July 24, 2013 (#1379)

Poem Copyright Alan Watt July 24, 2013:

Government's the Tool of Corporate Rule:

"Corporate Power is Evident Worldwide,
Logos are Displayed as Cities Divide
Space for Ads, Generally in Lights,
So Many Competing, Squabbles, Fights,
They Corner Markets, Monopolization,
Grab Public Utilities for Privatization,
Demand Globalization, Push Free Trade,
Accessing Labour where Little is Paid,
For Them Governments are Just Tools
To Legislate Friendly Laws and Rules
And Send Out Armies to Secure Resources,
Saving Years of Negotiations, Discourses"
© Alan Watt July 24, 2013

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Hi folks.  I’m Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through the Matrix on the 24th of July, 2013.

For newcomers please help yourself to the website cuttingthroughthematrix.com, you’ll see all the official sites that I have listed there.  They all carry lots of audios for free download where I go through the system we’re born into.  And it truly is a system well organized a long time ago in fact, very, very structured and it really plans the future, every generation’s future.  Naturally those in power want to maintain power and they do it through their own offspring through generations and that’s how it really works. 

And so I go through the history of the organizations that set themselves up under foundations basically, trillion dollar foundations, multi trillion dollar foundations some of them.  And they pretend that they’re basically philanthropic organizations, really interested in the good of humankind, but at the top of course they were set up by the international bankers of their time, still are running them at the top, and they run the world’s policies.  They have all the think tanks that advise governments across the world on every aspect of society on what to do and so on for the future. 

So help yourself to the audios.  Remember too all the sites listed also have print-ups of lots of talks I’ve given for reading.  And you can get print-ups in other languages than English if you go into alanwattsentientsentinel.eu and help yourself there.

Remember too you help me tick along here by buying the books and discs at cuttingthroughthematrix.com.  I don’t sell any products.  I don’t sell on behalf of advertisers and so on.  I simply sell what I’ve got for my talks and so on.  So you can help me by buying them hopefully at cuttingthroughthematrix.com

And from the U.S. to Canada don’t forget you can still use personal checks and you can still use international postal money orders from the post office to Canada.  You can send cash or use Paypal.  And across the world you’ve got Western Union, Moneygram, and Paypal once again.  Straight donations are awfully, awfully, seriously welcome in this day and age of inflation or quantitative easing they call it now, because it sounds better than inflation, but it really means that your money is being devalued.  Across the whole planet everyone is being devalued in currency as we go through into this new amalgamation as the Bank for International Settlements comes to the fore.  It was set up a long time ago by again a philanthropic organization, the Royal Institute of International Affairs, and they manage all the central banks of the world now.  All private businesses manage the whole world regardless of what kind of system you think you’re living in, democracy or whatever, it doesn’t matter.  It really doesn’t matter because they manage them all. 

And countries that won’t go along with the World Bank and the IMF and the Bank for International Settlements are being bombed out of existence right now and they’re restructured.  They’re given this thing called democracy, which has a very elastic meaning as we well know.  And they’re then piled with debt and then they’re under the thumb of the boys that run the world.  And that’s how the world is really, really run.  It’s very simple, a simple game. 

We forget the history of the world has been nothing but really tribal warfare down through the ages.  And through the tribal warfare too you have elites in every group that get to the top.  And some of the elites of course make treaties with other elite groups across the world and they decided long ago that the world was changing, it was going global, and they would therefore make sure it would go global in the way that they would fashion it to be so.  And so they created the World Trade Organization, the United Nations, all the treaties that are signed on our behalf that of course we know nothing about generally.  And also you find all the private organizations which they also run, like the ones by Maurice Strong.  They sign treaties for everybody to sign, the Earth Charter, and things like that.  Then they sign us onto all these integrated systems that bring us all together under the one rule because after all they want one, they call it governmental or governance rule for the whole planet. 

So big private corporations which again were funded by the members of the Royal Institute of International Affairs, the private organization that started all of this up, and Council on Foreign Relations, they set up these big international corporations that we’re so used to hearing about today.  And therefore corporations really run over the rights of governments.  Governments do what they’re told by the international corporate bodies.  And their own personal historian, Professor Carroll Quigley, I’ve mentioned many times before, of the CFR, he said that this system they’re bringing in is a new feudal system where the corporate CEOs are the new feudal overlords.  They’ve got more power than many countries.  They have their own bureaucracies, sometimes bigger than some countries, in these big international corporations and they are dictating the policy of the future.  So we’re well under it today. 

Not only that too, Quigley also said that for a hundred years – now it would be a hundred years, back then it was eighty years he mentioned I think – but the same group of private organizations had put in every prime minister and every president across the world pretty well and continue to do so today, regardless of the fact of the party that they belong to.  The top guys are always members and that’s why there is only one agenda.  You see one agenda. 

Right now we’ve seen all the farces as corporations really go get countries to use their war-making machinery to blitz out the whole of the Middle East and take it over, under the guise of liberating them and bringing them into democracy.  And this same thing that we have where government pretends to serve the public and the public do what they’re told or else basically, that’s how it runs.  And the only ones who really have a say in the democracy are the big non-governmental organizations, that are also paid and financed and set up by the private foundations.  So private foundations run our world for us, whether we like it or not, that’s the way it really is. 

I can remember reading an article, actually it was a book, by a civil servant going back to the early 1900’s and he went through democracy and all of its meanings back then.  And eventually he said that private organizations, big organizations with power and connections, will be the only organizational groups from the populace to get any voice in democracy at all.  The individual is totally ignored as we well know, completely ignored. 

So this system is wonderful where this one organization puts in your top politicians, and they also have the NGOs to lobby the government and the lobby groups are financed partially by your tax money and the remainder is by the big foundations which set them up and they serve.  So as a working group basically they work hand in glove with each other because everything they lobby for is what big government wants because big government is told to by the foundations that’s what it wants.  It’s quite simple really. 

And most of us of course are oblivious to all of this because we refer to the mainstream news organizations.  And once again Carroll Quigley who was the historian for this group with their own archives, because they have their own version of history where all the blank bits are filled in, he said that all the media moguls of course are out there and they’re members of the same group and their job is to standardize the news worldwide, so as we all get basically a continuing of what we think of as an education of information.  But it’s not; we’re simply being conned and misled of course all through our lives, never to figure out the real system in which we’re born.  And it works awfully, awfully well I must admit. 

And we have characters too who also belong to this group, like Brzezinski, who said himself, he said it back in the 1970’s in one of his books, Eventually the public will be unable to think or reason for themselves.  They will expect the media to do it.  It was already happening in his day because prior to the 1970’s the public knew that private corporations were just that, they were private corporations, the media.  And they knew who owned them and so on.  They knew what lines they would take and agendas they would take and so they didn’t trust them so well.  But they did such a great job, especially through television, to try and legitimize themselves.  And now the public that have grown up with television think it’s all real and all obviously true, even though I’ve read here about cases that have gone to the Supreme Court.  One in particular was a famous case that went to the Supreme Court by an independent journalist group hired by Fox News to do a study and documentary and they did it on Monsanto. And because it was so powerful and they had all the facts there and plus Monsanto of course donates to a lot of business their way, of course the newspapers’ owners, it wasn’t published.  So these guys took it all the way to the Supreme Court and the judge ruled that news does not have to be anything about the truth.  There is nothing about law that says it must be. 

Back with more after this.

{Break ♫}

Hi folks.  We’re back Cutting Through the Matrix and I generally expose the conology.  I call it conology, which is the art of managing masses of people across the world.  It’s a very old art indeed.  It goes all the way back.  The Greeks were awfully good at recording lots of the techniques and of course they’ve been improved on since then. 

In this day of mass communication, especially when..., and they really mean mass communication; it’s really a standardized communication.  We all get the same info, everything’s routed through Reuters.  I generally call Reuters News routers because they just route the news to all the different media.  And that’s why you can go from channel to channel if you watch television and get the same news items, often in the same order and everything nowadays, it’s quite amazing. 

So everyone thinks they’re well informed and they can all chat about things to each other, but again getting back to Brzezinski in the 1970’s in his book "Between Two Ages" he says that The public will be unable to talk about any topic unless the media has given it to them the night before.  And that’s what it comes down to.  No one questions if it’s true or not, it doesn’t really matter, unless you really tell them that it’s all bunkum and then they’ll get angry because they want to believe they’re well informed.  They want to believe everything is real.  And they want to believe the media and especially the anchor people that they’ve grown up with especially that are doddering off their chairs often at about the age of 80, paid a lot of money.  And that’s why they keep them there, because you’ve grown up with them, you believe them, you trust them.  And they look at you in the eye every evening at six o’clock.  They can’t be telling you lies could they?  Well of course they have been.  That’s how you manage people. 

And so psychology is a big, big thing today.  I’ve given talks in the past about the psychologists and behaviorists, even anthropologists and neurologists and neuroscientists of all kinds, that they’re on board with all governments today.  And all the big think tanks especially that really inform governments as to what to do.  And they have it down pat on how to manage the general population. 

We live in a culture of again mass celebrity worship.  That’s all you get.  If there is no news or they want to distract you from real events they’ll put in nothing but trivia and of course you’ll have the boob babes and so on and things like that and celebrities.  Because they give you stars because the public will follow the wandering star.  It’s very, very simple, old, old, old stuff, because as I say it’s ancient.  And so of course the Council on Foreign Relations also had articles out some years back where they said they would do the same to get younger people to follow them and to accept their communications or what they were trying to tell the public and they hired even Clooney, the actor, was one of them and I think Angelina Jolie was another one too, simply because the public would follow them, thinking they know them. 

Now you don’t know any of these characters at all.  Everything you read about them is nonsense made up by magazines, the same with the musicians too by the way.  Many musicians are never ever even interviewed by the big magazines that talk about them and give you all the gossip.  And the magazines simply phone them up and say can we make up a story about you, nothing nasty and all that kind of stuff.  And they pay them a lump sum and they write it all up and that’s how they keep the gossip going, things like that.  It’s an old, old trick but the public never know this, they want to believe in these people and that they’re real and that they really are living up to the image that they have in their imagination about them.  And so they’re used all the time.

Now the Obama health care National Health Service system remember is to be based on the British one which is literally cut to the bone.  It’s staffed by people from all over the world, some of whom can hardly speak the English language, and lots of accidents happen simply because they can’t communicate to the rest of the staff properly.  I’ve got articles even here that I could read tonight about that.  But that’s what’s to happen too in the U.S. as they change their hiring practices to international hiring practices. 

And getting back to the whole idea though of drumming up business, you always go for the young people and once they’re trained, it was the same with the income tax, once they were trained that it was normal they told their children automatically that it’s normal to pay tax, like it had always been there like gravity or something.  Very simple. 

So here’s an article here about the Obamacare and how they’re going to use celebrities.

"Stepping up efforts to enroll young Americans in health insurance this fall,"

Alan:  You see it’s going for the young Americans.  Very important. 

"...the Obama administration is enlisting the help of actors and entertainment industry officials to educate twenty something consumers..." 

Alan:  The age of twenty or so.

"...about the need to get covered." 

"Senior administration officials met Monday morning with a group of entertainers to talk about media campaigns to reach young Americans about the Affordable Care Act, according to a White House official." 

Alan:  So your tax money is going to fund these well-known so-called stars, that the public are all bemused about with the gossip tabloids and so on, to brainwash them. 

"Among those at the meeting were:  actors Jennifer Hudson, Kal Penn and Amy Poehler; Mike Farah of the website Funny or Die; Daniel Kellison of YouTube Comedy; "Royal Pains" sitcom creator Andrew Lenchewski and songwriter Bruce Roberts.  Also in attendance were representatives for Oprah Winfrey," 

Alan:  You know the pretended self-made woman. 

"...Alicia Keys, Bon Jovi, the Latin Recording Academy and the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences, which produces the Grammys." 

Alan:  So there’s a big, and that’s to start the campaign.  They’ll have a lot more that will come along too.

"The president stopped into the meeting," 

Alan:  Also stepped into the meeting.

"...according to the White House." 

"The Obama administration is working with scores of community groups," 

Alan:  As well.

"...healthcare companies, foundations..." 

Alan:  Back to the foundations that came up with the idea in the first place. 

" ...and others to publicize the president’s 2010 health law, which will make guaranteed health coverage available to all Americans for the first time next year and also require most consumers to have health coverage or pay a fine.  Sufficient enrollment – particularly of young, healthy consumers – is viewed as critical to keeping premiums affordable next year;" 

Alan:  Now it’s really a monopoly of the insurance company bunch.  That’s all that’s going to happen here, making it into law. 


"...the administration is aiming to get about 2.7 million currently uninsured young consumers enrolled in 2014." 

Alan:  They’ll pick the ones at the very bottom that can’t afford it and there’ll be a special drive to get them in first.  And they’ll give it to them for free.  And I’m sure they’ll do lots of carrots and sticks and so on. 

"But polls show many Americans still do not know about the law.  And Republican critics of the Affordable Care Act have repeatedly attacked efforts to educate the public and pressured groups not to participate, including sports leagues such as the National Football League." 

Alan:  So this is how simple it is to manipulate the minds of the general population.  You bring forth people, again people that they really think they know.  They watch sitcoms and so on or dramas on TV and they think they actually know the character.  They haven’t a clue in reality, not a clue what they’re really like at all, any more than you do about the president.  Everything about the president or any prime minister is always a PR campaign where they make the stuff up to suit what you want to hear.  It’s very simple.  And you’ll never really know what they’re really like at all.  Even when they’re out of office it’s still a mystery what are they really, really like.  It’s very, very simple.  But that’s how it is.  Again you have to go through Bernays’ articles and his books on propaganda, because he was one of the top strategists of his day.  He wasn’t the first one of course, it was an old art that he had been well trained in, and it wasn’t because his uncle Sigmund Freud had written stuff on psychology or psychiatry or whatever.  There is no doubt about it that these sciences were already known to those who knew how to manipulate vast populations across the world down through time actually. 

So, I’ll put this link up tonight along with other links tonight that I’ll mention to do with these articles here.  Also as the U.S. expands its empire, and let’s not kid ourselves, it’s an empire.  The U.S. is an empire across the world.  They have hundreds of bases across the world.  They’re involved in other nations’ economies across the world.  And when we say the U.S. too, I never think of the people, I always think of a corporation because that’s what it is.  It’s a big corporation; it’s divorced from the people in fact.  It uses them all the time for military campaigns and things like that and to fund big campaigns across the world and supply the bodies and so on, but it’s a corporation run by international corporations.  In fact the U.S. probably took over from Britain as the main leader of monopolization of corporations and sectors of business across the planet. 

So when you’re running a big empire it costs a fortune.  And every empire has its hay day.  It ends up taxing all the countries that it goes into and it leaves off massive taxation back home as it tries to keep people more contented in a discontented era.  And eventually it can’t cope anymore.  So it taxes everyone into the grave until people either rebel or it simply falls flat and everything disintegrates.

Back with more after this break.

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Hi folks.  We’re back Cutting Through the Matrix, talking about really the rise and fall of course of the American Empire.  Because it’s an empire and everything in this world is economic of course.  And those who run economics and have the means to run economics across the world, it’s really New York based, that’s the big financial center, and that’s the Empire State.  Remember too that the U.S., Royal Institute of International Affairs, got together and CFR back in the 1920’s and the British delegation came across, it’s the same organization.  And they came across to the U.S. and they talked to the Senate and they actually even had poems written about it in fact by some of the top poets of the day.  And they said that, in fact Kipling was one of the guys who came across and gave his speech and he said, We hand the torch over to you, America, meaning America was to take up the slack from Britain’s fallen empire that was taxed to the hilt.  The folk were dying because of malnutrition and so on and countless wars on behalf of big business.  And they handed it over to the U.S. to take over and that definitely came into fruition around World War II.  And since then, of course, the bulk of the responsibility if you like of being the global policeman was handed over to the U.S.  And the policeman is not there to protect the U.S. so much as it is to help go into countries where there are massive resources that can be used by big private businesses.  And all wars are really based on economics.  They are economic wars in fact.  And they always bring up, the same in Britain too, they used the flag and all that stuff during Victoria’s reign as they conquered across the world, the taxpayers footed the bill.  They paid for the railways to get built, they paid for the militaries that were just expendable units basically as soldiers came and went.  And then the big private corporations had the railroads to transport all the stuff that was taken out of countries and to factories across Europe in fact, not just into Britain.

So the big corporations that run the world really are international.  They always have been international.  They have no loyalty to any particular country but they’ll certainly use every country along the way to maintain their position at the top.  But when countries start to fail of course you see all the different tricks they have to use to keep the public happy.  They give you lots of trivia, lots and lots of trivia for news, lots of emotive topics to get you all arguing amongst each other rather than arguing about the things that really matter much higher up the level.  They give you even same-sex marriage now.  I mean it’s been done, it was a done deal basically, we know that, but they still harp on about it and they give us lots of topics where you can argue and argue and everyone fights over it but they don’t watch what big government’s really all about.  They’re masters at this, this kind of thing, the big, big distractions and so on.  And it’s not a matter of what’s right and what’s wrong.  They don’t care at the top because they have a different lifestyle all together.  They always have had a different lifestyle from the people down below. They have marriages of convenience and arranged marriages at the top.  They always have had that down through the ages. 

Anyway here’s what they end up doing of course as they go down the tubes financially.  They start to try to fudge the Gross Domestic Product and they find all ways, things to add on to it that aren’t really products at all, that were put down as expenses before and often dead losses.  But it says:

"The Rise of the Intangible Economy:  U.S. GDP Counts R&D [Research and Development] and Artistic Creation" 

Alan:  Now as GDP.  Now your taxpayer funds pretty well all of the research and development even for private corporations. 

"On July 31, the U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis will rewrite history on a grand scale by restating the size and composition of the gross domestic product, all the way back to the first year it was recorded, 1929.  The biggest change will be the reclassification—nay, the elevation—of research and development.  R&D will no longer be treated as a mere expense, like the electricity bill or food for the company cafeteria.  It will be categorized on the government’s books as an investment, akin to constructing a factory or digging a mine.  In another victory for intellectual property, original works of art such as films, music, and books will be treated for the first time as long-lived assets." 

Alan:  You see.  Now research and development for instance, most R&D ends up dud you understand.  It ends up tried and tested and it’s either not economically feasible or it simply doesn’t work at all.  But it doesn’t matter, it’s going to get put down on the books as actually a GDP. 

"It’s a great idea, if late.  The BEA has the 20th century economy down cold.  It can tell you about personal income trends in Anchorage, Alaska, or America’s annual output of rubber products and plastics.  Now the agency is putting more attention on R&D—the lifeblood of the 21st century economy—by moving it from an experimental “satellite” account into the heart of measured GDP." 

Alan:  So it goes on and on and on.  I won’t read the whole darn thing but the fact is it’s another way to con and fudge the bills basically or the books to make it look better.  And it will raise them up two or three points on the GDP index basically. 

Also this article too is to do with, and I said this a long time ago, I said the big war machine will be brought home, the big eating machine.  It always happens when they send them out and you know it’s going to be a long-term haul and they bring back the same bunch to eat you up after they have eaten everybody else up.  But it says:

"In the year since Massachusetts State Trooper Mike Katone was given permission to use counter insurgency tactics in the city of Springfield, crime has dropped as much as 25% in the targeted areas, CBS reports." 

Alan:  Now they always give you fudged details.  In other words it’s a PR piece, right?  To get the public ready for this stuff, to accept it. 

"The former Green Beret was featured in Sunday’s most recent episode of 60 Minutes..." 

Alan:  And this is what tells you it’s being pushed to the top, as a PR piece.

"...and told reporters that the operations work at home as well as they did in combat." 

Alan:  This is for American citizens. 

"“Insurgents and gang members want to operate in a failed area, or a failed community, or a failed state, so they can operate under the passive support of the community, that’s not going to call police,” Katone, who served in Iraq, told reporter Lesley Stahl.  Katone said they set up "pilot teams" of specialized police officers who would "embed" with the community." 

Alan:  Like the embedded ones as they do over in those countries that they’re demolishing right now. 

"The strategy was common in the Iraq turn around, which eventually turned the tide of the community against Al Qaeda." 

Alan:  They’re still on about Al Qaeda even though that’s not why they went into Iraq in the first place. 

"Stahl, sensing at least a little controversy, pitched a curveball at the guy who okayed Katone’s counter insurgency, "He said he was going to bring military tactics to an American community, you must have had some qualms about that?”" 

"“Once it became clear to me that he wasn’t talking about checkpoints or fast roping from helicopters," replied Springfield Deputy Police Chief John Barbieri, "that he was talking about going door-to-door, organizing the neighborhood into a collaboration to report crime, to get involved in solving their own problems, it became obvious to me that that was exactly the type of program needed in that neighborhood.”" 

Alan:  So don’t forget too there will be rewards to this reporting, you understand, the snitching and so on.  And you always find with these kind of schemes an awful lot of folk get snitched on by neighbors who are jealous or just hate them or petty squabbles they’ve had from the past and so on.  But the guys who squeal will get the cash and so on. 

"Katone’s course of action raises two important issues:  is there really room to apply lessons learned from war here at home?  And does this open the flood gate to a more liberal application of military doctrine in domestic police work?" 

Alan:  And they give you a little video.

"Watch the whole segment here..." 

Alan:  So it’s to get you used to this militarization of the police of course, which has been going on for a long time.  And they’ll bring more and more tactics back home.  They already have the communities flooded with their own actually.  And they have had for years, embedded is the right word for it, only they’re disguised to be like the ordinary people.  Canada has them too in various communities in Canada.  And they pay them and they’ll go in there as either retirees some of them or early retirement.  They live amongst the people and they’ll have houses next to them and they keep checks on every citizen in the streets around them and get all the gossip and put reports in about them too.  This is the new society.  It’s very much like the Stasi was in East Germany. 

Also in Canada of course all this hullabaloo about the shale oil in Canada and they’ve got so many bidders up for it now because it’s going to be a big boom for whoever gets the stuff.  Anyway, Petronas in Canada:

"Petronas in talks to sell stake in Canada shale to Indian Oil"  

Alan:  Corporation.  And it says:


Alan:  And so on and it comes out of this article here from Reuters.

"Malaysia’s Petronas is in talks to sell 10 percent of its Canadian shale gas assets to Indian Oil Corp, sources with direct knowledge of the matter said, mirroring a deal it signed earlier this year with a Japanese company.  State-run Petronas last year bought Canada’s Progress Energy Resources Corp in a C$5.2 billion deal that gave it shale gas properties in northeastern British Columbia." 

Alan:  So just like the US the private corporations from foreign countries are going to export the resources from your countries.  And this is a deal by the way, this kind of deal to do with this particular intrusion into a country by foreign corporations.  It was signed back in the 90’s.  It was a little-known deal that all the United Nations members under the World Trade Organization signed after two years meeting with all their sherpas.  They call them sherpas, the bureaucrats they send out to attend these things and draft up all the treaties.  And they all signed it in France.  For two years it went on.  So any company can come in now and just buy up your resources and dry out your country.  And they make all the profit.

Back with more after this.

{Break ♫}

Hi folks.  We’re back Cutting Through the Matrix, talking about basically the shale oil deals that are going through right now in Canada and have been going on for a while actually.  But it all came out of that deal they made through the World Trade Organization to allow foreign companies to come into every member’s (signatory’s) country and basically purchase whatever they wanted to purchase and take out what they wanted, raw resources, whatever.  And of course that’s less cash for the countries involved as these countries that are exporting stuff certainly put their own teams in there, they get their own area of land, and they take out the resources that they want.  And meanwhile too remember all these organizations, all these resources that you have are funded by the public to get them started.  That’s what they do across the world, the U.S. is the same.  So we fund the setting up of these things and then your own governments sell it off to these foreign corporations who come in with total sovereignty basically over an area and take out what they want and bypass all the restrictions and just export it to their own country.  Now since we paid for all this stuff, the same with the gas and everything else, and the shale gas, etcetera, we were given the spiel at the time by all governments, the U.S. was the same as Britain and the same as Canada, so that we would fund them setting up these things and then of course they say they were exporting this stuff, even though they sold it to us by telling us this would supply us with energy for a hundred, two hundred, years.  No, we won’t get it; we’re just exporting it all naturally. 

So we’re conned left, right and center by the big corporations that really are dominant over government.  And this particular one article I’m reading here about Canada shale being sold off to another company, they’ve divvied up the area.

"“Petronas has not opened this to anyone else, it prefers to directly approach one company at a time,”" 

Alan:  It says.

"China’s CNOOC Ltd..." 

Alan:  C-N-OO-C Limited.  It says from Hong Kong.

"...completed a contentious takeover of Canada’s Nexen Inc in February.  Ottawa approved that deal only after making clear it would not allow foreign state-owned firms to build up dominant positions in the Alberta tar sands." 

Alan:  Well it says as I say here it was "a contentious takeover" because you see it was given a dominant position in the Alberta tar sands. 

"“One thing is for sure, Petronas will not go to Chinese companies if the India deal falls through as Chinese companies are pretty active in the sector,” the person said."

Alan:  And it goes on and on about the different companies that are competing, but the fact is this is happening across the world now; this is the Free Trade Deal as well of course to do with the companies coming in, taking what they want and paying no taxes on it and away home they go with all the goodies and you have less resources at home left for yourselves.  That’s the bottom line because you’re global you understand and corporations and the World Trade Organization have no national affinity whatsoever they claim. 

Also, this is a good article here about the White House.

"White House urges Congress to reject moves to curb NSA surveillance"

"A statement from the White House press secretary, Jay Carney, late on Tuesday evening capped an extraordinary day of near-revolt on Capitol Hill concerning the secret National Security Agency surveillance programs revealed by ex-NSA contractor Edward Snowden and published by the Guardian and Washington Post.  The White House urged House members to vote against a measure from Representative Justin Amash, a Michigan Republican, that would stop the NSA siphoning up the telephone records of millions of Americans without suspicion of a crime."

Alan:  So in other words they were going to pass this to stop a lot of the NSA snooping on ordinary folk but Obama is trying to block it.  He wants the NSA’s surveillance to continue. 

"“This blunt approach is not the product of an informed, open or deliberative process,” said the statement emailed from the White House late on Tuesday in anticipation of a House debate on the Amash measure scheduled for Wednesday."

So it says:

"“We urge the House to reject the Amash amendment and instead move forward with an approach that immediately takes into account the need for a reasoned review of what tools can best secure the nation.”"

Alan:  In other words secure all your data for them to…  Well, understand if you’re a shepherd you got to understand the nature of your sheep.  You need to know its breeding qualities, their health, each one individually, because it’s all profit for you down the road.  And this is what this is all about.  It’s what all the spying is about too, basic eugenics in a form as well and classifications of human beings.  That’s all it is. 

And as bureaucrats and bureaucracies, governments, and even your local governments spent, they write up hundreds of laws every year.  Remember Britain came out with thousands and thousands and thousands of laws that are still on the books going way back to the, I think the Domesday Book.  Here is what happens when they get so big for their boots and they’ve got nothing else to do, bureaucrats, they’re not in touch with reality at all.  They lived a charmed existence.  I mean hereditary, there actually are hereditary bureaucrats in the capital cities.  They intermarry each other and have for generations.  They have their own private butlers as children and everything you know.  Anyway it says:

"Obama Administration Requires Magician To Submit A 32 Page “Disaster Plan” For His Rabbit."

Alan:  No kidding.  This is how crazy it gets. 

"Central planning in this country is getting completely and totally out of control.  These days, you can hardly do anything without running into a suffocating web of red tape.  For example, a small-time magician from Missouri that does magic shows for children was absolutely horrified when he learned that the Obama administration is requiring him to submit a 32 page “disaster plan” for the rabbit that he uses in his shows."

"Yes, this is actually true.  His name is Marty Hahne, and he thought that it was bad enough when the U.S. Department of Agriculture busted him for not having a “license” for his rabbit."

Alan:  You have to have your license for it.

"He went out and acquired the proper “license” for his rabbit, but he never dreamed that eventually he would also have to submit a 32 page “disaster plan” for the same rabbit."

"This is a guy that does not make a lot of money.  He mostly does shows for children at schools and at libraries.

"You would think that the federal government would have much better things to do than to shake down a small-time magician with one rabbit.  Unfortunately, the control freaks that run things are not about to let anyone off the hook."

Alan:  And it’s true enough when you look at the laws they churn out, you have no idea until you try to do something and out comes some agency you’ve never heard of before with a stack of forms for you to fill in, where you might, you have to pay enough money for licensing fees and so on, get permission to do as you wanted to do in the first place. 

And this is another good article too…

"The U.S. military in Afghanistan spent $32 million to prevent Improvised Explosive Device attacks after more than 600 troops were killed, but brass..."

Alan:  At the top.

"...has no proof the pricey effort was effective."

Alan:  And they don’t even know if it was implemented, but they spent 32 million dollars just on that. 

"A shocking investigation by the top U.S. watchdog in Afghanistan discovered the military doesn’t know if the anti-IED devices are functioning or were even installed."

"These “culvert denial systems” are supposed to safeguard U.S. troops and Afghan civilians from the explosive devises, but a report by the Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction said “it is unclear whether or not culvert denial systems are functioning or, in some cases, where even installed.”  The IG already found two Afghan contractors who billed the U.S. government $1 million for the installation of 250 such devices, but then never completed the work or did it haphazardly."

Alan:  Of course they wouldn’t have done it at all. 

"There are at least 2,500 places where the prevention devices were supposed to be installed, the IG said, but a lack of documentation and oversight means no one’s certain if they ever actually were."

Alan:  And it goes on and on with this sort of stuff but that’s nothing to do with the money that went for Halliburton.  I mean they got the Federal Reserve to print up millions of dollars.  There is a video out on it too.  They flew over, it was in a plane over to I think it was Iraq at the time and it all went missing.  There were no checks and balances, nothing.  And guys who were there tell you how they were just told to come in with bags and to fill it up when they wanted to, which they did.  But again it’s taxpayer’s money, I mean, you know, it’s added to the national debt which you pay through taxes and so do your children’s children if you have any. 

Also Japan of course, this is old news because it always comes out again because they’ve been leaking radioactive water since the disaster happened with Fukushima.

"Japan plant admits radioactive water leaked to sea"

Alan:  It’s still leaking to the sea and supposedly there is nothing they can do about it, it continues.  But what can you do about it?  We have no say in anything really when it comes to these big, big things. 

And also I’ll put up tonight the "Hockey Schtick", it’s called the Schtick.  And it’s quite good to do about the nonsense on CO2 and carbon, etcetera.  It’s quite a good article in fact.  It’s a good website on this as they go through all the cons to do with the big carbon taxes which are coming by the way, big time, big time on every single one of us, for everything you purchase it will be on it.  As well as personal taxes too for your output. 

From Hamish and myself from Ontario, Canada, it’s goodnight, and may your God or your Gods go with you.


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