Aug. 2, 2013 (#1386)

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Poem Copyright Alan Watt Aug. 2, 2013:

Prostitute Politicians Con, The Voter's the John:

"There's an Optimist Centre within the Brain,
Helps Avoid the Unpleasant and Associated Pain,
When Things Get Worse, You Live in Hope,
Believe Politicians' Lies, Go Out and Vote,
Government Controls by Playing on Every Fear,
Economic, Poverty, Wars, Year-After-Year,
Creates a System Making Itself Indispensable,
Which is Never Questioned, Though Indefensible,
You Vote Old Party Out because They're Liars,
Vote the New In because Hope Always Aspires
To See Utopia, the Earthly Promised Land,
A Vision from Politicos, Castles Made of Sand"
© Alan Watt Aug. 2, 2013


Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - Aug. 2, 2013 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)
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Hi folks.  I am Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix on August 2, 2013. For newcomers, I always suggest you make good use of the website, lots of audios for free download where I go through the big system, the big system that encompasses the world.  Because thereís only one system thatís really in control right now. I go into the organizations that formed a long time ago, 100 years ago or more, to bring in this particular system of total control over all societies; in other words, running it properly, they say in their own words of course. And of course they decide what is proper and what is not proper. They use both the Soviet techniques and various other techniques to bring in a world with lots of bureaucracies to make sure the public are all managed properly.  School-to-work of course was even an idea that came out from the Soviet Union too. Iíve gone into the Reece Commission in the past and what the big foundations, telling Norman Dodd who was heading up one of the commissions on that back in the 1950s, by the way, that the idea was to merge the Soviet system with that of the West. Of course that was always the policy of the Soviets too because Lenin mentioned it too. He said, the dictatorship over the proletariat would last about a generation, about 70 years. Thatís exactly what happened.


Now, both sides of course were financed by the one side, at the top, this little triangle, and thatís the capstone of the big money boys of their time that really were lending to nations. Nothingís changed; the same families are still running the whole show. And when you go into the big organizations and their front groups, their foundations which they own and the think tanks, thousands of think tanks across the world, they advise the policies on every aspect of society for every country across the planet right now.


So help yourself to the website. Youíll find out whatís behind it. I mentioned the different books and so on to read through.  And it really helps you understand the system. And it is one system; parties are irrelevant today. At the top of course they have... itís a corporatocracy, as they call it today. Corporations are meant to rule the world in a new feudal system, according to the CFRís own personal historian, Carroll Quigley, because he wrote a book on it and he let it out of the bag at the time back in the 1960s. Thatís where we are today as things get privatized.


You can help me tick along here too by getting the books and discs at I donít sell any other products.  I just depend on the public to buy my stuff. What it does is teach you the art of conology, as we cut through all the nonsense thatís put in front of us.  [Order and donation options listed above.]  Remember, straight donations are seriously welcome as we go through the planned austerity, as they want to call it today, which is part of your training to pay more for less, for everything that you need, food, water, all utilities, your gas and so on, electricity. Of course itís much, much more money, making bigger profits of the companies for giving you much less, so itís easier for the corporations. Thatís not a bad deal at all. This is the way youíre going to be trained into the future.


Now, the Club of Rome, one of the other think tanks too, employed by the United Nations, that was set up by this Royal Institute of International Affairs, the Council on Foreign Relations boys, itís a front group too, to make sure that international treaties are signed. And we all sign onto them, whether we like it or not. The public are signed down by the ones you think that you elect.  The ones that you think you elect are all members of the CFR, regardless of the party at the top, and they will rubberstamp all the demands that the corporations put in front of them. Then we have also the private armies, non-governmental organizations under the United Nations all employed and set up by the foundations, which are owned by the biggest banks in the world, to protest government and demand that certain laws be implemented, etc., which helps the plan go along. Governmentís only too happy to accept them and rubberstamp them.


Theyíre all in it together, folks. The only people who donít know about it are those who are indoctrinated. And itís a hard thing for folk to really question everything they believe in and get back to whatís really, really happening. Because you have to shed all your old ideas, completely. Itís a hard thing to do, a very hard thing to do. Itís like a deathÖ Itís like when someone dies, you go through all the same stages of grieving and anger and so on when someone dies thatís close to you, when you find out that democracy is a big illusion and it always was. Indoctrination is amazing because those who are indoctrinated, perfectly indoctrinated Ė and thatís what they call it at the top, perfect indoctrination Ė they donít know that they are indoctrinated. They have automatic responses to certain topics; they get angry if you question any of them. Thatís actually a Pavlovian technique thatís been indoctrinated into them. These techniques are indoctrinated into all of us across the world, because these sciences are very old.


Today of course theyíve got neuroscientists writing out curriculums for schools, psychologists and behaviorists all working on board with it too, to create the future, the children of the future. Every generation gets it, by the way, and they update it every couple of years so that each intake even from kindergarten is getting more indoctrination into the world that theyíre going to grow up in, thinking that everything that comes along and when the laws are changed and so on, theyíll think itís all perfectly normal, why not. Old techniques, discussed back in the 1930s by Beria who was the head of the NKVD in Soviet Russia at the time.


So everything that weíre living through is a big business plan.  As I say too, Iíve noticed these public/private partnership deals have been out for years now.  Governments are shedding their responsibilities to the general populations as they privatize all big corporations, all utilities I should say, that the public has built up through tax money, that technically belong to the general public, are sold off for peanuts to the big corporations, everything that you need for your survival, your personal survival. And thatís the future.


In Britain now they are privatizing everything. And even with ObamaCare which Iíll touch on tonight too, Obama used the RAND Corporation, the big think tank, to see what kind of system theyíd bring in. They said theyíd follow Britain, and Britain is in an absolute mess. Itís meant to be in a mess, by the way.  Because first they bring in a single care system with paying initially to various insurance companies, and then they bring you to one, and then they privatize everything, once youíve built up all the hospitals, and itís all paid for by the general public. Standard techniques of course.  But the RAND Corporation said theyíd follow Britain.  In Britain you canít even get your cataracts removed, you canít get hip replacements now, as they slash the health care system to the bone. And thatís what theyíve got planned for America too.


As I say, forget parties, because Quigley himself said in the 1960s, that every President and Prime Minister in the world, heís talking about the first world countries, has been a member of this organization, all on board with it, sworn allegiance to it.  Before any oaths are taken, itís sworn allegiance to it; in fact, they are vetted for the positions. The con game works of course because we thinkÖ We donít vote new people in, we vote the last lot out weíre so sick of them. And you live in hope, constant hope that the next guys, who lie to get in of course, will go along with their promises, which they never do. They never do. And donít think for an instant too, that even ObamaCare is new. I donít know why theyíre calling it ObamaCare because when Hillary Clinton was in years ago with her husband she really pushed the buttons to get the whole thing going. And lots of bureaucrats have been working on this for many, many years, even before Obama. Itís all one system. So weíre living through planned changes, a big business plan, and thatís really how it is run across the world.


Carroll Quigley, the professor, he wasnít just any old professor. He was a historian and he was also basically a philosopher. He understood anthropology too, and he taught most people from the State Department, diplomats, etc., and even parts of the Military Industrial Complex. He taught them on the future, where things are going to go and how to get there, etc., right down to, as I say, using anthropology for different sects in society and across the world, how to alter their behavior and so on and so on. All planned out back in the 1960s.  He said that the prime ministers and presidents had all been members of this organization for the last 60 years, or even longer, back in the 1960s. Back with more after this.


Hi folks, weíre back Cutting Through The Matrix talking about the big system that weíre living under and itís a long, long term plan of course for globalization. This is the Century of Change; Academia was calling this century, the coming century when it was the 20th century, the Century of Change, the 21st century that was coming up. Here we are in it today, And we see the pace of change, massive change, very, very quick of course as we go through, taking you to basically all these socialist systems, which the big bankers love because they love socialism. They always keep a big welfare state on the go because bankers live off debt, you understand. Iím talking about the big bankers that lend to nations, and the national heads go to the bankers every year to borrow money from them, actually many times a year, so they like that too. Plus they like it too because the biggest bankers in the world also own some of the biggest corporations across the planet, most of them actually, the biggest ones across the planet Ė itís really a small group of people who really own most of the big corporations in the world, and again, most of them are international bankers.  They also like a big welfare state, as I say, because they like unemployed people, because the more unemployed people there are, the wages go down and people donít expect big pay raises and so on and so on and so on. So everything works out to their proper way, of course, and the folk, the ones who are working will keep the welfare folk going forever too and will be paying higher and higher taxes. So the bankers always get paid, regardless.


Now, this article ties in with it because itís aboutÖ


10 Reasons Why Obamacare Is Going to Ruin

Your Medical Care and Your Life /  Jul 31, 2013 / Elzabeth Lee Vliet, M.D.


(Alan:  She goes into the different things about it and saysÖ)


Health insurance exchanges are the basket of qualified insurance policies that meet the new healthcare law requirements for expanded coverage. These may be set up by the states (many are refusing to do so, due to high cost and fear of bankrupting the state) or the federal government. The Exchanges are supposed to be fully operational by October 1, 2013, but it is questionable whether they will actually be in place by that deadline.


The individual mandate requires that individuals purchase health insurance that meets the new, expanded federal requirements. Individuals who do not comply face a financial penalty. (A: ...because they live in the land of the freeÖ) Individuals who fall below minimum income levels will be eligible for taxpayer-funded subsidies to buy health insurance.  (A:  Once again, thereís no incentive to work in this day and age.)


The employer mandate requires that businesses with more than 50 full-time employees must provide health insurance for all employees, and that insurance must meet the new standards set forth in the new law. Businesses that do not comply must pay a financial penalty for each employee, which for large companies can run into the millions of dollars annually. This is the piece of Obamacare that has been delayed by one year.  (A:  ...the employer mandate.)


Selective Enforcement


(A:  You understand that every politician uses, they make speeches written by speech writers, the heads of departments. In other words, those politicians that are assigned to be at the head of this or that or whatever; itís like musical chairs.  They are not suddenly experts in every department. They rely upon the lifers. The lifers are the bureaucrats, which are far more important actually. They are there for life, they know their departments and so on, they write up the speeches and so on. But they also bring on board scientists, psychologists, neuroscientists, behaviorists and so on, on how to put it over to the public, actually how to put it over ON the public is really the way, because they use public relations specialists as well. The idea being, you fall for the first part; it sounds bad enough but it says, it could be worse. But well, you donít think itís going to get worse; you live in hope.  So it wonít get worse, but it is meant to get worse. Itís a step at a time; thatís all it is. Itís like leading mice to the mousetrap with cheese, and thatís how they go along.)


Why delay one component of Obamacare and not the others? More specifically, why delay the employer mandate but not the individual mandate?


To answer that question, we must first understand this fact: Obama wants a single-payer healthcare system in the US.


This is not a secret:


Barack Obama, 2003: "I happen to be a proponent of a single-payer healthcare system for America, but as all of you know, we may not get there immediately." (A:  See thatís the whole thing, itís step by step to the mousetrap.) 


Barack Obama, 2007: "But I don't think we will be able to eliminate employer-based coverage immediately. There is potentially going to be some transition time."  (A:  So eventually theyíre going to eliminate employer-based coverage, altogether.)


These quotes are not taken out of context. Anyone who has been paying attention knows that transitioning to a single-payer system has been Obama's and his cohorts' ultimate goal all along:


(A:  Such as from this guyÖ)  Rep. Jan Schakowsky (D-IL), 2009: "Next to me was a guy from the insurance company who then argued against the public option. He said it would not let private insurance companies compete. A public option would put the private insurance companies out of business and lead to single-payer. My single-payer friends, he was right. The man was right!"


Here, Rep. Schakowsky is suggesting that the "public option" will lead to their desired goal of a single-payer healthcare system. Single-payer proponents no longer use this term, since the public has clearly and consistently opposed it.  (A:  So they bring in the neuroscientists, change the term, but itís the same thing. Now, when they change the term itís meant to cause confusion so you donít think about it anymore. Thatís how the mind works, you canít figure something out, you just dismiss it.)


The "public option" has been renamed "Medicaid expansion," which serves the public-relations purpose of confusing the public and avoiding calling taxpayer-funded healthcare "single payer."


Jacob S. Hacker (Yale Professor), 2008:  (A:  Whoís all for it of course, because most of the folk who got these professorships are all far, far left, or socialist, and theyíre all in on the big secret too, that itís all a con game. But they donít tell the students that.) "Someone once said to me this is a Trojan Horse for single payer. It's not a Trojan Horse, right? It's right there! I am telling you. We are going to get there. Over time. Slowly. But we are going to move away from reliance on employer-based health insurance, as we should, but we will do it in a way that we are not going to frighten people into thinking they are going to lose their private insurance. We will give them a choice of public or private insurance when they are in the pool. We are going to let them keep their private insurance as long as their employer continues to provide it."  (A:  So once itís back to single-payer, then away goes your private insurance.)


Hacker nicely sums up the underlying goals of Obamacare: not to increase competition or patient choice, but to drive people out of private insurance as a stepping stone to a government-run, single-payer system. (A:  Now, once the government gets it in, I guarantee you, and itís been going for a few years, they will say itís unsustainable, then they will privatize it... ONE Corporation for the whole country. Thatís corporate capitalism in action, you see, and thatís what youíve got at the top.  As I say, Carroll Quigley said that too, the next system theyíre bringing in in the 21st century would be basically run by corporations and the CEOs would be the new feudal overlords; itís a feudal system. And this goes on to sayÖ)


Stepping Stone to Single-Payer


Knowing Obama and his cohorts' goals, the purpose behind the delay of the employer mandate seems clearer: to hurry the "transition time" away from employer-based health insurance and to a single-payer system.


By forcing individuals to purchase compliant healthcare plans but not forcing employers to provide those plans, Obama is creating a swell of 10-13 million workers that must enroll in health insurance, but cannot obtain it from their employers. These workers thus have no choice but to use the government-controlled health insurance exchanges, or else pay a financial penalty.


This represents a doubling of the number of workers forced to get health insurance on the exchanges.  (A:  You understand how we are manipulated by whole massive bureaucracies of experts who do nothing but scheme on how to con the public. And this is only one area of it too; they do it on every area. Thatís how we are managed, folks, very simply, really. Old, old techniques.)


And also, this also snaps into it too.  Because I can remember a few years back Obama talked in one of his speeches, basically about the cost of keeping elderly folk alive, and heís not a proponent of it. He believes that they should not keep elderly people going, or even give them treatment. He mentioned his grandmother once too, and he says, I really question if the cost is worth it, etc., etc. Well, guess what? With ObamaCare coming in, a lot is changing to do with diagnosis, costs of running everything and so on.


After 30 Years Of Cancer Overdiagnosis,

Scientists Are Calling For A Redefinition Of The Disease / Anoopa Singh / Jul 29, 2013


Will changing the definition of "cancer" improve diagnosis and health for all?


Who would have thought that advances in medical technology could potentially lead to unnecessary diagnoses and detrimental treatment plans? (A:  Thereís the music coming inÖ Back with this after this break.)


Hi folks, weíre back Cutting Through The Matrix talking about the redefining of cancer by the Cancer Institute, which isnít an Institute that you think of asÖ Put it this way, itís not what you think it is. Because they come out with nonsense every year; year after year they get massive grants.  Their job isnít to find cures for cancer. In fact, medicine today isnít for curing anything at all. Itís for treating everything. They prefer treatment for as long as you live because itís very lucrative to the big Pharma that really runs the AMA and so on, and even trains doctors today, thatís where most of the books come from; itís all put out by big Pharma, etc., etc. So they want to redefine cancer, and of course the way they put it too, it will help improve diagnosis and health for all. Of course thatís their part there that throws you off, because itís not meant to help you. Itís meant for most folk to die off with cancers, because this is the time of austerity coming in, you see. Thereís lots of folk already in some countries like Britain dying off of cancers. People in Canada too, often canít get in in time and so they go to the States to have tumors removed and so on, or they just wait here and die. But Britain is even way ahead of that. So they have a good way of depopulation, you see. Remember too, the United Nations stated a while back that a good global citizen is both a producer and a consumer. Once you retire or are incapacitated you are a consumer only, and thatís a bad global citizen. Anyway it saysÖ


Cancer is merely an overgrowth of cells in a particular region, or organ, of the body. Upon diagnosis, patients tend to take the path of least resistance and opt for every possible treatment. But, a cancer diagnosis constitutes more than a few abnormal cells. The cells have to show the ability to continue to grow and cause the body harm. (A:  Often by the time it causes bodily harm youíre dead; it has spread to all of your body.) What's more, cancer treatments are highly invasive and can become debilitating, especially if they aren't needed. Thankfully, screenings for other cancers in the breast, lung, or thyroid will often pick up innocuous abnormalities that are misread as cancers.


Now, the acknowledgement by the National Cancer Institute ó of cancer overdiagnosis and overtreatment ó provides an opportunity to reshape cancer screening with a focus on redefining what cancer is and isn't.  (A:  Well, if you talk to an oncologist, Iím telling you, they take no chances on anything, because they are so often wrong, one way or another. And thatís a fact, folks. Theyíll often misdiagnose something and people die of it. I knew someone who died recently too, who was diagnosed about a year and a half before with the nonmalignant fibrosis, a fibroid basically of the ovary, and ended up getting ovarian cancer and died not long ago. Thatís pretty common. Oh, itís a simple thing, you know.  She shouldíve went in right away and had the thing out, but by the time they rediagnosed it again, itís, Oh gee, itís getting bigger and spreading, and it was too late.)


"We need a 21st-century definition of cancer instead of a 19th-century definition of cancer, which is what we've been using," Otis W. Brawley, M.D., the chief medical officer for the American Cancer Society, told The New York Times.  (A:  In other words, theyíre cutting back, folks. Itís all to do with cutbacks, cutbacks, cutbacks, and getting ready for the new healthcare system thatís coming into the US, especially, as I say, copying the British system.)


Also this article too, it shows you how people Ė Iíve got a few links to the same article but Iíll put them all up tonight at Ė to do with how we are being snooped on and everything.  I mean, the computer was given to us not for our use, really, or our fun, put it that way, but really to get you hooked on it through entertainment and so on, and get you to forget that everything you do is being snooped on by the authorities. Itís the best spy mechanism ever put out there, and you buy it.  Thatís why they gave it the name PERSONAL computer... Itís mine, itís mine, I can set all the privacy buttons myself, etc., etc. That was a con from the beginning. The boys at the top donít let things out to the public and then sit back and say, oh look whatís happened, we didnít see this coming. They prepare long before that and then they decide if theyíre going to give it to you or not. And if they do give something to you, believe you me, theyíve already tampered with it to make sure they will always be on top of it, but especially with the computer.   ButÖ


New York woman visited by police

after researching pressure cookers online / Adam Gabbatt / 1 August 2013


Long Island Ė A New York woman says her family's interest in the purchase of pressure cookers and backpacks led to a home visit by six police investigators demanding information about her job, her husband's ancestry and the preparation of quinoa.


Michele Catalano, who lives in Long Island, New York, said her web searches for pressure cookers, her husband's hunt for backpacks and her "news junkie" son's craving for information on the Boston bombings had combined somewhere in the internet ether to create a "perfect storm of terrorism profiling".  (A:  Theyíre doing it with everybody, folks. They know more about you than you do, and theyíve got it instantly retrievable, what youíre doing and putting out on certain days, what you looked at and so on. You donít have that; you forget it all, most of you forget.)


Members of what she described as a "joint terrorism task force" descended on Catalano's home on Wednesday.


Catalano was at work, but her husband was sitting in the living room as the police arrived. She retold the experience in a post on on Thursday. She attributed the raid largely to her hunt for a pressure cooker, an item used devastatingly, allegedly by the two Tsarnaev brothers, in Boston, but also used by millions across the country to prepare vegetables while retaining most of their nutrients.  (A:  And by the way, when the Boston bombing happened, I noticed even in the British newspapers, they even had the diagrams and how the darn things are made. I mean, come on, folks, wake up.)


The story later took on a different complexion when police finally explained that the investigation was prompted by searches a family member had made for pressure cooker bombs and backpacks made at his former workplace. The former employer, believing the searches to be suspicious, alerted police. Catalano said the family member was her husband.  (A: ...and so on and so on, it happens and happens and happens.)


Pressure cookers, backpacks and quinoa, oh my!

Michele Catalano in writing out loud /


But it just shows you, remember, Echelon is still on the go too, certain words that you use are picked up and prioritized and they are related to other words that you use in different emails or searches. Theyíre constantly doing a personality profile on every single person, and they update it daily from the stuff that you put out there, by ALL electronic communication. But Iíll put this up tonight too.


Getting back to corporatocracy, where basically corporations run the world today, private corporations, including the private foundations that are fronts for them too, and their foundations like the Ford, Carnegie and all the rest of them out there, thereís so many of them, are all owned by a handful of people. They run hundreds and hundreds, actually thousands of non-governmental organizations worldwide; they fund them and set them up. But you forget too, that the corporations get everything rubberstamped by government. All the protection agencies you think you have are not there to protect you, from food or anything else, or medicine. Itís there to protect the corporations, folks, and get through what they want through, especially if they can get deals from governments to buy, say, 10 years in advance of flu vaccination on contract. Thatís quite the sale, folks. Quite the sale indeed.


Anyway this is calledÖ


Global Vaccine Action Plan Ė English


The Global Vaccine Action Plan (GVAP) is the result of a global consultation effort which gathered inputs from more than 1,100 people, from 142 countries and 297 organizations (A:  ...thatís all the NGOs.), in Asia, Africa, Americas, Europe, Middle East and Western Pacific.


The Decade of Vaccines Collaboration (A:  ...thatís what itís called.) would like to express its appreciation to all the individuals and the stakeholders (A:  ...thatís the big pharmas and all the rest of it.) that provided comments and feedback to the draft GVAP.


The GVAP (A:  ...and it gives you all the numbers and the links and so on.) (agenda item 13.12, Document A65/22 and EB130/2012/REC/1, resolution EB130.R12) was discussed by the Members States during the sixty-fifth session of the World Health Assembly, Geneva, 21-26 May 2012, during which all 194 Member States voted to endorse the GVAP.  (A:  They get every country on board with it, and the corporations and the NGOs draft up the treaties and the demands to vaccinate and so on, and then your government rubberstamps it. The public have no input; they donít even know whatís going on, the public. They really donít. They have no input on anything at all.)


The Global Vaccine Action Plan, as approved by WHA can be viewed in the following languages:  (A:  Iíll put this up here too. It goes through how the plan was developed and so on, and the world health assembly and all the different governments taking part in it, on the Global Immunization Vision and Strategy of government.)


Also tonight too, to go with this too, itís an article from the Global Center Development thatís associated with this. Itís calledÖ


Making Markets for Vaccines -


You understand, this is all making markets for vaccines. Whether it works or not, it doesnít matter. Whether it kills folk either, it doesnít matter. Itís making markets for vaccines, Global Policy Research Network.  Thereís a PDF and Iíll put that up tonight too, and it will show you itís just your standard sales, sales, sales, sales, and so on. It gives you a list of the working group members, Vaccine funds, Pan-American health organization, MIT of course is in there, the World Bank is in there, the big private organization that set up by the CFR, the Brookings Institution, Harvard University. Anybody whoís anybody is in here, folks, and all the big top universities and so on, that all get funding from the big companies and corporations and big pharmas too, and the foundations.


But you understand, everything that you see to do with things today is propaganda, itís marketing, for money for big corporations. This is the age in which we live. As I say, Carroll Quigley mentioned and said in his own book, the world is to be a new feudal systemÖ a new feudal system, corporations run the new feudal system, the CEOs are the new feudal overlords. That was the plan. Thatís the big plan, folks. And weíre here actually. Weíre here; weíre going through the big transition phases of it too.


Also this article hereÖ


Retail stores plan elaborate ways to track you / John Brandon / July 26, 2013


(A: ways to track you in the stores. Iíll come back with more on this after this break.)


Hi folks, weíre back Cutting Through The Matrix talking about being tracked in stores. They call it Ďpersonalized advertisingí and all the rest of it, but itís reallyÖ Weíre living in an age of constant surveillance basically. And these tie into it too of course, with the NSA and everybody else too; itís not just advertisers. But this article saysÖ


Retailers are experimenting with a variety of new ways to track you. When you find a new shirt, you might get a message about the matching shorts. Pick up a new pair of Nike golf shoes at a Scheels All Sports store and you might see a discount for a new set of clubs.


Location-based tracking is getting much more precise. New technologies like magnetic field detection, Bluetooth Low Energy, sonic pulses, and even transmissions from the in-store lights can tell when you enter a store, where you go, and how you shop.  (A:  ...and who you are, of course.)


Sound like "Minority Report" all over again, right? Fortunately, companies working on the tech have learned their lesson about privacy. In May, Nordstrom 'fessed up to a Wi-Fi fingerprinting technology from Euclid Analytics that can track you without opting-in. The new apps make it more clear that you are giving up your privacy for a good deal.  (A:  I tell you, you could sell the people in the world down the tubes for getting something for free or a deal or whatever. Itís just so simple, isnít it? Basic psychology. So youíre giving your privacy up for a few bucks off some item.)


Josh Marti, the CEO of a customer-tracking company called PointInside, told that, just last year, tracking was only accurate within 100 feet. (A: that time.)  Companies often used Wi-Fi fingerprinting to tell when you walked through a department. Now, starting this year, they can track within a few feet. (A:  I bet itís exact, they know exactly where you are.)


One example: a company called ByteLight makes software for the LED lights in a store. The lights transmit a unique signal that the camera in your phone can read. (A:  It can also read your phone then, obviously.) The store can then track your location within about 3 feet. (A:  So it's got many other things in this article too, which Iíll also put up tonight at But that tells you where itís all going. And as I say, folk donít complain...  Theyíll sell theirÖ Theyíll go back to slavery, you know, dollar by dollar that they save on something. Itís so simple to do, isnít it?)


Now we all know that the big banks were told by the Bank for International Settlements, after the Cyprus deal, that they had to bring in bail-ins, or the theft of depositorsí money, from the banks. They made these schemes to make it look legal when they want to use it, which means they are going to use it. And it will all take effect, apparently, by 2015 across the world. Again, the Bank for International Settlements was set up by the Royal Institute of International Affairs, the private organization that also has the American branch, the CFR, and they have branches across the world today. They set up the Bank for International Settlements, because you see, the RIIA was set up in the first place by the international bankers, living, as I say, in London over 100 years ago.  Anyway, here is Australia. Now, they also signed the same deal, to steal the customersí money by 2015, which means something big is going to happen then. It saysÖ


Australia unveils levy on bank deposits

(A:  Now, they will all copy suit, because the British Empire, as I say, which is now called the Commonwealth, the British Commonwealth... itís still the Empire,

Empire of the City of London.) / 2 August 2013


Australia has unveiled a levy on some bank deposits to raise money towards a fund aimed at safeguarding against a banking collapse.  (A:  Now, thatís how trustworthy banks are. Theyíre not going to protect themselves against conning the public and crashing the economy again. So theyíre going to bring on a Ďlevyí, a tax on bank deposits, to raise money towards a fund aimed at safeguarding against bank collapse.... to protect themselves.)


Deposits up to A$250,000 will have to pay a levy of 0.05% from January 2016.  


It will be imposed on banks and not account holders. But banks have warned costs may be passed on to customers.  (A:  ...which means of course that they will be, naturally.)


And believe you me, itís not up to $250,000; maybe thatís what their goal is, theyíve got to hit so much per every million that they owe. But itís going to go down to everybody that holds an account, and is going to be taxed, folks. Itís the same when theyÖ Donít believe too, that over $100,000 that youíre being insured by them either. Theyíre going to SCALP everybody when the big, big crash comes, when itís planned. Itís all planned this way. Everything is always planned way, years ahead of anything happening. For five years before the big bank crash in 2008, they come out two or three years afterwards, of course, that they all knew it was coming five years prior to this and so on.  They did all their maneuvers to get their personal money out and so on before they crashed the banks and put everybody out of their homes and so on, across the US and elsewhere across the world. I love the names they have too in banks, like The Trust.  You know, The Trust, the So-and-so Trust... all the con tricks of the con man are still used today in everything that they sell to you, eh. And they just scalp the public all the time. And they donít go to prison of course, theyíre untouchable, when they just scam the public. Because remember, corporations run the world, not your governments. Your governments work for them.


Also Iíve mentioned too, about the US post office. Now, theyíre privatizing the one in Britain and they sent over a Canadian woman, who obviously had the right credentials and maybe family connections, and who shot to the top out of nowhere, and they sent her over to Britain to privatize the system there for the post office. In the US, they are copying it too. It saysÖ


Bill to revamp U.S. post office set to advance / The Washington Post /  Jul 25, 2013


And it gives you the usual spiel and so on. But the whole idea is that itís putting you to, is the fact that they just canít sustain it anymore with their pension schemes and all the rest of it. Even though it was the most profitable public enterprise, or is, it still is. But the federal government actually grabs money from it every year to pay other pensions, outside the post office, and thatís why the monies have been dropping, not because they havenít been making money at the post office at all. But they want to privatize everything, remember, that the public built up over years. And that is the plan for the world. Iíll put this article up tonight as well for those who want to see it.


And just to end this too, weíve seen all the cons in the greening programs, because the greening agenda is run by the biggest corporations on the planet. Theyíre getting money from governments to try out nonsensical things. They donít even have to come up with a final product to sell, thatís going to save energy.


Trial run for biggest battery in Europe that could help power Britain / Fiona Harvey / 28 July 2013


(A:  Thereís the part there, COULD help. So in other words, thatís your legality; it doesnít have to.)


A trial of the largest battery in Europe, which proponents hope will transform the UK electricity grid and boost renewable energy is due to start in Leighton Buzzard, Bedfordshire.


The trial of cutting-edge energy storage technology will test new methods of capturing electricity for release over long periods, evening out the bumps and troughs of supply and demand that plague the electricity grid. Finding ways of storing power from wind and solar generation is key to maintaining a constant source of energy. 


(A:  Well, weíve all seen whatís happened to the alternative power, especially in the US too, where billions and billions were given and lost by these companies, that just scamper off with the money. They donít have to complete anything; they just declare bankruptcy.  They lose nothing at all and gained a lot. Itís the same thing in Britain and elsewhere, because when the wind doesnít blow all these turbines donít turn, they canít supply much energy to start with, theyíre awfully expensive, even to maintain. Of course the same with solar too. And the more they do aerial spraying, or geoengineering Ė which theyíve been doing since 1998 Ė the less sunlight is coming through to the earth all the time. NASA had it on its own website years ago when they started the spraying, and started calling it global dimming, thatís occurring. Global dimming, folks. So here theyíre going to create massiveÖ Theyíre going to use the public purse again, to give it to a private company, to make the super, super battery system. Theyíll make it a one-off of course, so theyíll put billions into making one of them to see if it works or not. And after that itíll just die away, the whole idea will simply die away and the big boys have got their cash. So anyway it saysÖ)


The electricity sub station serving Leighton Buzzard, three companies are hoping to deploy one of the biggest batteries ever constructed, using lithium manganese technology. The £18.7m project will form the centerpiece of a trial of energy storage that could have far-reaching implications for the renewables sector.


The three companies are S&C Electric Europe (A:  ...a private company.) Samsung SDI, and Unicos, have gained 13.2 million pounds backing from the UK taxpayer for the 6 MW capacity battery installation which will absorb and release energy to meet the demands of the grid.  (A:  It MAY,  you see.)


The first results are not expected until 2016. 


The public finance corporations allÖ You talk about welfare? Thatís where the REAL welfare is. We pay welfare to big corporations every darned day, folks, all the biggies. We bail out the banks when they scam the public. And you still go and vote? ...because your daddy did, voted left-wing or right-wing? ...and youíll do the same?


What is, is, folks; itís time you realized it.


From Hamish and myself from Ontario, Canada, itís good night and may your God or your Gods GO with you.  



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