July 23, 2013 (#1378)

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Poem Copyright Alan Watt July 23, 2013:

Linguistic Minimalism: End of the Trail When Words Fail:
"Linguistic Minimalism is Trend of the Day,
Lack of Words Hurts what We Try to Convey,
It's Due to Computers, iPads, Texting, Speed,
Reducing Vocabulary of Words that We Need,
Society's Visual, Prompting Ooooh! Ahhh! Cool,
With Diminished Speech, You Sound Like a Fool,
Or Describing the Visual with Few Words Used,
It Comes Across Broken, Disjointed, Confused,
Idiocracy, the Movie, was Hilariously Absurd,
The Result of Choices in the Spoken Word" 

© Alan Watt July 23, 2013

Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt – July 23, 2013 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)



Hi, folks. I'm Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through the Matrix on July the 23rd, 2013.

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I always encourage people at the beginning of the broadcast to make good use of the website, cuttingthroughthematrix.com. And you'll start to understand the system that you're born into, a system developed over a hundred years ago, that really planned a global governance system by the richest people in the planet of their day. They actually formed private foundations to make all of this happen. And they've called themselves a “parallel government”.  And, in Britain, of course, where they started off, they call themselves the Royal Institute of International Affairs and they have branches across the world, often called Council on Foreign Relations. Every European parliamentarian is also a member of it too, under George Soros, who is a boss for the European group. So, we're run, really, by private organizations. They call themselves philanthropic organizations. They have their own think-tanks. They advise governments across the world on policies in so many different areas. And the public have no idea that most of them even exist or how things really work. And they still think they are living in some kind of democracy. But the public, as I say, are completely out of the picture, because the new system, decided a long time ago that they were the top of the tree, the financial tree of the day and they and their offspring would continue to the run the system for well into the future, as far as you could possibly go, by directing the policies of the future by developing trade systems, free-trade systems and uniting countries together, like they did with Europe, which is like a new Soviet system really – it's not democratic at all – and also bringing private enterprise into its proper place, where international corporations would really supersede governance – they like to call the word governance. And we have that today. As countries are going bankrupt, private corporations are going in and buying up everything, including islands off the coast of Greece and elsewhere in Europe. And all the private-public owned utility systems are all getting sold off for peanuts to foreigners too, across the world.

So, go into cuttingthroughthematrix.com and help yourself because I go through the system in quite good detail. And it is documented. It's not a conspiracy theory at all. It's out there and from their own writings too. And I use a lot of writings from Professor Carroll Quigley, who was the historian for the Council on Foreign Relations, with access to their archives. Because they have their own version of history, where they fill in all the blank bits, that everyone else leaves out.

Remember too, you bring me to you. You can help me tick along here by getting the books and disks at cuttingthroughthematrix.com. And I got through the art of the techniques that were used to manage masses of people, herds of people as they call them at the top and empires etc. So, from the US to Canada, remember, you can still use personal checks to order. You can send cash, you can use PayPal. You can use international postal money orders from the post office to Canada. And across the world, you've got Western Union, MoneyGram and PayPal. Straight donations are seriously welcome because they cost a lot to do just what I'm doing here and really it's just more than a 10 or 12 hour job per day. It's your life basically, because you have to go behind all the stories to find out what's really going on and why things are going on. And I've gone through a lot of their agenda so far. You can always tell what's coming up because if you follow their big foundations and their publications, they tell you what they're going to do next, including where the wars are going to happen too, because they have their eyes on resources. Fifty years ago or more, they talked about having resource wars and this is what you're going through today. There's other reasons for it too in the Middle East. But, we're going through resource wars, as countries grab the share of the loot, basically. The oil and so on that's coming out of the ground in these countries; getting rid of the established governments, that they have under various pretexts, of course. And they're using the western world to do it all for them. So, private business, basically, has us all going to war, so that the private businesses can get all the financing they can and they can get it all done for free, basically. In fact, when the US and Britain and other countries went into Iraq, they bombed the old oil facilities and refineries and they had it planned beforehand that the West would finance the rebuilding of them. So, it cost, really, the corporations nothing. And then they had their little lotto to decide which big, big oil companies would get these brand new facilities. It's all been done. And that's how the world is really run. Private corporations are at the top of the tree here. And when you look again into sites like IBM's website, it'll tell you so much of the future, on their websites. Because when IBM holds their big international meetings, every corporation, that's any corporation at all, attends. I think they must attend, actually. And it gives you a list of all these top, top corporations across the planet. They all attend it. IBM, remember, has been given or they've given themselves the right to go ahead and create what they call the “smart grid” and also the “global smart grid” across the whole planet, because they plan to funnel a lot of your energy systems across the water, through undersea cables and so on, to other countries across the world. And eventually, they will be able to cut countries short at times and route it to some other country that is more in dire straits, or whatever at the particular time. So, this is their plan for the future. And, of course, too, to get your government subsidies as well to help build all these big projects of theirs. It's a beautiful system, where the public are now used to finance big corporations and they have been at it for quite some time.

And, as I say, the public still has their faith in governments. The governments have changed drastically over many, many, many years as to what their whole purpose has been. Governments now seem to be there to rubber stamp all the big global agendas that are done in far off places, when they have their big meetings, whether it's the Earth agenda, Maurice Strong, whatever, private corporations have. They draft up these big treaties and the countries just simply rubber stamp them. And yet these treaties affect every single one of us. It affects your tax base as well, because a lot of it goes to these big world projects. And it affects where you live, in fact. And, if you go into Agenda 21, basically, they have already stated that they want most of the folk off the land that shouldn't be there. They want international farming corporations only – the big, big agribusiness farms only for the future. China is a ahead of this, of course, because it's still a pretty-well totalitarian state. And the government is moving sometimes two million people off the land per week to move them into the cities and the big agribusiness farms move in instead. So, that's to be the template for across the world, as we go through all of these changes.

Most folk are oblivious. Now the media is not there to help you or the media would be filling you in on all the stuff that, for instance, I talk about. But that's not their job because, remember, all the big media moguls were set up a long time ago. I go back to 1930's, even when Rockefeller got some of his friends together to do a survey to see how many newspapers in the US alone they'd have to own to shape public opinion and for all the other newspapers to copy. And today it's much, much more. It's almost all of them pretty well. And that's why you have standardized news – the same spin on every story. There's no questioning. Very few newspapers today have any investigative reporters at all on staff. They get it all from Reuters or the AP. And so, once again, you have standardized news. It's very important, you understand, for agendas to make sure that everyone has the same basic indoctrination. And that's what it is. It's indoctrination. Most of the public are oblivious to this because, as Brzezinski said in the 1970's in his own book, Between Two Ages, that most of the public, everything they talk about is from yesterday's news. And he said that they even accept the fact now that the media is there to do their thinking for them. It's like an appendage and to do it for your reasoning powers. And they truly believe that; that if there were anything worth knowing, the media would surely tell them. They have no idea; the media is owned by the big moguls – all members, again, of the Council on Foreign Relations or the Royal Institute for International Affairs. They have no idea at all. And a lot of them don't care, once they do know anymore. They're too busy having fun. Back with more after this.


Hi, folks. We're back. Cutting Through the Matrix. And talking about the big system that really runs the world. And, again, you really have to go through the politicians' resumes and see who they were before. Most of them are lawyers actually for corporations. And some of them have even been CEO's of corporations. Once they get out of politics, they are back into the corporate field again. And that's how the business all works. It's all to do with business, basically. We know that certain organizations that government have set up to take care of us, to take care of food, for instance and so on or food and drugs like the FDA in the US is staffed with, often, people who have been in big pharma or in the big agribusiness like Monsanto. And so, really, their allegiance is to the private companies they have just come out of. And often they go back in, there's one woman, in fact, who has been working with the FDA, who has been back and forth from Monsanto into government, US government, five times. Back and forth, back and forth, back and forth. So, every time they want something changed, in a law, they put in their troubleshooters. And that's how it works, folks. So, it's all to keep... it's a panacea for the public, you might say. And the public think they're being taken care of. And every country has got their own versions of this as well. The same thing too, when politicians get out of office, you find even prime ministers in Canada, often get directorships from maybe ten to twenty different boards. They don't even have to attend these things but they also get so many stocks and the shares and so on in corporations for the good work they did when they were in government. Well, good work for whom?  For the corporations, especially to do with free trade etc. This is how the thing works across the world now.

Now, we also find out too, that they give us more petty things to argue about at the bottom. That's what the media gives you now. In fact, since the Leveson Inquiry in Britain and the one in Australia, all the Commonwealth countries and in Britain, you can tell that a switch has gone off in the media. It's like they're telling us nothing but trivia. Even the mainstream are giving us trivia stories like the old tabloids were giving. They're all the same now. And there's a reason for that. Because none of them want to talk. They've all been given their orders not to talk about certain things, even shy away from talking about all the wars in the Middle East and the upcoming ones and so on. And they're obeying their orders obviously because news today is full of trivia from mainstream. And some of the stories are meant to get you kind of angry and all the little people arguing amongst themselves. They're called emotive topics, you see. There's nothing you can do about them. It's that they're single incidents of things and what's happened has happened, but it's meant to get you angry: should this have happened or should it not have happened etc, etc. So, they fight amongst themselves. But that leaves the politicians alone, you understand. So, that's how things really work. Some of them are kind of interesting, mind you too, because there's one article here too, that's an example of this. It says,


Alan: Whenever I see “outrage”, I always say, well, who's outraged? If the public don't know, they aren't outraged at all. And often, they don't know about anything until they're actually told like this article tells you. It says,

“...Over Accused Fort Hood Shooter's $300K Pay Spurs Legislation”

 Alan: He's still being paid, the guy who did the shootings. So they're spurring legislation, it says.

“For the nearly four years since Army Maj. Nidal Hasan allegedly gunned down more than a dozen American servicemen, U.S. taxpayers have continued to pay his salary -- to the tune of around $300,000 so far. But new legislation, called the 'Stop Pay for Violent Offenders Act' and introduced Monday in the House of Representatives, would authorize the military to suspend pay for Hasan and other members of the military for any capital or sex-related offense.”

 Alan: And I'll tell you, my mind works in odd ways. I immediately jumped to politicians and I thought, I bet we couldn't do the same thing for them once they're out of office, eh? You know, politicians in most countries only have to get five years in, regardless of their age, five years and they get a full, index-related pension, that goes up per annum. Even if they've left twenty years ago, it keeps going up to match present politicians' income. And they get full drug coverage and all that kind of stuff. But five years is all they have to put in to get a pension for life. Isn't that something? I mean, that's something we should all be arguing about too. Now, this guy killed troops in a base in the US. Well, what about politicians that get all the wars going so far? How many people have they killed? And are they getting well paid for that too. Some of them are even having big speaking engagements across the world and raking in thousands of bucks, for talk. It's quite something, isn't it? It's all how you perceive things, you see. But, as I say, this is the article to get you back to, one guy (Maj. Nidal Hasan),

“...gunned down more than a dozen American servicemen...”

 Alan: Now, everybody, all the little people, will be arguing about, well this is terrible, disgusting... they've got to do something about that. You see? And so it says,

“Current law allows the military to suspend the pay of civilian employees, but an Army spokesperson told ABC News last month that it cannot stop paying Hasan, who is still officially in the Army, at his usual pay grade unless he's convicted. Hasan has admitted to shooting his fellow soldiers, saying in June that the Nov. 5, 2009 attack on Fort Hood in Texas was done in the 'defense of others,' in his case, the Taliban. Hasan has repeatedly refused to enter a plea, so earlier this month the military pleaded 'not guilty' for him.”

 Alan: So, most folk will argue about that, but they're not going to argue about all the politicians that have had us go to wars – wars, which were really all rigged, as we all know. In the British papers, it came out later that, Tony Blair, for instance, the one-man band... he was the only guy who wanted the war, because he was in on the big agenda. He wanted the war. He, himself, fabricated lots of reasons to go to war, of course. And just like the US, he wanted only the radical ideas from his little advising group so that they'd go to war.  Is it possible these guys are arming? etc, etc. And, even though the slim chance of that was happening, it was promoted forward. They would take that as a yes, they are ready to go to war. We better go and get them first. That kind of stuff, you see. Old stuff.

So, anyway, they give us the trivia to argue over. And really, there's nothing we can do about it, you know, because how many other folk are getting full-time pay for things like this? Who knows? We'll never know unless we're told. We don't know. In fact, we don't know much at all about what happens in big government. And in this day of media overload, just data overload, I should call it really, with Internet and so on. And most folk can't handle it. It's almost like the brain can only handle so much. And they delete stories from their heads to let new ones in, most of which are no better than the last lot you're kicking out. That's really how bad it is.

Now, another one too, I'll put up tonight. Remember, I put all these articles that I read up at cuttingthroughthematrix.com at the end of the night, so you can look them up for yourselves and so on. But I'll put the one up for the NSA. They put their own website up for the Utah Data Center, the new data center. And they're advertising for staff and all the rest of it there too. But, it's quite an amazing site, indeed. They talk about the types of super-computers they have – the XC30 super-computers, made by the Cray Company. They've got quite a few there. And oh they're awfully excited about it. And I'll touch on that when I come back after this break.

{Break - You're listening to the Republic Broadcasting Network, because you can handle the truth!}

Hi, folks. We're back. Cutting Through the Matrix. Talking about the big data center; the big data center they've got in Utah. And it says,

“The Utah Data Center is powered by the massively parallel Cray XC30 supercomputer which is capable of scaling high performance computing (HPC) workloads of more than 100 petaflops or 100,000 trillion calculations each second.”

 Alan: We're supposed to be in awe of this stuff, eh? Mind you that computers haven't stopped anything so far, have they, in any country that I know of. They haven't stopped anything. But it sounds awfully impressive, doesn't it? “A 100,000 trillion calculations each second.” A petaflop, eh? So, there you go.  As they give us neologisms all the time. It says,

“Code-named 'Cascade', this behemoth was developed in conjunction with the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA)...”

 Alan: That's the same bunch that put out propaganda pieces to the mainstream about helping paraplegics but putting brain chips in them so that they can move an arm or maybe put an email out through thought alone, supposedly. DARPA. And it said here that they go through,

“The Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) algorithm is used worldwide to encrypt electronic data on hard drives, email systems, and web browsers.”

 Alan: And they go through that too. So, they're awfully impressed by themselves. I can tell by the article here. It's, of course, a PR article, naturally. But they've got a whole bunch of plants set up there. There's more to be completed before 2013 is over and they're awfully, awfully impressed, as I say. And they're looking for people to work there. Exciting jobs, etc, 24 hours per day. All that stuff. That's for really observing not just all Americans and Canadians; it's pretty-well the world. That's what it's about really: intercepting all messages, as we all know. But, most folk accept it too and they say, well, what can you do? And, again, they've convinced the public that they must have these electronic systems, themselves, or iPads and so on and computers, to survive, which isn't true at all, because not so long ago, people actually used pen and paper and so on and it worked awfully, awfully well. In fact, you didn't have massive leaks, like they do with massive data getting stolen and published to the world.

Also too, it's interesting how George Orwell talked about the big agenda, because in his 1984 book, of course – which was initially called The Last Man, but his publisher wanted to change it to 1984, reversing 1948, when it was first put out – but he talked about linguistic minimalism and that was one of the goals of the bureaucracy that was working on behalf of the super-elite, in the book of course. And linguistic minimalism was done initially by cutting down the amount of words in the vocabulary and the words in even the dictionary so that every year it got thinner and thinner. And, well we're keeping that goal. The idea being that a potential terrorist – a terrorist is anyone who has self-thought... self-thought, he said, or own-think. If you thought for yourself then you could be a terrorist because you might communicate what's wrong to other people and they might catch on, as well and say, you're right, you know. So, if you can't really communicate it to others, then there's no problem. You're left with it in your head and that's all you could do with it. So, that's where we're going today. It says,

“Experts say the oral tradition of passing on knowledge is being eroded, with both adults and children spending too much time looking at screens.”

 Alan: And that's true.

“Text messages, emails and using computers to learn could be stunting children’s vocabulary, experts fear.”

 Alan: Experts. They all say, “experts.”

“That is because our brains are hardwired to learn new words when we hear others use them in everyday conversation.”


Alan: Of course, it's even more so when you're young because you certainly are hardwired when you're young to pick up all human languages, different languages. And if you know people who have moved country to country with their children, they can often speak three to four languages very, very... they just pick it up from the ether almost, it's just so easy for them. Anyway, it says,

“But learning with smartphones, tablets and computers, instead of listening to a teacher or parent, means young people are not being given the chance to hear a wide range of words, experts say. They claim the oral tradition of passing on knowledge is being eroded, with both adults and children spending too much time looking at screens. Marco Catani, of the Institute of Psychiatry, King’s College London, said: ‘We have less time to talk to each other and our children are taught through devices.”

 Alan: Actually, the children can be in the same room or sitting at the table in a restaurant, and they don't even talk, they just text each other. Amazing, eh? Anyway, it says,

They have access to the internet, iPhones, mobile phones and tablet computers.’ These are visual rather than auditory, so it is likely that they will end up with a lower average number of words than previous generations.’ Constant computer use has been blamed in the past for shorter attention spans, a culture of instant gratification and making young people more self-centred.”

 Alan: Well, what they're mentioning here is all part of the goals of those in the world bodies, because back in the 40's, 50's and 60's, people like Bertrand Russell, worked on these global agendas to do with altering the cultures across the world, step by step to achieve various goals. One was the destruction of the family, and so they would promote promiscuity. And, of course, supply abortions and all the rest of it. That's happened. That's been done. That's been achieved. These are guys working from Russia; these are guys working from London, England and way up there, as top philosophers etc. But they also talked about attention spans and so on, instant gratification and making people more self-centered. He said, we'll make them more hedonistic and narcissistic. And he said, people who are narcissistic and hedonistic have no interest in the greater world around them or even in their area around them – what's happening to other people that they might even know – they have no interest. Their world is their bubble and they're inside of it, just them and they're out to keep themselves happy; that's what they live for. That's been done, achieved. It says,

“Now Dr Catani’s research suggests that children who learn from on-screen images, rather than listening to conversation, will also find it harder to take in vocabulary. In a study, the brains of 27 volunteers were scanned as they learned made-up words. They found hearing and then verbally imitating speech was key to understanding. Dr Catani said: ‘When you learn a new word, you start by hearing a sound, then you try to repeat it until you get it right. Through this you increase your vocabulary from age one until you get to 30,000 words as an adult.’”

 Alan: I don't think a lot of the adults today can even have 30,000 words, to be honest with you. So, that's linguistic minimalism, as George Orwell called it. It's like the movie Idiocracy. That's where we're getting to. And it's all intentional too, because, you understand the big boys who plan the global agendas and even decide what kind of technology they want to allow the public to have to serve the elite's purpose at first, not the public's. If it did not serve the elite's purpose, you would not have ever seen the computer, but they knew this would certainly alter society and it has tremendously. They think through everything before they make the first move and give you something. Anyway, it says

“The scans revealed that one brain area, the arcuate fascicules, was very important in the learning process. This bundle of nerve fibres links two regions tied to language – one that hears and decodes sounds, and one that moves the mouth to form speech. The study found volunteers who had a stronger arcuate fascicules found it easier to learn new words. Once words are familiar, they are stored in other parts of the brain.”

 Alan: The thing is too, you have to keep using them in conversations from then on.

“The findings, reported in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, show listening, repetition and conversation are crucial to learning language.”

 Alan: And that's true. But it says,

“This information could shed new light on disorders from autism to dyslexia.”

 Alan: And all the rest of it. But anyway, the fact is, it's going down generation to generation. And remember too, attention span definitely has gone down but that was happening already with television and those who work in television and movies and so on and Hollywood, are all perfectly aware that children who are brought up watching cartoons from an early age... for instance, you'll notice that the cartoon shots now, don't have anymore than a about maximum of 15 seconds... that's even too long, 15 seconds of two characters talking to each other. They have to keep moving, moving, moving. And part of that was to hook the children on it, by the way, because the children know that if they look away for a minute or a second and look back, then they've missed part of the story. It's intentional. So, we're manipulated in so many ways that the public are completely oblivious to, but those that run our minds are perfectly, perfectly aware of it, indeed.

Also, this article here is interesting to an extent... of minor interest. Nothing will happen about it, but it says,

Homeland Security official probed”

 Alan: It says,

President Barack Obama's choice to be the No. 2 official at the Homeland Security Department is under investigation for his role in helping a company run by a brother of former Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton, The Associated Press has learned. Alejandro Mayorkas, director of U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services, is being investigated for his role in helping the company secure an international investor visa for a Chinese executive, according to congressional officials briefed on the investigation. The officials spoke on the condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to release details of the investigation.”

 Alan: So, anyway,

Mayorkas was named by Homeland Security's Inspector General's Office as a target in an investigation involving the foreign investor program run by USCIS, according to an email sent to lawmakers late Monday. ...the IG's office said, 'At this point...'”

 Alan: They can't really tell you yes or no or so on or if they found anything. But nothing will happen because if you're well related and up there, nothing ever happens, you'll notice. This is just business as usual. And it is business for all these characters involved. It's business. In fact, I've said this for so long, that people in governments today are rather open about it, in a way. To them, it's just a big business. It's their own personal business. For sure. Back with more after this.


Hi, folks. I'm Alan Watt. We're Cutting Through the Matrix. Talking about the reality of the system. You understand that those who control always try to give you a version of reality, which most folk will accept. They have no suspicion of it whatsoever because of their training. And I've mentioned Jacques Ellul, many times (the philosopher), who worked copiously on the techniques that are used for control of big societies. And he talks about how the initial indoctrination at school is imperative for subsequent propaganda to take, as I say, to take on the subject. Without it, it won't take. And that's why those who have the most education – and I've read the studies here; you'll find them in the archive section at cuttingthroughthematrix.com – but they say that those who are the easiest to upgrade in their indoctrination are those who have more education. They are less likely to question anything whatsoever. And they want to belong to their peer group so much, that they don't say anything negative to the status quo.

But, here's another article too, to do with training the public, concentrating for the new society for the world, you see. And it's for goody two-shoes. I call it “goody two-shoes” because, technically, it's about that too. And it says,

“Now Fliers Can Keep Their Shoes On -- If They Let Big Brother Inspect Their Big Data”

 Alan: It says. And it says,

“Now all U.S. citizens can apply to speed through airport screening -- if they don't mind contractors potentially mining their social media posts for signs of threatening behavior. On Friday, the Transportation Security Administration opened up to the entire American public a voluntary program once reserved for frequent fliers that lets travelers walk, with their shoes and belts on, to express checkpoint lines. Laptops and TSA-size compliant liquids and gels can stay in place too. Body scans are still required.”

 Alan: And it says... and you have to enroll to get onto this list.

“...is expected to cost $85...”

 Alan: So, you pay, you pay to give them permission to do mass data searches on you.

“-- and the loss of privacy...”

 Alan: You get that too. You agree to lose all privacy.

“TSA is weighing a contract that will hire private screeners to parse an applicant’s consumer data, such Web browsing histories, for signs of danger before admission into express inspection programs. 'TSA Pre-screening is one of the expedited aviation screening initiatives' and the agency is researching 'a further expansion of expedited physical screening' to understand how 'pre-screening processes conducted by non-governmental entities ('third parties') can enhance aviation security by placing more focus on pre-screening individuals,' states a January call for industry demonstrations.'”

“Agency officials said in April that they aimed to finish evaluating the concept by the end of this year. Under the plan, a company would aggregate biographic and biometric 'non-governmental data elements to generate an assessment of the risk to the aviation transportation system that may be posed by a specific individual,' the notice states. The vendor would have to provide a 'reliable method that effectively identifies known travelers, based on a sound analysis and the application of an algorithm that produces dependable results.'”

 Alan: So, they're going to go through all your data, constantly too – not just once – but each time you phone in, you're going to use their services and they'll screen all your data, etc, etc. Ongoing. Training the public, you see, that there's no privacy whatsoever. And the more impatient people will certainly be trained all the faster, I guess. That's how it really works, isn't it?

Also, this article too. This reminds me of Britain because I remember talking on the radio about a year or so ago about an English student in London, who had to sit in a class, where most of her mates were from India and Pakistan and the class was held in Urdu, the language that most of them use and she couldn't understand a word. And when she asked if she could be excused from this particular lesson, she was up and charged with racism for requesting to be excused for having to listen through this when she hadn't a clue what they're talking about. Here's Arizona now. It says,

“Arizona nursing student suspended as ‘bigot’...”

 Alan: Actually it was, I think the f-word was used: an “f” bigot.

“...for requesting class in English”

 Alan: And it says,

“A nursing student attending Pima Community College in Arizona, was suspended from class and subjected to accusations of bigotry when she asked that the course she paid for be conducted in English.”

 Alan: The student, who was called Terri Bennett, who is of age 50,

“'...initially complained to school officials because she said the Spanish-dominated discussions in her classroom were preventing her from learning,' Town Hall reported. The college nursing program director, David Kutzler, then called her a bigot and an expletive...”

 Alan: You know, a swear word...

“... and suspended here.”

 Alan: Because he wouldn't be hit for hate speech there, of course.

“The student, in response, filed a lawsuit, claiming the college wrongfully suspended her. She also reiterated in her court documents that the reason for her request was because so many of her classmates were speaking Spanish and there was so much translation of the teacher's lesson plans from English to Spanish that her education was suffering,' Town Hall said.”

 Alan: It's a duplication of Britain; what happens with mass migration. And it says,

“At one point Ms. Bennett met with school officials to try and resolve the issue. Then the meeting of staffers were to tell her that she would not get a job because of her discriminatory accusations and they suggested that she might seek counseling.”

 Alan: Can you imagine that? Because the folk want to use English in the classroom, eh? It says,

“The report didn't detail the date Ms. Bennett filed the suit but Town hall reported the State constitution states that schools shall always be conducted in English.”

 Alan: Well, who cares about the laws anymore? And the constitution's out the window anyway, so, this is standard stuff, folks. Get used to it, because I've watched it across the world happening. You understand, you see, we're already global. And those who pretend that they're your elected officials have a different agenda in mind. They all do, by the way. Again, I've gone through Carroll Quigley's documentation, who worked for the CFR/Royal Institute for International Affairs as their historian and their archivist. They have their own archives, as I say, of history. These are the guys who came up with this global agenda. And he went through all of this and the problems it would cause, but they'd just have to accept it. But he also said that every prime minister and every president of the USA, as well, has been a member. And at that time, it was the 1960's when he wrote his two massive books about it. And he said it had already been running... every president had been a member of these particular organizations for sixty to eighty years. So, now it's well over a hundred. That's how it really is. They're all vetted by this organization before they put in their own boy. Doesn't matter if it's left-wing or right-wing, by the way – communist, capitalist, doesn't matter. That's what Quigley said. He says, we accept them all in this organization. Because, you see, the public follow... most of the public are followers and they never figure things out by being a follower. You can't figure it out.

Also, tonight too, I'll put up Pine Gap. Pine Gap, Australia, is awfully important. It's one of the biggest US bases in the Far East there. It's in Australia. And it says that it's run by the...

“Joint Defence Facility at Pine Gap near Alice Springs”


Alan: They have a big HAARP facility there, as well, by the way and big bio-labs, massive bio-labs. In fact, they had one of their first trans-species jumps of a virus from a horse, actually, in the base, to people, years ago. Anyway, it says,

“Half of the intelligence base's personnel are Australians; but American tastes dominate the menu...

 Alan: And so on and then there's a souvenir and gift shop etc, etc. But the fact is that it's got a massive listening post there too, where they listen to all the Australian's and everyone else's chats and go through all their email and yada, yada, yada, etc., etc., etc. This is worldwide and the US tax payers are being the big stick. And with massive unemployment, mind you, there are lots of troops to always get. That's why unemployment is great for wars. You always have lots of unemployment when you need lots of troops, as the history of the whole of European countries will tell you. That's the way it works. But people should read about Pine Gap, as I say. It's a very, very important place. They are into everything you can imagine. And they've got spy satellites, of course, that they all tap into, constantly. And it's very, very important, apparently, a very, very important place, to see what's going on over there. And, by the way, countries... you understand when you're in the NSA etc, you don't go by countries' laws. You don't go by any country's laws or even your own country's laws because if you're told to get the info, the dope wants something, you're going to get it, because your boss told you to. And that means cutting corners etc and crossing boundaries. All the laws that they have are just for the public's consumption to believe that there's some kind of protection and they're not being monitored all the time. Everything you do electronically is stored and monitored and kept for basically, ever.

Well, that's it for tonight. It flies in, doesn't it, this hour?

So, from Hamish and myself, from Ontario, Canada, it's goodnight and may your God or your gods go with you.

{Closing Music}


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