June 26, 2013 (#1361)

Poem Copyright Alan Watt June 26, 2013:

Good is Evil, Down is Up, DARPA's a Softy, Philanthropic Nut:

"DARPA, Research Arm of US Military Development,
Has Knocked My Reason into Dishevelment,
I Used to Think the Military was for Killing
But Recent Admissions Set Me to Chilling,
They're Spending Millions to Help the Disabled
With Advanced Robotics, Arms Cybernetic Enabled,
And Working on Advanced Brain Investigations,
To Help Alzheimer's, Stroke Victims, Oh, Revelations
Have Completely Made Me Feel Ashamed,
Stupid Me Thought We were to Be Tamed
By a Scientific Tyranny, Clever, Demanding
That Science Maps the Brain for Understanding,
To Control the Masses which will Be Content
Being Managed, Manipulated without Consent,
Never Knowing, Guided by Nano-Bots,
Is Philanthropy Behind "A Penny for Your Thoughts?"
© Alan Watt June 26, 2013

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Hi folks.  Iím Alan Watt.  This is Cutting Through the Matrix on the 26th of June, 2013.

For newcomers please make sure that you make good use of the website cuttingthroughthematrix.com, lots of audios for download for free.  And you can go through the history of the system youíre living in to find out how it all happened if youíre really interested.  Most folk arenít because they think itís all real and they accept it the way it is.  But for those who want to find out whatís been happening and how we came to this system of really itís not just a technocracy, itís a scientific tyranny in a sense, because a different class of people emerged a long time ago, all paid for by their benefactors, those who ruled the world a hundred years ago because they were the world bankers at the time.  And they got the academics underneath them to eventually bring up a system with thousands of think tanks which they have under the guise of foundations that fund them all, and private foundations.  And they would comprise a parallel government.  And they did and itís still here today.  And with the private organizations like the Royal Institute of International Affairs, Council on Foreign Relations, and many others, all the big foundations, they run the world.  They pay for all the thousands of non-governmental organizations out there that lobby government for law changes.  And the government receives them very happily because itís all part of the game you see.  And they change radically the whole existing law structure and the way that you live too, the societal structure as well.

So, help yourself to see how it all happened, the ones behind it, thereís a lot at it yet of course.  And they give you a thing called democracy to believe in where you can vote every four or five years and thatís how they keep you from rebelling basically.  Itís quite simple but they dreamed it up a long time ago.  Big money, big men and lots of foundations underneath their belts too.  And theyíre all classified too as tax-free charitable foundations and philanthropic organizations.  You see philanthropy technically is there to supposedly help the world through generosity.  People who have made it in the world, like Bill Gates, who suddenly come out with the same agenda as all the other ones in the foundations, it just must happen to you when you hit a magic number of dollars and then you see the light and you get downloaded with the same program.  Itís always the same program.  Itís never a different one; itís always the same program of running the world by those who think that they should. 

So anyway help yourself to the website.  Remember too you bring me to you.  You can help me tick along here by buying the books and discs at cuttingthroughthematrix.com where I go through the art of this conology and show you how itís been used for thousands of years and how reality is created for you all the time.  Most folk donít live in reality at all, theyíre brought up in fiction.  And they get bits of reality and then they mix the two together and they canít really tell the difference anymore.  Thatís why itís so easy to manipulate them so easily. 

So anyway you can buy the books and the discs remember from the U.S. to Canada using personal checks still or you can use international postal money orders from the U.S. to Canada from the post office.  You can send cash or use Paypal.  Across the world, Western Union, Moneygram, and Paypal.  Straight donations are seriously welcome because I mean everything as you know is going up in price, everything just to survive.  Basic survival is just skyrocketing as all currencies are being devalued.  And they call it quantitative easing but of course itís just devaluation of your currency because that was the big plan even before they collapsed the banks.  How do we bring the public into austerity, it will be time to do it around 2008 or so, and probably planned about fifty years before that and this is how they start it off.  The banks lost nothing.  We bailed them all out and theyíve actually got more than they ever had before.  And theyíre doing awfully, awfully well as they work under the Bank for International Settlements, again a private organization that runs the World Bank and all the central banks of the world.  And it was set up too by the CFR, Royal Institute of International Affairs, private organizations. 

None of the public have ever, ever had a vote or a say in the big institutions that run our world and our lives.  Our very lives in fact and we think this is normal.  Thatís quite something, isnít it? 

Back with more after this.

{Break ♫}

Hi folks.  Weíre back Cutting Through the Matrix, talking about the big system.  What a system it is though, isnít it?  Itís everything; itís everything that you think you know.  Itís your opinions too and you donít even know how you got to them.  You think youíve been really informed about every aspect of any particular topic, but you havenít of course, especially through your schooling.  And even out on the internet too youíve got to be awfully careful because there are so many different groups with different spins on the same stories.  And you have to go behind all that to find out well who benefits at the end of it, if this becomes law, that becomes law, or whatever it happens to be. 

And then you have other ones, this is an old, old dodge that the elite dreamed up a long time ago when they said, ďWell how are we going to keep our power if they bring in a form of democracy?  Well weíll give them democracy, at least theyíll think they have democracy.  And weíll give them all the left wing organizations and the right wing organizations to make them think that they actually run it.Ē  Itís quite a good con.  It really does work awfully simply well, all the time.  And people never, never learn because they always get so sick of the bunch that are in that they vote them out.  Thatís how it all works.  And you think well anybody is better than the last bunch, until theyíre in of course and the same agenda continues.  It doesnít matter what wing they claim that theyíre on.  Itís the same bird you see, the same body and the agenda goes on. 

And itís interesting too that when you look at the writings even of the U.S. founding fathers, and Jefferson said it too, when you see a continuation, a continuation of a policy, an agenda, between changes of the house, meaning the representatives, and itís the same agenda going through, you know that youíre under tyranny.  Youíre taken over, itís taken over, know then.  They all knew this stuff because they had better education back in those days.  They didnít have GM food, they didnít watch television to get brainwashed and of course the education that they had was a really, you know, strict basic education in language, reason, logic, and so on, which is absent today.  In fact there is more fantasy encouraged today than logic.  And folk love it, itís addictive you see. 

Understand everything that is a normal trait, a natural trait, in humanity, is used by those who know how to use it against you.  And mankind has always wanted a bit of escapism because life was never that great.  Itís like Charles Galton Darwin says, there has always been slavery in one form or another, he says, and we are in a process of creating a new more perfected form of slavery.  This is what weíre in today.  Itís a perfected form.

And so in the ancient times they liked to get away from their slavery and so on, and theyíd give them little plays and little storytellers.  A really good storyteller could travel the ancient world telling stories and earn a good living back in those days.  The Greeks especially, even in the Roman Empire the Greeks were brought into the courts and so on, theyíd give good, nice stories and spin the fantasy and the folk loved it because we need that little bit of escapism.  But when you cannot stop it actually, put the border down and say Ďwell thatís enough escapism for today, I better get on with reality,í youíre in trouble.  People canít today because the fiction actually merges with their reality. 

And then you get all the other different groups out there that are funded by the big boys that have thought of all these things, who will give you people, front men basically, whoíll come out and tell you all weird kind of things about whatís happening in the world today.  Itís led by you know walking alligators that drink blood and they wear crowns on their head, stuff like that.  And they mix it with all the natural stuff which is the basic facts of whatís happening so that when you talk about the basic facts youíre lumped in with the guys who think that, you know, royalty is sucking the blood of folk after they turn into reptiles.  I mean this is how crazy it gets, crazy.  See, thatís counterintelligence.  Thatís what thatís called, folks.  You counter intelligence.  Intelligence is the basic facts.  But then you ridicule it and then of course when you come out with the basic fact youíre ridiculed along with the rest of them.  Or itís Bigfoot or something else.  And theyíve done many polls and they published one a few months ago in the mainstream to show you that so many folk are falling for all this stuff and theyíve got everything mixed up, 9/11, you name it, with the queen mother drinking you know the blood of children and stuff after she turns into a reptile.  And sheís all kind of scaly and stuff.  I though it was just the measles myself. 

Anyway, thatís what you get.  They thought of everything at the top.  And then you get the right wing groups pushing for right wing things which are all controlled and the left wing groups too.  And they all have little good tidbits of information about things but you got to understand what they have in mind as well. 

Remember all the left wing groups especially the ones that are funded by governments, and they also have non-governmental organization status.  Now to get non-governmental organizational status, or charitable status, in Canada, and all the countries under the United Nations because they signed the treaties on all this, you must promise that your group is for radical change.  Now what is radical change?  Radical change was the Communist Manifesto.  It still is you see.  Destruction of the family unit and all the rest of it, all the way down, and thatís what itís about.  They call it fairness for everything.  Well how can you be fair when other folk are getting destroyed by it?  Itís not fair at all, is it? 

But anyway this Global Research for instance, I mean they put some good stuff out, but it tells you right on it, a world socialist website.  For those who want to understand what world socialism is, look at Tony Blair.  Do you think heís a socialist?  Some folk think heís even a Roman Catholic; that guy can turn into anything that he wants to be, so can his wife.  Look at her history, it goes all the way back to the John Wilkes Booth.  Anyway, it doesnít matter, theyíre just international revolutionaries.  Theyíre always continuing on in the same, mind you they get awfully rich doing it too.  Itís not done out of charity believe you me. 

Anyway it says here in this article:

"Police State Canada: Harper Government Enacts Law Threatening Masked Protesters with Ten-year Jail Terms" 

"Legislation that gives the Canadian state draconian and arbitrary powers to suppress protests became law last week after approval from the Conservative Party-dominated federal parliament." 

"Bill C-309óthe Preventing Persons from Concealing Their Identities during Riots and Unlawful Assemblies Actómakes it a crime punishable by a ten-year prison term to incite a riot while wearing a mask or any face covering, including face paint." 

Alan:  Now in Canada weíre very liberal here and theyíve had little kind of almost riots here where people who dress up as the opposite gender wearing wigs and face paint and everything, will that include that?  I mean will it include them?  Will it?  I mean come on here.  Iím being serious.  Or why donít the rioters in the future all dress up like that and then they can sue the government if they arrest them.  You understand, you got to start thinking here too because it all becomes farcical.  It always does.† Anyway:

"Someone who merely participates in a riot or in an ďunlawfulĒ assembly with their face covered can, under the new law, be deemed to have committed an indictable criminal offense and jailed for up to five years.  These new offenses are in addition to the existing Criminal Code offenses of participating in a riot and participating in an unlawful assembly." 

Alan:  Unlawful, that means you havenít got a license to demonstrate. 

"Persons convicted of the former can be jailed for a maximum of two years, while the latter is considered to be among the lowest tier of criminal offenses known as ďsummary offenses,Ē which carry a maximum six-month jail term.

Under Canadian law, police and other authorities have very broad powers to illegalize protests by declaring them ďunlawful assemblies.Ē  The Criminal Code describes an ďunlawful assemblyĒ as a gathering that causes people ďto fear on reasonable groundsĒ that it ďwill disturb the peace tumultuouslyĒ or provoke others to do so.

During last yearís six month-long Quebec student strike, police declared numerous protests ďunlawful assemblies,Ē then violently set about dispersing the crowd with tear gas, baton-charges and mass arrests.  In response to the tear gas, many demonstrators covered their faces with handkerchiefs.  Had the new law been in force, they could potentially have been charged with concealing their identities and targeted for punitive jail terms of up to five years."

"Critics of the new law have rightly condemned it as a flagrant attack on the right to free speech." 

Alan:  Well how can you talk and have free speech if youíre being gassed?  I mean it takes you to breathe, whether youíre wearing a handkerchief or not.  I mean really youíd have to wear the same stuff that the cops are wearing obviously not to asphyxiate yourself.

"Masks and face paint have been used for centuries to make political points, and there are many reasons, including fear of victimization by employers, that can cause protesters to choose to conceal their faces.  Police, it need be added, have subjected political protests to blanket surveillance for years," 

Alan:  Actually itís forever.

"...systematically photographing and videotaping demonstrators." 

Alan:  All British Commonwealth countries have done that since even before the 60ís, mass surveilling and photographing of everybody in the demonstrations.  And they do find out, even back then, they found out who every single person was.  Because really youíve never had democracy, youíve really been under a spy government.

It says:

"Moreover, there is a long history of police instigating violence at demonstrationsóthrough provocative crowd-control tactics and the use of agent provocateursó" 

Alan:  Now, they found a bunch in Quebec, in a previous time at one of the big world meetings that was there for globalism, and they all had these same military boots on too when they caught these guys.  But yeah, they were sent in to start the smashing the windows stuff and all the rest of it, which of course, again itís like counterintelligence, it falls off on the ones who are just there to simply demonstrate peaceably.  Just as I say, counterintelligence means you counter the intelligence and thatís why you put out the fake ones out there that pretend theyíre you and they speak all the right things but then they mix it with stuff from outer space. 

And it says:

"Bill C-309 began as a private memberís bill.  Only rarely do such bills become law, but the Conservative government chose to make it a legislative priority." 

Alan:  It wouldnít matter because whatever government comes next, and it probably wonít be conservative, will carry on because you see there is only one agenda.  The same people own the country regardless, and itís owned.  Canada is owned, every country is owned by the same people.  And they keep as I said, you know, changing the house as I say or the congress or the legislator assembly.  And the same idea, politicians, and the same agenda goes forward. 

Look through all the United Nations agreements.  One after another, different changes in the government and itís the same agenda.  Sign, sign, sign, sign, sign.  All of them never say no.  Thatís it.

Also tonight too Iíll put up a link to...

"Richard Dawkins..." 

Alan:  I call it Waiting for DawGod. 

"...attempts memedom via Saatchi & Saatchi" 

Alan:  In other words he wants to get up there into the star case.  I donít know if you know that, that the guys that the Unabomber talked about, because he was a member, a university professor, and he mixed with some of the guys that were in the role of creating idol worship or stardom for scientists.  Do you understand they do that too? so that youíll listen to these guys as being somehow more superior to you and whatever their opinions are youíll take them to heart and follow it.  He worked with the guys.  Iíve put the links up before where youíll hear these actual guys talking about how they do it.  They still do it yet.  One of them is still in the business of creating stars, using the same machinery for rock stars.  And you see a person who then has that kind of credence in your eyes and promoted by the media, whatever they say about any topic at all youíll say well he must be smarter than we are so I guess heís right.  Thatís how they did it with Einstein too.  All he did was talk about globalism, not the stuff he supposedly discovered. 

Back with more after this.

{Break ♫}

Alan:  Hi folks.  Weíre back Cutting Through the Matrix, talking about reality and so on.  And how obviously there is nothing missed.  Remember I always get back to Bernays, Edward Bernays, who really created the American consumer society and many other things beyond.  He worked with many governments and the different presidents, including how to get wars set up and all the rest of it.  And how to con the public and use propaganda to its maximum effect.  And he even got wars started himself to save his own accounts with certain big, big producers of food in Latin America.  He used the U.S. military to go down and kick out the democratically-elected government, called them communists but they werenít.  But this is how things really happen in the world.  But getting back now to how they create stars out of things.  And you can pick up anybody and create a star.  "Straight and Crooked Thinking" is a good book to start with, to show you that you can pick a guy on a soapbox in Hyde Park in London who is a tramp basically, a vagrant, and there are lots of them that do that, they get up there and theyíd rant away and some of their talks are quite nice actually and folk would jeer them, etcetera, because theyíre a tramp and they have a good laugh.  But you dress the guy up, with a tux and the whole bit, and promote him through the media as being some genius, etcetera, and give him a fake background, put him up there and thousands and thousands will pay big money to come into some big theater to listen to the guy talk.  And then theyíll all have great write-ups about him.  Thatís how simple it is to con the general public.  Itís all perception management. 

And of course Iíve mentioned to do with this article, Richard Dawkins.  I mean Dawkins has got his agenda.  Itís not his agenda by the way, heís just a little worker of it.  Itís a big agenda.  And itís important that he gets it through for the big boys so that youíll be even easier to manage and you can break old concepts that were concepts of survival.  They must be destroyed.  Once youíre all dysfunctional then government has more and more control handling all the fallout.  And thatís why you have all these agencies in government now, in alcoholism and drug addiction, and children getting whacked off their parents, just taken away, and all the rest of it.  And permanent unemployed classes that canít, there are actually classes unemployable because of the addictions on various things.  Thatís how you control society, you dominate it.  Itís hard to dominate a society where every little family is either self-sufficient or at least self-sufficient in their thinking processes with their brains functioning. 

So youíre given your stars and getting back to creating stars and if you go into, and Iíll put it up again tonight if I can find it in my archives section at cuttingthroughthematrix.com, it was about the Unabomber and it was a documentary, an excellent documentary about stuff you didnít know, and itís called "The Net".  And it goes through how even they set up the Grateful Dead band; they put them out there with these scientists by the way.  They were all scientists to do with psychology of the mind and so on.  And they traveled with them and they threw out bags of LSD and different drugs because it was legal initially and to get the people started, to get it all started, and really studied them.  And they came out too with scientists that were getting big money, government funding, and funding also from foundations to start the whole psychedelic era.  And they even put big money into creating the strobe lighting and stuff for dance halls so as they could really trip out on their drugs and really go to town.  All that stuff was created by, not by people at the bottom street level, that was all created by people at the top, CIA, MI6, Mossad, and all the rest of it.  But they create the stars you see.  And they go through the process because as I say one of the guys in this Net, they call it "The Net", he actually still is in the business of creating stars from people that youíre supposed to listen to and give your mind over to, and say, oh Iíll take his opinion, heís a cleaver guy.  Itís so simple, eh? 

Anyway, back to Richard Dawkins, whoís another one, and it says here, he says:

"...the term..."

Alan:  Because you know the whole thing is, he came out with

"...in his 1976 book on evolution,"

Alan:  Mr. Dawkins.

"...The Selfish Gene." 

Alan:  It was called.

"Originally the term referred to ideas or behaviours that propagate within a culture analogous with how genes spread within a gene pool." 

Alan:  Now everybody lauded it, they still laud it today.  But you can take that concept and say well if youíre just a product to your genes and what you do, including your criminal activity, how about the bankers?  You could go to town on that one, couldnít you?  And youíd get howls of protest.  But itís okay if he says it you see because he is pointing you to think to other people. 

"The term though, has been hijacked in recent years, settling into a new life referring to Ďinternet memesí Ė cultural..." 

Alan:  And by the way he got the "meme" too.  The meme is me-me, the me generation.  Thatís where it came from.

And it says:

"...cultural touchstones that spread rapidly across the web.  Now, in a video created for Saatchi & Saatchi in Cannes, Dawkins has attempted to become a meme himself Ė or, at least, has had an attempt at memedom thrust upon him.  Described as a ďshowcase theatrical pieceĒ the nine-minute video begins with a short lecture by Dawkins on natural selection:" 

He says:

"ďThe world is divided into things that look designed like birds and airliners, and things that donít Ė rocks and mountains.  Things that look designed are further divided into those that really are designed Ė submarines and tin-openers - and those that arenít designed but look that way because they result from Darwinian natural selection Ė sharks and hedgehogs.Ē  He continues to outline the concept of memes, describing them as ďanything that spreads by imitationĒ." 

Alan:  Now thereís another concept to this you understand because you can make anything not just a fad, itís a bit beyond that, itís a must-be.  A must-be is something like the CFR has, Council on Foreign Relations, Royal Institute of International Affairs, the World Bank, things that they all own.  And the United Nations, and they own the United Nations; they set it up by the way.  And something thatís a must-be is down to a timetable.  This must be implemented by so and so; this must be implemented by so and so.  They did it with abortion issues and the so-called "Free Love" scene that they brought out in the 60ís.  They had tried before when they were still called different groups in the late 1800ís.  H.G. Wells first wrote and promoted it, so-called free love, in the late 1800ís.  But they didnít have the abortion clinics on the go.  There was a lot of fallout.  A lot of children were born and ended up in terrible, terrible, Dickensian type foster homes, or else in homes where theyíd been massively abused and so on.  So they brought it back in the 20ís and 30ís because then they brought in prohibition for the booze industry to make sure that a few people can then own the new booze system, which they did, the Bronfmanís made their money off it.  And they made it sexy to be in a booze can.  You know, oh itís illegal, ooh; anything that you make illegal the youngsters will flock to it.  And they did and they found they had all these alcoholics afterwards.  And they brought the mini-skirt in too in the 1920ís and 30ís.  But again they got lots of venereal disease with no penicillin.  And they had backstreet abortionists.  So they brought it back in the 60ís once they created the pill.

Back with more after this.

{Break ♫ - Youíre listening to the Republic Broadcasting Network because you can handle the truth - ♫}


Hi folks.  Weíre back Cutting Through the Matrix, talking about Dawkins.  I think everybody knows about Dawkins because again heís been elevated to star status from nothing really.  But getting back to what I was talking about, the Unabomber and that documentary Iíll put up tonight too called "The Net", excellent movie.  I hope it hasnít been taken off or itís been censored or whatever, bits taken out of it, because they go through John Brockman.  Brockman was the guy who was assigned long ago, and he still works at it yet, of creating stars that the people will listen to.  If you have a group or anything thatís a threat to government, you can make a star out of the person you put up as the person who is going to lead the opposition, the one thatís going to, you know...  So you put them in.  Thatís how you do it.  Thatís how even the CIA does things like that you see.  And of course theyíre all connected because they all work together, if not even the same thing actually.  I think it is the same thing personally; there is a lot of evidence there.  But thatís how they do it.  I mean they donít wait for a hero to arise for the people, they supply them instead and keep them going around in circles forever. 

Also Iíll put up tonight...  All these links Iíll put up tonight remember at cuttingthroughthematrix.com.  Now:

"US Supreme Court in historic rulings on same gender marriage"

Alan:  It says.  This is the BBC.  And they go on about it too as a big, big victory for something. 

"The US Supreme Court has struck down a law denying federal benefits to gay couples and cleared the way for same-sex marriage in California." 

Alan:  And so on and so on.  And they go through that, etcetera, etcetera, etcetera.  Now Iíll put that up. 

Another one too is to do with the mind.  The mind is awfully important; I mean look at the Brain Project Iíve mentioned many times that Obama has kicked off with millions and millions of dollars to literally map the whole mind.  Not just the mind but what the person thinks.  Well this bit is flashing on the neurons, and this part of the brain and that part of the brain, whatís connected and so on.  You understand, they also gave big grants to the European Union and they put money in too because theyíre all in it together.  Japan is involved; all the countries are involved because weíre all global you see.  And they all get their cash from the same sources on the same agendas.  There is no such thing as antagonists in this world.  Except the ones that donít belong to the World Bank and have privatized central banks like the countries in the Middle East theyíve been bombing for years.  See, everybody has got to be standardized. 

So it says here:

"Tag Team Threat-recognition Technology Incorporates Mind, Machine" 

Alan:  Now DARPA which is the U.S. Defense bunch at the top, the ones who always put the links about, oh, we helped a paraplegic by putting a brain chip in him and now he can email just by thinking to someone, once in a while it works, you see.  And youíre taught well thatís wonderful.  The guys who make up all this warfare machinery that slaughters folks remotely and stuff, theyíre really there to help us all, you know.  What a weird meld we have in our brains, eh, by the indoctrination process.

"For warfighters operating in the field, the ability to detect threats from standoff distances can be life-saving.  When advanced radar and drone coverage is not available, warfighters typically rely on their own vision to scan their surroundings.  Scanning over a wide area, though, is challenging..." 

Alan:  Etcetera, etcetera...

"Current technologies like binoculars, cameras, and portable radars can help to improve visibility..." 

Alan:  But itís not everything. 

"DARPA launched the Cognitive Technology Threat Warning System (CT2WS) program..." 

Alan:  As they move the soldiers further into the Cyborg.  Which is always.... They published many articles in Janeís Magazine and all the other ones over years on this stuff.† And it says this program came out:

"...in 2008 with the goal of maximizing warfightersí awareness of their surroundings by developing man-portable visual threat detection devices." 

Alan:  And they go through some of them.  It gives you a far better field of view and so on.

"ďDARPA set out to solve a common challenge for forward troops:  how can you reliably detect potential threats and targets of interest without making it a resource drain?Ē." 

Alan:  I like how they call it a resource drain, eh?

"ďThe prototype system has demonstrated an extremely low false alarm rate, a detection rate in the low nineties, all while reducing the load on the operator.Ē" 

Alan:  In other words theyíve got a whole system there that tells them when to kill people.  And it throws me back to an old movie that came out, again predictive programming, thatís how you think that things are normal and progressing normally by all the fiction that you watch, because thatís where they put it all.  And I think it was called "Blue Thunder" about an advanced helicopter to go over cities that could see through the walls like they can today.  It was back in the 70ís.  And it could kill off folk in a crowd almost selectively with a false-kill rate, in other words people who were just bystanders, about 10%, which was acceptable.  Well this article is about the same kind of thing.  And so theyíre reducing the slaughter that they do on bystanders and each other by the way.  They kill a lot of each other in these wars.  And this is to help them.  So thatís what DARPA is really up about too.  Itís maximizing the proper kill rate and minimizing wasting bullets on the peasants.  I mean the peasants are ten a dozen, arenít they?  We know that by now. 

And then you see this article too...

"Prosthetic Limbs Controlled By Thought Are In Development" 

Alan:  See, once again this is, and understand from the last article I read, thatís what theyíre really into.  They want to chip the soldiers.  Some of them are chipped anyway.  I have no doubt on that at all.  They were trying chips out back in the 70ís on troops in Britain, selective troops in Britain and in the States as well.

""Prosthetic Limbs Controlled By Thought Are In Development"

Alan:  It says, so DARPA again.

"Consider how easily you go about daily tasks like grabbing..." 

Alan:  Things and so on...  But imagine what would happen if you lost a limb, etcetera...

"The Defense Department Agency (DARPA) has been at work since 2009 developing prosthetic limbs that can actually be controlled by the wearerís brain..." 

Alan:  Well actually that ties in with their previous articles if you go into Janeís and other ones to do with the Cyborg.  When they can have a hand attached to you that can crush the opponentís throat without even... It will just go crunch, just like a tin can.  It saves a lot of time killing people that way, doesnít it?  It saves all that leg kicking and all that stuff you know that you see in the movies.  Efficiency is what theyíre all about you see, because thatís your future, folks.  And I said years ago, the big, big mass-killing machine that youíve got all over the planet will come back to home, to you, still killing, and the big boys know it too.  But donít wear masks as you protest.†

"Ten extraordinary Pentagon mind experiments" 

Alan:  As well.  A good one.  And it goes through the author and so on.  And it goes through the...


Alan:  Itís called. The...

"Wake up sleepy"

"Darpaís 24/7 soldier programme from a decade ago sought to identify and strengthen parts of a soldierís brain resistant to sleep deprivation." 

Alan:  Another one is called...

"Monkey see" 

"Darpa funded professor, Miguel Nicolelis of Duke University, demonstrated that a monkey with implants can be taught to move a joystick just by thinking." 

Alan:  There are a lot of them that do that just by watching porno on the net and theyíre monkeys too. 

"Brain to brain" 

"The same researcher who trained a monkey to move a joystick with its mind, recently connected - and passed signals between - two living ratsí brains."

Alan:  I mean they should give those guys some kind of Nobel something, eh?  And then it was...

"Goggle box" 

"The Cognitive Technology Threat Warning System project aims to build brain goggles that tap the subconscious to detect threats before the wearerís conscious mind." 

Alan:  Well thatís not hard to do these days, is it?

"First impressions"

"The Future Attribute Screening Technology uses sensors that detect tiny changes in heart rate, gaze, and pupil dilation to screen people at airports."

Alan:  These are all past things.  These are the ones theyíve admitted to. 

"Force field" 

"Military brain science is not all mind control:  the Darpa Blast Gauge measures exposure to an explosion and helps identify soldiers who may have hidden injuries." 

"Brain boost"

"Darpa initiated a progamme to help intelligence analysts identify interesting satellite images.  Its filters are trained using brain patterns of skilled personal."

"Story writers"

"A recent Darpa program seeks to use cutting-edge neuroscience to develop "narratives" that would influence the thinking of a foreign audience." 

Alan:  Now theyíve been doing that for years.  And they used to call it psycholinguistics.  Now they call it neurolinguistics because you come to the conclusions by a pattern of words called a sentence or paragraph and you come to the conclusion at the end of it because thatís what youíre fed, in that sequence.  Itís all to do with the sequencing of it.  It works all the time on most folk you see. 

And Iíll put this article up tonight too. 

"Scientists have connected the brains of lab rats, allowing one to communicate directly to another through an electronic link." 

Alan:  Well thatís not for rats, folks.  I mean we donít have that kind of problem with rats.  Rats are very intelligent.  Theyíve been surviving apparently for millions of years according to Dawkins. 

"Itís been 30 years since the first message was sent over initial nodes of the Arpanet," 

Alan:  It was called.

"...the Pentagon-sponsored precursor to the internet.  But this month, researchers announced something that could be equally historic:  the passing of messages between two rat brains," 

Alan:  I wonder how much that costs you all, eh.  And it goes through the whole story, Iíll put it up tonight too for those who have the patience to trek through it. 


"New Technology Allows a Person to Interact with Computers and Robotics Using Just the Mind" 

"By placing small electrodes on or inside the brain, scientists have developed a method whereby patients are able to interact with computers or control robotic limbs simply by thinking about how to execute those actions." 

Alan:  Thatís from the University of California.  And it says by placing the electrodes in them they can actually make them move and so on.

"Designed to improve daily life for those who suffer from paralysis or have lost the ability to speak from a stroke or neurodegenerative disease," 

Alan:  Because we know that DARPA is really interested in helping people, right?

"...University of Washington researchers..." 

Alan:  Itís all grant money from the big boys and governments for the big war industry.  Thatís what universities are for.†

" ...recently demonstrated that when humans are using the technology, the brain behaves much like it does when completing simple motor tasks, such as kicking a ball or waving.  For this reason, they hypothesize that learning to control a robotic arm or prosthetic limb could become second nature for those using it." 

Alan:  In other words itís back to cybernetics.  And thatís what itís really for.  Itís all for that folks.  They donít give a damn about folk losing their limbs.  And as I say too, Iíll also put in one more to do with it.

"Overview of Past and Future Brain Research Projects" 

"The EU budget has provided more than EUR 1.9 billion for brain research..." 

Alan:  Again part of this big project that Obama is also doing.

"...since the start of the current EU framework programme for research, FP7, in 2007.  This has funded more than 1200 projects with more than 1500 participants from the EU and beyond.  Looking back on the ĎĎEuropean Month of the Brainíí in May, here is a retrospective look at the range of brain-related research projects the EU is funding in the field of ĎĎInformation and communications technologiesíí (ICT)." 

Alan:  Itís quite a good article too.  Now remember that you are the target of all this.  You understand, the elite already have their scientific tyranny as Huxley talked about.  And Huxley said too at Berkeley in 1962, he said in his talk there, and I might put that link up tonight too again.  He actually went through that he didnít see why a scientific dictatorship, which the people would be oblivious of, weíre all trained to listen to experts and you donít even ask how that happened or why you obey them or parrot what they say.  It was all dreamed up a long time ago.  And Aldous Huxley talked about it at Berkeley, and he said, I donít see why a scientific dictatorship could not last forever because the public would be unable to understand what was going on.  It would be beyond their ken of the past or any experience they could relate to, to go against it.  Theyíd think it was all quite normal; they do already.† But it says here:

"Information technologies have long had an association with the human brain:  the old simple explanation of a computer was that ďitís like a sort of electronic brainĒĎ.  But computers have rapidly become so ubiquitous that nowadays the beginnerís explanation of the brain is often that ďĎitís like a kind of biological computerĒ.

Commenting on this yearís announcement of EUR 150 million of funding for brain-related ICT research projects, Neelie Kroes, Vice President of the European Commission responsible for the Digital Agenda for Europe, said, ďDespite great progress over recent decades, there is much more still to be discovered: from computers that think like our brains do - like computer networks that replicate brain structure to better cope with "big data" - to detecting and curing the brain disorders that affect up to one third of Europeans each year, from Alzheimerís and autism to schizophrenia.Ē" 

Alan:  Mind you weíre getting dosed with aluminum-oxide of course and thatís in the spray, the geo-engineering weíve had since í98 solid, and youíll find that in every Alzheimerís brain by the way.  And theyíve known that since the 70ís. 

"Understanding the human brain is therefore one of the greatest challenges facing 21st century science." 

Alan:  Now, why is that really?  Understand, control factor, folks.  Itís all about total control over the masses.  Complete control over the masses.  You understand tyrannies have to have everyone being predictable.  Anyone who is not predictable could be a threat.  Anyone could be a threat.  And thatís how the elite... You see the elite decided a long time ago the world wasnít going to carry all of you forever.  It was not going to do it.  And therefore they went into all these talks, just like sci-fi movies much, much later on; okay, we have to save ourselves.  Now who should we save?  H.G. Wells had a list of the peoples that would be saved.  Because he worked for these big foundations back in his day.  He was a propagandist for them.  And just like theyíve had, oh itís like something coming your way to destroy the world, what do you do?  Well you pick the best brains and so on, the folk that are really necessary, all the experts.  And they should breed so you bring their wives along too because hopefully they have mated properly too, you see, in their peer group.  And then it goes down the ladder down to the bottom of all of you.  And if thereís still room for you, you get a lotto.  They actually had that one in the movie, "Deep Impact"

Well they had these discussions back a hundred-odd years ago.  The richest folk on the planet had them in big meetings.  And they came up with, what kind of future are we going to create to manage the public who might get ticked off with what weíre doing and what we plan?  Well, youíre in it folks.  You canít get slapped around enough.  You watched the same bankers plunder you at least two or three times a century and many little ones in between.  Youíve watched your governments set up to rob your bank accounts on behalf of the bankers.  Theyíre not going to change the bankerís system, theyíre not going to jail them either because you see theyíre at the top of the tree.  Iím not talking about the little banks that you go and visit for your pennies; Iím talking about the guys who are international moneylenders.  The guys who work for the World Bank.  The guys who tell the World Bank what to do.  Because the whole money system is a giant scam to start with, but those who control it are at the top of the tree; everybody else is down below in descending order.  And they decided a long time ago and still do it today, how to manage all of you as they take you down. 

How can they say, from the department of Defence in that 90-page report that came out, the big think tank brought out for them, on the future, and it says that weíre going to put all the people into the big cities and diseases will break out?  And by the year 2040, 2050, a good mass of them will all be dead.  How could they come out with that?  Thatís quite the crystal ball, isnít it?  And then you have Agenda 21.  You have the massive geo-engineering thatís been going on thatís flooding some countries like Canada.  Speaking of by the way, just coincidence of course, because it all falls together and we have all these coincidences.  We have just before Alberta got flooded out, and I got monsoons here in Ontario, I had no spring at all, and this last couple of days is the first sun Iíve seen since some day, one of the days in the winter I think when it didnít snow.  This is all geo-engineering.  I watch them, Iíve been watching them for years spraying above me.  Get up early in the morning and look up once in a while.  Watch this stuff coming down.  Watch the weather patterns immediately change.  But just to come out as I say in time for all the flooding in Canada comes this report from a University in Canada that was given a task, from the University of Waterloo, and it says here that itís called the "Climate Change Adaptation Project".  That fits right in with Agenda 21 and sustainability, and the Millennial Project from the United Nations, the Millennium Project itís called.  The Adaptation Project, so weíve all to adapt as they flood us and make us think that we are the problem.  And folk will believe it, most of them already probably do.  They watch regular television and nothing else.  What else could it be?  Ha-ha-ha, isnít it beautiful?  And theyíll get folk off the land this way.  Theyíll flood them out.  Never mind the amount of deerfly, youíve got horsefly, youíve got mosquitoes like youíve never seen them before with all this wetness.

Remember the Malthusian project and his book?  Where would you put the people? Put them in unhealthy places to live.  Well today you see with science we can make them unhealthy places to live, insufferable in fact.  And you drive them out.  There is no point staying on the land either if you canít grow anything, itís been flooded out.  Youíve got snow into the end of May.  Youíre putting fires on in June, and itís all your fault with breathing CO2.  And youíve got to pay massive taxes to these same big, ah what would you call them, what would you call them, the Wizards of Oz, eh?  behind the curtain, that present one reality which you accept as they pull all the little levers and laugh and laugh and laugh at you.  Quite something. 

So Iíll put this link up tonight too, Climate Change for Canadians, Adaptation Project.  It came out just in time for the flooding of Alberta and other parts of Canada too.  I can remember when they did it back in 2005.  They flooded out the grain growing areas and the food growing areas.  They did the same in the States at the same time as well, just precision targeting.  Itís easy to do.  This is old stuff, weather warfare.  Old stuff, old, old, old stuff. 

So Iíll put this up tonight too on the Brain Projects and everything else.  And that PDF on again how weíve all got to adapt and pay through the nose for existing, to the same people who are killing us and laughing at us. 


"Is the Government Spying On You Through Your Own Computerís Webcam Or Microphone?" 

Alan:  Well thatís old stuff but Iíll put it up.  And anybody who doesnít know that, even folk who donít search out the news, I mean all this stuff comes from the regular news.  Theyíve been telling us for years, yeah, we can switch on your webcam or microphone, weíve been doing it since the 90ís, you know. 

But Iíll put that up tonight too.  And also Iíll put up tooÖ  Itís a good article.

"The legally criminal haven of offshores" 

Alan:  Thatís the offshore tax havens theyíre talking about.  Itís from English Pravda but they call it legally criminal.  Now define criminal.  If itís legal you see, itís legal.  You would say immoral.  But those who you would claim are immoral would talk amongst themselves, since theyíre high up there at the top of the tree, they are survivors.  Theyíre called realists you see.  And the schmucks down below are just that, nothing else.  Because they all live in fear and have no power you see.  The ones near the top, theyíve got lots of power so they make it legal.  But it says:

"A lot is being said today about the collapse of international offshore business." 

"There are real grounds for such discussions, but many people do not have an idea of ​​what offshore is.  It is generally believed that "there is a secret organization somewhere that secretly rules the world."  However, what is the point for such an organization to exist if it is not people, but money that rules the world?  Accordingly, the world is ruled from the place where there is a lot of money.  The sources of financial well-being are very hard to count, and no organization can collect them into one.  Is there a place in the world..." 

Alan:  Etcetera, etcetera.  Then they go into some of the histories going back into the 19th century of tax havens.  And somehow countries set up these tax havens, etcetera, etcetera, etcetera.

Also tonight too, I mentioned the good video, not the porno one by the way, apparently there is one called that, and itís to do with "Starsuckers".  Make sure you get the right one.  Itís the one to do with going into how youíre manipulated through perception management.  But also the 2nd half, donít forget to watch it.  It goes through the big boys that give you, you know from the music industry, and how theyíre into charity and to help you.  And they rake in billions of dollars and none of it gets to where itís supposed to go.  But itís a big fanfare and all the stars that you just love, youíve been taught to love them, are up there getting all the cash rolling in. 

And of course Iíve mentioned Bono for instance many times; heís a front man for the big boys at the top for the banks.  You see the scam is that your countries will sign on to give money to another country.  Weíre going to give these poor folk money.  But our countryís broke so weíll borrow it from the World Bank.  And weíll put say the Canadians or the Americans down as the guarantors to pay it off if this third country defaults, the third world country defaults.  And they do every time.  Once they default there is no problem because your country then have got you down already as the guarantors and then immediately youíre told oh weíll give them another loan, which you do.  This has been going on my whole life.  And there are all these front guys like Bono you know.  And here he is in the paper...

"Bono insists moving U2..." 

Alan:  You know the group that he was in, that was made up for them of course like they all are.

"...for lower taxes was just business" 

Alan:  So he moved offshore for his taxes so as heíd get a lower taxing.

"He wonders why the band canít be seen to be "tough" as he talks to Gay Byrne." 

"The singer opened his heart..."

Alan:  He opened his heart.

"...to Gay Byrne last night in his Meaning Of Life show and insisted being good businessmen doesnít make U2 bad people." 

Alan:  You see.

"He said: ďThe shock horror moment here is U2 behaving like a business." 

Alan:  Oh Dear.

"ďWe live in a small rock in the North Atlantic and we would be underwater were it not for very clever people working in Government and in the revenue [system] who made tax competitiveness a central part of Irish economic life." 

Alan:  He says that without the "F" word anywhere.  Thatís amazing.  Maybe they censored it out.  I didnít know he could speak like this. Iím really impressed.

"ďItís the reason why we have companies like Google or Facebook and indeed I helped bring those companies to Ireland...Ē" 

Alan:  Oh thereís a little disclosure, eh?

"...so it is more than churlish for Irish people to say: ďWell, we donít want an Irish company involved in that stuff that we do want everyone else.Ē" 

Alan:  So in other words he is allowed to go offshore and get less tax for him.

And then an article too...

"Bonoís ONE foundation..." 

Alan:  The big foundation that gets all the cash.

"...under fire for giving..."

Alan:  Do you know how much they give to the charity? 


Alan:  Oh, the guy is a hero.  Heís a hero to the children.  And then again...

"Bono: I helped bring Facebook and Google here... so why canít I be tough in business?" 

Alan:  Thatís the front men they give you folks, the big banking boysí front men.  And you fall for it. 

Well, from Hamish and myself from Ontario, Canada, itís goodnight, and may your God or your Gods go with you.



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