July 2, 2013 (#1365)

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Poem Copyright Alan Watt July 2, 2013:

Expertly Trained into Ignorance and Shame,
Whatever's Detrimental, You're to Blame:

"Battalions of Experts Pose as Saviours,
Manipulating Public's Adaptive Behaviours,
Strange how Economists are Near-Sighted,
Blind to Banksters as Finances Blighted,
Or Political Gangs Sworn To and For,
Forcing "Democracy" by Slaughter and War,
The Longer You Live, You Must Wonder
Why Keep Voting for Masters of Plunder?
Eventually You'll Wisen that the Meek
Are Slaves to a Rich and Powerful Clique
Who Implement Dominion through the Ages,
Advancing Agenda in Fifty-Year Stages,
We're Now in Their "Century of Change",
Trained to Passivity while They Rearrange
The Peoples and Planet to Suit Their Need,
Survival of Fittest by Deception and Greed"
© Alan Watt July 2, 2013

Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt – July 2, 2013 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)

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Hi, folks. I’m Alan Watt. This is Cutting Through the Matrix on July the 2nd, 2013.

For newcomers, I always suggest that you make good use of the website, cuttingthroughthematrix.com. Lots of information for download, where I go into the system you’re born into, where it’s all going, how it all came to be, in fact. And it’s a different reality than the one that’s projected into you and instilled into you through your parents and your education and the media. Because we’re going into... we are actually into really a scientifically-controlled system. It’s been on the go for a long time. So, as I say, help yourself to the website. You’ll find out the organizations that set themselves up to, basically, bring all of this in, over a hundred years ago really, and how it’s been awfully successful up until the present time. Even to do with wars, one war after another, including World Wars too. They said they were necessary to bring countries to their knees and give up sovereignty, amalgamate the nations into blocs (trading blocs) and then eventually amalgamate the whole planet, using the power of finance and basically collapsing banks. Or at least... the banks won’t collapse so much as the countries that owe them all the cash. And it’s a long-term plan. It’s worked awfully well. And we’re still going through it too. But they’re not finished with it yet. They’ve got a long ways to go with many other things to do to the world and the populations as well.

Remember too, that you bring me to you, because I don’t bring on advertisers as guests. I don’t sell lots of stuff and so on. I just put out the basic stuff that I know. And it’s widely reported by others too, that take it and run with it as well. So, it really is cutting edge in a sense because no one else was talking about all this stuff (and even globalism) when I started. That’s why I came out in the first place. It was about time somebody did. But, as I say, you can help me tick along by getting the books and discs that I have at cuttingthroughthematrix.com.

And from the US to Canada, remember, you can still use personal checks to order, or you can use international postal money orders from the post office. You can send cash or use PayPal. Across the world, Western Union, MoneyGram and PayPal. And straight donations are awfully welcome, because we are going through, as you all know, inflation and devaluation of the currencies, as we go through the next part of this stage into austerity. And, of course, we’ll all be scared into it and rushed into it as well. And the media is already on... the media is totally controlled by the big foundations, that set themselves up a hundred years ago to control all information. They tell us what to chat about, what to be angry about, and, of course, they omit an awful lot not to be angry about. That’s even more important. And they keep you amused and they give you lots of chatter, basically. And we do; we chatter amongst ourselves, like Brzezinski said. Back in the 70’s, he said that eventually the public would be unable to talk about anything unless they saw it on the previous night’s news or on some show on television. And he says they’ll even expect the media to do their reasoning for them. The general population today truly think the media is an extension of their reason. That’s what he said too.

And that truly is the way because people can’t use their own eyes anymore. They really do think the media’s there like some kind of appendage that’s supposed to warn them of things that are very vital to themselves and that’s not the case at all. The media is there to keep you happy, amused, off on tangents (the wrong things, often), upset about things that you shouldn’t even care about and not even thinking about the things that you should care about. It’s very, very simple. And, again, I’ve even gone through the history, if you go into the archives section at cuttingthroughthematrix.com – the history of the organizations and the big foundations. And the Rockefellers and so on, back in the 1930’s, got together to decide how much media they’d have, how many major media newspapers they’d need to control the whole of the US. In the 1930’s and the rest would obviously follow them, you see. And they set up, I think it was between twenty-three and thirty they said. They’d also supply even to the capitol, like Washington DC, magazines that bureaucrats would read as well. Everybody is catered to in the managerial class that rule over us, you understand. Very old system and now it’s complete because ALL media happen to be members of the Council on Foreign Relations.

Back with more, after this.

{Break ♫}

Hi, folks. We’re back, Cutting Through the Matrix.  And mentioning the fact too, that most folk don’t use their own reason. They don’t observe things either, for themselves. They’re told what to look for by, again, the media. Entertainment as well, of course, even has lots of imaging and so on and little thoughts put in there for you to follow as well and distract you and think about other things. So, when you really think about the average person even going to work in the morning, if they still go to work in cars, etc, they’re bombarded by noise from the time they get up till they go to bed. Someone else is always talking through the radio or something to them. And they just listen to other people’s chatter. They’re not thinking for themselves and they’ve been trained not to do it, by this very method in fact. There’s so many folk now who can’t sleep without the television left on or radio going or something. And some people I’ve talked to have admitted that to me. And they’ve been like that since they were children really. So, again, it’s a great technique, so you don’t think for yourselves. And thinking becomes something kind of almost foreign to you. And some people are actually afraid of thinking for themselves, because you might go into areas that are taboo. And we all know what’s taboo. There’s so many different areas we’re told not to think about, because it’s bad or you’re bad or whatever, you see. And what I’m talking about here is something that’s been discussed many times at top think tanks that work on all these projects on how to control societies across the planet. And there’s nothing really, there’s nothing you can think of – and there’s a lot you can think of, if you really put your mind to it – but there’s nothing you can think of that hasn’t been covered to do with societies. And every culture has been broken down into its strengths and its weaknesses and so on and incredibly documented by the big think tanks, right down to categorizing us all in different cultures and so on, in order to bring a global society in. And we’re well under the way to it too, well under the way.

So, most folk, as I say, don’t think for themselves. They simply, as Jacques Ellul said, they learn about things, they even hear about various topics which maybe are important through osmosis rather than thinking critically about it. It kind of filters in through repetition, etc. And repetition is used incredibly well. Bertrand Russell talked about that too and he talked about music, how they would bring music out and use it for revolutions for a generation. In a generation, you see, we grew up thinking separately from our parents to try and cut all the cultural bonds and ties between a generation to the next. And then, of course, that generation would think, of course, they were running the world and what a joke that was because they were all getting controlled by the big think tanks above them that were telling them what to think and do next. Quite amazing, really. And they called all these things revolutions. Most revolutions, I’ve said many times, are bloodless. Because you conquer people mainly through revolutions which are bloodless, you see. They must think they’re doing it all themselves, for themselves and so on. What you need are lots of followers and you make sure that you simply control the leaders. You put the leaders in and they follow. And we went through the cultural revolutions, really starting from... they tried before the 50’s and 40’s, but it didn’t work out so well, but they brought it all back in the 60’s and really went to town because now they had television, you see – everybody had television. And the big, big media, especially in Britain, it was so obvious because the BBC, which, at that time was staffed completely by people from Eton. They didn’t allow any other worker into that place, except those from Eton, to make sure that the establishment still controlled it all totally. And here’s all these characters from Eton with their Etonian accents and prattling on about how wonderful it was, as they talked to guys who were falling off chairs – guys stoned on drugs, that they claimed were stars – to get the youngsters saying, oh, you know, that’s bad so it must be good. And it was put across that way too with, tee-hee-hee, by the commentators, aren’t we naughty? This is from guys from Eton, who worked for the establishment. Remember, the BBC is owned by the British government or at least those who own the British government, I should say.

But many revolutions came since and here we are today, going completely global. And most folk have accepted it too, because every generation is heavily indoctrinated with more and more and more of the whole world’s being global, basically and big changes have to come. Plus, the left wing departments of it all have been indoctrinated into greening etc, which is great for the corporations because they’re the guys who run it all. They profit from all the grants and multi-billions that are handed out to them, to start various projects etc. And they’re into the greening projects because now they can give you less energy and you pay a lot more. It’s all worked out that way. Followers are called useful idiots. And they are. There’s lots of them. And you’ve got to have true believers, you understand. True believers are awfully essential to this.

And in bureaucracies too, as I mentioned already, when they came out with the Rockefeller plan (and a bunch of other guys too, who all took part in it, all the big foundations) to find out how much media they would need to start controlling all the information. They said, at the time, when they did put out the various magazines that bureaucrats would read, they would indoctrinate the bureaucrats too. See, it’s essential that those who are managers, basically, in managerial capacity, over humans, really believe in what they’re talking about and what they’re doing. And, of course, they don’t question either, the stuff that’s coming out for them. They don’t question it at all. Why should anybody question it? Isn’t the media there to tell you the truth? Of course it isn’t. In fact, that came out in a law ruling over that bunch of journalists who sued Fox News, because they wouldn’t publish the stuff that had been written, that they’d been hired to write on Monsanto. The judge at the high court says, at the Supreme Court says, there’s nothing about the media having to tell the truth. So, why do most folk believe it? It’s astonishing, really, isn’t it? But not really after all because you’ve got to go into the history books and read all the big foundations, all the think tanks that you can get your hands on. You’ll find that they’re all funded by them and owned by them. And they run every aspect of every country, especially to do with the future. Where are we today? Where have we been? How did we get here? Well, they know how they got us all here because they give us all our thoughts through education. And it’s essential too that those who are in academia must also believe their role in it, because they’re also true believers.

Remember George Orwell’s 1984, and in it, Winston was in part of the kind of bureaucracy, for the ruling group, you see. And they had to parrot all the politically correct stuff to each other. Even though they knew it was farcical, they had to parrot it to each other and never give a sign that you knew it was farcical or you were doomed. And that’s how it is today, as well. You’ll hear bureaucrats say the most ridiculous things that’s PC but so unreal. And they’re studied more than the rest of us are because you’ll find, even when the Soviet Union eventually opened up its archives and so on, they had massive archives, massive archives, but more on the bureaucrats, the managerial class, than on the general population, because it was essential, as I say, they truly believe their role, because they will use the power on the public and it’s nasty power often. And they got to believe what they’re doing.

So, we’re living in a collective age, in a sense. There’s a lot of collectivist mentality around. And we’re taught to be globalist, which is collectivist as well. You’re taught too that individuality is out the window. Remember, the United Nations said many years ago that the individual was the most serious threat to the global society. Communism also said that too. Because there’s a lot to do with communism and those who really hid behind communism and ran it, to do with the whole system today that’s being used across the whole world. But we’re also trained even by what they do give us in the media that we’re powerless; that’s part of the whole thing (that you’re powerless). Because most of the stories you get, to get you kind of upset and so on, there’s nothing you can do about. There’s no complaints department in this system, remember. It’s simply absent.

And they put out stories like this one here.

“NSA collected US email records in bulk for more than two years under Obama”


Alan: Well, what good is that to know? What can you do about it? See, most folk have been trained to believe they can’t do without the computer and their cell phones. And, unfortunately, they’ve been made to be so addictive, that a lot of folk can’t do without them, so they accept no privacy, in return for what? Convenience? It’s a sad statement on humanity when you think about it, isn’t it? That most folk will; they’ll accept anything, even though they’re really losing all the time. They’re losing financially because we’re going through inflation, as planned. They’re losing their ability to make their own decisions. They’re giving it up without a battle. And they don’t even know there’s been a war on their minds and their parents’ and grandparents’ either. They have no idea. They think we’re simply going down through this thing called progress. Progress? Who defines what progress is? To whose agenda is progress defined? Because there actually is a definition of it by those who own the world.

But it says, so they collected all these emails in bulk for more than two years.  Now, what are you going to do about that? Well, nothing of course, because, as I say, there’s no complaints department. How would you complain to the NSA? Please stop doing this, NSA. It’s laughable, isn’t it? Back in the 70’s even politicians in the US, when they would bring things up about the Cold War and so on, it’s always covered in... the answers are covered... we can’t tell you for reasons of national security. Common one you see. And it was brought up at the time, is the NSA and the CIA really separate governments? When it’s so secretive, no one can get anything out of what they’re really up to. Are they separate governments? Well, what they really are, are parts of an organization that was set up even before World War II. But during World War II, they had the OSS. So, eventually, that split into MI6 and, eventually, the CIA. But they had their own plans for a post World War II agenda. They had their own plans for the world war coming up, in fact, even before it happened. As I’ve mentioned before, that H.G. Wells was a propagandist. He also was a top founding member of the Fabian Society, which is just the left wing of the Royal Institute of International Affairs and it’s got many right wing groups as well to change society. But he said, we need world wars to bring the public to their knees and give up national sovereignty and put themselves under expert guidance. Back with more after this.

{Break ♫}

Hi, folks. We’re back. This is Cutting Through the Matrix, talking about, basically, the system that controls us all. And people are controlled, even if they don’t know it. They’re given their fashions. The fashion industry works as part of the culture industry. The culture industry is awfully important to control all of us, to give us new ways of thinking, behaving and so on. And people do. It’s monkey see, monkey do and that’s how the people behave. Very, very simple. It’s always been that way. But, as I say, most folk are oblivious to it. They take everything for granted, because no one warns them even as children. So, everything that exists when you’re a child must be natural because it’s simply there. It’s very simple. We’ve all done it. But, as I say, we’re run by powers which are seldom mentioned. Some of them are taboo to mention. To get truth, nothing should be closed to you. Obviously, in any investigation into truth, that means every door has to be opened and everything inspected and then you come to your own conclusions. But, of course, it’s not allowed. But you find, as I say, the kind of article, like the

“NSA collected US email records in bulk for more than two years...”


Alan: And so on. It goes through what we pretty well know already. And even to one foreign... it says to one person communicant... it’s probably a government... I can guess what one it is... but they also let them in on it too. But you understand they’re all sharing the same stuff. There’s a few governments all sharing the same stuff. All the time. Even by treaty, in fact, they’re sharing the same stuff. And we are a global society now, whether you like it or not. And there’s still economic wars going on against countries that haven’t joined it yet (this whole global system) and they haven’t joined the World Bank. And they’re not under the rule of the IMF. They don’t have an IMF appointee (this private organization, the IMF) appointed to your government and so on and so on.

But most folk have been taught not to even find out how government even works. They really have. And back in the 50’s, as I say, many writers, that were attending global meetings, talked about this system they were bringing in back then. And you’ll find... I’ve read the articles here by, say, Julian Huxley, who was up at the United Nations in UNESCO and so on, talking about the system they were bringing in, where he said that we have to knock humanity off its pedestal as a sort of supreme being and train him that he’s just another animal, because they wanted to bring in mass abortions and depopulation. At the top they’re really eugenicists, you understand. And it’s so cleverly done though, because to the left wing they sound left wing and to the right wing they’ll sound right wing. It’s very cleverly done. Language is awfully important in how you con people, because the art of conologies always use language. What is a sentence but a string of words, but it’s how you put them together that brings you to the meaning of the person that’s going to listen to it, you see. It’s like a computer language in a sense. Very simple.

And you find other ones, as I say Lord Bertrand Russell sat in on different world clubs that were planning the whole future, including step-by-step generational changes right into the present and beyond. He’s dead now, but we’re still going through some of the changes that he worked on today. And he wrote about it. He said, eventually, those children who are a little bit brighter from lower classes will be found out at school through certain tests they’ll do. And he said, they’ll be encouraged to come into our class, he says, and work for us. And it’s true enough; you’ll even read about people who go to Oxford and so on, on scholarships and how the big illustrious halls there, where great minds have walked through before and so on, has an awe, it creates awe in the person who’s going in and they become part of the system and then they’re well rewarded and they’re given praise etc. But the thing is too they must leave their past behind, including their families sometimes and all their friends, all their acquaintances and become the new part, working for the new system towards this goal. But Russell said, if they don’t and they’re intelligent, he says, we’ll have to eliminate them. He meant kill them. He says, because such a person could put across to the general public ideas that the public are not to know because of his speech, his intellect and so on. He could wake them up and they couldn’t have that. He says, we’ll have to eliminate them. These guys weren’t kidding around. They’re still not kidding around.

We’ve watched wars happen across the world. We’ve watched the Colour Revolutions, all financed by the West. We’ve watched the big businesses and oil companies and so on, go to prime ministers – it’s been in the mainstream media – and divvy up the countries before they even invade; they all wrangle at who’s to get what. And we sit back and accept it. It’s like out of our space, you know? It’s somewhere over there. It’s beyond our ken. In the old days, you know, the average peasant that was a serf, was only allowed to go maybe to walk half a day in one direction and half a day back because he had to be back where he was, because he was basically a slave. Serfdom sounds better than slavery, but it was slavery. And a journeyman was the same thing, from the French, from a day. And he could travel too, as an apprentice; how far he could walk in a day was his span of work and then maybe walk back the next day, after sleeping in a barn somewhere. So, today, you’re still given space to move around. You got cars and so on for a little while. They’ll take them off you eventually, under Agenda 21 and many other programs they have out there and again, the greening project and carbon cut-downs and so on.

Anyway, in the meantime, you still think you’re free and you turn on your television programs (your favorite ones that still come on). It’s amazing how that works wonders on the mind and takes you away from reality. In the 70’s in Britain, when they were completely de-industrializing the country, completely, for years, years and years, the public just were never told why... all they heard was this factory is closing down, this one’s closing down. They didn’t tell them they were going offshore. That was the big plan that was arranged back in 1945.

Back with more, after this.

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Hi, folks. We’re back, Cutting Through the Matrix, talking about reality, something that very few folk seem to really know. And it’s not their fault because everyone’s been brainwashed and conditioned from childhood. Everything works together. Everything works together. And you have to go through the education system and you find out the organizations that set up the educational system and what their goals were. And it wasn’t simply to have bright people going out to have good jobs and so on. It was totally different. It was to make sure you had a good obedient well-behaved population on behalf of those who run the countries.

And here’s another article for instance, another thing which, again, just hammers home the fact that you’re powerless. This is what it’s meant to do.

“NSA Backdoors In Open Source and Open Standards: What are the Odds?”


Alan: It says. And it’s to do with the NSA having back doors in security projects such as SELinux and in cryptography standards such as the AES and so on. Well of course they’ve got all that worked out. They’re miles beyond us. They had all this stuff long before they gave us the internet. Remember, the military were the only guys that used it, the big boys at the top, during the Cold War. So, as I say the idea is to make you feel kind of powerless etc. But also too, you’re taught to believe experts. Now, Russell, again, who was a guy who helped create a lot of this system, that we’re in today, including cultural changes, said that, we’ll train the public that they can’t do anything without an expert opinion. And it works awfully well, doesn’t it? It doesn’t matter what rubbish they’re telling you as long as you come out and you say expert. So-and-so’s an expert on... and people do believe it now. It’s very sad, very, very sad, that. They can’t even have children anymore without, you know, courses and things like that, before they have a baby, never mind how to take care of a baby. Up until the 60’s and 70’s, that was natural. Everybody knew. It’s almost like a rare thing now to have a child, isn’t it? I mean a live one, that is, or actually want it. How did that all happen? Because it did happen.

And, also too, another article too, it says...

“Beyond Snowden: US General Cartwright has been indicted for espionage. While the world focuses on Washington’s pursuit of NSA whistleblower Ed Snowden, another much more high ranking member of the US power structure has been indicted for espionage this week… US General James Cartwright was regarded by Washington insiders as ‘Obama’s General’, and now he’s facing prosecution for blowing the whistle on ‘Operation Olympic Games’ which planted the Stuxnet and Flame viruses in Iranian nuclear facilities in order [to] derail Iran’s civilian nuclear program. At closer examination, it appears that Cartwright’s revelations didn’t so much harm US interests per say, but they hindered Israeli ambitions towards a war with Iran.”


Alan: Because they wanted the US to finish off Iran too. It says,

“But why espionage? What is the line between ‘whistleblowing’ and ‘espionage’ in America today?”


Alan: So, then they go through what it means and so on. Now, there’s a lot of players involved in this and there’s a lot of people who want to gain, themselves. And, so you have to look outside your own country, sometimes inside it too. So, this guy’s been, you know, indicted for espionage now, for throwing off what was supposed to be part of an ongoing war, as long as Syria’s getting taken down too and Iran’s got to go as well. You’re living through a script, you understand. That’s all it is; a script where others benefit and you pay the price in many ways.

And also too, another article... it’s so common now.

“Corporations Replace BPA [Bisphenol-A] with More DNA-Damaging Bisphenols”


Alan: Which are not the A; they’ve got a whole list of them. There’s different kinds. They all do the same thing.

Just when you thought it was safe to buy ‘BPA-free’ products, manufacturers flood the marketplace with an alphabet soup of toxic bisphenols.


Alan: Now, bisphenols really work on the human body as an artificial estrogen – a xeno-estrogen, they call it. And it really effeminizes men and it has negative effects on women. Again too, remember these are synthetic; they’re not natural. And they can actually go into the receptors and block the receptors from even getting natural stuff. They don’t just dissipate like natural stuff does; they stick in there for a long time and affect everything in your body. I’ll put this one up tonight too. But the whole point of this article, as far as I’m concerned is... don’t you ever figure out, the guys at the top know what they’re doing? They don’t eat this stuff. They don’t drink the stuff you’re drinking. Look what the British government did with even the GMO food. Second time they’ve done that... oh, we’re not eating it in our own restaurant here. And at the big cafeterias they have in Parliament, they call them cafeterias and they’re all butler-served and so on, but the fact is, they’re not going to eat that stuff that you eat. Why do they want you to eat it? Because they do, obviously. And how about all these food and safety inspections and so on and FDAs and all the rest of it? How come they allow all this stuff? Come on. Come on. They’re not stupid. It’s all part of the con. They’re all part of the act.

Remember what Ed Bernays said a long time ago, when he was promoting stuff and getting the public to buy for the consumer society, because he created the consumer society in the US. And he hated the US people, the populations because, he said,  they’re so easy to manipulate. Mind you, it’s because they were pretty-well innocent and naïve. They don’t expect to be conned. And he’s a bit different. He does the conology, you see. But the thing is, he talked about, to get them to buy something, again, introduce experts. And he would bring professors on board to sign papers for him or they would have ghostwriters doing scripts up and putting them in magazines and all the professors had to do was sign them. They didn’t have to even write them. The public started to believe that... oh if this professor of neurology says this, it must be good. Or if this professor of whatever, it must be good. And he would even set up, occasionally, front offices – just a small office somewhere, in a city – and hire some woman to answer the phone, once in a blue moon, to make it seem legitimate. And he would get the two professors’ names on the office paperwork and so on. And often these professors never even visited the place or, as I say, had anything to do except just sign their names and collect the cash. Still the same today, only it’s done bigger, you see and you’ve got the FDA and the CDC and all the rest of it – the Center for Disease Control. They call it ‘control’, you understand. Who’s controlling diseases?

That’s how the world really is and, of course, then we went through the massive vaccinations on behalf of the big pharma companies. And we’ve got stacks of experts telling us we’ve got to take every vaccination that comes down the pike. Meanwhile, their own studies show that everyone’s got a compromised immune system now, since about the 1950’s; more so since the 60’s and 70’s, as they get more and more inoculations. What does the immune system react to? Things that are not supposed to be in your body. That’s what it’s for. What comes into your body and is injected right in under the skin and then gets into the bloodstream? Vaccinations and all the stuff that it contains. Medicine is simply a detective story. What’s changed? What’s changed? Why is there so much cancer today – cancer of this, cancer of that and so on, compared to fifty years ago? It’s a detective story. What’s changed? It’s very simple. There’s nothing complicated about it. And then you hear them too, with HIV and all the rest of it too. And the UN said years ago, oh everybody’s going to get HIV. Again, compromised immune system, folks. Interesting, that, as well, isn’t it? Everyone’s got allergies today, as well. Which, again, is a compromised immune system. You’ve got skyrocketing juvenile arthritis. What’s changed? How many needles get stuck in them today, before they’re two years of age? It’s astonishing. And why do the mums take them there? Because experts tell them it’s good for them. They’re going to protect them and save them. Quite something, eh?

“HIV Vaccine [an experimental vaccine] Infects 41 Volunteers”


Alan: I’ll put this link up tonight too. It’s quite an interesting little article. There’s also a video, I think, that goes with it too. I’ve never watched the video. I’ve had my smart grid put me out half the day here. It’s so smart it just cuts you off, you see. And I guess it’s when folk come home and turn on their air conditioners. I don’t have air conditioners, but it cut me off anyway. And what you’ll find too, what they’ll do is put more power to the grid, to where there’s more consumers, in cities, etc – that’s all part of the Agenda 21 – and you’ll get cut off elsewhere, because you’re not so important, you see. It makes sense as well, doesn’t it?

And also too, a little article, there’s an interesting little bit in about Mr. Snowden, which I’m still out on, as I say, because he hasn’t said anything that we didn’t know already. But it says,

“Elder Snowden ‘engineers’ deal with attorney Bruce Fein for his son’s return to US”

More revelations emerge surrounding the Snowden Saga, as intelligence operative Edward Snowden is still in transit within Russia. Edward Snowden’s father, Lonnie Snowden, has subsequently retained attorney Bruce Fein from The Lichfield Group to aid in Ed’s return to U.S. soil. An interesting move, but what does this mean? The Lichfield Group is a law firm that holds many global partnerships...


Alan: Very wealthy, obviously, to take these guys on or to take them on as a client.

“... in addition to its political and media consulting.


Alan: So, it does politics and media consulting.

On its own website it alludes to directing or managing global concerns...


Alan: It’s massive lobbying and all the rest of it.

“... including assisting foreign governments to influence the United States Congress: ...


Alan: I wonder which ones. And this is what it actually says:

“‘The Lichfield Group features unrivalled government, media, and business experience. Exemplary is the Group’s high level connections with the Department of Justice, the Department of State, and the Central Intelligence Agency.


Alan: You’d almost think they had their own people working in there, eh? Do they perhaps?

The Group’s unsurpassed combination of legal, business, media, political, and government savvy enables it to handle crisis management, tactical, or strategic positioning with unexcelled deftness.’

“‘Whether a client is a giant corporation handcuffed by ill-conceived United States government policies or a foreign government anxious to influence the decisions of Congress...’


Alan: Who would that be?

“‘... the President, agencies, the judiciary, or State governments, The Lichfield Group is armed with the skills and contacts indispensable for success.’


Alan: That’s quite the boast, isn’t it? I bet it’s not a boast at all, either. I bet they really mean it. It says,

“Fein is a scholar for the American Enterprise Institute, which is closely connected to AIPAC, a main lobby for Israeli interests. Fein’s business associations largely consist of foreign governments and large oil conglomerates, all of which seem to be strange bed fellows for a ‘constitutional lawyer’ of the United States.”


Alan: So, I’ll put this one up tonight as well. Of course, the media always give you something so simplistic. Remember, all propaganda must be simplistic for the public. Bin Laden in a cave brought down towers in the US and we went to war. Actually, it was a continuation of a war, because we forget that Gulf War I really had never ended. They still had no-fly zones over Iraq and all the rest of it. And then, of course, like George Orwell said, who are we fighting today? East Asia? West Asia? Who is it? Because they kept changing their gunsights. And it’s tied with Afghanistan. And the next thing you know, they decided to take Iraq out as well, because, again, a lobby group had said they want Iraq out as well. And even in Canada, they did poll studies, to find out if Americans really believed that, if they’d forgotten all about Afghanistan. And they had, through the media influence, as the media really focused them all on Iraq as the enemy behind it all. And it came out during the hearings. Even Bush Jr. said the same thing: Oh, I never said Saddam Hussein had anything to do with taking down the towers or so on, after it was all done, of course and they’d flattened Iraq. He said, I just said that the world would be better off without Saddam Hussein. We’re talking about wars and slaughter here. And you’re paying the debt for it all. You’re carrying the debt and it’s still going on... still going on.

“Thousands of elderly people are missing.”

“The last UK census found far fewer people in their 90s than expected...


Alan: You understand, the population is dropping in life expectancy. No wonder. I’m surprised that there’s folk actually hit their eighties these days, because it’s planned that way, through the junk you’re eating and all the rest of it; never mind the quality of the stuff you have to eat these days. And, again, all the inoculations you get as well. And, again, too, this study... don’t just read the study, think about it. Why does every government have departments of statistics? It’s awfully important, to who? Is it important to you? No. It’s important to those who rule over you and control you. They want to know everything about you. Understand, for total tyranny to exist – of course, the big boys don’t call it ‘tyranny’; they call it a scientific dictatorship... you know others, and Aldous Huxley too, called it a tyranny; they’d bring in a tyranny. The public wouldn’t recognize it as a tyranny because they’d be conned every way to believe it was natural. Everything must be natural because it exists. Because everyone must be predictable to keep those safe at the top. So, you must be completely predictable. And they’ve got virtual yous, I’ve talked about that, for the last fifteen years in the Pentagon. A virtual you, they collect all your daily data, stick it in there and they run tests on it to see how you’ll behave in real situations. They say it’s almost a hundred percent accurate you will behave in real life if that was done to you. But here’s the statistics department, it says,

“We’ve seen amazing improvements in life expectancy over the past few decades. Six years have been added to global average life expectancy at birth, over the past two decades.”


Alan: This is the propaganda to them.

“Much of this increase has been down to improvements in child mortality in low- and middle- income countries. But in countries like the UK, post-retirement life expectancy has also increased rapidly.”


Alan: Really? How many folk are dying by the cold in their own homes now, of fuel poverty, they call it? It says,

“‘Life expectancy of a man aged 65 has increased from 14 years in the early 1980s to 21 years now - so that’s a 50% jump in just three decades,’... Which is why, when the 2011 census was published, he went straight to the statistics about elderly populations. ‘In countries doing well, life expectancy has been increasing by 2.5 years per decade...”

“And there the data revealed a surprise. ‘There were 30,000 fewer people aged in their 90s than previously believed,’...”


Alan: He said,

“‘That was about 15% fewer men; 5% fewer females. There were also fewer centenarians than previously believed - the number of female centenarians was [out] by about 10%.’ Something similar has happened in the United States.”


Alan: Etc etc. Well, you’ve been reading articles... well, I’ve read them on the air so many times about bringing down the population. You’re looking at them bringing in euthanasia rather than treat ill folk who are elderly. It saves a lot of cash at the top. Some countries have implemented it already.  It’s to help the poor soul. No it’s not. Everything is economic. All wars are basically economic. And all wars are to do with the power group that either wants to take over all power or already has. And it’s the same when it comes down to managing all of us, because there’s a massive bureaucracy – high levels of bureaucracy – and a whole outside group of bureaucracy that live on all of us. Awfully well they live too. Some of those guys do get into their nineties, like Rockefeller and so on. Maurice Strong is getting up there too, if he’s not there already. You got Kissinger. What kind of treatment do these guys get? What injections do they not get? At least not the ones you’re getting. What food do they eat, folks? They don’t go jogging and all that stuff.

Back with more, after this.

{Break ♫}

Hi, folks. We’re back, Cutting Through the Matrix. I should have mentioned too that I really can’t take callers tonight because my power, basically, went out with this thing; plus I think the modem got blown with a surge, for the satellite. So, I’ll continue anyway on this. Then we’ll see what I can do tonight and get it up some other way or whatever. It depends.  Anyway,

“Banks rigged €10 trillion derivatives market, Brussels says”


Alan: Now, what are we going to do about this? Nothing.

“Thirteen big banks colluded to shut out competition from the multi-trillion euro derivatives market, according to an investigation by the European Commission. The EU’s executive arm said that its investigation, which began in 2011, had uncovered anti-competitive practices during the 2008-9 financial crisis. The commission investigation focuses on the credit default swap (CDS) market which allows banks and businesses to hedge against possible losses. However, more controversially, they were used by Goldman Sachs and others to speculate on the probability of a Greek debt crisis in 2010.”


Alan: Everything’s rigged, folks. They even make money when they bet on companies falling. Same as they did too. We’ve had some of the big hedge fund guys before in 2008, that were selling companies off and then betting on them failing and getting money off it. You’re not trained in this stuff, are you? Of course you’re not. Morally, would you do it in the first place? Some folk have no problem with that. Different morality altogether. It says,

“There are almost 2 million active CDS contracts with a joint notional amount of €10 trillion worldwide.”


Alan: Guess who’s selling off the British Post Office? They’re selling it off and privatizing it. Goldman Sachs got that job too. Goldman Sachs owns most of the big boys in the military-industrial complex – the big corporations. You talk about power? Do you think your government has power? No. The big boys that set up the foundations, that created this thing called ‘democracy’ and kept you happy for a while, are owned by the big boys who owned the money of the day. They were international bankers. And, like all business, they look upon it as war. Total power comes from eliminating all competition. What do you think globalism is? Ha! Anyway, it says,

“The banks allegedly coordinated their behaviour to jointly prevent the Deutsch Bourse stock market and the Chicago Mercantile Exchange from being issued licenses allowing them to enter the CDS market.”


Alan: So, they can even stop folk from participating. Again, eliminate competition.

“The two exchanges were allegedly shut out of the market between 2006 and 2009, covering the end of the credit boom and the financial crisis in 2008-9.”


Alan: Nothing will happen. In fact, they get rewarded when they even pretend they’re crashing. Whose government is it when they used your money to bail out the crooks? Whose government is it, folks? It’s a private government.


“Farming subsidies: this is the most blatant transfer of cash to the rich”


Alan: This is the EU, again, this big new Soviet bloc system.

“Most of the land in Britain is owned by very rich people, including millionaires from abroad who pay no UK taxes.”

“It’s the silence that puzzles me. Last week the chancellor stood up in parliament to announce that benefits for the very poor would be cut yet again. On the same day, in Luxembourg, the British government battled to maintain benefits for the very rich. It won. As a result, some of the richest people in the country will each continue to receive millions of pounds in income support from taxpayers. ”


Alan: Because they own masses of land, under farm subsidies, you know, the guys who own the tenant farmers. You think serfdom’s gone, folks?

Well, from Hamish and myself, from Ontario, Canada, it’s goodnight and may your God or your gods go with you.

{Closing Music ♫}


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