July 15, 2013 (#1372)

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Poem Copyright Alan Watt July 15, 2013:

Corporate Monopoly Associations Dictate to the Nations:

"You'll Pay for What You Really Need
In the Monopoly Age of Corporate Greed,
Old Values and Morals have Been Replaced,
Conscience, Good Business Practice Defaced,
Moral Relativity Teaches no Good or Bad,
Yet "Greed is Good" College-Taught, How Sad,
Winners and Losers is All that Matters
In Business School Where it's the Chatter,
Maximize Profit by All Tricky Means,
Marketers can Sell Junk with Clever Schemes,
Dominate All Essentials if You Please,
And Squeeze the Masses Down to Their Knees"
© Alan Watt July 15, 2013


Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - July 15, 2013 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)

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Hi, folks, I’m Alan Watt, this is Cutting Through the Matrix on July the 15th, 2013. I always suggest that newcomers make good use of the website cuttingthroughthematrix.com, lots of audios for free download there, where I go through the system and I’ve been doing it for years and putting these audios up for years so there are lots of them to go through. You’ll find out how the system came to be, and basically how it was formed, and how foundations sprung up a hundred years ago – actually older than that, in fact, under different guises, but eventually they called themselves foundations – tax-free, philanthropic foundations – and they formed a parallel government. And they have the top, the brightest people basically or the most-educated people in the world working for them, and they go in and out of politics across the whole planet all the time. So they are CEOs of corporations that go in and out of them too and as I say they go into political positions and bureaucracies as well. And they formed a big club a hundred years ago to sound very officious, in fact, the Royal Institute of International Affairs and Council on Foreign Relations, to basically set up this club across the world where they’d run all the media, entertainment, and basically all politics as well, and bring in a global governance system based on not what you would think, but a form of socialism, because socialism is the easiest way to control the masses of people by big bureaucracies and government too across the world. And the elite should fleece them, because they do believe that at the top, the boys who formed these big foundations were already the richest people on the planet and that meant they were most advanced, and therefore they had the right to run all the rest of the people down below. That’s why George Orwell and many others talked about the proles at the bottom, the proles don’t count. We just get “outraged,” as they say, and we go “Ooh,” and “ah, that’s terrible,” as we get fleeced and fleeced and fleeced. But that’s really the history of the world in a sense, and these boys formulated it into a system a hundred years ago and decided to really push it from there on. They plan the future. The future’s all planned by private organizations working for them, and private organizations draft up massive treaties at the United Nations, which is also owned by the Royal Institute of International Affairs, they set it up. And all governments sign onto them, which affects all of us. We don’t vote for these organizations, they’re private, and yet we call ourselves democracies and all this nonsense.


Anyway, help yourselves to the audios. Remember too there are transcripts for print-up on all the sites listed at cuttingthroughthematrix.com, and you can also get transcripts in other languages for print-up if you go into alanwattsentientsentinel.eu. Remember too you can help me tick along here by buying the books and discs that I have at cuttingthroughthematrix.com, and from the US to Canada you can still order using personal checks or international postal money orders or use Paypal, or you can send cash. Across the world you’ve got Western Union, Moneygram and Paypal. And straight donations are seriously welcome because that’s sometimes all that trickles in once in a blue moon.


But we’re living through amazing times – this is the century of change, the 21st century, the time that they planned all this to come into being. In the 1800s and the 1900s they talked about the Age of Aquarius and all this mythological nonsense and esoteric stuff, because they used all of that before. Religion is a great way to push through big, big changes, cultural changes. That’s why they brought out Blavatsky and all these people too and theosophy, etc. And also they actually helped to form the women’s groups and feminism and break the family unit. All the things that stopped really a small elite from taking over the world, it was based on the family, because families stand up and fight against authority if someone is being utterly victimized. And then other families which are very similar, that have a lot in common then, being families, they all stand up together, so that had to be eliminated. H.G. Wells, who was a propagandist for this organization, because they also formed the Fabian Society to control all the left-wing changes, he went through this whole agenda too. He called it the Open Conspiracy; he wrote about it. People should read that too.


Back with more after this break.


Hi folks, I’m back, Cutting Through the Matrix. As I was saying there about Blavatsky, back in her day too they talked about merging the religions of the West with that of India and other countries of the Far East, and of course that was to be the New Age, which of course in the 20th century was really promoted big time from the ’60s onwards, the New Age. That was to destroy the old religions too, which, again, gave people their cultures in the countries of Europe, etc.; that had to be destroyed. All that was pretty well done very carefully with psychedelic drugs too and the rock music coming out at the same time – all planned that way, and promoted from the top down. It’s always promoted from the top down. Plato said cultural changes can only be allowed by the top and put out by the top. Something that’s truly from the bottom could upset, a kind of ripple effect, all the plans at the top if it took off, so it doesn’t happen, it really doesn’t happen. Whether it’s fashion or whatever, the culture industry and entertainment industry are so important to keep control of the people, because most of the programming we get is through fiction actually, especially today.


We live in a time of greed, massive greed too, and that’s okay at the top, because the universities churn out people and economists and business people who are taught that greed is good and there’s nothing wrong with it whatsoever, it’s an old-fashioned concept that it’s bad, and they try to get the maximum profit they possibly can, from whichever way they can do. And you find that lawyers, again – all the TV dramas that you get on lawyers and doctors and police, it’s all propaganda, like Jacques Ellul said. It’s meant to make you think that they really sit up all night worrying about clients and the innocent and stuff like that. Nothing is further from the truth of course. They work on finding ways for big corporations to scam the public generally, or to get big, big tycoons off the hook.


Here’s an article here, for instance, that said the National Health Service in Britain – that’s why they love National Health Services. Remember Lenin said it, the centralization was awfully important, and so did Marx before him of course, and Lincoln certainly followed that. He was congratulated by Marx for centralizing the government of the US in fact. But centralization is so important to them. And of course the big foundations, that are simply the carry-on from all of this big very old plan of course, push the same thing, global governance, etc., international treaties, and of course you have corporate governance as well now that work with governments, because that was always the plan. The same guys, as I say, become CEOs of corporations then move into politics and then back in again, in and out like musical chairs, and we call this democracy. But again, they live awfully well off the public, whether it’s in private business or in politics, and of course they have a completely different set of wages for all the employees in government, right down to the bottom, completely different and far removed. It’s a different reality from the average private sector.


Now, it says, “The National Health Service,” in Britain, and remember, America is going to push for this too, is:


“... hit for millions ...”


Of bucks, that is.


“... by overcharging ‘scam’

Drug companies exploit loophole in the law …”


Helped by lawyers of course.


“... to hike prices by as much as 2,000 per cent”


It’s a good article actually. It says,


“Drugs companies have been accused of “highway robbery” of the NHS ...”


Which is the taxpayers.


“... by using a legal loophole …”


It’s put in there legally, you see. And that’s what lawyers do, they scour the books, and if they don’t know it’s already put in there by their pals in the supreme courts and things like that, then they have to find them.


“... to push up the price of medicines in some cases by up to 2,000 per cent – at a cost to the taxpayer of tens of millions a year.”


Now that’s called good business practice, in business school – it is – maximize the profit.


“At least 15 drugs have substantially increased in price after being “flipped” from one firm to another, according to information obtained by doctors.  The legal “scam” has prompted …”


There’s that word again. At the bottom we get this strange word, it’s called


“... outrage from the British Medical Association – which has warned that vital treatments risk being denied to patients if costs rise so much that the NHS can no longer afford them.”


I like their logic here. But it says,


“The controversial practice involves big-pharma firms selling on medicines commonly used by the NHS to businesses acting outside the Government’s price-regulation scheme. The purchasing firms are then free to mark up the prices they charge the NHS.”


In other words, it’s done by the big pharmas themselves in league with these other companies, and they’ll then sell to them with a deal made obviously that they get part of this big markup kicked back to them.


“In one of the worst cases, the cost of an epilepsy drug prescribed to thousands of patients by the health service was increased by 24 times the original price. Meanwhile, testosterone patches given to both men and women suffering from hormone imbalances jumped from £26 per 300g to a £395 after being sold on.”


—To the next company.


“And the price of a medication used to treat mental-health problems such as anxiety and schizophrenia rocketed from around £4 per five millilitres to £23 – a mark-up of 607 per cent. It is understood that at least 15 drugs currently being supplied to the NHS have seen their price tags increase substantially after being sold from one pharmaceutical firm to another. The BMA [British Medical Association] has now called on the Government to take action to close the loophole, ...”


Well, you know how government moves around corners, it’s on square wheels, deliberately of course.


“... which is being exploited by some of the world’s biggest drug manufacturers. They say that it could be costing the NHS and taxpayers up to an extra £100m per annum at a time when health budgets are being slashed.”


Well, they’re slashing the health service to the bare bone. Remember what they say at the United Nations: all countries eventually will have a form of national health service, providing the most minimal care – minimal care, folks. Of course it’s a two-tiered thing; there’s a different one for those who are rich of course. Politicians too signed an agreement back in the ’90s in Western governments where they and their families all get treated in special medical facilities owned by the military complex, but not you. It says,


“The Government attempts to hold down the price of drugs bought by the NHS through the Pharmaceutical Price Regulation Scheme (PPRS), under which the Department of Health negotiates what it considers a fair price for a patented medicine. But increasingly, some large drug manufacturers are legally over-riding this arrangement through a loophole that allows them to sell the marketing rights to a treatment when its patent expires. The buyer is then able to rebrand the drug under a new name and sell it back to the NHS in a generic form at a vastly inflated price because it no longer falls under the PPRS agreement.”


There’s a kickback to the company of course.


“Dr Peter Holden, a senior member of the BMA, said: “This is the drug companies flipping the drugs over to another firm for personal gain and milking the NHS for more money.”


It says too the biggest companies involved so far.  They’ll all be in on it. It says that Pfizer is one of them.


“The biggest worries centre on the sale of the epilepsy drug Epanutin by its manufacturer Pfizer to another business, Flynn Pharma.  The medication, which is used by around 100,000 people across Britain, originally cost about 67p per 50mg. But after the sale this price shot up to almost £16 for the same amount, representing a 2,385 per cent increase.  It was estimated that this mark-up will force the NHS to spend an extra £50m per year on Epanutin –”


Just for that one drug. 


“... now renamed Phenytoin.”


That’s been around for years and years and years, this drug.


“Dr Bill Beeby, chairman of the BMA’s clinical and prescribing committee, said companies such as Pfizer – one of the planet’s largest pharmaceutical firms, worth around £44bn – and the much smaller Flynn Pharma were committing “highway robbery”, although their actions are entirely legal.”


You’ll find too, the way things work in business too, a lot of these smaller companies are really, if you really were to get through all the firewalls, owned by the same big boys. This is an old, old scam. The same shareholders at the top. So anyway, that’s legal to rip off the public, but we’ve always known that, haven’t we?


Now also, I don’t know why this is even a story because everybody yawns at these stories now. It says,


“The bloody day Harry was witness to an horrific war crime: Prince was just 220 yards away when US Special Forces trooper fired machine gun at Afghan goat herders”


So he saw them gun down this group of shepherds, but that happens all the time over there. And it says it’s shocking. Who’s shocked about it? Are we still shocked these days?


“The shocking incident, which was confirmed last night by the Ministry of Defence, triggered a war crimes investigation by US military police.  It took place on Harry’s first frontline tour of Afghanistan, which, until today, has been shrouded in secrecy.”


He was near the back lines of course, he wasn’t at the front lines.


Also, the cons that go on with politicians is endless. I mean, that’s what they’re there for, isn’t it, to con the public. And conology as I say is awfully, awfully old, and people do fall for it an awful lot. It doesn’t matter how many times or how old you are, people keep voting, hoping and “this guy looks nice.” “He looks nice.” That’s what the women say generally. They like the nice-looking ones and the ones who’ve got snazzy dress on, you know, dressed really well. And the guys are looking for someone who looks them straight in the eye or at the camera and doesn’t smirk, and all that kind of stuff. That’s why they got Bill Clinton in. He was awfully good at staring into the camera and saying certain things that he didn’t do. But anyway, that’s how people really are at the bottom. It’s all staged, folks. It’s just a show. You’ll never know who these people really are personally. Everything that’s written about them and everything else is photo-ops with their families etc; it might not even be their families for all you know. It’s completely stage-managed, has been your whole life and before you were born, and it’s a perfect art today.


Anyway, in Australia of course they were celebrating Gillard getting dumped by her party, and this guy, Kevin Rudd, that was in before, and I think he’s also a member of the Fabians. It says he “dumps Gillard’s carbon tax.” Now, that’s not true when you read on; it’s not. It says,


“A senior government source confirmed late on Saturday that Labor would move to an emissions trading scheme by next July.  Tony Abbott accused Mr Rudd of trying to deceive Australians into believing he was backing away from a carbon tax which had slugged Australian families and businesses.  "Mr Rudd can change the name but whether it is fixed or floating, it is still a carbon tax," ...”


In other words, a tax is a tax by any other name.


“... the Opposition Leader said.  'It is still a tax on electricity bills which will still hurt families... '”


And still hurt local businesses and so on and all the rest of it. So things go on. I’ve always said this, it doesn’t matter the parties or change in leadership, the same agenda goes on, folks. It’s been that way my whole life, I’ve noticed that with them, in every country by the way.  Politics is really a placebo to keep you quiet and hope that something will eventually go right.


Back with more after this break.


Hi folks, we’re back, this is Cutting Through the Matrix. And also too, years ago I mentioned, going through the whole agenda to do with the EU, this super state, the EU, the new Soviet basically, but it was really set up again and drafted up and worked on by, again, the boys in the Royal Institute of International Affairs/Council on Foreign Relations. Their idea was to, again, amalgamate countries, but not spook the public too much as they were going through it, and saying it was just for free trade, etc., and economic things and so on to help, to help everybody. And of course then they pushed it and pushed it, then they set up a parliament, then they told the public and then it was all done. Now they’re integrating everything and all the governments that were once sovereign are now basically provinces of this big superpower. And von Rompuy’s mentioned that too; he says the national state is dead. I read the article from his speech a couple of years ago.


Anyway, here’s the next step too, and I mentioned this years ago, because they have to go all the way, not because I’m a good guesser. It’s because these guys print their stuff out years in advance in their own publications to each other basically. No one else reads them. They tell you where they’re going actually with everything, and they want to take over the world’s food supply of course, and they’ve pretty well done it, with the big five agribusinesses. Remember too, the Royal Institute of International Affairs/CFR said in their own writings, the writings by their own historian, Carroll Quigley, that the CEOs of the international corporations will be the new feudal overlords in the new feudal system, and that’s what you have today. The corporations tell governments what to do; governments are in on the joke of course, because they’re all part of it as well. And if the politicians do awfully well they get on board with these big corporations once they leave politics. They’re well rewarded. But food is an awfully important thing. And they want a planned society, remember, this bunch, a planned society for the future, and they want to control every facet of your life, including what you eat. And many years ago they talked about this too, taking over the food supply of the world. When they set up the United Nations they had the Department of Agriculture set up, and one of the women there who was head of it at the time years ago said that food has always been used as a weapon, and of course food is used as a weapon in all ages; so is water, by the way, as you see it all getting privatized.  Anyway it says here,


“The EU’s Fast-Approaching Food Tyranny…EU Undertakes To “Radically Transform” People’s Dietary Habits!”


“The EU in partnership with the World Wildlife Fund ...”


Again, a private organization owned by the big boys at the Royal Institute of International Affairs.


“... has just released a strategy report dubbed: ADOPTING HEALTHY, SUSTAINABLE DIETS: KEY OPPORTUNITIES AND BARRIERS, which is part of LiveWell for LIFE, “a pioneering project which aims to contribute towards the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions from the EU food supply chain, and demonstrate what sustainable diets could look like for different European countries.”


Now remember, you’ve read this before, this kind of stuff, greenhouse gas emissions, the methane, etc. that cattle, the animals and the rest of it which you eat, they want to eradicate them all together and they will do so. They can make it impossible for farmers to simply keep farming if they want to, and they do. And it says,


“The report’s introduction begins by stating that the European super state now needs to control our food diets: Food consumption patterns in Europe are currently unsustainable:”


There’s that word again.


“European food consumption is responsible for a large part of the EU’s greenhouse gas emissions.”


The next con.


“It is accepted that there needs to be a reduction in global greenhouse gas emission which are contributing to climate change.”


Another con.


“LiveWell for LIFE is a pioneering project which aims to contribute towards the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions from the EU food supply chain, and demonstrate what sustainable diets could look like for different European countries.  The report writes that it “is a summary of the efforts of LiveWell for LIFE and the Network of European Food Stakeholders to find the most important social and economic barriers and opportunities for sustainable diets in Spain, France and Sweden and in the EU.”  It’s no secret that environmentalist, left-wing, vegetarian, authoritarian wackos have had their eye on dictating human eating habits for a long time, and have had a hard time stomaching our appetite for meat on our plates and barbecue grills.”


And it gives you an example of it on this site, which I’ll put all the links up tonight for it, by the way.  It says,


“Before too long we’ll have to content ourselves with celery and carrot sticks.”


No, they’re going to give you crickets. Where do you think all that nonsense came from, how wonderful it will be to eat a plate of crickets?  It says on pages 11-12,


“The Italian Barilla Centre for Food and Nutrition has identified the rise of the responsible consumer and what it terms consumActors – sustainability-savvy consumers who want to be involved in the food production process. According to its research, people’s dietary habits will have to radically transform in order to meet the dietary and nutritional needs of a growing population in a world that is more affluent and more urbanised. And they’ll have to take responsibility for their choices too – something that may come as a shock to the average post-modern consumer.”


Now this all ties in too with the whole idea of your cards that you use at convenience stores and so on, your grocery stores. I’ve read the articles on air where the governments are getting everything that you purchase and what you’re eating and your family is eating, and how they’re going to use that to eventually come down on you and tell you “You’ve got to cut out this, and cut this out and cut that out,” etc. Mind you, they’ll give you some little free thing at the end of it and you’ll jump at it, because that’s how silly you all are.  It says,


“A growing number of consumers are open to the idea of changing their diets.”


Then it gives you examples and so on, which is nonsense – nonsensical polls that don’t exist.


“... the target food staple is meat and dairy products.”


That’s the target.


“Getting people to change their eating habits and abstain from consuming certain staples is no easy task. The report has identified motivation factors. Interestingly, environmental factors rank at the very bottom.”


So this is your New World Order really, really moving, and they’ll get their way because people don’t stand up together and say No.


Back with more after this.


Hi folks, we’re back, Cutting Through the Matrix. You know, you waste your days basically going through a lot of stuff to get something worth reading, and even then you have to analyze it and break it down and tie in your head things that you remember to really break it down into more factual reasoning basically, because pretty well all media is meant for a spin or simply to confuse you or omit a lot of information, which gives you a false conclusion at the end. But I mean society is wrecked; it’s been wrecked on purpose. You’ve been under war for a long time and you don’t even know it, or even who from or why. And I really mean that, a complete war, that was aimed at mainly the Western countries, at their system of living, their government, but their system of living as well. Their natural cultures, everything about their culture and so on, had to be eradicated. I’ve gone through the Frankfurt School many times and they really were strategists to do with this too, how to take over culture and to help destroy the existing cultures which they said were basically ill, they were “ill” cultures, and even malevolent cultures to other groups, you see. But it’s been done awfully, awfully well.


Today I skipped through one article, it was about a judge in Canada, a woman, Laurie Douglas her name was, and apparently she’s all over the Internet with all kinds of nude photographs, and so on, having sex with people and using different toys, etc., and this is a top judge, a top judge. And of course all the legal system is trying to protect her derriere, if I may say that, in many, many ways, and she’s still getting paid a lot of cash just for being on hold at the moment. But this is to be expected as degeneration continues and gets worse and worse and worse, thanks to Hollywood and everything you watch on television, because it’s weaponized. Like the Frankfurt School said, step by step by step the people adapt, until there’s no memory of how it was even 30 years ago. And the present generation are corrupt; they don’t know it themselves they’re corrupt. They think it’s all quite normal, and they themselves have lots of problems really in different areas. They don’t know what fidelity is anymore basically. Promiscuity was promoted their whole lives.


Then you jump from that and you look into this one here. It’s to do with politics again.


“Corridors of powder: Drug scandal at the Houses of Parliament [in Britain] after traces of cocaine are found on toilets ...”


Across every toilet.


“... across Palace of Westminster

- Evidence of class A drug use detected in UK's seat of power

- Chemical swabs found substance on toilet seats and hair dryers

- Drug was also found in toilets close to MPs' offices, away from public areas”


So it was the politicians; of course they’ve all known that for years.


“Evidence of cocaine use has been found inside toilets ...


Traces of the class A drug were found in nine toilets throughout the Palace Of Westminster, the meeting place of the UK's political elite. The powder was detected in toilets used by guests at Parliament's bars, as well as cubicles a few yards away from MPs' offices - areas where members of the public are restricted from going.  The drug use was uncovered using cocaine indicator swabs, which come up with blue blotches when rubbed on surfaces where the drug has been laid out in lines, such as toilet seats and hairdryers. The swabs are used by the police and customs officers.  As Parliament’s toilets are cleaned regularly, the white powder must have been snorted in the past few hours, according to reporters from The Sun, who did the testing.”


Well, of course they’ve always been at that too. It says,


“Users would have to smuggle the drug past extensive security checks and 500 police officers and guards.  The reporters, acting on a tip-off from a House of Commons insider, claim to have found evidence of the drug in the cubicles of the toilets outside Strangers’ Bar and in private areas close to MPs' offices. Tory MP Douglas Carswell was scathing about the find.  He said: 'With decadence comes something rotten. It suggests there is something rotten about the institution itself.' On two occasions cannabis has been confiscated at Westminster's entry checkpoints since the start of 2008, according to a Freedom of Information request.  A Parliamentary spokesman said: 'Parliament is a public place and we welcome over a million visitors a year who have either direct access to these facilities or access when accompanied.  Clearly, it is inappropriate to monitor what happens in toilet facilities. In addition, we have issued over 14,000 passes, held by contractors and other third parties, as well as staff of both Houses, Members and their staff.  Consequently, it is impossible to know who may be involved. Our security searches are focussed on preventing harm to others and the building, not the detection of small amounts of drugs.'”


Well, of course it’s not for them. It’s different on the streets of course, around London of course, where the cops can stop everybody and search them for everything, including drugs. It says,


“Parliament takes the issue of substance misuse very seriously ...”


Of course they do. They want it kept quiet.  And it says,


“A few days ago a Parliamentary watchdog said MPs should have an 11 per cent pay rise to £74,000 a year.”


I guess that’s their pay raise. And also, remember too, what they get in expenses is phenomenal, way beyond 74,000 – and travel expenses and their meals, free meals for as long as they’re in and all that kind of stuff.


“In 2005 a German television station found traces of cocaine in 41 of 46 lavatories tested at the European Parliament in Brussels.”


These are the characters also too that come out of business into politics, and this is their lifestyle, folks, this is their lifestyle, and you vote these characters in, you know, you do. See, in the old days the politicians used to go to the bars during their breaks and get sloshed, and you could always tell who was sloshed by the red noses and the guys who fell asleep during question period and all that. You could see them, at least it showed, but not now, they’re all a bit higher on coke and everything else. And then they put great things through, great laws through, that at one time would have shocked people by the money it’s going to cost the taxpayer – they just ram them through one after another now, because they’re high, they’re high. It’s quite simple. But, you see, we’ve been destroyed, by a war, as I say, that’s been going on, and people didn’t even know it was happening.


Also, this article too,


“State of Vermont and Ski Vermont co-sponsor nation’s largest LGBT family festival”


Everybody’s cashing in on money, you see, and who they can bring into it. Of course this is a handout by the organization, right into the papers. So it says,


“Vermont Dept. of Tourism and Marketing and Vermont Ski Areas Association”


This is who put it out.


“Known for its warm welcome and LGBT progressiveness, Vermont continues to be an advocate of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) culture; sponsoring LGBT events and promoting Vermont as a four-season LGBT destination.”


This is an ad. It says,


“Vermont Ski Areas Association (Ski Vermont) and Vermont Department of Tourism and Marketing (VDTM) are co-sponsoring Family Week, August 3-10 in Provincetown, Ma. Organized by the Family Equality Council,”


The Family Equality Council.


“... the 18th annual Family Week is the largest national gathering of the LGBT-headed family community.  “Across Vermont, citizens and businesses continue to make a concerted effort toward welcoming the LGBT community,” Tourism Commissioner Megan Smith said. “Ahead of the curve, and more than a decade before the DOMA ruling, Vermont led the nation in LGBT equality, and we take pride in being a progressive, welcoming state.””


It’s all about money, it’s all about cash, folks, big money, big biz. But it’s handy too to break up society into different groups, like different tribes, isn’t it? And then you cater to independent ones, individual ones. Business never loses an opportunity. How can we turn this to our advantage? – that’s the first thing they say, eh.  So I’ll put this one up too.


Also, this is an interesting one. It says,


“The dirty secret of Britain's power madness: Polluting diesel generators built in secret by foreign companies to kick in when there's no wind for turbines - and other insane but true eco-scandals

- Moving to wind power is expected to cost £1 billion a year by 2015

- Official figures on the size of the green economy are extremely misleading

- They exaggerate the worth of the sector by up to 700 per cent”


Well, that’s standard business practice. Always make it sound wonderful.  And it says,


“Banks of diesel generators that have been built for when wind turbines fail to produce electricity because of lack of wind

Thousands of dirty diesel generators are being secretly prepared all over Britain to provide emergency back-up to prevent the National Grid collapsing when wind power fails.  And under the hugely costly scheme, the National Grid is set to pay up to 12 times the normal wholesale market rate for the electricity they generate.  One of the main beneficiaries of the stopgap plan is the Government itself, which stands to make hundreds of millions of pounds by leasing out the capacity of the generators in public-sector property including NHS hospitals, prisons, military bases, police and fire headquarters, schools and council offices.  But the losers will be consumers who can expect yet further hikes in their electricity bills in the name of ‘combating climate change’.”


Now, it’s interesting here, that list there – hospitals, prisons, military bases, police and fire – that’s what Maurice Strong said back when he was privatizing Ontario Hydro, the publicly-owned electric organization. He came over from the United Nations to do it, and he was actually getting two paychecks. It broke out in the papers. He was still getting paid by the United Nations and he was taking a paycheck from Ontario for privatizing this. He said at the time that eventually we’ll have generators attached to all these particular institutions, and he mentioned ones like these, you see. Understand, everything that happens isn’t happening spontaneously. It was planned years ago by guys like Maurice Strong that no one elects into any position, the guy who brought out the Rio meeting, of course, and we all signed on to that, for sustainability.


It says but the losers will be consumers, as I said.


“The scheme is expected to cost £1 billion a year by 2015, adding five per cent to energy bills.”


It will be a lot more than that.


“This scheme is a direct consequence of the renewable energy policy adopted by the Coalition but first developed by Tony Blair in response to EU renewables directives to reduce Britain’s carbon emissions by 20 per cent by 2020.  As more and more wind turbines are built to replace fossil fuels, so the National Grid will become increasingly unstable because wind power is intermittent, unpredictable and unreliable.  Wind now constitutes about ten per cent of Britain’s energy mix. Under current Government targets, the plan is to increase this to 25 per cent by 2020.”


Again, too, we’re taught that everything is fair in this system. I don’t understand how people can keep living more and more years and they still think the system must be fair. They want to believe, they really want to believe, don’t they?


It says, “Prince Charles's aide grilled by Members of Parliament over tax affairs.”


I guess it’s to divert them from the fact that the MPs are all snorting coke.  Anyway it says,


“The Prince of Wales is not liable ...”


Listen to this, in Britain.


“The Prince of Wales is not liable to pay corporation or capital gains tax, a senior royal aide has told MPs on the Public Accounts Committee.  William Nye said the Duchy of Cornwall - which provides the heir to the throne with a private income - was not a corporation and that the prince voluntarily pays income tax.”


But he doesn’t have to.  So if you’re not a corporation you don’t have to pay tax, income tax, eh.


“Committee chairwoman and Labour MP Margaret Hodge questioned the "fairness" of the tax arrangements.  The duchy estate ...”


That he gets all the cash from.


“... is worth £762 million. The prince was paid £19m from the estate last year ...”


That’s not a bad deal. He’s also paid money from the British government, by the way, for all his world tours and stuff, you know, for waving his hand and waving the flag and all that; so does the Queen, she gets a salary as well.


“... and paid just over £4 million in income tax and VAT.”


So, on all that cash he’s brought in, he voluntarily just simply put out 4 million, but he doesn’t have to.


“Mrs Hodge said the committee wanted to "reflect on the current arrangements to see whether or not they reflect the reality of the world today."  But the royal aide said the prince's estate does not pay capital gains tax because he "doesn't have access to the capital gains.”


He doesn’t have access to it.


“The capital gains are all reinvested in the duchy for future dukes".”


This is how they do everything, you understand, in trusts and all the rest of it.


“Mr Nye told MPs the profits were used to pay for the prince's public duties, as well as those of his wife the Duchess of Cornwall and those of Prince William, the Duchess of Cambridge and Prince Harry.  He said that if parliament legislated to prevent Prince Charles using his private income in this way it would cost taxpayers more - to pay for his official duties ...”


Well, they already pay for that.


“... and he would be free to spend his money "on his other things".”


So, it says,


“‘What was a medieval entity...”




“... has been transformed into a business.’”


Well, of course it has.


“Paula Diggle, a senior Treasury official appearing before the committee, defended the prince's tax arrangements saying that he does not pay capital gains tax because he always reinvests any profit from sales.”


She’ll get a little knighthood, won’t she, Paula Diggle? She’ll be giggling, eh? Anyway, I’ll put this article up tonight too, because nothing changes, eh, nothing changes. It’s voluntary for him, you see, he’s not a corporation.


In Scotland, of course, with its public-private partnership deals and big scams on the go like every other country, for school meals they’re actually flying chicken in from Thailand, you see. Can’t give it to local folk who have chicken farms, oh no, they’re flying it in from Thailand. So, it says “generic chicken nuggets.”


“Some councils are "flying chicken nuggets from Thailand" for school dinners, the Scottish Greens have said. The party said just one council - Stirling - served chicken that was shown to have come from Scotland.”


Only one said that.


“A further five - Edinburgh, Glasgow, Dundee, Aberdeen and Perth and Kinross - all source a chicken product for their school meals from Thailand.  And Edinburgh, Dundee, Perth and Kinross and Highland source a chicken product from the Netherlands.  The Scottish Green Party sent freedom of information (FoI) requests to council leaders in Scotland's seven cities, asking where they got the chicken for their school meals from.  Stirling Council was the only authority that said it sourced its chicken from Scotland - with 90% of this meat coming from north of the border while 10% came from elsewhere in the UK.”


Of course the Greens are all in for sustainability too; they don’t want you eating meat at all. But they use this kind of thing for themselves to get sort of little brownie points, when it suits them. And this is a public/private deal. Internationalism is great, this globalism, isn’t it? Fantastic. You end up with no work at all at home.


This article too is to do with smart meters, of course. It says, ComEd, a big company,


“ComEd and GE sign $200 million smart meter deal

ComEd, a unit of Chicago-based Exelon Corp., picked General Electric (GE) to deliver about 4 million smart meters from 2013 to 2021 in a deal worth more than $200 million.  By deploying advanced meters across its Illinois service territory, along with other components of its grid modernization initiative, ComEd expects to transform the delivery of electricity to homes and businesses and give consumers ...”


I love this con they always tell you.


“... give consumers greater control over their energy consumption and costs.”




“The smart meters will allow ComEd’s customers to better manage their energy usage and help ComEd more quickly detect and restore power outages.”


Back with more after this.


Hi folks, we’re back, Cutting Through the Matrix. I’ll also put up an article about France also rolling out their smart meters too. A world grid, you see, it’s a world grid, smart grid. IBM designed it and all the rest of it, and we didn’t vote for any of it. We don’t get to vote on anything that really matters, do we?


And we’ll go to Chris from Canada, if he’s still on the line there. Hello.


Chris: Hi. Are you familiar with the Municipal Primer Documents?


Alan: I don’t know. I may have. Go over it.


Chris: Well, it’s basically a Local Action plan, LA21, loosely based on Agenda 21 and sustainable development.


Alan: The ICLEI, yeah.


Chris: Maurice Strong is right in the literature, his name is right in there. If that doesn’t tell you something is wrong with this whole picture, that should be a red flag right there. His name is right in it. If you google it, the Municipal Primer, and you read through it you’ll see that Maurice Strong’s name is in it and he was a very strong proponent of making this action plan. It’s for all the municipalities, because they’ve got to start at a local level.


Alan: It’s the same deal that’s across the US and it’s ICLEI they call it, Agenda 21, sustainability and the Millennium Project, and you’re right on. That all came out again from the Rio Summit with Maurice Strong; it was all part of it. Of course they have all these NGOs working and grafting themselves onto local councils. We don’t get to vote for that happening either. Even in Sudbury we’ve got a council now comprised of Greenies that just grafted themselves onto the council there, and now they’re deciding if you can do something on your land or not do something on your land, etc., etc. And these are unelected people that just graft themselves onto the councils for sustainability. But you’re dead on, Maurice Strong is the big guy behind it, and what a history this Maurice Strong has got. He was picked up by Rockefeller as a young guy and trained, and then they put him in charge of oilfields to know how the big business really works, and then they put him across the world in big positions and so on. Then he was given the top jobs at the United Nations, one after another, even the World Bank he’s been in charge of at one point, and then they put him in charge of setting up China for the massive trade that was to come at the present time, before China even had the factories. He was put over there and he’s been living there for a long time. And then you find out too that Maurice Strong, his aunt was the adviser to Mao Tse-tung – I don’t know if you know that – because a documentary done by the CBC shows him going and putting flowers on her grave when he was living over there, and he explained it there; she was an international revolutionary, as he is too, of course. And see, the real international revolutionaries are not what you think they are. These guys are the guys who are the richest people on the planet, even though they’ll use communism when it suits them. But they’re really the richest guys on the planet, like Rockefeller himself, of course. And Maurice Strong also was the guy behind the privatization of Ontario Hydro, the power company that the public utilities all owned. They sent him over from the United Nations for the job. He was put in charge of it by Bob Rae at the time, and he privatized it to Ontario Power Corp. And there was no asking the public, “Do you mind if we privatize what you own?” —you own, because you set it up with all your tax money. And of course he did it, and now your electricity is going out of sight. But you’re dead on, Maurice Strong is behind all of these big movements, and he’s given the royal treatment and the red carpet across the world today. We’ve never elected him into any position; no one has.  Thanks for calling.


From Hamish and myself from Ontario Canada, it’s good night, and may your god or your gods go with you.



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