Aug. 7, 2013 (#1389)

Poem Copyright Alan Watt Aug. 7, 2013:

World Corps' Magic Creates The Tragic Nomadic:

"The Culture Industry is a Potent Tool
For Directing the Future, It can Fool
Youth Especially into Vehicle for Change,
Fits Elites' Plan to Order and Rearrange
Societies' New Normals, Lower Expectations,
Accepting Authoritarianism Across Nations,
Trained in Synch for the New Social Order,
Ending Sovereignty, Scrubbing Each Border,
Vast Labour Forces Now are Nation-Hopping
As Corporations Rise then Go Down Flopping
Or Else Move Where Business Cost is Cheap,
The Masses Accept this without a Peep,
Blatant Corporate Mockery of Democracy,
Paid-Off Politicos, Full of Hypocrisy"
© Alan Watt Aug. 7, 2013
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Hi folks.  I'm Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through the Matrix on August the 7th, 2013.

For those who are new to the broadcast you should go into the website  There are lots of audios for free download and I take you through the big system that youíre born into, the system thatís all around you.  Everyone accepts it although they never think their way through it and they accept it because everyone accepts it.  Itís simply there so it must be normal and therefore you accept it.  But really weíre living through a planned society, a global society by the way, and big, big plans are made by private organizations, not governments.  And these private organizations are far wealthier of course than any government because the foundations they set up at the early 20th century had billions at that time of dollars and pounds in them and today theyíre into the trillions of dollars to spend.  And theyíre classified as charitable organizations and philanthropies because they fund big projects across the world, mainly to do with altering the politics across the world and the way we view life in general too Ė set up by the biggest bankers of their time who formed these agencies, these private clubs, such as the Royal Institute for International Affairs, CFR, and so on.  Now they have branches across the whole world which advise governments on all kinds of policies because these big foundations have the big, big think tanks too, just like the Rand Corporation.  And the Rand Corporation again is classed as a charitable institution which charges billions sometimes of dollars for any study on any particular thing.  So weíre run by private organizations over which we have no control and weíre still given this farce of democracy.

Now the big organizations like the Royal Institute of International Affairs came up with the idea a long time ago to bring in the global society with free trade and the free movement of goods and labor across all borders.  And theyíve set up all the machinery for it, all the legalities have been done, and treaties have been signed by all countries to allow this to happen today.  And of course thatís why theyíre bringing in all the pluralistic societies etcetera, multiculturalism across the world.  All of these things are all part of it, all decided by private institutions that drafted up the documents and handed it to the governments which signed them all through the World Trade Organization and the World Bank, again private institutions belonging and set up by the Royal Institute of International Affairs. 

So itís funny that itís never, ever mentioned much in the media, these organizations, because every top reporter for the media and the owners of the media, the big moguls, are all members of this institution as well.  Theyíre all onboard with the agenda.  And the whole idea of that too was to standardize the news across the world, therefore you would have no conflicting stories on any particular topic.  Weíd all get the same indoctrination at the same time.  And thatís how it works today.  And we think itís all normal because we donít know that private organizations have a big agenda.† And they run the world like a big business plan with 50 year plans to achieve certain goals, 100 year plans for other ones, just the same as the United Nations which they also set up and the old Soviet Union which also ran on plans, 5, 10, 50, and 100 year plans. 

So itís hard for the average person to understand this or even believe it because when youíre born into this system most folk are born on the lower levels of the ladder and they struggle through life.  They actually, sometimes they donít know where theyíre going in life because things are so chaotic now with jobs, employment, the future and all the rest of it.  Itís hard for them to believe that anything is stable in this world, never mind plans that are made and actually are made to happen 50 years down the road.  But thatís exactly how it really does work and has worked for a long, long time. 

So help yourself to the website  Remember too you could support me along the way by getting the books and discs I have at  And I go through it all in those books too because the art of conning the public, and it truly is conology, a very old tactic where ancient priests even understood how to take over the minds of millions of peoples and create empires and by giving them new religions, etcetera.  And out of that they came, they gathered all the evidence on how to control peopleís minds and lots of them eventually drafted in or grafted into you might say be advisors to the early forms of governments and kings and queens and right down to the present time of governments too.  So these arts are well understood and the processes of managing great populations are easily understood today. 

Today of course they have also neuroscientists onboard and historians as well as philosophers by the way.  Itís very important to have them all onboard to find out how ancient societies worked right up to the present, and the tactics they used.  But they also use as I say the behaviorists and psychologists, neuroscientists, etcetera, all working to shape the policies for governments to follow.  And thatís what we live through today. 

And remember too the culture industry is a big, big part of this, a very important part of this from the ancient times to the present because city societies need lots of entertainment as Plato said a long time ago.  And they become the beehives for change since theyíre already in an artificial society.  Inside crammed inside of cities is an artificial way of living.  Everything must come into the city to support them to keep them alive and they must also use a fake, a substitute form of exchange or barter, which they call money.  And through money and those who manage the money they control the cities and eventually the world.  Nothing has changed up to the present time.†

So go through the website as I say.  And to buy the books and discs remember from the U.S. to Canada you can still use personal checks or international postal money orders from the post office, or you can send cash or you can use Paypal.  And straight donations are seriously welcome.  Across the world, Western Union, and Moneygram, and Paypal. 

But as I say most folk struggle through life.  They struggle through life never really knowing for sure where theyíre headed.  And they think and theyíre taught to think too that crises just appear suddenly out of nowhere like wars, things like that.  And financial crashes on a massive scale.  And they have no idea these are planned in years in advance, years in advance.  Lots of evidence to this factor too.  But again the present media plays along with the politicians and pretends that itís just happening now and the politicians are there to solve the problems. 

Remember the wars to do with Afghanistan, Iraq and right through the whole of the Arab countries were planned in the 90ís at least.  At least they were published back then before 9/11 happened.  A whole list of them was published by the PNAC group in the U.S. who wanted to take out Iraq, Afghanistan, and Syria and other countries too.  So did Israel, they were onboard with the same countries to be taken out by the U.S. and they published it in their own papers too. 

So weíre living through it plus the bank crashes as well.  The boys, the insiders, knew for five years at least.  At least five years, Iím sure it was much, much longer for higher levels, that theyíd crash the banks in 2008.  And it was all arranged, etcetera, amongst them all by the way. 

So weíre living through planned changes.  Now when you get into the long-term changes itís to do with cultural changes.  Thatís the most important part of it all because culture as I say is the most important part of controlling societies, changing societies, radically altering their cultureís behavior.  Itís not just through fashion, etcetera, sexual mores, everything, even families, etcetera.  All following what was called the Marxist concepts at one time which was also a part of the so-called far right concepts from the Royal Institute for International Affairs in London, the top bankers.  Because they themselves wanted to bring in a planned society and many of them too have talked in their own memoirs about reading Platoís Republic.  And in Platoís Republic he went through the perfect Utopia theyíd create where the elite, the intelligentsia could rule the world properly and all women would be held in common.  There are many ways to view that you understand, if you bring out promiscuity and methods of so that theyíll never bond for life with a partner and have children, then technically theyíd make their rounds which means that eventually theyíd get around to most of the guys around them.  So all women are in common one way or another.  There are many ways to achieve your goal you understand.  And they decided even in the 1920ís, and before that from H.G. Wells in fact, his first book was on free love in the late 1800ís.  And who was sponsoring him?  Well it was actually Darwinís best friend who picked him up and promoted him into the public limelight as a propagandist.

Back with more after this.

{Break ♫}

Hi folks.  Weíre back Cutting Through the Matrix.  Iíve said many times before that people donít realize the big plans that were made to bring in really the 60ís lifestyle.  In the 1920ís, the roaring 20ís, in came the mini skirt, the Charleston dance and so on and they brought in drugs, and they made prohibition.  They brought that in too at the right time which made booze cans really sexy and bad.  Anything thatís bad, youngsters will go into.  And of course after that too they found there was way more people drinking and alcoholics than there was ever before it.

So it really started the whole promiscuity thing too.  But the one thing that they didnít have at the time was contraceptive pills and they didnít have antibiotics for all the diseases that were spread and they didnít have all the free abortion clinics too so there was a lot of fallout from that.  So they went back to work, they used the taxpayerís money in every country and they came out with the contraceptive pill early on.  In the 1960ís they really gave it out for free in fact in some countries and then brought the same agenda right back in, the music, the mini skirts, promiscuity, drugs, and so on, and with the hippie generation, and they got it all going.  The intention was, and many writers who really planned this whole culture, like Bertrand Russell, talked about it too, that it would help to destroy marriage because it was obsolete now.  And government had to become very, very strong and be able to really order in an authoritarian fashion the general public. 

Families were generally rather large, theyíd stand up against government often when they were picked on, if someone was picked on, and eventually the government would be able to talk right down to the individual with no one standing up for that individual.  H.G. Wells talked about it too and that was their goal.  And also you find out that in "1984", the movie and the book "1984" also had that in it too, where you had a screen in your home and government talked right down to you. 

Now of course even in Canada theyíre bringing out some kind of a USB stick where you can stick in and you have direct communication with government because eventually government is going to run your life for you directly and itís all going along in the right agenda you see. 

So all culture is altered by those who want to alter it and who have the money, the financing, and they already own the machinery of the culture industry.  Itís very simple, folks, and it doesnít happen by itself. 

Anybody can be made to be a star today and in fact for a long, long time.  Thereís a machinery behind making a star.  The talent really is secondary, and often actually itís maybe even down in third place.  But anyone can be made a star and with enough promotion youngsters will follow that star like crazy.  It happens all the time and it will always happen that way.  So they know how to use them.  They also know what kind of music to bring in too, what the theme of the music will be about and they promote that as well.  And of course the culture is simply monkey see, monkey do, as Darwin said himself.  Thatís what you do with cultures. 

So you find that weíre run by private institutions as Iíve said before, organizations we do not elect, and this does away with the whole farce of democracy completely actually.  Government is there to rubber-stamp the agenda because all the top politicians are members again of the private clubs like the Royal Institute for International Affairs, Council on Foreign Relations across the world by the way. 

Now hereís an article here to do with Aspen, the Aspen Institute, a very important institute in fact and youíll find that Aldous Huxleyís wife was well associated with that institute at the beginning in fact and theyíve done big, big experiments on the population down through the years.  If you can dig into them youíll find them.  But hereís an article here to do with a schedule on ideas, the Aspen Ideas festival that went on I think in June.  And you have to look at this.  Iíll put this link up tonight too at, all of the articles I always do at the end of the night.  But it goes through the list of those who attended this.  Top directors, musical directors attended, all the top biggies, the ones that attended it.† And they:

"Join a group of distinguished conductors who are artists, community leaders..." 

Alan:  Very important, NGOs, Non-Governmental Organizations.  

" leaders and cultural thinkers, for an enlightening conversation about musical citizenship." 

"This session is the culminating event of a symposium convened by Harman-Eisner Artist in Residence Yo-Yo Ma, on music and community mobilizing in the 21st Century." 

Alan:  And it gives you a list of the other people who attended, all the biggies, you see.  Now what itís about too, why it was held, is for a "civic rite of passage".  Now these are guys all involved in the culture industry you understand. 

"A Civic Rite of Passage: the Case for National Service" 

Alan:  In the U.S. and elsewhere.  For the youth you see.  And they had generals there from the military, etcetera, etcetera. 

"At the 2012 Aspen Ideas Festival, General Stanley McChrystal spoke compellingly about how our notion of "service" had become dangerously narrow, with less than one percent of Americans serving in our military, and challenged us to explore new pathways and opportunities for service to country.  Inspired by this call to action, the Aspen Institute launched the Franklin Project to envision and create a civic rite of passage for young Americans through a year or more of national service.  This session will reflect on some of the big ideas and takeaways from the Franklin Projectís 21st Century National Service Summit."

"Stanley A. McChrystal, John Bridgeland, Alan Khazei, Elliot Gerson, Sidra Bonner..." 

Alan:  Attended it too.  And so they said:

"One Nation," 

Alan:  Which is...


Alan:  Thereís your key.  Not indivisible.  One Nation "Divisible" it says.  One of the topics was:

"Principled Pluralism: Report of the Inclusive America Project on America's Changing Religious Landscape." 

Alan:  Itís to do with multiculturalism, mass immigration from other countries by the way which are planned even more so than not just from Latin America but from outside like the ones that are going through Europe and etcetera. 

"How do we engage Americaís religious pluralism as a force for the common good?  David Gergen will report the findings of a new report, ďPrincipled Pluralism: Report of the Inclusive America Project,Ē prepared by a distinguished panel convened by the Instituteís Justice and Society Program.  Gergen will describe how Americaís religious diversity is a source of civic engagement and how we can bridge religious differences to build a stronger social fabric." 

Alan:  And so on and so on.  Itís quite a lengthy article and Iíll put this up tonight and you can see who attended it, the lectures that they gave on it, and so on and so on.  Lots of government employees there too. 

So thatís to do with cultural changes, guiding the future through cultural changes.  The youth donít know.  They always are given things which they think are radical and itís bad so they always join it, never knowing theyíre being used.  Every generation has been used since at least the 50ís and they donít know it.  Even the songs are given to them to follow, even the dress is given to them to follow, the outfit thatís your sign of being a rebel you see.  Itís all done by the fashion industry which is a part of the cultural industry of course.  But Iíll put this up tonight for those that want to go through it.  Because culture does not, believe you me, nothing comes from the grass roots.  If it did, as Plato said all that time ago, the elite would have to squash it because the elite allow all culture from the top down to take place, not the other way around.  Itís always been that way because with the big plans that are always in motion, anything from the grass roots could upset, a ripple effect through all the plans of the elite you see.  So itís not allowed, itís always squashed and you canít get funding for it anyway. 

Also too a big training exercise is going on in the U.S. of course, they do this every year. 

"Indiana at center of national terror response training exercise" 

Alan:  And thatís what theyíre calling it now, "national terror response".  Before it was earthquake responses and so on, now itís "national terror response training exercise"

"Thousands of members of the armed forces including members of the Indiana National Guard are participating in mass disaster training in Jennings County." 


"Exercise Vibrant Response is in full effect at the Muscatatuck training camp and Camp Atterbury in Johnson County.  More than 5,000 members of the military and civilians from across the country are taking part in the two-week, large-scale disaster response exercise.  The scenario is a nuclear terrorist attack in Columbus, Ohioóand the backdrop is as close to the real thing as it gets.  About 200 medical mannequins..." 

Alan:  Which they used to blow up of course in the old H-Bomb and A-Bomb tests.

"...and 300 live role players are part of the exercise-" 

Alan:  They also bring amputees in all the time.  Remember I read the article a while back after the Boston bombings and theyíd bring real amputees in on these exercises.  And Iíll continue with this after these messages.

{Break ♫ - Youíre listening to the Republic Broadcasting Network because you can handle the truth - ♫}


Hi folks.  Weíre back Cutting Through the Matrix.  Tonight Iíll also put up an article and a link too about...

"Vibrant Response..." 

Alan:  From the United States Armyís own website.  If you want to read that too. 

Also too we know that the smart grid is not, everything is international remember.  Everything they tell you about today, even the con job that they got massive financing in Britain for their fracking industry, massive financing in the U.S. for their fracking industry.  And the whole idea and the propaganda at the time was oh weíll have a hundred years of natural gas for our use at home.  Once they get it all up and working the first thing they do is start exporting it, folks.  Thatís what they do, and theyíve done it actually.  So weíre conned at every turn, so itís the same with the smart grid too; it isnít just a spy mechanism, itís also a system where they can turn off certain sections and areas in countries or the whole country if they wanted to.  And eventually it will be a global system, a global grid.  Iíve put the articles up before from IBM about the smart global grid.  And again private companies do these things and go along with it too and you still say weíre living in democracies.  Weíve had no say in anything at all.  But anyway it says:

"ďSmart Grid Advancement ActĒ Introduced in US Congress; Take Action to Stop it Today" 

Alan:  Iíll put this link up tonight because there are people protesting it and you can get in on the act as well. 

"Two members of congress (Jerry McNerney, D- Stockton, CA and Matt Cartwright, D- PA) have introduced a congressional bill (HR 2685) that would apparently require all electricity providers (including rural cooperatives and municipal utilities) to join the Ďsmartí grid and install Ďsmartí meters." 

Alan:  Now the smart meters too remember, you got extra cash when you pay; I mean you pay extra cash for having the meter in because itís a private company that does the automatic readings from it.  So now youíve got another party involved along with the suppliers and so on.  So your prices go up and up and up.  Itís all for profit, etcetera.  So Iíll put this article up tonight and you can have a good look at this.  Itís quite good, quite a good website actually.  But itís called....

"Stop Smart Meters!" 

Alan:  And itís worthwhile a read and get involved if you can.


"40 Percent Of U.S. Workers Make Less Than What A Full-Time Minimum Wage Worker Made In 1968" 

"Are American workers paid enough?  That is a topic that is endlessly debated all across this great land..." 

Alan:  And so on...

"Unfortunately, what pretty much everyone can agree on is that American workers are not making as much as they used to after you account for inflation.  Back in 1968, the minimum wage in the United States was $1.60 an hour.  That sounds very small, but after you account for inflation a very different picture emerges.  Using the inflation calculator that the Bureau of Labor Statistics provides, $1.60 in 1968 is equivalent to $10.74 today." 

Alan:  And this is the con of this money system and the gangsters and the banksters that run the world basically.  Itís run by them, it is run by the banksters at the top.  And at the top, there are only a few families at the very top, about 13 families that have been here for centuries actually running the whole system.  And also there are 200 families below them that do most of the investments every day on the stock exchange.  And they slush around millions and millions of dollars, massive millions of dollars every day.  But anyway, into the system that theyíve given us, is built-in inflation.  Every year things go up and you think itís all quite natural it goes up and you expect a pay raise every year too to cope with it.  And this is how it is. 

But you take it back in say Britain too even in the 70ís someone on 7 pound a week could get through quite, quite, quite well.  Now itís hundreds of pounds for the same thing to try to get through a week.  Youíve got built-in inflation in every system.  Everywhere you have a centralized private bank youíve got built-in inflation.  Simple as that.  Itís built into the system, until you end up like the peso or the lira and you spend thousands of lira for a cup of coffee.

It says:

"And of course the official government inflation numbers have been heavily manipulated to make inflation look much lower than it actually is, so the number for today should actually be substantially higher than $10.74, but for purposes of this article we will use $10.74." 

Alan:  Well you also have to factor in too that taxes go up and up and up as well.  And the prices of everything goes up too, or the cost of living.†

"That isn't a lot of money, but according to the Social Security Administration, 40.28% of all workers make less than $20,000 a year in America today.  So that means that more than 40 percent of all U.S. workers actually make less than what a full-time minimum wage worker made back in 1968.  That is how far we have fallen." 

Alan:  And itís true.  Itís very, very true.  There are many other articles out too over the years talking about the fact that wages havenít risen in the last twenty-odd years.  And even the starting wages in Canada are pretty well what they were twenty years ago for most jobs at the bottom.  They havenít gone up.  So itís planned that way by those at the top of course.  And as they go into a certain phase of mass inflation basically, which will come along when they collapse the system when itís time and then bring in the new system which is planned too, into austerity, then theyíll give you a new way of living all together. 

Also too with the Royal Institute for International Affairs that brought in the whole idea of free trade, they gave us the World Trade Organization, because we didnít put it in, we didnít get to vote on it.  They gave you the IMF, the World Bank, and the Bank for International Settlements.  They own them all.  They decided too that thereíd be lots of bankruptcies across the world eventually and they would use the bankruptcies to bring in the foreign countries and foreign investors.  Theyíll actually buy up parts, whole chunks of the lands in fact.  Theyíre doing it in England.  Parts of the coast have been sold off to French companies and so on.  And even the companies based in France are not really French at all, so you canít just blame it on the countries where the company happens to be located.  So there are so many con games going on you have to really dig through it.  But anyway:

"China Cashes In on Bankrupt Detroit" 

Alan:  Well that was planned years ago.

"Detroitís filing for bankruptcy on July 18 was the culmination of decades of ďProgressiveĒ politics and corruption. ďDetroit is a very high-profile example of some of the challenges our cities continue to face," 

"Kil Huh, an analyst who tracks local finances for Pew Charitable Trusts. ďDetroit is indicative of governments living beyond their means ó and they are going to eventually have to pay the piper.Ē" 

Alan:  Well the public always pays the piper as you well know and all the mafia that runs the cities too.†

"The time to pay the piper has indeed finally arrived for Detroit.  The question is:  How will the piper be paid?  Some are calling for another federal bailout.  But President Obama and Treasury Secretary Jack Lew, sensing that the American taxpayers are in no mood for more mass payouts for deadbeats, have declared there will be no bailout for the beleaguered city.  At least not a direct bailout.  However, the plan seems to be for Detroit (and other cities in the same predicament) to obtain an indirect bailout by transferring their bloated and unfunded public union pension plans to ObamaCare." 

Alan:  Interesting, eh?

"This would mean, of course, that the taxpayers would be stuck for billions of dollars that the cityís Democratic politicians promised to the union activists and welfare drones, in exchange for their votes.  There is another alternative poison pill that is being promoted as a magical panacea:  Let China buy Detroit ó and all the other bankrupt U.S. counties and municipalities.  With hoards of cash and more than a trillion dollars in U.S. Treasury securities, Communist Chinaís State Owned Enterprises (SOEs) can scoop up big chunks of distressed American real estate for pennies ó literally; many of Detroitís 78,000 abandoned buildings can be had for a single dollar."

"The firesale has been underway for some time now, and the Beijing regime is already a major buyer.  ďDozens of companies from China are putting down roots in Detroit, part of the countryís steady push into the American auto industry,Ē the New York Times reported on May 12.  ďChinese-owned companies are investing in American businesses and new vehicle technology, selling everything from seat belts to shock absorbers in retail stores, and hiring experienced engineers and designers in an effort to soak up the talent and expertise of domestic automakers and their suppliers,Ē the Times article continued.  ďWhile starting with batteries and auto parts, the spread of Chinese business is expected to result eventually in the sale of Chinese cars in the United States.Ē" 

Alan:  But of course the Chinese also bring in their own workers too in most countries.  And you got to understand too there are certain free trade zones within the countries.  These are pretty well sovereign zones by the way.  They were set up a long time ago by FDR in the U.S., thatís how far back it goes, where they can import stuff directly into that particular area, bypass all customs and everything.  Thatís been going on since the 30ís.  Iím trying to get it through to people that these are long-term goals and plans, folks, by one organization thatís been on the go your whole lives and your parentsí lives and grandparentsí lives.  And most folk are oblivious to this. 

So anyway thatís the one about China.  And it goes on and on of course about the different Shanghai auto shows and so on that are promoting moving to other parts of the world and their big businesses too etcetera, etcetera, and the fire sales they can get in the U.S. 

And remember too those who signed all the agreements for the World Trade Organization in all the western countries knew darn well that once your factories were to go up and move, which was the big plan of course, move them all, and use the tax money to fund the moving of them all, which they did and still do if you want to move over to China, then of course thereíd be nothing left at home.  They knew all that.  They knew all this stuff.  It didnít come as a surprise to them.  Their big think tanks work everything out step by step whatís going to happen about this and so on and so on. 


"Record 21 Million 'Young Adults' Now Live With Their Parents" 

"Just about a year ago we questioned the "demographic demand" thesis for why the US housing 'recovery' would become self-sustaining and lead to yet another fiscal and monetary 'nirvana'.  However, while the 'household formation' meme remains front-and-center among bloviating Fed apologists;"

Alan:  The fact is most folk are actually staying with their parents now.  There are no homes out there. 

Back with more after this.

{Break ♫}

Hi folks.  Weíre Cutting Through the Matrix.  Just really cutting through all the nonsense.  But it talks about the nirvana that was going to happen in housing and self sustaining and recovery and all the rest of it that would happen after the last crash.  And of course it hasnít happened at all.  And:

"...a recent Pew Research study finds, a record 21 million young adults are now living at home with their parents." 

Alan:  Then they go into other countries too and compare them all.  And I think thereís one-third of young people all live with their parents in Italy for instance.  And I understand that because thereís no cooking like momís obviously in Italy.  But in other countries itís really a different matter all together.  And itís so hard and expensive even to get apartments now for young people.  Especially if youíre just getting low-level jobs stacking shelves and things in supermarkets or whatever.  So this is the trend across the world as we get trained into austerity.  And believe you me the organizations I talk about like the CFR and so on did studies 40 years ago on this coming situation.  Itís not happening by chance at all.  None of it is.  None at all.  If you own the world and you run the world you always plan the world to make sure that those at the top continue to be at the top and their offspring too.  Thatís why they get richer and richer and richer with every generation.  But they get more powerful too and theyíre not going to share that power of course.  And theyíre internationalists at the top, always have been.  And thatís their plan for the future for the rest of you, is to go down the tubes of course.  Iíve read the book on the air, some of the parts of the book by Jacques Attali who is a big shot at the United Nations and he knows what the whole agenda is too and he put out the book that was called "Millennium" and that was back in the 90ís.  And he brought it in and he said, the "Winners and Losers in the Coming New World Order" and he said the next boat people will be U.S. citizens leaving and looking for work abroad.  And thatís already happening of course. 

Also this article too Iíll put up tonight, to do with the new normals of course of police states basically.  Thatís what weíre in.  Weíre all in police states now.

"Armed police storm couple's house and hold them for four hours - after mistaking TV remote for a GUN" 

"Michelle Malone and Keith Abrahams are suing police after 18 armed officers arrested them following reports they had a gun - which turned out to be a remote control." 

Alan:  They were in their bed at the time.

"Ten armed officers wearing body armour, along with eight uniformed police and a dog handler burst into..." 

Alan:  Their home

"...their flat at 1am in the morning.  They were taken from their home in Hereford and put in a cell where they were quizzed by a detective for four hours..." 

Alan:  Four hours.  I mean how long does it take for them to go through an apartment?  And how long does it take to discover a remote was there?  It was a remote they had in their hands even when they bust in.  So this is how they work it. 

"The police also conducted forensic fingertip search of the property, after paramedics who visited the previous day wrongly suspected Mr Abraham was holding a firearm." 

Alan:  The paramedic should get his eyes tested, eh?  Maybe he should stop taking the drugs heís got in his van you know. 

"Police had responded to a report by a paramedic who had attended the house earlier that evening after Michelle suffered a panic attack." 

Alan:  Most folk in panic attacks now folks is because of the medication the National Health Service is dishing out by the bucket loads as they drug the people into almost unconsciousness to get them through all the bad times.† But it says:

"The paramedic believed he had spotted Keith holding a firearm in the bedroom.  But Michelle, 46, explained how Keith, 44, had been watching TV in bed at the time of the medic's visit - and the only thing he had been holding at the time was a remote control." 

Alan:  How could you mistake that, eh?  How could you mistake that?  But this is the new normal as you know 18 cops turn up all fully armed and the whole bit and just smash your place and thatís it.  And drag you out under this perpetual war on terrorism.  This becomes the normal.  And all these TV shows again with the culture industry, drama series about it, ongoing, ongoing, ongoing, as we get conditioned that itís all quite normal.  Itís just like the movie "Brazil" by Terry Gilliam.  Itís really worth watching, itís a comedy but it showed you the future then.  And thatís how it even starts off, the movie, about a raid on a home, mistaken identity, and all the rest of it.  There are a lot of little clues in that movie actually.  Itís well worth watching. 


"Banks Threaten to Punish Cities that Use Eminent Domain to Help Underwater Homeowners." 

Alan:  Homeowners whose houses are underwater right.

"Roughly half the homeowners in the Bay Area city of Richmond are underwater on their mortgages, but city officials have come up with a plan to float them to safety, much to the consternation of banks and other moneyed interests.  The city is strongly considering using the power of eminent domain to seize the homes, which are worth less than the amount owed on the mortgage, and sell them back to the owners at fair market prices.  Richmond, a poor city by most measurements, has not benefited much by the recent surge in housing prices and many of the homeowners owe three or four times as much as the home is worth, according to The New York Times." 

Alan:  You understand the real estate market too, forty or fifty years ago people would buy the home from the homeowners who had them and you went to a lawyer and you made the deal yourself.  Now once the real estate agencies got in, now theyíve got a big conglomeration, like a big system, a club if you like, of real estate.  They rig the whole market along with the bankers, and jack all the prices up.  Everything is a racket folks when it comes to money, big money.  Anyway it says:

"It would be the first city in the nation to use eminent domain in this fashion.  But they certainly arenít the only city that would benefit immensely from the strategy.  A lot of cities with low-income minority populations were sold a ton of predatory loans that shouldnít have been offered," 

Alan:  In the first place.

"...and the Times says at least two dozen are actively considering the move." 

Alan:  Iíll put this one up too for those that want to see it.  Itís not actually water; it just means that theyíre under a massive mountain of debt for homes that arenít even worth the price.  Again thanks to the banksters who kept inflating the prices and selling them off to other companies, bank after bank after bank.  And they knew what they were doing.  But they wonít change the systems, folks, wonít change them.  Because you see way above those banks are the top ones that own it all.  Itís their system youíre living in.


"Chinese firm paid insider 'to kill my company,' American CEO says" 

"Federal prosecutors have charged Chinese firm, Sinovel with stealing U.S. intellectual property.  Sinovel has denied wrongdoing.  NBC News National Investigative Correspondent Michael Isikoff reports."

"A Chinese energy firm offered big money and access to women to entice an engineer at a U.S. company to launch a cyber raid on his employer, stealing sensitive computer codes and ďthereby cheating (the firm)..." 

Alan:  Thatís just industrial espionage.†

"...out of more than $800 million,Ē according to newly unsealed court documents and internal messages and emails obtained by NBC News."

"Federal prosecutors call the alleged cyber theft from American Superconductor (AMSC) in Devens, Mass., one of the most brazen cases yet of Chinese economic espionage in the United States.  The techniques the Chinese used to rob the company of three quarters of its revenue, half its workforce, and more than $1 billion in market value were straight out of a ďspy novel,Ē the firm's CEO said in an interview with NBC News." 

Alan:  Itís funny because last month I read the articles about I think it was about GlaxoSmithKline that were bribing people over in China to take on all their drugs and offering them all the same kind of things.  This is standard big business, folks.  There is nothing honest in business and there are no honest businessmen up there.  It just doesnít happen.  It doesnít happen. 


"At its meeting on 26 June, the European CouncilÖ"

Alan:  This is this big new Soviet system that Marx predicted would come in.  And it was formed and set up by the Royal Institute of International Affairs

"The European Council reached a joint position regarding how to intervene in insolvent banks in the future.  Supported by the European Parliament,"

Alan:  Which has no power at all.

"...this agreement will offer strong protection for retail depositors although it will not completely break the loop between bank risk and sovereign risk.  The Council has ratified the use of the bail-in..."

Alan:  Thatís stealing the depositorsí money.

" from 2018 as the main instrument to recapitalize such banks, sharing losses among bank creditors as a previous step before injecting public money (up to 2018, a system similar to the one in Spain will be used, which the European Commission will specify before August)." 

Alan:  And then they give you the order of seniority as to who gets paid when the banks collapse.  And it gives you all the top ones and then all the ones at the bottom, the ordinary folk who are plundered.  All the private companies and so on will get paid off.  Theyíre okay, theyíll get their money out but all the private people at the bottom have to be scalped.  In other words their money is to be stolen by the banks.  And itís now legal to steal your money by the banks by this ruling.  Now it says 2018 they will start it but actually itís 2015.  And even Canada signed on to do the same thing too for 2015.  Quite a system we live in eh?  But they wonít change it folks.  Itís never worked.  Itís never worked but they wonít change it because you see they run the world, those big boys at the top and they wonít give up that kind of power.  Why should they?  Power never gives itself up, but the system youíre living in is the one they gave to you.  Your reality is the one they gave to you and you think itís normal. 

From Hamish and myself from Ontario, Canada, itís goodnight, and may your God or your Gods go with you.



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