July 12, 2013 (#1371)

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Poem Copyright Alan Watt July 12, 2013:

The Brain Game Causes Brain Drain:

"Manipulation is the Name of the Game,
Standardized News, Each Source the Same,
Recipients Worry What will Come Today,
Wars, Bank Plunders, Regardless We Pay,
While Life at Home is Hit with Inflation,
More Folks Homeless, with No Occupation,
Working Cultures Broken by Direct Attack,
Dysfunction is Evident, No Going Back,
Those at the Bottom Cringe and Cower,
Terrified of Decrees from Ivory Tower"
© Alan Watt July 12, 2013


Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - July 12, 2013 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)

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Hi folks.  I am Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix on the 12th of July, 2013. Newcomers, as always, please go into cuttingthroughthematrix.com.  Youíll find lots and lots of downloads of audios for free, where I go through this system, this big, big massive system, designed a long time ago by professionals, and the richest guys in the world actually at the time as well. They decided to bring in a global society step-by-step, including perhaps the need for world wars to make it happen.  Because they had to get rid of national sovereignty, and they had to make nationalism look pretty bad too, for the global society. Many people, too, believed that was a good idea because they were sick of wars, naturally, the people at the bottom that is, and they helped to support it, not knowing that it was a different kind of global order these boys had in mind. Because they want to bring in the type of order that you find that Aldous Huxley talked about, a kind of a scientific tyranny, and the same with Bertrand Russell, that would run the societies so quickly and easily that the public would be unaware that they were even being manipulated constantly, constantly manipulated, even their ideas, their thoughts and everything else. Thatís already here pretty well with television, the Internet, and the way that the media is completely controlled, because it helps to control you; thatís what the media is for in actual fact.


So help yourself to the website. Remember too, you bring me to you. You can help me tick along by getting the books and discs at cuttingthroughthematrix.com, where I go through this art of conology. I call it conology, because weíre conned every day by politicians; itís the standard practice. Itís a technique.  That is the science. But itís very advanced today because we have neuroscientists on board, psychologists on board, linguistics on board.  They all work together to find ways to give you your opinions and bring you and lead you to your opinions. They understand how you think, how your mind works, and they can actually bring you, in a format, to the conclusions. It happens every day to pretty well everybody in the world. So as I say, you can buy the books and discs.  [Order and donation options listed above.]  And straight donations are really, seriously welcome. Remember too, all the sites listed at cuttingthroughthematrix.com have the audios for download plus print-ups of lots of the talks Iíve given, in English, and if you want print-ups in other languages go into alanwattsentientsentinel.eu and help yourself there. 


But we really are living in a very well-designed system. It appears to the people at the bottom, because youíve been brought up this way, that itís all kind of chaotic and itís simply one crisis after another, at least the media would make things out to be crisis one after another.  And if you notice, thereís never any peace. Thereís really never any peace. Before, back even before World War I theyíd had periods of peace for instance, but the techniques really started to develop around the turn of the 20th century, of mass manipulation and through the art of propaganda.  And the BBC that came out at that time too, to help the war effort, the radio stations and so on, its first job was propagandizing the people to go along with the wars and everything else. So now itís into television; theyíve had years of experience with it now, lots of professionals into this. Marketers are on board with it too because they also study communications, and psychology, to do with how people receive information, how they act on information, and how they modify their behavior on information. Simple things, a simple statement is fashioned for the young. It can be simply put out there by someone that theyíre told is a star, given a number one hit, and they will all be wearing the same gear tomorrow. And sure enough the fashion industry is in on it too, because they all work together.  All the cultural industries, and the fashion industry, they all work together, plus the music industry as well. Back with more after this.


Hi folks, weíre back Cutting Through The Matrix.  As Iíve said before, weíre always kept on the edge all the time. Itís either with war, the threat of war, or being attacked by someone from over there somewhere, or else itís financial crisis. Itís one or the other, back and forth, back and forth. Theyíve done this game for a long, long time, and it works awfully well. Because people who become abused by this Ė and thatís what an abuse system does, is to tell the victim they are living in the best system that there could possibly be, and at the same time abuse the victim. So the victim, when things get bad, and thereís always a crisis after crisis after crisis, they go to the abuser and ask for them to help them and they demand that they do something about it. Of course the abuser passes more laws and takes more and more rights and freedoms from the public and taxes them crazy. Itís as simple as that. Itís very, very simple indeed.


And Iím not just making this up because, again, people talked about this technique a long time ago at global meetings, long, long before I was born, and even before my parents were born. Because these techniques are well understood, of controlling the general public. You have to go back into time and even read Machiavelli, read even Francis Bacon too and the stuff he wrote for the King, almost like a rťsumť on how to be cunning, etc, and how to handle the mob, or the people. Itís much more advanced today of course.  But we are always kept on the edge, and this is a way of maintaining power. Youíll find too, that when governments are flagging in some way or another, it doesnít have to be a dictator, it can be governments themselves Ė it doesnít matter what they call themselves, democracies, whatever Ė a war is a good thing for them. Because the people, again, turn to the abuser, the head, and ask them to defend them and help them, and then they get the votes. Thatís how Maggie Thatcher got back in, you know, she had the Falklands war; without that she probably wouldnít have got back in.


So these things are awfully handy and they can be set up too. Then again too, we can be at war and the public donít realize it, because they donít call them wars anymore, since under the United Nations and NATO they call them Ďpeace actionsí. Very Orwellian, isnít it Ė war is peace. And we sit and watch this stuff and get used to it happening all the time. And we take it for granted that itís not really war, itís a kind of weíre in there to keep the peace, or to stabilize a country. Thereís many, many different terms for the same thing. But when you send troops abroad with weaponry and theyíre armed and they drop bombs and they kill people, thatís a war. Thatís what troops do. Thatís what soldiers are for. Itís not for handing out candy bars.


But weíre conned constantly and most folk, unfortunately, the technique starts very, very young, as I say, the technique of indoctrination. And most indoctrinations really take on the victim.  Just like a vaccination or whatever can take on you, thatís what they say about testing it, did it take or not on you. Did it work on you, in other words. And once itís in you basically thatís it; itís set there, thereís nothing you can do about it. Itís the same thing with indoctrination.  Your parents start indoctrinating you because they think everything is normal, even though theyíve never had a normal life.  The reason they think theyíve all had normal lives is because everyone they know in the same age group is in about the same state as they are, in income, lifestyle, mental health or whatever.  Even if theyíre neurotic, it doesnít matter, they think thatís normal. Then they pass it onto the child. And the child gets money given to them to go and buy ice cream, and the child says, well how can I get ice cream for this thing here, this coin? They might get a little explanation but not very deep at all. Because everyone takes it for granted, itís just there naturally, like gravity. 


Of course thatís the big, big con of all, everything runs on money, and people who run money are in the private sector and theyíve been doing this for an awful long time. They decide how much itís worth that day, and how much itís worth the next day. Itís very elastic. And they tell everyone too, to work hard at school and theyíll get a good job.  And all you have to do is really work hard, and be honest and good, and nice, and one day youíll get your rewards for it, you know, youíll make it up there, youíll get that carrot thatís always in front of you and youíll have a good life. And for most folk it never happens. Because as they start saving up and putting their money away or whatever theyíre doing, itís getting devalued all the time. Thatís built into this money system that we take for granted and we call normal.  The boys who run it call it normal too because theyíve got to make you believe itís really normal. Itís quite something isnít it?


So weíre conned left, right and center, but power always does that Ė and itís all to do with power, those in power, and thereís different aspects of power. As I say, money is the technique today, mainly, and politics of course, warfare. Because government, you see, has to pretend that theyíre there to save you from a foreign threat; otherwise theyíd have no reason to really exist in the first place. Because even kings would do that too. When kings would come in, generally kings came in from abroad with an army like the Normans did. Once they took over the people, who were not very happy at all, naturally, then a generation wouldnít pass before they had trained the public, or at least the young children, that the king would protect them. And they got titles, they made titles for themselves, like defenders of the nation, defenders of the country, defenders of the faith, whatever faith the people had.  They still have these titles yet; Prince Charles has them. Again, we take that for granted, you see. 


So because of all that they can tax you and tax you and tax you, and live off you awfully well, mind you, and live the really good life, you see. But underneath the kings and queens they had all these advisors on how to manage things, and even spokesmen and orators as well that would give speeches to the public if the king wasnít a very good speaker. This goes back, all the way back to the Romans, famous for orators as well, and the Greeks. Today we have scriptwriters that do it for presidents and prime ministers. And the prime ministers and presidents at least have to do basic reading and read the thing and thatís it, done, you see. Everything you see is a show. The world is a show.


When you open most newspapers, what youíre looking at there is a show as well. Itís a show by the newspapers as well, the same newspapers that manipulate generations, and tell you nothing, nada, of any real import.  Thereís lots of things that you can go ooh and aah, and oh thatís terrible... Thatís what you get; thatís deliberate, you see. Everything that you say, thatís terrible, if you really think about it thereís nothing you can do about that particular topic. Have you noticed that? The same newspapers never point out too, that youíve had no vote in this and no vote in that.  Or as Iíve mentioned before too, that every country now pretty well has got a member in the G20, a club for leaders of countries, that now has given itself powers to take those countries anywhere they want, and use the tax money too for their club. But no one got a vote in that. Because once again, after years pass, well it must be normal, it exists. Simple as that, it must be normal, it exists, like the child getting his first coin to buy ice cream, and you take it for granted, you see.


So really, the big things, the big questions and all the rest of it, weíre out of the picture. As Orwell said in 1984, the proles donít count. They donít count, you see. Youíre given lots of entertainment. Youíre given lots of distractions. No matter how bad it gets theyíll give you lots of sex on TV, and even in the ads and everything else.  And theyíll tell you to go out and drink the suds, the booze, at the weekend and party, party, party, for the youngsters. Because every generation is catered to, remember. Every generation is completely catered to; theyíve got everything figured out at the top. The RAND Corporation did study after study on this, years and years and years ago, all for governments, how to manage the public, all the different age groups. And theyíve got it all figured out too. And the marketers are in on it too, big marketers, because they also did their own studies as well to do with the new power of the youth, financial power for purchasing, a new market, you see, years ago.


They also said, what concerns the youth? Well, theyíve got them all figured out and they call it milestones. You hit a certain age, youíre interested in this. You hit another age, youíre interested in that. You hit the age of puberty and guys go gaga.  And you just keep banging things into them. The important things wonít matter; really important things wonít matter to them, as theyíre completely distracted most of the time. The guys who are wisening up in their 30s or 40s, once they get to their 40s theyíre looking towards their pensions, they donít want to get their heads up above the foxhole and say anything that might upset their Masters, so theyíre generally out of the picture, you see. Theyíre generally out of the picture; not all of them, but a lot of them are. Then again, if theyíre married too, their wives will also keep them in line as well, donít say that, you know, youíll give a bad name for the community here, they all know us, blah-blah-blah, or you might get fired from your job by saying something like that


All these different dynamics they call them, all the dynamics work for the system.  Theyíre put there by the system, our opinions, our views, the way we interact with each other. And youíll find most folk literally are in clusters, thatís what they say at universities that get all your data; they also share all your data from the Internet. Not just your names and addresses, they get all your data, your emails, everything Ė Iíve read the articles before here, years ago.  MIT gets lots of them too, and of course MIT is a big government kind of NSA type, CIA training ground.  But anyway, they get all this stuff, and youíre in clusters. Because they want to find out what you have in common with all these characters you talk to, you see. But in real life too, even just going into university, they want to see who youíre mixing with too; theyíre observed as well, in the classrooms. Theyíve been doing this for about 40 years or more. They want to see who pairs up with who, what theyíve got in common, etc., IQ levels, social/economic background, all these things. Weíre constantly observed.


Because you see, if you are a good farmer, at the top, you want to make sure that the animals that you own are pretty healthy, thereís nothing wild about them.  Because remember, animals, the farmers at the top are into breeding and eugenics, big time, and they want something docile like the sheep, you see, that are hyper-domesticated and theyíve lost their survival instincts. Thatís the perfect society. Eventually theyíll go towards this with eugenics.  Theyíre already working on everyone now with different chemicals in your food, the vaccinations you get too.  Iíve read Charles Galton Darwin; this guy was hailed as a hero when he came out with his book, The Next Million Years, talking on behalf of the worldís elite at that time. He said, weíll even add hormones to their food; that will take care of the males. Well, theyíre going sterile; thereís more female-looking guys around than ever.


Hi folks, weíre back Cutting Through The Matrix, talking about how easy it is to manipulate people and how controlled we really are. Weíre really controlled; most folk donít know it. They think theyíre free, because you do have certain choices, within a certain bandwidth you might say, but not outside that bandwidth.  As long as they have those choices, like where do I want to buy the ice cream or french fries or whatever, then they think theyíre free.


I can remember listening to a radio station once where they were talking about freedom, what is freedom, or do you think youíre free? It was after 9/11 of course and they had all the reporters going around, across the world Ė every country got on board at the same time; it was all arranged that way; you just can arrange these things like that. They were saying to the people, are you willing to give up your freedoms for security? And of course Iím sure they picked the ones that all said, well yeah, we have to. And they donít really show you the ones that said no. Because thatís how you put the idea across. The mass people, you see, most people really have a herd instinct and they will go along with the majority; they donít want to be the outsider. So they fake all the polls and only pick the ones that give them the answer they want to hear, and thatís what the public see. Thatís what polls really started for in fact; Bernays talks about it. Sad, that, isnít it, that thatís how easy it is to manipulate people though, isnít it?


But I can remember going back to that time and you find that they kept saying, yeah, give up your freedom, your freedom and your rights for security. Something that had been discussed many times before that over the last hundred years by the big think tanks, which are employed and owned by the big foundations, the tax-free, tax-exempt foundations like the Rockefeller Brothers center, and Carnegie, Ford, etc., lots of them out there, and lots of them in Britain too and elsewhere.  They have them in all countries. They fund all the big NGO groups and the greenies and so on. Youíll find the ones that belong to all these big foundations also own the big international corporations, who are also on board with the greening agenda. It never dawns on the guys below, that are always opposing the big oil companies, why would the big guys be promoting the same thing youíre opposing? Youíre opposing the corporations, but the corporations are giving big sums of money and helping to lead these agendas. 


You know, crowds are very stupid people. Itís unfortunate but itís true.  Iíve talked about the book called The Crowd, a precursor to other ones that came later, about how mass manipulation is easy to do when you get a crowd of people. I mean, guys who run stage events for rock concerts and things, they understand this too. They understand the crowd and how to get them going. Even with the types of music you play, you can either get them really angry, because thereís certain music that can make folk angry Ė they knew this in the 1800s; they experimented then Ė and thereís other types of music that will get them really going and feeling happy, etc. And you can sway the crowd quite easily depending on what you put out there. Plus the visual effects as well, which can be very hypnotic. So these things are very well understood.


Talk shows, day talk shows on television are excellent for that. Phil Donahue had some of the best staff that ever existed. In one hour he could bring on prostitutes, introduce them to a crowd, the audience, and within an hour, after the people booing them initially, saying, oh my God what will we do, we donít want prostitutes.  Well he had them convinced.  And they were very human and an occasional one would cry a little bit and so on and tell them their story, their personal stories, and they were doing their county a favor by providing this service. And they were all clapping like trained seals, in one hour, and thatís including the commercials. Because itís all technique, folks. Itís all prescripted by the puppet masters. Easy to do. The same with Oprah.


Thereís nothing that you can watch that doesnítÖ Look at the list of all the professionals at the end when theyíre giving all the rundowns of who does what, and the producers and all the rest of it, and stacks and stacks of different kinds of personnel and managers and so on, just for a one-hour show.  But as I say, by the end of the hour theyíve turned everyoneís opinion around. They can make black white, white black, good bad, whatever.  Itís all done so simply. And you learn to love them. You love them. The folk who have been conned love them.  Isnít that something?  But anyway, I could go on and on about this but thereís no point about going on about that because it happens all the time. Iím sure most folk know, but even though they know they forget it as soon as something comes on TV, or something else is put out there to grab their attention, something generally they can do nothing about, you see.


All you can do anything about right now is understanding whatís going on. Iíve gone through the history of the big boys who got together and formed the Royal Institute of International Affairs/Council on Foreign Relations and their whole world agenda, how they would do it.  How they already would use the British Empire system and build on that, and then in the 1920s they handed it over, the lead, and the financing especially, to the US, theyíd still work with all together, of course, globally. In the meantime, the Royal Institute of International Affairs/Council on Foreign Relations set departments up for the Far Eastern bloc, to work for 60 to 70 years to bring in a bloc, a Far Eastern trading bloc, including Australia, New Zealand and China and so on. They also did the same thing for Europe, and they got that done much quicker of course. Even Karl Marx said that long before that, he said they would have a unified Europe first, and followed by eventually a Unified America. Iíve read the articles on the air over many years here where itís come out from the CFR, again, who drafted up the free trade agreements and then the NAFTA agreement.  A private organization drafts it all up for us, and weíve all to change our lives and go along with it. And folk accept it as quite natural. Back with more after this.


Hi folks, weíre back Cutting Through The Matrix, talking about normalcy, what is normalcy, and how weíre conned so easily, especially taking everything for granted. Itís very much like the Rio Earth Summit, never mind the G20. The Rio Earth Summit, a private group, get together, draft up their charter Ė it took years to draft it up long before that, mind you.  And pretty well all the presidents and prime ministers in the world go and sign it. Is that democracy? Of course it isnít.  And yet once again the same media that cons you every day said pretty well nothing about it. Pretty well nothing. They mightíve mentioned the name but they didnít explain what it is, what itís about, how itís going to impact the world. I mean the whole world and so on. And we accept it.


Now, even the United Nations, that supposedly started off as a kind of round table Ė that was the con the Royal Institute of International Affairs started off with, because they run the round table societies across the world Ė and people would debate problems and hope to avert wars and things like that. Look at it today. Itís got a department that every national government has, departments and ministries of everything, agriculture, you name it. These guys also draft up their different treaties that just get signed, and they hand them all to your prime ministers and presidents and they sign them into law that affects all of our lives too.  No one elects the United Nations. Most folk will never meet anybody that works at the United Nations, in their lives. And most folk know very little about it in fact. Itís a private corporation. Private. And yet every Prime Minister and President, again, will sign every agreement that comes down the pike.


So you understand, you start to catch on thereís something else going on here.  Iíve said many times, you have the illusion of what we call democracy.  What is democracy as we have it? What is your right in democracy? And theyíll tell you, you have the right to vote. Thatís it. Thatís it, folks. Thatís all that you have, the right to vote. And if you are in a democratic country, especially the British Empire countries Ė and itís still an Empire, believe it or not...  And people have done this, a guy in Sudbury did this a few years ago, to do even with the local Council. Theyíre allowed to vote in your local councilors, and then they go off on a strange tangent, just like your provincial government will do and your federal government will do, nothing to do with what they said when they were running of course, they go off on some strange tangent. So he asked for a recall, couldnít get it, it went all the way I think to the Supreme Court and he was told that in a democracy the only right you have is to vote them in, and the candidate you vote for can do what they want once theyíre in.  And thatís how it is, isnít it? Thatís how it is.


In democracy you donít vote bunches in because you like them, new guys in. Itís because youíre so sick of the ones that you voted in the last time that you thought were good too. You see. So itís understood this keeps folk from rebelling.  It keeps them hoping, okay weíll suffer this for five years and then we can vote somebody better in, and you just live in hope, you see, and thatís your rights.


Now, they had that too, that same system in the Soviet Union, which they called democratic, because the public had to vote. In some countries in Europe, even I think in Australia too, you have to vote, by law. Because itís a legality.  If you vote to get someone in they can do what they want with you, youíre giving all power to them, over you... all power.  So they want you to do it, that way youíve given consent that theyíve got that over you. Theyíre very legalistic at the top, but most folk donít understand legalisms and the system. No wonder, itís not meant for you to understand. Itís to make you thinkÖ It really does pretend to make you think you know what itís about.  But no, you donít know what itís about.   Thatís the beauty of it all, everything is allegorical.


So anyway, we live in a system that has one pretense for the public; they take it at face value. Most folk are too busy going through their milestones in life, you know, like I get to do this at a certain age, I do this at a certain age, I get married at a certain age, maybe, and so on and so on and so on.  Folk are concerned with a career, if they have a career, or if theyíre not, theyíre just trying to get the best job they can get.  And again, the guys who are older, especially if theyíre married, itís pension time and all the rest of it, and all the things in the future, if they live that long, and by the time they get their pension itís worth nothing anyway because of devaluation.  And we want to keep the same system?


Because you see, we have nothing to compare it to, except the horror stories of systems that were more totalitarian, you see, more obviously totalitarian. So in democracies they try to make it not so obvious. But it is totalitarian in a sense, isnít it, if youíre conned all through your life, whole generations, one after another.  And the same bunches of bankers, that are generally all married to each other, run each country, you know, generation after generation, as though, again, itís as natural as gravity, once again. And whereís the vote there?


And then again we go off to fight, to bring the same system Ė this is what weíre told in propaganda, which must be kept simple. If you ever read about those who create propaganda, the writers of it, they say that propaganda must be kept simple for the general population. And the simpler the story, when any of the public catch on that itís all lies, you see, itís harder to disprove. The less facts you give to the public, by keeping it simple, itís harder to disprove itís all lies. So they donít go overboard trying to give you explanations about things. Even when itís so obvious, to even more and more of the general population, that thereís something wrong here, they donít go overboard trying to counter themselves and back up what theyíve done and so on. They give you more lies and they say, weíre going over there to liberate people... liberate themÖ and bring them democracy. 


Everybody is saying right now, well my goodness look whatís happening in Egypt now. Well, if youíve been reading the Council on Foreign Relations, this private club again, that runs all your media, and even puts prime ministers and presidents in in most countries, theyíve been telling you in the last year that theyíll get this present bunch out, you see, and put in a more, an even more secular government. Thatís what theyíve said; Iíve read the articles on the air and I gave up.  Everything is planned this way, you see. Everything is planned. And everything you see on television is presented to you as spontaneous. Just one day the folk get up and say, get out, weíre changing the system. And you believe it, you see. Itís all funded by your tax money, actually; thatís funding it, all of this.


And I used to wonder too about the Cold War. The Cold War was one big sham. Not for the guys at the bottom who believed in at all, and even the guys in uniform who believed in at all. But for the guys at the top it was a big, big sham. Because I used to wonder as a child, why would your countries...   when they keep telling you that all wars from now on will be won by those with the most advanced sciences.  And we heard about spies and things and all this kind of stuff and agents. Meanwhile, every year the top scientists in every field across Europe and the States as well, and Canada and everywhere else, would go to Moscow to attend their International Science Conference. Why would you let your top scientists that are involved in all your weaponry and everything else go and meet the guys over there? ...if we were so paranoid about secrets getting stolen or shared or whatever? It seems crazy. And of course it was crazy. Then we find out too that all during the Cold War we had all these programs going on with the Russians, even the joint space program... this enemy that was going to nuke us at any time. Mind you, the Military-Industrial Complex made a fortune during that period. And again, you had the Star Wars programs that went up there too, because they were putting up the big, big satellites that would eventually be used for all your cell phones, years ago, years before you heard of a cell phone.  Weíre conned, conned, conned. Because as I say, the futureís always planned way aheadÖ way ahead of time, way, way, way ahead, so far ahead itís just mind-boggling.


I could go on and on and on with all these things here. But the thing is, in Russia, getting back to their voting system, you were given Politburo number one, two, three or four, to vote for, and you had to vote for one of them. So it didnít matter which one you voted in, it was a one-party system. We pretend weíve got different parties here, but theyíre both going in the same direction. Itís a Punch and Judy show; thatís all it is, the left, the right. What I say is, especially in the States, which bunch of multimillionaires do you want to vote for? That bunch over here, or that bunch over there, the left, or the right? You know. Theyíre all in it. Thereís not one party that comes in and says look, Iím looking at the system and this, say, European Union for an example, is destroying the nation, itís destroyed the economy, it demanded deindustrialization of certain countries like Britain, it demands massive tax funding from every person thatís already taxed under, what good has it done? Nothing. No good at all. But you canít get out of it now, thatís what they tell you. What rubbish!


You know, you go to world wars because everyone signs treaties in advance. Yep, thatís law, you see, you signed that treaty, you canít back out now. Even though you can say, well this war is going to cost millions and millions and millions and millions of lives. No, youíve got to go along with the treaty. And thatís the con of the big Masters that run the world, you see, legalities, law. If somethingís not going to work youíre as well as tearing it up as far as Iím concerned; tear it up, try something different. But that wonít happen because you see, weíre under total control. 


I mentioned before too that Brzezinski in his own book said that, in the Technotronic Era, in the book Between Two Ages, that all this would come, including the time when even technotronics would be wafting across continents. He was talking about the ways of controlling the minds of the public, through electronics, wavelengths.  Thatís all they are, wavelengths.  There are different wavelengths, many different frequencies.  Weíre bombarded with it today, completely bombarded. And today too, they admit too, they have now phased pulsar weaponry, made by Raytheon Company, of course, the big military boys.  Then you find out the same company makes the stuff for all your weather stations across the country as well. And itís also called pulsed phaser weather detection.  But itís using the same stuff.  Itís using basic radar and itís blanketing the whole country.  How come they canít tell the weather if theyíve got all this advanced equipment? Theyíre worse than they ever used to be before.


So youíre bombarded under many different guises with the Technotronic era. Itís here. Theyíve done tests, many, many tests on target populations. I mentioned one before, it was the first thing that came out, it snuck out that in Maine, the HAARP project alone, just the HAARP project in Alaska, had bounced signals off the ionosphere, and they can target where itís going to come down, and they used Maine as a test group for about a few months. Then they studied all the reports that came in from police, ambulances, social workers and so on, everything in fact. They found that farm animals were going crazy, going crazy with it at certain times. And they adjusted the frequency a little bit and they pacified down. The same thing was done with domestic animals; they were biting their owners, and then they altered the frequency. The same thing was happening with people; they had a massive spike in suicides.  And they altered the frequency. Then they turned it up a little bit to a different frequency, and everyone was getting aggressive and fights broke out and so on. This was already done. This was actually done, and exposed, years ago.


But everyone all thinks when itís happening that itís their own actions, theyíre in charge of themselves... I donít know what came over me, goodness knows. And yet thereís...  I mean Brzezinski was not some little guy at the bottom that wrote science fiction when he put out his book, remember, Between Two Ages: America's Role in the Technetronic Era.  These guys were at the top of the military establishment. Heís a geo-politician. He was into every kind of weaponry that could be used abroad, or at home too, domestically. 


Iíve mentioned Persinger, the big guy that was from the States; he worked with the CIA, the Pentagon and the whole bit, this professor who is working up in Canada here. Heís all into this, almost unified field theory, you might call it; he doesnít actually name it that. But he prattles on about the time, he says, weíre getting bathed, weíre all getting bathed in microwave and so on, and one day weíll feel the pain of someone across the world whoís hungry, etc. He thinks itís so wonderful and you see this evangelical look on him as heís prattling this off; itís up on YouTube.  This guy worked with the war industry, for Godís sake, and Iím sure heís still getting back with them today. This is the guy that thought the Koren helmet was fantastic. You know, the helmet, theyíve had it since the 60s I think, that can stimulate your brain. You think Google and their little helmets are the latest thing?  They were doing it back in the 60s in the universities up here, and thatís up on YouTube too.  And it could give you a trip just like marijuana or LSD or whatever.  And now theyíre doing the same thing with computers, where they can actually massage your brain, they call it.  You donít even need to put a helmet on; they actually build the antenna and stuff into it around the screen.


Why would a guy like Brzezinski say the Technotronic Era? This is a guy who was way up there in the Trilateral Commission, a specialized department of the Council on Foreign Relations, being in charge of countriesí militaries and so on, geopolitical strategies, still heavily involved in them Ė he admitted that too in a talk he did. He doesnít just turn out these books to pass the time. And Iím sure he doesnít need the money. But youíll see power and powerful people like to boast once in a while too. Because youíre supposed to bow down and say my goodness how intelligent they are. And that works with a lot of people, mind you. It does.


Thatís why they present you with whatís called experts, in every category of salesmanship. Bernays came out with the first idea of that, how to get people to take this quack cure. He says, well we get a little office in some dump somewhere, get it put in the phone book, and then you get a little secretary to staff the phone, and then you get a couple of professors, pay them good money, just to have their names on the letterhead and to back up your claim, even if theyíve never read your stuff, and they get a cut for so much for every product that you sell along that line. Itís in his own book.  And this guy is one of the heroes of marketing, even today. And he hated the general public because he says, theyíre too easy to manipulate. He saw them literally as a herd.


So as I say, most folk are not even in charge of themselves. And most of them too, will be given different topics and get angry about it, I read this stuff too; thatís what they dish out by the media. But most of the topics we can do nothing about, you see. Itís either done, or itís in some other country, and even then you have to say, well why should you be concerned about another country? If you canít fix your own house and get that in order, why are you telling other countries what to do and how to live? Back with more after this.


Hi folks, weíre back Cutting Through The Matrix.  Now, thereís Rick from New York hanging on there. Are you still there Rick?


Rick:  Hey Alan, how you doing?


Alan:  Iím hanging on too.


Rick:  Thatís good. Yeah, Iím reading a book by Neal Wilgus called The Illuminoids: Secret Societies and Political Paranoia.I just wanted to read like a short, just a short segment, real quick. Itís called Whoís On First.† ďOr was Washington really the first president after all? A number of historians hold that a patriot named John Hanson was technically the first chief executive because he was elected President of the United States in Congress assembled on November 5, 1781, the first of seven such one-year term presidents. In fact, Hanson even introduced the victorious General Washington to Congress a few weeks later when the Revolutionary War ended. Washington didn't become president until 1789, following the terms of Presidents Hanson, Boudinot, Mifflin, Lee, Gorham, St. Clair and Griffin. But Hanson and the others got a bad press, according to a story in The Star, December 2, 1975, and Washington, Franklin and others soon stole the spotlight. Historians Arthur G. Horton and Merle Jensen are quoted as Hanson authorities in the article and the story they tell of the first American president is a bit different than we are used to.Ē† I find that pretty interesting.  You donít learn that in school, I donít think.


Alan:  It is, too. All history gets tidied up, as they call it, afterwards, you see. Because they like to have simple stories for the people, very simple, straightforward, and they tidy them up, as they call them, and thatís what they did there too. Again too, thereís books out, as I said before, people donít know that they even sent over from the US... They didnít know exactly what kind of system they were going to have initially, they werenít certain. They tried to get the last Prince, Prince Charles that had been fighting Britain or the English in Scotland, and went over to Italy; they actually offered a Kingship to him at one point. Then they offered it to Washington later on too; thatís been well recorded too by other historians. But yeah, they tidy it up afterwards to give, itís almost like a cleansed-up Hollywood version for the public from then on.


Rick:  Yeah, I remember reading in this book on 9/11, it mentions the Virginia Company, which was founded I believe in the late 1600s, and they consolidated the United States into like a, what Eisenhower termed, the Military-Industrial Complex.


Alan:  Well, the Virginia Company, and I put that in my first book and lots of folk copied that afterwards. But they did have a very similar flag to the stars and stripes, actually. If you look at their flag, it was stripes, red and white, and in the left-hand corner they had a square and they had a circle of stars in it. Now, the original American flag had a circle of stars in the left-hand corner, and they had the stars, but that was the flag of the company. And there was one still in Hong Kong I think in the Pavilion, the old pavilion thatís there, thatís a remnant of the old East India company too; they had headquarters there. One of their flags is still there on the wall; itís behind glass. So, it makes you wonder about so much that youíre told to believe and all the rest of it. It really makes you wonder whatís going on. But nothing is ever as clear-cut as they give you.


Rick:  And of course it goes further back to like Francis Bacon and The New Atlantis, and all that mythology.


Alan:  Oh yeah.  And so weíre givenÖ Again, they tidy histories up to give what they call foundation mythologies. Every countryís got their foundation mythology. But corporations generally, they came into America first, Canada as well, and they were divided up, they were given charters to rule.  And these corporations, thatís what weíve come back to today. Itís all corporations running the show. We really have, a complete circle.


Rick:  Weíve got to do something about this rat race, you know.  I donít know, a president who can do that, in terms of like nationalizing the Federal Reserve, and infrastructure... But anyway, thanks Alan.


Alan:  Thanks for calling.


From Hamish and myself from Ontario, Canada, itís good night and may your God or your Gods GO with you. 


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