Aug. 14, 2013 (#1394)

Poem Copyright Alan Watt Aug. 14, 2013:

The New You Will Be Fine,
Give Nudging Some Time:

"Propaganda says Governments are Caring, Kind,
They Employ Specialists to Work on Your Mind,
Psychological Warfare, Behavioural Insights Team,
The Latter Sounds Better, the Former's a Scream,
They Work on Schoolchildren, Adolescents, Adults,
Using Lectures, Entertainment, Gov. Run Cults,
Focus Groups, Experiments of Every Variety,
Behaviour Modification is Forced Upon Society,
Old Normals are Out, New Normals are In,
Government Promoted, Nothing's a Sin,
Yet the Fool on the Hill, Hermit High in a Cave,
Shake Heads as "New Freedom" Creates Perfect Slave"
© Alan Watt Aug. 14, 2013
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Hi folks.  I'm Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through the Matrix on August the 14th, 2013.

For newcomers please help yourself to the website  Youíll see all the official sites I have listed on that site.  They all have lots of audios for download for free where I go through the system that youíre born into and how it works and why it works this way and where itís going and so on because the future is always planned.  And even what youíre going through in the present time was planned long before you were born in fact by again experts, world experts in psychology, behaviorism, and various other fields.  And thatís how the world is run very simply.  And it was all set up by private institutions that would always allow the semblance of a democracy for the people so they wouldnít rebel every so often as the big world changes were to take place.  And in reality itís run by these private foundations which call themselves the parallel government in fact.  And the Royal Institute for International Affairs was the first organization to come out publicly and state its global agenda.  And it was made up out of the City of London bankers basically, the international moneylenders.  These guys lent to nations and it still is today of course.  Now of course they have all the media onboard with them because they own it all.  Theyíre all members of it, all the magnates and so on, and they have counterparts across the world, the same organization.  In the U.S. they call it the Council on Foreign Relations.  So these guys have been putting presidents and prime ministers in for a hundred years at least and weíre going through their agenda, the scientific agenda into the proper society where the elite, those who have the power and the money and the wealth and theyíve proven they have the right to hold onto it because they have never lost it down through generations of special breeding and having their mates selected for them and so on, guaranteeing that they donít have wayward children.  Their children generally do exactly the same as they do themselves.  They have a banking class and their children go into the banking class.  They have a scientific elite and they go into the science areas too, and so on.  And you find even that Huxley, both the Huxleys, Julian Huxley and Aldous Huxley, talked about the fact that they were members of the scientific class, intergenerational. 

So youíre seeing a breeding program at the top of course and now theyíre going to get rid of all the ďuseless eatersĒ at the bottom because in this post-consumer society, in a society which is vastly changing because of sciences and so on, they donít need as many people as they used to.  And the people are, well they claim the people are using up their resources, at the top that is, for their children to go on into their wonderful future.  And so theyíre bringing the populations down by lots of cancers and various other things too, rotten food of course which is poisonous, and various other techniques as well. 

So weíre going through all of this as we live today.  And most folk are oblivious because there has never been so much entertainment.  And so many people get really angry or anxious and so on, they want escapism, and they go into entertainment which gives them further programming that everything is just wonderful and fine, etcetera. 

So help yourself to the website.  Remember too you can get transcripts from them as well in English on all those sites listed there and you can get transcripts in other languages of the talks Iíve given if you go into

Remember too, you can help me tick along here by buying the books and discs that I have at  And from the U.S. to Canada remember you can still use personal checks or international postal money orders from the post office to order.  Or you can use Paypal or you can actually send cash.  Across the world, Western Union, Moneygram, and Paypal will do.  And straight donations are awfully, seriously welcome as we go through the planned inflation to bring us into austerity. 

Now, austerity was planned a long time ago.  If you go into the writings of the Club of Rome and other think tanks.  Remember too, the Royal Institute for International Affairs owns hundreds and hundreds of think tanks across the world which advise governments on all policies.  And the Club of Rome is a big one which also has got liaisons with the United Nations. 

So the Club of Rome came out in the 70ís and said that weíre going into a post-consumerist society.  Thatís how theyíre going to train the public, which meant that all your spending money in an austere program would go into basic utilities, basic necessities, food, energy, clothing, etcetera, rent.  Because then eventually they want, there will only be authorized rental units only owned by big chains of course under Agenda 21.  And eventually no private automobiles either.  And thatís why the stamp is on basically to get cars off the road.  Itís nothing to do with pollution; itís to do with the right to travel and so on. 

People who are contained in a totalitarian regime as we all go down the tubes, dying off gradually up to the year 2050 or 60 and that is the plan folks.  Then they want you to be under complete observation.  And those at the top are never happy or feel secure until everyone is under total surveillance 24 hours a day and completely predictable.  Thatís why all the information is gathered on every single individual.  It doesnít matter who you are or how good you think you are, good meaning obeying all the laws that come out.  It doesnít matter; they want to know that youíre completely predictable in every situation.  So weíre going through a planned system, scientific, etcetera. 

Many writers came out at the beginning of the 20th century in fact and then partway through it, with their own books on this.  They attended world meetings because the Royal Institute for International Affairs hired lots of writers to write novels and non-fiction like H.G. Wells, he did both, and he was a propagandist for this elite too.  He was all for this system of a global police force that eventually would be transferred from Britain to the U.S.  And Kipling was in on it too in fact.  They all knew where it was going and itís happened of course.  They also said that eventually the U.S. would be the policeman for maybe a hundred years, maybe less.  It would fall back, it would come back again as a powerful force and fall back again into obscurity, then China would take over.  Now Iím talking about a hundred years ago. 

And youíll find that writers and professors like Arnold Toynbee at Oxford University, England, also made the same comments and statements as well, after the U.S. was to come China.  A long time ago they made all these plans for it too.  Thatís why of course the big boys have no enemies you see.  They created China to be the industrial giant that it is.  The West trained engineers from about the 60ís onwards.  Canada had a lot of Chinese students into engineering that all went back to China waiting for the factories to come over there, because that was the plan under the World Trade Organization, another private institution belonging to the Royal Institute for International Affairs.  So was the Bank for International Settlements and the IMF, the World Bank, they set it all up folks, private institutions. 

So whereís the democracy?  Democracy doesnít exist.  It doesnít exist folks.  The only ones who have a pretence of democracy are the non-governmental organizations or these armies across the world which are well funded.  And those at the top have very good paychecks indeed, more than the average person, and great pension schemes, etcetera, and full drug benefits and healthcare.  And theyíre paid for by the big foundations which employed them and set them up in the first place.  And their job is to lobby governments and then the governments can turn around and pass laws on their behalf and say the people of Canada, or the U.S., or Britain, or wherever, have spoken.  Thatís the farce of democracy.  The individual has no rights whatsoever.  And what Iím telling you here again was written about a hundred years ago because those who set it up said that in their early writings, that eventually only big pressure groups, well funded pressure groups, will have any say in this new thing called democracy. 

So the future is always planned.  Everything in the present is planned, including all the wars that are going on.  The cultural changes and all the revolutions, the social revolutions weíve gone through, these were all planned as well a long, long time ago.  And itís very essential that it will all come through.  And many of them too are so crazy and ridiculous of course that itís like trying to bash square pegs into round holes in fact.  But they never change.  They never change their attitudes at the top.  And long before you heard of the Soviet Union, a similar organization was working in parts of Europe pushing the exact same agenda.  Free abortions everywhere, promiscuity was to be the normal thing, no marriage, and many, many other things too that are all happening as you live. 

Back with more after this.

{Break ♫}

Hi folks.  Weíre back Cutting Through the Matrix, talking about the big system.  Thatís all there is to talk about because itís everything, isnít it?  The big system incorporates all of your entertainment, everything.  And we take that all for granted never realizing that they have psychologists and psychiatrists and social workers even working on constant dramas that are on like "Coronation Street", etcetera.  Which gives you preprogramming of things to come, predictive programming they actually call it, where they show you things happening in society and how the average person deals with it or the family deals with it before it actually happens at all.  They did this with mass immigration in "Coronation Street".  They had teams and teams of specialists all brought in to work on these particular things because people copy what they see.  You see itís very simple.  Itís very, very easy in fact.  The younger the better of course. 

Iíve mentioned before that everything is to do with psychology and psychiatry.  And when you look at the Rockefeller Foundation as one example thatís heavily involved with the CIA.  They set up the World Council of Churches so that they could streamline all churches to promote the same nonsense.  And I mean nonsense.  Thatís what they preach today, itís really nonsense.  Itís keep out of politics.  Itís keep out of everything that matters.  Thatís what theyíre taught today.  So theyíve been neutered in other words.  And you find that Rockefeller also was heavily involved in promoting perverts and so on in sexual areas.  And Kinsey was one of them.  It was the Rockefellers who brought this perv up to the limelight in an attempt to make people think, especially women, that they were simply missing out on living and having lots of promiscuous sex because they were told that everyone else was doing it you see.  And this eventually became the law of the land because judges would use these in all their court decisions to do with rape or anything else and consensuality.  All of these things came out of fake bogus studies by Kinsey.  So again a great con was given to the general population for a very old agenda, an old agenda to help destroy marriage and long-term relationships, etcetera, etcetera.  Itís been awfully, awfully successful. 

Iíll put up the woman tonight who has done complete exposťs again on Kinsey.  Fantastic information, all documented and it just shows you the lengths that the governments who backed Kinsey as well, they were all for this kind of thing because your government was never your government, understand.  It never was your government at all.  It hasnít been for an awful long time.  And it doesnít matter what country you live in, itís all one system.  And as I say Kinsey would hire prostitutes and homosexuals and so on and do studies on them without telling the public.  These were all the ones that he experimented on.  Plus he was given special leeway to even use government workers by the way to do sexual experimentation on babies.  Babies.  Anal penetration, all this stuff.  And with stopwatches to see how much they screamed and how long they screamed for.  And then they would reevaluate it and say that scream was actually delight by the way.  This is the stuff that they do to change your behavior because these people are completely inhumane, the ones that run the world.  But they definitely have very idealistic goals, for their own group that is, and theyíre always at it.

Now, Iíve mentioned before that weíre always under... And thatís the same thing too with many other of the behaviorists and scientists they employed to do with the mind and mass behavioral studies, etcetera.  And Skinner was another one too who even put his own daughter in his special Skinnerian cage to test out her responses and so on and so on.  They dropped babies from certain heights to see how long, you know what was the minimum height that wouldnít affect them or have them screaming and itís all on film by the way.  Itís all up on YouTube, a lot of these old studies that they did.  And youíll see them doing this kind of stuff you know.  Or hitting them on the head with a hammer. 

How did they get away with this?  Because your government was never yours and your government is all behind this.  Thatís why they were never arrested and charged for anything.  Itís very important to see how we all tick you see and what can be done to us to alter our behavior. 

Now, Iíve mentioned many times that Britainís way ahead really of most countries in this respect.  They were into this a long, long time ago, in mass control of the public.  The ancients too knew how to do certain things as well by controlling people mainly through religion.  Greece was a good example, Rome as well.  And knowledge is never lost.  Itís never lost, especially knowledge to do with controlling masses of people.  Itís always taken over by the next empire, the next empire, and the next empire, etcetera.  But coupled today with behaviorism, psychology, psychiatry, and many other sciences, itís very, very precise. 

So Britain now has an official, and Iíve mentioned it before, theyíve always had it mind you, but they have an official psychological warfare team which they call...

"The Behavioral Insights Team,"

Alan:  Iíve mentioned this before on the radio.† And it says:

"...often called the ĎNudge Unití" 

Alan:  Because this is all the terminology theyíre using today, "Nudging you" to make the right choices in life or to look at the right sites on the internet and so on.  Iíve mentioned too about Cass Sunstein who is also doing the same thing in the U.S. with the U.S. unit that works with the British by the way.  They all work together across the world for the most effective ways of altering the behavior.  "Nudging" if you like, but altering the behavior of the masses and especially the young too, to make sure that they will come into the kind of citizen they want to grow up to suit those who rule the country and run the country, which is not your government.  It says:

"...often called the ĎNudge Unití applies insights from academic research in behavioural economics and psychology to public policy and services."

Alan:  It does a lot more than that too.  Itís all into social areas as well. 

"In addition to working with almost every government department, we work with local authorities, charities, NGOs," 

Alan:  Non-Governmental Organizations, thatís for the foundations.

"...private sector partners and foreign government, developing proposals and testing them empirically across the full spectrum of government policy." 

Alan:  And this is from their own site, from the governmentís website.  And it talks about their responsibility. 

†ē† "encouraging and supporting people to make better choices for themselves" 

Alan:  Youíre all too stupid to make the agendaís choices that they want you to go along, so you have to be nudged into it, meaning coerced.  And theyíll use others who are easily nudged and theyíll do it first.  Theyíll get them to turn against you if you donít go along you see, itís very simple.† And:

†ē† "considering the application of behavioural science to policy design and delivery" 

Alan:  How they deliver propaganda to you to make it all happen.

†ē† "advancing behavioural science in public policy" 

Alan:  So public policy, meaning laws that they have down as policies and itís to change your behavior in certain directions to make you easier managed for tyrants basically.

†ē† "championing scientific methodology to bring greater rigour to policy evaluation" 

Alan:  So again to bring in more and more scientists into it.  Now, going back a hundred years as Iíve said before and even before that the groups that kept themselves submerged, with their names that is, until the Royal Institute for International Affairs, you also had the Royal Society which was made up of freemasons by the way that was set up.  In fact it was almost like a monkish school, like monks, because if you were married in the early days you had to put your wife away with a stipend and the children, never see them again, in order to join it.  And you find that Francis Bacon was one of the members who did that.  He put his wife away and supposedly put some money aside for her.  We donít know how much.  And he joined it and many others too because they were to start to guide the world through their policies, claiming it was all scientific you understand.  It still does the same thing today, the Royal Society. 

And then it says:

"Who we are" 

Alan:  Back to the site again...

"Our director is Dr David Halpern.  We are a small team of 13,"

Alan:  But they have big, big agencies behind them, the 13 officers. 

"...with backgrounds in academia (behavioural sciences and experimental methodology), policy making and marketing.  We are based in London."

Alan:  Itís much, much bigger believe you me than 13 folk.  These are the main officers that get all the data coming in from all the hundreds of think tanks and experiments going on across the whole world from universities to even prison camps abroad and so on.  And torture, etcetera. 

Back with more after this.

{Break ♫ - Youíre listening to the Republic Broadcasting Network because you can handle the truth - ♫}

Alan:  Hi folks.  Weíre back Cutting Through the Matrix and talking about the system that gives us our thoughts basically and our opinions and our entertainment as well because these organizations, behavioral insights teams or psychological warfare work with all your entertainment industry as well by the way, your long-term dramas, certain movies, and so on.  And they categorize them for different age groups because they are the target groups.  And they know how to get every age group onboard with policies and so on.  Remember Cass Sunstein too, after you read this one from Britain, and he was working with the American counterpart, he said we can eventually make people, nudge them into wanting to pay more taxes and so on, you know.  And they can.  They can make you feel guilty about anything at all.  And itís all done in the way that they apply it, especially through entertainment too.  Thatís where folk, you get emotionally involved with the characters as Iíve mentioned, the main characters, and you see how nice they are and good they are and then theyíll explain through an argument in the movie as to why theyíre doing what they do and youíll copy them too.  And thatís how itís done.  They can shame you. 

So this article here as I say talks about theirÖ

"Applying behavioural insights to charitable giving" 

Alan:  Itís not charity at all; itís to do with you giving more taxes out actually.  Thatís the real reason behind it.  And it says:

"Test, learn, adapt..." 

Alan:  Very interesting too, test, test the people, learn, and adapt, adapt, adapt to the new policies.

"...developing public policy with randomized controlled trials." 

Alan:  Which are then used on all the populations you see.  So Iíll put this article up tonight.  They donít tell you very much at all on their website but itís from the government website.  And this is how your governments are involved in making you what they want you to be, you see.  So much for a free society.  When governments are involved in social change and behavioral change you donít have a government that you thought you had.  It doesnít matter if itís stop smoking or anything else, or lose weight.  When theyíre involved in anything like this there is something wrong there.  And theyíre promoting other things by the way in society like have lots of sex with everybody you meet or try changing your gender for instance, you might be happier, all this kind of stuff.  No, no, this is much, much more than what government was there in the first place for by the way.  And speaking of that too itís awfully important because you see if you go into the writings of the early communists, letís call them communists to be on the safe side, and many of them flooded into America and Britain in the early 1900ís, the late 1800ís actually but they had more in the early 1900ís, in order to penetrate universities and start teaching communism under social sciences and so on.  And they were responsible for bringing in a whole generation into having the riots in the 1960ís.  They were behind all that kind of stuff. 

So theyíve been awfully interested from the very early days in destruction of marriage because for a totalitarian system run by experts and scientists to work, then you must get families out of the way.  And families stick together.  Theyíll stand up to governments.  When you have communities with lots of families that have a lot in common with each other they all stand up you see when one person is picked on.  So get rid of them and then you can talk down to the individual like Big Brother in Orwellís "1984".  Itís very simple. 

And so they were very interested in causing vast permissiveness.  And H.G. Wells even in his first book was on that very topic in the late 1800ís.  And he was told to write it in a novelistic form, and then in a non-fiction form as well, on "Free Love".  Thatís where the expression came from.  He put that out there.  In fact he was a great propagandist for the Royal Institute for International Affairs.  Heís the guy too who came out with slogans for World War I, like "The War to End All Wars".  It gave a moral side to it which didnít exist at all.  Itís for a good cause; itís going to end all wars, a utopia you see.  He also helped to get guys into World War I who didnít want to go and fight, and didnít believe in it.  Because they used again basic psychology and he instituted the white feather in the cap of the women whose boyfriends or fiancťes would not go off to fight; that meant he was a coward and she would wear that on the street and shame him.  These are the dirty tricks that are played on people all the time, from the very beginning to the present time. 

But as I say, getting back to promiscuity, it was awfully important to get that going and to make sure there is no permanent relationships you see.  And theyíre always doing study upon study upon study on this.  They have been for well over a hundred years now.  Itís very important you see to keep up to date to see how well itís all working.  Bezmenov talked about this too, the destruction of the culture.  The strong culture that stood up against all these factions of totalitarian regimes, the strong culture he said was demolished by the 1970ís already, he said, under a guise of liberalism which came out of the universities again from the same professors that came in, who werenít professors at all by the way.  Many of them didnít have any credentials but they had very powerful people and wealthy folk sponsoring them into the U.S. especially, and getting them right into universities and teaching with bogus credentials.  But they taught liberalism, which was really communism they were teaching them. 

And hereís an article here that ties in with many, many articles that come out every year, because itís very important.  If you go back to the days of Armand Hammer, now Armand Hammerís dad came in with that load from Eastern Europe.  And his dad kept getting in trouble.  He was a quack basically.  And he started selling quack cures in a chemist shop, a pharmacy shop.  And he was busted a few times for that because what he was really doing was lots of abortions and he wasnít trained.  Because they were trained that they had to teach the folk in the West to have lots and lots of abortions so that you could really devalue life.  Just like Julian Huxley said at UNESCO in his writings as well, in his big speech at UNESCO and Planned Parenthood, he said, weíve got to knock man off his throne, off his pedestal as being a supreme being on the planet and dehumanize him down to the state of an animal they can do anything with.  And thatís where we are today.  And promote mass promiscuity.†

So it says:

"College 'hook-up' culture does not lead students to have more sex than they ever did but it IS more casual" 

Alan:  It says.  This is really for academics to study because as I say they do it all the time.  They get more out of it than the average reader will get.

†ē† "Students who attended college between 2002 and 2010 had virtually the same amount of sex as those who attended between 1988 and 1996"

†ē† "Contemporary students were less likely to have a regular sex partner and more likely to hook-up with a friend, casual date of pick-up" 

Alan:  So even the terms are being changed now.  Itís not really someone that theyíve been going with for a while; itís really just casual friends.  Theyíll have sex with them just to have sex with them and things like that.  Thatís what they call friends today.  And thatís important because theyíre wanting to see how the studentsí perceptions are changing on how theyíre doing things and so on.  And of course with todayís students theyíre more honest because theyíre tweeting everything out there to the great world anyway and they think nothing at all about talking about these things whatsoever. 

But itís very important to those at the top, because getting back to Armand Hammer, he also wanted to promote sexual promiscuity along with many of his cohorts that flooded into the U.S.  And that wasnít his real name of course.  He changed his name for his sonís sake.  He became the Arm and Hammer.  The arm and the hammer of course is the symbol inside the compass of British Freemasonry, which is also for world revolution.  And so Armand Hammer was the name.  And he had an apartment next to Lenin then Stalin.  And he also had, he was well into those in the White House as well.  That tells you it was all arranged from the top at the beginning.  The U.S. was already taken over by then by the way, already taken over.  Then it was just a matter of changing attitudes in societies on many different levels. 

So anyway this article goes into the fact that itís really more casual than ever, than before.  You donít really have to know the person for any length of time, it can be a daily thing and just they call it hookups.  Hookups as theyíre calling it.  Iíll put the article up anyway; it doesnít interest me because I know all this stuff, because Iíve read higher studies that have been done for universities that are going on all the time. Because as I say itís very important to those at the top for future societies.  Itís very much like "Brave New World" in fact.  And in "Brave New World" written in the 1930ís, 1933 remember, you find that Huxley attended world meetings along with the top players of his day.  He knew what they were bringing in by the way and promiscuity was just a part of it, until basically it will be illegal to sleep with the same partner twice in a week or two weeks, which he actually had in his book form.  And then he gives you a breakdown of the book with his speech at Berkeley in the 1960ís.  I might put the link up tonight to the audio for that as well. 

But itís all here today.  Itís all been achieved.  All parts of agendas, parts of the "Communist Manifesto", that was all supported by the biggest bankers in the world living in London at the time, the dialectic.  Youíve got to have the dialectic working to change anything.  The dialectic needs an opposing force and then you get the synthesis out of it, which is really your goal.†

And this other article too is to do with SWAT teams.  SWAT teams, how itísÖ Well itís the new normal, isnít it?  Back with more after this break.

{Break ♫}

Alan:  Hi folks.  Weíre back Cutting Through the Matrix, talking about the system as it really is.  And part of training the public, under terrorism of course, is a great tool for it, to make you all scared and afraid simply so that youíll obey authority without thinking, any kind of authority because it makes you fearful of them.  And this is the Orwellian part theyíre bringing us through as we go through eventually into the Aldous Huxley part of it, from "1984" to "Brave New World".  So the two are combined right now as we go through it all.† But it says here:

"SWAT Team Raid Sustainable Organic Co-Op For Drugs, Find None," 

Alan:  And they always do this.  They always find something.  So they...

"...Force Them To Mow Their Lawn" 

Alan:  This is how bad it is now.  This is the kind of stuff youíd read about in third world countries at one time but this is across the West now.  Britainís the same.

"According to a press release from a small sustainable organic co-op called 'The Garden of Eden' out of Arlington, Texas, they were surveilled by unmanned police drones..." 

Alan:  Thatís how they wanted to get these guys.  The cost of this is phenomenal.

"...and police helicopters in the days prior to being raided by a SWAT team for supposedly growing marijuana.  A group of over a dozen police officers and a heavily armed SWAT team held those present on site at gunpoint and handcuffed them while they searched their property.  No marijuana was found, but the cops forced them to bring their property ďup to code,Ē" 

Alan:  Their building property. 

" among other things, forcing them to "mow their grass" and uproot their blackberries while they stood watch." 

"At around seven thirty last Friday morning, inhabitants of The Garden of Eden, a small Intentional Community based on Sustainability, were awakened by a SWAT raid conducted by the City of Arlington for suspicion of being a full fledged marijuana growth and trafficking operation.  Ultimately only a single arrest was made based on unrelated outstanding traffic violations," 

Alan:  Tickets.† And:

"...a handful of citations were given for city code violations, and zero drug related violations were found." 

Alan:  It lasted ten hours, the whole operation.

"The entire operation lasted about 10 hours and involved many dozens of city officials, SWAT team, police officers and code compliance employees, and numerous official vehicles including dozens of police cars and several specialized vehicular equipment that was involved in the ďabatementĒ operation.  Witnesses say that there were helicopters and unmanned flying drones circling the property in the days prior to the raid that are presumed to have been a part of the intelligence gathering.  The combined expenses for the raid itself and the collection of information leading up to the fruitless raid are estimated in the tens of thousands of taxpayer dollars. 

All 8 adults present in the house were initially handcuffed at the gunpoint of heavily armed SWAT officers, including the mother of a 22 month old and a two week old baby who was separated from her children during the raid.  The police enforced activity on the day of the raid included mowing the grass, the forcible destruction of both wild and cultivated plants like blackberries," 

Alan:  Because these people grew them and they actually had classes on sustainability for outsiders to come in.  So they made, so they destroyed the cultivated plants.

" blackberries, lambís quarters and okra, and the removal of other varied materials from around the premises such as pallets, tires and cardboard that the Community members say they had collected for use in sustainability projects.  No marijuana or other drugs were found on site and the inhabitants of the premises were all unarmed. 

After several hours and many requests from the community members, the City Police Officers finally produced two warrants.  The first was a Search Warrant for a suspected marijuana growth and distribution operation purportedly being concealed on the premises.  There was also an Inspection & Abatement Warrant for code compliance violations such as tall grass and storage in the yard, an issue that the City of Arlington and The Garden of Eden have been disputing since February of this year.  The marijuana warrant was issued based on an unsubstantiated claim...." 

Alan:  So it was one of these rumored, somebody phones in.†

"...unsubstantiated claim by an Arlington City Police Officer of possession of marijuana by one of the community members for which there is no police record." 

Alan:  In other words they made it up.

"Garden of Eden community members also say they have a series of documents showing that their dispute with the City of Arlington over the code compliance violations had already been addressed and settled." 

Alan:  But as I say the people make their living on teaching workshops and people come in and learn how to grow things and have bees, how to work with the bees, chickens, composting stations, vegetable gardens, wild-crafted trees and plants, and so on.  And theyíre all getting it now.  Everybodyís getting it you see.  And thanks again to the drone industry.  You see all the spin-offs from the war industry are getting used because you see youíre being trained that your governments are at war with you.  I hope you get the point.  As they are with other peoples across the world; theyíre at war with you as well. 

Now also the NAFTA free trade deal is still going on and itís kept very quiet of course but this actually came out in the news, this little bit here.

"U.S. expects immunity for its policemen working in new cross-border policing program" 

Alan:  With Canada. 

"We've all heard of diplomatic immunity, the international convention that exempts select representatives of foreign countries from arrest and prosecution unless that protection is specifically waived by their government.  The privilege has been occasionally abused, but it's a vital element in allowing diplomats to operate in sometimes hostile environments.  But how do you feel about foreign policemen being given similar immunity while operating in Canada?  That's reportedly what the United States is asking for as part of a cross-border policing agreement with Canada.  The Canadian Press says it has obtained an RCMP briefing memo under access-to-information legislation that details the Mounties' reservations about allowing American officers to work with legal immunity in Canada.

ďCanadians would likely have serious concerns with cross-designated officers from the U.S. not being accountable for their actions in Canada,Ē says the classified memo prepared for RCMP Commissioner Bob Paulson, a censored version of which was obtained by CP.  The Conservative government is working on a wide-ranging deal for cross-border law enforcement aimed mainly at reducing the trade bottlenecks at the Canada-U.S. border created after the 9/11 terror attacks." 

Alan:  This isnít true.  They want to get right inside Canada.

"The program initially allows U.S. Customs and Border Protection officers to work with Canada Border Services agents at truck pre-clearance areas on the border," 

Alan:  Now other ones are actually inside Canada itself quite far north. 

"...with the first two pilot projects set up at Fort Erie, Ont., and Surrey, B.C. ďIn addition, we will implement 'Next Generation' pilot projects to create integrated teams in areas such as intelligence and criminal investigations, and an intelligence-led uniformed presence between ports of entry,Ē says a description of the program on Ottawa's Action Plan web site.

But the October 2012 memo reveals that Canadian and U.S. officials are at odds over whose legal system would apply to the visiting officers.  According to the RCMP memo, these kinds of cross-border initiatives have operated on the understanding that the laws of the host country apply to illegal acts committed on its territory and that its courts would have jurisdiction.

ďHowever, the U.S. has recently expressed concerns with the continued application of the 'host country law model' and has requested that its officers be exempted from the laws or the jurisdiction of the ordinary courts in Canada in the context of the Next Generation and Pre-clearance initiatives,Ē the memo says.

Public Safety Canada spokeswoman Josee Picard confirmed to CP that while U.S. customs officers working in Canadian cargo pre-clearance areas would be subject to this country's laws, the issue remains unsettled for the policing component, which was supposed to be running by last year.  This isn't the first instance Americans have insisted its uniformed representatives abroad be swathed in a legal bubble of red, white and blue." 

Alan:  Then it goes into what the U.S. has already done in Iraq and other countries by the way and how they made themselves immune to everything that their forces, including their police forces which they sent over there too, were involved in.  And would it happen to Canada as well.  But this is all part of the integration policy as I say too.  As I say they go into... 

"One of the most infamous cases involved former soldier Raymond Davis, a private contractor working for the CIA, who was arrested in Pakistan in 2011 after reportedly killing two armed men who approached his car in the city of Lahore in 2011.  A third man was run over.  Evidence suggested Davis had been on an espionage mission. 

The U.S. asserted that Davis was covered by immunity because he had traveled to Pakistan on a diplomatic passport." 

Alan:  So in other words they can give these cops diplomatic passports and then they can do, you know, Rambo through Canada, and theyíll be free from any consequences.  And it says:

"But Canada isn't Afghanistan or Pakistan.  The RCMP memo says there are several reasons why visiting American officers should be subject to Canadian law," 

Alan:  Well "should be" is not the way itís going to be.

"...including the historic jurisdiction of sovereign states on their own territory, the similarity of the U.S. and Canadian justice systems related to the use of force by police and the fact the cross-border agreement was premised on each country's legal system applying to the program.  It ďwould not be feasible nor desirable to have two law enforcement officers working together being subjected to different regimes for accountability and criminal liability,Ē the memo says." 

Alan:  Now thereís the open one they gave to the press but it also says in this article there is the secret one that the public have not to know about.  Welcome to democracy and freedom and all that nonsense folks. 

From Hamish and myself from Ontario, Canada, itís goodnight, and may your God or your Gods go with you.



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