July 7, 2008  (#137)


Alan Watt "Cutting Through The Matrix" LIVE on RBN:

Poem Copyright Alan Watt July 7, 2008:

"The Culture Creators Give Mirrors and Smoke,
Create Controversy, Push the Envelope,
Pre-Pubertal Sexuality is Pushed to the Fore,
By Mainstream Media so We Can't Ignore,
To Where It Will Lead, Observe Scientists' Styles,
Go Google 'Kinsey's Paedophiles' "
© Alan Watt July 7, 2008


Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - July 7, 2008 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)


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Hi folks.  This is Alan Watt and it’s Cutting Through The Matrix time again on the 7th of July 2008.  I always ask the newcomers to look in to www.cuttingthroughthematrix.com web site and download lots of the previous talks with lots of information, which help fill in all the little gaps they leave out in history books to show you how we got to where we are, where it came from and where we’re supposed to go.  Also look in to www.alanwattsentientsentinel.eu for transcripts which you can download in the various tongues of Europe. 


We are on a roll.  We know, I think those who are awake, truly awake, who occasionally scour the media to see what the next push is, I’ve noticed this one come even over the last few days because all major media is going in to OVERDRIVE to do with global warming, greenhouse gases, how we’ve got to change our ways, stop eating meat and on and on it goes.  All down to various kinds of social reconditioning.  They’re reconditioning us to the next level of society.  The plans for this society go back such a long, long time, but to the average person who doesn’t know anything at all outside of their mainstream media and their television, they think we’re just progressing and dealing with crisis as they came along. 


You know when they came up with the weather program, the weather station, I thought, who on earth is so neurotic they’re going to sit and watch weather 24 hours a day?  Well, that wasn’t the intent.  By the way, there are neurotic people who are fixated on the weather who do watch it 24 hours a day.  In a short time, very short period of time, they changed even a little shower into a coming storm, or you’d find there’s a snow storm coming and it would be 2 inches deep at the most, a few centimeters.  But to listen to them hype it all up, everything is going to be crisis.  I knew then that they were going to use weather, BIG TIME, and the crisis of weather to have us change our ways. 


Remember, the book I keep mentioning, The First Global Revolution put out and published by the founders of the Club of Rome where right in there they said that back in the 70s they dreamed up this idea of blaming the public for causing global warming.  THEREFORE mankind became an enemy of the planet, technically, and we’d all pull together and shape our ways and do what we’re told because you do that under warfare conditions.  Bingo!  2001 comes along and they have their war.  If you notice, there’s more social changes happening than anything to do with the farcical terrorism they keep hyping about.  It’s all social changeacross the whole world.  The entire world is going through the same scenario and it’s to do with social changes.  Changing the way we think.  Changing what we think the purpose of our personal lives happen to be.  We’ve been told what it is.  It’s to serve this global state. 


We’ve had the big shots come out and say publicly that those who are not for globalism are therefore classed as terrorists.  That’s a fact, by the way.  Now we know what they mean by terrorism.  It’s anybody who doesn’t go along with the agendas.  In all ages, when they hired revolutionaries, they hired the fanatics.  I think it was Pike that mentioned that they hire and release ON the public the atheists and the nihilists.  Those people with big chips on their shoulders who join groups, who don’t fit in and those are the ones who get used.  These are the ones that belong to the environmental groups, the RADICAL, radical greenies… and neurotic, by the way, utterly neurotic.  They like the power that they’ve been given now, from the top, even though they are non-governmental organizations.  Be back with more about this after this break.


Hi.  I am Alan Watt and we are Cutting Through The Matrix.  This big illusional system they’ve given us, a form of reality.  A reality most folk accept and never question.  When the old reality has served its purpose, and society has been moved from where it was to where it is now, they upgrade you and then change it again.  The people adapt so quickly and they don’t notice and they have no memory of what was before.  They adapt so incredibly quickly.  I was mentioning about how the media is going in to overdrive with lots of controversial topics over the last few days.  Mainly to, what they call, raise things to public conscious awareness, which means this is the agenda and you’re supposed to think about this.  Of course, then they present you with all the experts to tell you what you’re supposed to believe.  This technique’s been used for our whole lives and our parents’ lives as well. 


It’s interesting to note that Gorbachev, who was President to the Soviet Union when it was supposedly communist and now they’re supposedly not communist and they are our allies now in the war on terror.  When he came over to the States he set up in the Presidio.  I think he’s moved now to some university to start up his greening campaign.  That was his main thing to do, start the greening process.  The first land army that was talked about by NASA, of all people, back in the 70s.  They talked about creating the LAND ARMY.  These were the NGOs that would become radical greenies to build up a religion that would fit in with the new age religion of nature worship and bring all this about.  A whole generation would grow up and accept this more easily if it was a form of New Agey type religion mixed with saving the planet and green and all the rest of it.  Gorbachev brought a book out, I think it was called Towards a New Civilization.  In the book he said, ‘I am an atheist’.  Then later on in the book he said, ‘WE’ - WE, with this group and many others - ‘are creating a NEW GLOBAL RELIGION and it must be based on a form of earth worship’.  So here’s and atheist working with teams to create a religion for the public to believe in. 


Look around you.  The new age is hardly… everyone’s been touched by it.  Because since the Beatles came out and started the Maharishi thing, which was the purpose of the whole thing, Blavatsky’s old dream of mixing the East with the West has come true.  Hinduism and Christianity and everything else is combined together.  Well laid plans, eh?  Well laid plans.  All they have to do is time, like the Rolling Stones song, Time is on my Side, and time certainly is on this boy’s side.  The one who plans it all, it seems.  We’re watching it.  We’re living through it.


Now, as we’re being more and more socialized towards the old dream that the elite had, and I’m talking about the elite in Britain and Europe.  These were Royal people.  These were the overlords that were all descended from the Normans and they are the aristocracy.  You find that Bertrand Russell and others said that they thought they’d eventually have to take the children from the parents at birth so they wouldn’t be contaminated with the parent’s old-fashioned ideas of family and bonding and all that stuff.  Then he thought that kindergarten was the best way to go.  Because he said, we can get them and give them SCIENTIFIC indoctrination very quickly, then the parent’s input when the child goes home will be null and voidIt will be cancelled out.  It’s been very successful.  He had the first big experimental schools, authorized by the Crown in England, back in the early 1900s.  He did an awful lot of amazing stuff with those children.  He tried to encourage pre-pubertal sex and everything.  Long before Kinsey came up.  He was given authority by the Crown to do this.  Now anybody on the street doing that would be locked up right away but it’s different when they do it for a good cause, you see.  They just care about society. 


This is where this is going.  Then he said, they’ve found that with scientific indoctrination they might not have to take the child from the parent.  They were not quite sure.  He said because it’s much more economically feasible and better, of course for the Crown, if rather than the State brining up the children and use more tax money… which they can pocket otherwise…  They like to pocket a lot of money.  Then they have to give it back and so on to child care workers.  He said, let the parents pay for the economic cost of the child but we’ll do the indoctrination.  We see the effects today.  The state has given the children for the last 20, 30, 40 years, their values and you can see what kind of values and where they’ve been heading.  It’s not by accident, by the way.  It’s not by accident. 


Now in Canada which really is one of the most socialist countries along with England because it’s part of the British Empire.  It still is.  It’s a commonwealth, they call it now.  We are always ahead of the United States but I’ve noticed now, we’re all working in the same direction at the same time.  It’s almost no gap at all.  They’re going after the even younger children to get their minds before they can even listen to their parents it seems.  This is from The Province and it’s a British Columbia paper. 


Earlier start and full-day kindergarten being considered

By Glenda Luymes, Vancouver Province

Published: Thursday, July 03, 2008

[emphasis added to article]


B.C. parents could soon be sending their toddlers off to school as the provincial government considers full-day pre-kindergarten for three- and four-year-olds and full-day kindergarten for five-year-olds.


The controversial proposal up for public debate (Alan:  That’s a laugh.) until July the 18th is currently under review by the Ministry of Education after the B.C. government committed to studying the feasibility of providing full-day kindergarten for five-year-olds in the 2008 throne speech.


“One of the things we’ve been hearing more frequently is parents want to have increased choices for early learning“, said Education Minster Shirley Bond, yesterday.  (A:  I love how these people can say these things without a blush.  When do these people ever listen to the public?  When do they ever listen?)


The proposal comes as rate times for day care facilities grow longer.  Studies show that one quarter of B.C. children who arrive at kindergarten are not developmentally ready.   (A:  One quarter, eh?  Now what IS developmentally ready?  I mean, here we are, again, being all standardized, like eggs.  Here’s small size, medium and large, you know?  But we’re all supposed to be ready at the same time for this socialization process.  I guess if you’re not ready, there’s something wrong with you.  They’ll give you a classification and put you on pills right away.)


The new classes could also provide a solution to the problem of declining enrollment that has seen numerous B.C. schools closed in recent years.  (A:  Hurray!  Hurray!)


Bond said the while the cost and the format of the possible program are still being researched, the throne speech stipulates full day kindergarten and would be considered for 2009 with optional pre-kindergarten for 4 year olds by 2010 and 3 year olds by 2012.  Half-day kindergarten is currently optional in B.C.


The studies show early childhood education programs can stimulate development if they’re done properly. 


“It’s better to have licensed and trained teachers educating our children than the TV”, the University of B.C. education professor said.  (A:  It’s true enough.  They have better videos to show for children made by psychologists meant to brain-wash them quicker than TV, even quicker.)


Adding that in today’s society, both parents often work leaving children in the hands of day care providers who may not have the proper training.  (A:  That is true too.  That’s true too.  They had to get the females into the work force, destroy the family unit, double their tax base, which they did, and now you have a lot of single moms because very few couples can stay together any more… today anyway.  The state technically is in charge.  Everyone works for the state now.)


“I don’t believe the goal of the program is just to have children to do better in math and reading“, he said.  “It’s about trying to create a better learning and growing situation where we would have fewer children at risk.” 


Now, this is the real point of it.  They want to psychologically evaluate the children very, very young.  Categorize them for possible risk factors.  You might grow up to be a thief.  You might be this.  You might be that.  This is where the psychology, the Skinner techniques, are all coming in to school under the guise, of course, of helping the parents.  And the parents in Canada, by the way, especially the mothers, were out in the streets in Toronto before when there was a child care strike DEMANDING that the state get them back on the job, force them to work because they wanted the state to take care of their children for them.  That’s the reversal we’ve seen in only 20 years.  Complete mind shift of 180° from ‘It’s my child.’ to ‘Hey, you’re the state, you take care of my child.’  And that’s socialism. 


They’ve played right in to the hands of those who play with the minds of children.  They’ve given them exactly what they want.  This is to do with socialization.  This ties in with the article I read by, I think it was Parry from Britain.  It ties in with this new socialization process.  They’re going to teach them less mathematics and less history, etc… definitely not history, can’t have that.  They’re going to socialize them for a NEW society, that’s the whole thing; more indoctrination so they’ll all parrot the same greening slogans, etc and all be vegetarian.  That’s on the books.  And they’ll report people who are politically incorrect along that particular agenda.  That’s what all this is about and they’re on a roll.


It’s quite interesting.  They couldn’t have done this without doubling the tax base, as I say.  There was a MASSIVE campaign in all Western countries, at the same time - always coordinated - to get the women in to the work place.  Snide little remarks in movies and so on such as, ‘oh, you’re just a housewife’ to make you feel really small and low if that’s what you did and stuff like that.  It’s interesting… they call them ‘domestic engineers’ now that they’ve reversed it all and women get employed looking after houses and they call them engineers.  But at that time, ‘oh, you’re a housewife, oh, you’re the bottom of the totem pole, good gracious’.  They went in there and sure enough, doubled the tax base. 


You know who brought in, in Britain and Canada and the British Commonwealth countries and the United States, the property taxes?  You know who put the bills for it and drafted it up?  And the income taxes?  Do you know who did that too?  And who are proud to tell you this?  It was the Council on Foreign Relations.  Go into their histories.  Read it.  Go into their sites.  Same with the Royal Institute for International Affairs for England.  It’s the same thing, the same organization, The Council on Foreign Relations outside England, at least non-Commonwealth countries.  Very proud… they had to double that tax base and by God they did.  Quite simple when you pull the strings of the media.  Back with more after this break.


Hi folks.  I am Alan Watt back Cutting Through The Matrix.  At the start of the show I mentioned how the media suddenly goes in, all at once, at the same time, across the world with the same topics to get you all talking about them.  As Brzezinski said, they’d give us the things we talk about.  However, there’s also more to it sometimes and that’s to create ‘public awareness‘.  They want to push the envelope, it’s called, in culture creation.  I mentioned before about how the International Censorship Committees meet together.  That’s all your national censorship committees.  They meet together to see how far they can push the envelope to the next step.  They’d mentioned in 2001 that they’d won the rights for the gays and so on could have stuff on TV, etc through comedies and they were pushing the next level which would even go into pedophilia. 


Here we go.  They give us the topic.  It’s meant to be controversial and you can tell by the answers of the father in this article that this is the main idea behind it is to get everyone talking until eventually they’ll bring experts on in every country until we won’t know what pedophilia is anymore.  We’ll be convinced that Kinsey was right and that children are just as sexual as adults.  THAT’S THE GOAL.  That’s the ultimate goal and this is the start of the train here.  This was on Yahoo. 


Dad defends magazine's nude child cover

Mon Jul 7, 2008


(A:  The child’s there, a little picture at the top part.  The child done up obviously, the face, etc, make-up, etc, like an adult and wearing jewelry apparently.)

Polixeni Papapetrou's photograph features her daughter. (ABC)


Australian artists are defending the controversial decision of Art Monthly magazine to run a photograph of a naked child on its front cover.


The front cover of the magazine features Melbourne photographer Polixeni Papapetrou's (A:  It’s an interesting name, Polixeni, isn’t it?… that they would pick someone like that to start this off.)  2003 photo of her naked daughter, who was six at the time.


The New South Wales Government is referring the magazine to the Classification Board.


The Prime Minister has said he cannot stand the picture and federal Arts Minister Peter Garrett has said the magazine was being needlessly provocative.  (A:  This is the whole intention of it.  Here we are in this day and age… I’ve gone over talks before.  They’ve got corpses, dried out corpses with plastic on them to make them more stiff, hanging on wires in art galleries.  They’re selling body parts across the planet for God’s sake.  Here they’re pushing this part of this agenda too.  Very old agenda.  All the same stuff to degrade society to the bottom level till there’s nothing that we can remember as what we call normal.  When you’re in flux, you adapt quickly and there’s no more normal.  Normal keeps changing.  ‘How many fingers do I have up?’ he says.  ‘As much as I tell you,’ says O’Brien in Orwell’s 1984.)


The girl's father, art critic Robert Nelson, says the family has no regrets about the photograph and he has rejected the Prime Minister's criticism of the work.


"There's never been any study that suggests that there's a link between paedophilia and art," he said.  (A:  Now that’s almost VERBATIM from Kinsey’s defense of using sexual perverts, well known perverts, and keeping their names from the police.  He was well associated with them for other reasons because he himself was into this stuff.  He was using these particular studies and I’ll talk about him later.  He did studies to try and say these were the average people… which is total nonsense.)


"Unfortunately we're working without any science; people are just making these assertions about protecting children, which is unarguable - I mean why would you not want to [protect them]?


"But no-one's really explained, protect them from what."


Prime Minister Kevin Rudd says no child that age could give their consent to such work but Mr Nelson says Mr Rudd should back up his concerns with evidence.  (A:  This is to get everybody on one side of the argument or the other.  This is the way it’s written.)


"I think he's welcome to have an opinion on art - I think that's to be encouraged," Mr Nelson said.  (A:  Then they go back and forth, back and forth in the Hegelian Dialectic so that YOU, the listener, will go one way or the other depending on what your point of view is.  But it’s not YOUR point of view, you just adopted it from an expert.)


Kinsey kicked off this for the West.  He wasn’t the first one.  That was in the 1940s.  There was one in Germany prior to World War II in the 20s and 30s.  He had a museum built up, it was called The Museum of Sexual Perversion.  It had all the gadgets and gizmos and stuff to torture and everything, sadomasochist stuff.  They really pushed Germany prior to World War II into all this stuff.  You could walk into Berlin, they had the biggest nude shows in the world.  People were broke.  They had no problem getting the females to go up and dance and all the rest of it.  They even had orgies at the end of them.  You should see the trio of CBC documentary specials called Sin Cities.  Sin Cities.  Well worth seeing.  You’ve got to see them.  If you can find copies, send me them.  I’d appreciate them.  I saw it when it came out. 


Kinsey simply copied his stuff because that guy fled Germany in the 30s.  Kinsey copied his stuff because this is the same agenda by the same groups.  Kinsey was so weird and deviant.  He was trying to get his staff even, to have sex with each other.  He himself came to the conclusion he preferred men, during his own studies.  He went so far as to cut his own foreskin off.  I don’t know if you know that.  Kinsey cut his own foreskin off with a penknife, without anesthetic.  I guess that gave him the biggest thrill he’d ever had.  Maybe that’s how far you have to go when you’ve done it all and seen it all.  There’s a good documentary on Google on Kinsey.  It’s called Kinsey’s Pedophiles.  Look it up.  Very well done.  It talks to the guys who worked with him and who still defend him, by the way, who are obviously all that way themselves.  Absolutely obsessed with their own particular little areas of specialty, you might say.  Well worth seeing.


This is what this is intended to do.  It’s just picking up from there to go in to this next phase.  They call it INTER-GENERATIONAL sex.  They won’t call it pedophilia.  INTER-GENERATIONAL SEX.  That’s the drive now… across the world.  Back with more after this break.


Hi folks.  I am Alan Watt back Cutting Through The Matrix, just pointing out how the media is going into their social overdrive now, now that everyone’s in flux.  A period of crisis that’s sustained even if nothing too drastic happens to you, it still creates tension.  The longer you’re under tension, the more susceptible you become to suggestion.  This is standard technique.  As people are getting under more stress with the high gasoline prices and all this terrorism fiasco going on, and the prices going up in the stores with everything that’s transported obviously, they’re feeling the pinch and now IT IS TIME TO BOMBARD THEM with all these fantastic crises that are happening.  The global warming, the greening of the planet, stop eating meat, ya-da ya-da ya and so on and so on.  Right down, as I say, to changing definitions of socially acceptable behavior, for the NEW NORMAL that will be here shortly.  And it will.  It will.  I can guarantee you, because most people watch regular media and Brzezinski said it all - they did all the studies long, long ago - most people can not reason for themselves.  They’re simply downloaded from television on a daily basis with experts’ opinions and those opinions become their own.  The way things are represented to you too, people don’t really question much at all.  They don’t question the other sides of things.  They take information as it’s presented to them.  It even tries to get them excited.  It’s always sold to YOU for your benefit; it’s going to benefit you… because people understand self-benefit, you see.  This is from the Daily Galaxy.


Will a Computer “Symbiote” be Implanted in Future Human Brains?

(A:  Well, we know that because they discussed it at Loyola University’s meetings, the ones that Newt Gingrich pushed off and it was paid for by the US Department of Commerce.)

June 25, 2008

[emphasis added to article}


Will future humans have computers implanted in their brains? Researchers are developing (A:  Now, ‘developing’ is old stuff.  They’ve done it long ago.  They said that at those meetings 6 years ago.) a neural implant that can think independently—just like the human brain does. Creepy? Yeah. Cool? Definitely. (A:  See, this is for the young ones to make them be like their favorite video game stars.  They’ll think they’re getting super powers and all that.)  Scientists at the University of Florida aren’t just creating a neural implant that can translate human brain signals (A:  Which was done a long time ago.), but one that can act independently to increase its efficiency and synergy with the brain as it learns new things.


"In the grand scheme of brain-machine interfaces, this is a complete paradigm change," said Justin C. Sanchez, Ph.D., a UF assistant professor of pediatric neurology and the study's lead author. (A:  Interesting what he’s in, pediatric neurology, eh?)  "This idea opens up all kinds of possibilities for how we interact with devices. (A:  How WE interact with them.)  It's not just about giving instructions but about those devices assisting us in a common goal. You know the goal, the computer knows the goal and you work together to solve the task."  (A:  Friendly computer, right?)


These “brain computers” are programmed with complex algorithms that can interpret thoughts. But the algorithms used in current brain-machine interfaces are incapable of adapting to change, Sanchez explains. They are order-takers, but not adaptive problem-solvers.


"The status quo of brain-machine interfaces that are out there have static and fixed decoding algorithms, which assume a person thinks one way for all time," he said. "We learn throughout our lives and come into different scenarios, so you need to develop a paradigm that allows interaction and growth."


Sanchez and his colleagues tested out evolving brain-machine interface using rats.


The rats’ brains were fitted with tiny electrodes that capture thought signals. (A:  They CAPTURE THOUGHT SIGNALS.  Now, this is old stuff and Begich and others have shown this stuff in his books and on his web site and so on and other magazines have talked about this.  They HAVE electrodes… you don’t even need electrodes, in fact.  They can actually BEAM a microwave at you, read the signals off your brain and interpret them very automatically and within milliseconds, BEAM back CORRECTIONS into your brain if you’ve got wrong-think, they can beam it back into you.  You’ll think it’s your own thought.  The NSA has that kind of gear.  So does the CIA at the top.  Back to the rats…)  Three rats were taught how to move a robotic arm toward a target using just their thoughts. Each time they succeeded, the rats were rewarded.


The computer, on the other hand, was programmed to earn as many points as possible by figuring out how to help the rat. The closer a rat moved the arm to the target, the more points the computer received, which helped the computer determine which brain signals lead to the most rewards. (A:  So it’s Pavlovian, you see.)  The computer then knew how to streamline the process to make it more efficient and ultimately easier for the rats.


Now, rather than go on with this PR blurb, and this is a PR blurb.  We’ve already seen what happened with the global positioning satellite system, On Star.  They can lock you in your car.  They can lock your car out, in fact, so it can’t move.  We have a totalitarian regime across the planet right now to do with managing completely the individual’s lives.  Do you really think they’re going to give you something that’s going to help and benefit you personally?  When at the Loyola meeting, they said, that when everyone has these chips it will be IMPOSSIBLE TO THINK AS AN INDEPENDENT, SEPARATE HUMAN BEING.  That’s the goal of it.  You’ll have instructions getting sent to your brain by what they call ‘regional computers’. 


See, there’s always a good plausible reason and then there’s the real reason.  The public like the plausible one that’s sold to them with lots of sugar and they go for it without thinking.  So always remember when you’re reading something, from whatever angle, science, whatever, there’s a PR - that’s public relations - in there.  They have an OBJECTIVE and that’s to get YOU to gradually, subconsciously just go along with that blurb.  Then when it comes into reality, you’ll actually want it done to you.  Think about it.  Always think… there’s a plausible reason then there’s the real reason.


We’ll go to the phones now and I’ve got one fella who emailed me today.  He had some problems with the police, I believe.  Invictus Hella, as he calls himself.  This is hell, of course, planet earth.  Are you there?


Invictus:  Hello sir.


Alan:  How are you?


Invictus:  The sequel continues.  Have you heard of the Republic Magazine?


Alan:  Yes.


Invictus:  I just did an article for them.  The editor called me and hired me to do an article.  It was too much personal information and not enough just straight facts but what I wrote I sent out.  I did a My Space bulletin and I sent it to everyone I knew.  A neighbor that got it, she brought a police officer to the house because of the article I wrote.  I’m not kidding.  [laughs]… because of an article.  I’m not there anymore because you know I’m kicked out, the jail stuff, all that.  I have to live with my friend Mike in Pennsylvania.  She called me up.  She’s like, ‘the neighbor, Mary Joe, she just came over with a police officer because of an article you wrote and she’s worried about you.’ 


Alan:  Now, what did she say to the police?  Did she say she was afraid of you because of what you think, or what?


Invictus:  Yeah.  And you can read it.  If you read it… I read it again just to make sure, you know.  There’s nothing like militia in there, you know.  There’s not any Bill Cooper stuff in there.  It’s like you read it and the most aggressive thing in there says fight for truth. 


Alan:  Oh, that’s terrible.  That’s terrible.


Invictus:  Oh yeah.  Exactly.  [laughs]  If you’d like to read it, I’ve actually emailed it to you.  I know you have so many emails, you can’t get to it.  But if you wanted to…


Alan:  How did the police approach you?  Were they okay or…?


Invictus:  They didn’t approach me.  I got a call from my grandmother.  I’m in Pennsylvania.  She’s in another state.  She said, ‘yeah, I just got a bang on the door and the neighbor and a cop showed up because of an article that she got from you in an email.’  It was the article that I wrote for The Republic Magazine. 


Alan:  Yeah.  My goodness.


Invictus:  All it was, basically, your information.  I was just dropping facts.  I was giving information.  I quoted you.  I quoted Immortal Technique.  I quoted a few other people.  I wrote in my own words everything that I’ve learned from you.  That’s all it was.  It was like 4 pages of that. 


Alan:  Well, they always say that…


Invictus:  She showed up with a police officer.


Alan:  It’s just a well you weren’t there. 


Invictus:  It gets worse.  I’m scared of my future now. 


Alan:  Well, you’re an outlaw now, you see.


Invictus:  I’m like damn. 


Alan:  You mentioned that truth word.


Invictus:  Oh, my God, like how did it end… [laughs]


Alan:  That’s right.  You might start an infection and wake people up.  You never know.


Invictus:  [laughs]  Yeah.  And you can’t, you know.  You look around and nobody knows what’s going on.  Nobody has any idea. 


Alan:  See that’s all this snooping in action now.  They’ve asked all the citizens to be on alert and report everything and it’s getting pretty scary out there.  At one time the cops would have laughed, but not today.  Not today. 


Invictus:  That’s very scary.  I guy can write an article and you get one in your Gmail and you read it.  It’s not even aggressive. 


Alan:  No.  No.  I saw it. 


Invictus:  It’s not like ‘I’ve got guns and I’m gonna overthrow the government.’  It’s none of that.  I was just dropping information just like you did.  Just like things I’ve learned from you.  Basically just breaking down information for like 4 pages and she showed up with a police officer harassing my grandmother once again.  She’s already been through so much with everything with me and now I’m gone. 


Alan:  Well, you’d better stay out in the bush there. 


Invictus:  I left and she still has to deal with this… cause the neighbor showed up. 


Alan:  Well, you hang in there.


Invictus:  I figured I would tell you about the sequel to the problem. 


Alan:  You hang in there and let me know if there’s any more.


Invictus:  Do you want to read the article?  I actually sent it to you.


Alan:  Not right now.  I’ve got other callers I have to get through. 


Invictus:  Okay.  If anybody else wants to, it’s MySpace.com/invictusman and you can read it.  If you want to read it, the title, the subject is Vic from Hella if you’d like to read it.  There’s nothing…


Alan:  I saw the one you sent me.  Well, okay.  Stay out in the bush, keep dry.


Invictus:  Alright.  Take care.


Alan:  Now we’ll go on to Dale from Michigan. 


Dale:  I was calling… I thought your program was about the pedophile network out there.  I just wanted to quote Voltaire.  I know he’s supposed to be a Freemason but he said ‘the scum rises to the top‘.  Freud talked about like a mass hysteria among his female patients because they were all claiming that their fathers of industry, captains of industry and city fathers and everything had sexually abused them and that he came to know that it was true.  Then there was a debate over how young you could accept the confessions of children like that.  But about 5 years ago I visited a cemetery in Ohio with my niece.  I had, before that, started noticing symbols and one really stood out to me.  It wan an angel that was standing over like 8 children’s graves - very young children - and she had 2 upside-down torches on the pillars on either side of this angel.  There were either 7 or 9 rings around the torches.  I looked for a long time when I got home and I think it’s the 7th or the 9th degree stands for the assassin.  Then I found out that the upside down torch, whether it’s lit or not lit stand for a life snuffed out.  The end of life, which is not like the Ouroboros which stand for everlasting life. So, I have toyed with the idea of writing a book.  I’ve got all these chapter headings and everything because this stuff just comes to me.  I looked up, because the name of the book was going to be ‘Stone Angel’ and there’s a group in Canada called the Stone Angels and they’re called that because they were part of ritual abuse.  They were the children of top military and government officials.  They were taken to military bases where they were sexually and physically abused.  They were called stone angels because they were painted white in the ritual.  Several years ago, I saw, and I have this knack for tuning into television programs that are on topic.  I don’t know if you’ve ever seen it, there’s a Danish film called ‘The Celebration’ which they were the children of a Mason.  They all collected at his birthday to celebrate his birthday and he had sexually abused his children.  His daughter committed suicide the year before and so her twin brother brought it home for him in front of the whole Nazi clan.  They had Robert Axinom on 60 Minutes and he talked about how he was the premiere expert from the United States on eastern affairs, China and the East.  He was going through a nervous breakdown and went to a psychiatrist.  The psychiatrist told him he had multiple personalities and he said ‘I’m not Cybil.’  But it turned out that he had more personalities than Cybil.  His grandfather was the head of the World Council of Churches.  His father was a university president and…


Alan:  The thing is, what I’ve found even with the media, it came out in Canada, especially out British Columbia way.  There’s been incredible pedophilia there even with the American Indians being molested with the Church of England.  That’s a no-no to mention the Church of England because the Queen’s at the top of it.  You can attack every other group but leave them alone.  The Prime Minister had to come out recently and admit that all those accusations were correct.  It was brought forward by an ex-Anglican priest who was kicked out for standing up for this and doing an investigation.  He was disowned by his own church.  These children were molested, male and female, and some of them apparently were killed and buried out there.  They’re doing the digs right now.  You got to understand, these are very well organized organizations.  Even the ones that Kinsey worked in, as I say, see Kinsey’s Pedophiles on Google.  These characters were OBSESSED with ritual during the abuse.  They used stopwatches, rulers, everything.  You wouldn’t believe the lengths they went to under the guise supposedly of science.  It shows you the obsessional minds they have, ritualistic type minds.  Obsessional and compulsive behavior is ritualistically inclined, so you’ll find it in a lot of these particular groups.  That’s probably what you’re coming across there.


Dale:  It is but also, it’s like I don’t come across this stuff for no reason at all.  It strikes me that the library of Alexandria burned down….


Alan:  I have to go to the break now.  The music’s coming in.  Put it all together and put the book out.  I’ll be back with more after this break.


Hi.  This is Cutting Through The Matrix and I’m Alan Watt and we have time for one more call and that’s Carl from Montreal.  Are you there Carl?  Oh, he dropped off.


Well, what I was talking about is this whole thing with ritual abuse and it’s called ritual abuse for good reason.  These networks are world wide.  I can remember too, there were some grisly murders in Canada a few years back there and it came out in some newspapers that particular videos of the actual killings, and there were sexual killings, ended up in the hands of a lawyer but the other one was linked to London, Ontario - I think it’s London, Ontario - where they found a bag in a river that was sunk in a buoy placed there for pick up.  They actually distribute these kind of things across the world to select clients.  Very rich people.  Very, very rich people.  Of course, it never gets any further than that.  It doesn’t get any further than that. 


I can remember in British Columbia a few years back in their local newspaper, I think it was the top character in B.C.  It was some judge that was getting supplied with young boys from a home.  The man he’d appointed to be in charge of children’s care at that time, I think for the province, was a known pedophile and he was supplying him with the children.  You have this sort this stuff and it doesn’t go very far.  I mean, I don’t know if these guys ever even end up in prison because they’re kind of high up, they’re well connected.  They’re well connected to these international pedophilia rings


Even for Kinsey to have those contacts - this is my personal opinion - that he had… now he had a lifelong obsession obviously with sadistic type sexual perversion.  I think he must have known of these groups and who knows, he might have even been a part of it because he knew how to contact members.  Now, one of the members worked for the US government.  They’d helped in his studies.  He molested over 300, by his own admission, children.  That man was never charged, a man called King.  They called him Green in the book to keep his identity secret from the police.  He also knew another guy in Germany.  He used that for his books for the normal man, for the normal man, you see, as he tried to bend society upside-down.  He’s been well funded by big powers to do so.  They guy from Germany had been a storm trooper in the Nazi party.  He actually did snuff, he did KILL children during the sexual act.  Kinsey was using him as well.  Kinsey was actually brought up because of his involvement with these particular characters that he seemed to just know how to get in touch with them, these particular pedophilia rings. 


They are world wide and they’re very rich and they’re jaded people, very jaded.  You’ll never get in to their mindsets.  Never, ever get in to their mind set.  You’ll find again, the ritual techniques are obsessional with detail.  Everything that they do is timed, jotted down, recorded and so on.  You’ll find that too in the high occult systems in society that they belong to.  GROWN MEN DON’T TAKE ORDERS TO HAVE THEIR THROATS CUT FOR FUN.  The guys at the bottom have no idea what’s going on at the top.  Those are picked from the bottom to get up there are well rewarded if they have a particular bent, you might say. 


From Hamish and myself up in Ontario, Canada, it’s good night and may your God or your Gods GO with you.



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