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Poem Copyright Alan Watt July 26, 2013:

Governance Advances by Taking No Chances:

"Secretive Organizations Developed Over Time,
Employed by Governments to Keep Us in Line,
Comprised of Specialists in the Human Mind,
Human Psycho-dynamics and Related Kind,
Lectured by Historians and Anthropologists,
Behaviourists, Neuroscientists and Psychologists
Working in Think-Tanks, Our Mind-Polluters,
Running Us in Game Theory via Computers,
It's So Easy Now with Data and Systems,
Projecting Our Future Running Algorithms"
© Alan Watt July 26, 2013


Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - July 26, 2013 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)

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Hi folks.  I am Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix on July 26, 2013.  I always start off the broadcast by advising new listeners to go into cuttingthroughthematrix.com and help yourself to the audios which are there for free download, lots and lots of audios where I go through the system and the history of the system that we’re living in today. The big foundations that formed, private foundations, that had very official sounding names actually – most folk thought they belong to government, like the Royal Institute of International Affairs, things like that, but it’s actually a private organization.  It’s comprised of the international money lenders of their time and they decided to basically bring in a future society, a world society, a global society which they would control, and which their offspring would control too. They also brought in the private central banking system across the world, still doing it today in the Middle East, under the Bank for International Settlements, another entity which is theirs as well, this strange, quasi, private organization, along with the World Bank.  So with the power of money they would direct the future of the world. They run global free trade; that was their idea too – they draft up all the treaties that are signed by all countries into the agenda. 


So help yourself to the website. Remember too, you can get print-ups of the talks I’ve given from all the sites listed at cuttingthroughthematrix.com in English and you can also get transcripts in other languages if you go into alanwattsentientsentinel.eu and help yourself there. Remember too, you can help me tick along here, because I don’t bring on advertisers as guests, I don’t sell products outside of the books and discs that I make myself, and are at cuttingthroughthematrix.com.  To order you can [Order and donation options listed above.].  And straight donations are seriously welcome as we go through the planned inflation, which is now called quantitative easing of course, it sounds better, doesn’t it, than inflation.


Of course, inflation itself, that they said at the Federal Reserve, is to continue for about up to 10 years, at least. So it’s to go up annually by a certain percentage and your dollar becomes worth less and less. But it’s not just the US. It’s every other country.  And all of these free trade agreements are going through the same scenarios of getting less for the money that you put out there. Its purchasing power is declining in other words. And that’s all meant to be this way because eventually we are all to be amalgamated completely, you see, under a global system, a structure, again, run by the Bank for International Settlements, the IMF and World Bank. So everything’s going according to plan.


Before Britain was totally amalgamated into this EU farce, and it is a farce, believe you me, and by lies too and fraud because the public weren’t told that it was for complete amalgamation and the loss of sovereignty until they had the Parliament up and running in Brussels. It was kept secret from them. They were told it was just a free trade deal up until then. And nothing was further from the truth because the organizers, again, the private organizations, the Royal Institute of International Affairs had set it up back in the 1940s.  In 1948 they set up all the different departments of bureaucrats across the European countries to work on this quietly. And free trade was just the start of it. Then the laws have to be amalgamated. Eventually your country’s Parliament becomes basically a provincial Parliament working at the behest of the EU Parliament, this super parliament. And even eventually once they have the three trading blocs up, the United Americas, United Europe, and the Far Eastern Rim countries as well, then of course you have to be under a super world Parliament. That was always the goal, and the big boys wrote about this 100 years ago, the boys that were involved in setting it up.


So we’re living INTERGENERATIONALLY through a big world plan. All the fallout that we are seeing and living through today, even the wars, are part of that plan because they’ve got to standardize the world. Every country has to be on board with a strange thing called democracy, that’s a great panacea – it sounds good, it’s kind of Hollywood fiction basically. Also we all must have central banks, private central banks under the Bank for International Settlements too.   So those countries that don’t quite have them yet are being bombed out of existence. There’s other countries, yet, still to go that have refused to join the World Bank. Because once you join the World Bank, you understand, you also have to join the OECD, they call it, and it’s for overseas development, in other countries, where you must borrow money from the World Bank.  And the IMF is the paymaster; you go back and you pay those guys the debts and so on that you accumulate in the process. So it’s a very old system. Most folk don’t understand how it works at all. They really do think they are under sovereign governments, some more than others in fact. They don’t realize that we’ve all been had. We’ve all been had for an awful long time.


Because the big boys themselves that operated the Royal Institute of International Affairs said themselves in their own writings that they would bring in wars, even world wars, before of course there was even a World War I. They said they would bring them in to get all the countries on their knees and in massive debt and then they would give up their sovereignty eventually. This is basically what they’ve been going after all this time. So at the end of it all, the big stick is total control of finances across the world. And that’s exactly what the World Bank is set up to do, and the BIS, the Bank for International Settlements.  They decide the going rates for exchanges and everything else. They tell countries if they are too high, too optimistic on their rate and they tell them to lower it. And they do lower it. They do what they are told. They are all private clubs, remember.


But meanwhile, as I say, they always tell you, in the countries that they’ve already consumed, that you are now Democratic...  whatever that means. It means you get a chance to vote for somebody once every five years or so. And the guys that you vote for, according to their own historian at the CFR, Carroll Quigley, he said the delegates and the candidates at the top are all handpicked, on all party sides, are members themselves of the CFR. So for 100 years now you haven’t had a president, prime minister, candidate or bureaucrat who is not a member of the CFR. I don’t care who they are, how much you liked them – that’s simply how much they’ve conned you – they are all the same. There has not been an exception.


So there’s only one system running the world, in one direction of course. It has its goals, its time tables, like a big business plan, and that’s how it’s managed, minutely, very, very carefully. So we have nothing closely resembling any thing called democracy.  And democracy itself, by the way, if you go into ancient history, was tried out in Greek times. Ancient China tried out socialism, democracy, communism, all these ones in ancient times.  And Plato himself in Greece said that democracy always ends up with the big welfare state and eventually revolution in the form of communism that takes over for a while. That’s the cycle of it.  Some countries are formed as constitutional republics to stop this from happening. But even in the US it has already happened because President Wilson was the first guy to come out, openly to the public, and start saying that we are Democratic, we are democracy. He changed it right there. But he was run, of course, by Colonel Mandell House, the guy who actually drafted up the stuff which the Congress signed to get the Federal Reserve in.


So we’ve been living in a fantasy for an awful long time. Most folk live their whole lives never knowing the truth about anything at all. They have lots of conversations and debates and even arguments about the topics that are given to them, which get them nowhere actually; they’re designed that way. But they go to their deaths, even fighting wars for their countries and so on, never really knowing the true purposes of these wars and who benefits from them, etc. And that’s the worst thing of all is to steal a person’s mind basically at birth and then you indoctrinate them. So it’s the worst theft of all, the worst crime. Because we’ve never really known what freedom is.  And freedom does not mean that you go around and be a nuisance to everybody else, of course.


But the world we’re living in is a designed society, a planned society, and they are not far from their goal now of one system running all the financial money markets of the world and all the countries’ budgets of the world too, because eventually the IMF is to start doing the books of every country, as they are already doing in the crashed countries of Europe. Back with more after this break.


Hi folks we’re back Cutting Through The Matrix.  I’ve often said that since they started this whole idea, in London England – that’s the best place to watch what happens because it’s a kind of a template for the rest of the world to follow that is. The creation of the massive welfare state in Britain was part of it too. And the mass immigration from the most diverse – and the whole key is – diverse cultures, cultures which in a sense are completely alien to, say, the English way of life for instance. That was also to destroy the existing cultures. Tony Blair’s right-hand man came out in the media and admitted that, that he was told to open the floodgates to these countries in order to destroy the culture of Britain forever, so that it could never be revitalized and come back again. And that’s to be done across the whole planet. What also happens too, you get massive propaganda from the top telling you to adapt and accept, adapt and accept and so on. But you understand, their whole idea is to eliminate especially the countries that could give them problems down the road, if they still had strong cultures. It’s a war tactic. It’s a very simple war strategy.


In Britain too, for instance, we get little articles like this one here, which is a bit of a half of an article I’d say because they omit actually more than they tell you.  It says…


We don't know where our £5bn foreign aid goes:

Huge sum is paid out with almost no checks on how it is spent

dailymail.co.uk / Jason Groves / 24 July 2013


Ministers (Alan:  ...that’s the politicians and bureaucrats…)  have been urged to do ‘much more’ to safeguard the £4.9billion a year given to agencies after hearing that officials make only two visits to inspect countries where the UK does not have its own aid programme.  (A:  Now, they give multibillions to it every year, like every country does, under, again, the special programs that they created at the United Nations, all the signatories that signed onto them at the end of World War II. But they’re talking about the actual straight money, that’s handed right to the countries, or even the UN itself, without a check.)


Britain gives 60 per cent of its aid – one of the highest levels – through agencies such as the World Bank (A:  ...again, this private, quasi private organization…), European Union (A:  ...which is not Democratic at all; it doesn’t even claim to be, because the top honcho, the president of it, has said that the age of national states is over, it’s obsolete. You can go back into the archives at my website and you’ll find out all these talks I’ve given over the past when I read off their lectures and so on.) and United Nations who decide how to use the money.


The US prefers to have direct control – through bilateral arrangements – of how its money is spent and only gives 26 per cent of its aid to multilateral groups.


In a highly critical report by the Commons international development committee, MPs (A:  members of Parliament.) said they were shocked that British officials made only two visits to see for themselves how the money was spent.


Committee chairman Sir Malcolm Bruce said: ‘We accept that country visits are not the only way of gathering evidence.


‘For a number of multilateral organisations, the UK has a seat on the board, which obviously provides us with some oversight.


‘Nevertheless, we feel strongly that... the team should undertake more visits to countries in which the UK has no bilateral programmes.’


(A:  So here it is…) The Department for International Development (Dfid) (A:  It’s the new name for the OECD. They used to call it the OECD, but now it’s the DFID.  That’s an interesting… Every government that signed on to the United Nations, including the US, designates a position in their government, an appointed position, for a person to run and be in charge of that division for the International Monetary Fund, this private organization, and the same person generally is also in charge of the DFID, the Department for International Development. So this person decides how much money the US is going to give abroad to the programs, and then they put it down on the tab, the country, because the US borrows the money to give out, so does Britain – they all borrow money to give out, you see. And the IMF are the ones who collect the cash off the taxpayers. It’s an amazing program and people really are oblivious of how it even works.)   has boasted of slashing the administration costs on its own projects to around three per cent.


But MPs said this misleading because so much aid cash is now spent with organisations whose costs are often at least twice as high.  (A:  So we don’t even know how much money it is at all.)


The report warned cost cutting at home was creating ‘a perverse incentive for Dfid to allocate more of its money to multilaterals, many of whose administration costs are far higher for the wrong reasons.’


It went on: ‘Dfid’s allocation of funding should not be guided by the desire to “export” its own administration costs.’ 


MPs also voiced surprise that Dfid had continued to fund a series of organisations despite warning two years ago that they offered poor value for money.  (A:  You know, it’s a red herring, this whole article in a sense. Because your own governments are handing out money… Not only your governments by the way, even in the US it’s the state governments, in Britain it’s regions, and even mayors do it for their own towns and cities. They’re always giving out foreign aid, and the public hear nothing about it. They do it all the time. They’ve been doing it for years. But anyway, this article goes on to say that…)


A major review by Dfid in 2011 found that nine of the organisations it funded, including five run by the United Nations were performing poorly. But despite this Dfid has continued to fund four of them.


A further nine organisations given the second lowest rating of ‘adequate’ have had their funding increased by £97million, equal to a 12 per cent rise.  (A:  It’s an amazing scam.)


Dfid last night defended its approach to funding multilateral organisations, but said the process was kept under constant review.  


(A:  Now at home too, you understand, your government is also funding, since they signed on to the United Nations, every radical organization within your own country. And to get a grant from the government, all you have to put down on it is that you are ‘a radical organization’. If it’s for something that already exists, say happy families or something like that, you’re not going to get a grant. But anything to do with the destruction of the family, or different type of family, like same gender and so on, are getting massive grants from your own governments. So your own governments are undermining what was traditional in your own countries, and in ALL areas of tradition by the way.)


A statement said: ‘The Multilateral Aid Review process, introduced by this Government, provides a rigorous assessment of the value for money of multilateral agencies and is a model that has been adopted internationally.  (A:  ...it’s through the United Nations, you see.  And once again, you’ll find out that the same radical organizations are funded overseas by you, the taxpayer, radical organizations of all kinds. That’s democracy in action. See, there’s no such thing as democracy. You don’t even know what’s going on most of the time and your politicians are never really going to tell you. They’re never going to tell you at all. But that’s the way it really works.)


And also, this article too is interesting because we’ve all heard about America being the new Stasi with its incredible NSA spying across the world, on its own citizens too, and the powers of Homeland Security and so on and so on and so on. But people abroad are getting really ticked off with the fact that they are all getting spied on too. Mind you, they’ve been authorized to do it by the United Nations. Understand, the whole idea is to bring us all under one government eventually; this is the whole idea. But this says…


Police Investigate Dotcom’s Face Projected Onto U.S. Embassy

torrentfreak.com / July 11, 2013


Last weekend the words “United Stasi of America” were projected onto the side of the US embassy in Berlin alongside the face of Kim Dotcom. Police are now investigating whether a crime has been committed.


The spying activities of the U.S. Government have received massive coverage in recent weeks, largely thanks to the revelations of Edward Snowden.  (A:  ...if nothing else he did bring it up again.)


As a result the NSA has been compared on a number of occasions to the Stasi, the secret police in the former East Germany. The NSA, however, appears to be carrying out spying on a much grander scale.


In an attempt to draw even more attention to the scandal, last Sunday German artist Oliver Bienkowski beamed an image of Megaupload founder Kim Dotcom onto the walls of the U.S. embassy in Berlin accompanied by the words “United Stasi of America.”


“The Stasi would have dreamt of being able to do what the Americans are doing,” Bienkowski told Reuters.


“The Stasi look like a bunch of boy scouts compared to what the NSA is doing. It’s the real deal in terms of a secret service with modern technology at their disposal. It’s far more dangerous.”


“I defaced the U.S. embassy in Berlin with a truth-projection last night.  (A:  That’s a new term now, the truth projection…) Owned!” he said on Twitter.


Now, however, police are reportedly investigating whether Bienkowski can be charged with the crime of “slander against the organizations and representatives of a foreign state.” (A:  But it was done on the sovereign territory of the embassy, so they can’t. Back with more after this.) 


Hi folks, we’re back Cutting Through The Matrix talking about the big system. And it truly is a complete system, isn’t it; nothing is missed. Whatever they tell us in the news, really, has a different spin from actually what they’re up to; it’s only partial truths. Mostly it’s partial truths, or front-truths I call them, front-truths so you’ll accept things like this one here. It says…


UK Porn Filter Will Censor Other Content Too, ISPs Reveal

torrentfreak.com / July 26, 2013


On Monday David Cameron told his citizens that by the end of the year broadband subscribers will be required to go through a compulsory system which will decide what they can and cannot see on the Internet.


Starting from a position of ‘porn banned’ (A:  Well you see, they always use that. Remember, they used that to sell the computer in the first place. Because I think every child knew about porn being on the Internet before they knew about anything else that was on the Internet. They made sure that everyone knew, to get the thing sold out there; that was a selling point.), subscribers will have to systematically unblock things they require access to. This, Cameron says, will help prevent the nation’s children from gaining access to “corroding influences” online.


While the idea of protecting children is a commendable one, censorship opponents leveled several criticisms at the scheme. Would it work? Would it lead to over-blocking? Would the system be easily circumvented? What about the privacy implications?


In the last few hours new information has been emerging which reveals that the proposals seen so far are actually only the thin end of a worryingly fat wedge.  (A:  Now remember, they tried this in Australia, under the same gimmickry, and the first site to be taken down in fact, and that was blocked, was a Christian site that was for pro-life. This is how they do it, you see.)


The Open Rights Group are reporting that they’ve had a nice little chat with some of the ISPs that will be expected to introduce Cameron’s porn filter. Unsurprisingly the list of websites and content to be blocked by default won’t stop at porn.


ORG speculate on categories of content that might be filtered in future, but for a clearer idea of where we stand today we can take a look at the system currently being operated by ISP TalkTalk. The HomeSafe system, which was singled out for praise by David Cameron earlier this week as leading the way in this field, currently covers several categories as detailed in the image below.


As previously noted, leave the third box ticked and not only will all file-sharing sites be wiped out, but TorrentFreak with them too. Leave the rest of them ticked (note: the government is promising “default on” for all filters) and it’s anyone’s guess what else will disappear. Just like when many novice (or even experienced users) install software, the chances of people simply clicking through, next after next, is extremely high.


Furthermore, in news that’s unlikely to win the PM or TalkTalk many fans, it’s now been revealed by the BBC that HomeSafe is being run by Huawei, a Chinese company founded by a former China People’s Liberation Army officer.


The UK government already knows about the connection, as an Intelligence and Security Committee (ISC) report released last month expressed concern over the “alleged links between Huawei and the Chinese State” (A:  ...well, that’s a good communist or totalitarian state; you know, they’ve got a very cheap workforce there.) as they “generate suspicion as to whether Huawei’s intentions are strictly commercial or are more political.”


Whether Huawei is linked to the government or not, it’s hardly encouraging to discover that even when TalkTalk subscribers turn filtering completely off, their traffic is still routed through Huawei’s system.


UK ISPs will be free to use whatever filtering system they like when the time comes, but it’s certainly possible that some will choose to use the existing service offered by Huawei. In order to thwart their traffic being monitored, subscribers will still be able to use a VPN. Unless circumvention tools are blocked too, as Open Rights Group suggest.


And this was designed to happen before they gave you the computer because the big boys don’t let things happen and a crisis comes along and then they have to deal with it. They PLAN the future. These guys… It’s like you’re all on the chessboard and you don’t know it, and the chessboard is already being played. In fact, the chessboard was already played many times before they put it into actual action, real action, on all of us. What they do is they start off, like any war scenario, and they say, if we do this what will the reactions be? Then they run things through the computers to find out which groups will stand up against this, this, this, and this and this. And they find other things too, where there are no groups to stand up against things, so rather than wait for them to appear – and they haven’t made a move yet, remember – they decide to train leaders to start up groups. And that’s how folk really go, they join existing groups. They don’t realize most of these existing groups are already formed by government boys to make sure they run you around in circles forever. They plan every possible comeback from any move they make before they make the move. And they debate it all, ad-nauseam.  Believe you me, they miss nothing. And they knew all of this before they gave you the Internet, until they made it pretty well essential for most folk who can’t imagine living without it, then eventually they would start taking it down as far as any kind of freedom goes. So it’s all going to plan, you see. So I’ll put this up tonight. Remember, Britain is the flagship for the world to copy and so are the Commonwealth countries too because they still have the Commonwealth countries.


The Great Firewall of Cameron: Why The UK's Filtering By Fiat Won't Work, and Won't Help - eff.org / July 23, 2013 / Danny O'Brien


Also, it says here…


The Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership –

A long hard road to multilateralism?

epc.eu/pub_details.php?pub_id=3670 / 19 July 2013 / Romain Pardo


It will take time to develop mechanisms of regulatory convergence, especially if they are designed to include third parties and become Global Standards.  (A:  ...that’s a think tank.)



The first round of the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) negotiations between the European Union and the United States . . .  (A:  Again, whenever you hear the ‘investment partnership’, ‘free trade’ and so on, that’s the Royal Institute of International Affairs, a private organization that set up this whole world plan 100 years ago – its foreign bodies are often called Council on Foreign Relations – and they’re still working at it. So here they are again at Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership.  Now remember, as I said last night, when you join on to these organizations or any of their deals, the third world countries, that you will take in as part of the group, the trading group, have special status. They don’t have to pay any taxes for up to 15 years, I believe it is. Also, the first world countries cannot tax any imports from those countries, but the third world countries can still tax your exports to them.  So it’s to keep them selling their own stuff at home, that’s the idea behind it, for 15 years.  And they can renew that 15 years after the 15 years is up. Plus you also have to help them build schools and hospitals and lots and lots of other things too.)


The first round of the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) negotiations between the European Union and the United States took place during the week of 8 July in Washington after nearly two years of preparations. If concluded successfully, the TTIP would become the world’s largest free trade pact. (A:  Again, go back 100 years, and go into the writings of Carroll Quigley who worked as the historian for this group, their personal archivist in fact, to read that he talked about it, the European Union, back in the 60s.)


The Partnership, unprecedented in its scope and ambition, has generated great expectations which will be hard to meet in reality. It could however have a beneficial effect on trade multilateralism, provided that it is the result of an open negotiating process.


The size of the transatlantic economy combined with a global context marked by interdependence (A:  Now, interdependence, folks, is a very clever word because what it means is that you have no personal independence anymore. It’s not just countries.  You have to be interdependent. It means, well, anything you make country-wise has to have parts and so on taken from other countries; you cannot make them in your own country to make the whole complete item. You see, this is how they’ve worked it out. But also, they use that too down to the local level where interdependent means you can have no personal independence; that’s why they want to do away with even gardening in some countries. If you can feed yourself, well hey, you’re not interdependent. You must be dependent upon the system, but the same in commerce and business and manufacturing.)  indicates that TTIP will not only have an important spill-over effect on third countries but could also have an impact on trade multilateralism.


One of the main priorities of the partnership is to address non-tariff barriers, also referred to as ‘behind the border’ obstacles to trade, by the harmonization (A:  I love this word, harmonization, too.  It’s a lovely word too isn’t it? You always think of voices of angels and things like that, but of course it is nothing to do with that at all. It’s to do with standardized national laws, folks. Your own national laws have to get changed, like all the EU countries had to change all their laws, harmonize them as they call it, into the new central body that runs it all, the new super Soviet.), mutual recognition or equivalence of regulations and by a greater convergence and common definition of standards. This regulatory convergence could potentially enhance the multilateral trading system as third countries, in order to boost their exports, will have a strong incentive to adopt standards and regulations that have the advantage of being recognised on both sides of the Atlantic. In this respect, TTIP could very well serve as a basis to set global standards. In an open system, such regulations could also be extended to third countries with which the EU and/or the US have Preferential Trade Agreements (PTAs).


(A:  Now remember, the main driving body, that we know of, today, apart from the CFR that will always be behind it all, and the Royal Institute of International Affairs, a private body behind it all too, that set it up and dreamed it all up over 100 years ago, is also the G20. And no citizen of any country had any vote on the creation of the G20. What it is, it’s a group now, basically a private group if you like, of your presidents and prime ministers, that formed a club for themselves, because they were told to by their bosses at the CFR, and then they would simply make massive agreements, just on the spot, all drafted up over years by the Sherpas who do all the work, the bureaucrats that trot around the planet and iron out all the difficulties. But the G20 gets together, has a great feast and a great party time, and they just sign all the agreements that have been made by all the Sherpas. That’s how the world really works, folks. And they have written about this before in the past.)


Therefore, it is not surprising that EU Trade Commissioner Karel De Gucht declared that TTIP could be a great opportunity to reinforce the World Trade Organization (WTO), as the Doha negotiations have reached a stalemate. It certainly makes sense to integrate an ambitious agreement, fit to set global standards and regulations, within the WTO framework as WTO rules currently govern 85% of world trade. (A:  Now again, the World Trade Organization was created by the Royal Institute of International Affairs, the private organization. What a power. Back with more after this.)


Hi folks, we’re back Cutting Through The Matrix and on to this article too. This is interesting because GlaxoSmithKline is one huge Corporation to do with drugs and pharmaceuticals and so on, pharmaceuticals across the world. But they do business the old-fashioned way, you know, they just pay off people in other countries to allow their stuff into the countries, or they even hire prostitutes as well. It came out earlier in the month of course that the Chinese had complaints that GlaxoSmithKline had given free holidays and lots of other perks through travel agencies by the way, across China, to people there to sell the drugs there. But it says…


Chinese police allege Glaxo sales reps trained to offer sexual bribes

(A:  They are trained to offer it… You see, nothing’s low enough in business anymore, and these big companies have laws unto themselves generally.)

Chinese police have released new details of GlaxoSmithKline’s alleged crimes in China, claiming that sales representatives were given “clear directives” to offer bribes to doctors and were trained to cater “to their pleasures.”

telegraph.co.uk / Tom Philips / 26 Jul 2013


GSK sales reps “established good personal relations with doctors by catering to their pleasures or offering them money, in order to make them prescribe more drugs,” China’s official news wire Xinhua reported on Friday.


Citing police investigations, Xinhua quoted a 35-year-old female “medical representative” who reportedly worked for a GSK regional sales manager named only as Mr Li.


The woman, named as Ms Wang, said “some executives gave clear directives to the sales department to offer bribes to doctors with money or opportunities to attend academic conferences.” (A:  ...and of course these are worldwide.) 


Ms Wang said she would even go so far as fulfilling some doctors’ “sexual desires” in order to “meet their needs” and persuade them to prescribe more drugs.


A doctor from a “reputable hospital” whose real name was not given, claimed that one GSK representative had “blatantly offered kickbacks to doctors”.


“For example, 20 yuan [£2.11] for each pack of Seretide, an asthma-treating inhaler; and 10 yuan [£1.05] for each dose of Flixotide, an asthma-treating spray.”


If a doctor appeared reluctant to accept cash, GSK “salespeople” would offer them “gifts, free travel after meetings and lecture fees.”


“In fact, many doctors received lecture fees even when the lectures did not exist,” Xinhua reported.


The state-run news agency claimed that a cut of between seven and ten percent of prescribed drugs went directly into “doctors' personal accounts”.


A spokesman for GSK said: "As we have previously said, we are deeply concerned by allegations of fraudulent behaviour and ethical misconduct by individuals in our China business.


(A:  Then they go on with their usual pabulum…)  "We have zero tolerance for any kind of corrupt behaviour amongst our employees, suppliers and business partners and will take action wherever and whenever we find it. 


"This behaviour is a clear breach of GSK's systems, governance, values and standards


"We will continue to cooperate fully with the Chinese authorities in their investigation and take any and every action that is required."


On Wednesday, the company’s chief executive, Sir Andrew Witty, conceded that “senior figures” in GSK’s China business might have been engaged in “inappropriate and illegal” behavior. (A:  It was all their fault, the reps in China, you see – in other words.) Sir Andrew described the allegations as “shameful”.


The scandal erupted in early July when police officials said that during a six-month investigation they had turned up evidence that GlaxoSmithKline had behaved like a criminal “godfather”.  


Well that’s exactly how they do it. But everything is the same now isn’t it? I mean, remember the Strauss-Kahn affair? ...at the IMF? ...and all the massive orgies that they have laid on for him, everywhere. And this is part of… It goes on the tab, you know. It goes on the tab. That’s everyday behavior amongst these kinds of characters at the top. They don’t live like you and I. They don’t even bother reading newspapers to get the pabulum that we get; they know it’s all rubbish. But they go ahead and they are untouchable, and that’s how they behave, as untouchables. And with the cash that they have and the power that they wield and the politicians that they put in across the world through financing them for their run into politics, they’ve got it all down pat. That’s only one big company.  Every big company is exactly the same, folks. They are all exactly the same. That’s the real world. They live above the clouds, above all the perceptions that we are given down below.


And speaking of the clouds too…


Pentagon to deploy huge blimps over Washington, DC

for 360-degree surveillance

rt.com / July 25, 2013


A pair of high-tech Army blimps is coming to the greater Washington, DC area, and soon they will be able to provide the military with surveillance powers that spans hundreds of millions of acres from North Carolina to Niagara Falls, Canada.


 The airships are part of Raytheon’s Joint Land Attack Cruise Missile Defense Elevated Netted Sensor System (A:  [Alan chuckles.]), or JLENS, and when all is said and done they’ll offer the United States military what the defense contractor calls “an affordable elevated, persistent over-the-horizon sensor system” that relies on “a powerful integrated radar system to detect, track and target a variety of threats.”  (A:  I think calling it all that, all these words there, is a threat in itself, isn’t it?) 


Raytheon has just wrapped up a six-week testing period in the state of Utah and is now sending its JLENS fleet to the Aberdeen Proving Ground in Maryland. Once there, the Army intends to get some hands-on experience that will eventually culminate in launching the pair of airships over Washington, DC.


Once above the nation’s capital, JLENS will allow the Army to see for 320 miles in any direction from 10,000 feet above the earth. The system can be set up to operate on its own for an entire month without requiring refueling, and offers the Pentagon surveillance capabilities that dwarf other options at a penny of the cost.  (A:  Well that’s how they played down the cost of it, which is massive of course.)


So, this is what you pay for, toys for the boys, but for the Military Industrial Complex because it is a huge complex. And you’ll find the same guys who are involved in the top Military Industrial Complexes, by the way, the top companies are also under the big, big banks, who own them all. The same list of usual suspects own the biggest Military Industrial Complex organizations on the planet; they really do when you dig into it.  Really, a handful of people run the world, and they have the majority shares, including the secret shares – you know these big, big companies have secret shares that are not put on the market for anyone else to buy. That’s the world we live in; it’s all a joke, folks.


And getting back to the system that’s coming here now...  Now the EU I’ve mentioned many times, the European Union, is the new super Soviet. Even dissenters from the old Soviet Union called it that too. They say, there’s no doubt about it, it’s not Democratic at all, it doesn’t even pretend to be, and the politicians have no voting rights at all. So why have them? Well, it’s there to make you believe you have some kind of democracy, that’s all. It says…



Forced psychiatric treatment for activist: Raisa Radchenko

khpg.org / 16.07.13 / www.amnesty.org


A 70-year old human rights activist in Ukraine has been detained in a psychiatric hospital against her will, apparently in retaliation for her activism.  (A:  Now, that was the standard Soviet system. And you understand too, a lot of the old bosses that ran in the Politburos in those countries, are still there. And they changed their names to things like, oh, Christian Democrats or whatever is handy. But they are still the same bunch running it, using the same tactics.)


Raisa Radchenko is a member of several local citizens’ associations in Zaporizhzhya, Ukraine and has actively campaigned against local corruption and police abuse, supporting local people who have attempted to claim their rights. In early June she visited the capital Kyiv to present petitions on behalf of residents of Zaporizhzhya to the Prosecutor General’s office and the Presidential Administration. She had previously also organized a petition asking for the resignation of the Mayor of Zaporizhzhya.


Daryna Radchenko, Raisa Radchenko’s daughter, reported that on 10 July two police officers and a psychiatrist came to their home and informed Raisa Radchenko that there had been a court decision stating that she should be subjected to an in-patient psychiatric examination. She has no history of mental illness. Raisa Radchenko refused to open the door because they were unable to produce any documents confirming the court decision. On 11 July she went with her daughter and five year-old grandson to Lenin District Court for more information. According to Daryna Radchenko as many as 30 police officers immediately detained her mother and restrained all three; Daryna Radchenko sustained bruising on her arm. The following day Daryna Radchenko met the head doctor at the Zaporizhzhya Regional Psychiatric Hospital and was informed that a court decision had been taken based on the testimony of two cleaners working in Raisa Radchenko’s block who reported anti-social behaviour. (A:  Well, that’s what they do; they pay them off. And you’ve got lots of folk who are willing to turn everybody in, believe you me, because that’s how the whole Soviet system works. It’s still alive and in operation today. So are all the old Soviet bloc countries.)  Only subsequently did Daryna Radchenko see a copy of the court decision ordering an in-patient psychiatric evaluation. 


Now remember, they used psychiatry heavily in the Soviet Union. In fact, if you complained about the policy of communism you were declared to be obviously mentally ill, because there is no better system in the world; so you were locked up for life in a mental hospital and drugged. If your opinions could not be bent to the in-vogue opinion, they said you had inflexibility of opinion; that was a mental illness. And the thing is still going ahead today.  I mean, they’ll use the same thing in different countries too, not necessarily ex-Soviet. There’s many ways to set you up, folks. And believe you me, psychiatry, this farce of psychiatry, it’s just like another big, big drug pusher for big Pharma, is well ahead of the game.  They’ll do it too for sure, no doubt about it.  And that’s the farce for today.


From Hamish and myself from Ontario, Canada, it’s good night and may your God or your Gods GO with you. 



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