June 28, 2013 (#1363)

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Poem Copyright Alan Watt June 28, 2013:

Democracy Trending as Freedom is Ending:

"There's Total War on Mind and Body
Using Perfected Techniques, Never Shoddy,
Majority of People Trained Not to See,
Each Living in His/Her "Bubble of Me",
Globalist Foundations say They Must
Fulfil Objectives by Using Public Trust,
And Trust They Do, Very Naive,
Rejecting Proof when Rulers Deceive,
Knowing Investigation May Bring Trouble,
Re-evaluating Self, Bursting Bubble,
Re-learning Everything is Quite the Task
When You See what's Behind the Mask,
Respectable People You Used to Follow,
Features Grotesque, Words All Hollow,
What is Truth? -- Asked Pontius Pilate,
It's P.R. Marketed by Corporate Pirate,
John Lennon's All I Want is the Truth,
In Today's Directed Neurolinguistic Spoof"
© Alan Watt June 28, 2013


Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - June 28, 2013 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)

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Hi folks.  I am Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix on the 28th of June, 2013. Now those who are just tuning in should go into the website cuttingthroughthematrix.com and help themselves to lots of audios where I go through the system you’re born into. The system is never explained to you. You take it for granted, really, because everyone else does. And we’re all split by generations, even a few years between is really a generation today as far as the big boys are concerned. Because you’re programmed at school even to get your fake reality, so that you can’t really think outside of the box. People who’ve studied propaganda and indoctrination admit that, and I’m talking about philosophers and so on. They actually admit that if you don’t get your early indoctrination at school then subsequent propaganda and lies won’t take on you; you’ll still be able to see through them. So it’s very important to get indoctrinated very early. It even starts earlier than that because you get that even through cartoons as a child watching television; all the PC stuff is pushed into that.  And the novelists, and the workers and so on, even in novels, they all get paid to insert all these PC updates too. 


So I go through the whole system of how it works and so on and the big corporations, the internationalists basically, the foundation leaders that have massive tax-free foundations, run armies of NGOs across the world, all the strategies, rights for this, rights for that, which really ends up having chaos in society, so they can control us all much, much better, and destroy the old system, which has to be done they say, to bring in the new. The new is really a completely different scientific tyranny, and it’s really pretty well here actually; it’s working pretty well as we go into it.  So help yourself to the website.


Remember too, you bring me to you and if you can buy the books and discs at cuttingthroughthematrix.com where I go through all this conology, the art of conology, then you can start to understand what’s been going on and how it’s all presented to you. [Order and donation options listed above.]  And straight donations, I always say this, are seriously welcome because we’re going through planned inflation of course, as we all know; we all see it every day with the prices in stores and so on.  That’s to get you into austerity down the road too; it’s already happening. That’s part of the big plan. How else can they bring you into austerity, except make it seem that they must bring you into it through inflation of the currencies because they’ve got problems in the banks, etc. Of course it’s all nonsense because the banks have been plundering us for centuries, and they always do at least two big plunders per century, and a whole bunch, or a few ones in between too, smaller ones, and we’ve been bailing them out ever since.


Of course nothing will change in that system because the big boys at the top, that started the big foundations to bring in a new type of world order, a new system of living, a totally controlled system of living, were the top international lenders of their day. They lent to governments and nations, not just individuals, and of course their offspring still do. They set up institutions which sound very official, but they’re actually private foundations like the Royal Institute of International Affairs/Council on Foreign Relations and they have organizations like this across the whole planet. The Royal Institute of International Affairs created the Trilateral Commission, the CFR and a whole bunch of them, the Institute for Pacific Relations too that’s been working for 70 years on eventually bringing a whole Far Eastern bloc, like China, Australia and New Zealand and all these countries together, with China to be the dominant partner. Because they plan to bring it up to be the producer of the world for all manufactured goods.


So here we live through plans, you see. We’re living through a script; it’s all scripted in advance. The media is there of course to con you left, right, and give you false reasons why things are happening, keep you entertained as well and give you lots and lots of trivia, and oohs and aahs, etc. and that works awfully well. Back in the 30s it was the Rockefeller Brothers that got together with the top, the J.P. Morgan bunch and the whole bunch got together to decide how many papers in the US they would need to control, totally, and then the others would follow. They said 30 main ones, and magazines, and they could control the whole country; it’s much more than that now of course. It was done a long time ago, folks. Back with more after this.


Hi folks, we’re back Cutting Through The Matrix. As I say, the world is a joke in a sense as far as the media goes and what they give you for news. Because they’re not there to give you truth. Remember, most news comes through a couple of agencies. And why do you think that is? It’s like everything else, it’s business and everything else, it’s control, total control. That’s what it’s for. Of course the average person doesn’t know that, especially in the US; they have so many television channels that they think they get more news than anybody else.  But it isn’t true at all. It’s all managed. Of course, you believe it’s the truth so your points of view, your opinions are given to you, and you’re actually guided to your opinions quite easily through techniques which are really very well understood by those who give you the news.


But you find this article as an example. It’s supposed to be about Africa…


In Africa, Obama lauds democracy but urges progress on gay rights

uk.reuters.com / Jeff Mason and Daniel Flynn / Jun 27, 2013


(Reuters) - President Barack Obama, kicking off a long-awaited African tour, lauded a U.S. Supreme Court ruling on gay marriage as a victory for democracy (Alan: Now, what’s that got to do with the African tour for goodness sake, eh? This is the big story. So he’s a front man of course and he’s showing he’s a front man by pushing homosexual marriage and so on.) and urged African nations to end discrimination against homosexuals.


(A:  Then it goes on to talk about another reason he’s there. It’s the free trade agreement, the AGOA free trade agreement.)  In only his second visit to Africa since taking office, Obama hailed the advance of democracy there and said he was looking at ways to extend the AGOA free trade agreement, due to expire in 2015, to create more jobs. (A:  It will create more jobs, just like Europe created more jobs and there’s more unemployment than ever before. Because they’ve got an African bloc, you see. Of course we’ve got Africorps and Africom in there too; America’s got big, big plans for Africa. They’ve got a few wars to go there yet too, because it’s also Muslim countries as well. So this is nonsense, the stuff he’s feeding you here.)


"I see this a moment of great promise for the continent," (A:  Now, I don’t know which one of his speechwriters wrote this for him, because they never say anything by themselves.)  Obama told a news conference in Senegal's capital Dakar. "All too often the world overlooks the amazing progress that Africa is making, including progress in strengthening democracy."


Flanked by Senegal's President Macky Sall, Obama said the treatment of lesbians and gays in Africa remained "controversial". Homosexuality is illegal in Muslim Senegal.  (A:  So that gives you a clue of who wrote the article too. So Muslims in Senegal will have to get, you know, whacked like everybody else.)


The U.S. Supreme Court ruling on Wednesday, announced as Obama flew to Senegal aboard Air Force One, made married gay men and women eligible for federal benefits, striking down part of the 1996 Defense of Marriage Act.


(A:  And this is what Obama’s speechwriter said…) "It was a victory for American democracy," Obama said.


(A:  Now, America was not a democracy. It was not set up to be a democracy, for a very good reason.  Because the founding fathers knew that, from past experience, going all the way back to ancient Greece, what happens with democracy. You end up with a form of, a small group controlling a type of communism, and then you have massive uprisings and the whole thing falls apart and you’re back down to the Stone Age basically. Mind you, the big boys that created it all leave the country and they’re off somewhere else safely, as they set up the next country for the fall. So it’s supposed to be a Republic and that’s why they called it a Republic. That’s why they named it after Republic, meaning that those who would change it in any other way would be actually treasonous to the nation. And it’s all happened. I think it was President Wilson that was the one of the first guys that called it a democracy, and he actually was just a front man too, a little puppet really for Mandell House, and Lord Earl Grey from Britain was his contact man for the group that became the Royal Institute of International Affairs, and of course they brought in the Federal Reserve and everything else.  So it’s been managed that way ever since. Professor Carroll Quigley, the historian for the Council on Foreign Relations admits all that stuff. Apart from that if you read the book by Mandell House himself, he tells you he was the guy who drafted it all up for Wilson to do. So it goes on and on and then it says…)


However, the court fell short of a broader ruling endorsing a fundamental right of gay people to marry, meaning there will be no impact in the more than 30 states that do not recognize gay marriage. 


Well they’ll keep a war going with that until no one is having children at all, you know, or else they’re all genetically modified, which ties in actually with the old idea that Aldous Huxley talked about in Brave New World, where they’d breed the new classes of people down the road. It’s already happening. There’s an article in the paper there were Britain’s okayed the three-parent in-vitro fertilization process where they take out, you know, the bad genes that MIGHT give you a heritable disease down the road, might, may, you know, may.  It doesn’t tell you of course in any of the diseases how much may means. But it’s really to take out genes and make you placid and compliant and happy little, you know, betas and thetas and all the rest of it, and deltas, etc. That’s what it’s for, you see. And they’ll get their way too. But at the moment they don’t want people to breed, at least the wrong kind of people, and that’s all the ones down below a certain income level. Winners and losers they call them, at the top.


UK government backs three-person IVF

bbc.co.uk / 27 June 2013 / James Gallagher


Also too, it’s interesting that I tuned in last night to just regular AM stations and some of the big ones in the States and so on, and they bring on the so-called specialists, the same ones that bring on Bigfoot and so on. But they had someone on talking about, oh the global warming… how we’ll all have to change, my God it’s going to be awful. Now, a lot of folk have been so immersed in trivia nonsense, or even just working hard, or else they’re partying hard, one of the two, and they don’t know, they’ve never noticed that we’ve been under geoengineering, constantly since 1998.


Way back in the 50s and 60s they tested this stuff out, and right through the decades since up to 1998. In 1998 they started in serious business and they were actually spraying daily, still are. Then you go into the 1970s Weather Warfare Treaties act at the United Nations – you can look it up yourself; there’s a whole bunch of them – where they went through what they could do at that time with weather warfare, by using electromagnetic pulse waves and so on – that’s the HAARP technologies, ELF.  They could also superheat the atmosphere, they could stop the jet stream, and they could lower the jet stream too, bring it right down to ground level, where it shouldn’t be, and create chaos actually. And sure enough, in the 90s when they were spraying heavily we get the first of these oddball things where the jet stream was coming down and creating swaths, like a road, straight through a forest, straight as a die; guided you might say.  That’s been reported too in different major news publications, about this strange phenomena. So yeah, they can literally manipulate the jet stream.  And of course the AM guys that were all pushing the global warming stuff and, oh, we’ll all have to change our way of living, which is the real intention of all of this for those who don’t understand it. Then you’ll find that you really won’t understand what’s going on at all, the real reasons for it. It’s not happening by itself.


Tonight I’ll put up a video from a geoengineering group that goes through some of this too. And remember, there’s different kinds of spray; they only mention one type I think in this video, of spray, the one that stops rain. Because they have sprays that can start rain, cause rain, and ones that can stop rain as well. And they’ve tried them all out. Certain areas are getting one type, other areas are getting another. Where I am here it’s pretty well flood time.  They just keep giving you rain, rain, rain, rain, rain, and the jet stream pretty well is just sitting there. It’s just nothing; it’s not moving. Again, right out of the Weather Warfare Treaty at the United Nations. They also can create earthquakes with it too, just with the HAARP itself by the way, for those who want to look it up. And it’s not fantasy at all; it’s in a treaty. They don’t sign treaties at the United Nations unless these things could already be done, you understand.


LIVE Updated Presentation - The Most Important Topic of Our Time

youtube.com /  Jun 20, 2013


And we all have to be trained to go into austerity. You also have to go through with Agenda 21, also called the Millennium Project, because they want you all off the rural areas and leave it eventually to big agribusinesses, which will get it all for free, because you’ll walk off from flooded areas without a penny and things like that, you see. Either that or they’ll scorch you out, one of the two. They can do either.  And also, so they just prompt you off, they prompt you off the land, because you’ll never figure out what’s really happening.  You’ll believe all the mainstream talking heads and you don’t realize there’s a war being created upon you all the time.  It’s well, well documented. The geoengineers themselves have these big world meetings and they have the little smiles on their face when they say, if we ever start this geoengineering, and of course we know they’re doing it. Because they said themselves they could create havoc across the world with altering weather patterns when they start. Well, they’ve already done it a long time ago. Cause and effect.


Remember too, you have to go into austerity, you understand. You’ll have to believe that you are at the fault for all these things happening and you have to go into austerity. Well, they’ll prompt you into it. They’ll make you believe you are the guilty party and you can’t have the same kind of food anymore.  You’ll have to eat insects; they keep pushing the insects and locusts and stuff like that for eating and so on and so on.  And you’ve got to pay high, high bills for all kinds of energy and get very little back, energy that is, in return for it.


The same with food. The same boys who control so much of the market, and this ties in with the NSA exposures and so on – I’ve had articles up there where it’s been admitted that these exposures in the NSA, and not just the NSA, all the groups involved, CIA and all the rest of them, MI6, Mossad and so on.  These boys give those in-the-know, the multibillionaires at the top all the tips on where to invest stock and so on and what’s going to happen. You can’t lose that way, you see, and they’ve been doing that all along. So when it comes into food, now they have the food market, the world food market, a big casino just like the stock market. And they’re betting, they put it into futures market, all the food industry across the planet and they can bet on where the places are that are going to have drought now, and win money from countries going down through drought, or they can flood them and win that way too. Plus the same boys, mind you, the same multibillionaires, are owners of the big Agri businesses, and they have bases in Latin America that they’ll start flooding food into the US with.  It’s all worked out in advance, folks.


That’s how advanced things are. In fact, this is hardly advanced at all as to what really is out there, that you haven’t been told yet. It’s not sci-fi. There’s nothing I’m saying that you can’t find if you do scrolls through university sciences and so on, on different topics like this. There’s nothing sci-fi about anything at all. The whole technique in this world is to make you agree that you are the guilty person and you’re collectively guilty. That technique has been played on most folk for the last 40 to 50 years, starting with one thing and then going on to other things as well. It’s a great technique.  So as I say, I’ll put up this article tonight…


Western US states baked by blistering heat wave

bbc.co.uk / 28 June 2013


And they mention the jet stream, it’s just stopped. It’s like stuck, it needs a nudge. Back with more after this.


Now, tonight I’ll put up too an article to do with Thailand, because Thailand is getting kind of whacked in a more subtle way. They did send in, they call them the Redshirts in there, I think it’s the Soros bunch, for color revolutions.  But they actually started a lot of violence there last year and they’re still trying to overthrow it. Because you see, Thailand still isn’t going into the World Bank and the IMF and into massive debt. It’s only a matter of time before they are forced to it. So the big boys at the top, the big corporations, the cabals themselves that monopolize everything, are trying to bring down their food supply as well, by devaluation or not buying their stuff. That’s how you can do it, you simply don’t buy it.


The same with coffee producers too. Do you know that in the 90s the coffee producers were told, by the purchasers – there’s only a handful of purchasers, probably all the same shareholders again – that they had to put GM plants in for the coffee beans, and they wouldn’t buy it otherwise. So you’ve been drinking GM coffee for years now, since the 90s. Now, why would they care? The farmers weren’t complaining; they were getting good crops. It hasn’t increased their yields. But now they’ve got to buy all these pesticides too that go along with it, the special stuff as well, you see, which of course you end up drinking and all the rest of it.


But getting back to Thailand, as I say, they’re trying to undermine them there by interfering with their food supply and their purchases and their sales abroad and so on. They’re also using India and Pakistan to compete with their rices, against them as well. The big boys are famous for this, monopolization and corporate cabals that get together and do this kind of stuff; they do it in every single field in the world. Everything in the world that you need – I’ve mentioned this so many times – and this goes back a hundred years to when they set up this organization of very elite people and private foundations. They decided that they had the right to take over everything that human beings need to live on. That’s your food, water, energy, everything you purchase, you name it, and it was their right to do so. And that’s how they control all of you. And it’s going on.


Thai farmers protest at rice subsidy cut - euronews.com / 25/06/13


Rice exports from India may fall - bangkokpost.com / 28 Jun 2013


So everything that you take for granted, like you’re drinking some of your water or whatever, or some food, believe you me, you’re going to getting taught that you can’t take it for granted, by the guys who own it all. It’s going to cost you an awful lot of money. Remember, to bring you into austerity they mean that everything, everything that you purchase and you need to stay alive, your basic essentials, is going to cost you a fortune. You won’t have any money left over for anything else, except of course your cheap cell phones and so on which will give you entertainment. You must get entertainment when they’re bringing you down. It keeps folk quite happy actually.




Monsanto’s Claims on GMO Food Undermined by Scientific Research

obrag.org / Jill Richardson /AlterNet / June 25, 2013


Oops. The World Food Prize committee’s got a bit of egg on its face—genetically engineered egg. They just awarded the World Food Prize (A:  Have you ever heard of that, the World Food Prize? Well of course this goes back to Bernays; he set up these organizations in his day, the same kind of thing, not this particular one. And he would bring in specialists that would confuse the public who’d say, oh my God, specialists, this product is fantastic, you got to buy it. And they would give themself a name like the Institute of Blah-blah-blah-blah-blah and you’d believe them; they’re all fronts. It’s kind of like all the prizes they give themselves in Hollywood, to give to each other prizes, by the same people; so the same people give themselves prizes every year, you know. Anyway, the world food prize…) to three scientists, including one from Syngenta and one from Monsanto, who invented genetic engineering because, they say, the technology increases crop yields and decreases pesticide use. (A:  It just happens to be that this group, the World Food Prize, the ones that run it, their sponsors are Monsanto and Syngenta.   [Alan chuckles.]  So they give themselves prizes...) (Perhaps not coincidentally, Monsanto and Syngenta are major sponsors of the World Food Prize, along with a third biotech giant, Dupont Pioneer.)  (A:  Dupont is into everything, big war industry boys too, all the powder for all the armaments and so on.)


Monsanto makes the same case on its website, saying:


“Since the advent of biotechnology, there have been a number of claims from anti-biotechnology activists that genetically modified (GM) crops don’t increase yields. Some have claimed that GM crops actually have lower yields than non-GM crops… GM crops generally have higher yields due to both breeding and biotechnology.”


But that’s not actually the case. A new peer-reviewed study published in the International Journal of Agricultural Sustainability examined those claims and found that conventional plant breeding, not genetic engineering, is responsible for yield increases in major U.S. crops. Additionally, GM crops, also known as genetically engineered (GE) crops, can’t even take credit for reductions in pesticide use.


The study’s lead author, Jack Heinemann, is not an anti-biotechnology activist, as Monsanto might want you to believe. (A:  He’s actually a genetic engineer himself.)  “I’m a genetic engineer.”  


The study compared major crop yields and pesticide use in North America, which relies heavily on GE crops, and Western Europe, which grows conventionally bred non-GE crops. The study’s findings are important for the future of the U.S. food supply, and therefore for the world food supply since the U.S. is a major exporter of many staple crops.


Heinemann, a professor of molecular biology at the University of Canterbury in New Zealand and director of the Center for Integrated Research in Biosafety, says he first began looking into the matter after he heard a remark made by Paul Collier in 2010.


Collier “made the offhand remark during his talk that because Europe has shunned GMOs [genetically modified organisms], it’s lost productivity compared to the US,” Heinemann recalls. 


So that’s when he started to look into it and started getting all the data and so on.  And the ordinary crops are far, far superior. Plus they don’t all get wiped out at once because there are different varieties in a normal crop, of different strains.  But the GM stuff, they’re all cloned, they’re all the same and when something attacks them they all die, you all lose out. And they need an awful lot more pesticides now too.   They’ve caused an awful lot of problems so far. I’ll put this up tonight as well along with this one too…


Genetically modified organisms (GMOs) (A:  Now, again, another study shows to cause the same thing…) shown to cause organ damage in new study (A:  ...the latest study.)

examiner.com / June 11, 2013 / Judson Parker


GMOs are crops that have been engineered in a lab to produce their own pesticides or to resist heavy applications of chemical pesticides like Roundup (produced by the Monsanto Company).


Pigs that ate the genetically modified feed in the study had a markedly higher instance of stomach inflammation than pigs on a non-GMO diet. (A:  When they dissect them it’s like the craters in the moon. Back with more after this.)


Hi folks, we’re back Cutting Through The Matrix, reading about the GMO crops and so on and how they feed this stuff to pigs as well. Pigs are closer to people than most animals in even their digestive systems, and they all have digestive problems with it, ulcers, you name it, and it just ruins them. Of course you end up eating the pig as well. The big boys don’t eat this stuff; they’ve got their own particular supplies; they set that up long, long ago. Even the guys who work at Monsanto – I’ve read the articles here – won’t have GE food in their own cafeterias. The same as the British Parliament that’s forcing it on the British people there, they will not eat this stuff themselves because they know what it does to us, you see. They know what it does. It also helps to sterilize you as well. It has a whole bunch of effects as well, xenoestrogens, you name it, blah-blah-blah. And there’s lots and lots of documentation on it. It doesn’t matter.  Because in this article here it actually says that...


Dr. Carman was quick to point out that no food regulator in the world currently requires a safety assessment for the possible toxic effects of mixtures of genetically modified genes in the food supply. Regulators simply assume that they can't happen.


Actually Monsanto and the big boys made it ILLEGAL for anyone to test their stuff. Doesn’t that tell you that everybody at the top of the tree...  You don’t have a government as you think you’ve got a government.  There’s big corporations running everything. And actually it will come down to a handful, if it’s not already, running everything, under many guises, many names, and that actually is the case in some respects.  So anyway, this is your food supply, folks.  And you’ll pay and they profit as they kill you off. It’s not a bad way to do their long-term goals is it? Not bad at all. 


They’re very efficient, these guys, especially when they know that the general public will never believe. You know, the general public won’t believe anything unless it comes from someone who is famous, well known, on television and the regular newscaster on the major networks. That’s what they’ve been trained to believe. Brzezinski talked about it too. He says, the public shortly will be unable to think for themselves, they’ll expect the media to do their reasoning for them. Why do you think they pay these guys who are fossils falling off chairs, and the women too with a thousand facelifts and everything else, why do you think they keep them on there till they’re about 60 and 70?  It’s because you’ve grown up with them, you trust them. It’s basic psychology.


Also too, remember, the same con games with NAFTA, the North American Free Trade Agreement, and with the British European agreement too, on free trade, free trade, you know, oh it’s just free trade, you better join or you’ll be left behind… Here’s the same con from the same bunch. Now, the IMF is just a branch of the World Bank and it comes under the Bank for International Settlements, a trio created by one group, the Royal Institute of International Affairs, to take over the world by finances, and controlling the world through finance. Private organizations.  Yet they’re treated though today as though they’re the ultimate experts on everything.  Every President and Prime Minister bows to them, because they know the score and they all belong to the same organization, the CFR/Royal Institute of International Affairs; they’re told what to do. But it says…


IMF: ‘Climate change will create jobs’

thehill.com / Ben Geman / 06/27/13


(A:  Says the IMF.  Climate change, how can we use this?  What do they always say there at the CFR? They always say, how can we use this disaster to our advantage? Whatever they do, they create wars and then they do the same thing.)


Christine Lagarde, the managing director of the International Monetary Fund, (A:  ...who pays no taxes at all, by the way.  Isn’t that amazing.  And they get special food supplies as well. Did you know that?) said Thursday that climate change will drive job creation.


“Climate change will create jobs. It will create disasters before it creates jobs, but it will create jobs,” Lagarde said on the MSNBC program “Morning Joe.”


Her remark came in a wide-ranging interview about the global economy.  (A:  I mean, you should see the scandals that these characters have been involved in too in their past. Look it up and see, Christine Lagarde and the rest of them.)


She cited climate change in response to a question about where job growth can occur at a time when workers are getting displaced by automation.


“It is a major issue, particularly at a time when robot-ization is developing in many of these advanced economies,” she said.


“But you know there will be areas of growth. You talk about green growth — that will be associated with particular jobs for which the training has not yet been invented and needs to be aggregated and put together,” Lagarde said Thursday.  (A:  She didn’t say ‘proactive,’ though, eh. They always put proactive in with stuff like that.)


She also noted jobs associated with caring for aging populations.  (A:  Well they want to bump us all off. Here’s the pill, it’s cheaper than treating you with your illness.)


Her comments arrive as Republicans are attacking President Obama’s second-term climate agenda unveiled earlier this week, arguing that new power plant emissions rules in particular will cost jobs and raise energy costs.   (A:  ...etc. etc.  And it is.)


All the big boys, the same people, the same boys that own the GMO and own this and own that, and own all the chemical companies that are spraying you overhead all the time, are really up to big, big things to make this whole illusion work, you understand, to bring in their system of total control. It’s quite fascinating to read communism and the centralization of government.  They start with centralization of government, then you form blocs, like communist blocs, or EU blocs, or NAFTA blocs, and then you centralize governmental power once again, into a central government, like the EU, the monstrosity, the EU Parliament.  It’s all here. Karl Marx talked about it. But the guys who pushed it, drafted it all up, were a private organization. Guess who? Again, the Royal Institute of International Affairs.  They set up the United Nations, before that they set up the League of Nations, and they set up the World Bank and the BIS and all the rest of it. Because you see, those boys at the top own those private companies like the BIS.  This is the world you live in, folks. Democracy?  [Alan chuckles.]  These are private organizations, and they’ll run you with the might of power, and they own everything. And you let them.


Also this article…


Military Escalation. Qatar “Friends of Syria” Conference Opens “New Stage” in Syrian War

globalresearch.ca / James Cogan / June 24, 2013


See, it’s all going all quiet. That’s because we’re pumping all the armaments in right now for the final assault on Syria. Because they were on the list, as I said, back in the 90s from the PNAC group, the Project for the New American Century group; there was also an Israeli group too that worked with them. Every country that was on that list has been taken out so far except Iran and also Syria. So they have still to go. And there’s other countries too, even ones in Africa which I mentioned earlier.


Also, again...


Banks Must Disclose Debt Reliance From 2015 in Basel Plan

bloomberg.com / Jim Brunsden / Jun 26, 2013


Bank investors will be able to assess which lenders are over-reliant on debt starting in 2015.


The Basel Committee on Banking Supervision . . .


Now, the Basel Committee on Banking Supervision is just one of the branches of the Bank for International Settlements, the private group again, that owns the World Bank and all the rest of it. You see. So here they are getting us all ready for something big happening in 2015. They are too, because they’ve all signed agreements from the BIS, Bank for International Settlements, every country has just in the last month or so, to do bail-ins, you know, which is just robbing the public of their deposits and so on. And the date for it is set at about 2015. Then it will be legal for them to plunder you. They’re awfully good crooks, you know. They’re good, awfully good. They’re allowed to plunder you because they make it legal. And again, we sit and let it happen.


 Residents angry as RCMP [Royal Canadian Mounted Police] seize guns from High River homes

calgaryherald.com / Trevor Howell / June 28, 2013


In Alberta.  It’s got a video with it too. I’ll put that up too, to show you it’s just like New Orleans, that’s what they did in New Orleans.  Well here it is in Canada and the folk are very, very unhappy that they couldn’t get back into their houses and then when they did everything was gone. They had no permission, the cops had no permission to go in. But you understand, you think you’re living in democracies don’t you? No matter how many times it’s proven wrong you still want to believe it, don’t you?


Britain of course is avant-garde in many things, because it’s like Canada and the whole Commonwealth... We’re the cutting edge, the avant-garde of new normals, you see.


Definition of confusion: UK govt to re-term ‘husband’ and ‘wife’

rt.com / June 28, 2013


(A:  Isn’t that wonderful? We’ve got a branch in government that can remake and give you new terminology, and what it means, when it suits them, you see. It says here…)


A man can be a “wife” and a woman can be a “husband,” the UK government has decided, overruling the Oxford English Dictionary and effectively putting an end to the traditional meanings of the words for marriage partners.  (A:  Because you see, they’ve got to destroy marriage altogether; part of the Communist Manifesto, which of course was paid for by the big boys like the Royal Institute of International Affairs.  They backed communism all through its period. Their companies that owned the agribusinesses at that time in Canada and the States, FED the Soviet Union right to the end – they couldn’t even feed themselves – they were always competing for big massive grain contracts.)


 The move has been denounced as the vocabulary of “cloud cuckoo land” and “gobbledegook” by critics who believe that the terms ‘husband’ and ‘wife’ should have their traditional meanings preserved.  (A:  Actually, well they hate that term, you understand, and it’s got to be destroyed.)


Updated explanatory notes in The Marriage (Same Sex Couples) Bill (A:  ...Same Sex Couples Bill…) being considered by the government is causing it to have to redefine the two terms, “clarifying” what it means.


“‘Husband’ here will include a man or a woman in a same sex marriage, as well as a man married to a woman. In a similar way, “wife” will include a woman married to another woman or a man married to a man,” says the new footnote.


However, the traditional male-only meaning of husband and female-only understanding of wife could return in some cases – to “ensure that gender-specific terms such as ‘husband’ keep their gender-specific effect.”  (A:  Can you believe this communistic rubbish?  That’s exactly the way they would word something in the communist system, with bureaucracy, massive bureaus spewing out all this rubbish and then ordering you to say these things, OR they’ll put you in prison. Can you believe it? But you want to believe in democracy, don’t you?)


“The term ‘husband’ will in future legislation include a man who is married to another man (but not a woman in a marriage with another woman); and ‘wife’ will include a woman who is married to another woman (but not a man married to another man) unless specific alternative provision is made,” declares the drafted legislation.  (A:  Now, maybe a guy wants to be called a woman, maybe two of the guys want to be called a woman, that are married to each other.  I guess they’ll fix that in some subnote somewhere.)


It doesn’t matter though. This is the main thing, of course, that has to be pushed across the whole planet. It’s the most important thing, that’s going to cure all of our ills, of massive financial depressions, inflation, no jobs and so on. No, this is the prime thing that has to be forked out. Because you see, it means a lot in the future, as fewer and fewer folk get married to have children, etc. They don’t want children. How are you going to bring the population down if you have children for goodness sake? 


Now again, meaning is always… Reality is always changing. And every country has got a Department of Statistics, you see, it’s national, your government runs them.  Just like they had in George Orwell’s 1984, you know, choco rations are up, when it actually went down in size. It says the double-dip recession in Britain never actually happened…


Double-Dip: Recession Never Actually Happened

uk.news.yahoo.com / Jun 27, 2013


The Office for National Statistics (ONS) says updates to its past calculations on the performance of the UK economy mean Britain was never in a double-dip recession after all.  (A:  Now, they changed all the rules and the laws with banking, but no, we weren’t in one at all.)


Revised GDP data showed that output was actually flat in the first three months of 2012 - rather than shrinking as had first been measured - meaning there was no second recession.  (A:  At all. Well that’s nice to know isn’t it? The Department of Stats. With stats you can do anything you want, right?)


And then Britain that’s pushing, you know, same-sex marriage and all the rest of it, same-gender marriage and what is a man? what is a woman? And redefining everything. This is what the British get for joining the EU, jobs jobs jobs, you see.  Just like, you know, global catastrophe and climate is going to create jobs jobs jobs, you see. It says…


Earn £48k As A Lap Dancer, Careers Advisers Say

uk.news.yahoo.com / Jun 26, 2013


(A:  This is what they’re telling the British young girls, you see.)


Young entrepreneurs have been offered career advice by a Welsh Government-backed scheme on how to earn up to £48,000 as a lap dancer, stripper or escort.


The "aspirational career opportunities" were featured on the Business Wales website, where those interested in moving into the industry were told they could command an average of £232 an evening - an annual income of between £24,000 and £48,000.


Users interested in setting up escort agencies were advised "the escorts provide companionship to the client when attending events such as a formal dinner or the theatre".


The factsheet went on to explain clients typically included single businessmen and women (A:  I guess there’s different kinds now as well, eh.) who hired an escort to "accompany" them to events and holidays.


It said: "Escort agencies usually have several escorts on their books. Agencies charge escorts an 'introduction fee' of between 25% and 55% of what the client pays to the escort."  (A:  But of course you do extra things too for a bit more money, which they can’t publish.)


The guide pointed out it was an offence for an agency to "incite escorts to act as prostitutes" (A:  ...so they can’t say it legally...) but went on to provide links to websites offering "transsexual post-operation and submissive escorts".  (A:  Boy, we’re screwed now, eh. The whole world is kaput.)


Carwyn Jones, the First Minister of Wales, has now launched an investigation into the gaffe.  (A:  ...because they didn’t really want it to get out. Well it has got out and that’s it. This is from governments. But it doesn’t matter now though. Someone was telling me in the States there, I think it was in the Michigan area, that they even had 12-year-olds in bikinis in car washes at one place. And no one cares. All the dirty old guys go down there and other genders as well and stare at them and you know.)


Also this article here to do with...


GM Cabbage with Scorpion Poison Coming Soon

gaia-health.com / by Heidi Stevenson /  June 25, 2013


(A:  I mean, nothing is sacred. Cabbage was the last staple for folk at the bottom, prison camps, you name it, or even general prisons. GM Cabbage now has scorpion poison.  It’s coming soon it says.)


Agribusiness is in a mad rush to take over the earth, and seems willing to stop at nothing. Coming soon is cabbage with scorpion poison engineered in every cell. Of course, they claim it’s safe and will result in less pesticide use (A:  They always say that as they dump more and more on it.), but history and logic say otherwise. Who will wake from the insane mating between Agribiz and GMOs?  (A:  I’ll put that up tonight too, for anybody that cares. I don’t think most folk care today, they’re so used to just eating stuff that’s just soaked with sauces, to give it a kind of flavor because nothing else has got a taste anymore.)


And also this one too. I mentioned it yesterday; I’ll put it up again tonight too.   


Greater Lifetime Pesticide Use Causes Telomere Shortening

greenmedinfo.com / June 26th 2013 / Case Adams


Researchers from Northwestern University's School of Medicine have determined that the use of certain pesticides over a lifetime produces a shortening of chromosome telomeres.


It’s mainly men who are being affected by it too. But we know all this stuff. How many times do we have to be told about it? We know also that we get sterilized too with these xenoestrogens, etc. But it’s also affecting the telomeres in your cells, so they don’t last; when they reproduce they die off quicker and quicker. Your life is shortened, in other words, and so on.


Now, for all the greenies out there, the great armies of greenies that want us all to live like the caveman basically in little huts and all that, mind you they’re all funded by the big incredibly rich multitrillion dollar private foundations owned by Ford, Carnegie and Rockefeller, and there’s even Rothschild with his groups as well.  They’ve got them all over the place, to make sure that they end up controlling all the power of the world and the food and everything else, you see. That’s what it’s really for. Their leaders know this, the ones that lead all the mobs – they’ve got it all worked out – the followers haven’t a clue. You always need died-in-the-wool believers, true believers to follow you; they don’t know.


Horrified birdwatchers see rare White-throated Needletail (A:  ...bird, this is a very rare bird.) killed after it flies into a wind turbine

independent.co.uk / Rob Williams / 28 June 2013


I’ll put that one up tonight too. It’s bye-bye birdie. So they went to see this thing, and you see the photograph of this thing getting splattered to bits with the wonderful windmills.  That’s what they do, they just mesh them all up, you know. I guess, how can we use this disaster to our advantage? Well, one of the big agribusinesses, the boys will get in there too, get all the mess on the bottom of the windmill and sell it back to us in some reprocessed form or another no doubt, you know. There’s always a profit in misery, you know. Back with more after this.


Hi folks, I’m back Cutting Through The Matrix.  Tonight I’ll also put up links that also concern killing off the birds and so on. See, you kill off all the birds and then you get lots more mosquitoes and you get lots more deerfly and horsefly and everything else. Of course, it creates the impression that, oh it’s global warming and so on. It all ties together, you see. I’ll put up links that I put up a few months back to do with the ministry of agriculture in the US, and the big boys for Monsanto and all the rest of them. They’re poisoning all, millions… They’ve even got them all broken down into statistics, how many of these species they’re killing, millions every year. Millions are getting killed every year. Because the big agribusiness boys said, oh well you know, they raid our crops and take seeds and things. Well, they’ve always raided crops; that’s part of living, you give and take, you see. But not when the big boys’ stuff is getting stolen, you see, by birds; they’re killing millions and millions of them. I’ll put these articles up from the governments’ websites themselves and other ones there too. For all you greenies out there, that just love, you know, all these big propellers and all that and stuff like that.


Now also it says…


Israel leads global drone exports as demand grows

webcache.googleusercontent.com / TIA GOLDENBERG, Associated Press / June 5, 2013


BEN-GURION AIRPORT, Israel (AP) — In an expansive hangar in central Israel, workers toil on one of the world's most contentious aircraft, fitting dozens of drones with advanced sensors, cameras and lasers before they are shipped to militaries worldwide to perform highly sensitive tasks.


A report produced by U.S. consulting firm Frost & Sullivan determined earlier this year that Israel is now the largest exporter of (A:  ...guess what?  What’s the big, big business coming with all the other big businesses?) Unmanned aerial systems (A:  The drones that are going to watch you.), surmounting aerospace giants in the U.S. (A:  ...so they are bigger than that.) The report said that from 2005 to 2012, Israel exported some $4.6 billion worth of systems, including aircraft, payloads, operating systems and command and control caravans. U.S. overseas sales for the same time period were between $2 and $3 billion, the report said.


Since Israeli drone makers do not release precise sales figures, the Israeli numbers are estimates based on the number of UAVs sold (A:  ...that’s drones...) and the overall value of contracts that were announced during the seven-year period. Industry experts could not confirm the report's numbers, but said Frost & Sullivan is a respected firm and its conclusions reflected Israel's leading spot in the field.  (A:  Well, you never miss a good opportunity.)


And also an article here too, it says…


China Targets American and Israeli UAVs

strategypage.com / June 24, 2013


Despite all the publicity American UAVs receive, the major exporter of UAVs (A:  ...drones...) in the last decade (A:  ...10 years...) has been Israel. Between 2002 and 2012, Israel exported $4.7 billion worth of UAVs, about twice as much as the U.S. exported. (A:  This goes on through the same thing with some different figures too; it’s actually higher figures for them. They are also the biggest sellers to China now too for drones as well.)


What else have I got here?  I want to put up tonight too, it’s called…





You understand, since even before World War II, there’s a long history to this stuff, but this professor touches on some of it. It’s not in-depth stuff.  It doesn’t go into the detail they have in Deadly Allies: Canada’s Secret War, the book written in Canada on biological warfare, because Canada led the field from the middle of World War II onwards. They designed all kinds of things, even a thing that could be mistaken today, or maybe it’s the same thing, for mad cow disease, because it left tunnels bored through the head of cattle. They were going to use it on Germany but they never got around to it, to wipe out their livestock. This is warfare.  That’s how you use warfare; it’s not just killing people.  You go for the livestock, the people will die off then. Quite simple. So this goes through the role of insects as biological weapons. I’ll put that up tonight too.


Asian Tiger Mosquito Invades Texas, U.S. - bionews-tx.com / June 27,2013


Scientists Genetically Engineer 'Dead End' Mosquitoes to Fight Dengue

healthline.com /  Heather Kathryn Ross / March 22, 2013


Moscamed Launches Urban Scale Project Using Oxitec GM Mosquitoes in Battle Against Dengue - prnewswire.com / June 20, 2013


Also of course, everybody’s heard that the Vatican has got the latest scandals, since they’ve been putting in special folk going in there, for a long time actually now, getting directed to go in there in fact, to take it down from inside, and another pedophile ring at the very top, same gender pedophiles, I have to say it that way I suppose, that like little boys... little boys they like. And also the corruption with the top of the Vatican Bank again. Boy, everything else is corrupt in the world, why shouldn’t they be, eh?


From Hamish and myself from Ontario, Canada, it’s good night and may your God or your Gods GO with you. 



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