June 25, 2013 (#1360)

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Poem Copyright Alan Watt June 25, 2013:

Gov/Corporate Definition of Winners and Losers,
Future is Managed, Losers can't Be Choosers:

"Green Grants, Carbon Credits, CEOs Salivating
At the Massive Gov. Gifts to Each Corporation
Which Uses the Cash Happily Expanding Business,
Public's Lifestyle Plummets, Profits Limitless,
Such Giant Corporations Own Almost All the Grub
And Your Water Supply, Rationed for the Tub,
The Food Will Go to Biofuels, Some Suspect,
You'll Eat Chemicals to Flavour Lunch Insects,
While CEOs and Politicos Must Eat Healthy Food,
No GM, Glycophosphates, No Cancer, Sperm Count Good,
You Peasants are Plentiful, In the Global Village,
Be Good and Obey, Accept Government/Corporate Pillage"
© Alan Watt June 25, 2013

Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt – June 25, 2013 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)

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Hi, folks. I am Alan Watt, this is Cutting Through the Matrix on the 25th of June, 2013.

Newcomers, as always, I suggest you make good use of the website, cuttingthroughthematrix.com, where I hope to bring you into a form of reality and help dispel the illusions and the indoctrinations that you get, even daily from your media, because we truly are under an amazing system of control. You’ve been raised with it though. You’ve been trained, step by step from childhood to believe in it and to believe what you’re told etc. Brzezinski talked about that a long time ago, when he said that the average person eventually will have nothing to talk about except what’s on television or what the latest newscaster said about the previous night’s news. And that’s where we are today. Most folk think it’s all real. So, help yourself to the website. And remember too, I go through the foundations and organizations that all network together and how they started to do this a long time ago (a hundred years ago), to take over the world’s resources, all of them; to set up a two tier system of the ultra, ultra super-wealthy and all the rest of the peasants at the bottom, as they go in, in their evolutionary program towards the stars and all that nonsense. And, basically, they want to take over, as I say, everything you need for survival. It’s already been done, actually. And you’ll notice there’s less and less corporations owning the food supply of the planet. And really I think they’re all the same bunch, anyway, because they all have the same shareholders at the top, owning them all. Same with your water and everything else. And lots of good-sounding things are used along the way and under the guise of “sustainability”, to rob us all and get us to pay for the big corporations’ big projects, from the taxpayer. All the big projects today come from the taxpayers. You fund the private projects for the private corporations that reap the benefits and gut you at the same time.

Remember too, you can buy the books and discs that I have at cuttingthroughthematrix.com. And that helps me tick along here. And from the US to Canada, you can use personal checks still or you can use international postal money orders from the post office, from the US to Canada. You can also send cash or use PayPal. Across the world: Western Union, MoneyGram, and PayPal. Straight donations are seriously welcome because, as I say, we’re going through a period of inflation, as they keep printing money and, of course, it’s backed by nothing anyway, except the guy at the top that says what it’s worth. And we’re all taught this is a quite normal system and we believe it all. So, we’re being fleeced mightily as we go through the system. And as I say, you have to go into the website and make good, good use of it. There’s lots and lots of audio talks I’ve given over the years, where I go through all of this. And some people have made movies out of many of the talks I’ve given, even recently in fact. And I talk about mind control, how you’re conditioned from childhood, the simple techniques that were known even back in the 40’s, 50’s, 60’s, 70’s and 80’s and are much more advanced today, now that neuroscience is all on board with it, as they go with the Human Brain Project to map every single part of the brain, so they can find out where certain thoughts seem to originate from. And, of course, if you can do that too, you can also switch them off, because there are ways to do that very, very easily now, using just simple electric currents, remotely too. The same frequency is just simply beamed at you and that’s it.

So, we’re going through an amazing time of transformation but the big boys themselves have no problem about the future they’re bringing in. It’s a future that’s going to have a massive upheaval – already has massive upheaval across the world – on most people with their jobs and all the rest of it, since most of them were given to China and so-called “emerging nations”. In fact, your countries are still throwing billions of dollars at those countries to put the factories and so on in some of the emerging nations, even like India. And we accept it all because people think well what can we do. Just vote in a new bunch next time and they’ll do something about it. Of course it doesn’t happen because voting is a fraud and politicians have always been fraudulent. And you can go back into Shakespeare’s time too and later on, you’ll find what they had to say about politicians, the type that knew how to con the public with nice smiles. They’re basically psychopathic. They’re all on the take, by the way. They all have their little clubs which they belong to and the little lodges they belong to as well, where they swear to secrecy and swear to cover each other. We’re living in quite the system, folks. And it’s not to your benefit in the long run, even in the short run.

Back with more after this.

{Break ♫}

Hi, folks. We’re back, Cutting Through the Matrix, talking about the system. That’s all there is, is this system, you see. And it truly is a system that we don’t belong to. We only hear decrees that are thrown down from the towers from the people at the top and they float down to earth and then it’s reinterpreted by the paid media that knows what to censor and so on. So, we’re living in a fake reality, as I say. But it’s been like this for a long, long, long time because down through the ages, and it’s increasingly so, as corporations really blossomed in the early twentieth century and even before that in fact and decided there were big integrated plans that would all work together towards their form of a new world order for themselves. And then into that came academic professors, from specializing areas on the human condition (sociology, anthropology and so on) and they were deciding about what the future would hold. They already decided a long time ago that the ordinary working person would be displaced or of no use down the road. And, of course, that was before they gave even all the plants to China. That was all arranged beforehand. They knew the repercussions and, of course, they knew there’d be a lot of suffering but that doesn’t matter because they believe they’re on the cutting edge at the top and basically, you’re a different species at the bottom. If you haven’t made it in the top level, then you’re nobody really. That’s how they used to say it, when kings and queens would have their parties and their balls – still do actually – and when someone comes in, they’ll see them coming into the door, being announced and they’ll say, who is that? Is he a somebody? That’s what they would say, Is he a somebody? If it wasn’t a somebody, they’d ignore them. And you had to be a somebody, so, at the top, we’ve got all the somebodies, you see.

And they have no problem discussing these things I’m talking about amongst themselves quite openly, in fact. And, of course, it’s imperative to them that they keep the majority of the public dumb and stupid and poisoned as well, with the rotten food they’re getting and lots of the injections they’re getting too. I mentioned before, last week, again, that the British Parliament is still pushing for GM foods to be pushed everywhere, but they won’t even allow the stuff to be catered for in their own restaurants in the Parliament buildings. So, they know what it does to the public. And that should be a warning to the public. The public, amazingly enough, it doesn’t matter how much you tell them, they still have it in their heads because of the conditioning: they wouldn’t give it to us, unless it was safe. They still have that in their minds, you know. And the big boys at the top know that, the conditioning is pretty-well perfect. But it’s nothing to where it’s all supposed to go. Because I want to read a few articles here to do with a meme that was put out too, because I don’t know if you realize that the G8 and around the same time, just right after it, they had a big meeting on the Agenda 21 system, coupled with sustainability and carbon and all the rest of it, all at the same time. And, of course, all the politicians who attended, simply got updates from the Sherpas. The Sherpas are bureaucrats who travel full time, for years sometimes, getting all the signatories together, all the plans made with the think tanks and then the politicians get together and simply sign the deal. That’s all they have to do: rubber-stamp it. And they talked about the carbon taxes and all different things to come, you see. And in November is the big one. That’s when they’ll really hit you, big time, along with the Agenda 21 system, where they’re going to whack you with taxes for cars and God knows what else and so on, extra taxes for fuel. Because, eventually, in Agenda 21, it says, there’ll be no privately-owned vehicles, essential vehicles only. And that’s in their own agenda, the plan, of course, which you can get at the United Nations.

Anyway, here’s an article here that says,

“CB&I has early-bird edge as U.S. approves liquefied natural gas export plants”


Alan: Now, the people don’t realize, because they very seldom think for themselves. It’s true, it’s true, why should you think for yourself, if you believe, and you’ve been trained to believe that anything worth knowing, those famous faces on television will tell you. Remember what Brzezinski said; he said, eventually, the public will expect the media to do their reasoning for them. He wasn’t talking off the top of his head there. And it’s happened. People really think it’s an appendage to their brain to warn them about things that should really upset them or warn them about things they can do something about. And that’s not what the media is there for at all. I’ve read the articles here, where that court case that was to do with Monsanto, the journalist crew for Fox Television tried to sue, it went all the way up to the Supreme Court, because they had a contract to do their work and Fox got leaned on by Monsanto and told them to stop it, so they took it to the Supreme Court and the judge says that there’s nowhere in any literature that says the news must tell you any truth. So, what do they tell you? They tell you things to either upset you, to terrify you, like that you’re abused, you see, and you always turn to the abuser (the ones who do it) which is government: please do something about this. Now, government’s not in the job of looking after you. That’s a big joke. It’s a con. And everyone, as you well know, in politics, is on the scam in one way or another. They’re allowed to do insider trading and so they know that the government’s going to use your tax money and plow it into big, big organizations, to do biofuel, whatever it happens to be, they just immediately grab lots of shares in it and you’re guaranteed to be a winner. There’s no gambling there. You know they’re going to be a winner, when they’re going to use the taxpayer’s money, you see.

Now, this happened, of course, as well, with the CB&I. It says,

“Analysis: CB&I has early-bird edge as U.S. approves liquefied natural gas export plants”


Alan: The taxpayer funded all this exploration. They funded all the technologies into existence and funded the big corporations that end up getting the contracts. They fund everything, you see, for private enterprise. You get nothing back from it. In fact, you get a bill back from it, from the guys who eventually own all the power and all the rest of it. This happens across the world too. Britain’s the same. They’re all the same now, because they’re all in it together. And it says,

“Engineering companies like Chicago Bridge & Iron (CBI.N) and their shareholders are salivating at the prospect of more U.S. Natural gas exports as regulators begin to sign off on the plants needed to move gas abroad.”


Alan: Now, the whole thing, when they were conning the public, who never really even woke up really, they said, oh, well, that’s nice. We’ll have energy for hundreds of years. And that’s how they pushed it to you: America will never run short of energy. We’ve got all this natural gas; so, you make the technology, they bought all the stuff and then they ship it abroad for private corporations; not for you. So, you’ll still have the same problem down the road, but actually you won’t because most of you will die off by then and they expect most of you won’t even have children to take over. That’s all written in their own agreements and so on and projections from their think tanks. It says,

“Last month’s approval of Freeport LNG Development’s liquefied natural gas (LNG) project in Texas indicates more will come, and analysts expect maybe five or six will be built.”


Alan: It’ll be your money that’ll help it. It’s under sustainability and so on and greening projects. That’s where all these grants come from.

“CB&I did the front-end engineering and design for Freeport and is seen as the outfit to beat, given its long track record building terminals to import LNG - before the shale gas bonanza reversed the U.S. natural gas equation. Even Warren Buffett has taken notice: Berkshire Hathaway (BRKa.N) recently became the top shareholder with a 6.1 percent stake.”


Alan: And then it goes through different ones, investment officers and so on and so on. That’s only one article that shows you how you’re used, always, always, you know, and you’re handed the bill, which you have no choice but to pay, of course. And also, this one too:

“Tyson Foods...”


Alan: It’s like a big rah-rah; it’s a PR, a handout, actually, that they give to the papers. Most articles you’ll find now are handouts from the marketing companies, the public relations companies, which are propaganda companies, that market for the corporations. It says,

“Tyson Foods...”


Alan: Now everyone knows about Tyson Foods. There’s been different scandals in the past. They always seem to get the contracts, even from Hong Kong and places when bird flu comes out and they kill off all the chickens. They just happened to have enough to replace them with at that particular time, probably they’ve got ships going across the sea with the chickens in, before it’s even announced, you know. They’re just in the right place at the right time. But anyway, it says,

“Tyson Foods, Syntroleum joint venture opens advanced biofuels plant in Louisiana. Operations are underway at the new Dynamic Fuels plant, which is successfully converting animal fats...”


Alan: For all the greenies out there, there you go. They thought they were going to stop using that. No. They’re going to convert...

“...animal fats and greases...”


Alan: The stuff that they used to stack into your things they called the hamburgers, you know. Now you’ll be getting some other cheaper substitute in hamburgers to make it still kind of shiny.

“...into high-quality renewable fuels, officials from Syntroleum Corporation and Tyson Foods Inc. announced on November 8. Production at the Geismar, La., plant began in early October and the volume currently being produced is 2,500 barrels per day and growing. Dynamic Fuels LLC is a 50/50 joint venture of Syntroleum and Tyson. Unlike the ethanol and biodiesel industries, which use food ingredients such as corn and soybean oil to produce fuel, Dynamic Fuels uses non-food-grade animal fats and greases.”


Alan: This is just a pure PR handout. It says,

“‘We’re very pleased with the progress at the plant and the quality of the fuel it’s producing,’ said Jeff Webster, group vice president...”


Alan: I like how they have the “vice.” It’s very appropriate.

“...of Tyson’s Renewable Products Division. ‘This fuel offers the same benefits of synthetic fuels derived from coal or natural gas, including substantial performance and environmental advantages over petroleum-based fuels.’”


Alan: It’s kind of like burnt offerings, eh? going through your exhaust pipe. But the thing is too, what they don’t tell you and this is known too, but of course, none of them will tell you this because this is a PR pro thing, you see, you find that even with modern gasoline, especially in Canada, they add so much ethanol and stuff in the wintertime and now they’re doing it through the year, that if you leave something in a tank, especially in a small engine, it won’t start because it starts to break up and it turns into a jelly goo in the fuel carburetor bowls and in the tanks. It says,

“To date, the Geismar plant has manufactured renewable diesel with a cloud point as low as minus-26 degrees Fahrenheit and cetane as high as 88, more than twice that of the ASTM petroleum...”


Alan: It says. I’d like to see the fact sheets on that. And then it says,

“Gary Roth, chief executive officer of Syntroleum, said, ‘Our U.S. plant is producing some of the highest quality diesel fuel in the world, and best of all, it is renewable with a carbon footprint 75 percent...”


Alan: See, they’re all greenies... remember, these are hard-nosed business men, that grab every carbon credit out there, from the government, that’s given out. And they’re into every grant that’s handed out for renewable technologies and so on and you’re paying for it all. It says,

“‘...We can also make renewable, high value specialty distillate products that can be used in a wide variety of applications such as dry cleaning, ink cartridges and drilling fluids, and we are actively pursuing these markets.’”


Alan: You understand, there’s no such thing... it’s like the Wall Street movie, the first one, when the guy says,  what do you think we do, all these corporations? He says, we don’t care what they’re doing, whether they’re actually making anything. We just own them all. And that’s what you have now with these groups. Massive groups. Back with more, after this break.

{Break ♫}

Hi, folks. We’re back, Cutting Through the Matrix. And to tie in with all of this, of course, you’ve got to, since everyone’s in on the scam, I mean, as I say, if you want to get rich today, just get into a corporation, if you can. It’s kind of hard to get into the top, of course, but some families do it and relatives are awfully handy as well. But, apart from that, it’s awfully good to get into these positions because then, you look for what the government’s handing out. Billions. Billions under “green this” and “green that” and so on, “sustainability.” And these are grants for these companies. Anyway, it says,

“Come Hell Or High Water, Great Green Fleet Will Sail”


Alan: It’s a US fleet, you see. So this is, again, a public relations handout to a greenie company. And it says,

“The US Navy plans to launch an entire biofuel-enabled Great Green Fleet in 2016, complete with fighter jets, helicopters, destroyers, and other ships, despite attempts by certain members of Congress to block it from buying biofuels. The notorious budget sequester hasn’t proven to be much of an obstacle to the military biofuel program, either. In the latest development, the Department of Defense has just nailed down $16 million in matching funds...”


Alan: So, the taxpayers are going to put in 16 million dollars.

“...for three companies to build biofuel refineries to the tune of 150 million gallons in capacity...”


Alan: They always give you a great number.

“...by 2016, all using non-edible sourcing including animal fats and other waste from food processors.”


Alan: Well, that would be Tyson and all the rest of the boys, again, you see. The guys that make your food are in the military-industrial complex. Think about that. Just like Monsanto, with its chemical division. And it says,

“The military biofuel program cuts across all branches of the Armed Services, but the Navy has been the most aggressive in pursuit of a new fuel future. That’s a particular imperative as US national security pivots attention to the Pacific theater. With that in mind, let’s take a look at those new contracts.”


Alan: And then they give you them.

“Biofuels Digest...”


Alan: Who came out with a lot of stuff.

“... who got it from Nick Taborek at Bloomberg...”


Alan: Because Bloomberg is in on everything because he gets a lot of dope from the NSA spy stuff at the top. They tell him what to invest in and sell.

“According to Taborek, the goal for the three refineries is to produce biofuel at cost parity with conventional fuel, at less than $4.00 per gallon.”


Alan: It says. Oh, you can take that to the bank, sure, eh? Four dollars a gallon, eh? And,

“The cost parity issue is absolutely vital, because the anti-biofuel contingent has been able to use the relatively high cost of military biofuel purchases as the hook for its legislative agenda. If and when the cost differential evaporates, so do the objections.”


Alan: So, in other words, they pretend they’re going to bring it down. But if the government is buying it for the Navy, it’s not going to come down, folks. It’s all who you know and friends and winks and stuff like that, you know, handshakes. But they’re all in on the scam and that’s what they do. And all those greenies that follow... see, if you’re a follower, you’re doomed. You can’t be followers, blind followers, who are given all the phrases to protest with. You’ve got to be a thinker. And if you participate in something, you must know what you’re participating for; you’re not being conned by big international corporations. That’s the oldest trick in the book. You can always count on the mob, you know. That’s what Albert Pike said.

And also, this one too. It said that,

“Could the Sea Squirt Be a Bountiful Biofuel Source?”


Alan: Now, this is a meme that’s all coming out at the same time. In other words, it’s intentional. People will hear little bits and bites all over the radio and their phones and so on and the internet and they don’t think about things; it comes through osmosis and eventually implants itself in their head that this is inevitable and natural. They don’t think it through, anything, reasonably and question anything.

“What to do with invasive species ...”


Alan: So, if you want to make a big profit off something that’s natural, you call it an invasive species, when it suits you.

“...has been a perennial discussion in the environmental community.”


Alan: I mean they really tear their green hair out worrying about these things.

“Some have suggested that in places where they have become an ecological menace we should be eating them out of existence.”


Alan: So, they’re trying to make you eat insects and everything and they want to feed plankton stuff to cattle and see if they get a different kind of mad-cow disease and stuff like that down the road. And it says,

“Now researchers in Norway say that one invasive species in our oceans is ideally suited for biofuel production, and rather than stomping them out, we should be growing more of them. Though far from any sort of commercial-scale production, scientists from the University of Bergen and Uni Research say that Ciona intestinalis, a type of sea squirt called the vase tunicate, can be cultivated, pressed and turned into ethanol.”


Alan: Actually these little invasive species, what they do, is they take waste from the sea and they squirt out fresh water at the end; they filter it all. Anyway, this particular species...

“...is particularly well-suited for biofuel production...”


Alan: They can look at anything, even us of course. By the way, I’m not kidding you, and they have looked at humans, you know, once your life’s over why not use you. They’ve done all this stuff as well, folks, because we’re just another commodity, you know, to the big boys.

“... the researchers say, because it has a high yield (up to 200 kg per square meter of ocean area).”


Alan: They always give you statistics and that to boggle your mind, thinking, wow. And, of course, the reality’s always very different.

“Unlike any other creatures in the animal kingdom, tunicates produce cellulose, which they use to construct the walls of their body. It might be hard to believe based on their noodle-like appearance, but tunicates are actually considered a sister sub-phylum to us vertebrates.”


Alan: And, so anyway, they want to use this and make this particular kind of biofuel. Understand that every country that signed the agreement with the United Nations on sustainability, Agenda 21 and the greening projects, and reducing carbon, have been pumping billions of taxpayer’s money into these scams... these scams, folks. And that’s why, if you want to get rich, grab a grant from the government, you won’t get it any other way; not these days.

And also, it says,

“Obama Nourishes Smart Grid And Feeds His Legacy”


Alan: It says here. So, the smart grid, of course, we know, is the big boys that are all involved in it. IBM is in control of it, ultimately. They came up with the idea and of course, they pushed all the green stuff, as well. It helps them as well, sustainability and smart grid. “Smart grid” sounds better, you know, when they give you a heavy bill.

Back with more on this after this break.

{Break ♫- You’re listening to the Republic Broadcasting Network, because you can handle the truth!}

Hi, folks. We’re back, Cutting Through the Matrix. And talking about the cons that go on. And the cons always have to have a front man. We call them presidents and prime ministers, like Tony Blair was a good one. And there’s a lot more to Tony Blair than of course they’ve ever published but I won’t go into that either. But they’re just front men really for the boys behind them, who work with the corporations, the international corporations. They’ve all been CEOs of corporations before. And they try to get someone who’s a new face and fresh and awfully eager to get awfully rich like Blair did. Anyway, it says,


“Obama Nourishes Smart Grid And Feeds His Legacy”


Alan: Another PR piece, it’s all to fit in to the present meme, as we gradually get these little bits into us. And it says in,

“Texas, Kingsville...”


Alan: It says,

“Naval Air Station Kingsville became the first Navy Region Southeast command to install Advanced Metering Infrastructure smart meters. Naval Facilities Engineering Command Southeast is spearheading the $23 million project...”


Alan: So, again, the Facilities Engineering Command, of course, which is the taxpayer, again, is going to use a 23 million dollar project... it’ll be a lot more when they’re finished. Everything starts off being at least one-tenth of what they claim. Ten times more I should say.

“...which calls for the installation of 2,177 smart meters at 12 region commands. NAS Kingsville plans to install 158 smart meters throughout the base.”

“Increasing energy efficiencies is unanimously supported. But the manner in which that is achieved is not. Among the major catalysts for such action is the facilitation of the smart grid, which requires the allocation of federal funds and possibly exposing consumers to gyrating electric rates.”


Alan: And then it goes on to say that,

“...advocates of the smart grid say that the investments made in a modern infrastructure today will ultimately have huge pay-offs...”


Alan: It will for the corporations that get all the grants to do it.

“Not only will that help consumers save money...”


Alan: To get fleeced.

“... by allowing utilities to send signals to adjust energy usage but it will also minimize power companies’ emissions.”


Alan: And this spy grid too, it’s a total spy grid, as you well know, the smart meter grid. Everything is a spy grid they’re giving you today and apart from that, it’s not very good for your health to have those meters just blasting a very high potent microwave beam all the time. But apart from all these things, it’s good for you apparently and it’s good for the corporations.

“President Obama is the biggest proponent, arguing that the technological development will mitigate the effects of climate change...”


Alan: Which, of course, is nonsense.

“... create more efficiencies within the grid and allow additional green electrons to cross those wires.”


Alan: Well that’s generally called mold and that; you have to clean them off... they’re not really good for the wires, that.

Also tonight too, I’ll put up this article. It’s just come out. Understand that Obama’s really going to get a big, big payoff when he leaves, of course, for pushing all these things through. He’ll probably have a book that will come out and before it comes out or he’s even started to write it, because they’re generally ghost-written, you see, he’ll get about a hundred million dollar advanced copies in sales. That’s what they did with Clinton. That’s a way to pay off, you see, the guys that do this stuff. Anyway, it’s got all these... the PDF, that came out in this private meeting, by the way... they only allowed nongovernmental organizations into it and the Sierra Club and all the usual guys, but it was not open to the public, you know the ones who pay for everything, but this PDF came out with the “action plan,” it says. And also about,

“Deploying Clean Energy...Cutting Carbon Pollution from Power Plants... Promoting American Leadership in Renewable Energy... Unlocking Long-Term Investment in Clean Energy Innovation...”


Alan: And then,

“Building a 21st century Transportation Sector”


Alan: Etc etc. So, there are going to be a lot of things that will happen. And remember, too, remember, behind all of this, back to Agenda 21, they want to get the average cars off the road, they want the rural folk off the road and even a lot of people in the suburbs, they want them to start crowding all in to the already over-crowded decaying cities, and simply die off, but I’ll put this PDF up tonight for those that want to have a little perusal of it.

And also, this article too

“Research and Markets... ‘United States SGIG Utility Spending Detail By Technology’...”


Alan: And this goes into a lot of the costs on smart grid development and so on and the companies that are receiving the cash. And it’s quite, quite something. You’re paying for it all. And it names many of the companies, like Zpryme and various other ones. They’re getting massive grants given to them to monitor all of us and then cut you off if they decide that you’re using too much. And remember, “too much” has been redefined, according to your social standing. You can get cut off if you’re using a fan, if you’ve got ninety humidity and ninety degrees heat outside and you’re not using an air conditioner, because you’re not important enough, you see, to keep it going. It’s just astonishing that the public have no concept of what reality even is and what’s all been discussed already. And tonight too, I want to mention too, the

“‘Arrogant’ bankers caught on tape spark outrage in Ireland”


Alan: It’s quite an interesting scandal that’s come in. It will go nowhere, they never do. But it says,

“Ireland’s deputy prime minister on Tuesday laid in to ‘arrogant’ executives at a failed bank who mocked government efforts to tackle an economic crisis, amid growing public outrage at the latest revelations in tapes of bank executive phone calls.”


Alan: I’ll put the tape up too. You can hear them talking.

“The revelations were seen as potentially damaging to Ireland’s efforts to obtain concessions from the European Union on the terms of a bank rescue that pushed it to an 85-billion-euro ($111 billion) bailout. In the tapes published by the Irish Independent newspaper, the collapsed Anglo Irish Bank’s...”


Alan: Which wasn’t really Irish at all and forget the Anglo part because there’s very few Angles living in the City of London.

“...then-head of capital markets John Bowe was asked how it had come up with a figure of 7 billion euros for a rescue, responding that he had ‘picked it out of my arse.’”


Alan: He said. That’s what he says. These are the guys who plunder you and laugh at you.

“The bank eventually cost taxpayers some 30 billion euros during the financial crisis, almost one-fifth of the country’s annual output, and three former executives—not including Bowe—will go on trial next year on fraud charges. ‘I mean the degree of arrogance, the degree of hubris, the degree of couldn’t-care-less-about-the-taxpayer, about the Irish people, that seemed to be part and parcel of the culture of that bank,’...”


Alan: Well why should they care about the Irish people? And it says,

“In Dublin, the story dominated television and radio news for a second day, with almost all national papers splashing the story on their front pages. ‘How come nobody’s in jail?’ read the lead headline in the Irish Sun.”


Alan: And there’s a few on this article and other things that are happening too. But I’ll put them all up tonight too, on the latest; there’s even more coming out of Ireland and you’ll hear what these guys are talking about. They laugh. They say, we’re not going to pay these loans back for the taxpayer that the government’s giving them. We’re not going to give... and they never do. And they laughed about it. These are the guys that will never ever... they’ll never change the monetary system, folks, because, you see, it truly is totally dominated by the same people who have dominated it for an awful long time. And they always plunder you, at least, majorly twice a century and many times in between for lesser amounts, which are still pretty phenomenal.  And:

“Bank of America Lied to Homeowners and Rewarded Foreclosures, Former Employees Say. Former Bank of America employees gave sworn statements that the bank lied to homeowners, denied loan modifications for bogus reasons and awarded employees for sending homeowners into foreclosure”


Alan: For stealing their homes. They stole their homes. And it says,

“Bank of America employees regularly lied to homeowners seeking loan modifications, denied their applications for made-up reasons, and were rewarded for sending homeowners to foreclosure, according to sworn statements by former bank employees. The employee statements were filed late last week in federal court in Boston as part of a multi-state class action suit brought on behalf of homeowners who sought to avoid foreclosure through the government’s Home Affordable Modification Program (HAMP) but say they had their cases botched by Bank of America. In a statement, a Bank of America spokesman said that each of the former employees’ statements is ‘rife with factual inaccuracies’ and that the bank will respond more fully in court next month. He said that Bank of America had modified more loans than any other bank and continues to ‘demonstrate our commitment to assisting customers who are at risk of foreclosure.’”

“Six of the former employees worked for the bank, while one worked for a contractor. They range from former managers to front-line employees, and all dealt with homeowners seeking to avoid foreclosure through the government’s program.”


Alan: It just goes on and on doesn’t it? But they won’t change the system. And I just want to touch on, before I take a caller...

“Body of Ibragim Todashev is flown to Russia.”

“Almost a month after he was shot and killed by a Boston FBI agent, Ibragim Todashev’s body was loaded on a 5:40 p.m. flight to Russia on Tuesday, concluding his family’s nearly monthlong process of getting his body home.”


Alan: It says, his

“...family has attempted to ship the body back to Russia since it was released by the Florida medical examiner the week after the shooting on May 22. However, according to family members and friends, the FBI has yet to release his green card and passport, both confiscated during their investigation, making it difficult to book a flight. Todashev, 27, a Russian native living in Orlando when he was killed, was a friend of accused Boston Marathon bombing suspect Tamerlan Tsarnaev and was interviewed several times about that relationship.”


Alan: Now, all these agents had him interrogated many times. The guy was sitting in a chair. They claimed that they had to shoot him because he attacked them. Here he is sitting, now I guarantee you he was unarmed. Before you get interrogated, you’re unarmed, believe you me. And to get shot in the head generally means that someone just executed you while you were sitting in the chair. This is what’s happening in today’s modern world. Not just in the US, but elsewhere too. But it says,

“During his final voluntary interview, Todashev was shot multiple times and killed by an agent who said the man attacked him.”


Alan: So all these big gruff agents who’ve interrogated people all the time, just didn’t know how to handle a guy, who they claim... and of course there’s no evidence of this, that he attacked them. He was executed. That’s an execution when you shoot someone in the top of the head. They’re generally sitting in a chair. But that doesn’t matter. He just goes down in the victims... You understand there’s no wall to commemorate these victims that have been going on for centuries that get slaughtered by government agencies.

Now, we’ll go to Werner now. I think he’s out there in New Brunswick. You hanging on there Werner, you still there? Hello?

Werner: I listened earlier when you were mentioning about invasive species. I think people have to wake up in North America, what kind of criminals and environmental criminals have been at work now for many decades in order to generate capital and income for the big chemical companies. I’ve been documenting now, for over forty years, the deliberate introduction of invasive weed species into farmland that puts an immense burden on the farmers. And it costs them a lot of money but it generates lots of income for the chemical companies and their products.  Not just only invasive weed species but invasive insect species.  I’ve been witnessing it there as far back as in the early 70’s here.  And I live in eastern Canada and when I look at what has been going on in order to generate economic activity, I would say half of the economic activity has been created by creating problems and then sell the cure, like the Hegelian dialectic.

Alan: Yeah. It makes sense.

Werner: And I wish people would start waking up, and instead of walking through the world with the blinders on, oh, see no evil, do no evil. You know? They better start opening their eyes and see the evil that’s all around.

Alan: It is all around and it’s nothing new in corporations creating their own business. Create business. If nothing’s happening, you create the business. And Canada leads the world – still does by the way...

Werner: But this is only possible in a country that has such an immense wealth. In countries where the economy depends on limited natural resources, people cannot afford this kind of foolishness and this kind of crime. They cannot tolerate those kinds of crimes because it endangers the survival of the whole society.

Alan: Yes, it does. And this is the thing with all corporations now, that are all working together, on all these scams in other countries too. And they’re getting their full way with it. These guys are the guys who prop up and started off all the Green Movements (sustainability); not the ones at the bottom. All these NGOs work for the foundations and the top leaders are paid massive wages of these NGOs that get all the big armies of the followers to follow them. They’ve always run all these big movements and the public haven’t a clue. Even a lot of the followers haven’t a clue of who really controls them. But, you know, Canada led the world, from World War II onwards, for bacterial and viral warfare. And if you read Canada’s Deadly Allies, it tells you, from a guy who worked in the defence department in World War II... and it was written by a guy from the Toronto Star, actually. And it’s Canada’s Secret War, is the other title it’s got. But he goes into the fact that Canada had worked out ways of killing off, not only the livestock of Germany, if they wanted to, by using viruses and bacteria, which they cultivated en masse...

Werner: Canada’s got a long history. Centuries ago, in order to deal with the native people, biological warfare against the Micmac people and the native people in eastern Canada by General Amherst and against especially the Iroquois in central Canada.

Alan: Yes. And it’s a fact too and it’s well documented. It’s actually in and published for the first time recently, the writings of the top generals that were in charge of these projects, where they would give them... and they put them in all together into hospitals, even if they were fit, especially the children, to contaminate, not only tuberculosis but smallpox. And this particular general was documenting the cases himself and said it was working well. That is true. That is true.

Werner: I’ve been studying lately, the history of the British Empire, you know the “Glorious British Empire”. There’s nothing “glorious” about this empire. It’s been an empire on a four hundred year crime spree.

Alan: It has. And you’ve got to remember too that Britain was the first company or country really, that was a company, I suppose, because they created the East India Company, way back in about the 1600’s. And that was a big international corporation. There were different branches of it, with the Dutch East India Company as well and so on. And most of the guys who set it up weren’t even really British. I can’t go into that, but they weren’t. And they used countries as covers, in a sense. But corporations are a very old, old thing. And the only other people who got shares in these big corporations, even back then, were the royalty and all their relatives. There’s hundreds of relatives, of course, of the aristocracy in England. But getting back to... you were talking about the modification of insects. I mean, I’ve seen it here, in Canada, myself, with the incredible amounts of mosquitoes that suddenly came out of the blue, different kinds. The deerfly never used to come in squadrons. Now you can’t go out without about twenty coming at you. And that only started back in 2005; it was a sudden change in stuff. Now, these are all ways of getting folk off the land and under Agenda 21, when you can’t get peace at all, you’re getting bitten to pieces. Last year, I had – I’m not kidding you – and I’ve got photographs of them, when it was a really hot bit towards the end of summer, I had flying locusts here. Flying locusts. I’ve got all the photographs of them and they were all out the back at my house, into the field. I wasn’t sure if they were coming off the trains that go by (from the Canadian National trains) that go past this area or if they were actually getting dropped elsewhere. But Canada went through the whole process of how to take down countries, using insects and so on and even on the crops, for warfare purposes. And we still have companies, lots of them, that breed all the darn things for military-industrial complexes around the world. Back with more after this.

{Break ♫}

Hi, folks. We’re back, Cutting Through the Matrix. And is Werner still there?

Werner: Listen, what I mentioned there. This should have been addressed already long ago by Canada’s finest the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, but when it comes to real law enforcement and real investigating real crime, they don’t cut the mustard.  Maybe they should pay more attention about To Serve and Protect the people of this country, instead of serving and protecting the big corporations.

Alan: Well that’s just it. Now, there are RCMP guys that have tried in the past to come out and have been hammered by their superiors, when they do expose what’s happening, even with the drug trade. A few years ago, you remember, there was a guy in British Columbia. He had been undercover, working with the Hell’s Angels in fact, he said in many reports when you can stop drugs arriving here and there, because the Hell’s Angels deliver them, but it was his superiors that kept stopping him and so the drugs were always delivered. And, eventually, he wrote a book, and they really came down like a ton of bricks on him. And then you start to catch on: the big boys at the top want the drugs to come out and they don’t want to catch these guys and so on. That’s only one little thing. But when you’re dealing with corporate warfare – and we’ve got corporate warfare here. As I say, when business is bad, they make things happen. And when you see the amount of tricks that are played... even, as I say, Canada, has got more companies in Canada that create different kinds of insects than any other country in the world. We create them here and they sell them. Initially, it was under the guise of producing them to kill off the aphids on crops and so on. And then we found out that the government of Canada had released millions and millions of ladybugs a few years back. They denied it was them for about four months, then the CBC had to admit, yeah, the Ministry of Agriculture admitted they had grown them in underground bases in Canada, to kill off the aphids. Well, you don’t kill off aphids when the crops are all over and done with. But they released them. And those darn things were actually biting people too.

Werner: I noticed there in 1973, out of nowhere, suddenly in the middle of the field, there was about a three or four acre infestation of aphids. And I noticed that the oats were turned yellow and I walked in there and this was early in the season and most of the aphids that were in there, they didn’t have wings. The first generation of aphids that survive the winter, they have wings. How did the aphids come in the middle of the field? About a week earlier, I had seen a single-engined plane circling over the middle of that field.  And the RCMP, right now they’re doing some grandstanding here in New Brunswick. It’s corporate goon squad beating up native people that are protesting against the fracking, you know, and the potential danger that it can do to the water supply and to the environment.

Alan: Of course. Of course it does.

Werner: How disgraceful.

Alan: It is. They’re going to blow up the darned earth all over the place. It ties in, again, with Agenda 21, they’ll all have to move out into the big cities. And the ground is subsiding, of course, but the big boys will say,  well in a thousand years, all those folk will be long gone and dead and we can start over anew... for themselves and their superior breed, basically.

Werner:  They are mandated to protect the people of this country and their mandate is not to be a corporate goon squad.

Alan: That’s exactly correct. You’ve said it all. Thanks for calling.

Werner: Thank you.

Alan: And from Hamish and myself, from Ontario, Canada, it’s goodnight and may your God or your gods go with you.

{Closing Music ♫}


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