July 8, 2013 (#1367)

Alan Watt "Cutting Through The Matrix" LIVE on RBN:


Poem Copyright Alan Watt July 8, 2013:

Owl Sees in Darkness, Twit-Twoo,
Sounding Name of Who's Really You:

"Life is a Story of Tales from the Crypt,
Age, Memory Prove You're Living a Script,
The Totality of You is Designed by Others,
Original Thinking, Awareness it Smothers,
Giving New Cultural Normals, Erasing Past,
Ensuring Smouldering Truth cannot Last,
Industry Creates Clothes for Rebelling,
Until Armies of Sameness cause Dispelling
Of You the Individual, What Now to Do?
You've been Used and Stuck with Tattoo"
© Alan Watt July 8, 2013

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Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - July 8, 2013 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)


Hi folks, I’m Alan Watt, this is Cutting Through the Matrix on the 8th of July, 2013. As always, please go into the cuttingthroughthematrix.com website and help yourself to all the downloads that are there for free on audio and also transcripts for print-up in most languages. Plus, in alanwattsentientsentinel.eu you’ll find transcripts of the talks I’ve given in other languages to choose from. And I go through the system as always, of the big system, and it truly is a system that runs the world – how it started, who started it, the purpose, the plan, the massive organizations that were created to even alter cultures across the world, and then eventually standardize them all into the same system as they globalized into a governmental-type system. And then the same with the banks too, because the banks really are the boys that started up the whole process and came up with the idea a hundred years ago that they should basically rule the world, at least the guys who were the international lenders to countries. These are bigger than just the banks. And they formed their own private associations, like the Royal Institute of International Affairs, the Council on Foreign Relations (it’s the same thing really) in other countries, and they’ve got them in all countries now. They’ve been putting in presidents and prime ministers for now it really is about 60 to 100 years, and the public don’t know. They vet the ones at the top; they put in their own players on both sides or all sides, depending on how many parties you have of course. They prefer two; it’s much easier to control everything that way. And we’ve gone along their agenda ever since basically.


Their own historian was Carroll Quigley, who was a professor, and he talked about it back in the 1960s and documented it in two of his books actually. He goes through the system and the plan, etc., etc. You tie in the other players that were associated with the same group and you’ll find that the Futurists and so on,  even Aldous Huxley was well acquainted with them and took part in their think tanks for designing the future, and Lord Bertrand Russell and many, many others at the top. And big societies and agencies, all not-for-profit organizations but they were worth billions of dollars even back then, set up their organizations to bring through charitable works and philanthropy, armies of nongovernmental organizations that would really lobby on behalf of what the big boys wanted. It would appear to the general public as though it was all coming from the public, but in reality these are all managed groups that help shape your mind by protesting or demanding and so on, and government (which is in on the whole secret) is quite happy to take that into consideration and pass laws based on the lobbying that they get.


So we’re living through a planned agenda. The general public are left out of the picture. We’ve given lots of rubbish they call news, but nothing really makes much difference; it’s all nonsense basically that you’re given; because the press, all the boys that took over the press a long time ago are all part of this big system. They all belong at the top – all the moguls and all the top editors, etc., and lots of the main journalists on television and in print, all are members of the Council on Foreign Relations or the Royal Institute of International Affairs, as it’s known in Britain, and the same groups across the world. The politicians, all of them in Europe, for the European Union, are all members of it too; and that group, actually, that European Council on Foreign Relations, is run by George Soros, who is also part of the act.


You always think that there are opposing groups. There are no opposing groups; it’s a dialectic. You can’t get change unless you have an opposition to what’s already there. And then starts the debate, and then the people in the middle, which is the general population, have their experts come on and tell them which way to go with things. It constantly changes because you’re going on the same path on a zig-zag direction – left, right, left, right, left, right. That’s how it works – all towards a predetermined goal. And it’s very old, as I say. Go back to H.G. Wells, who was also a propagandist for the same group, and a lot of his material in fact for his writings, sci-fi and nonfiction, were given to him by the big foundations, and he was a member of the Fabian Society, a founding member in fact.


Back with more after this.


Hi folks, we’re back, Cutting Through the Matrix, talking about the system. That’s all you have really, is the system, and most folk don’t even know there is a system that they live through that was designed before they were born. They don’t know the groups that are ruling it. They don’t know that even their thoughts, their fashion, even their tattoos and ideas like that are all given to them and promoted through the culture industry, which is also a big part of it, because you cannot bring in a global-type society, a global plantation you might say, without an ultra-elite that you’ve never had before in history. Never such a rich, ultra-elite, as they’re raking in profit, just accumulating like never before in this day and age, because they have the whole of China that they’re invested in, with slave labor, and they’re raking in the cash like you wouldn’t believe. And of course the United Nations, which is all part of it too, because the same group created the United Nations, they do their left-wing part and push out all the stats every year, and they’re always telling you for the last 40 years that the gap between the rich and the poor is widening. Well, now it’s not a gap, it’s like a different planet they’re on, because you can’t imagine how they live today – with incredible amounts of money, incredible amounts of money. Trillions of dollars, some of them – each.


Anyway, reality is far different from what you’re given at the bottom. You’re meant to believe that we’re stumbling down through time and crises just come out of nowhere and politicians get together and just work on the problem and eventually solve it one way or another, and that’s how we’re taught. That’s called the accidental view of history. That’s what they want you to believe in. And they want you really to believe in your governments and so on, even though, even all through the Cold War it became evident in countries like Britain or the US that there was another government at work here; and they even asked, was the CIA, the NSA and all these guys, and MI6, etc., really a parallel or a separate government? And, well, they are, because they’re answerable basically to nobody.


Remember too, getting back to the original thing about the system and the guys who created this system, these boys, who were already the big moguls of their day, international lenders who lent to nations and kept the bookkeeping for nations back then even, with their debt and all the rest of it and their interest, decided to take up and make a system more easily manageable for themselves and their own offspring down through the future. And how do you do that? How do you control the future? Well, you plan the future. People are really taught to believe it just happens by itself, as I say, the accidental view of history. But of course everything you read, and even what I read on here, there’s a lot of stuff there to tell you of the big organizations that have already mapped out the next 20, 50, 100 years and where they want to go. And they’re all either big NGOs or they’re foundations themselves all paid by other foundations. You might call them the founding foundations that finance them all, and they all started up a long, long time ago, tax-free and tax-exempt foundations, by the guys who own the big banking systems across the world from 100 years to the present.


So we’re going through a planned thing and everything really is that way, and as I say, even to do with fashion, every liberation thing that you get from whomever it happens to be at the time is spearheaded by same people, funded by the same people in order to change and alter society. The destruction of the family unit was one because they decided it was an old concept, they wouldn’t need it in the future, for all the peasants at the bottom, that is. And they wanted to eventually bring down the populations of certain people, first of all, and then the rest gradually, and that’s been under way for your whole life actually. This stuff is all, again, documented too. People forget that even at the end of World War II the king in Britain had a big world meeting held to do with, well, not enough folk have died in the war, so we got to bring down the population sooner, because that was the hype that he was getting fed from his think tanks that were employed by the same private organizations. So we’re going through a planned system. As I say, what do you do, how do you get people to stop marrying, and so on? Well, you simply make them promiscuous and encourage it, and then you give them the pill and then give them free abortions, and then you make them think (they’re taught to think) that any disease they get will be cured, and of course that’s not true at all.


Now, whatever we get as news is either obsolete or old or disinformation or partial truth. Your opinion can be swayed primarily by the omission of any other side of the story or even a part of the story, you understand, and that’s how a lot of it is done as well. I’ve gone through and people should really use the archives at cuttingthroughthematrix.com. I’ve gone through in the past many, many, many articles from think tanks and so on talking about this very, very subject: how to do it, how it’s done, and so on, how it works, where they have to improve their techniques, etc., on the general population. And unfortunately, the general population are called the proles, just like you had with Aldous Huxley, who had it in his book, Brave New World, and so did George Orwell as well, the proles. “The proles don’t count” is what Orwell said. The idea being that the people at the bottom, and that’s the majority of the public, remember, the majority of the public are never let in on the truth. In fact, they’re hardly given a glimmer of any truth. And if the truth has to come out in some way or another, it’s so diluted that you really don’t know why things are really happening. Now that’s how you’re given your reality.


And those who have studied various tyrants through history, totalitarian regimes, and read the memoirs even of guys who led these totalitarian regimes or those around them who worked with them, they understood perfectly the system of how to grab power and how to hold onto it, and also what they thought of the ordinary people whom they would all use. And what they said in many cases is unfortunately true; they weren’t speaking off the top of their hat, they were actually basically doing it from studying history itself. And of course these very techniques are used in the think tanks themselves, because your own government has put in dictators across the world, they always have done, and other times they’ll put in a thing called democracy, and the democracy is just a puppet government, a puppet regime which must be standardized to the West. They must emulate it completely and join the World Bank and take money from the World Bank and pay to the IMF massive compound interest rates, etc., etc. If they don’t do that they’ll be simply annihilated, as is happening across the Middle East right now. There are many players engaged in this, of course. Some players are really into their own particular people or tribe or whatever, but the ones with the most money obviously and they’re tribal in instinct and everything else will obviously be at the top.


But getting back to the fact that all news we get is old news or whatever, I mentioned before about some of the history of the G8, the G20 and all the G-whizzes they had before that, because it started with I think it was the G4, the Grand Four, as they called them at the time during the Cold War, and now it’s the G20 you’ve got. Now, this goes back to the same group, again, the Council on Foreign Relations/Royal Institute of International Affairs, that decided to amalgamate countries into blocs, supposedly under the guise of trading. And of course what they did initially was to make it secret from the general public, for the public not to know. They shouldn’t know that they were going to amalgamate their countries legally, financially, and politically as well, and that’s still on the go. In fact, von Rompuy, the head of the EU, this strange little character, has already said that (again, I’ve got it in the archive section at cuttingthroughthematrix.com), the nation-state is dead, it’s obsolete. So they had to lie from the beginning as they were setting up the EU under free trade deals and so on, that it would benefit everybody, create massive jobs and all the rest of it – well you see how the lies worked out there. Whenever you’re given this carrot and stick thing, “Oh, you better all join, you better all do this or you’ll be left behind,” whenever you hear that term you’re being conned. And they’ve had many schemes the same way, it’s done the same thing over and over again. They’ve all been conned. It’s the same with the TransPacific Partnership they’ve got on the go right now: “You’ve got to join it or you’ll be left behind, and it’s going to create jobs, jobs, jobs.” Of course the “jobs, jobs, jobs,” when they first mentioned all that kind of stuff during Chretien’s time in Canada, he didn’t tell you, he was telling the truth for once, but it was all to be jobs in China.


Now, again, part of the deal with the Royal Institute of International Affairs was not only to amalgamate, but also to eventually, through all these binding treaties, etc., draw your countries together into a system, and first they’d bring out these little associations, which, again, like G4, G8, G20 and all the rest of it, to simply rubber-stamp treaties and agreements that were drafted up by hundreds and hundreds of what they call Sherpas. These guys work full-time for government and their job as high bureaucrats is to go around the world trying to fix any disagreements before they sign big integration deals, not just on trade but on financing – who pays what, etc., etc., etc., and it’s all to do with total amalgamation into what they call global governance. They don’t want to say “government” because they don’t want to scare the average person that even hears that term today, which is out there, away from it, you see.


Again, long ago the guys at the top believed that they were already the most superior people on the planet, that set up the Royal Institute of International Affairs. The proof was obviously in the fact that they had created wealth down through centuries, intermarried, and held onto it, and their sons generally didn’t go wayward and do odd things. They would go into the same industry and they would be just as formidable to all their opponents and stick to the family’s traditions and the same agenda down through time, and that’s still on the go today. They are completely evolutionists in a certain sense and more so even pre-Darwinian in fact, and we’ve got it all here today.


So the G20, as I say, was a part of it, and eventually they tie them all together, and the G20 has to go up eventually to include a lot more countries, as they bring all the world under this big forum. Now, no one in any of the countries gets to vote on even the establishing of any of these G20 joiners, nobody does, and yet they still prattle on about democracy, and yet these guys are now international. The guy who you think leads your country, and I say “think” leads your country, is an internationalist, and he signs all the agreements with these other guys to be more internationalist and to lose sovereignty as well. The old arguments to do with sovereignty and loss of sovereignty and even to do with protectionism were debated a long, long, long time ago; the old idea being – even in politics and the old idea of democracy, which even was given to the public by the same group first to get you used to it – was that you had to have a local representative to go to a place where they could meet and represent you. Well, with big, massive nations it’s almost impossible to know who these guys are, never mind where they go to.


Back with more after this.


Hi, we’re back, Cutting Through the Matrix, talking about the system and to do with the big officially unofficial organizations that just form themselves, made up of prime ministers and presidents across the world, without the authority of the people. And of course all you need is a few years and folk take it all for granted. We are very adaptable; we take everything for granted, very quickly in fact. But here’s an example here, because the G20 recently came out – and I’ve been following it for years, and I might have even read this article when it came out in fact from 2010 to do with the bail-ins, because recently, getting back to recent times, they came out again at the G20 and talked about the bail-ins and so on and we had the Cyprus affair; most folk have forgotten already and you know their hair is back growing in again after it got shaved. But the thing is, this article came out here, it says,


“That is when all the major governments of the G20 first agreed to implement the new, Cyprus-style “bail-in” regime, at the direction of the internationalist Financial Stability Board under its new, GFC-enabled “broadened mandate”.”


Broadened Mandate it was called – and that was done on Armistice Day, 2010.


So this is how old things really are. You think they’re just happening now and they all get together—oh, what can we do? Oh, let’s make a bail-in. And then of course they’ve all passed laws just in the last two or three months to allow bail-ins to be, meaning robbing your depositors, in other words; they can rob the depositors of all their money in all the countries. So it goes back to 2010, and the G20 first talked about this quietly in 2010. You see, everything that happens today – I’ve mentioned this before – nothing happens by chance on a big scale. It’s all known about for years in advance; in fact it was planned to happen years in advance. And this is what they do at the G20s, they have their big, big meals and so on and fancy dos, and they bring in the prostitutes even for them too. We know about that. It’s come out in the papers in Canada before. They hire them, even boys, and young ones, you know, whatever their fancy is for all the different foreigners, and that’s all acceptable. Things that are a criminal offense in your own country are okay for this bunch when they come in. This has been happening for years, all their global agendas. And I remember the excuse years ago at one of the global meetings in Canada, it was B.C., they said, “Well, you see, some of these people have different preferences, and so on and so on, and it’s okay in their countries, etc., etc., and so we have to supply them here,” and just like that. So again, different strokes for different folks, eh, different laws for… it depends who you are. Maybe different laws for bigger paws, I’d say.


Anyway, it says here,


“One cannot help but laugh at the Orwellian doublespeak slogans used by the architects of this new regime.  To address the problem of “systemically important” banks, “without exposing the taxpayer to the risk of loss,” our puppet politicians have agreed to confiscate … the savings of taxpayers.”


And it says you can’t make this up, this stuff up.


“You may be thinking that this excerpt from the FSB press release does not prove that the G20 had specifically agreed to the confiscation of bank deposits, and you’d be correct.”


That was back then. They have now.


“As with all such schemes, it is not intended that the public will easily discover what has been planned. You have to wade carefully through all the verbose (and deliberately obtuse) technocrat-ese,”


All the bureaucratic babble...


“and cross-reference the supporting documents (and their annexes), in order to discover just what our G20 attendee politicians – geniuses like “World’s Greatest Treasurer” Wayne Swan – have actually signed up to.”


And on the site they give you the actual charters that they signed back then, in 2010. It says,


“One with the word BAIL-IN stamped clearly on its barrel.”


You find it if you wade through all this stuff. I’m glad there are people, and I do it too sometimes – I used to do it a lot more than I do today – but you can wade through lots and lots of boring, boring stuff to find out what the real point is buried under it all. It says,


“First, in the FSB press release of 4 Nov 2011 we are told that the G20 allegedly “asked the FSB to develop a policy framework to address the systemic and moral hazard risks associated with systemically important financial institutions (SIFIs).”  Next, in Seoul 2010, “G20 leaders endorsed this framework and the timelines and processes for its implementation.”  That framework is set out in the FSB’s “Key Attributes of Effective Resolution Regimes for Financial Institutions”.”


And there’s a PDF link there too, I’ll put that up tonight too.


“In the preamble of that document, we learn that one of the objectives is to make it possible for “unsecured and uninsured creditors to absorb losses.”  Meaning, if your savings are not covered by some form of government guarantee or federal insurance (for all that is worth) – or if, as in Australia, the government bank deposits guarantee is limited to an amount significantly less than (ie, 1/10th) the total of actual bank deposits held by the public – then your bank account can be made to “absorb losses”. And as we will see shortly, this can be done entirely without your consent.”


Well, everything is done without your consent really. It says,


“In the sub-points of the preamble, we see that G20 governments are expected to “have in place a recovery and resolution plan (“RRP”) … containing all elements set out in Annex III.””


And, again, I’ll put these links up tonight too and you can see them for yourself. It says,


“The Resolution authority’s powers are most interesting. For example, we can all applaud the idea that such an authority could (not that they actually would) “claw-back” bankers’ bonuses.”


See, that throws the average person off. They’ll stop there and say, “oh, okay, it’s just to get the nasty big rich sods at the top.”


“What is of serious concern though, is its power to “transfer or sell assets and liabilities, legal rights and obligations,”


They can sell all that off.


“including deposit liabilities and ownership in shares, to a solvent third party,” … without consent. This is confirmed in Key Attribute 3.3, where it is clearly stated that any transfer of a bank’s assets or liabilities (ie, deposits) by the authority “should not require the consent of any interested party or creditor to be valid”....”


It was all done years ago, folks.


Back with more after this.


Hi folks, we’re back, Cutting Through the Matrix, talking about the big banking systems of course and the money boys that really run the world. I mean, money is at the top of the whole pyramid here, at least those who own the money, and the money to them is a tool at the top for total power. That’s all it is. Everything runs on it below. It’s like a food for everyone, you see. It’s like water in a sense; it trickles down until there’s maybe a drop at the bottom, but this is the whole idea of how it’s run. We’re very, very simple. And these big guys at the top are so powerful, incredibly powerful, that if anybody didn’t go along with their big agenda and their plan (not that anybody would disagree to do it), they’d simply cut them off and crash their economy overnight – so simple – which has been done before, by the way.


But this article goes on to say here about the G20 actually passing this back in 2010 and so on, it says,


““Resolution powers should be exercised in a way that respects the hierarchy of claims while providing flexibility to depart from the general principle of equal (pari passu) treatment of creditors of the same class…”


“This is what has happened in Cyprus. While the final details are still evolving as to exactly how much Cypriot depositors holding more, or less, than €100k will have stolen from them, what is clear is that this FSB template for bail-ins in G20 nations or “jurisdictions” (EU), is the one being followed. What is also clear, especially in light of recent revelations that Canada has expressly identified “bail-in” procedures in their 2013 Budget,”


And I’ve got the link up in my archives section too; I read the article at the time, but I’ll put it up again tonight.


“is that all Western governments have, unbeknown to their citizens and without their consent, agreed to the imposition of the same new regime for managing insolvent banks.”


So the regime was


“...devised, and dictated by, an unelected central body.”


And you keep voting and prattling on about democracy. There are even idiots that keep cheering about all these color revolutions and the paid mercenaries that are causing havoc across the Middle East and cheering them on because they’re going to bring democracy across… No, they’re going to bring this system across the world, and believe you me, there’s no democracy in it. That’s the truth.


Anyway, it says,


“The FSB has been established to coordinate at the international level the work of national financial authorities and international standard setting bodies and to develop and promote the implementation of effective regulatory, supervisory and other financial sector policies. It brings together national authorities responsible for financial stability in significant international financial centres, international financial institutions, sector-specific international groupings of regulators and supervisors, and committees of central bank experts.”


And that’s according to the FSB’s own website.


Now, remember too, going back into Carroll Quigley’s talks and his books as well on this big global system, that he was all for, he was all part of it, he talked about eventually the Bank for International Settlements would help run the world and actually rule it, and through their IMF they would also be the debt collectors, and basically all the private centralized banks are owned privately by really a few people, when it boils down to it. What a power to have over the whole planet, eh? Total power. And this is happening as we speak, as we live through it. Most folk are oblivious of course, they’ll stay oblivious. I’ve always thought that the greatest crime that could be created to anyone is to rob their ability of knowing their own reality as soon as you’re born. You can take it further in fact and go into the writings of Lord Bertrand Russell who talked about dumbing down the public by different techniques of putting stuff in the food and the water, and even by use of the needle, he says, the needle, very important for vaccinations. So they were hitting you before you were born. But the fact is, once you’re born the cartoons start and you’re indoctrinated very, very early on into political correctness and updates and so on, and you’re told what kind of future you’re supposed to believe in and what is okay to believe in and what you’re supposed to believe in and what you better not think about, and so on and so on. That’s how tightly you’re conditioned, and for most folk it really works so well. They can go through their life fighting world wars even and go to their deaths never knowing they’ve been conned their entire life. Never knowing. Conned in so many ways. They’ll never, ever know. What a crime that is, really. But I’ll put this link up tonight and you can look it up for yourself at cuttingthroughthematrix.com.


Also, as they amalgamate all the banking system to total power, the top banks together for world dominance, they came out with this one too. The EU, the European Union – remember the European Union was first devised or mentioned by Karl Marx, who was also financed by the same boys that set up the Royal Institute of International Affairs/Council on Foreign Relations. But he was paid to write all his stuff in London with a lot of help from friends and so on and various professors that were supplied to him. But he talked about how there would be a complete integration eventually. It says,


“The EU arrest warrant needs urgent reform”


“The European Arrest Warrant (EAW), the "flagship" measure of EU judicial co-operation, has helped to catch people who exploit Europe’s open borders to flee justice.  But it does not always work as intended.  The challenge facing the EU institutions is how to address the shortcomings without undermining its effectiveness. After years of calls for reform, the European Parliament, under the rapporteurship of British Liberal MEP Sarah Ludford, is about to do a legislative initiative report.”


What they want to do, and they’ve been at this for ages, is to try to amalgamate all their laws. It’s just like a country. The US started off as different states, remember. Remember too that the great President Lincoln was congratulated by Karl Marx by telegraph for helping to centralize the government – a prime tenet of total control for even communism or Marxism. And don’t forget that the big boys who invented it were also the top bankers. That’s why they like it, you see. You can get a controlled society that way. You can mandate that your system is the only one to be used, your system of money is the only one to be used, etc., and you can mandate the wages and everything else. That’s not bad for capitalists.  It says here,


“It should be welcomed by the assembly, which had no decision-making role back when the EAW was adopted in pre-Lisbon-Treaty times. For her part, Ludford said she will look to ‘issues of proportionality and observance of human rights.’”


See, they tack on “human rights” and sure enough, most folk go to sleep. “Wow, human rights – that’s good!”


“She added: ‘I hope that thereby British participation in EU criminal justice issues can be ensured for the future.’”


Then they go into the flaws of the EAW and they want to change it all. So you change their laws. Now, they’ve already been changing all the economic laws. Remember too, the IMF wants to eventually do all the bookkeeping. Actually it gave itself the power to do all the bookkeeping of all the countries, so the countries are not national anymore or sovereign or independent. No, they’re completely bought. It’s a new Soviet empire. It’s a more sophisticated, advanced form of the Soviet empire, that’s what it is. In fact, there were guys who were dissidents in the Soviet era (and I read them years ago on the air) who came out and said that; they were allowed to go and listen to the Parliament and meet them all, and they actually said, “This is the real Soviet empire now. It’s here.” The Soviet empire, remember, multi-billionaires all fled out of Russia when they supposedly decided it was time to take down the Wall, as they called it, and it was all planned for years in advance. And these billionaires just flooded out, mainly to the States, with all their cash. Other ones went to even the Middle East. It’s well documented; you can look it up yourself if you care; and what can you do? It’s a great system, as I say, for making lots of cash, because the state technically owns everything; but they can also, just like here too, public-private deals, they can farm out certain things to private businesses.


What was beautiful in the Soviet Union too – and I think Adam Curtis went through that in some of his documentaries – was to do with the so-called fall of Russia, the Soviet regime. It was astonishing that the Federal Reserve sent over their guys who had done such a great job here (you know, they’re so open and they get elected too, don’t they, I mean you all elect them, right? – of course you do), and they went over there and supposedly in a week they were supposed to introduce democracy and capitalism. What they did was got all these state-owned, meaning taxpayer-funded or the people funded, massive oil corporations, gas, electricity, everything, and so on, and they were supposed to distribute bonds for everyone across the country to take their share of it. And it was arranged months and months, actually years in advance by those in the know inside America before the Wall came down. And they had already planned who they were going to give all these bonds to. It wasn’t the general population. And we know the history of that, as these big—they call it a mafia, grabbed them all of course, and became overnight the big tycoons of Russia, and Putin had an awful job trying to put some of them back in their place. But who’s going to believe in a farce, “let’s introduce democracy in a week”? because it was such a surprise that it all happened. What a joke. But they do love that, they love to privatize stuff that the public build up; they’ve done it in every country over the last hundred-odd years. And then when it’s time, like the railroad system too, when it’s time to repair things, they get it nationalized again and the taxpayer funds all the repairs and updates everything and replaces things, and then they go and privatize it again for peanuts. This is a con, folks. It happens in every country.


There was a massive rail-car smash in Quebec just over the weekend there, and 60 to 80 people they say could be missing, meaning dead, in this town where this stack of oil carriages, carrying – we don’t know if it was just all crude oil or if there was gasoline or what was in it – but it blew up and flattened houses and buildings and everything. And they’re really clamping down the lid on it too, because you see this is becoming more frequent, because before that, about a month before that, I had the same thing happen just half a mile from me – and a bridge collapsed. Now, since they privatized the system (and I looked into this) and they fired the union basically; it’s companies in New York, based, mainly that own them now – CN Railway and TransCanada, the Canadian Pacific Railway – they basically have slashed to the bone, just like the old corporate raiders did, it’s “maximize the profit” and do as little maintenance as possible, and it’s going to happen, it’s happening all the time. Then I looked into the owners of the one in Quebec and it’s also with a company in Maine, and it turns out to be a world holding company for railroad lines. One corporation is holding almost all the world’s railroad system, one company. Now, holding companies don’t make anything. It’s like the Wall Street movie, the first one, “We own it all; we don’t make anything.” All they make is money, because they have the controlling interest in the shares and so on, and the first thing they do is maximize the profit. They pass on the word down below to the company CEO that works in the actual company, and it’s his problem how to maximize the profit. They’ve taken over railroad lines across the old Soviet Union, this same company, across the States, Canada, Latvia, they’re even into Guatemala, they have that too. And believe you me, there’s a bigger network behind all this, because it’s all the same – they know exactly who’s going to help them out in these countries – and they’ve got a lot in common with a lot of these folk in these countries that have gone into politics and so on. It’s quite fascinating to go through the history of these things.


But what a power to have, they can bring to a complete standstill basically almost all the big bulk trade within a nation or outside a nation almost overnight. And again, too, they’ve got all these public/private partnerships where the public pay for all the maintenance and they rake in all the profit. That’s when they bother to do maintenance. But as I say, they’re getting more and more frequent, all these smashes, because that’s what you get when you do privatize them, especially into a holdings company that literally owns dozens and dozens and dozens of companies across the planet, but nobody in the company that owns it, the holding company, even visits them. The same if they have factory holding companies, they don’t even go and visit the factory, just like the Wall Street movie. That’s how it really is in this world. And believe you me, the politicians won’t say anything – that’s why they clam up about all these massive accidents, because these guys also make sure that they’ve got the right boys in politics, and they make sure too that they’re all provided money to run their campaigns, and so on. They’re all bought off! What do you expect in a system where they’re allowed to take so-called private contributions which also include corporations as persons? Anyway, that’s how it is.


Also, too, this is kind of boring, because everything to do with electronics and privacy to me is awfully boring, because I knew from the beginning there would be none, before it even started in fact. Because you had none before that; even during the times before 9/11 and so on, you had no privacy then either. Any form of communication means power. Your governments, as I say, had Cardex systems in the ’50s all across the European countries, including Britain and into America as well, on every citizen that was under its jurisdiction, every citizen, with all information, including trivia or gossip, believe it or not. And of course when those phones became more and more affordable in countries like of Europe and more folk were getting them, they were snooping on folk from the very beginning. All forms of communication have always been done like that.


So this one here, it says that,


“Apple, Google Excused from Irish Tax Questioning”


There’s questioning going on about their systems and so on.


“Apple and Google are off the hook when it comes to an investigation into how they use the Irish tax system.  Apple, Google and other multinational companies were originally called to talk about their tax setups in Ireland; as such arrangements had come under fire recently. The companies were accused of dodging taxes in other countries by a special route through Ireland.  However, Ciaran Lynch, chairman of the Irish parliament's finance committee, has cleared company executives from Apple and Google from having to explain their tax situations with Ireland. According to Lynch, there's no need for Ireland to have a tax investigation when the U.S.'s Senate subcommittee and the UK's public accounts committee are doing the same already.”


So, literally, you know, democracy, yeah.


And also the article I’m sure you’ve all read too,


“Delaying the Employer Mandate Requires Delaying All of Obamacare”


“The IRS has announced it will postpone the start date of Obamacare’s “employer mandate” from 2014 to 2015. Most of the reaction has focused on how this move is an implicit acknowledgement that Obamacare is harmful, cannot work, and will prove a liability for Democrats going into the November 2014 elections.”


It will be more than just that, believe you me. And why do they call it Obamacare? Hillary Clinton was prattling about that when her husband was in the office doing his, you know, cigar smoking and blowing rings and doing strange things. But anyway, she talked about it then, universal healthcare. She gave lots and lots of speeches about it all over the place. This is an ongoing thing. And don’t think they just jump into the other camp. It’s the same camp, folks. I always think of America with the eagle and the wings spread, the left wing, the right wing, and behind the shield is the body. You never see what the body looks like, because there’s a shield in front of it, you see. But even at that, the bird’s got the same head, doesn’t it? So don’t fall into it too, because the ones who are going to have it, again, it’s all to do with monopolization until there’s one massive industry at the top, one company, or even a holding company eventually that will own the insurance companies beneath it, or it could just be one big insurance company.


Everything sounds so wonderful as they push it. And they even try to get you enthusiastic about it too. I’m not saying that the present system is good. It’s not. It’s incredibly, ridiculously, greedily expensive.


Back with more after this.


Hi folks, we’re back, cutting through the matrix, and talking about the big system again, and going back to the first article to do with the bank bailouts or haircuts, or bail-ins, as they like to call them, meaning stealing your money, again and free trade and the Council on Foreign Relations; they drafted up, remember, all the free trade agreements, the NAFTA agreements for Canada, the US and Mexico and so on, and they’re still at it yet. They also boasted too they did the one for Europe. In other words, it’s the same organization as the Royal Institute of International Affairs, you see. They couldn’t call it “Royal” in the States, it didn’t sound too good, but eventually one day it will, because in the States they love celebrities and they love folk who are awfully, awfully wealthy and show it.


This article ties in exactly what I said. Their whole idea was to bind the countries together through trade deals, trade deals, trade deals, and then economic deals, banking deals and so on. “Talks with Japan began late last year,” about the Trans-Pacific Partnership with Japan, for instance. They’re one of the countries in it. I think the US, at least the Obama administration claimed they passed it okay for the US to join with Japan in the free trade deal. Remember, free trade deals came out with, again, the Royal Institute of International Affairs to bind the world under one system which they control.


Eventually they would do away with the levies or taxes on imports you see, they call it import duties, which is a form of protectionism. As I said before, if you can’t look after your own people in your immediate area you have no control at all. That’s what protectionism was about. And it was to ensure jobs at home, it was to ensure there was enough food and decent food for those left at home, and all that, before exports came. And it also paid for most of the government, by the way, the import duties from abroad went to pay for the government. Remember too that your taxes are also going up because as they push through all these free trade agreements and do away with the import duties, they aren’t going to say, “Well, we’re going to go broke.” No, they’re going to say, your taxes at home, the taxpayers at home will have to just pay more and more taxes to make up the difference from all the import duties they won’t have. It says they’re ready to go ahead with the Japan trade deal and Japan can bring its cars in. Before they had a levy on every car, a rather expensive one too, so that folk would buy domestically. But what’s the point anymore since you find really you have no domestic cars made almost, and even the ones that you thought were yours were already international corporations that are churning out more in other countries than they are back home. I’ll put this one up tonight too for those who are following the whole free trade agreements and so on as they bring binding treaties, binding treaties, remember.


Remember too a lot of your food is to be exported abroad now too, so another concern of the old system was to make sure that you were given enough available, decent, good food, and there is more and more food getting sold abroad. I read last week where the US, a lot of their pork industry is getting bought over by China, and they’re exporting the best stuff to China, the best stuff. What does that leave you? Oh, you won’t notice because you’ll get it in prepackaged and processed foods and so on covered in sauces; you won’t even know what you’re eating. I’m not kidding about this, it’s already happened here. That’s how it’s done, folks. But again, this is a PR article from the Globe & Mail making it sound all rosy and wonderful. And we can import rice from Japan. There’s a glut of rice all over the world right now, from all the countries, a glut of it. But anyway, it doesn’t matter because as I say the big boys at the top control it all and really it’s not the ones you elect, it really isn’t.


From Hamish and myself from Ontario Canada it’s good night, and may your god or your gods go with you.



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