July 4, 2008  (#136)


Alan Watt "Cutting Through The Matrix" LIVE on RBN:

Poem Copyright Alan Watt July 4, 2008:

"Prometheus-Lucifer as Known to Some,
Brings Down to Man the Light of the Sun,
Fomenting a Plan so Brilliant with Light,
Those Who Serve are Bedazzled in Sight,
A Plan so Brutal, Oh What a Cost!
A Far Cry from Milton's Paradise Lost,
Yet Milton was a Brother Ma-Sonic,
His Verbal Gifts Birthed Pictures Symbolic"
© Alan Watt July 4, 2008


Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - July 4, 2008 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)


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Hi folks.  I am Alan Watt and this is Cutting  Through The Matrix on the 4th of July, 2008.  Newcomers should always look into the web site www.cuttingthroughthematrix.com and download as much of the previous talks that Iíve given over the years which help to give you lots of shortcuts to whatís really happening, what happened in the past, the decisions that were made that brought us to the present, and the big powers that are putting us into the future.  A planned future.  A future which those who are conscious wonít like very much.  Also look in to www.alanwattsentientsentinel.eu and download transcripts in the other tongues of Europe. 


We are on quite the rush and as the puppeteers pull every string of culture and society and societies across the planet in a very, very old, very old plan which took centuries in the making and lots of work, lots of money, lots of vying over media.  Media is the key to everything.  It gives most people what they think is their daily reality.  That goes on right through their lives.  Big money and big organizations started the educational systems long ago with the INTENT of creating the perfect types of citizens.  Youíve got to understand that these people had a different idea of perfection than the average person in the street would have.  They wanted an OBEDIENT population.  Read Websterís speeches given in the 1800s on this very topic.  Thatís pretty well been accomplished.  School starts us off, actually your parents start you off because theyíve already been brain-washed in their own time.  They pass on what they think is reality to the children.  Kindergarten takes over and as Lord Bertrand Russell and many others said, with expert indoctrination, scientific indoctrination, they will completely take over the mind of the child.  That which is put in at such an early age never leaves them, especially when itís reinforced with emotion and pictures and videos and so on to hammer home the impactÖ to imprint it on their minds.  Theyíre being imprinted right now with the Ďgreeningí of the planet.  Theyíre being imprinted with nasty, adult people throwing garbage all over the place and ruining the world that theyíre going to grow up in.  They will be the young, green, FASCIST police when itís time for them in 20 years or so.  This is all scientifically done.  The parents, again, because theyíre out of the pictureÖ PARENTS HAVE GIVEN THEIR POWER OF PARENTING OVER TO THE STATE, which was always the goal. 


At one time the elite like Bertrand Russell said, theyíd thought, they had always thoughtÖ Now, he was an aristocrat speaking of behalf of British and European aristocracy and Royalty.  He said, we always thought weíd eventually have to take the children away from the parents so they wouldnít be Ďcontaminatedí with the parentsí ideals and ideas.  He said, but if we can get them at 2 years of age in kindergarten and 4 hours per day, he said, WE will bring up the children and the parental input at home will simply wash off the child like water off a duckís back.  That has been accomplished.  But then all culture is flux and itís fluid.  Culture, as Plato said, can be turned 180į within one generation with rights and wrongs and normal values to the abnormalÖ And the last ones to notice are those who live through it.  Back with more after these messages.


Hi folks.  This is Alan Watt back Cutting Through The Matrix.  The matrix is the reality that you live in but the reality is full of many layers of illusions and those illusions are not there by chance.  Theyíre put there by those who create and guide culture.  People grow up thinking that everything is quite natural, it must be so because no one says otherwise.  Thatís how simple it is.  Yet from the fashions, to the music, to the topics you chat about, theyíre all downloaded IN to you like Mr. Brzezinski has said.  Old, old techniques. 


Talking about culture, when the elite want a passive culture, they give you a good time.  They tell you to party and have fun.  They throw credit cards at you.  They make thing pretty cheap and pretty well made.  Thatís what the public had for quite a few years.  Now, of course, theyíve altered it ALL once again and the good times are goneÖ all by design.  Gone because they KNEW many, many years ago when they started the covert operations to set China up as the main manufacturer of the planet that eventually theyíd export ALL the factories over there.  People donít realizeÖ and how quickly they adapt again.  Itís true enough what Plato says that the actual generation going through THE CHANGE ARE THE LAST TO NOTICE.  They adapt so fast.  Itís like they delete their memory if itís no further value to them. 


People forget that the US and Canada and most of Europe was covered in factories when they produced all their own goods.  Now weíre down to service economies where we bring things in, we import stuff in and we pass it around.  Thatís what itís down to.  You can tell by the quality of materials in things that you buy that everything is disposable.  Thatís what you used to find in third world countries back in the 70s and 80s.  Everythingís passed here by the big inspection companies that are supposed to safeguard you and theyíre selling you junk because theyíre maximizing their profit, which means making them as cheaply as possible.  So itís not meant to last too long, this system.  Thatís the key to that.  You can tell it by the quality of the goods. 


Culture is an interesting thing.  Every generation has been reared, since World War II especially, thinking that itís their time.  That everything is put out by themselves somehow.  They see people around their own age groups singing songs, or wailing songs, or yelling songs, or shouting songs, or swearing songs at them and they think, this is ours.  They always give you a fashion to suit it.  Then, of course, when they brought out the SAME regime PLUS contraception back in the 60s because remember, theyíd already tried in the 1920s and it failed.  When they really brought it back in the 60s, that was the real kick-off and the ball was rolling.  Most of the goals of what people think to be the communist manifesto have been accomplished in a very short space of time


You now have the DEMORALIZED CULTURE.  You also have an APATHETIC culture.  Very, very important is apathy, the creation of apathy.  When youíre bringing a culture down and you want them to be docile and obedient and afraid, fear is very good when you weaponize culture.  Thatís what has been done.  You see, weaponizing culture.  The same technique they used to weaponize bacterium and viruses, thatís what they call it, weaponizing.  Theyíve been weaponizing culture for a long time.  Things that the average person would never dream of.  You see, these monsters and psychopaths who guide the future employ big, big teams of other psychopaths and pay them big money to dream up these things.  How they do it really, is by an altered perception of things.  Itís different if you were like a camera and you study objects.  Thatís how the psychopath studies his target or his prey.  Thatís how they see us.  When we come a cultural perspective from the bottom, we would never dream of how they think at all.  Itís so foreign and alien to us that they actually weaponize culture. 


The article Iím about to read is from the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientist, written by Hugh Gusterson who is himself an anthropologist who had worked in these fields, obviously, I would think, for government departments.  He worked at MIT and thatís very telling in itself. 


The U.S. military's quest to weaponize culture

By Hugh Gusterson | 20 June 2008

[emphasis added to article]


The Pentagon seems to have decided that anthropology is to the war on terror what physics was to the Cold War. As an anthropologist, this makes me very nervous.


Where former Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld believed that the United States would vanquish its enemies through technological superiority, his replacement Robert Gates has said that cultural expertise in counterinsurgency operations will be crucial in the future wars he anticipates.


When research that could be funded by neutral civilian agencies is instead funded by the military, knowledge is subtly militarized (Alan: ďknowledge is subtly militarizedĒ, remember that.) and bent in the way a tree is bent by a prevailing wind.


"For those anthropologists who don't judge the vitality of our discipline (A:  Remember, he IS an anthropologist talking whoís worked in these fields before, during the Cold War.) solely in terms of revenue streams, the Pentagon's new interest in culture is worrying. So far the Pentagon has announced two major initiatives to mobilize anthropological knowledge for war. The first is the Human Terrain Team system, to which Gates allocated $40 million in September 2007. The Pentagon plans 26 Human Terrain Teams--one for each combat brigade in Iraq and Afghanistan. The five-person teams include three military personnel. Each team also includes an anthropologist--or another social scientist--who will wear a military uniform and receive weapons training. Described as doing "armed social work" (A:  ha, ha) by David Kilcullen, an Australian expert in counterinsurgency who advises Gen. David Petraeus in Iraq, the teams elicit information from villagers for Pentagon databases and provide cultural orientation to U.S. military leaders.


According to a scathing article in Newsweek, thus far, few of the embedded social scientists recruited speak local languages or know much about local culture. For example, the best-known embedded anthropologist, Marcus Griffin of Christopher Newport University in Virginia, is mainly knowledgeable about Filipino hunter-gatherers and Freegan dumpster-divers in the United States. One wonders how useful his military colleagues find his "cultural expertise."


Last year, the Executive Board of the American Anthropological Association (AAA) issued a statement condemning the use of anthropologists in Human Terrain Teams. Why would the AAA object to anthropologists doing their bit for the war on terror? After all, perhaps anthropologists could help smooth out some of the cultural misunderstandings between U.S. troops and locals that have exacerbated violence in Iraq and Afghanistan? Is this political correctness run amok?


Well hereís the reality and this is from me.  See, this guy KNOWS very, very well that down through the ages, in fact in most ancient times, there were different names for people who studied cultures, even Ďthe watchersí is a term used in some old religious books.  You study the enemy.  You study the culture, their customs.  You study their taboos or laws.  Eventually, you find ways to ALTER their taboos and their laws and then, ultimately, their whole culture.  Theyíve been using this for centuries and centuries.  Always study your prey, study your prey.  We know that the whole idea of taking over the Middle-East is to eradicate the last vestiges of basically, a theocracy.  The theocracy of IslamÖ which IS the culture.  The religion over there, basically is the culture.  Itís one and the same thing.  They have decided that no one will be outside this system, this world system, this New World Order.  Neither their children who MUST attend the new United Nationsí UNESCO schools and have their indoctrination, nor the adultsÖ and they mean BY ANY MEANS POSSIBLE.  That means killing them if necessary.  If they canít bring them in, theyíll kill them.  Thatís whatís to happen. 


The world is being STANDARDIZED to an old, old plan.  Those countries they donít want will be simply massacred, destroyed or starved to death or diseases will be sent in to themÖ to kill them off.  Thatís what weíre dealing with.  UTTER RUTHLESSNESS.  However, this article, as I say, is worth a read because youíll find that anthropologists have been funded by the Pentagon for an awful, awful long time.  Various ethnologists and anthropologists and so on, even zoologists and historians are brought in regularly to big meetings of its military organizations. 


Arnold Toynbee, for instance, used to give lectures to the top military officers for Britain, the ones who did planning for wars, to give the run-downs on their philosophies of other countries, the histories of other countries.  Thatís what they ALL do.  You must know your enemy if you plan to destroy them.  It was the very same thing in India when Britain had the Sepoys and the various regiments they set up to eventually fight other Indians.  Favorite thing down through the ages, even the Romans did it.  Iíll tell you about that when I come back from this break.


Hi folks.  Iím Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix.  Before I go to the phones, I want to finish this little piece I was reading here, a little piece of it.  Itís interesting. 


Embedded anthropologists are on shaky ethical terrain because they cannot realistically get free consent from their interlocutors while dressed in camouflage and traveling with U.S. soldiers in Humvees. Similarly, they cannot control the use of the information they collect for the military, and thus, cannot ensure it isn't used to harm communities they study. For instance, during the Vietnam War, under Project Phoenix, anthropological knowledge was used to target villagers for assassination.


I should mention too, that your culture was weaponized a long time ago in the West.  Even at World War II - thereís books out on Hollywood, Hollywood Goes to War, well worth the read - about all the big amount of millions of dollars of funding they got.  Britain had the same with Pinewood StudiosÖ to churn out war movies, propaganda movies, to get young fellows that had no idea what death was all about; they think it was all one big great adventure.  They havenít stopped and for 20-odd years theyíve been giving video games out to children, DESIGNED FOR THE MILITARY, so that they could go and kill targets without thinking.  Automatic conditioning responsesÖ as Pavlov would be very, very proud of.  Thatís been done.  You have it geared with the worst culture ever given, at the worst time ever given as they bring down the system completely.  You have children who will go in to those uniforms quite willingly and happily and do what ever theyíre toldÖ for their mastersÖ because they want to BELONG.  They want to belong and hereís your new fraternity.  They all wear black and carry machine guns and work for the boss.


Weíll go to the phones and weíve got long distance.  Weíll take that first.  Thatís Redwan from Jordan.  Are you there Redwan?


Redwan:  Yes.  Hello Alan.


Alan:  Hello.


Redwan:  You okay?


Alan:  Yes.


Redwan:  I am surviving, as well.


Alan:  Youíre surviving.  Thatís about all you can say these days. 


Redwan:  Time is flying by.† I have a question.  I am reading a book, itís called the Political Ponerology.  Did you read it?


Alan:  Yes.


Redwan:  A lot of what you say I can expect that in the book.


Alan:  Itís an interesting read because it does go in to studies that were done in the old Soviet bloc on psychopaths.  The authors and others involved went through a hazardous time as they were picked up by the KGB, but they did notice that they same leader type qualities that they had in the Soviet Union were IDENTICAL to those who got to the top in the Western world in politics too.  They had the same psychopathic traits.  They ALL had the same psychopathic traits and therefore, they reasoned that those who have those traits naturally gravitate towards power and because theyíre ruthless, they get up there by any means possible.


Redwan:  Okay.  So Lobaczewski has done a very good job?


Alan:  Yes, indeed.  They have good studies in it, good documentation on it.  Thereís no guesswork really involved.  They go into it in quite good depth.


Redwan:  Last thing I wanted to ask you.  I have some words I would like you to tell me about.  Have you ever heard about the Ďdajjalí?  Itís an Arabic word.


Alan:  Okay. 


Redwan:  Thereís actually, the translation is - free translation - is anti-Christ.  Then you have its counterpart and that is the Ďmahadeaí or the leader of the believers.


Alan:  Thatís right.


Redwan:  Maybe itís a Hegelian dialectic also but according to some Islamic sources or scholars, those two will be actually deciding the outcome in the future.


Alan:  Itís interesting.  Itís very similar to the old Christian beliefs as wellÖ I say old because theyíre pretty well gone here except for just a vague cultural remnant whoís just a cultural club rather than a religion.  However, they always talk about the beast, you know, that brings forth this particular anti-Christ character.  Theyíre very similar in that way.  Of course, the people eventually have to worship the beast as well.  Iíve no doubt at allÖ See a psychopath would also fit that quality perfectly because they want applause.  Theyíve got to have applause and they want power.  They want everyone to bow the knee to them.  So itís interesting how this all ties together, in our lifetime.  We donít have to guess whatís happening.  Theyíre following a very old script.  Whatís interesting is that theyíre following religious scripts.  That is very interesting. 


Redwan:  Okay.  The lost prophet Mohammed, he told us about the dajjal.  He said, there has never came to prophet who didnít warn about this beast. 


Alan:  I wouldnít disclaim it at all because, as I say, weíre living through it.  Weíre seeing when a world government comes, there will be a TOP man for the United Nations when they declare world government.  Thatís one throne and everybody at the top WANTS that one seat.  Thatís probably when theyíll start fighting each other for the throne.  First King of the World, eh?


Redwan:  [laughs]  Yeah.  Last thing, the Bermuda Triangle.  Do you know anything about it?


Alan:  Hold on and weíll talk about this after the break.


Iím Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix.  Weíve got one last question from Redwan from Jordan.  Go ahead.  You were talking about the Bermuda Triangle.


Redwan:  Do you know something about it because according to some scholar, he said that will be the throne of the Satan or Lucifer.  I donít knowÖ Whatís your take on this?


Alan:  Well, what I do know is that they made a big hullabaloo about it back in the 70s.  Thatís when they brought a lot of fake, very popular, well funded authors to the front like Eric Von Daniken who was getting some little Mexican guy to build these fake steles, pictures of spacemen and so on.  But the thing is, thereís no doubt they made a big mystery of the ships going down, planes going down, magnetic compasses going crazy, but what they didnít tell you until the 90s was that in World War II a radar system was set up under the water all around that area.  They use it today to guide underwater submarines and of course, it makes all compasses go crazy and you can get lost very easy when the stuff is working and putting out this ELF radiation pulse.  It throws everything off.  So it was a great cover for them while they were doing all this stuff during the Cold War, as well.  To say, oh, my goodness, itís all spooky; we donít know whatís causing these odd things.  But thatís what also caused all the dolphins and the whales to beach themselves.  They knew this all along, all along and they used to say it could be a virus in the head of the dolphin, his ear cavity or something, but it was all to do with this.† Itís high science.  High science is always covered by UFOs and stuff like that. 


Redwan:  Okay.  Thank you.


Alan:  Okay.  Thanks for calling.


Redwan:  You have a good night.  Bye.


Alan:  You too.  Weíve got Joshua from New York.  Are you there Joshua?


Joshua:  Hey.  Hello, Alan.  Can you hear me?


Alan:  Yes I can.  Go ahead.


Joshua:  Alan, first of all, I just want to thank you for saving me from this Bush bashing and itís all about 9/11 movement there and bringing me further down the rabbit hole.


Alan:  Yes.  Itís a deep hole.


Joshua:  You know, itís interesting you say that.  Itís also on topic with Ďknow your enemyí.  Iím finding now, as I try more and more to educate myself first of all, sifting through the BS is just as hard as anything.


Alan:  Yes.  It is.


Joshua:  Trying to educate myself and trying to further myself into this process, Iím losing more and more of the people that mean so much to me. 


Alan:  I know.


Joshua:  Itís really disheartening.  Iím almost 30 years old now and I feel as though I never knew who I was.  Everything that I am, everything that I thought I was is just blurred and stuff Iíve heard on the news.  I, even now, I catch myself repeating the phrases thatÖ Itís just so disheartening, Alan.  I constantly question myself.  You always say, know thy self, know thy self.  Itís really hard.  Especially now.  Like I said, Iím almost 30 years old and I donít have a clue who I am.  I have no idea who I am and thatís more depressing than I was 2 years ago.  I mean, Iím in a relationship now with a woman who I love very much and she fights me tooth and nail every single day on any thing that she doesnít want to hear.  She wonít even look at the things Iím talking about.  She wonít even sit there and take the time to say, yes thatís right or no, thatís wrong.  She wonít even take the time.  Itís just so disheartening. 


Alan:  I know.  I know.  Thatís the key to it.  You talk about, know thy self.  Well, thatís you going through the very bottom stage where youíre starting to know yourself and it really starts in the wilderness. 


Joshua:  Thatís for sure. 


Alan:  And you do find that as you change, you start to leave people behind you because youíre going up and theyíre still down there and theyíre telling you loud and clear that they want to stay down there.  They say that ignorance is bliss. 


Joshua:  It is.


Alan:  Itís very true for the ignorant.  But when your mind starts to take off on its own, you canít stop it and thereís no going back.


Joshua:  And I donít want to.  I donít want to but I donít want to lose the people that mean the most to me.  These are people that, you know, this woman, I want to marry her.  I want her to mother my children.  But she wonít even sit down and listen to pediatricians and doctors who say hey, 2% of the 2% people that have polio that cause paralysis only get it for a long standing time.  Now weíre talking like .002%.  Itís justÖ she fights me so much.  Itís just so disheartening, Alan, and IÖ


Alan:  I know.  You have to do an awful lot of thinking.  An awful lot of thinking.  What youíll have to do too is, and I mean this.  Itís not easy at the beginning but eventually, you do get used to it.  You start to live inside your head when youíre around people that you love and relatives and so on because thereís 2 different worlds and they will never understand where you are. 


Joshua:  Unbelievable.


Alan:  See, youíre waking up.  Thatís it.  That in itself is a miracle but it has its price and you have to start to learn to walk amongst the people, do the basic communicating - I call it robo-speak - but you also have to live in your head at the same time.  Thereís no point in tryingÖ See, you can not make people wake up.  You canít make them wake up.


Joshua:  Well, Iím trying, Alan.  Iím trying to become more self-sufficient.  Iím trying to take my life back.  Itís difficult.  I mean it.  Remember the aerial spraying?  Here it is July 4th, the patriot of patriotsí holiday here in the States.  I just want to say, people who live in upstate New York will tell you, this has been the biggest aerial spraying day that Iíve noticed.  The past couple weeks, Iím like, wow, it looks like theyíre calming down in their ways and their means and here it is, July 4th and my cloudsÖ


Alan:  Iíve got it up here too.  You see, they love to mock the victims down below.  They love to mock the victim.  Itís part of their ritual.  As you say, here they are partying and being sprayed like bugs and thatís just mocking the victim.


Joshua:  One last question Alan.  I want to keep it short because I know you have a lot of people who appreciate what you do.  For someone like myself, who is in the process of waking up, what, how can we know who we are when weíve been taught for 30 years of our lives that youíre nothing more than what the television tells you.  How do we know thy self?  All I know about who I am is I love to help people, that innate survival mechanism, itís there and no matter how many times Iíve been burned or whatnot - from other people - thatís all I want to do is I want to help people.  What else can I do to know who I am?


Alan:  To know who you areÖ itís those little quite moments when you mind does relax and you find it drifting off in to something you do love and itís through recognizing what you do loveÖ even the simple things in nature or whatever, it tells you who you are.  Youíre capable of it, to begin with.  And when youíre capable of these things, itís telling you who the real you happens to be.  You take note of all those little things.  The things that do upset you when you see people getting hurt or put down or whatever, thatís innate within you.  You donít have to be taught that.  You already have those qualities.  These are the things that you must take note of and as you build on that and take note of them and list them, you start to find out once again, who you are.  But you also find out where your weaknesses are as well and then you have to deal with them. 


Joshua:  Absolutely.  Alan, thank you very much.  I appreciate it.


Alan:  Thanks for calling. 


Joshua:  Thank you.


Alan:  Now, Iíve got Tom in Massachusetts.  Are you there Tom?


Tom:  That was good advice.  That fellow from New York, Joshua, thatís about the best that you can do.  Iíve been following this for quite a number of years and you do start to distance yourself from the people that are close to you.  But like you say, once you engage in the robo-speak, I kind of helps and at the same time too, you find those things, for example, that you enjoy doing, that you are drawn to, like helping other people and you find ways to do that.  To get more involved in that and then hopefully some of these people might listen to you if you can just very cautiously proceed with some information.  That was some good help for him there. 


I just wanted to ask one thing.  It seems to me that this quest towards world control over the centuries by a select few families, it seems to have, from what I can just sense or get a pulse on, it just seems to have a higher power or maybe like a non-human force behind it.  The reason why I say that is my study of Freemasonry and I think as youíve mentioned before, the higher level masons engage in some type of ritual of that where they take on an entity.  Iím just trying to make that connection.  Of course, I donít have a lot of the older books from the 17th, 18th and 19th centuries and the more modern books naturally leave a lot of that out.  You really have to fish for that.  Iím just wondering what your take was on that.


Alan:  Well, Iíve met some of them who told me about the ceremony - different people who didnít know each other in different parts of the country - they all told me about the same ceremonies and they did say they took on entities.  I must admit from what I saw, they did have incredible strength and vigor for their ageÖ too much so actually.  I saw amazing things happen.  They also said they had little gifts given to them, like slight telepathy, etc.  They werenít born with it, but they were given it, little precognitions that would help them along in business and so on.  To be honest with you, the closest it comes to is something very unpopular today and that was in demonology.  They themselves talk about the different categories of what normally were called demons.  I donít know if people realize that in ancient times they actually had lists of demons who were specialists in certain areas.  Some religions used to call them down for specific purposes.  The astonishing thing was too, not just in the old books, but talking to some of these follows, they admitted to this as well, the same types and the same names, in fact, the old Cabalistic ones, are very popular.  I would have to say that there are definitely forces in this world and Iíve witnessed them, so I canít deny them.  Iíd love for it to be all scientifically explained but itís not.  Iíve witnessed too many things which are out of what we call the normal or the ordinary.  Thereís definitely what I would simply call demonic type presences within them. 


Tom:  Because it would seem to me.  Iíve checked around and Iíve looked into some of the books that are used by some of the societies and that, once they get to the higher levels.  These books of incantations and grimoires that are 100-200 years old, they go for like $500, $1000, $2000 a piece. 


Alan:  I always remember too, what Blavatsky said.  Now, Blavatsky wasnít a little person who made goodÖ as they always give you their heroes.  She was well funded from the beginning and sent out to create a female side of Masonry.  She did say that their ultimate goal, apart from bringing the religions of East and West together - mainly Hindu mixed with Christianity - she said eventually our purpose will be blend spirit with science.  When you see what they can do with scientific techniques today, it parallels what used to be called things like poltergeist phenomena.  They can actually do this kind of stuff with high sciences, in fact.  So it can be very confusing when you actually experience something.  Youíve got to question, is there another way to do this?  Could it be done scientifically?  Thatís where the confusion sets in.  However, having met some people up there, Iíd have to say that they radiate a presence of pure evil.


Tom:  Right.  And thatís the force that seems to be directing this whole quest or goal of the elite.  It seems to be behind them because the little people, the profane, we really suffer and we have suffered over millennia as a result of this. 


Alan:  Thatís right.


Tom:  They could have revealed a number of startling discoveries or inventions and did these control measures and that could absolutely extend peopleís lives but instead, theyíre hell-bent for elimination of the population.


Alan:  They are.  They have their quotas, their agendas.


Tom:  Like the Georgia Stonehenge.  Mankind or humanity is to be kept at 500 millionÖ carved right in stone. 


Alan:  Thatís right.  Itís right there. 


Tom:  So, anyway, I just wanted to touch base with you on that and I appreciate all the help and itís great that you can help people with the work that you do.


Alan:  Thanks for calling. 


Tom:  Iíll let you go for now.


Alan:  Bye, now.  Now, weíve got Mark in California.  Hello?


Mark:  I have a question for you.  Iím in the middle of reading a book by a pretty high Rhodes Scholar and heís actually the head of the Library of Congress now, James H Billington and Fire in the Minds of Men.† In there, he talks about the Promethean faith of revolution.  That itís a modern belief that science would lead men out of darkness into light.  He talks about this solar myth of revolution and the sun rising in a new era and this constant term in the occult of the Ďdawning of the new dayí.  I just wondered if you can elaborate on that a little bit.


Alan:  Prometheus wasÖ I think it was Milton also did the poem about being cast down, ĎPrometheus and I came down and I freed the minds of the people who lived like animals in cavesí, etc, etc.  ĎI gave them intellect,í in other words.  Prometheus was a God who stole fire from the chief God and brought it to man.  Meaning intellect, supposedly, but not for everyone.  In the mystery religions, itís intellect for the few.  Thatís the key to it.  They always use the dawn, of course, is the light coming in.  Thereís also Eos, the light bringer that proceeds dawn.  In the ancient mysteries, in fact, the son of dawn was actually SatanÖ or Lucifer, I should say.  They were two distinct separate beings, the Devil and Lucifer, in ancient times.  They always use the sameÖ and fire, of course, fire is a big symbol of theirs.  Thatís why they had to set fire to the victims at Waco because they were announcing a new move, a new America to the American people, that religions and so on would not be tolerated regardless of amendments or anything else or the Bill of Rights.  Thatís why they set them on fire.


Mark:  In here, he also says what you talk about all the time.  Here in the next paragraph down, he says, Ďthe ideal was not to balance complexity of the New American Confederation but the occult simplicity of its great seal, an all seeing eye on top of the pyramid over the words, Novus Ordo SeclorumĎ.  I wondered, this pyramid over the pyramid, does this have some type of tie in with the chief cornerstone in the astro-theological concept of a messiah?


Alan:  It does too.  It also means that, you see, that between the top capstone and the rest of the pyramidÖ  The pyramid is the body, the body of workers, they call it.  In Masonry, Osiris stands for the members.  Isis is the church.  Thatís what it means in Masonry.  Itís the same thing there.  Youíve got the body of the pyramid.  You have the fire and the eye between it.  Meaning the separation from earthly to heavenly.  The two come together at the end and so the high one is Lucifer himself, basically.  It also means a hidden group that will never come forward.  They call it the hidden masters and they come at the right time. † Iíll be back with more after these messages.


Hi.  I am Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix and weíll try and get through a couple more before the show is over.  I got Joel in Phoenix there.  Is Joel there?


Joel:  Hi Alan.† How you doing?


Alan:  Not so bad.


Joel:  Without all the praise and how valuable you are to us.  I know you probably have a lot of problems with your computers and in the time Iíve been listening to you and waiting to talk to you online, my system has gone blue screen 3 times.  It never seems to happen when Iím playing solitaire online or looking at any other thing online.  But whenever I go to the Patriot sites or Iím looking at a controversial video, my system restarts.  It just shuts down and restarts.†† I was out last night getting gas and itís expensive, $4.07 and right in front of a big thunderstorm, you see these trails going across the sky.  I start explaining to people that are getting gas, Iím saying hey, look at this. I live in an area where thereís a lot of pilots.  They talk about how itís condensation trail.† Condensation is from being cold and itís the ice crystals, they say.  Well, weíre 109 degrees here. 


Alan:  I know.


Joel:  [laughs]  Give me a break.  I try to explain to them.  I talk to the guys at work and I explain, no you donít have trails going across the sky from condensation and spreading out into cloud layers when itís this hot.† It doesnít exist. 


Alan:  No.


Joel:  I know you talk about how itís very unusual for more than one person to be awake in your family.  I do have that situation.  I have another family member who is awake.  Iím 47.  I didnít wake up until I was 42 and my son is gonna be one of the most youngest awake people whoÖ He may not be the youngest but heís going to be very awake.  Heís very smart.  Thatís about what I had to say.


Alan:  Well thanks for calling. 


Joel:  Thank you.


Alan:  Bye, now.  Thanks for calling.  Is Randy there?


Randy:  Hello.† I really enjoy your show.  I wanted to ask you a question.  Have you heard of Sergey Menast?


Alan:  Yes.  Heís dead now. 


Randy:  He was on CBC a few years ago and I sent him a dollar or so in the mail and he sent me all this material in the mid 90s.  It is just remarkable.  Project Blue Beam, The Rainbow Classification of Citizens, all kinds of things.  Would you verify that information?  Is it true?


Alan:  Some of it was true.  I didnít go through all of it.  He did go in to the holographic equipment testing they were doing in the skies up in Canada.  I can testify to that because I actually saw one created one night, with witnesses.  It was quite phenomenal to watch it.  They were experimenting with the holographic techniques mainly on a huge scale in the skies.  Who knows what their eventual purpose would be.  To fool the people about something Iím sure, but there were definitely figures you could make out they were making.  It was quite an entertaining night to watch.  Other people across Ontario saw it too. 


Randy:  His material was just so shocking about what theyíre planning to do and it fits to the agenda today.


Alan:  I know.  A lot of factors are all coming together now, little bits and pieces all working together.  Thanks for calling. 


Randy:  Okay.  Thank you.


From Hamish and myself in Ontario, Canada where theyíve been spraying the blazes out of us today too, itís good night and may your God or your Gods GO with you. 



Article: "The U.S. military's quest to weaponize culture" by Hugh Gusterson (Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists [thebulletin.org]) - June 20, 2008.



Transcribed by Diana


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