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Poem Copyright Alan Watt Aug. 1, 2013:

Planned Crises by Masters of Vices:

"We're Moving Rapidly Down the Road to Hell,
Planned Crisis After Crisis is Working Well,
We Live Through a Private Big Business Plan,
Disguised by Politics and Media by Flim-Flam,
Before You Dismiss this News too Quickly,
Read Articles, Books by Professor Quigley
Who was the Historian of the C.F.R.,
Branch of the R.I.I.A. which Plans Future Far
Through Centuries with Myriads of Think-Tanks,
Organization Set Up by World's Biggest Banks,
Shaping the Future, Revolutions in Cultures,
Amalgamating Nations, Circling Like Vultures,
Ensuring Rulership Passed to Son, Daughter,
Advancing and Profiting by Years of Slaughter"
© Alan Watt Aug. 1, 2013


Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - Aug. 1, 2013 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)
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Hi folks.  I am Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix on August 1, 2013. I always start off by suggesting to people that they should make good use of the website, lots of audios for download. I go through the system that weíre born into and explain. I fill in all the blank bits, really, that they take out of history as to why things happen.  Because nothing happens on a big scale in the world without years and years and years of planning by big organizations and governments. Nothing at all. Therefore, when you see wars coming up, or free trade coming out and new negotiations, these have taken years and years in the planning stage, never mind the diplomatic stages too with other countries involved to get the things eventually through. So weíre living through a planned agenda; thatís how the world is really run, like a big business plan.


It surprised me years ago to find out that big businesses, international corporations actually work out their strategies 50 years ahead, sometimes even longer, to do with investments, takeovers and so on, eliminating competition, all of these things. And government does exactly the same thing. Government, really, is just an arm of the international corporations today.  Because the big foundations that set themselves up over 100 years ago decided to take over the world, since they pretty well owned a lot of it already. They were behind the big wars, because they also own the Military Industrial Complex.  And Iím talking about the big international bankers; they actually own the Military Industrial Complex corporations that youíre so familiar with.  They decided to take over the whole world and run the world properly, the way it should be run, according to them, since they believe they are the most intelligent of their kind on the planet, and everybody else was simply dependent on them for work, etc., etc. Youíll hear that a lot from big bankers in fact, how they give us all jobs and work and so on.


So help yourself to the website. Youíll find history of it too, the foundations that they run, that really advise governments across the whole planet on all their various policies, social policies and so on.  And how they also put in their own members as prime ministers and presidents; theyíve done that for an awful, awful long time. It doesnít matter what side you think theyíre on, there are no sides in this game. Because when you look into an organization such as the CFR or the Royal Institute of International Affairs youíll find that they have global meetings, youíll find the top labor unions there, top communists there, even some dictators there, along with all the representatives of your own governments too. Itís all the same policy. The policy is to bring in a system where the world is run privately by corporations, as Quigley said, and he was the historian for the CFR. He said, that was the agenda, and they would privatize everything, all the government services and so on would become privatized, owned by corporations. Thatís what we have today.  As they amalgamate countries into super states like the EU, the new Soviet system, they privatize all the services back in the smaller countries. Theyíre no longer countries. Theyíre not sovereign anymore, put it that way; they are countries in name only. So itís all working out to plan.


As I say, if you go into youíll find out how itís all been set up. Remember too, that you help me tick along here by supporting me and buying the books and discs at Because I could take on advertisers as guests and so on, and sell you stuff show after show and then Iíd be sitting pretty of course. But then I think it could also compromise you in certain ways too, so I rely upon the people to buy the books and discs.  If you want to understand how the system works and some of the history of it, itís a very old system, this, and the art of controlling millions of people is very old indeed, and well understood, you can buy the books and discs. [Order and donation options listed above.]   And straight donations are seriously welcome as we go through the planned inflation, which is simply devaluation of your currencies; they print more cash.


And thatís the plan worldwide right now because eventually the plan is to have the Bank for International Settlements run the whole show across the planet with the IMF and the World Bank, all private institutions, set up, again, by one organization, one private organization, a club if you like, in the City of London and itís called the Royal Institute of International Affairs.  So thatís the agenda and as I say, and Iím not speaking out of the top of my head here. Itís from their own personal historian who was in charge of their archives. The reason these organizations have their own archives is they, again, fill in all the blank bits in history. They tell you who finances the wars, who benefits from them, the corporations which are all involved with them of course, all members of these organizations, and they tell you where itís all supposed to go. At the end, the big stick is money and then by the use of government to force laws through on the public, forcing vaccinations and all these kind of things, telling you which private corporations you must use now for health care and all the other things, everything is becoming privatized.

And theyíre bringing you into austerity, planned austerity. Now, the big corporations donít lose anything at all. Itís the best gimmick of all because planned austerity means the big international corporations that take over your water supplies, from the public utilities, and your gas supplies, all of these things that you built up over generations from the public tax money, has been privatized. These corporations will make more money than ever and thereíll be no choices, by the way, for people. Thereís no competition once itís happened, itís done and signed into law by governments. And they will give you less, but theyíll charge you about 10 times more. So itís a great con actually for them to get a lot more money for giving you less. Itís beautiful, really. Everything is a con. As I say, itís the art of conology that runs the world. It really is. It has been for an awful, awful long time.


Today now with neuroscientists on board with all of this, the understanding of the human mind, mapping the brain, all the big projects that are on the go, and psycholinguistics, or neurolinguistics as they like to call it now, the type of terminology they use to bring you to your conclusion.  And with the total control of media, which is on board because the media of course had to be on board with the big corporations from the very beginning, and the big philanthropic organizations, or foundations. And theyíre all members of it.  All the big moguls in the media are members of the Royal Institute of International Affairs/Council on Foreign Relations.  Their job is to keep you running around in circles, to make you think that crises just happen out of the blue and the government has to go into action to resolve them on the spot. As I say, nothing is further from the truth because anything to do with economy, free trade, wars, all of these things take many, many years, just in the planning stage itself, before anything is implemented, years and years in the planning.


Remember too, with free trade negotiations, which again was the brainchild of the Royal Institute of International Affairs, this private organization. They said the free trade eventually would tie up the world into trading blocs and the first world countries must pay for the third world countries that joined. In other words, youíll pay for their hospitals, for the setting up the factories in their countries, with your tax money.  Theyíll still be allowed to tax your exports to their countries but you wonít be allowed to tax the imports that they demand you take from them. Thatís what free trade really is. Thatís what weíre still doing with China, by the way. For 20 years, or 25 years, they can actually keep charging import duties from the US, Canada and elsewhere, while you must accept their stuff gratis, basically free. Now, the taxes youíre losing back home in the first world countries, or that the governments are losing, are not being lost at all because they simply introduce new taxes from the general population. Thatís what itís all about, as they make up for the taxes they are losing on import duties. At one time the import duties ran the country, even before income taxes.


So, youíre living through a planned agenda. Itís a global agenda. Every country is on board with this. The ones who havenít been on board are being bombed out of existence right now, and then they will be given a thing called democracy, which is a sham, and they are given debt by a central private bank, installed, and then they borrow money from the World Bank, and the IMF comes down like a ton of bricks demanding massive compound interest. Itís a wonderful scam, mind you.  Thereís nothing really in this world right now to oppose this agenda, nothing whatsoever. The unfortunate part is too, all their big think tanks that belong to these groups have studied us so well, and they know we will adapt to anything, given time and the right indoctrination. Back with more after this break.


Hi folks, weíre back Cutting Through The Matrix and talking about the only thing that matters now, is the big world system that runs us all. Because it knows where itís going. Every countryís involved. All the top politicians are involved; in fact they are members of one organization worldwide. They swear allegiance to it, and their allegiance comes before any other oath they take afterwards, believe you me.


Now, part of the whole idea of free trade too... And weíve got all of these things going on. Weíve got the one with China. Weíve got free trade pacts with countries across the planet. And youíve got the TransPacific Partnership free trade deal too, and thereís many other ones to do with Latin America. Itís all to do with uniting the continent together. First the continent itself and then with other continents; thatís why theyíre doing this now. Now, the organization, again, when it was called the Milner group, the Lord Alfred Milner group that ran the system, it morphed into the Royal Institute of International Affairs.  It came up with the whole idea a long time ago, about 100 years ago. They tried to get it in during the times just prior to it, and during and after World War I. They set up these deals with the US and they called them Pan-European projects and Pan-American projects and so on. But the public wouldnít go for it at the time. So they knew they would have to take the long haul and it would take them maybe 100 years to bring it in, properly, and train the public to accept it gradually. They certainly went through that task and did it awfully well because now itís all happening.


The 21st century they claim is the Century for Change. That means all the plans that were worked out for society, and the elimination of nations even, will come into effect in this century. Then the proper restructuring of society, ordering of society, into classes, proper classes Ė they call it that because they are eugenicists at the top Ė and so on will be done as well. And we are all categorized today. Itís not just information to do with spying and so on thatís all important to the big boys. Itís categorizing YOU, because thatís why theyíve got to make personality profiles of every individual, everybody and their family, the family history. In other words, theyíre doing genetics on you. Theyíre studying you to see not just what illnesses youíre prone to but what kind of IQ you have and so on and so on and so on. Itís all to do with this.


Many of the big players that helped bring in this present system youíre living through, with all of the things that you accept as normal to do with culture, were planned 50, 60 years ago by the big players who published their findings, because they took part in these global meetings. Iíve gone through a lot of the history, at the end of World War II when organizations were brought into the White House even and given permission by the president to re-create the culture for America, which they did it awfully well. The Macy group was one of them. You had the Frankfurt school as well. They did the same with Britain and the rest of Europe, a new culture. It was really along the lines of the communistic culture. Professor Carroll Quigley who was the historian of the CFR said himself, that they were often mistaken for communists because their agenda was primarily the same. The big bankers, remember, created the Council on Foreign Relations/Royal Institute of International Affairs and they like that form of socialism where government is big, it has agencies running the public, and many of these agencies are even to do with training children at school and forms of indoctrination to serve the system better.


So itís all underway today and the people have adapted into it quietly.  The destruction of the family unit was another thing too; they said it was an obsolete idea. What they really said too, was that families tended to stand up against government intrusion; when government decided to take someone out or whatever or imprison them, because they were speaking out about things, many other families, because they all had so much in common, would stand up beside them.  And that was their opposition for centuries. Once the family was eliminated the government can come down, just like Big Brother in George Orwellís 1984, and talk directly down to you. So we are at that stage today. 


The big players too, like Julian Huxley who worked with the United Nations, different departments, he was more explicit on it. He said, we will create massive promiscuity, and he said, the more partners a child will have, even if you can get them into this before puberty, he says, they will never mate for life. They donít want families made that way anymore, you see. And itís worked out awfully well, hasnít it, since the 60s and the so-called sexual revolution. Now, most things are done through revolutions, you understand, and most revolutions are CULTURAL. Those who run the revolutions know exactly where itís all supposed to go.


Now, when the nation state was declared to be obsolete by the head of the European Union, this massive super conglomerate Parliament, that nobody wanted, thatís not Democratic by any means at all, and Rompuy, he said himself, the nation state is obsolete. And he really meant it. He wasnít speaking just on his own behalf; he was talking about the United Nations, all the big boys, and the social systems that are all working for it. Part of the system, as they bring countries down into austerity, supposedly austerity, itís all to do with control and the moving in of private corporations that take over all the public utilities and so on, and that really charge you a lot. Thatís the whole idea. Because when your life is being run, or you are dependent for everything you need from private corporations, then thereís no point in complaining to the private corporations. Youíll be given no choice, because the government is working with them. They are giving sole corporations, this one or that one, the complete right over a particular area or service or whatever. Then when you complain to the government theyíll say, well we canít do anything about it because itís a private company; we have nothing really to do with it now.


This is how theyíre introducing, as Quigley said, this new feudal system where the overlords, the new overlords of the people are the CEOs of corporations. They have more say in many ways than politicians. More say. And the politicians know this as well. They work quite happily with them because they all, at the top, as I say, belong to the same organization.  So weíre living through a planned sham. The bankers love it, they really love it because itís far easier to get governments to form something like an IRS to get back taxes from the public to pay loans that the nation borrows, rather than simply go around the nation like they used to do and lend individually to areas.  They get the governments to do it; itís far, far better for them.


Now, part of their privatization, as they sneak it all in, is done by Serco. Itís a massive company, itís into everything you can imagine. Whatís happening in Britain, which is the flagship for the world to follow, is happening elsewhere. But it says here that Serco...  Itís an international Corporation; itís not just in Britain...


Serco: the company that is running Britain / John Harris / 29 July 2013


From prisons to rail franchises and even London's Boris bikes (Alan:  ...thatís the Mayor of London that came out with his bike.), Serco is a giant global corporation that has hoovered up outsourced government contracts. Now the National Health Service is firmly in its sights. But it stands accused of mismanagement, lying and even charging for non-existent work.  (A:  Well all big corporations do that, because weíre living in the age of ultimate greed as well.)


In May this year, a huge company listed on the London Stock Exchange found itself in the midst of controversy about a prison it runs for the government Ė Thameside, a newly built jail next to Belmarsh, in south-east London. A report by Her Majesty's Inspectorate found that 60% of its inmates were locked up all day, and there were only "vague plans to restore the prison to normality". The prison campaign group the Howard League for Penal Reform talked about conditions that were "truly alarming".


Two months later, the same company was the subject of a high-profile report published by the House Of Commons public accounts committee, prompted by the work of Guardian journalist Felicity Lawrence. This time, attention was focused on how it was managing out-of-hours GP services in Cornwall (A:  ...thatís general practitioners.), and massive failings that had first surfaced two years before. Again, the verdict was damning: data had been falsified, national standards had not been met, there was a culture of "lying and cheating", and the service offered to the public was simply "not good enough".


Three weeks ago, there came grimmer news. Thanks to its contracts for tagging offenders (A:  You know, people who have offended, they put these tags on them, electronic tagsÖ), the company was now the focus of panic at the Ministry of Justice, where it had been discovered that it was one of two contractors that had somehow overcharged the government for its services, possibly by as much as £50m; there were suggestions that one in six of the tags that the state had paid for did not actually exist. How this happened is still unclear, but justice secretary Chris Grayling has said the allegations represent something "wholly indefensible and unacceptable".


The firm that links these three stories together is Serco. (A:  And Iíll continue on this because itís very important to see how things are going, when I come back from this break.)


Hi folks weíre back Cutting Through The Matrix and talking about Serco, as privatized utilities go under one by one. Serco is one of the companies thatís taken over. Lockheed Martin also is involved in a lot of this stuff too, across the whole planet; in fact, even I think your annual taxes are sent over to India and they are in charge of all of that too, plus the census for US and Canada. But anyway, back to Serco and it says hereÖ


The firm that links these three stories together is Serco. Its range of activities, here and abroad, is truly mind-boggling, taking in no end of things that were once done by the state, but are now outsourced to private companies. Amazingly, its contracts with government are subject to what's known as "commercial confidentiality" (A:  ...Isnít that wonderful? So thereís no point in complaining to government.) And as a private firm it's not open to Freedom of Information requests, so looking into the details of what it does is fraught with difficulty.  (A:  See how it was designed to be this way. And it gets all these, the complaint departments, it gets them gone from the government departments since theyíre no longer dealing with it too.)


But the basic facts are plain enough. As well as five British prisons and the tags attached to over 8,000 English and Welsh offenders, Serco sees to two immigration removal centres, at Colnbrook near Heathrow, and Yarl's Wood in Bedfordshire. You'll also see its logo on the Docklands Light Railway and Woolwich ferry, and is a partner in both Liverpool's Merseyrail network, and the Northern Rail franchise, which sees to trains that run in a huge area between the North Midlands and English-Scottish border.


Serco runs school inspections in parts of England, speed cameras all over the UK, and the National Nuclear Laboratory, based at the Sellafield site in Cumbria. It also holds the contracts for the management of the UK's ballistic missile early warning system on the Yorkshire moors, the running of the Manchester Aquatics Centre, and London's "Boris bikes". 


As evidenced by the story of how it handled out-of-hours care in Cornwall, it is also an increasingly big player in a health service that is being privatised at speed, (A:  Now once they bring in the US one, they will have it going for a few years and say itís unsustainable, and then youíll have one massive conglomerate then and theyíll sell it off for peanuts to their pals, all with preplanned deals of course. Everything is a strategy, you understand, a big business strategy.) in the face of surprisingly little public opposition: among its array of NHS contracts is a new role seeing to "community health services" in Suffolk, which involves 1,030 employees. The company is also set to bid for an even bigger healthcare contract in Cambridgeshire and Peterborough: the NHS's single-biggest privatisation Ė or, if you prefer, "outsourcing" Ė to date, which could be worth over £1bn.


But even this is only a fraction of the story. Among their scores of roles across the planet, Serco is responsible for air traffic control in the United Arab Emirates, parking-meter services in Chicago, driving tests in Ontario, and an immigration detention centre on Christmas Island, run on behalf of those well-known friends of overseas visitors the Australian government.


In the US, the company has just been awarded a controversial $1.25bn contract by that country's Department of Health. (A:  Isnít that interesting eh?) All told, its operations suggest some real-life version of the fantastical mega-corporations that have long been invented by fiction writers; a more benign version of the Tyrell Corporation from Blade Runner, say, or one of those creations from James Bond movies whose name always seems to end with the word "industries".


The strangest thing, though, is the gap between Serco's size and how little the public knows about it. Not for nothing does so much coverage of its work include the sentence "the biggest company you've never heard of".  (A:  So it just shows you, folks, this is how the world is really run. This is a longer article of course; I wonít read it all. But everything I read goes up at at the end of the broadcast. Itís just fantastic. They run prisons across the planet, this company too.)


Weíre watching everything becoming privatized, the military and everything else too.  And weíre all taught...  You see, weíre so distracted with crisis news...  Thereís always crisis in the economy, crisis and war, whatever it happens to be, and thatís all to keep you off balance while all of this stuff goes ahead. They have many techniques to keep you away from asking questions. And when you are stampeding, I always use this term, stampeding.  Itís like stampeding cattle, once you get them going, you see, itís quite easy for the guys at the head to just steer them any way that they want them to go, because theyíre all in a panic. This is what they do, they keep you stampeding through crisis, crisis, crisis. Quite simple really.


Now also too, I mean the thing is, thatís also why your infrastructure is running down, with roads and everything else. Iíll put one link up tonight about that too and itís calledÖ


U.S. roads, bridges are decaying despite stimulus influx /  Gary Stoller / July 29, 2013


(A:  This is the sort of stuff they put out in Britain years ago, the same stuff, which is true. Because again, this is a long-term business plan, you let it go to ruin and then you give it over to the big Corporation that ends up having the toll roads, that the public will finance for the upkeep and the big boys simply rake in the cash. Itís quite a great deal, that, isnít it?)


Roads with pavement in poor condition have "advanced deterioration" and typically require structural repair or replacement, according to the FHWA. Such roads, TRIP says, may have ruts, cracks and potholes that give millions of Americans rough rides that increase repair costs and fuel consumption.  (A:  Now, itís almost the same article that came out in Britain years ago, and then Lord Rothschild came out with a bill to privatize them all, again, using public money to repair them all and then they privatize them for peanuts, probably to his own firm, I donít know, but then they all end up being toll roads which they own. And theyíve got the strange public/private deal with the government where you pay for its upkeep and repair and they just rake in all the money. Itís not badÖ Itís not bad business, is it? See, understand that government to these big boys at the top, has always been their business. They own the governments. For well over 100 years theyíve owned the governments, of the world. And this is where itís all supposed to head.)


Now also this article too, as we go into the, again...  well, weíre really in the surveillance state already and thereís more gadgetry coming out and all the rest of it too, and the laws, etc., to get more data on every single...  Well understand, the big boys at the top are shepherds and you are the sheep, and every farmer knows youíve got to have theseÖ A good farmer will know the whole genealogy of each sheep there, or cattle, same thing. He knows who bred with whom to get this particular offspring, the strain, and how much it yields and all the rest of it, what its health is like, etc. The same with us, folks. Itís the same with us.


Senator: Surveillance state based on secret law 'has no place in America' / Neil McAllister / 24th July 2013


(A:  Well, they all say these right things but no one does anything about it. But anyway he saysÖ)

But if it's not stopped now, it may soon be too late.


The US government has created "an always expanding, omnipresent surveillance state," according to Senator Ron Wyden (D-OR), and if something isn't done, it may soon become impossible to dismantle.


"If we do not seize this unique moment in our constitutional history to reform our surveillance laws and practices, we will all live to regret it," Wyden said in a speech at the Center for American Progress on Tuesday.


Wyden, a member of the Senate Intelligence Committee, said that although he and others in the Senate have tried to alert the US public to the erosion of civil liberties caused by government surveillance programs, current law bars even members of Congress from publicly disclosing details of those programs.


The gag order is so strict, Wyden said, that although he and some of his Congressional colleagues managed to shut down an NSA email mass-monitoring program in 2011, they weren't allowed to tell anyone they had done so until just a few weeks ago.


Some of this is only now starting to change, Wyden said, in light of the revelations made by NSA leaker (and current asylum-seeker) Edward Snowden.


"Last month, disclosures made by an NSA contractor lit the surveillance world on fire," Wyden said. "Several provisions of secret law were no longer secret and the American people were finally able to see some of the things I've been raising the alarm about for years. And when they did, boy were they stunned, and boy are they angry."


Law without end


Like many others in Congress, Wyden supported the Patriot Act and other national security legislation proposed in the wake of the terror attacks of September 11, 2001. But he did so, he said, with the understanding that those laws had built-in expiration dates Ė dates that have since been extended several times without significant public discussion.


"The result: the creation of an always expanding, omnipresent surveillance state that hour by hour chips needlessly away at the liberties and freedoms our Founders established for us, without the benefit of actually making us any safer," Wyden said. 


Well thatís the agenda. It is actually called that, itís perpetual war. Iíve read an article from the military magazine, it was put out a few years back, talking about perpetual war, one after another, never-ending actually, you donít even finish one but youíre already in another, thatís what the public will be trained on from then on.  And that was done by an intelligence officer who was up in-the-know obviously, and he laid it out pretty, pretty well.  And thatís the kind of world we are living in, perpetual war. And many others at the top have said in other articles too, that this war will go on forever. And it will, folks, until the whole agenda that was planned over 100 years ago is completely fulfilled. Itís not just the war abroad; itís a war on the people inside the nations. Itís the end of nations too, to come out of it as well, through financial clout at the end and the lack of cash; thatís part of the built-in agenda. And the restructuring of society altogether; thatís the way itís supposed to go.


Now tonight too, Iíll put up an article and itís calledÖ


Shocking 'Extermination' Fantasies By the People Running America's Empire on Full Display at Aspen Summit / Max Blumenthal / July 25, 2013


(A:  It goes through what happened...)

Seated on a stool before an audience packed with spooks, lawmakers, lawyers and mercenaries, CNNís Wolf Blitzer introduced recently retired CENTCOM chief General James Mattis. ďIíve worked with him and Iíve worked with his predecessors,Ē Blitzer said of Mattis. ďI know how hard it is to run an operation like this.Ē  (A:  But then you find out the statements they make, and boy, does that give you a shock. Back with more after this.)


Hi folks, weíre back Cutting Through The Matrix talking about CENTCOM, itís called, a big meeting at the Aspen Institute too, with all the top guys involved in this war on terror, etc.


Following the gales of cheering that resounded from the room, Mattis, the gruff 40-year Marine veteran who once volunteered his opinion that ďitís fun to shoot some people,Ē outlined the challenge ahead. The ďwar on terrorĒ that began on 9/11 has no discernable end, he said, likening it to ďthe constant skirmishing between [the US cavalry] and the IndiansĒ during the genocidal Indian Wars of the 19th century.


ďThe skirmishing will go on likely for a generation,Ē Mattis declared.  (A:  In other words, thereís no discernible end to it, until theyíve killed off everybody they want to kill off.)


Mattisí remarks, made beside a cable news personality who acted more like a sidekick than a journalist, set the tone for the entire 2013 Aspen Security Forum this July. A project of the Aspen Institute, the Security Forum brought together the key figures behind Americaís vast national security state, from military chieftains like Mattis to embattled National Security Agency Chief General Keith Alexander to top FBI and CIA officials, along with the bookish functionaries attempting to establish legal groundwork for expanding the war on terror.


(A:  Then he goes into all the different journalists that were invited into it, and this particular journalist who did this piece too, attended, asked if they were all getting funded, all these particular embedded journalists you might call it that give the Americans their news and how to think about things, and getting paid by the Military Industrial Complex, etc, and he couldnít get an answer. But they pretty well hint that it certainly was. But itís quite a good article too.  It also mentionsÖ)


Another forum sponsor was Academi, the private mercenary corporation formerly known as Blackwater. In fact, Academi is Blackwaterís third incarnation (it was first renamed ďXeĒ) since revelations of widespread human rights abuses and possible war crimes in Iraq and Afghanistan threw the mercenary firm into full damage control mode. The Aspen Institute did not respond to my questions about whether accepting sponsorship from such an unsavory entity fit within its ethical guidelines.


'Exterminating People'


John Ashcroft, the former Attorney General who prosecuted the war on terror under the administration of George W. Bush, appeared at Aspen as a board member of Academi.  (A:  Quite interesting too, I want to mention the musical chairs between politicians and appointees, and then back in as CEOs of big corporations and even mercenary corporations.) Responding to a question about U.S. over-reliance on the ďkineticĒ approach of drone strikes and special forces, Ashcroft reminded the audience that the U.S. also likes to torture terror suspects, not just ďexterminateĒ them.  (A:  This is whatís running the whole system, folks.)


ďIt's not true that we have relied solely on the kinetic option,Ē Ashcroft insisted. ďWe wouldn't have so many detainees if we'd relied on the ability to exterminate peopleÖ  (A:  ...which they also do, obviously.) We've had a blended and nuanced approach and for the guy who's on the other end of a Hellfire missile he doesn't see that as a nuance.Ē


So these are the guys having a sort of love-in you might say, living off the public purse, including all the private mercenary corporations too, and guys that have done awfully well within government itself, and even better once they get rewarded when they leave government and get into be CEOs of big corporations. But thatís how things work in the real world, folks. Thatís really, really how it works. Thatís how life really is.


Also, itís so bad inside the US, as they bring down the whole system, it saysÖ


Going, going, still going: Detroit family home still for sale after 519 days despite being on the market for just $1 - / Anthony Bond / 30 July 2013


I mean, no one wants to live there anymore. Itís such aÖ Itís like a third world; itís a third world system there. And even the houses, thereís so many houses up for sale, big gangs and different ones have ripped out the plumbing and the wiring and all the rest of it, to sell it, for copper, etc., etc., that itís just an absolute mess. And it used to be an awfully nice place at one time, before they made everything offshore, etc, and they made sure Americans had work in their own country. 


Also an article to do with GIRFEC.  GIRFEC is being trialed in Scotland and people are hitting back at it too. They donít want this incredible... Itís not just an intrusion into the family home.  Every child in Scotland is to be given a state Guardian, by the state, and who is allowed to come into the home any time they want to, and interfere of course, naturally, and then write up confidential memos to their bosses about them and so on and so on, to make sure the childís wellness is okay, theyíre claiming. But itís to do with their indoctrination.


Iíve gone through the questions they ask the children and itís just astonishing, but not so astonishing; itís what the Soviets wanted to do but never got that far. You understand, that the Reece Commission that was done back in the 50s to find out why the big foundations in the US, like the Rockefeller, Ford, Carnegie and all the rest of them, were funding what appeared to be communist institutions. They found out, Norman Dodd, when he questioned the one at the Ford foundation, he was quite honest and he said, we take our orders from the White House, and he said, our job is to change the culture so much in America, without the people even knowing, that they would integrate it with that of the Soviet Union. Now, the Soviet Union was to blend with the West. Itís all been done, folks. In fact, itís a super Soviet now.  It really is a super Soviet... to do with human engineering and manipulation of the psyche, and training the children from birth to be good citizens.  And Ďgoodí means whatever the present government wants them to be. The same with the adults too by the way.  So...


GIRFEC breaches Article 8 and the Data Protection Act / 1st August 2013


Lawyers criticise children plans - / Jul 31 2013


Parents fight SNPís plan for state guardians - /  August 1, 2013


Lawyers warn against 'Big Brother' plans to give every Scottish child a state guardian - / Simon Johnson / 01 Aug 2013



Iíll put that up tonight too to show you that they donít care at the top...  Understand, itís like the U.S. Constitution, if the governments are not following the Constitution then youíve got a lawless government. They should really define what it is. You understand?


Also an article from the Japan Times about this surveillance system and itís calledÖ


Five Eyes spy alliance (A: ...thatís what itís called, and itís been called that since World War II at least.) Will survive Snowden / Jul 17, 2013


Spy games: A satellite communications dome at the Waihopai satellite communications interception station near Blenheim, New Zealand, is seen in April 2008. The site is part of a surveillance spying alliance known as Five Eyes that groups together five English-speaking democracies, the U.S., Britain, Canada, Australia and New Zealand, in a collaboration that began during World War II.


WELLINGTON Ė Britain needed U.S. intelligence to help thwart a major terrorist attack. New Zealand relied on it to send troops to Afghanistan. And Australia used it to help convict a would-be bomber.


All feats were the result of a spying alliance known as Five Eyes that groups together five English-speaking democracies, and they point to a vital lesson: American information is so valuable, experts say, that no amount of global outrage over secret U.S. surveillance powers would cause Britain, Canada, Australia and New Zealand to ditch the Five Eyes relationship. 


And it goes on and on and on. But really, these are all members, remember, of the British Commonwealth, apart from the US, although I think itís all the same system. Of course the guys who came up with the idea of the British Commonwealth was with the Royal Institute of International Affairs.  Lord Alfred Milner actually coined that term, it sounded better than the Dominion, the British Dominion, or English Dominion of the world, and they called it the British Commonwealth. Because the US branch of the Royal Institute of International Affairs is called the CFR, then they are on board with it too, completely. In fact, they were given the job of finishing it off, financing it and so on and giving the military to finish it off. Iíll put this link up tonight as well.


Also in Detroit, itís quite amazing to do with the amount, the police officers now that are I guess supplementing their wages and it saysÖ


Multiple Detroit police officers suspected of armed robbery

during traffic stops / Jul 27, 2013


DETROIT, MI -- Multiple Detroit police officers are suspected of committing armed robbery during recent traffic stops. There are reports of multiple incidents involving at least three officers.


One victim said he was pulled over by three men in an unmarked Crown Victoria. The man was searched and while he answered questions, and the cops took his wallet and CDs.


Another involved two men in a black Ford F-150 with police lights, pulling into a gas station and allegedly pistol-whipped customers pumping gas. The men stole cash and cell phones from their victims.


A warning went out to be on the lookout for "fake cops" but it turns out those officers were not fake after all. It appears the sergeant in this case was driving his personal vehicle.


Itís just getting so blatant, isnít it? Thatís what you get in a failed state. Itís like Africa. In Africa, going from one little internal country to internal country, youíd better take lots of cheap watches with you and things like that because thatís how you get through. Everything is just corrupt, you see. And thatís the natural way there. And if you donít have them youíre in trouble, you know. But as I say, when you see the signs of a failed state within your own country youíve got problems. But again, do you really, because thatís the plan. Thatís the plan, folks, and the big boys will have the solutions down the road. They know itís coming. Itís meant to come, itís planned that way, folks. Itís planned that way.


From Hamish and myself from Ontario, Canada, itís good night and may your God or your Gods GO with you. 



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