July 9, 2013 (#1368)

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Poem Copyright Alan Watt July 9, 2013:

Democracy, The Peoples' Dichotomy,
Forced to Work for and Consume from Monopoly:

"Corporate Rule Governs Us Today,
Everything Privatized, We Pay and Pay,
Most are Unaware Who Controls the Feed
And All Essentials which Humans Need,
Those Corporations Most Certainly Do,
Control of Slaves Split Among a Few,
Long Ago Money-Men Devised a Strategy,
Con of People Rule, Averting a Tragedy,
Government Modified to Meet Corps. Needs,
Disguising Agendas as Amiable Deeds
To Help the People, Each Rubber Stamp
Turns World into Choice-less Labour Camp"
© Alan Watt July 9, 2013

Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt – July 9, 2013 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)

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Hi, folks. I’m Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through the Matrix on the 9th of July, 2013.

I always ask newcomers, right off the bat, to look into cuttingthroughthematrix.com and help themselves to the archives section and so on, where I go through the history of the system. And it’s a system that you’re born into. You’re trained even to accept it and you do because everyone around you does too, especially your peer group and they’re all the same, generation after generation. You’re in a planned society, a planned future and so on, where private corporations really run the system and the whole planet. It had to happen, of course, because even in this guise of democracy when politicians take so much money to even run for office, then they’re all heavily subsidized you might say, or paid off by the big corporations that put them in. Not only that too, they have private foundations, that select leaders for all sides, basically, so it doesn’t matter who gets in. And they’ve been doing that for a hundred years. Their own historian at the Royal Institute of International Affairs/Council on Foreign Relations, Carroll Quigley, talked about that in his own books. So, you really are in a planned system into a new society altogether that controls you through many, many different techniques, all used on you from birth right up to most folk die, in fact; they don’t know what true reality is.

So, help yourself to the website. Remember too, you bring me to you. You can help me tick along if you buy the books on conology and so on at cuttingthroughthematrix.com, where I go through the history of conning people, large amounts of people, whole countries and even empires, down through the ages – old, old, old science. Much better today because everyone’s on the internet. They know who everyone is, what they’re thinking. They’ve got personality profiles on everyone. So, it’s very easy to control everyone today. And so, from the US to Canada, remember you can still buy the books using a personal check to Canada. You can still use an international postal money order. You can send cash or use PayPal. Across the world: Western Union, MoneyGram, and PayPal. And you’ll find out how to do it at cuttingthroughthematrix.com. Remember too, on the site, you’ll see listed all the official sites I have. They all carry transcripts for print-up of a lot of the talks I’ve given in English. And if you go into alanwattsentientsentinel.eu, you can get transcripts for print-up in other languages.

We truly are rushing ahead now, as big corporations and even holding companies... you’ll find that pretty-well everything’s owned by holding companies; these are the big mega owners that own the vast shares in all the corporations that you see listed. They hold the vast shares: your food, your water supply, you name it, the railroad system, airways, you name it. They own pretty-well everything. And it’s really a gang at the top and it was planned that way, a long, long time ago – it was a hundred years ago – it was planned that way by private organizations that sound very official, but they’re actually private organizations that were set up by the top bankers of their day (the international money lenders) that ran nations and lent to nations. And we can see the effects, what’s happening today. Most folk, mind you, are quite happy, because these guys at the top use a lot of academia (professionals) to give them their history and so on to stop riots and even revolutions from happening; and as long as you’ve got something to eat, even if you think it’s food and it fills you, and you’ve got lots of entertainment and there’s a welfare system too, when you start losing your jobs and so on, then people don’t revolt. And so they know everything that leads to resistance to their agenda, by studying the past. Why do you think they would use a guy like Quigley to teach people at the state department and the military departments, even at the Pentagon, on history down through the ages and philosophy and so on? It’s to do with what brought about big changes, what were the conditions that brought up the changes, that caused them to happen, that made it all ready to go, the big spark that set it off. You have to have all the tinder ready, basically. And, as long as you satisfy the basic needs of people, they’ll just go along with whatever you give them. It’s well understood at the top... well understood.

Back with more, after this.

{Break ♫}

Hi, folks. We’re back, Cutting Through the Matrix. And I’ve talked many, many times about weather warfare, weather control, and so on. In fact, the whole system we’re living in is a warfare technique. It truly is. Because everything at the top is planned with military precision and coordinated the same way too. Any agenda has to be done that way. Even a big corporation for instance, an international corporation, plans its whole future, fifty years in advance, sometimes. And company takeovers they have to do or get other companies out of business altogether. That’s how they fight their way through it all. It’s the same with running the world basically and bringing in a global society. It sounds all wonderful for folk at the bottom. It’s not really a global society; it’s simply a small bunch of folk who want to control the whole planet and they’re pretty-well there actually, for those who don’t know it. Just go into all the treaties and agreements that they’ve signed at the United Nations and through the private foundations, like the Rockefeller Foundation, the Burroughs Foundation. Look at all those. Look at all the other ones too that are implemented from the start, the beginnings, with international meetings of NGOs. Private not-for-profit organizations, that eventually draft up treaties and get all the governments to sign them, like the Earth Charter and the Rio Charter – all these kind of different charters that affect all your lives down the road, you know. And you take it all for granted. Because these organizations are not part of what you take traditionally as being government. They’re not. They’re private. So, who gives them the authority to do so? Well, it’s because the authority was given to them a long time ago by the guys who gave you your present systems of government. You’ve adapted to the changes over time and you think it’s just all part of government.

And, getting back to what I said earlier too, the Royal Institute for International Affairs and CFR, have been really choosing your presidents and prime ministers now for a hundred years and that’s what their historian Quigley said. It doesn’t matter if you vote left wing or right wing; it doesn’t matter at all. You don’t need the bottom ones; it’s all the top ones that matter. He says the bottom ones are allowed certain competition amongst themselves to get higher. But the ones at the top are all pre-chosen.

Now, I’ve mentioned about the weather warfare so many times too, that people really don’t get into it very, very deeply. It sounds ludicrous to some people. There was an article, a little blurb on, I think it was Fox News, recently too about geoengineering. And, of course, it starts off with its usual kind of pooh-pooh idea and then they show you the different trails in the sky and then they bring on the paid professional that says, well, it’s just condensation trails etc etc etc. But no, there’s far, far too much to it, because the government itself has admitted through different organizations, which it runs, that they’re all doing it too. It’s old stuff... old stuff. And since 1998 they’ve been doing it constantly. And they admitted in their own geoengineering big world meetings, that if they did start it (to do it, that is – they keep saying, if they start it; of course they’ve been doing it), then it could really upset the balance of climate across the world. And, years ago too, when they flooded Alberta a previous time and then gave it years of drought, they gave you the typical scenarios, because they have sprays, of course, and different chemical sprays which can either disperse thunder clouds (I’ve seen that happening) or they can cause it to rain and flood actually, like monsoons.

And what you see with the raining period too, it’s like a big vortex above the area you’re living in and it just keeps going round and round and round. It’s always on the jet stream and the jet stream seems to just be blocked by a wall. It doesn’t keep going. And it’s a big puzzle to them, why this happens. The only place you find it is in the weather warfare treaties at the United Nations. That’s because HAARP can do that. The HAARP Project – “H” “A” “A” “R” “P”. But, also, they have phased array antenna systems throughout the country as well, and they’re used as well. They pulse. They’re used for pulsing. And they even use them, supposedly, just to detect the weather, which is rather odd, with all this high-tech stuff, they can’t tell you what the weather is going to be, but they’re all phasing at the same time across your country. They’re made by Raytheon Corporation, by the way. You know, the big war guys? That’s who makes them. They have lists of them up there and maps of them across your whole country. And you think it’s just to detect what the weather’s going to be? Really? These were based on a form of radar systems too and high-energy pulsating weapons, really plasma weapons and they’re all whacking away at the same time. Everyone beneath it, of course, anybody at all that’s maybe over twenty or thirty, can get arthritis with it. There’s even juvenile arthritis too, nowadays. But anyone with that at all is going to really feel it, big, big time, because the air is so fully charged, as well.

But regardless of that, they can bring on the flooding when they want to. And as the vortex rolls around on top of you – I had that for a month and a half about three years ago – it just rained every darn day. And I mean down it came like a monsoon, straight down, big, big drops, just all day. And this happened in Toronto last night, apparently, so much so they got flash flooding and even a GO train was stuck. And the GO trains, that go between Toronto and the nearby cities have about three tiers, decks in other words, three decks for passengers and they were flooded up into the second deck. They had to get emergency forces in there to bring them out by dinghy. No kidding. And, yet, all that took, really... and mind you too in Toronto and these places, they don’t really maintain things very well as they cut back, cut back and all the rest of it and maximize the profits from the taxes and so on. And whenever they get a real downpour, you find all the drains and so on haven’t been cleaned for ages. They’re just all blocked, so you get flash flooding.

But there’s an article about that from The Globe and Mail (the flash flooding) and I’ll put that up tonight. Now, what you find too, is around it, around the area that’s being weather-warfared, that is, that’s been flooded daily, you’ll find that there’s good weather. There’s good weather all around this big vortex. And that’s what we’ve had in previous years and I’ve been noting all this stuff studiously and taking care of it. Because it’s very important to always note what’s going on. For those who don’t quite get that, you’re supposed to note what goes on at least in your mind. And if you’re not sure of your mind, then at least write it down, like a diary, because otherwise you’ll forget it all, you won’t connect the dots later on. But anyway, folk were literally swimming out of their cars and so on, in downtown Toronto. And it was only, what they called, about four inches of rain came down in about an hour. They got about a hundred millimeters here. And it sounds an awful lot when you put it into millimeters, which is part of the whole crisis planning of course (it sounds bigger) but it’s actually about four inches. But it came down in about an hour and nothing could cope with that. So, I’ve had that up here, over the years, because this is a big testbed where the jet stream loops, right above me here.

So, I’ll put this article up tonight for those that want to peruse it just to see what’s going on. Sounds all far-fetched to folk who haven’t studied it but this is old stuff. This is old stuff. And, as I say, you have to go through the weather warfare treaties and the amendments to them too, down through the years at the United Nations to find it. And it’s all in there though. It’s all in there. And the history of it too. And go into Teller, who created the H-bomb and he also went through the possibility, in the 1950’s, of doing all this by combining particles of metallic dust into the atmosphere by spraying them. It would make it more electromagnetic, if you used electromagnetic frequencies to bombard all these metallic particles, it would act like a circuit across the sky. And you could really wipe out crops in an enemy country – that was why they first developed it – by drought, causing drought, depending on the spray that you used over them or you could also divert the stream, blow all of the moist air away from them, an area, or you could flood them. You can do pretty-well anything, depending on the frequencies and the types of spray that you use. Old, old stuff. But it’s been going on constantly for years now, since ’98. And so, expect more and more of this. And then, of course, at the end of this year... they have to create extreme weather events this year – an awful lot of them – because at the end of this year, the G20 and all the rest of them will be going over to sign all the new treaties to do with weather control or modification or the effects of CO2, as they call it, or global warming. And when they beam these arrays, these sort of phased arrays across the sky, that superheats the atmosphere by the way. This is old, old stuff. But what I’m talking about too, they have lots of these stations across every country now, pretty-well... all first world countries and they are using them. Made by the military-industrial complex boys. So, I’ll put that up tonight, this one.

Also, tonight, to show you again, it just all ties in, that everything’s owned; even the big corporations that you go and hammer at, if you’re not too happy about things they’ve done. You find most of them are owned by, again, big holding corporations that don’t even care what they own, usually. They just want the massive profits as they take over the main shareholders cash or positions and so on. They also buy the shares that are not available to the public. You understand there are private shares that are never sold off to the ordinary people, which means a small clique can control hundreds and hundreds of other corporations beneath it. But you have your stock exchanges too, which it’s there when you’re born, again, and you take it for granted. It must be normal, it’s there. It’s a big con, to start with, the stock exchanges. It’s all rigged to make sure that an elite always stay in power down through the ages and everybody else loses their money. But I remember reading a couple years ago that the stock exchange in New York had been sold off to another corporation, you see, but it ties into this one because the next part that happens now is,


“NYSE says Euronext to take over scandal-hit Libor”

“The U.S. owner of the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) will take over the running of Libor,...”


Alan: The guys who fix and rig the interest rates across the world. It says,

“... the benchmark interest rate at the centre of a global rigging scandal, wresting control from a British bankers’ trade body for a token 1 pound...”


Alan: You understand this stuff, this one pound deal or one dollar deal?  There’s a history to this old stuff. To make something a legality... and these guys are awfully, awfully legalistic minded... then they go through something that’s very, very ancient to them. Remember, a pound is a token; that’s what they call it: a token of one pound. Just like you have a token to get into subways and so on; it’s called a token. Anyway, it makes it legal, you see. And it says,

“An important cog in the world financial system, Libor rates are benchmarks for some $550-trillion (U.S.) in contracts from complex derivatives to credit card bills. But Libor’s credibility was destroyed by revelations that traders had routinely manipulated them to their own advantage.” 

“NYSE Euronext will from early 2014 take over Libor from the British Bankers’ Association (BBA), which had administered the rates since the 1980s, a British committee set up to choose a new operator said on Tuesday.  However, Libor – or London interbank offered rate – will continue to be regulated by Britain’s Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), according to the advisory committee chaired by Sarah Hogg, appointed in October last year by the finance ministry to look for a successor to the BBA in taking ownership of setting Libor rates.”


Alan: Just bigger rip-offs coming. Back with more after this.

{Break ♫}

Hi, folks. We’re back, Cutting Through the Matrix, talking about the New York Stock Exchange. And it says here that,

“But with uncertainty about the future regulation of Libor – and given NYSE Euronext is being bought by U.S. peer IntercontinentalExchange (ICE)...”


Alan: Which is called ICE for short.

“...for $8.2 billion - not everyone was convinced the appointment was appropriate.”

“‘We had a ‘fox guarding the henhouse’ issue here, and we should learn from that,’ said Bart Chilton, a member of the U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) regulator.  Chilton added: ‘I firmly believe that having a truly neutral third-party administrator would be the best alternative, and I’m not sure that an exchange is the proper choice.’”


Alan: So, you’re back to the fox guarding the hen house, the guys that set the interest rates and all the rest of it, working with the other guys, same old thing. It says,

“British and U.S. regulators have so far fined three banks –Barclays PLC, UBS AG and RBS – a total of $2.6-billion and two men have been charged for manipulating Libor and similar benchmark rates.”


Alan: They always throw a couple of guys at the bottom to the wolves. And you know something, these guys go into top non-security prisons, where they have golf courses and everything and there’s no fences anywhere and so on and so on and they are well rewarded when they come out. They know that it’s all been put to them, you’ll take the fall; you two guys will take the fall.

“But more banks and individuals remain under investigation.”


Alan: But that’s the two for the public.

“Thomson Reuters, parent of Reuters which has calculated Libor and distributed the rates on behalf of the BBA since 2005, had also expressed an interest in a role in running Libor, another source said.  The company said it would continue as calculator and distributor of Libor unless NYSE Euronext decides otherwise.”


Alan: So, again, as I say, it’s the same old thing, as the guys who run the whole money system and the stock exchanges all work together, including the interest rates and everything else. It’s just amazing. But it’s not really amazing. You see, if there’s nothing to stop them, then why should they stop? Huh? Why should they stop? I mean, you’ve had banks plunder the world recently, again, and get bailed out by us, again, you see. And the folk accept it again. They go back, well, I can still eat my look-alike burger and this, that and the other thing and watch lots of entertainment and I can afford the latest iPad or whatever. And as long as that happens, they’ll just forget it all and it happens again and again and again. There’s no deterrent to stop these guys doing what they do. They even call it “victimless crimes” when millions lose their homes and end up in tent cities. Victimless crimes. Where’s the deterrent? There’s no deterrent. Especially when the government says they’re too big to fail, we can’t kick them out or fine them or even close them down by putting them in prison. Really? There’s many alternatives to the system you’ve got now. Many. But it won’t happen because, you see, you’re in their system.

Remember, the whole plan that Quigley talked about was for private corporations to run the world. Already was doing a lot of that back in the 1930’s. And they learned from World War I... they had a world war on the go, a world war that was unlike any other war... they had mechanized tanks and everything. They had lots of equipment, batteries and batteries like you would never believe, of artillery, massive shells. Look up the old photographs of the aftermath of some of the bombardments using military shells in World War I and you’ll see, it’s not acres of fields covered in these empty shell casings; these are huge things. It’s miles of them. It’s the most incredible profitable war that had ever existed up until then. And then aircraft too that lasted about four days in the air and had to be replaced immediately, including the pilots. It was awfully profitable. And so government came in, of course – it was all planned that way – government would come in and the US was a good example, the newly-established Federal Reserve Board and the bank and all the rest of it would lend money and keep lending money to the government and they were guaranteed that the taxpayer would pay it all back, you see. Never stopped. So, government got involved to fund all these private corporations too, that made all the equipment, etc etc., even built factories for them for nothing. That happened in World War II as well in all countries.

And that’s why you find that other people too, like Orwell and other ones too like Huxley, could talk about the future being totally controlled, and again, Quigley, who worked with this organization that planned to rule the world, they could quite confidently say that private corporations will run the world. And they’ll be more efficient, they claim. Well, what do you hear now when they privatize something? Oh, it’ll be more efficient than what you had. As they jack up all of your prices and everything big time. Old, old con, but they do and they network together. Look at IBM. Look at all the history of IBM. It’s fascinating. And did you see anybody giving the right to IBM to basically set up a smart grid for the world? Did you? And you helped fund it, by the way. And did you see any government going through any big debates about that happening?  It just happened to be here. Suddenly it’s there. That’s it. And you think you have governments that serve you? It’s the other way around. They serve the corporations and they have for a long, long time.

Also too, years ago I noticed that private property, remember... and this was from all the big boys... it used to surprise me... I knew Karl Marx of course wanted the end of the family unit and the end of private property for the general population, but not for the elite, of course. Technically, they don’t have to own anything; it’s all in trusts, you see. But the average person would not have it. Agenda 21 from the United Nations, that also was set up by the Royal Institute of International Affairs – that’s who set up the UN on the behalf of the top bankers of the planet and the power industry boys and the whole bit and the newspaper moguls... they set up the United Nations and, of course, they also said the same thing that Agenda 21 says: no private property will be the end result. Everyone will live in their designed areas and you’ll have no personal transportation, so there will be only rental accommodation and you won’t have private transportation either.

Back with more after this.

{Break ♫- You’re listening to the Republic Broadcasting Network, because you can handle the truth!}

Hi, we’re Cutting Through the Matrix, talking about houses, the end of private property will come down the road and so on. Because that’s the agenda. Rental units only by big corporations that own cities basically, is the agenda for the future. And tying in with all this too: years ago I saw them basically changing the rules for buying houses. Before that, of course, you even saw the rise of the real estate market. Before that, people would sell their homes and it would be a solicitor or a lawyer would advertise in the paper, some company and you would make the deal with the seller and that was it, between the two of you, like things should be. But once the real estate agents came in, it does away with all that. They take massive commissions, of course. So, they like big high prices, because they get a higher commission, a bigger cut of the higher prices. So, here’s the next step too. Well, the last time too, a few years back there, they made sure that you had to have your own drilled well in the country. Something like that. And then various inspection fees from government experts and engineers and all that, environmental impacts. If you’re selling your home, not just building one, but selling one, things like that... until you’re broke before you even start. But regardless, they also wanted new septic systems and all the rest of it. I said, oh, here they go for everything about a house. Now, before, you bought it like a used car, as is, and that was the whole thing, before real estate guys came along, because you could talk to the seller, you could go around the whole place, check everything for yourself and say, oh I see that isn’t working, that’s not working and so on and you’d agree upon a price. Not now with the real estate guys who con you out of everything. Well, here’s the next step too and, again, the cities are doing the same thing... to do with your thermal energy and so on. Remember, again, global warming, thermal proof and all that kind of stuff. And you’ve got to save heat in the winter etc etc etc. It says,


“City property listings to include energy costs”


Alan: See? So, you have to get an energy specialist to come out and check your home before you’re allowed to sell it, after getting everything else sold. And it says,

“Appraisers maintain that their opinions are grounded in data.”


Alan: So they say.

“A coalition that includes the city of Chicago and real estate agents wants consumers to have a better understanding of the true cost of homeownership.”


Alan: Now, this is a PR blurb, so it’s done in a happy-happy way. So there’s your premise off the bat. The reason that they say is because they want you, as the consumer, to have a better understanding of the true cost of owning the house.

“The city is expected to announce Wednesday that Chicago residences listed in the local multiple listing service will now carry data on their energy costs.”


Alan: But here’s the thing, they want the consumer to know, right:

“However, potential homebuyers and the merely curious who surf online realty listings won’t be able to look up the information themselves.”


Alan: It’s only available to, guess who... the real estate agents. You ever looked into the associations of real estate agencies? It’s like another big massive corporation, you see. It says, so the real estate agents,

“...they can then share with clients.”


Alan: Well, if they want to. I mean it’s obviously meant that way; otherwise, the public would be able to look them up, right?

“The short-term goal is to make less cumbersome and more user-friendly a Chicago ordinance that has been around for some 25 years that requires a seller to disclose a home’s utility costs to a buyer before the transaction closed.”


Alan: All cities have had these on the books for years, waiting for now. Everything’s done in the past to be implemented in the future, remember. So, it says,

“‘It was a great idea but most people didn’t know about it,’ said Anne Evens, chief executive officer of CNT Energy, a division of the nonprofit Center for Neighborhood Technology. ‘It involved finding a form, faxing it to one of the utilities and then waiting to get it back. It was a really clunky process.’”


Alan: You know, at one time, you could buy starter homes, which meant you were a loser. I mean that’s what the real estate guys call you, a loser, actually, when they call you a starter home – whenever you see that. It’s a place where you bring in lots of recycled lumber and use nails and tools and your own commode. That’s what they mean by that. But it’s even going to do away with that.  You see. Because now it’s going to have to get listed, what they claim you’re losing, remember, is going to be on there too, until it’ll be unsellable, until you can satisfy all the ordinances that they want. You can’t even do it “as is” anymore. It says,

“Long term, the hope of the city and CNT Energy is that current homeowners will work to make their homes more energy efficient...”


Alan: Just like the smart meters that zap you all the time. Same thing, that IBM are in charge of for the smart grid, you know, with all the corporations underneath them that they own {Laughs}. Anyway, it says,

“That aligns with Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s efforts to shrink the energy usage of Chicago’s dated housing stock.”


Alan: Well, you know Rahm Emanuel is really worried all the time about people and how they are living and so on. So, it’s going to put the cost of the houses sky high. And it’s just like when they do the same thing, as I say, about any law that they pass... any law that they pass. You know, you can’t put in a septic tank now, or even renew it, unless you get a form from a government inspector because you can’t buy it, without the form. You can’t go to a place where they sell them and buy them. They won’t sell it to you in Canada, at least. Everything’s rigged, folks. Rigged, rigged, rigged. And then before they allow you to put one in, again, the inspector has to come out and you’ve got to pay him a fortune and all the rest of it. It’s just like before you even build a hut, you’d have to literally... really, I’m not kidding about this, you’re supposed to get... you’re supposed to get an environmental impact study done by different engineers that they supply... a little garden shed. And once you’ve paid for all that, and you can afford to get one of these ridiculous things from the super markets, made of tin, you know that collapse with the first snowstorm, they also come out and tax you on it, if it’s over, I think  it’s, eight feet by eight feet or eight by ten. I’m not kidding you.

They keep saying we’re free. I don’t see it. Do you? Free to what? To be a really good slave that gives everything up that you earn? Remember, ‘taxing’ means ‘to labor’, ‘to labor one’s self’. Energy, it’s your energy, it comes back... like the token represents the money. The token represents your energy and when that happens, you’re actually a slave. The first big arguments about taxes was to do with that very concept: that you couldn’t tax one’s labor; it was a form of slavery. But we take it all for granted because your dads and mums did too, right? That’s how easy it is to condition people. It’s so easy. Remember what Charles Galton Darwin said: we’re in the process of creating a more sophisticated form of slavery. So sophisticated, folk never... it never dawns on them that they are one.

Also, I mentioned that big train disaster out in Quebec. Last night, I mentioned it. Apparently, this is not an unusual case where they actually parked the thing on a hill outside the town and then they leave it alone; the guy, the engineer goes off for the night to a motel or somewhere and he puts on – it says in the paper and I’ll put the link up for you – it says, he puts the hand brake on. Did you know these massive trains that have got thousands of tons on them, all these carriages, they have a hand brake? {Laughs}. And they’re supposed to also keep the hydraulic ones going as well, by leaving the engine running all night unattended. You understand too, most of these railroad companies, as I say, have all been bought over by the big holding companies, like I mentioned last night. They run a lot of the world’s railroads. And these holding companies, they’re specializing in going into countries where the taxpayer funded the startup and the creation of railroads, electric systems and everything else. These holding companies specialize in going in and then paying off the politicians in the club that they all join – you know, CFR and so on. And it’s time now to privatize it and they get it for peanuts. And then they slash the staff, they fire, they get rid of all the guys in the union and the only reason you had any safety standards at all was that the unions demanded on it because there are always guys, their members, who got killed, you see, in accidents.

Well, that’s all gone now. It’s all gone now. And I think even the track here, going through past me here and the one just north of it as well, that’s transnational and the Canadian National and the Pacific. They were sold off to a New York company a few years ago (two or three years ago) and they fired, oh, slashed it and burned it. You don’t see guys going up the tracks anymore with the big hammers and that and checking the fish plates, where it connects the rails together. It doesn’t happen now and that’s why they have derailments because these things just snap, you know, bend. You can walk along the tracks in fact, because they don’t go out and put new pins down too, spikes down to hold them down, the rails down. And the old ones are all sticking up. You could pick them out with your fingers. See, you maximize the profit. Maximize the profit. That’s the big cry today. They churn them out of universities with that cry, maximize the profit, CEOs, you know, business management. Anyway, this train, apparently, supposedly, one theory is that the train got... and you get all these conflicting stories and I’ll tell you why the stories are about what happened. It’s because the big corporation that owns it all (the big holding corporation) which is awfully powerful, is in there like a shot to try to pay off anybody that can say any truth. Because they don’t want it. They don’t want the blame, so they try to find blame in the local community. Maybe somebody vandalized the handbrake, you know, took it off. And it rolled down the hill, with stacks and stacks of crude oil and it had liquid ammonia in it too. That’s highly volatile stuff. And it blew up the town at the bottom of the hill. And they haven’t even told us yet how many folk are missing (sixty to eighty). They won’t say “dead.” They’ll just say “missing.” So, that’s what they’re trying to do, trying to blame some local for possibly doing it. Another theory is, too, that they’re putting out... this is mainstream... mainstream are quoting this rubbish to us. They don’t know but some people said that a fire department from another town came first, when it was on the hill, parked, with the hand brake, that there was a fire in the engine and so the firemen decoupled it and so the whole train ran down the hill. This is what we’re told. Can you believe this rubbish? Rubbish.

So, anyway, they’ll find some excuse and make a compromise with government and so on, that’ll end up repairing all the damage and rebuilding the town. And they’re doing the clean-up already, I guess, on the tax-payers’ tab, etc. But you can’t bring the lives of the folk back either, can you? But I’ll put this link up tonight for those that want to have a look through it. This is the farce that you get in so-called reporting today, because everyone’s... unfortunately we live in a society that is so corrupt, it’s not just at the top or the middle; it’s at the bottom as well. And one thing is true: when even a certain people would come in to take over countries, like times gone by, there are many forms of warfare, you know. And they could always do it by finding someone that would sell out the rest. It’s quite simple. You always find them. They’re always there. You’d find them in the smallest village in Africa. There’s always somebody there that’ll sell out the rest. Pay them off. That’s it. But now I think it’s a lot more because we’re taught moral relativity today and we believe it. There’s no right and wrong. It’s just who profits. Do I profit? What’s your interest in this? That’s what they say. That’s what they’re taught in school now.

Also, this article too,

“The Ambitions of Bill and Melinda Gates”


Alan: Now, again, Quigley touched on the big philanthropies, the charitable organizations that would spring up big foundations, that would really be parallel government and help run the world. Actually, they would run the world, which they’re already doing. And it’s strange that too, you just hit a magic number of dollars in your bank account, and you become, you know, a philanthropist. But it’s always the same kind of philanthropist: bring down the population, help the women by sterilizing everybody and so on and so on. It’s always the same agenda, isn’t it? It must just happen when you hit that magic number. It just reprograms your brain or something. Folk never get it. These guys are not self-made millionaires, multimillionaires. They’re fronts. Look at the history of Bill’s dad and Melinda Gates as well. The dads of the two of them. They were both involved in Planned Parenthood and the whole bit from years ago. This is an ongoing inter-generational thing, folks. And these guys play the frontmen. Yeah, you’ll live well. You’ll be awfully stinking rich. Just attend a few meetings and be a philanthropist and say the right things, we’ll write the speeches etc. Just never open your mouth and say anything to the contrary. I’m not kidding you. That’s how bad the world really is. See, folk only follow someone they think is more clever than themselves and they’ve got to be awfully economically wealthy, you see. You won’t follow a tramp with an IQ of a hundred and ninety. So, they give you your heroes and they create them for you. Anyway,

Continuing their commitment to controlling global population growth through artificial contraception, sterilization, and abortion initiatives, Microsoft founder and philanthropist, Bill Gates and his wife, Melinda, a self-described ‘practicing’  Catholic...”


Alan: That’s how she describes herself, but, again, it could be a con.

“... are now attempting to control the curriculum of the nation’s public schools. Subsidizing the Common Core State Standards in English language arts and mathematics, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation has committed more than $76 million to support teachers in implementing the Common Core—a standardized national curriculum.”


Alan: Interesting. This is for the US.

“This, on top of the tens of millions they have already awarded to the National Governor’s Association and the Council of Chief State School Officers to develop the Common Core in the first place. Working with the Obama administration...”


Alan: So, here you are again – exactly what Quigley said, years ago, back in the sixties – private philanthropists and so on are helping steer the world. They’re working

“... with the Obama administration, the Gates Foundation subsidized the creation of a national curriculum for English and mathematics that has now been adopted by 46 states, and the District of Columbia—despite the fact that the General Education Provisions Act, the Department of Education Organization Act, and the Elementary and Secondary Education Act all protect states against such an intrusion by the United States Department of Education. The Common Core Standards were developed by an organization called Achieve, and the National Governors Association—both of which were funded by the Gates Foundation. The standards have been imposed on the states without any field testing, and little or no input from those involved in implementing the standards. In a post entitled ‘Why I Cannot Support the Common Core Standards,’ educational policy analyst and New York University Research Professor, Diane Ravitch, wrote that the standards ‘are being imposed on the children of this nation despite the fact that no one has any idea how they will affect students, teachers or schools…Their creation was neither grassroots nor did it emanate from the states.’ Ravitch is especially concerned about the content of the curriculum—what she called the ‘flap over fiction vs. informational text.’ Rather than giving English teachers the freedom to teach literature, the Common Core mandates that a far greater percentage of classroom time be spent on ‘fact-based’ learning. Ravitch’s concerns are shared by others. For example, one teacher claimed that she had to give up having her students read Shakespeare in favor of Malcolm Gladwell’s Tipping Point because it was ‘fact-based’ and Shakespeare was not. Of course, Tipping Point has a political agenda.  Parents may be concerned if they were to learn that Gladwell suggests such ‘facts’ as the belief that parents should stop worrying about their children’s ‘experimentation with drugs,’ including cocaine because ‘it seldom leads to hardcore use.’ ‘Fact-based’ books on climate change are also replacing classic works of literature because they are viewed as offering students an opportunity to learn ‘science.’ Freakonomics—a book that has already been a favorite of public school teachers—is preferable to Poe because students will learn about the positive effects of abortion on reducing crime rates by reducing the population of those more likely to commit crime. While the adoption of the Common Core was ‘voluntary’ by the 46 states that adopted it, it was well understood by these states that they would not be eligible for Race to the Top funding...”


Alan: Another organization, which gives

“...($4.35 billion) unless they adopted the Common Core standards.”


Alan: You always give them a carrot, right? It says,

“The Gates Foundation was very much a part of this. According to Lyndsey Layton of the Washington Post...”


Alan: And it gives you the date and so on.

“... ‘the Gates Foundation invested tens of millions of dollars in the effort…The Obama administration kicked the notion into high gear when it required states to adopt the common core—or an equivalent—in order to compete for Race to the Top grant funds.’”


Alan: You always stick out the carrot. Unfortunately, with humanity, it always works. It’s like,  you can win, you can win, if you just go along with this... You can get this card and get two cents off of your overpriced GM lettuce, if you just take this card and so it gets all your data. Same thing. It’s rather easy to control humanity, isn’t it? And then when people are really ticked off at the bottom, all they do is complain. Well, what did they do when it was happening? Back with more after this.

{Break ♫}

Hi, folks. We’re back, Cutting Through the Matrix. Just before I take a caller, I’ll put up an article – another one – about Bill Gates, too:

“...Polio Vaccine Program Caused 47,500 Cases of Paralysis...”


Alan: And some were killed as well. The trail of his free polio vaccine across some of the countries. It came out of other newspapers too but someone’s tallied them all up. And then we’ll go to Ron in British Columbia, if he’s still there.

Ron: Hello, Alan!

Alan: Yes.

Ron: Yes, I just got a call from a little old lady that I knew about twenty years ago and she had moved away and she’s just moved back into the neighborhood and her son is John Nuttle and she says he was duped by the police into this, I don’t know, charges of being some bomb threat or something in Victoria.  And, anyhow, he’s gone through the preliminaries in court, I think, today. So, they’re taking him to the supreme court, now for this charge, but according to his grandma, it was a set-up and she was living with him at the time.  And there was apparently some person that said they were from Africa that befriended John and basically got to him to do... you know, say innocuous things and he recorded everything and then turned him into the police, saying that he was, you know, planning this whole thing and it was all a scam.

Alan: We do know that that’s been done so many times in Canada. I know the one in Toronto where they caught a few guys that were Muslim – young guys, very young guys...

Ron: Same thing. They got them paint-balling and...

Alan: And not only that: they even went to a site that obviously the big boys had set up themselves. Whenever you see a site where some guy is dressed like a real Muslim and he’s saying all the nastiest, nastiest things that you’d say, my god, kick him out of the country... they found out this guy was working for CSIS and he was the guy that set them up. And the RCMP supplied them all with the stuff that was all pretty-well a dud. And the guy with CSIS came on... and I saw the documentary on him, dressed in the gear that he wore and so on and boasted about it. So, I keep saying to young guys, don’t get set up with these things because you really can’t trust anybody at all, especially folks that are blasting their mouths off and saying things that no one would get away with and they have big websites and so on. I mean if you fall for that, in a sense, it’s a Darwinian award you would get. You know what I’m saying?

Ron: Yeah.

Alan: Because that’s run by the system.

Ron: Yeah. I don’t know if he had Guillain-Barre syndrome or whatever and he was paralyzed from the neck down on his back and he had for two years. And he picked up the Bible, read through that and then he read through the Koran and while he was reading through the Koran, he sort of got up and walked and started... so he became a devout Muslim and so did his wife and, as far as I know, it’s against the religion to hurt any women and children or anything like that.

Alan: Yeah it is. You see, the whole radicalized Muslim movement was created when they created the Jihad back in the seventies. And it was the CIA that was behind it. I’ll put that link up again. You’ll see a young Brzezinski there when he was sent over... remember the Russians were in there at that time... and he said we’ll create a holy war, he says, to the Muslims over in Afghanistan. And that’s how they formed the so-called Al Qaeda network. And they also created thousands and thousands of radicalized versions of the Koran and gave them out all over the place. They still have them. The CIA put them out and they had teams working in the States to create these Koran versions, to radicalize them. So, it’s still being done today. Thanks for calling.

From Hamish and myself, from Ontario, Canada, it’s goodnight and may your God or your gods go with you.


{Closing Music ♫}


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