June 27, 2013 (#1362)

Alan Watt "Cutting Through The Matrix" LIVE on RBN:


Poem Copyright Alan Watt June 27, 2013:

Lies and Spies, Who's-Who Surprise:

"The World of Spookdom Works by Deception,
Chameleon-like They can Alter Perception,
Stirring Up Peoples Who'll Never Believe
They're Set-up to Fall by Those who Deceive,
History is Full of Perpetrator Spies,
Taught the Dark Arts of Credible Lies,
Goading Races, Religions Against One Another,
Government Journalists--Truth They Smother,
Think for Yourself, And Who Stands to Gain,
Who Gets Halos, Who Gets the Pain,
Don't Jump in a Fray, Meant to Confuse,
Because You'll Be the Fall Guy, You'll Lose,
In Orwell's 1984, O'Brien Taught the Lesson,
Can't Win Up Against The Science of Deception"
© Alan Watt June 27, 2013


Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - June 27, 2013 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)

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Hi folks.  I am Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix on June 27, 2013. For newcomers, I always suggest you make good use of the website cuttingthroughthematrix.com, lots of audios to download for free.  I go through the system that you’re born into and how it’s utterly controlled, always really has been, for an awful long, long time actually.  I go through the history of the organizations that popped up a long time ago, really starting with one.  They had many names in the past, in different centuries, and blossomed out to become basically foundations, tax-free philanthropic organizations that fund armies of NGOs who of course demand law changes across the world, so that the elite of course can rule you much more easily, under the guise of rights and rights and rights and so on.  I go through the history of it.  Of course it was started up by the biggest money boys of their time.  They had been in the business a long, long time, through the industrial era of Britain and Europe and so on, and they had a finger in every pie, in every country.  They were international money boys, the guys who lend to nations, and eventually own them naturally through debt.  So help yourself to the web site and you’ll start to understand the history of the system, a totalitarian system, really, that you’re born into, one that at one time didn’t have so many obvious bars around you as it does today.  Now they’re up, of course, you can see how far you can go in certain areas.  Before they were more invisible but if you did step over a certain boundary they still popped up regardless.  So help yourself to that.


Remember too, you bring me to you.  You can help me tick along here by getting the books and discs at cuttingthroughthematrix.com.  Because I don’t bring on advertisers as guests or sell you lots of products and things, etc, etc; it’s not a business.  [Order and donation options listed above.]  And straight donations are seriously welcome as we go through planned, well, it’s really the devaluation of your currencies, or they like to call it inflation or quantitative easing – so many names for the same old cons isn’t it?  And of course, money is backed by nothing anyway, except the big boys at the top that decide what’s it worth, and we all believe it, and everybody else believes it.  So as long as we all believe it, it kind of works along. That’s how it works.  It’s all a belief system, belief based, and faith based really. 


The whole planet’s like that.  I mean, everybody across the whole planet is in debt to the same people, the same handful of people.  And they’re getting total, total power.  The same people of course make sure that the agenda runs on course to suit themselves, they make sure that all government systems obey them, and they put their own guys into government – the private foundations do that; they’ve done that for over a hundred years.  They make sure that the future is always theirs.  If you want to control the future you must get into power and you must have the cash power, and of course at the top of the tree of the whole world is this thing called money that very few folk understand. There’s not much to understand except it’s a big racket and a con, under the guise of various sciences, like economics.  It’s so amazing that all the best minds in the world, supposedly, that are churned out at universities, never get anything right.  They can’t see depressions coming. They can’t see bank scams coming, and collapses of banks, like a chain reaction across the world; it just hits them all by surprise.  So I think we should chuck all their degrees out the window, personally, because it’s all nonsense.


But we’re run by Conology and that’s what I go through in my book is really how ancient the art of Conology is.  And how the ancients too, the Greeks especially, wrote an awful lot down about the human mind, and even the masses, you might say, and how to control them, and how easy it was to control them.  And knowledge is never forgotten, especially by those who make their living off of you, by money, you see.  Or making you buy things you don’t really want or need.  Or getting governments even to mandate that they must use, certain vaccines for instance, by law, and you must all take it, and big pharma companies get the deal.  What a sales pitch that is, isn’t it?  What a commission there is on that one.  10 years at a time, in advance… not bad at all, when you control the world.  Back with more after this.


Hi folks, I’m back Cutting Through The Matrix.  Generally what I do is go through the system of reality, what reality really is.  Not the one you’re given by the media.  People don’t realize how many academic studies have been done, over an awful long period, using tax money of course and grants from private foundations and so on, which are so interested on how you think and how you tick.  And it’s always really been like that. 


Of course it’s much easier today.  Now they can do personality profiles on every individual with all the technology that’s out there and so on.  There’s nothing really they don’t know about the generally population, then they have it split into subgroups and so on, and then of course, down to you personally. They’ve got all they need to know about you personally. They even have a virtual you in the Pentagon; I read that from the Pentagon’s site years ago on the air.  They said that all the data that you put up there is taken daily and added to the virtual you and they do games on it to see how you’d react in real life situations. And they say, and no doubt they’ve tested this out obviously, that it’s pretty accurate; it’s very accurate indeed.  So they know how to set you up into any situation, how to make you fall for things and how you’ll react to things.  Really, we’re just an open book now, and that’s how it was meant to be. Before they even gave you the computer, all this was designed eventually to come into place.  And the computer of course is the main helper for this whole world society of totalitarian control.  They couldn’t have done it without it.  It couldn’t have been done; it was impossible.  And who developed it?  Well, it was the war industry course; we know all that stuff; and they used their own version of the internet before they gave it to you.


So we’re living in a fishbowl basically and most folk now, even the youngsters have been taught that privacy is just a sort of an old-fashioned concept, like an appendage that you grew out of as you evolved or something.  And they take that quite casually; they don’t think it through of course. And that’s quite natural too, because every generation is born into its own group and everything is thought to be natural, to every child.  Regardless of the circumstances, it’s always natural to them because it exists...  simply because of that, because it simply exists.  If you were brought up and another country had invaded you a long time ago, and different uniforms and different languages ruled over you, the children would think that was normal too. 


They eventually did in the Soviet Union in the countries they took over.  Even today in Latvia and different places, if you read the articles they’ve got up there, there was a policy, for instance, of soldiers from the Soviet Union occupying these countries, to get more money and so on if they stayed in those countries when they came out of the military and married locally.  The idea was to basically breed out the bad blood of people who’d rebel against you.  A very old concept; it goes way back to primogenitor in Britain and elsewhere.  A very old concept.  And now they find about 60-70% of the people there are all either Russian or part Russian or whatever.  So this works awfully, awfully well.


So that was all normal to the children brought up in that system. And of course they didn’t have their previous history there. What they got taught in school was a Sovietized system of history.  In Europe now they’re giving the European children a completely new history beginning, basically like the communists used in some other countries, or even Cambodia, like Year Zero, that’s when your time starts, when the European Union was started up.  You can do anything with the people when you’ve got the power to do so.  All you need to do is own all the money system, you put your own boys in through the money, it doesn’t matter what they can do or can’t do or have abilities or not, as long as they’re on board with the agenda you put them in for a function and they run everything down, from the top of the pyramid all the way down.  It’s always been like that.  And it works awfully, awfully well. 


So we’re going through a big system change now of course, into really totalitarian systems, but it’s better management of our minds and better management of the reality too.  Even the media stories are terrible now. And that happened when Leveson in Britain and the one in Australia and all the rest of them across the world, all came out at the same time, all these characters, with their big massive bills and so on, on new laws for journalists.  So the journalists are… there are certain things which are okay to talk about or even criticize, and a whole list of things which you can’t criticize, in this free speech agenda, right.  So a lot of the media, too, will give you stories you can’t do anything about.  Have you noticed that?  Most of the bad news, you little person, little old you can do nothing about.  It’s all done way up there at big international meetings, and organizations that no one votes in like the World Bank and the IMF and so on, all run by the Royal Institute of International Affairs, a private organization that has the biggest organization on the planet, really.


They were the first ones to come out openly, create the Council on Foreign Relations for other countries, and put their own boys in as presidents and prime ministers. You have to read their own historian’s book on it, he wrote a couple of books on it, Professor Carroll Quigley. Because they have their own version of history, how they manipulated history. And that’s what he said, I’m writing this book because this group, remaining secret for so long, has had such an influential and massive change in the direction of the future. Quite something. It’s staggering, really. Even Winston Churchill brought it up, because he was kind of out of the loop. He was in on the European amalgamation deal but he wasn’t sure who was to completely run it. He still thought it would be kind of sovereign entities meeting round a meeting table; in other words, the guys at the top splitting the loot, you know, like it’s always been. But he didn’t realize that certain people were going to get more of the loot than everybody else.


Of course they came up with the idea of trading blocs and free trade, which is not free trade at all. It’s selective trade with big international corporations, which really, when you go into big international corporations, the top shareholders, the ones that hold the primary shares, they’re all the same people, all these international guys, right into China, folks, you see. So they already have the world in their hands. All they’re doing now is using those in academia and who will come on board, to find new techniques on our mind and so on, psychology, to manage us even easier. That’s what it is. Plus of course, when you get lots and lots of bad news, if you can’t handle it you go into more fiction. That’s part of the agenda.  They understand that.


Plato understood that. He said, those who live in cities – because it was an artificial entity, a city, everything is run on a thing called money; folk in the country didn’t need it, they could grow all their own stuff and so on. But in a city everything had to be brought into them, and then they had to have other products to sell by using this money, to make a living and so on. But they also needed an awful lot of entertainment. So much so that in ancient Greece it was mandated that when these travelers came around, these traveling roadshows came around, of players, you had to attend, by law, even the slaves had to watch them. Because that’s how you put into them obedience to the state, through the stories, and that your state was the greatest in the world, through stories, and how you would keep everything in check, various moralities and so on, or even change moralities.  So much so that Plato even mentioned giving licensing to musicians because they could really affect the young so easily and get them to rebel. As of course the boys have always known down through the ages.  Theo Adorno knew that. He tried to use it in fact but it kind of flopped at one point, but anyway, they actually won eventually.


But we’re living through a stage where now everyone, most folk don’t care about the fact that they’re being looked at and so on. They always say, I have nothing to hide. That’s not the point of it. I mean, the best slave is one that doesn’t know they are a slave. And most folk don’t know they are slaves.  They kind of… it’s like Jacques Ellul said. He said, they don’t learn through reasoning of information, reasoning it; they actually get it through osmosis, by bits and bytes, bits and pieces of information; it kind of sinks into them and becomes their opinion. They don’t know how they arrive at opinions. Those who give them the opinions know how to arrive at them and how it works, but the average person doesn’t.


Because folk naturally want to be happy, you see. It used to amaze me too, with all the studies that were done, even during the Middle Ages, about the little people as they called the peasants, you see, the ones who did all the work. They would be allowed to keep so much percentage of their crops to feed themselves, their farmhands, the cows and so on. They didn’t own anything; they just lived on the land.  They were tenant farmers, much like some of them still are today under Prince Charles, but anyway… They said that they were also amazed at how the little people, under all the grueling circumstances, even when the overlords you see, the nobility, took 60% of all the crops and produce away from them and they would sell it and so on and make profits on it, the people left with the leftovers, the people who grew it in other words, were always so cheery and happy, even though they were in rags they were cheery and happy. And that was the wonderful thing about it you see, because cheery, happy people can put up with almost anything.


It’s kind of like the fellow in Monty Python’s The Life of Brian, at the end when they’re all hanging on crosses, and he starts, he’s joking away and he says, look on the bright side of life. You see, we have an optimism part in our brain, and they use that for you. But they also know when it’s getting kind of bad, because they’ve got to offset the bad news, which makes you conform to the system more and more, you feel small and useless and so on, and they give you lots of escapism. Never, ever has there been so much escapist movies and the technological stuff to do with special effects and so on. Terrible stories but it doesn’t matter, as long as your eyes can follow movement, that’s all that matters; that’s all they’re meant to do, you see.  And every person who has no power and influence at all can be the hero in there, and he’s a Superman or he’s a super something, and in reality he knows himself that he’s a nobody. But in the movies he’s escaping into being the hero, the guy who takes on the world and has all these superpowers and yada-yada-ya. It works awfully well.  And it’s getting worse and worse and worse because they have to make it more ridiculous, as you’re under more and more control. That’s why it’s there, you see, more and more control.


We’ve been taken off to wars that were set up long before they started, starting in about 1990, 1991.  Then in 2001 we had the big one of course, to get the whole thing really kicked off into martial law, which every country had signed agreements in prior to it happening, the same omnibus bills and agreements of the same agenda outlined, right down to even the government and departments of government taking over the food supply of the planet, and many other things besides. Then we were whacked with the whole global warming scam, because that was written about years ago by the Club of Rome, the think tank for the Royal Institute of International Affairs, how to con the public into giving all their rights up... Tell them there’s going to be famine, plague, and global warming and the like, and that will fit the bill. That’s what they said. Back with more after this.


Hi folks, we’re back Cutting Through The Matrix and talking about the big system. To get on with the story too, we’ve had the 2001, all the changes since then. We were whacked, of course, with so many laws and loss of freedoms and rights and so on. Then we had all the global warming scam, it’s up to the present time, because this is the big plan to change the way that you live completely.


Even the followers from all this global warming stuff and all the greenies, they don’t even check, it doesn’t matter, it doesn’t matter what you show them. It’s so interesting. From big, say, corporations’ own websites, how they’re all involved in financing the green industry, because they’re all getting big masses of money given to them by your tax money, to make stuff that they don’t care if it works or not; it doesn’t have to work, just big bucks, you see. But that doesn’t matter to the greenies, you see, they’re born believers. It’s like the communists, and I’ve talked before about the different ex-KGB guys who defected, supposedly, and came out with the story of bringing over people from the West to see the Soviet system. Of course they’d show them everything except the prisons, but he said, even if you had showed them the prisons, they still wouldn’t believe it. It’s a true belief, you see.


And of course these people are awfully handy down through the ages, they always exist, who will join what they call radical groups. They think they’re radical, you see, and they’re all getting used for reasons they don’t even know. It’s quite something else. The big foundations and the big corporations all work and created the greening industry. And years and years ago when they came up with the fake oil shortage nonsense in the 70s, they did big studies on this, and the corporations did it too – some of these corporations have bigger departments than some of your governments, studying you and the future. And they came to the conclusion, well if that really was the case and there was going to be a shortage of oil, how would we maintain the profits and get better profits and so on if there’s less oil? Well, you give them less and less and charge more and more and more. And the same thing with energy of all kinds as well.  So that tied right in, you see, with their plan – their plan, I said – of the greening agenda. Everything is a racket, folks.


The ones at the top of the tree have already made their pile of money, but they want to hang onto it and control the world and the future, by their own offspring. The ones down below are all the little hackers and guys that – there’s other names for it actually, beginning with a ‘W’, in Britain, but you can’t use it so much in there. Anyway, these guys are the guys who do all the dirty work. They are CEOs of corporations. It’s like those guys who were the bankers in Ireland that were on tape recently discussing conning the government out of a 7 billion euro bailout that they were not going to pay back, and they called them everything, the government was called everything, and the people too, suckers, suckers, suckers.  Nothing happened. They won’t get fired.


That’s the real world that we live in. And right down to the present, as I say, we have bank crashes and all the rest of it. We bailed out the banks. The banks all knew they were going to crash five years beforehand, because they planned it that way, and they knew they’d lose nothing. In fact, they gained a lot; they’re still selling off millions of homes which they ended up having in their hands. It’s wonderful, isn’t it, being a good psychopath. And unfortunately, I came to the conclusion a long, long time ago that the world has probably always been run by psychopaths.


Now, the psychopaths themselves have their own different theories about it. They say themselves, well we’re big groups at the top, of psychopaths, as the people call us, but we’re really just survivors. Then they get all the psychobabble into it to justify what they do, well every species must survive, right, what’s wrong with surviving? And therefore, couple it with Darwinianism, and survival of favored species, as his whole treatise was, and so on, and they are the favored species. Well, who can attack that?  If you all believe in that, how can you attack that? If they believe they’ve got the right to dominate you, how can you attack that? See, they’ve made you believe what they want you to believe. Kind of reminds you of a spider that kind of paralyzes his victim before he eats him, they teach you what to believe as they’re eating you. And they teach this stuff in universities, so as you will believe it all.


Now, you even get fed up reading the news, because when you have to describe what it really means to the people who read the same stuff there’s something wrong. Or you’re talking to people who are too far gone, it doesn’t matter.  Plus they have no memory, they can’t join the dots together or retain it for very long.  They also knew this at the psychological warfare departments too, the more data that they throw at you, everything gets mushed up together and eventually fades out. You’ve got to delete so much stuff from your brain to let more stuff in. 


But the big boys have always put up big, real companies out there, and created fake stars, you know, boy geniuses and rubbish like that, to make you believe that they’re somehow truly a genius and far superior to you, so whenever they talk about something like politics, even if it’s not their area, it must be better than what you could come up with, you see. You have got…


Facebook leaks are a lot leakier than Facebook is letting on

nakedsecurity.sophos.com / Lisa Vaas / June 27, 2013


(Alan:  Well, Facebook was set up by the NSA. So was the funding. So was Google.  NSA, Mossad, MI6, and so on, CIA, it’s all the same, folks, set up a long time ago. Check up the history of them. Check up America’s Cultural Cold War; that gives you clues, but you have to do a bit of thinking and checking after you get the clues. So anyway…)


Remember last week, when Naked Security et al. told you that Facebook leaked email addresses and phone numbers for 6 million users, but that it was really kind of a modest leak, given that it's a billion-user service?


OK, scratch the "modest" part.


The researchers who originally found out that Facebook is actually creating secret dossiers for users are now saying the numbers don't quite match up. (A:  Now, this article goes through all the statistics and so on which leaked out, and they got more information. Of course they’re getting… They’re getting all the folk who are not on Facebook, who communicate with folk on Facebook, and they’re managing through a sort of shadow information to get all your data too. Back with more after this.)


Hi folks, we’re back Cutting Through The Matrix, talking about, just an example, which is Facebook of course, and the people get told this stuff over and over again, but they still use it. You can’t help these people at all. You can’t help them, they’re gone. Most folk have never understood or lived their life in any form of slavery, overt slavery, or domination by another people. You can still be dominated by another people but it’s not overt. But most folk have never experienced that. History to them, and to the average youngster, is something, it doesn’t matter how recent it is, it’s ancient to them, and somehow we must have evolved. That’s what they think, we’ve evolved since then, we’re not as bad as we were. Really?


Look at the countries, the so-called first world countries that have been in war since about 1991, as I say, Gulf War One right through, carried on basically to the present time. They’re not finished yet. And they’re slaughtering across the world. Those countries are under complete martial law by the occupying forces. Those children have a different perspective on what privacy means; it’s awfully important to them. That’s a survival mechanism. If you don’t have it, well, that’s it, you’re gone. It’s quite simple. Lots of studies are done on it already, by the boys who do it to you.


Also too, who is who today? Who is who?  Because the big boys have always been in the game of giving you your leaders, in fact, to all sides, ALL sides, and divide and conquer and all the rest of it.  And it’s even better because they can get another group blamed for all the faults of it, and you’ll believe that too because the media will go on board with them. But it says here…


Al-Nusra Front leader CIA operative: Former al-Qaeda member

presstv.ir / Jun 27, 2013


Abu Mohammed al-Jawlani, the head of the terrorist al-Nusra Front, said on April 10 that the group was loyal to the al-Qaeda chief al-Zawahiri.


A former al-Qaeda member says the ringleader of the al-Nusra Front, the primary terrorist group in Syria, is an operative of the US Central Intelligence Agency CIA.  (A:  Well, I mean, I’m not in shock if that’s true, because don’t forget they put Saddam Hussein in years ago, and many others.)


“I personally believe that the leader of the Nusra Army who declared his support for Ayman al-Zawahiri is a CIA operative,” Sheikh Naiim, who led an al-Qaeda training camp in Egypt, said in a released video.


I’ll put that up tonight too for those who want to plow through it.  But you understand, other folk get the blame for this. And who is behind it? A different country is behind it. And even that country, and the CIA, might be run by another country. That’s how bad it is in the world of Spooks. I call it Spookdom.


And the US too...


US, Philippines start military exercise in South China Sea

presstv.ir / Jun 27, 2013


Naval forces from the Philippines and the United States have started a massive six-day joint military exercise in the South China Sea, adding to tensions with China. (A:  Who’s kidding who? The US and Britain and all the rest of them, long ago, decided to build up China to be THE manufacturer of products for the world. Now, you would never do that unless you knew you totally controlled everything that would happen in China, TOTALLY controlled it, nothing would be left to chance. Because the elite of the world make all their money off it, you see, and they would never risk losing any of it at all, or the power that it wields as well. Never happen, folks. So I’ll put this bit of rubbish up there as well tonight.)


And then another one too, it’s supposed to awe and cow you…


Spy Drone Can See What You are Wearing From 17,500 Feet

(A:  ...away; it’s the newest one, you see.)

aircrap.org / June 26th, 2013


A new camera developed by the Pentagon’s research arm (A:  You know their research arm is DARPA, the ones who love to help paraplegics and stuff; like I said last night, that’s what they’re really there for.) . . .


 The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency’s (DARPA’s) Autonomous Real-Time Ground Ubiquitous Surveillance Imaging System (A:  Isn’t that wonderful? Called…) (ARGUS) has 1.8 billion pixels (1.8 gigapixels), making it the world’ highest resolution camera. The sensors on the camera are so precise, PBS stated it is the equivalent to the capabilities of 100 Predator drones in a medium city.  (A:  They’re power-mad aren’t they? And who are they watching? This is for all YOU folks. Have you looked into who owns the whole system of drones, who it’s all coming from? Have you looked into it? Do you know where it’s really all getting made? ...who’s been leading it for the last 12 years, and the cheerleader for it for the last 12 years? What country is it, do you know? Do you know? No, you don’t.)


Also too, we know they’re taking down the population and they have been for, oh, faster and faster since the 1950s with the mandating of inoculations and all the rest of the stuff they’re putting into you, also sterilizing you too with that and the food. I don’t say it’s just one thing or the other; it’s both of them actually. But it started with the inoculations, no doubt about it. It says…


Lifetime Pesticide Use and Telomere Shortening among Male Pesticide Applicators in the Agricultural Health Study



It’s a study that came out on it and it’s found that, the particular pesticides that they’re using, and of course it’s all the big boys, the five agribusinesses that use these particular pesticides, because the chemical industry is always in the department of warfare, it’s a part of it. And of course war on you is what it’s about. They always profit off of what they’re killing off, you understand. They always profit off of you even when they’re taking you down. Then the other arm too, which is also the big Pharma industry, they profit massively too, treating the symptoms of all the diseases they give you, degenerative problems and so on. It’s quite wonderful. But I’ll put this article up tonight.  There’s two on it, one is from Green Med Info summary and another one is also, it’s from another website about the same article.


Greater Lifetime Pesticide Use Causes Telomere Shortening - greenmedinfo.com / June 26th 2013 / Case Adams


But it’s quite good actually and it goes into what it does to your genes and so on. It’s mainly in the males that it’s happening, the telomere shortening, so it works awfully good.  People don’t know that even the Golden Rice that the Rockefeller Brothers and bunch were producing and pushed at the United Nations to put across Asia and so on, that was hailed as a good thing for sterilization; that was one of the side effects in the males. But that’s a coincidence, isn’t it? They wouldn’t do that to you, would they?  [Alan laughing.]


And also, this article too, about how, again, how you can portray a fact, or facts, and how you can spin fact, and I’ll give you two versions. It’s about a little boy in Britain, now that you’re under martial law in Britain, and it’s a basket case altogether, and it will get worse and worse as they go down the tubes. They’ve been taught, for instance, that they’re going to be in austerity for the next 20 years, you see, at least. But that’s part of the whole greening agenda, again, getting back to the oil, and all these different energy producers, how can they get more money for giving you less. That was done years ago, back in the 70s, that whole projection, and here we are going through it. But here’s an example of just the fallout, the average day fallout and average people, you see. It says here…


Oldbury boy bitten by West Midlands Police dog

stourbridgenews.co.uk / 27th June 2013


A YOUNG boy is in hospital after being savagely attacked by a police dog in his parent’s garden in Oldbury.


West Midlands Police have launched an investigation concerning the attack on the 10-year-old boy in Western Road on Sunday afternoon.


The police had been chasing four men who had reportedly stolen copper wiring (A:  That’s what you get in Third World countries, you see.) near Langley Green train station and the dog handler had been drafted in for the pursuit. (A:  You understand, you’ve got a whole generation who have grown up under martial law. They don’t know that, but they have. And all they’ve seen in all the stuff that they gorge, all these movies and movies and movies and docudramas and stuff like that on TV, is how great the guys in the black outfits are, you know, with big guns and stuff. And so they’re so eager to get in, and once they’re in there, they become the characters they have been watching all their lives in fiction. So anyway, the cops have been called in and it says…)


He and the German Shepherd (A:  ...this guy...) and Belgian Malinois entered a private garden and despite being on a leash the dog still managed to inflict “serious injuries” on the boy. (A:  So the police dog slashed this little boy, in his own garden, a 10-year-old boy.)


Chief Inspector Ian Marsh said: "This poor young boy has gone through an absolutely horrendous ordeal and my thoughts are with him and his family as he recovers from his injuries.


"We apologise unreservedly for what has happened and have launched an investigation (A:  The police are always investigating themselves, and it never goes anywhere.)  to fully understand exactly how an innocent young lad came to be bitten by a police dog in the safety of his own back garden.


"Police dogs and their handlers receive intensive training and play crucial roles in the arrest of suspects day in day out, but on the very rare occasions where things go wrong, it's vital we understand why and learn the lessons to ensure it doesn't happen again."


They’d have said the same thing if they had machine-gunned him.  And nobody would care. You know, you’d forget all this tomorrow, as you will, actually. But I’ll put that one up; that’s the more sanitized version. Then this one here has got a bit more detail in it and it says…


Oldbury boy in hospital after being savaged by police dog in his garden

bbc.co.uk / 27th June 2013


The incident happened at about 15:00 BST on Sunday after officers responded to a report of four men stealing wiring on Western Road, near Langley Green railway station.


A nearby resident described the attack as "disgusting".


She told BBC WM: "Are they going to put the police dog down? This is what we want to know.


"At the end of the day they'd do it to a normal dog (A:  ...meaning, the cattle’s dog, that’s all of you…) so why not a police dog?


"My grandkids are always in this garden." 


But again, this is a trivia thing, because if you went through the papers you’d find stacks of these things happening, stacks of these things happening. And you accept it, it becomes normal to you. Normalized. Brutality becomes normalized as you become disconnected from each other, collectively. That was all done through destruction of the culture, that held you all together in the first place. That was done deliberately too. Quite simple. You can’t get people who hardly know their neighbors, or don’t want to know their neighbors anymore, or maybe they don’t even speak the same languages anymore, to all stand up as the same people because they’re more suspicious of each other; they have nothing in common culturally.



Pensioners living on pocket money as savings crisis hits millions

telegraph.co.uk / Steve Hawkes / 26 Jun 2013


Almost two million retired adults in the UK have less disposable income than the average 11 year-old, as Britain's savings crisis creates a generation of "pension paupers".


Well, so what? Who’s going to care about that? People are disconnected from each other now; no one cares.  I’m okay, I’m okay, Jack, and that’s how it works. There’s thousands of studies on this all the time, to make sure all things are going to plan.


Google not obliged to delete data, rules EU lawyer

(A:  ...this European Union parliamentary lawyer.)

bbc.co.uk / 25 June 2013


Google cannot be obliged to delete sensitive information from its search index, a key adviser to the European Court of Justice has said.


It follows a Spanish case which challenged Google to remove outdated financial details about an individual.


The opinion of advocate general Niilo Jaaskinen could influence a wider EU debate over whether people have "the right to be forgotten".  (A:  No, they’re not going to let you.)


That’s part of the training too. You understand, look up the self-policing and try to get as many articles as you want from academia; they’ve done so many on this, how to teach whole populations to self-police. You’ve already changed your behavior. It’s behavior modification, but you see, putting cameras up is not necessarily to catch anybody. It’s to also train you, in the streets and everywhere else, not to be spontaneous, even happy or anything else, until you walk around with that drab expression that you used to see in all the old Soviet documentaries. You self-police yourself, because you know you’re getting watched, or you suspect you may be getting watched. You have no idea how much of your tax money is spent on making sure they always will own you. You have no idea. Quite something.


Now, here’s an article too.  You don’t know who’s who anymore, do you? You’re taught to hate this group, because society is taught to hate, you understand, by those who are PC, politically correct. They tell you who not to hate and who to hate.  Divide and conquer, isn’t it?  This article here says, from the Telegraph too, mainstream media…


The English Defence League (A:  ...in England.),

the Jewish division and the useful idiots

(A:  ...written by, it’s a guy who should maybe know, Julian Kossoff, you see.)

blogs.telegraph.co.uk / Julian Kossoff / October 19th, 2010


An exasperated friend tells me his father, a fearsome Jewish anti-Fascist in his day, now spouts near-the-knuckle canards about "illegal immigrants" and "asylum seekers". This phenomenon is known as "pulling up the ladder" (A:  ...once a group is in, a special group you see, then you pull it up to ban other ones coming in...) – as each wave of migrants grows to feel at home "aboard" their new country they identify evermore with the host community, sharing in its resentment towards newcomers and not recognising any empathetic connection with their own historical experience.


But when I heard that there were Jews actively supporting the English Defence League (EDL) (A:  ...and you thought it was all... you know.), I thought: "pull the other one". The EDL claims to stand up for Englishness against Islamic extremism, but in truth it is largely a hodgepodge of football hooligans, lumpen boot-boys and cast-offs from seedy neo-Nazi outfits, such as Combat 18.


Its demonstrations, the most recent in Leicester (see video above), have been crude (A:  And they give a video to show you.) exercises in baiting local Asian youth and their anti-racist supporters, with the local constabulary caught in the blood-spattered middle. (A:  Now, it’s not as clear-cut as that, because if you go over the papers in Britain, at one time they were telling you there was actually Asian gangs going around as well beating up the other people. So when you expose some truths, they can also misdirect you off into a different tangent again.)  Anglo-Jewry's Community Security Trust concluded that: "EDL actions are violent and intimidatory, attacking police and random Asians. Any Jews thinking that they can shape such dangerous forces and find shelter there are utterly deluded.”


The Jewish-EDL connection first emerged when Israeli flags were seen at some of the early protest-punch-ups. Initially, it was believed to be a macho homage to Israel's "kill or be killed" policy towards Hamas and Hezbollah terror. (A:  Now, the same thing happened in Norway, remember, to that massacre in Norway, and the guy said that… and of course first it came out that he’d been in touch, he might have even visited the EDL, then they denied it again. But he was all pro Israel and their stance on Muslims. Now, this article goes on to say…) But then stories began to emerge in the Jewish press of an EDL "Jew division". Based on anonymous sources, I dismissed it. . . (A:  ...says the author, as fantastic.)


Mark Gardner, CST communications director, confirms that Jews are running with the EDL: “The Jewish branch is a tiny part of a far larger movement, dominated by white males (A:  ...he says...) who would previously have made up National Front marches and English football hooligan gangs."  (A:  Some folk don’t really like white males either. Understand, this is all getting muddied up here?  It’s something that’s come to the attention of some people who have noticed.)


Indeed, these useful idiots (A:  ...a good term, useful idiots. Now, which ones are the useful idiots?) now have a spokeswoman, Brazilian-born Jewish activist Roberta Moore. She told the Jewish Chronicle that that the Jewish division has around 100 members, "most of whom are Jewish".


"Our members are not hooligans. We are educated people with jobs," said Ms Moore. "If we defend ourselves is that hooliganism? The Jewish community sit in their houses and do nothing. They will enjoy the benefits of our actions." Commonplace EDL "actions" include the frequent use of the Sieg Heil salute by members of the rag-tag mob.


So far, so incredible.


Worse still, on October 24 the EDL plan to hold a "solidarity demonstration" outside the Israeli embassy. The Israeli diplomats are horrified. Adding to the cringe factor, they have rustled-up a rabbi to embellish the cynical ploy aimed at cultivating hatred between Jews and Muslims. (A:  It’s quite the article, this. Back with more on this story after this break.)


Hi folks, we’re back Cutting Through The Matrix, talking about who is who. And even when you think, who’s who, you better check again, you know, and into the world of spookdom and all these different espionage groups, and different groups funded by different governments and so on. This one is about the Jewish factor in the EDL, the English Defense League or fund or whatever they call themselves, or front, and how they’re working with them, a Jewish group. So this guy says…


While many in the Jewish community have understandable concerns about the rise of Islamic fundamentalism – so often streaked through with virulent anti-Semitism. . .


This reminds me of an old Star Trek episode, the old series that they had, with a guy who was halved down the middle, part black and part white, and he fought himself down through the ages. It’s like racial wars that are ancient, still going on. And a lot of the Arabs themselves are Semitic, so they can’t be Anti-Semitic, you see. It’s all confusing isn’t it, because of the terminology we’ve been given, to confuse us.


Then you find this article here…


US bloggers banned from entering UK

bbc.co.uk / 26 June 2013


Two prominent US bloggers have been banned from entering the UK, the Home Office (A:  ...that’s the government office.) has said.


Pamela Geller (A:  ...who’s Jewish.) and Robert Spencer co-founded anti-Muslim group Stop Islamization of America.  (A:  This is from the BBC.)


They were due to speak at an English Defence League march in Woolwich, where Drummer Lee Rigby was killed.


A government spokesman said individuals whose presence "is not conducive to the public good" could be excluded by the home secretary.


He added: "We condemn all those whose behaviours and views run counter to our shared values (A:  Whose shared values?) and will not stand for extremism in any form."


Ms Geller, of the Atlas Shrugs blog, and Mr Spencer, of Jihad Watch, are also co-founders of the American Freedom Defense Initiative, best known for a pro-Israel "Defeat Jihad" poster campaign on the New York subway.  (A:  They’re basically, what used to be called fifth columnists, they’re loyal to, say, another country, but they’re inside another country, and they can often undermine it from within. And that’s what that is.)


On both of their blogs the pair called their bans from entering the UK "a striking blow against freedom" and said "the nation that gave the world the Magna Carta is dead".  (A:  Well it was dead with the first generation of the Magna Cartans.)


They were due to attend a march planned by the far-right EDL to mark Armed Forces Day on 29 June, ending in Woolwich, south east London, where soldier Drummer Rigby was murdered last month.


Then it goes on and on, but then you read this article here… So in other words, who is manipulating all this? The world of spookdom, folks, is really, really thick. It says…


UK far-right fascist group EDL mocks Stephen Hawking

(A:  You know, the guy that’s apparently paralyzed and he’s in a wheelchair and he’s a scientist and all that.)

presstv.ir / Jun 26, 2013


The far-right fascist group, English Defence League (EDL) (A:  How can they call one group racist but not the other ones? See, they’re very selective, because they are all, really.) has made a fake, mocked up video of the iconic scientist and theoretical physicist, Stephen Hawking.  (A:  So they made a fake one to mock Stephen Hawking. I mean, you couldn’t pick someone more helpless to mock, if you want to be hated for doing so.)


The false footage, now on YouTube, shows Hawking supporting the EDL’s fascist ideology and hate towards the faith of Islam in his characteristic synthesized voice.  (A:  They can take anybody’s voice and synthesize it and make it appear that it’s you.)


The fake information on the video shows Hawking saying, “Thankfully groups like the EDL are helping the English media wake up to the threat posed by the Islamification of England”. . .


But then you find out another one and it says that Stephen Hawking’s had marches against him, pretty well, massive protests because he wouldn’t attend the Israeli conference on science.  He had things he said he didn’t like about what Israel was doing in their policies.  Who put out the stuff?  Who put out the stuff on Stephen Hawking? And they’re working with the EDL?


From Hamish and myself from Ontario, Canada, it’s good night and may your God or your Gods GO with you. 



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