July 11, 2013 (#1370)

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Poem Copyright Alan Watt July 11, 2013:

Re-Creating You, the More You View:

"Opinions, Behaviour Changes are Easy to See
By Simply Watching Those Who Watch TV,
Step-by-Step, We've Been Guided for Years,
Validating Many a Prophet's Fears,
Because, with Fiction, the Firewall's Down,
Even a Movie or Drama About a Clown
Can Sneak Sadomasochism, Clown's a Killer,
Crisis Embeds Message, Watching a Thriller,
Identifying with Characters the More You View,
Then the Lead Changes Gender Halfway Through,
Hooked by the Plot, You Watch to the End,
Altering Viewpoints, Going 'round the Bend"
© Alan Watt July 11, 2013


Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - July 11, 2013 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)

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Hi folks.  I am Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix on the 11th of July, 2013. For newcomers, please use the website cuttingthroughthematrix.com. Youíll start to understand the system youíre born into, how it works, how it was devised, and even who set it up a long time ago. Because weíre living through an agenda, a big business plan for the world, set up a long time ago.  A hundred years ago at least they came out into the open in a sense, when they formed foundations, private foundations, philanthropic foundations of course, and they said that they would be a parallel government. In fact, they are the real government because they put their own boys into presidentsí positions and prime ministersí positions across the world, and they have done for a long, long time, and the top bureaucrats too of course.


If you go through the website youíll find out, in the archives section, all the previous talks Iíve given, well over a thousand, I donít know how many are there now.  Thereís also transcripts as well as the audios, thereís transcripts for print-up as well of the talks Iíve given on all the sites listed at cuttingthroughthematrix.com and if you go into alanwattsentientsentinel.eu you can find transcripts translated in other languages.  And I depend upon the people, the listeners, to basically keep me going because this is not a business. I donít bring on advertisers and so on. I donít sell products. All I have are the books and discs that I have, my own ones, at cuttingthroughthematrix.com.  Remember, if you want to keep me going you can buy them and find out how conology works. Conology is a great art because itís now called propaganda, public-relations, etc., where psychologists and neuroscientists even are working on perception management and how to put things across to the public, to make the public go along with pretty well anything that they want at the top. And it can be done. Itís been done for a long time. Itís pretty well perfected in fact. And how old it is, this science is very, very old, different names down through the eons but the techniques were understood even thousands of years ago.  [Order and donation options listed above.]    Straight donations are really, seriously welcomeÖ seriously welcome as we go through inflation.  And really, bills or money notes today, you spend them as fast as you used to spend half the value not so long ago.


But again, thatís planned inflation, because remember, after 2008 I think the chairman of the Federal Reserve came out and he said that, for the next, I think it was 10 years or something, weíll have gradual, increasing inflation. Well, 10 is as good as 20 or 30 or 40, or perpetually, because really into the system youíve always had inflation; itís built into the system. Thatís why you expect a pay raise every year, and no one asks why you expect it, you just do. Thatís why everything goes up every year, at the same time the pay raises go up as well. Itís built into the system, inflation.  But thatís the system that of course no one voted for except a few paid-off people at the top.


Of course the whole idea by this private organization, the Royal Institute of International Affairs, that created the system in the first place, this private foundation system, and a whole array of other foundations too that they work with Ė and I think basically theyíre all part of the one system Ė they said they would set up a World Bank and they would set up a Bank for International Settlements and an International Monetary Fund.  Theyíve done all of that today, and they said this a long, long time ago, back in about the 1920s in fact, or even before that, and itís all been done since then. And they would control the world eventually through financing, and holding debt over ex-nations, because by that time the nations would be global and be parts of regions and amalgamated, a lot of them, like Europe. Itís all been done as well. They drafted up the bill for the European amalgamation. They drafted up the one for all of the Asian countries in the Far East. And they also drafted up the NAFTA deal too from the Council on Foreign Relations, their American/Canadian branch. Back with more after this.


Hi folks, weíre back Cutting Through The Matrix, mentioning the big organization that started off a long time ago.  As I say, it had many names before it came out as the Royal Institute of International Affairs.  At one point it was called the Milner Group. At one point even Winston Churchill didnít know what it was called because he argued about it in Parliament at one point, because he was left out of the loop you might say on even what they were up to. But they had many names before it.  Of course, it was an amalgamation at that time of quiet occultic groups Ė occultic means hidden.  They were hidden groups that had been helping run the so-called British Empire for a long, long time, actually run it, they owned it in fact.


Anyway, they formed the Royal Institute of International Affairs and then they created all these non-governmental organizations to lobby governments constantly for changes, rapid changes, on a communistic level. Even Carroll Quigley, their personal historian Ė Iíve said that many times before, who got access to their archives, because they have their own version of history; they have all the blank bits filled in as to who did what and why.  He actually said in his own book, he said that this group exists, he said.  And he was mentioning the US division of it, the CFR, and he said, they are often mistaken for communists because their agendas are identical. The only difference being that big international corporations are behind the CFRís group as well.  But they want to run the world in a communistic fashion for the general population, you understand, while theyíve got divisions and classes including those in academia who help run the world and churn out future managers of the world.  And a scientific class as well, Aldous Huxley touched on that and so did his brother Julian, touch on that same subject. So you understand, they have divided up into a different kind of society than they used to exist. Itís all been done.


But the whole idea was to bring in guys from philanthropy, again, who are often front men and made to be front men, millionaires, multimillionaires, and almost create a rock star status for them too. They actually had a division who gave them that, promoted them to the top. So if this guy was a genius in some area, he was obviously a genius with every political comment or social comment he said as well; and people would adapt that comment to themselves, and believe it too. So thatís how itís done. Itís all done by trickery in a sense; itís very much like the Wizard of Oz.  And all news is done that way too because every major newspaper in the world is a member of this same organization, and the editors, and the magnates who own them.  Whether you think itís left-wing, right-wing, it doesnít matter, they all are members.


Iíve looked through some of their books here, because they used to print all their books, the minutes of their meetings, their international meetings. I have lots of the old ones. Itís interesting because they wonít say who said what.  A speaker from Australia said this, and so on, thatís how they write it in there. But in the back youíll find all the attendees and you can figure out whoís who and who said what.  They did have people who belonged to the Communist Party in their international meetings. They had the treasurers of countries and guys who ran their central banks from countries, the biggest countries, there too, mixing with communists, the top capitalists of the day and industrialists.  All the newsmen, all the newsgroups and top journalists, etc., were in there too. All sides, supposedly, that we think are arguing and fighting each other, and theyíre all for global governance.  And one of them was from back in the 1930s; Iíve read it on the air, different parts of it, before.


So you understand that Quigley was quite right, they donít care. He said, we donít care who we bring on board, communists, capitalists, dictators, whatever. Because you see, theyíre all used, theyíre all useful.  Itís not so much they are so much useful, itís because they have followers who will follow whatever they say.  Thatís why groups are fantastic.  And itís great to have ready-made groups as well, just put in the leader, you see, and the people donít notice that youíre going 180 degrees in their policies as to what you were before, if you do it the proper way. Thatís what Bernays said; Bernays that helped shape the policies of America, with many, many generations of people. He worked for so many presidents, a long life, and he gave the consumer society to America, very easily too. He actually hated the American people because they were so easy to manipulate, he said; his daughter said that. But itís still going on today of course.


They give us our heroes yet. Even Einstein too, you never hear him talking about his actual scientific theories.  Unless he might say something if heís got a scribbled thing in front of him to read from, but he was always about politics. He was put out there to push politics. He says, Iím a Zionist, and at that time he meant a world Zionist, you know. And that was it basically. Thatís what he talked about too, world situations, etc., etc, not science at all.  


I always think back to, when I read about Bill Gates, the same idea, a front man that came up, a massive organization that were all behind him pushing him up to the top, all the doors opened; just like Monsanto canít get sued, left, right and center, the same with Bill Gates, etc. The same stuff, because a massive organization, the organization you might say that runs the world, was backing him to do it all.  And itís all tied in completely with government as well, and control and eavesdropping, etc., etc., etc. But it brings me back to when he hit the magic number and decided to supposedly retire, and heís still raking in the cash mind you as he promotes all the Monsanto stuff across the world; he bought massive shares in Monsanto at the same time, because it all works together. These guys are making a killing, actually, literally a killing in many ways, more than one way, you see, by pushing all this stuff across the world.  Itís not philanthropy at all but of course the spinners out there are paid to write nice things about him. So we donít often get things that are kind of negative. Iíve read some here which are negative before, because we know this is more than justÖ See, business is war to these guys who are really pushing the whole global agenda for global governance. Eventually youíll have one food corporation, one water corporation, one gas corporation, etc., etc. Thatís how itís to be. Quigley himself said that, weíll be run by the new feudal overlords in the new feudal system.  Itís to be a feudal system, you see, under private/public partnerships, where the public pay for the upkeep of all the things and the corporations get their maintenance and everything for free. So this is it here. The overlords are the CEOs of international corporations.


But that even takes me back too, to even the old Illuminati stuff, thatís been so overdone, because these guys arenít static, you know, in one thing or another. Theyíve had many names down through the centuries. But it came out too during the inquiries to do with the bunch in Bavaria that came out of course, and they were raided, etc., etc., and then they were banned, but theyíd already moved into all through Germany and France and so on. But it came out that Weishaupt had said that they would create foundations, charitable foundations...  I mean, whoís going to attack a charitable foundation? See how they understand human nature, itís like attacking mumís apple pie, youíd never think it was up to no good, you see. He said, through these we shall change the shape and plan the future of the world, because people will believe top philanthropists, you see. They could advocate certain things. They could get schools set up, say, to train a particular NGO group, from a young age, to be top civil servants and pushing for a particular cause, which theyíre still doing today. And thatís how itís done. Thatís how itís been basically done all along.


And you look at some of these NGOs that they have, all these NGOs that have massive, massive paychecks, non-governmental organizations; they donít go around with a tin can anymore. Some of them have office towers.  And theyíre all paid by the big foundations behind them. Again too, theyíre supposed to be nonpolitical in some sense or another Ė but youíll see that so many of them really are left-wing or right-wing or whatever Ė to keep their tax-free status, you see. Now here is how they get into things too and where the shape of things to come and so onÖ  


Residents urge state to drop Common Core school standards

articles.mcall.com / July 10, 2013 / Steve Esack


(Alan:  This Common Core is a whole new curriculum and everything else for the US.)


HARRISBURG ó For many, Bill Gates is the glasses-wearing businessman who has used his wealth as co-founder of Microsoft to help improve society.


For a growing number of people, however, he is a shark with glasses, and he's swimming in Pennsylvania's educational waters in search of his next meal ticket: their children.


Gates and to a lesser degree his wife, through their Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, are at the center of many parents' and taxpayers' angst over the state's adoption of the tough ó and increasingly controversial ó national standards movement known as the Common Core.  (A:  ...for education.) 


That Gates angst was on display for more than two hours Wednesday as dozens of residents urged the state Board of Education to drop the standards. Several residents said they fear Gates is using his wealth to help the federal government take over local school districts and build a database that will track their children's education records and personal histories under the guise of improving public schools.


"Common Core is something that is really dangerous," Todd Keefer of York Haven, York County, said before the meeting. "It gets into a collaboration between the federal government and very heavy monied interests in the private sector, namely Bill and Melinda Gates."


Nearly a dozen other residents made similar comments, while also claiming the standards would weaken local control of curriculum, fearing it will lead to national tests and state- or national-sanctioned reading lists.  (A:  And itís true enough, I read some of the stuff yesterday which they push.)


Department of Education spokesman Tim Eller said the residents are misinformed about the state's role in developing its version of the Common Core standards, which school districts were expected to implement as of July 1 even though Gov. Tom Corbett put them on temporary hold.


State law precludes local school districts from sharing intimate student reports on classroom grades and discipline with anyone but the child's parents, and that prohibition includes the state.


The only data the state receives from local school districts are aggregated standardized test results and discipline reports. Those reports, which do not include Social Security or student identification numbers, are sent to the federal government.


"What we've been collecting through 2001, 2005 and 2010 has not changed," Eller said.


Debbie Veney Robinson, foundation spokeswoman, called the residents' comments inaccurate. She said the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation is a philanthropic organization that does not make money (A:  [Alan laughing.]...); it gives money to charities and causes.   (A:  ...like abortionsÖ Back with more after this break.)


Hi folks, weíre back Cutting Through The Matrix, talking about Common Core and Bill Gates, who is all behind this and pushing this new curriculum and so on throughout the school system throughout the US. This article itself is pretty tame; it doesnít criticize him and so on. But the thing is, I also put up the one last night at cuttingthroughthematrix.com, Iíll put it up tonight, the links for both of these ones, yesterdayís and todayís, to show you the difference. Because this one certainly omits an awful lot of the differences indeed.  Remember too, once something is on the books and itís put into action, thatís when the changes start getting added; thatís when they start it. Itís just like law, the same thing. The law tries to be, they try to make it as less fearsome as possible and then they start to do amendments to it once itís passed, and get the real beef of it into it. So Iíll put this up tonight as I say.


The Ambitions of Bill and Melinda Gates: Controlling Population and Public Education

crisismagazine.com /  March 25, 2013 / Anne Hendershott


Now also, Iíve talked many times about predictive programming. Iíve given some whole talks about them sometimes over the years; youíll find a lot of talks at cuttingthroughthematrix.com archive section. Iíve gone through predictive programming, for instance, and how that works and how most of your values are changed through fiction, what you watch.  Especially anything on television. Itís always up to date, the latest, the latest, the latest, on television series and dramas, etc. Thatís why the Tavistock Institute in Britain, one of the big experimental places for using mental patients actually, as subjects, test subjects.  Initially it was all severe mental patients, then they got in ones who were not severely affected at all and used them as well. Aldous Huxley talks about it, even in his Berkeley talk, because he was awfully excited when he went there, putting wires into peopleís brains and making them act like robots by pressing buttons. He thought that was just wonderful. But they also had departments to do, and they still do Ė they have lectures in there for people who are in the entertainment business, especially in writing scripts for television and movies. Because they were used very early on Ė in fact they still are used Ė they are the mainstay really of how to get a message across to the public through fiction, how to do it, techniques that are used and so on.


If itís a sort of something that people donít like in society, or makes them uncomfortable, in particular individuals for instance, they simply bring on dramas, with the usual scenes where they donít tell you right off the bat whoís who, and the person is getting chased, and then it gradually comes out what they are, how they differ from you or whatever. They put them into situations where eventually you identify with the situations, with the person, that they go through, just normal situations. Well I would probably behave that way and Iíd deal with this in that way and so on. And then they bring in what theyíre really into. By that time youíre sunk into the story and you might be disgusted, but you wonít turn it off. Itís well understood how itís done. Itís worked for so long, generations in fact. But itís done so slickly today and people canít turn it off, because theyíre hooked into it.


Thereís natural forces at work in your mind of survival, you understand.  And Iíve mentioned how it works with horror movies and why even if you see a junky horror movie youíll often watch it to the end. Because it trips into the primitive part of the brain for survival, and youíre identifying with the people getting chased by the big monster or whatever it happens to be Ė now itís all zombies of course Ė and if you miss whatís happening, even though itís all fiction and so on, youíre IN the movie in a sense because youíre identifying with the characters in these situations and how they deal with things, because thatís how you would deal with it. And if they do something different youíre really worried then, because you feel threatened in a way, so you keep watching. Thereís been so many studies done on this technique itís unbelievable.


But itís the same thing too when they bring in something to do with sex, you see, anything to do with sex at all, and the people will watch it.  And even any kind of perverted sex, theyíll watch that even still, even if some people would feel awfully disgusted about it.  But by now itís halfway through and youíve got to find out what happens, where does it go from here.  Because youíre still in the same kind of thing, thereís always a chase, someoneís going to get attacked, someoneís going to die, whatever it happens to be, and youíll watch it, or the detective has got to get his prey. That kind of stuffÖ Itís all perfectly worked out. As I say, Tavistock really led the field in that too. Iíve read the articles from producers in the US, one of them was in Brazil actually, Latin America there, who did a TV soap drama. He used the technique in his drama and one of the techniques is named after him now.  It works awfully well, to change the perception and behavior of the audience.


Hereís an article that was sent today... I should preface it by saying Iíve mentioned before about 2001 before 9/11 happened, they had a big meeting of international censorship organizations for countries, and then they published in the paper in Canada and the States articles by two professors, that were identical to each other. They said that now that theyíd won the right for homosexuals and homosexuality and so on, by using media, and acclimatizing the public through comedies and things like that, the next step would be bestiality, they said, and intergenerational sex. So the next part, too, is also transgender, you see. But here they go. This is from 2012 and it saysÖ


Hit & Miss



Hit & Miss is a British television series created by Paul Abbott broadcast on Sky Atlantic. It stars ChloŽ Sevigny as a transsexual contract killer (A:  You see, the contract killer part is to get you stuck into it, and oh my God, a contract killerÖ) who discovers she has a child (A:  In other words, itís a guy whoís dressed as a woman, right, and finds out that his ex-lover or whatever had a child, so heís got a little conflict as heís killing people for contracts and money and so on. Back with more on this after this break.)


Hi folks, weíre back Cutting Through The Matrix and talking about predictive programming, and how you can actually program people through fiction, on how to behave, and change attitudes, etc. And they understand the human mind perfectly well, always have done actually. Iíve watched, Iíve lived through the massive changes in my lifetime alone, watching how it was done through television from Britain. And this series here, Hit and Miss, again, comes from Britain. All the top ones come from Britain. For instance, they came out with Steptoe & Son in Britain and then they came out with Sanford & Son in the US.  All In The Family in the US started with Alf Garnnet in London, so he was a guy living in London, the same characters exactly and with the same things, etc, and the same jokes, and they changed the names and so on for an American audience. Many other series too were all done first in Britain. Threeís Company was actually Robinís Nest in England prior to that. So itís all done first in England, tested on the public there, it works awfully well and then they bring it and do it in America too.


So hereís Hit and Miss it says, and no doubt thereís something on in America already, if this particular series is not on there, I donít know. But hereís the plot basicallyÖ


Mia, a preoperative transsexual woman (A:  ...right.   I mean, itís really a guy, right...), works as a contract killer. (A:  ...and youíll see it in the media too. See, this is the PC term of training the public, even when you read things; newspapers will use the same terminology. I mean, the guy is still a guy; heís PRE-operative, right.  And heís had a child, inseminated another woman who he lived with before, right, soÖ  They say again, SHEÖ)  She discovers that she fathered a son, Ryan, with her ex-girlfriend Wendy, who recently has died from cancer. Mia is named by the mother as guardian of the boy and his three half-siblings, who live in a rural farmhouse in Yorkshire. While continuing to work as an assassin (A:  ...a paid assassinÖ), Mia learns to cope with being in a parental role. 


Now, itís aimed mainly at women. Guys will watch it too because of the sex things, Iíve no doubt, that are in it; apparently thereís a lot of full frontal nudity.  They actually hired an actress to play the transsexual Ė an actress, not an actor Ė and she complained that she had to wear an artificial appendage down below, while of course her breasts were shown; the transsexual obviously already had breast implants, obviously, in the series.  So hereís how they do things.  They get you into something like this, you got to watch it, and itís got a contract killer so it will have a lot of thrills and blood and guts and near misses and so on, and the main character will always get caught. That keeps you hooked, just like the horror movies, for survival. And then thereíll be a lot of crying episodes too, with now she found out she, which is a he, fathered a son, and sheís got the son now, so thereíll be a lot of crying stuff, so the women will identify with that too, etc., etc. In other words, you make them human, you see. And with this technique you can take anybody and make them, you humanize them into YOU basically, and thatís how you change it too. Plus youíll get the terrible no-nos from the top, because this all comes from the top, remember, down; politics, everything. They tell you; theyíre all on board with the same agendas, thereís no difference between any of them. And weíve all got to repeat the same stuff. Just like being in George Orwellís 1984.  You know, how many fingers am I holding up Winston?  And you better give them the answer they want to hear, you know. Thatís how bad it is today, with lots of things.† Anyway, thatís the basic plot, and thereíll be lots of fast chases and stuff like that and so on. It saysÖ


Hit & Miss was commissioned as one of Sky Atlantic's first original series when the channel was launched in February 2011. Series creator Paul Abbott said the show combined separate ideas for "two series that shouldn't automatically fit together". He said there were two projects on his desk: one about a transsexual mother of five, which he had previously tackled in Mrs In-Betweeny (A: ...that was another one he madeÖ Mrs. In-BetweenyÖ), the other about a hitman. He was having difficulty developing the first one because "the penis became an obstructive prop Ė it seemed that was all there was to talk about." Instead, he decided to combine both. Abbott passed on the idea to writer Sean Conway, whose research for the series involved "strange Google lists detailing sex changes and hand guns".


The series was filmed in Manchester.


And thereís full frontal nudity in it and all the rest, all the usual stuff to get the general public having their eyes popping out, ooh look at that, ooh, ooh, and thatís what gets them. Simple stuff, isnít it? But again, they change how people think about these things and so on, because itís NOT real, you see.


Interesting too, thereís apparently a very favorite series, a popular series of a guy who is a coroner for some DA office, and heís a psychopath; and he kills folk off left, right and center as well and never gets caught. It seems to be very trendy with the public right now. So itís very similar in a sense to this particular one here. Because the main one is a hit man, who is a hit woman, who is a hit transsexual or whatever else, and Iíll leave the rest to you. But thatís how itís done and thatís how your mind is changed... Well, heís not really that bad... because youíre identifying with a fictional character here.  You understand that? Where they have psychologists on board to help write the script for them. Coronation Street, Iíve read out one of their main things when they were doing a new series for Britain and abroad, in Canada, and they had a whole series and videos up on interviews with some of the top people who were on their permanent staff, psychiatrists, psychologists, sociologists, etc., etc. divorce counselors, you name it. All the stuff that they push, push, push, itís all there. Quite something. All to change your opinions and your attitudes, and to get you to adopt new beliefs, etc., and new ways of living, blah-blah-blah. Itís all done that way. And you know, Iím saying this stuff, it doesnít stop it, because people canít help themselves. Theyíre addicted to television. Itís been the best weapon thatís ever been devised for those who control.


Also this article here, itís from the government website in Britain.


Gender Recognition Panel guidance  (A:  ...itís called.)



Consultation On Fee Remissions for the courts and Tribunals


The objective of these proposals is to create a single system of fee remissions (waivers) for all fee paying courts and tribunals which is simple to use, more cost efficient and better targeted to those who need it the most.


The Gender Recognition Panel was established under the Gender Recognition Act 2004 to assess applications from transsexual people for legal recognition in their acquired gender.  (A:  So theyíll get different psychologists to sign forms and so on and so on.  And the surgeon, yeah, I cut this off, or I made a fake whatever, you know. You understand, itís still all FAKERY.  Itís not real. But it doesnít matter. You see, youíre supposed to believe it, and you better believe it because itís going to be a crime shortly not to believe it, the way itís getting pushed, you understand. They can do this with everything. And they are doing it with this. So Iíll put both these articles up tonight to let you see where this is all going.)


Iíve given talks before about the reasons that all of these different groups are used, of course, that were not groups before in fact; they actually create the groups. And the real purposes behind ALL of these various groups that are used, one after another, for a purpose that they donít even understand themselves; theyíre completely oblivious of it themselves. The groups themselves, once theyíre created into a group, only see them winning something. And itís never enough of course because then they become a political organization for social changes in other areas. Then theyíre all told to network together, because the leaders are all supplied to them. So thatís how itís done. Itís quite simple. I could go on and on about that forever but I wonít.


Also this article too, to do with Tsarnaev, of course, the guy who was shot, supposedly, so weíre told, in the throat.  We donít know.  And appearing in the court, it saysÖ


His arm in a cast, his accent changed, Dzhokhar Tsarnaev pleads not guilty to Boston marathon bombing charges

independent.co.uk / 10 July 2013


He was wearing a bright orange jumpsuit, short sleeves, (A:  ...etc.)


The 19 year old was escorted into Courtroom 10 of the John Joseph Moakley building before a gallery packed with no less than 30 victims and family members (A:  ...and so on. And then it gives you the rundown...)


Dzhokhar and his elder brother Tamerlan, who died following a shootout with police in the early hours of 19 April, are alleged to have detonated the two bombs at around 2:49pm on the day of the marathon.


Dzhokhar was fidgety throughout the arraignment in front of Magistrate Judge Marianne Bowler. The proceedings lasted around eight minutes.


Right from the beginning, he kept turning his head to catch sight of the gallery behind him. He repeatedly scratched his chin. And when he spoke to plead not guilty to an array of charges connected to the bombing - something he did only after being prompted by the judge, who intervened when one of his lawyers tried to speak for him - his English seemed heavily accented, at odds with the image of the ordinary American teenager (A:  I mean, heís been in America since he was six.) who attended Cambridge Rindge and Latin School in nearby Cambridge. ďI would ask him to answer,Ē Judge Bowler directed.  (A:  So the guy, is it the same guy? Thereís no photographers allowed in; artist sketches only. But the guy has suddenly got a heavy accent, and heís fidgeting.  Some of the people who knew him said, hereís one of them hereÖ)


ďHe never had that accent,Ē said a friend from the school, declining to give his name as he spoke to reporters outside the courtroom. He had come to see Dzhokhar in court along with other friends from the suspectís high school wrestling team. He insisted that not only had Dzhokharís voice changed but that his demeanour was also different to what he had known. ďHe didnít fidget,Ē he said. (A:  So Iíll put this link up tonight too to make you wonder. Because you really do wonder.  We donít know whatís going on.  Maybe theyíve killed the guy for all we know. I mean, we just donít know. We just donít know.  But itís true enough, why would the guy suddenly develop a heavy accent?)


And this article too is to do with New Zealand, just to show you that thereís no country left untouched here, to do with the same, the same system thatís everywhere else, to do with antiterrorism, etc., no privacy for anybody because of it. Itís called the GCSB billÖ


Dissecting the GCSB bill

3news.co.nz / 10 Jul 2013


In short, the GCSB bill allows the organization (A:  ...the spying organization in New Zealand.) to spy on New Zealanders and to pass what they learn on to foreign governments.  (A:  Well see, theyíre all networking together, you understand. They really all are, all the governments are networking together with all the information on everybody.)


"If you don't do anything wrong, you have nothing to hide" is a common response to criticism of such unprecedented power.


But the SIS (A:  ... the security systemÖ) can already spy on New Zealanders and so can the police.


The GCSB bill connects domestic spying to global spy networks, which, as we've recently learnt, are listening to almost everyone.


Now, the bill is being passed under urgency.


But why? Shouldn't we get this right?


The Prime Minister is now trying to win support from either Peter Dunne or New Zealand First to get the bill through.


But whose bill is it, really? And who will we be spying for?


And itís true... other countries. Who is your boss? Whereís all the information really going?  ...to other countries? Whatís the main country itís all going to? Because it will be going to a main country. And all the other ones are going to a main country too.  Also, this article too came up today and it saysÖ


Syrian Army seizes Massive Chemical Stockpile from Insurgents.

(A:  Thatís the so-called, so-called rebels, that are all mercenaries getting paid by the West.  So the Syrian Army found all these insurgents with a chemical stockpile.)

Enough to Wipe Out Entire Country

nsnbc.me / Jul 10th, 2013 / Christof Lehmann


While Russian experts have issued a report about an investigation into chemical weapons use in Syria, the Syrian Armed Forces seized a massive chemical depot from foreign backed insurgents after a heavy gunfight. The seized chemicals would, according to Syrian sources, have been sufficient to cause mass death on an unprecedented scale.


The seizure of the chemicals from the insurgents coincides with recent intelligence reports, according to which a renewed, political and military campaign against Syria will be initiated by the ďoppositionĒ, the insurgents, and the international alliance behind the war on Syria. The war has claimed more than 93,000 lives and displaced hundreds of thousands, since 2011.


(A:  Then it goes on to say thatÖ) Massive Chemical Depot Seized (A:  ...and so on and a bit about Russians too, and what they say about it all as well. Because they tested this stuff, etc., on the site, that was supposed to be done with the previous release of chemical weaponry there, and they say it wasnít the Syrian government that did this, it was the insurgents that did it, it was in their territory too. So it wonít matter. John Pilger is quite right on that anyway. He says that when it comes to propaganda to build up wars, facts donít count. They donít count.)


And alsoÖ


Congress rejects Obama and McCainís plan to arm terrorist insurgents in Syria

21stcenturywire.com / July 11, 2013


(A:  Well it wonít matter, the US will get it to them in a way, theyíll funnel it in a different way, through CIA sources or American aid of some kind.)


US Congress delivered a possible death blow to Bilderberg and CFR plans to fund and send weaponry to foreign Islamic terrorist mercenaries in Syria.


The effort was being championed in Washington DC by President Obama (A:  ...to get it going, to get it through...) and his colleagues John McCain and Lindsey Graham, among others. (A:  ...and it goes on and on and on. It wonít stop them. Iím sure itís already been sent, in fact.)


This articleís pretty interesting too, because Tsarnaev and so on are being tried like high-profile cases. Theyíre also trying Holmes, of course, for the theater shooting; he appeared in court as well apparently.  Youíve got all these things going on right now, and youíve got the Trayvon Martin case and so on on the go.  At the same time they were trying to get an investigation into Hillaryís conduct at the State Department, so itís detracted completely from that. Thatís been put not even in the shade, itís been put in the dirt I think, to do with all of the sexual improprieties you might say amongst the women that were all working in the office there. And plus one of the ambassadors too, the guy they sent abroad that was into pedophilia and they had to eventually bring him back home. So that was put in the shade. And this is how they do things too, they put something else into the light, you see, and meanwhile theyíre burying something else they really donít want you to go any further with.


State Department's Credibility Remains in Tatters - gopusa.com / July 10, 2013

Suspicious Law Firm Break In - jdjournal.com


Because Hillary is getting really groomed to run for the next candidacy. Anyway, it saysÖ


Report: Justice Dept Backed Trayvon Martin Rallies

newsmax.com / 10 Jul 2013 / Tom Topousis


A secretive branch of the U.S. Department of Justice was deployed to Sanford, Fla., in the aftermath of the Trayvon Martin shooting to help organize rallies, including one headlined by the Rev. Al Sharpton, calling for the arrest and prosecution of George Zimmerman.


Records obtained by the watchdog group Judicial Watch, under the Freedom of Information Act, showed that members of the Justice Department's Community Relations Service were sent to Sanford in March and April of 2012 to help manage protests (A:  Actually, they created the protests.), The Daily Caller reported Wednesday.


The 347 pages of documents obtained from the federal government showed that $5,320 in expenses was claimed by the Community Relations Service for workers assigned to protests and marches in and around Sanford after Zimmerman was accused of shooting Martin. (A:  Iíll put that up tonight too for those that want to follow it. All this will go up at the website cuttingthroughthematrix.com.)


Everything is rigged though. It doesnít matter what it is, itís pretty well rigged, isnít it. But again, itís perception management, you only see what the news generally gives you. And then it gets you angry or whatever it happens to be, because thatís what itís meant to do. And hereís Hillary hereÖ


Hillary Rodham Clinton keeps busy giving paid speeches to industry groups

washingtonpost.com / Philip Rucker / July 11, 2013


(A:  I mean, sheís going up the hill, a mountain of money, really, isnít it?  Well named Hillary.)


Hillary Rodham Clinton traveled to Chicago last month to give a major speech in a cavernous convention hall. Her audience was 15,000 human resources professionals, and her remarks were tailored specifically to how immigration reform and President Obamaís health-care overhaul might affect their industry. (A:  But you should see the money sheís getting paid for this. Weíll talk about that when I come back from this break.)


Hi folks, weíre back Cutting Through The Matrix.  This article about Hillary Clinton, as I say, itís basically sheís meeting industry groups and lobbyists and sheís getting paid $200,000 a time, one after the other.


. . . collecting more than $200,000 per appearance, according to one executive who arranges speaking tours.


(A:  Mind you too, sheís got opportunity to do little deals of course with the lobbyists as well; they all do that. They all do that, if you get access to certain people, that whatís done. Iíve read articles before from Britain and America and elsewhere on this very, very thing. Then it goes into Clinton, sheís the only leading contender, 2016 contender...)


Clinton is the only leading 2016 contender giving paid speeches, with at least 14 delivered or scheduled so far . . .


(A:  ...and that her husband had done it before.  Heís scraped up tens of millions of dollars in speaking fees since leaving office, etc., etc.† Itís awfully lucrative, isnít it, being a public servant, eh? Then it goes on toÖ) Lobbying opportunities?  (A:  ...that Iíve just mentioned and how it works and so on and so on.


Because itís big, big cash. Thatís what it really is. See, understand, government is a big business. And all the big corporations understand it perfectly well, what itís really all about. In fact, they look at a nation as a complete business.  It doesnít matter about all the little businesses underneath it, itís a complete business, you see. So the politicians, many of whom are ex-CEOs or lawyers, top lawyers for industry and so on, know how it all works perfectly well. Thatís what government is today.


Also getting back to the fact that theyíre trying to bury this particular article to do with Hillary, itís calledÖ


The case of Aurelia Fedenisn

powerlineblog.com / July 10, 2013


(A:  Itís about what happened at the State Department. She was a whistleblower that came forward and talked about one of the ambassadors, for an example, that they sent to BelgiumÖ)


We wrote here (John) and here (me) about a State Department scandal involving the United States Ambassador to Belgium, Howard Gutman (among others). Gutman is a big Democratic donor who was appointed to his diplomatic post with a donorís traditional qualifications. He was alleged to have patronized prostitutes including minors while at his post in Brussels. (A:  ...little boys I think it was.)  Gutmanís case was one of several said to have been investigated by the State Department Inspector General, but covered up on the intervention of the administration in a subsequent IG report.  


Aurelia Fedenisn: Is the State Department Above the Law? - policymic.com


Plus there was a lot of improprieties in the State Department division to do with women, who were on the go for other women apparently. That all came out at the time too but theyíre really quashing it now, because the inquiry was supposed to all be going on right now, but itís not. I think theyíve stopped it all together. And theyíre giving you all the other top stories to keep you busy, to do with other people appearing in court about other things. So I guess Hillaryís got the right qualifications. Sheís, amazing, what should I call her, a man for the job? I mean, after that first article I read tonight you just donít know what to say anymore, do you? I mean, you donít.


And this one too, actually I should read this tomorrow.  Itís about smart meters, thereís a whole bunch on smart meters here. What I will put up tonight is a link to a video and an article...


The Lead Vaccine Developer (A:  ...that was to do with Gardasil and CervarixÖ She was head of the team that developed it.)

Comes Clean So She Can ďSleep At NightĒ:

 Gardasil and Cervarix Donít Work, Are Dangerous, and Werenít Tested

southweb.org/lifewise / Jun 22nd, 2013


She says. But they donít work, and theyíre dangerous, and they werenít tested. This is the person who developed it; she led the team for the company. I mentioned that when it first happened, Iíll put it up tonight for those who care about it. Most folk donít care about much today, because propaganda overcomes fact, very well. Always, actually. Theyíd never give you anything to hurt youÖ Thatís the world you live in.


From Hamish and myself from Ontario, Canada, itís good night and may your God or your Gods GO with you. 



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