could see them even when it was more overt, when they first started, because they never look up.) Sadly, the fact is that people do not look up.


To be clear, what we are seeing is not cloud seeding to increase rainfall. These particulates are designed to block the sun and move the jet stream. (A:  And that’s another thing they say in the Weather Warfare Treaty which they signed back in the 70s at the United Nations, they CAN stop the jet stream and cause nothing but flooding, flooding, flooding for weeks on end, which they’ve done here before.) Dane explains how this is causing the drought and deluge being experienced around the globe.


Our atmosphere is nothing but a massive physics lab to geoengineering scientists who have no concern whatsoever about the consequences to humanity or any living thing, including themselves. The experiments are literally tearing the planet apart and destroying life on earth.  (A:  But by the way, it fits right in with Agenda 21, because if you get too much flooding in certain areas and it’s just nonstop year after year, like it’s been for the last five years here, then folk just move out, there’s no point in staying. So they get what they want regardless. If they asked you to move you wouldn’t do it, so they make it happen, you see. Beautiful. Silent weapons for quiet wars, isn’t it?  I’ll put this article up anyway from Geoengineering Watch and you can read it for yourselves.)


Now, many things are kind of sidelines today because we know the big boys have said in all their top world agreements that the top thing to alter all other intact societies is to use the same techniques that have been used in the West for an awful long time, the end of the family unit, etc. etc. I’ve read the articles on the air from the mainstream press where Obama, for one country, and other countries too, have said that their top diplomats must have at the top of the agenda, like Hillary Clinton was doing, that homophobia must be outlawed, etc., in all foreign countries which they deal with. This is at the top of the tree, folks. The top of the tree, so, it’s a dead issue, it’s done. It’s a done deal and nothing’s going to stop it. Because the general public too, are so degraded themselves with this kind of rubbish they watch on TV, and I hear there’s even new series coming out too with the usual kind of stuff, kings and queens and all that nonsense, dramatizations of farce, with lots of sex in it too, to further degrade you. And that’s how it’s done. So you don’t think it’s really… It’s not your children that are getting buggered so it’s okay if someone else, you know, it happens somewhere else from you.


Two in three child porn perverts spared jail:

(A:  This is common now.)

Outrage as 1,000 paedophiles caught with obscene material

are given community or suspended sentences

dailymail.co.uk / Jack Doyle / 17 June 2013


(A:  I said that this is what they’d do, eventually there will be no such thing as pedophilia. They’ll give it a new fancy nice fluffy sounding name and it won’t be a crime anymore. That’s been on the books for a long time.)


Two thirds of perverts caught downloading sickening child pornography escape a jail sentence, figures revealed last night.


In a new soft-justice outrage, 1,000 paedophiles caught in possession of obscene abuse videos and pictures were handed community sentences or suspended jail terms last year.   (A:  Would you let them out in community service, amongst your community?)


The revelation was greeted with fury by child abuse campaigners, who are demanding tougher sentences to reflect the damage done to the children pictured in the horrific images.


Peter Saunders, chief executive of the National Association for People Abused in Childhood, said: ‘I think the sentence should be proportionate to the severity of the impact of the crime.


'I can’t think of any crimes worse than those that involve the abuse of the children. Therefore to not put those people away is to put our children in danger, because it sends the message that it is not a crime we take seriously.’ (A:  Well it’s not a crime that’s taken seriously now, folks. The agenda is the agenda. The same forces, the same, actually, legal forces, because certain ones that stand up supposedly for certain rights, they are actually combinations of law firms, are the ones behind it pushing all this stuff. The same ones, the same people. So that’s the agenda. It’s going to come through regardless.)


Also, this is called Data Collecting Concerns.  Australia is still part of the British Commonwealth system, whether they know; most of them know that of course. They don’t have independence as such, neither does Canada. It used to be called the Dominion of Canada up until Trudeau, then the folk went back to sleep, still thinking they were more independent after Trudeau. But anyway it says here that the ministry of data collection, and every country has a ministry of statistics, and they go around, now that you’re a little peon, you’re a little serf nowadays you see, and you’ve gradually given up right after right after right, quietly – you know, you consent to it with your silence when you hear things coming out; that’s a legality. And they’re sending people out round the doors in Australia and they demand to know about you, your sex life, your partner’s sex life, were the partners active sexually before they met you, all this kind of stuff. Hundreds of hours of questioning and they’ll do it for… They pick people and they’ll do it for seven months; for seven months they keep coming back to you for more and more data. I’ll put this little YouTube article up tonight for those that want to see how bad it is.


Today Tonight:  Data collecting concerns - youtube.com


And of course there are no organizations to stand up for the unwashed masses, because they’re never told to get organized, you see. They’re never told to get organized. There’s no point bitching to each other or listening to bad news every day unless you start organizations up and go into combat. And if you do that, you better make sure, you will be infiltrated. So you have to have a mandate, and anyone who tries to bend it in the slightest way, out right away. That’s how you got to do it.  You got to do it right away or they’ll take them over; they’ll take over your organization. Before you know it they’ll displace all the members at the top and they’re off in a different direction using this newly formed group for their own purposes. Old trick. The communists used that all the time.  And the communists were a cover for something else by the way. As I say, I’ll put these links up at cuttingthroughthematrix.com tonight.


As I’ve mentioned before, this other article is to do with the carbon emissions and the options that they’re doing with them and so on, and how the governments now are pumping big, big money in to get the carbon pricing up, so as these guys will start bidding amongst themselves with this new market. Now, this came out initially from Lord Rothschild in England, who was the guy who came out with it with Maurice Strong, back in the 80s, to push this whole carbon nonsense. That’s who came out to push it. First it was his think tank at the Club of Rome who came up with the idea of finding a good con. Then he came forward with Maurice Strong in the 80s to start a carbon market, which he said, the world carbon market will go through his family’s personal bank in Switzerland. That’s an awful lot of money going through there. Imagine the interest that accumulates in a day or two. And there was no public input into it whatsoever; there never is of course, never is.


Now, in April by the way, I was quite amazed. I thought, I knew it was going to be a rotten stinking summer with geoengineering galore. I watched them spraying the blazes over my skies day after day after day. Then I read their article in April to do with the coming famine. They’re going to create a famine, you see, when they wash out your farm belts. And it’s a great opportunity. What did Rothschild say when he was asked, when do you make your money, when is the best time to make money? He says when the streets and the gutters are flowing with blood, he says. In other words, a crisis is when you do it. You see, you create the crisis. So…


Potato prices up 213% compared with April 2012

rte.ie / 17 June 2013


Agricultural output prices were up 11.6% in the year to April.


Potato prices were more than 213% higher in April compared to the same time last year, according to figures from the Central Statistics Office.


Cereal prices have risen by over 30% in the same period, according to the CSO’s latest Agricultural Price Indices, while vegetable prices rose by 1.6%.  (A:  They’re way up beyond that 1.6% now.)


The price of animal products – like milk, eggs and wool – was slightly up on a monthly basis but 14.3% higher year-on-year.  (A:  ...and so on.) 


But this article is just a little article to show you that things are going up. So the geoengineering, selectively placed over certain areas, is a great massive profit for those big agribusinesses who are waiting to bring it in from the countries they’ve already taken over, big time, and really gouging you for it. You take food for granted, folks. You take your water for granted. And these sharks have gone after it all. Total warfare. Total, total warfare.


Also an article from the Washington Times. It says…


When medical secrets become public

washingtontimes.com / Joy Overbeck / June 24, 2013


Imagine, if you will, the 2014 election. A charismatic conservative woman — another Sarah Palin — is running for the Senate seat of a Democrat lion long in fang. The Republican is a darling of the Tea Party base, which also tends to be pro-life. She’s leagues ahead of the Democrat incumbent: Her rallies are electric, her speeches inspiring. But scant weeks before the election, screaming headlines announce the unthinkable: (A:  ...such as... this is imagining, right…) The popular conservative had an abortion as a 20-something. Her disillusioned pro-life base stays home, and she loses big.


Somehow, her health records were leaked to the press. By whom? In a few short months, the Internal Revenue Service will be in charge of enforcing 50 new provisions of Obamacare. (A:  The same guys that are blackmailing people across the planet, the IRS.) That’s the same IRS now revealed as a wholly owned subsidiary of President Obama’s governing principle, “the Chicago way.” (A:  ...for those who get what he’s saying.) As enforcers, the IRS will have full electronic access to the medical records of every single American(A:  Now, the IRS… It’s like your central banks, they are privately owned, and so is the IRS by the way. Your government farms these out to privately owned corporations. Why do they do that? Well they do it you see, so that no one will sue the IRS, this privately owned organization. You don’t get anywhere with it. The government will step in and say, well we can’t do anything about it, it’s really privately owned.)


Mull that over for a minute. Think about the huge damage the IRS has already done to Mr. Obama’s conservative opponents with outrageously lawless tactics — delaying tax-exempt nonprofit status for years, intimidating them with threats of perjury, illegally demanding donor lists, and leaking those lists to liberal media are just a few. These persecutions doubtlessly muzzled the Tea Party groups’ power and outreach. Many of these groups focus on get-out-the-vote campaigns, and the Obama camp’s successful stifling of those efforts may well have influenced the 5 million Republicans who stayed home in 2012. By robbing the opposition of its megaphone, the IRS doubtless helped win the election for Mr. Obama.


Actually, the IRS medical records seizure is already under way. Recently news broke that the agency illegally stole 60 million confidential client medical records of a California health care provider. Though this happened way back in March of 2011, it came to light now because the health care company is suing the IRS. (A:  Good luck, and that’s what he says here...) Good luck with that. The Republicans on the House Energy and Commerce Committee are looking into it and have sent the usual strongly worded letter to the new IRS commissioner. Good luck with that, too. IRS agents had a search warrant to look into the financial, not the medical, records of one former company employee. From there, they creatively expanded their probe into the medical records of 10 million Americans — information on gynecological and psychological counseling, sexual and drug treatment, and more.


According to the lawsuit, the records belonged to “celebrities, sports personalities and CEOs,” and even “the intimate medical records of every state judge in California leading members of the Screen Actors Guild and the Directors Guild, and prominent citizens in the world of entertainment, business and government.”


What a juicy trove. This sensitive information could be used to induce an influential Republican filmmaker (yes, there are a few) to endorse Democratic candidates under threat of releasing confidential drug-treatment records, or to blackmail judges who may have medical embarrassments such as a sexually transmitted disease or HIV to hide. Or some independent Hollywood big shot could be motivated to contribute millions to Democrat war chests to avoid disclosure of treatment for a serious mental condition.


This all sounds like a best-selling political-thriller plot until we hearken back to Mr. Obama’s favorite method of winning elections: creative leakage. Mr. Obama earned his political chops on the way to the Oval Office as the beneficiary of unsavory details of opponents’ personal lives that turned elections his way.  (A:  Remember too, Rahm Emmanuel and all these characters, the mob, the Chicago mob you know, with ties abroad you might say.)


Shortly before the 2004 Democratic primary for the U.S. Senate, Mr. Obama was losing in the polls against rival Blair Hull — until a Chicago Tribune story leaked that Mr. Hull’s wife had sought a protective order during their 1998 divorce. The resulting furor led Mr. Hull to reluctantly release the sealed records. Not coincidentally, Obama campaign guru David Axelrod had important contacts at The Tribune where he had been a political writer for eight years. Mr. Hull went down to defeat, and Mr. Obama became the nominee. 


Gangsterism, folks, moved in big time to the US, going back to the 1880s, from outside. And it still runs the country today, from top to bottom. Anyway, this is where you’re going into. This article goes on about sex clubs and all the rest of it and different people popping in to see them, the sex clubs, etc, and how they’re blackmailing people. And that is the way it’s done. That’s just the way it’s done, folks.


In Britain, Osborne, this Osborne that again is... Never mind; I could go into who he is.


Osborne Weighs Lloyds (A:  Lloyds of London) Sale as

RBS (A:  Royal Bank of Scotland) Breakup Examined: U.K. Credit

bloomberg / Svenja O’Donnell & Gavin Finch / Jun 19, 2013


(A:  Now, the Royal Bank of Scotland is not Scottish at all. Everything is deceptive, isn’t it?)


Chancellor of the Exchequer (A:  It got the name Chancellor of the H-chequer, remember, when the Knights Templars ran it, which they still do by the way. Because they had a chessboard outside in an H shape, and that’s how they moved their outstanding loans and their credits around the board; that’s how they worked it out. And it’s still called that today, Chancellor of the H-chequer [exchequer]. Quite something eh?  And you think you call this progress.  Well, they’re better gangsters than they used to be. Back with more after this.)


Hi folks, we’re Cutting Through The Matrix, talking about the Chancellor of the H-chequer as they call it, just like a checkerboard, and how they’re going to start unloading all the government shares, which they always do. When these big boys get into trouble they nationalize part of their company – in other words, they pay off all their debts through the taxpayers – and once it’s pretty well done they then hand it back over to the guys that own them privately. But it says…


Lloyds Chief Executive Officer Antonio Horta-Osorio said last month that the lender would post a full-year profit in 2013.


RBS (A:  The Royal Bank of Scotland.), which is 81 percent state-owned (A:  ...by London actually.), is weighed down by too many poor assets, Osborne said. The Edinburgh-based lender received a 45.5 billion-pound bailout (A:  Not bad, eh, a 45.5 billion pound bailout for the private company…), the costliest in banking history, during the global financial crisis. RBS shares remain below the level at which taxpayers breakeven.  (A:  Of course so, the taxpayers get screwed every way, even if they bail them out.)


Investors demand 122.2 basis points of extra yield to hold RBS’s $2 billion of 2.55 percent notes due September 2015 (A:  So they have to pump more money into it to make it viable for the private sales again, to the guys that got you into trouble in the first place. Not bad. That’s not bad living in gangsterism, isn’t it? It’s quite transparent what’s really happening.)


Israel of course has always kept mum on having all these warheads. But from their own newspaper it says…


Expert: Israeli warheads a threat to own security

jpost.com / LAHAV HARKOV / 06/20/2013


Knesset holds first-ever anti-nuclear parley with several MKs speaking out against weapons; MK Henin: Need to find alternatives.


Israel should agree to nuclear disarmament for its own sake, International Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War co-president Dr. Ira Helfand told the Knesset in the Israeli Disarmament Movement’s first-ever conference in the legislature.


“The current political reality looks like an attempt to hit a wall, when it comes to nuclear war,” MK Dov Henin (Hadash) said. “It’s essential to understand that use of nuclear weapons will have terrible results for those using them and not only their target. The conclusion is that it is necessary to urgently find alternatives, like promoting disarmament in the entire Middle East.”  (A:  Well the US is doing that, using the military to disarm them all, so they don’t have to worry about that.)


And also...


New book finds many U.S. foods banned overseas for cancer links

m.washingtontimes.com / Cheryl K. Chumley / June 21, 2013


(A:  ...because they’ve got so much cancer chemicals in them. Mind you, most of what you eat now is just you’re eating a lot of junk.  The chemical companies used to pay big money to have all their waste products disposed of, this toxic stuff. Now they put it in your toothpaste, in your food and everything else. And you’ve been eating it for years. This article gives you a good breakdown on what’s in different things and so on and so on. Things that are made from petroleum byproducts and so on, etc., are in the food.  They talk about fat substitutes they’re also putting in...)


Another common additive in America but banned in the United Kingdom and in Canada: The fat substitute, Olestra. It’s found in low-fat potato chips, including Ruffles Lite, Lays Wow and Pringles fat-free, the authors say, the Daily Mail reported. Fat-free ice cream and mayonnaise also contained the chemical at various time, the authors said.  (A:  Well all these things are really bad for you too, and it tells you why they’re bad for you, etc. etc.)


But I mean, we’re conned left, right and center. Don’t eat that, it’s bad for you. Eat this instead. Science is better; we’ve proven it’s good for you. This is the con over and over and over again. And the folk believe it, as long as an expert tells them, on some important TV talk show. Quite something isn’t it?  Oh, where’s PT Barnum, eh?


Anyway, from Hamish and myself from Ontario, Canada – where we’re getting flooding of course, and lots of spraying in the skies, like you wouldn’t believe – it’s good night and may your God or your Gods go with you. 



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