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Poem Copyright Alan Watt July 2, 2008:

"The People are All at Sixes and Seven,
As To Whether This System began Nine-Eleven,
Truth is, We've been Guided Down through the Ages,
By Hidden Masters, Wise Men and Sages,
Become Involved, Instead of Detaching,
Be Wise and Conscious, Instead of Reacting"
© Alan Watt July 2, 2008


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"Code of Silence" by Bruce Springsteen
There's a code of silence that we don't dare speak
There's a wall between us and a river so deep
And we keep pretending that there's nothing wrong
But there's a code of silence and it can't go on
Is the truth so elusive, so elusive as you can see
that it ain't enough baby
To bridge the distance between you and me
There's a list of grievance 100 miles long
There's a code of silence and it can't go on


Hi folks.  I am Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix on the 2nd of July, 2008.  I always ask newcomers to look in to www.cuttingthroughthematrix.com and go over lots of the previous talks I’ve done before on radio because in there you’ll find such a wealth of information and you’ll actually find a lot of the questions you would email me, have already been discussed.  So it saves me hassle.  It saves you hassle too.  I’m sure you have more time to do all this than I do.  I don’t have the time to answer so many letters and I can not possibly keep up with the ones I have.  Also look in to www.alanwattsentientsentinel.eu for transcripts which you can download in the various languages of Europe. 


I’ve had quite a few calls in the last few days which are similar.  People are asking what to do now, do next and so on.  Because very few people are really, really awake.  There’s a lot of people reacting which is different from being awake.  People reacted with 2001.  They reacted to the changes that were immediately put upon the people with their loss of rights and freedoms.  They reacted to the bombardment of media asking them, asking the man in the street, would you give up your freedom for security?  That was done world wide at the same time.  That’s reacting.  That’s not really being conscious of the big agenda.  When you’re reacting, you’re still thinking in the old-think.  You’re still thinking if we just get the right guys in, we can change this just like that.  They don’t realize that this agenda did not start with 9/11.  It didn’t start 20 years ago… or 50.  It was on the go for a long, long time to bring us to this stage.  A stage that Lenin talked about in 1917.  A stage that HG Wells talked about around the same time period.  A stage that in the 1950s the big players like Bertrand Russell talked about.  Everything is coming together as it was planned to do. 


Nothing happens in bureaucracy, in one nation even, very quickly, never mind the whole planet working together.  ALL the bureaucracies, with the SAME plan, AT the same time.  This took a century or more to get up and working to get the network set up, the coordination set up, all the different laws transposed into other languages and so on so they could put the same bills through and debated, etc.  That took years and years and years to set up… of organization, trans-national organizations, supra-national organizations funded by incredible wealth from foundations and Royal Institutes and a whole source of very, very wealthy places and organizations and people.  These people have never been, because they are technically nonpolitical, they’ve never, ever been responsible for anything or answerable to the public.  That’s how they get away with it.  I’ll be back with more after this break. 


Hi folks.  I am Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix.  It’s just been one of these days.  Before I go into my little spiel of what happened today, I should ask those who want to keep me going, to either donate or buy the books or the discs.  If you already have discs or books from me, buy more and pass them around.  That’s how it goes and that keeps me going.  It keeps me going.  I have a lot of expenses here just to do what I’m doing.  I don’t have other sources of income.  I don’t get paid for what I do.  I don’t ask for money.  That way I can keep my own kind of integrity.  I’m not tied as to what I can and can not say.  So it’s up to you to keep me going and you can certainly do so by looking at the web site cuttingthroughthematrix.com.    The methods to do it are there. 


This has been one of these days because… this past month, in fact, has been just a deluge of spray in the sky, the HAARP is picked up on the short wave every day, and deluges of rain, just deluge of rain coming down every darn day for a whole month solid.  Just a little while ago today, there was a massive thunderstorm.  We have our daily thunderstorm now, and once again, down comes the deluge.  Before that, there was a break today.  I thought, well, I’ll get out there and cut that jungle because the grass has been growing like crazy with all the rain.  I got this big pro-weedwacker out which you wear basically on a big belt that goes around your shoulders.  I started away there and the next thing I knew, up went the gas tank, right on my hip.  There was gas from my knee all the way up to my armpit.  So I managed to unhook the thing pretty quickly.  It’s amazing what you can do in a crisis like that, because panic is the mother of invention.  I dropped the darned thing and rolled in the grass to get out of the gas, which was the right thing to do, of course, and it went out.  I ran inside like a mad man and got a towel soaked in water, ran out, covered the wacker with it that was blazing away and then came back in, got buckets of water for the grass that was kind of smoldering all around it.  That was a lot of fun.  It was an awful lot of fun, but I certainly didn’t need it.  Then of course, the weedwacker itself is just a molten mass of collapsed plastic and metal.  So for those out there who use these things, be very careful, regardless of the make, even if it’s a better known make.  These things happen.  It least, they happen to me… unfortunately.  That’s just the way it goes.  One of these days and ½ an hour later, I say, ¾ of an hour later, down comes the deluge again, our daily deluge and thunder and lightning.  I couldn’t even get the satellite to hook up initially but now it’s back up again.  That’s one of the days in the life of me. 


A lot of people do write to me, as I say, trying to get in touch with me, or phone me or whatever.  I don’t have time.  I don’t have time.  I hit the deck running in the morning.  If there’s orders there, I make them up.  I finish at 12, I rush off to our post office which is nowhere near here.  I rush back to a mail box which is also nowhere near here and then I do a circular tour and come back here.  Then I do what I have to do here to survive, like make something to eat and so on.  Before you know it, after answering the mail and the people I have to answer, I’m on the radio.  And that’s the day gone.  That’s 7 days a week too.  7 days a week… even weekends, you try and catch up.  So for those who’ve been emailing me and you haven’t got answers, the first thing to do it to check that your server is accepting my mail.  I found out recently some of these servers are rejecting my mail.  I guess my name’s on some sort of black list.  It’s up to YOU, if you find that’s so, to tell the servers to accept it.  I don’t have the time to go around on my knees and beg them to.  Not that I would. 


Tonight’s topic, there could be so many topics to choose from but I started off talking about people who react as opposed to those who are conscious and understand.  There’s a world difference.  Those who followed the agenda and done their homework and studied it well and carefully, and escaped all the nonsense of the diversions that are deliberately put out there, to do with strange green creatures that walk out of swamps and so on, and 12 planets and all the rest of it… deliberate stuff that’s put out there to fascinate you and they’re meant to fascinate you, but they keep you wrapped in circles and they end up discrediting the TRUTH when you mix the truth with it.  That’s why it’s out there.  But for those who’ve come through all that and come to consciousness, there’s a world of difference between aware and knowing what’s happening and reacting to what’s happening. 


The bulk of the population have never achieved consciousness.  That’s the first thing to understand.  Most never will.  They can talk.  They can be polite.  They can chat about the things that they’ve been downloaded with, as has everyone else.  You think they’re normal but they’re not, really.  They’re normal as far as ‘the dead’ go, as they say.  That’s what they called them in ancient times, ‘the dead’.  They walk around but technically they’re dead.  To be conscious means you’re alive.  It always did mean that.  They go to their graves never knowing, always taking the authoritative version of what’s happening as the gospel truth.  They are the same ones who will call you crazy when you try to inform them.  They’re the same ones that say, ‘well that’s such a downer, it’s so negative, I don’t want to hear that’.  These are the people who the elite DEPEND upon.  They depend upon the bulk of the population to be obedient and go along with the standard authorized version of whatever… and they do.  The elite could never DO anything at all without these people to help them.  That’s why they chose democracy.  It’s not mob rule.  The mob only go the way and vote the way, etc that the elite point to.  It’s quite easy to control the mob. 


We build their world into existence for them step by step.  We adapt so quickly to all the bizarre nonsense we’re fed that eventually, very quickly it becomes normal.  In all media - including entertainment, the fashion industry, everything - is in OVERDRIVE right now.  Everything is in overdrive because the herd are technically, psychically STAMPEDING.  So they’re hitting them with everything and all kind of bizarre stuff and transsexual stuff and so on, to try and eliminate all that was, ALL THAT WAS in culture - eliminate, totally destroy it, even the memory of it eventually - to bring in the new.  When you have nothing normal to compare anything to, anything goes.  They can RAM incredible changes through, but it’s all geared to bring in new types of humans.  Even part animal, part human chimeras.  That’s what it’s all for. 


This article here was in the Washingtonpost.com.  This is how they’re getting around any dissention about ID cards for the nations. 


New ID Card Serves Students, Rec Centers, Libraries in D.C.


The District's new One Card serves as an ID, provides access to major recreation centers and park facilities across the city and tracks school attendance and books borrowed from libraries. (Office Of The Chief Technology Officer)


By Michael Birnbaum

Washington Post Staff Writer

Friday, June 27, 2008; Page B01


The District is rolling out an ambitious identification program this summer in what it calls a first-of-its-kind effort by a major U.S. city to unify services on one ID card.


With the One Card, library accounts, public school attendance, recreation-center use and other services will be tracked on a single piece of plastic.


Metro riders can have a SmarTrip chip implanted in the card.


"The eventual goal is that you'd need only one card across the entire District government," said Vivek Kundra, the city's chief technology officer.


Over the next three months, public libraries will begin issuing the One Card. In the fall, public school students and D.C. government employees will receive the cards as IDs. By 2010 (Alan:  that number again.), the Department of Parks and Recreation, which has begun issuing the cards, will require the ID for using park facilities, Kundra said. Other services, including DC Healthcare Alliance, plan to use the card.


The card will be mandatory for D.C. students and government workers, but other residents can choose not to apply for the card. 


See they don’t like to say no you can’t do this or you can’t have a choice.  What they do is make it impossible for you NOT to take the card.  Then you can’t get in to parks and all the rest of it.  That’s how it’s done.  That’s how they give it to you.  There’s really no choice in the matter.  They make it impossible for you do to certain things unless you have the card. 


It’s the same here, when the Federal government said you can’t fill up your oil to heat yourself and keep yourself alive in the winter time unless you get one of our inspectors in.  If you say, ‘no, I’ll chose an alternate way to heat myself’, that’s up to you.  They can’t be brought to justice for saying well, they didn’t actually say you can’t heat yourself, they just said you can’t heat yourself with this oil.  That’s how they do it.  Quite amazing.  If you just stop and stand back from it all, you say, what are they really saying?  The Federal government is saying they have the power of life and death over you… by passing laws.  Laws, remember, are simply dictates, DICTATES that come down from whatever tyrant happens to be the front man at that time.  That’s what a law is.  Yet the public will go to any lengths before they’ll break a law even to save their own lives.  This is also understood.  Brzezinski wrote about it.  He’s talked about it publicly in magazines.  They understand humanity very well.  If it becomes a law that you must be dragged out by your neighbors and taken off to some extermination camp, most of them will do it.  I’ve read before about how this duty, this obedience factor works.  I’ll speak more about this after this break.


Hi folks.  This is Alan Watt back and Cutting Through The Matrix.  I was talking about obedience and all the studies and the massively funded studies by the way.  It’s very important to the big boys to understand this technique because they have to have us all very obedient.  I’ve done talks before on it.  You’ll find that in the archives section on my web site, the various experiments they used including the prison experiments, mock prisons where people actually identify as real cops or real guards or real prisoners after less than a week.  Volunteers actually take on the persona, the roles, of the characters and very quickly the sadomasochistic roundabout begins.  It’s well understood and of course even those experiments done in major universities, Ivy League universities in the US first of all, were actually well known even before they did them.  They did them long before, long, long before, and found the same results.  People are TAUGHT to be obedient. 


If you look at Brzezinski when he was asked in an interview what he thought of the people, would they ever rebel?  He said, NO.  The people, he says, ‘well you can beat them, you can starve them to death and do they turn around and rebel?’  He says ‘no, they just turn around and eat their dead’.  That’s what they think of the people.  Unfortunately they’re pretty well right on there. 


People will bend over backwards no matter how ridiculous law becomes.  We already have this utter farce, this abstract creation by they new priesthood that was built on an idea that came up from the Club of Rome to unify and control the world… with global warming, etc.  This green agenda and carbon footprints and so on - planned 30 years ago - to unify the world and to dominate the world under the guise of saving it, claiming mankind is the enemy.  Now they have all these complete abstract nonsensical terms.  It puts me back to what Bertrand Russell said.  Shortly, he said, and he’s talking about the scientific technique, ‘shortly anyone will be able to convince masses of people of anything.’  Anything… no matter how crazy it is.  They would use scientific techniques and repetition. 


That’s what’s happening right now with this whole global warming scam where people who have been conscious for the last 10 years or more have been watching them start and then create daily these spray patterns across the sky.  Across the world, in fact.  We know that HAARP is used on top of it to create all the weather patterns that we’ve been seeing and have been seeing for 10 years.  Under the guise of the effects of it, which you see on the ground, in go the media and start pushing their clacks and horns, terrify the hell out of you, and tell you you’re causing all this.  You’re the problem.  Well-funded groups, funded by the same handful of big institutions go into action and have access to ALL media that’s only so happy to help them promote this greening, farcical agenda.  It’s all to do with controlling the public and bringing them through into a new system.  A system that will take 30 years of rioting, increasing riots according to the Department of Defence - remember that - with a reduced population at the end of it.  And the beginning of a new type of servant coming out of it, a chimera type servant.  Something which literally can not think of itself as a distinct, separate, individual but it would be very efficient at what it’s trained or programmed to do.  This is NOT science fiction.  This is all working and in the works right now and it CAN be done


It can be done because you wake up from a dream into the nightmare of reality.  You realize first off the bat, first thing you realize is this entire system - containing many systems - is completely out of your control.  Completely out of your control.  Everything that you need and depend upon to live is outside of your control IN this system.  You learn very quickly there is no complaints department anywhere.  You know very, very quickly that democracy is an utter sham.  Not because you guess it, but because you’ve done your homework.  You’ve read the books by Carroll Quigley and others who tell you that it’s a sham.  He knew because he had the records and was the historian for the Council on Foreign Relations which IS a parallel government… NOT responsible to any voter.  They are simply the American branch of the Royal Institute of International Affairs that was set up to bring in global governance a long time ago.  And not just governance but a new sci-fi type society.  That’s the music coming in and I’ll be back after the following messages. 


Hi folks.  This is Alan Watt back Cutting Through The Matrix.  I’m going to go to the phones in just a minute but one last little article, a few lines out of it.  This is on YahooNews.  I think it was the UK and Ireland segment of it.


 Capcom sets out to 'brainwash' kids

Subliminal maths and physics lessons embedded in games


Ian Williams

vnunet.com, 30 Jun 2008


Video game developer Capcom is working with a leading academic on an initiative to embed subliminal lessons about physics and maths in game play.


Nipan Maniar, a senior lecturer in creative technologies at the University of Portsmouth, who created the cultural awareness game C-Shock, is collaborating with Capcom to provide structured learning environments in games.


Players exposed to the messages and ideas will not be consciously aware of what is being delivered.  (Alan:  I’m going to add to it and you won’t know the CONTENT of what is being delivered.  Because they’re using these techniques in other games too, to brain-wash especially the young to be POLITICALLY CORRECT.  It’s more SOCIAL ENGINEERING going on with these subliminals.  Don’t kid yourself about math and physics.  Here they are admitting they do it, right there.  Capcom sets out to 'brainwash' kids, it says by Ian Williams.  Check in to it.  Interesting little article.)


Now, we’ll go the phones and we’ve got Rick from California.


Rick:  Hello Alan.  Hey, how you doing?


Alan:  Not so bad.


Rick:  I wanted to ask you something.  First of all I want to say thank you so much for waking me up and for all the shows you’ve done and given us and it’s been a great… and I just want to tell people out there, support him if you can.  As soon as I get the opportunity to, I will.  I’ll send something in to help you out.  So, I wanted to say that.  I wanted to ask you.  I was wondering if you heard about that article in the UK on The Telegraph where the British government is going to force all parents to take an anti-pedophilia test?  Do you know about that?


Alan:  Yes.  That didn’t surprise me.  I’ve been waiting for it… with the steady hype over the last few years on pedophilia… which is an utter joke.  Understand, all through the underground porn industry they go right into pedophilia anyway.  The International Censorship Committee… Here’s the thing.  You think your national censorship bureaus, that are employed by you, funded by you - tax payer money - are there to protect you and nothing is further from the truth.  After 9/11 2001, just before it, a month before, they had their international censorship bureau meetings and it was in the papers here in Canada.  That they said that now they’d won the rights to push homosexual and gay and lesbian movies and dramas and comedies on television, they were going to push the envelope for the next step.  The following day in the newspapers in Canada and the States, 2 professors at 2 universities stood up and read the SAME article, scripted article, saying now that they’d won the rights for that, they were going to step up and get the rights towards INTER-GENERATIONAL SEX, which is pedophilia, AND BESTIALITY.  I’m not kidding. 


Rick:  Wow.


Alan:  So you see, these censorship bureaus work with the entertainment industry.  They take the pulse of the public and see if you’re ready to BE DEGRADED TO THE NEXT STEP. 


Rick:  Wow.  I read somewhere that the biggest collection of child pornography is actually owned by the government. 


Alan:  It is.  There’s no doubt about it.  They can pick up whoever sends the tiniest email across the planet.  They could pick these characters up.  You’re right.  They cause what appears to be a problem, hype it up in the media to terrify the public - because they always use the children, they always use the children - and then they pass draconian laws.  I’m not surprised.  This agenda of testing parents to see if they’re fit to be parents is one of the oldest communist planks ever devised, written at the early 1900s.  Bertrand Russell, once again… When you understand communism was working with its other group in Britain, that was related to Royalty and fronting for Royalty, they all came out with all the same stuff of taking the parents away from the children AT BIRTH, eventually.  Now they tried an experiment - and the world was funding this experiment - and it was in Israel back in the 60s, the 50s and 60s.  There’s a book called Children of the Dream written by an Israeli.  It was about this very project that they HOPED would become world wide.  They were removing the children from the parents at birth.  You were brought up communally so anyone in this big commune could be your father or mother, you’d never know.  The whole idea was not to ‘contaminate’, they called it ‘contaminate’, the children with the old ideas of the parents.  That contamination term, again, came from communism.


Rick:  You’ll be forbidden to kiss your own children or bring them in your pool in the U.K. without taking this test.


Alan:  Yes.  That’s going to just terrify… and see, again, too, it’s going to discourage men especially who are already under such incredible suspicion and attack, for years.  It’s going to terrify them to even be near children, even their own.  It’s intentional.  This is intentional warfare because it’s the major plank to DESTROY THE FAMILY.  I even have a quote here by the head, one of the United Nations organizations, stating that.  That they would, they MUST DESTROY THE FAMILY UNIT COMPLETELY, UTTERLY.  That’s what we’re seeing.  They’re doing it. 


Rick:  Thank you very much, Alan.  You have a good… I hope you have better luck with the weedwacker next time.


Alan:  Oh.  It’s a molten piece now.  [laughs]  Thanks for calling.


Rick:  You’re welcome.


Alan:  Now, we’ve got Paul in Ontario.  Are you there Paul?


Paul:  Good evening Alan.  How are you?


Alan:  Not so bad.


Paul:  It’s always refreshing to hear your voice.  You’re always captivating me and I always learn from you something new every day.  So I thank you.  You’re an inspiration to everyone and god bless.  I wanted to ask you one thing regarding the near future.  I’ve read in different web sites that there seems to be a time line that is in tune with the cosmos or the astrological functioning of the universe.  That humanity is about to enter a new age and we are becoming as humans more and more - like around 2010, 2012 - we’re becoming ever more conscious around… ever more people are waking up or becoming more spiritually in tune with our creator.  Is that why, do they know that that is a threat to their very survival in terms of their position as the top of the echelons of this establishment, that is, this hierarchical, top-down…?


Alan:  It’s not a threat to them.  You need to be very, very careful.  I know where all this information came from and where it originated from at the beginning.  There’s also the massive new age movement which is also controlled and given to the people BY the elite at the top.  Which actually makes them WANT to bring in… most of the new agers WANT this new world system where they actually think they’re going to be freer.  They actually think they’re going to given the right and the gifts to live forever, here, in the world, immortality.  Some of them think they’re going to be given new bodies and all the rest of it.  They’re looking forward to it. 


Paul:  So it’s all a farce.


Alan:  It’s a farce.  What the elite go by, to do with the time lines, it’s a ‘heavenly plan’.  The great zodiac, if you understand the esoteric meanings, NOT the usual stuff they tell you, but the esoteric meanings, it’s a time table and a plan.  Each part of the zodiac has a function if you look at what it signifies, what it stands for.  It’s called ‘The Great Work,’ and it’s ‘The Great Plan’ and Bush Sr. mentioned this when he mentioned his first New World Order speech.  He said, ‘everything is going to the heavenly plan‘.  He was referring to what part of the zodiac was in alignment or above, now dominating.  Because Aquarius, the Age of Aquarius stands for… Aquarius came from the Greek story - they simply called it Aquarius in the Roman - but he was literally buggered by Zeus. He was raped and the reward, I guess Zeus had a great time or whatever, he placed this young, very beautiful boy up in the heavens and he carries the bowl of water, which also stands for the gene pool.  The gene pool, the old gene pool will be emptied out at the right time.  So in Aquarius a new type of human is to be born that’s not quite male nor female. 


Paul:  So it’s about the androgynous, servant….


Alan:  Yes.  That’s why all of the BIG Hollywood fashion magazines have nothing but guys who are looking like females, they dress like women.  That’s the big push.


Paul:  That’s the role reversal.  So, then just my second and last question, quickly.  I was just wondering, remember how there this push to how they further increase the… how they degrade and demoralize humanity by slowly increasing pornography and legitimizing pornography as well as adultery and sexual promiscuity and homosexuality and pedophilia.  But at the same time, they’re also clamping down on pedophiles.  They’re clamping down on… for example, divorce rates are increasing.  It’s not that they’re doing this in order to create a sort of a free-for-all orgy type of deal.  Why do they increase sexual promiscuity but at the same time they increase the number of people who go to jail for sexual… For example, why do they promote pedophilia but then you see more and more people going to jail?  For example, the state’s teachers sexually harassing their students, women, and…


Alan:  This is the term that they use.  It ‘raises public consciousness’.  In other words, whatever they promote - what you’re reading about over and over - it makes you start thinking about it.  As you’re thinking about it, the experts will gradually come forward and give you a completely different spin on it.  They’ll actually start interviewing people that will say, ‘well, yeah, I had inter-generational sex and it didn’t harm me’.  It’s to start changing the way we think.  When you give overdoses of this stuff on the media, they call it ‘raising public consciousness’.  Which means, they’re going to make you start thinking about this part of the agenda and then they’re going to tell you then answers and solutions to it down the road. 


Paul:  So basically, they allow, for example, they allow children to be harassed by women, for example, in the States, but then they take… so they’re trying to sort of legalize it.  If that’s even the proper way of saying this.  They’re attempting to make that okay but then they grab the woman and lock her in jail for 30 years.  I don’t get it.


Alan:  I know.  Right now, this is the clash of the 2 systems, the one that’s coming in and the one that presently exists. 


Paul:  So they want to make it such that one day you can walk down the street and you can be sexually assaulted or you can be raped by a gang of thugs and everything is perfectly fine.  You can’t sue anyone or….


Alan:  Yes.


Paul:  Really?


Alan:  I’ll give you an example.  Morgentaler who started up the abortion clinics in Canada, in Ontario especially, he used to be picketed every day.  I’d pass there and see all this big group there picketing his place.  He was charged many times by the cops.  Then, very suddenly, before there was a law passed, by the way - because they’d raised public consciousness over controversy to do with this thing - one day the cops were defending him and pushing the demonstrators away.  I knew then.  I says, ‘okay, they’ve already made a decision.  It’s not gone through any court yet, it shortly will’, which it did and suddenly, the cops were on his side defending him.  That’s how it happens.  Literally changing from one way of looking at it to another.  Now the man is funded by the United Nations to open up these clinics across the world.  This man said that the reason that he got in to this business was because Adolf Hitler was a bad man and an unwanted child and he was making sure that there was no more Adolf Hitlers.  That was his rationale.


Paul:  [laughs]  What?  That doesn’t make any sense. 


Alan:  That’s that all orphans are potential Hitlers, according to him, and should be killed.


Paul:  Right.  Which is what they did in residential schools for aboriginals in Canada.


Alan:  That’s right. Absolutely.


Paul:  So basically, they want to make it so… That’s the connection…. See, then it all comes to fruition in the end when you were mentioning how through the rioting in the streets for the next 30 years, there’s going to be a global population reduction.  Because by eliminating all sense of love and anyone that’s not accountable for any crime they commit because everything will be acceptable whether it’s rape, murder, torture, spousal abuse, whatnot.  Then with all these things, people are going to seek personal revenges and vendettas but there’s no law system in place that will protect you, so people will be killing each other left, right and center.  So the elites are saying, let them kill themselves amongst themselves.  Is that it?


Alan:  That will be part of it, for sure.  People will kill each other.  There’s no doubt about it.  If there’s no consequences, they’d certainly take advantage of it. 


Paul:  I’m thinking of that movie Soylent Green.  I don’t know if you’ve seen it.


Alan:  I saw it.


Paul:  That’s what I keep thinking of.  So it’s something like that basically?


Alan:  Every sci-fi movie you see churned out now shows you a future where the masses live in poverty, amongst rubble, and then there’s a big, well organized, well funded army with ALL the weaponry, in charge of them.  That’s every movie that’s the same now.  That’s predictive programming.


Paul:  Besides praying, I guess, and raising awareness like passing on the word to those you know, is there anything else realistically… Is this doomed to happen?  I mean it’s biblical…


Alan:  It’s going to happen simply because, as I say, we’ve woken up and realized we’re living in an entire system that was never ours.  People we’ll never meet run this system.  They plan it and they alter and upgrade it.  It’s completely out of our hands.


Paul:  But in the end they lose.. In the sense, if we take the biblical truth, if we go by what Christ said.  He said, in the end the Church of Satan will lose.  Right?


Alan:  In the end, it could lose but I always tell you this though.  When titans fight at the top amongst themselves - which they will do eventually - millions of the little people are stomped to death down below.  These characters at the top are PSYCHOPATHS as well.  Psychopaths, traditionally in history, always take, they’ll take the world with them if they can.  They call it the Samson Complex. 


Paul:  Do you think, in essence… I know you must have been asked this many times.  I know you have other callers too but just to finish off - thank you for answering my call - when do you foresee this occurring?  For example, would it be within the next 2 or 3 months or 2 or 3 years…


Alan:  We know it will escalate even more so along the crisis with gasoline, food and inflation from 2010 on. 


Paul:  Where are they going to hide?  Are they hiding?


Alan:  We could go on forever discussing it.  They’ve already got their bases set out.  There’s even documentaries showing some of them on Google. 


Paul:  Are they slowly attempting to destroy Switzerland?


Alan:  I have to go now on to another caller okay?  So I’ll be back in a moment with Cheryl in BC after this break.


I am Alan Watt back Cutting Through this incredible, multi-layered Matrix.  We’ve got Cheryl from British Columbia on the line?


Cheryl:  Hi Mr. Watt.  I’ll make it quick cause I know we’re at the end here.  Calling from British Columbia where they’re spraying us insanely and the sky is so sick and white and it’s cooking hot.  It can’t believe it.  I’m about 600 feet up in a suburb about an hour and a half by car from the coast.  Every day you can see a cloud hanging and just stopping at the ocean and it’s just eerie from where I sit up here.  Another quick thing, there’s a school out here who’s showing the kids the movie Zeitgeist and I believe it’s a psychology class.  They asking them why they think this is ridiculous.  Also I’m really curious to know how you can go on and not give up on people.  I’ve been talking to people about this since I was a young girl and I still haven’t found one person who will listen to anything. 


Alan:  I understand both sides of it.  I understand how the elite view the public.  I know the temptation is always to begin to despise them.  That is the temptation that everyone will go through… until you realize that they’ve never had a chance.  They’ve been hit from birth.  Their mothers were actually hit when they were pregnant.  They’ve been inoculated with all kinds of things which literally were so far ahead, very advanced sciences again, to target their brains.  Then a continuous education all through their lives of indoctrination and upgrades. 


Cheryl:  But how do you not give up?  I hear you every time and it’s just amazing that you can go on and try and wake people up.  To me, it’s just so insanely frustrating that these people are just asleep.  They’re just gone.


Alan:  Most, I agree, are gone.  I accept that.  I call them the casualties.  You see, at least I have a voice, I can get out and reach a lot more and out of that I get the other ones and a lot of young ones too who are more conscious.  They’ve broken through somehow.  They haven’t been quite so affected.  They get in touch with me and I can then help them.  Some of them will say that, ‘you’ve saved me so many short cuts to an understanding’.  They stop blaming themselves for not fitting in.  They don’t fit in because they’re conscious and they’re awake.  They’re not zombies.  That’s why they can’t fit in. 


Cheryl:  I’ve always felt like that.  I don’t fit in, there’s something wrong with me… but I know there’s not.  It doesn’t matter who I speak to, older people, younger people, people my age, they’re just in total denial and I have this innate need to tell them and yet I get so almost angry that I want to shake them and say wake up - especially here in BC, second day of the carbon tax - what are you guys doing? 


Alan:  The carbon tax.  I know. 


Cheryl:  [laughs]


Alan:  What you got, again, the elite can not do it without the masses, the bulk of the mass.  Here’s an odd thing, though, it goes along with this.  Even though they don’t know all the histories and so on, NO ONE TODAY CAN POSSIBLY SAY THEY DIDN’T KNOW THE MAIN THINGS THAT WERE GOING ON.  What they can say is that they knew their money and their tax money was supporting a totally corrupt system… because we hear it from the news all the time.  They know their tax money is employing soldiers to go abroad to conquer countries for world empire for the few to own and benefit from.  They can say that they didn’t care.  That’s what they can possibly say at the end of this.  They knew but they did care.  So somehow their individual fate is tied up with every action they take, including when they say, ‘I don’t want to hear this’.  That is a decision that affects them personally. 


Cheryl:  Well, I guess at some point you just have to say, you’ve got to save yourself.


Alan:  That’s right.  That’s right. 


Cheryl:  Alright.  Thank you very much, sir.


Alan:  You hang in there. 


From Hamish and myself, with my singed clothes tonight and the storm just waiting to start all over again outside there, it’s good night from Hamish and myself and may your God or your Gods GO with you. 





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Transcribed by Diana