Aug. 15, 2013 (#1395)

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Poem Copyright Alan Watt Aug. 15, 2013:

Goodness Me, the Future ain't What it Used to Be:

"Democracies Lined Up for Next Great Shift
Into Austerity and Poverty as the Great Rift
Between Rulers and Ruled becomes More Wide,
Like Two Separate Species Across Great Divide,
It's the Eugenicists' Dream as "Fittest" Go On
Into Less Crowded Future, Their Golden Dawn,
Without "Obsolete", Labouring "Useless Eaters",
Who're Replaced by Robots, No Bottom Feeders,
Until Then the Populations to Suffer Austerity
With Financial Cutbacks of Unceasing Severity,
Fertility, Fecundity is Steadily Decreasing,
Tampering with Food, Drugs is Never Ceasing,
Militarized Police are Readied for Unrest,
Serving Their Masters, the "Aristocratic Best""
© Alan Watt Aug. 15, 2013


Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - Aug. 15, 2013 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)
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Hi folks.  I am Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix on the 15th of August, 2013.  For any newcomers who are listening tonight, please look into website. Youíll see a whole bunch of sites listed there, these are the official sites I have. Theyíve all got lots of audios for download where I go through the system that weíre born into and how it came to be, who runs the system and where it plans to go. Because it was set up over a hundred years ago by the wealthiest guys on the planet. They formed private foundations, and tax-free foundations too, and they basically started to hire and create armies of non-governmental organizations to alter politics, society, in every possible way imaginable, to suit the elite at the top, the ones who had set up the foundations, and the ones who set up the foundations were international bankers of their day; and they were based in the City of London. 


Of course they formed their private institutions and clubs like the RIIA and the CFR in America Ė now they have branches across the whole world Ė that direct the policies of all countries that are in this thing called democracy. This same organization, the Royal Institute of International Affairs, they also set up the World Bank, they set up the Bank for International Settlements that manage all the private central banks, and they set up the IMF as well.  And they planned to use economics at the end of the game, which is now by the way, to bring every country under their iron fist and run the world properly according to themselves.


They really believe this too, that private business, their own private businesses of course Ė the international boys, they donít like competition on the low end; they like to have all high guys up there who are all members of the club Ė they will run the world in a feudalistic fashion. So this is what weíre going through today as things become privatized from governments. And whatís the point having a government when everything is privatized? Of course, thereís no say against the private organizations that then run your water, your food supplies, gas, electricity, all the other things that you need.  Because the government turns around and says, well we canít do anything about it because itís private companies which are doing it all. Thatís how itís meant to be, you see, as we go into austerity and many, many changes still to come, because these guys plan the future, sometimes centuries in advance.


So help yourself to the website. Remember too, you can get transcripts of the talks for print-up in English. You can also get transcripts of many of the talks Iíve given and youíll find them in other languages if you go into  Remember too, you can help me tick along here by getting the books and discs at  [Order and donation options listed above.]  Straight donations are seriously welcome, because weíre all feeling the pinch now, as the plan is for the next 10 years to go into inflation, gradually, every single year, until your currency is worth at least half of what it was when it started. That is the big plan. Thatís what they mean by quantitative easing, it means inflation and simply printing money up. But after all, money is a con anyway; itís backed by nothing to start with.


So the con masters and the con managers are running the world today and weíre all in the big con, because weíve been given no other form of a system of either government or even a money system. As Iíve said many, many times in the past, if you take your car into a particular garage and each time you drive away the wheels fall off, you donít go back to the garage; you get another system, another bunch of guys to do it. But if you notice with the banking crashes, that happen twice a century at least and many in between, small ones, they never change the system. The reason is because the money boys run the world.  They run the world, they run the governments and they all belong to the big clubs they set up like the CFR/Royal Institute of International Affairs, and they have their media giants which all belong to it too, to make sure we all have the same indoctrination, across the whole planet.


After all, itís global, you see. Itís a global total conquest.  Itís global and this is conquest. There are many forms of warfare and economic warfare seems to be the most powerful one of all, because it runs every single country on the planet. Every Prime Minister and President must go to the bankers and borrow money, every few months now actually, to keep all their different systems going. The big bankers too, brought you socialism because they prefer a socialist government because it creates a massive welfare system and lots of debt, which they live off the interest of course Ė they love debt Ė and itís easier to manage the general population with a socialist type government. So weíre going through the whole agenda.


So get the books and discs at Find out how the art of conology has been used down through the ages from ancient times to the present, and find out where itís all supposed to go. Because the big boys do tell us where itís all going in their futuristic reports. Many of the people involved in creating the cultural changes necessary to bring us to those stages write their memoirs and books; they love to talk about themselves and their part in it and so on and so on. Most folk donít read it because theyíre very dry sometimes and boring. But you come across an incredible paragraph once in a while, which lets the whole cat out of the bag, and itís really something, itís worth it then. You have a few gray hairs but itís worth it.


But weíre living through rush times, and through rush times you stampede the cattle. The cattle today are the people Ė thatís what they call us by the way.  They also have us stampeding under many kinds of crisis, perpetual crisis, because then we do what weíre told Ė weíre all scared and donít know whatís happening, and government pretends to look after you all.  And they can really speed through rapid changes, which we accept, because thereís no time to think or complain or anything else as we rush through crisis after crisis after crisis.  But weíll end up going into austerity.  And austerity means that all your spending money will go towards bare essentials.


Thatís the world theyíre bringing in, for most of the world, because now you have an incredible, ultra-ultra-rich elite like never before. You have a few joining them, just on the borders of it who have many billions of dollars, but theyíre not at the top yet. And youíve got all the rest of us of course who are at the bottom and who have no say in anything at all. So the gap is there already. Eugenics factors into it too because even a hundred years ago the same club said that those who had evolved the most were already the richest people on the planet, the families they were talking about, and the rest of them that were left were the refuse, thatís the people who didnít make it to the top, all the workers in other words, and the time would come through science and various other technologies, they wouldnít need all this labor anymore and their problems would be over. So of course weíre going into an age of high technology and robotics and many other things involved with it too.


But theyíre also wanting to take down the populations. And when you see male fertility just plummeting since the 1950s, along with all the inoculation programs, and going further still since all the different GM foods were introduced, then you know itís not by accident. You always have to say, who benefits? ...from anything that happens, who benefits from this? And youíll always find it ties in with plans made by the big boys themselves. Itís a horrific thing to think about. Most folk canít handle this and so they get what the big government gives you, lots of entertainment. So you want to escape from it all, and then you get more indoctrination even through your entertainment.


Entertainment, believe you me, is the best way to indoctrinate the public because your firewall is down Ė you think youíre being entertained, youíre not on guard against anything.  And thatís how you get redirected to your PC updates, your politically correct updates, and you get them all the time. Now youíre supposed to think this way about this group, and feel sorry for this other group here and so on and so on. Thatís how itís done, so simply through emotion. Emotional imprinting is far superior than lectures on why you should believe this or go with this or go against that. Emotion is the best way to do it, to make you feel guilty, bad, whatever, because youíll see someone being beaten up, in fiction of course, and youíll take that as the standard thing thatís supposedly happening across the world, and then of course youíll change your mind about something, because of emotive promotion, really; it embeds in your mind.


Scientists of course talked about this, all these techniques, by the way, a hundred years ago when they were brought on board in big think tanks to work with governments, and actually hired out from these foundations, these philanthropic foundations. Remember too, that even Adam Weishaupt said they would take over and make a parallel government comprised of philanthropists. Back with more after this break.


Hi folks, weíre back Cutting Through The Matrix, talking about the big system, because thatís all there is, isnít it. It gives us our reality. Itís got everything figured out, education to indoctrinate us all. And it gives us updates, as I say, PC updates all the time, and how weíre to think about new things all the time and change our opinions about things too. And it also gives us lots of entertainment, which is a good way of escaping from the nastiness of the world around us. And even the entertainment is weaponized as well; it has been for an awful long time, mind you. Itís a great tool for indoctrination and changing the minds of people through entertainment. Comedy, of course, always starts the really taboo subjects in it; thatís where they put the things across for updates, make it comical, and then it gets into more fictional films with no humor at all in it, actually lots of blood and guts and so on.


Anyway, we know that weíre going into a really bad time and so do the elite know it too because theyíve been planning it for an awful long time. They knew the time would come when they would bring the world into something called austerity.  The big giant banks that supposedly crashed in 2008 were all aware, well aware, five years at least beforehand, that it was going to happen and they colluded with each other and said they were too big to fail, and just piled in their profits to the very, very end. And the profits were all based on lots of mortgages that really werenít worth the paper they were written on and so on, things like that, which they were selling to each other and upping the prices on. So itís all a giant con as we go through.


Because weíre run by those at the top. Those at the top, who are psychopathic, remember, donít see themselves as psychopaths. They see themselves as the winners. And thatís what itís all about, isnít it? They tell you that thatís what itís all about, winners, winners, winners, no one wants a loser. Thatís been the credo of this kind of system for a long, long time. So they claw their way up to the top, they backstab to get up there, and the most aggressive of them get to the top. Then they want to run the world basically and in any way that they can. And giant plunder is their way of saying, on the Darwinian scale of things, that they are the fittest to survive.  Because they will take all precautions and all advantages too, to make sure that themselves and their own progeny will survive into the future. And technically, if you stand back and look at it, they are technically right, in this system, because you see, itís not a natural system.


So theyíve had many, many talks about this at the top, how they should go through to the future, at the futuristic meetings they have.  Remember, the first futuristic meetings too were actually financed by Lord Rothschild in the 1800s, including the early science fiction in fact, the idea being to push this whole idea of winners and losers and those who should go on into the future. Because they had their philosophy already, to do with elitism, and they merged it with Darwinism too, and this is what they came out with, we canít all survive on this planet. They pulled up the old Malthusian doctrine into it too, too many people.  Theyíll take all the fittest onesí food from them and they donít deserve to go on themselves, but we do because weíre at the top of the tree. Thatís the proof in itself, you see, that they are the fittest to survive. So the time would come, they knew too, that they would, once their technology really was taking over and science was a big, big thing, the new religion, that they could use this and need less people to go on and to use, etc, to keep them sustained at the top.


Now weíre going into the stage where eventually this con of money and debt, and even borrowing and lending, is all coming to a close. They knew this time would come as well. They donít sit back and just wait for it happening and say, what will we do then? They plan for every possible contingency, with military precision, believe you me. Weíve seen the war on terror used across the whole world with the same laws basically being rolled out by every country involved, at the same time, after 9/11, which tells you theyíd already drafted up these things way in advance. Because bureaucrats donít, believe you me, with lawyers all involved and so on, they donít all go into action and get things done quickly. They take forever to do things. So they had done this years beforehand for that very contingency happening. And every country has the same laws.  Now the citizens are all suspect. Weíre all spied upon. We have no rights whatsoever. And that falls in with the old agenda to eventually corral the public as we go down into poverty basically and massive changes, which will bring back disease and even famine because now the food supply is also owned by the big agribusinesses, about five of them across the whole planet.


So what theyíve been doing for years, even before 9/11, was using ex-soldiers, ex-military to go into the police forces, not just in the US but in Britain too. When you do that of course you know that youíre going to get a militarized police and thatís what they wanted. Because they knew that coming along the road was the stage for terrorism and antiterrorism, it was all planned that way to get the rushes and the changes through. Now of course theyíre getting masses of equipment in the US. I talked about some of it the other night there too, where Army equipment is being dumped all over the US on the police forces, whether they want it or not even, and even if they can use it or not, it doesnít matter. But some of the cities now, since theyíre made up of so many ex-forces people in the police force, they want full military equipment.


And they see themselves as the military too, by the way, in all the countries involved, you name it, Canadaís getting that way as well, and cops are going in who want to, I think, shoot people. I really think they are.  I mean, youíve got a generation who grew up watching nothing but antiterrorism, wars, good guys, bad guys.  The good guys are always wearing black with badges on and they kill with impunity anybody that they want to; thatís what youíre seeing. Weíre seeing lots of incidences too, where the cops are acting like Judge Dredd Ė the series, the movies and so on, on Judge Dredd Ė because Judge Dredd was the jury and the executioner all in the same thing.  Thatís what the police forces are supposed to come to in the land of sci-fi, but youíre actually seeing it here too, and in other countries, including Britain as well, by the way. Thereís a lot of sadism involved too when they tazer people to death, over and over and over and over again; itís just incredible. And we accept it too. And that trains the general public to simply obey, be scared, be scared, be scared and obey... whenever you see uniforms. Thatís the intention of it. 


Now, in New Hampshire it saysÖ


N.H. City Wants a "Tank" (Alan:  ...a military tankÖ)

to Use Against Occupiers and Libertarians / Gavin Aronsen / Aug. 6, 2013


In an application to the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) seeking more than $250,000 to purchase an armored police vehicle, the capital city of New Hampshire specified the local branch of the Occupy movement and the Free State Project, an effort to recruit "liberty-loving people" to relocate to the Granite State, as potential sources of terrorist action.


"The State of New Hampshire's experience with terrorism slants primarily towards the domestic type," the filing reads. "We are fortunate that our State has not been victimized from a mass casualty event from an international terrorism strike however on the domestic front, the threat is real and here. Groups such as the Sovereign Citizens, Free Staters and Occupy New Hampshire are active and present daily challenges."  (A:  Now, this was inevitable, because you understand, thereís no such term, really, as terrorism. Itís a vague thing. Itís something that can be fastened onto anything, and of course that was always the intention, to bring it on to all domestic groups of all kinds, that arenít PC, meaning politically correct, you see.)


The application was obtained by the New Hampshire Civil Liberties Union (NHCLU) through a public records request, and is one of more than 250 filed by the American Civil Liberties Union to track what it sees as the increasing militarization of police departments throughout the country.


While the sovereign citizens movement has a history of racism and violence (A:  ...and I donít know if it is or not.), Police Chief John Duval now says that he doesn't actually believe the Free State Project or Occupy New Hampshire are domestic terror threats. "I wish I would have worded things different in retrospect," he says. "I understand why their eyebrows are raised about that." He chalks up the wording to the limitations of writing a detailed proposal in only three pages and says it was meant to refer to the "unpredictable nature of unpredictable people who attach themselves to otherwise lawful situations."  (A:  You could also include the police forces in that too, couldnít you, that last part?) 


Duval has no plans to issue a formal apology, but he has exchanged emails with Carla Gericke, president of the Free State Project, to explain his position, which he has also attempted to clarify with local reporters.


But anyway, they want a brand-new vehicle because their old Lenco BearCat G3 they say is not working, it says. Back with more after this.


Hi folks, this is Cutting Through The Matrix, talking about the big system. And just to add to that last article, to rectify something, the cops want a Lenco BearCat G3 because their old...


 . . . 1981 Air Force Peacekeeper that's fallen into disrepair. (A:  ...they claim.  And this new one is basically, itís built at above, or on the frame of a Ford F-550.)  Her organization has referred to the vehicle, which is built atop a Ford F-550 frame and has armor [plating] that can sustain .50-caliber rifle fire, as a "tank." (A:  And so on and so on. Mind you, it says in the article they can actually use it for a suicide situation. Imagine that thing driving up and youíre ready to kill yourself.)


But this is the nonsense that we get fed, you see, because the big boys have a different reason for it all together. Thereís going to be a real accounting when the debt all comes home, as itís meant to happen, at some time; they could tally it on forever and ever because itís all a con game anyway with figures. But theyíre going to keep this going for as long as they can. Theyíll know exactly when theyíre going to crash it the next time. But it saysÖ


US debt six times greater than declared Ė study

(A:  A new study says.) / August 6, 2013 / Reuters / Kim Hong-Ji


The United States has accumulated over $70 trillion in unreported debt, an amount nearly six times the declared figure, according to a new study by University of California-San Diego economics Professor James Hamilton.


The unique aspect of Hamiltonís study is that he examines federal debt that has not been publicly released, specifically the governmentís support for ďhousing, other loan guarantees, deposit insurance, actions taken by the Federal Reserve, and government trust funds.Ē


Since the global economy hit rock bottom in 2008, US federal debt has gone through the roof, increasing from $5 trillion to an estimated $12 trillion in 2013. Meeting the interest payments alone on that debt burden presents a formidable challenge for US taxpayers: In addition to the debt, Americans must pay back around $220 billion annually just in interest. (A:  Thatís compound interest you see.)


Thatís why compound interest was developed by the bankers a long, long time, many centuries ago, by the way.  All through the Middle Ages it was getting used too and caused a lot of strife for certain people. But this is the nonsense that you get, that people still think theyíre going to go back to normal. Normal to them means the consumer society, that was given to them by Edward Bernays who designed it for the US. He designed the psychology for the US and he said even to the people who were making products, rather than to try to sell good products to the public, he says, change the public to buy your products. So he used lots of psychology, different techniques and so on, to train the public to buy and want and want. Because you see, we have a reward principle. When you slog at some rotten job week after week, and you get paid monthly now, most folk do anyway, then you want to reward yourself for getting through another rotten month. And if you get denied that, of course, thereís consequences. People become very angry and so on, with each other and everyone else, and of course things go down the tube.


So theyíre training you now to feel happy, and itís called wellness programs. The governments talked about wellness programs. Even the chairman of the Federal Reserve in the US talked about, we must concentrate on wellness programs and forget the GDP. So if youíre poor and on the streets Ė as long as you feel well and happy, Iím sure, thanks to Pharma which will be supplied eventually free by the government, it will keep you feeling well and happy Ė so thatís okay. Iím not kidding you about this too, this is what itís to be literally.  All the countries across the world, in the so-called democratic countries, have rolled out this wellness program, to get your gross wellness, all down on record. So thatís where itís supposed to go. See, itís all in your mind, you see, like everything else.


Now we also know too that Britain is plummeting, as it was meant to plummet.  Because itís plummeting with immigration alone and the cost of bringing new immigrants in, who have nothing, and housing them and putting them in the health system, that was never designed for this kind of population flooding in, and many other things too, but thatís the agenda. Thatís the agenda, thereís method to the madness too. The same thing is to happen to the US of course. But it says UK wages are declining and theyíre amongst the worst in Europe.


UK wages decline among worst in Europe / 11 August 2013


Wages in the UK have seen one of the largest falls in the European Union during the economic downturn, according to official figures.  (A:  I hate these nonsensical things, Ďeconomic downturní.  They talk about austerity, forced austerity, and then they talk about an Ďeconomic downturní.)


The figures, which were requested by the Labour Party and collated by the House of Commons library, show average hourly wages have fallen 5.5% since mid-2010, adjusted for inflation.


That is the fourth-worst decline among the 27 EU nations.  (A:  ...and yet itís got one of the largest debts to pay off as well. So that canít go on forever either, unless they keep just printing money like the US. Thatís the way itís designed, isnít it?)


Then you have the same symptom of those at the top, the ones who are worthy to go off into the future, their future of course, as we all die off. Always, theyíre all crooked at the top, as we all know. They donít see themselves, as I say, as crooked. They see themselves as being good providers for their own, you see, because they intermarry their own often and they have dynasties and they are part of the aristocracy. But you see...


JP Morgan Accused Of Manipulating US Energy Markets

Using 8 Different Trading Strategies / Linette Lopez / Jul. 29, 2013


(A:  I read this sort of article every year on whoís manipulating the trading and of course J.P. Morgan always pops up.)


The Federal Energy Regulating Commission (FERC) has accused JP Morgan of using manipulative bidding strategies in U.S. energy markets, Bloomberg reports.


The bank's physical energy business is housed within JP Morgan Ventures Energy Corporation. Back in May, the New York Times reported that regulators warned the bank that it was being investigated for allegedly manipulating markets in Michigan and California.


According to the report, it was specifically looking into the work of commodities legend Blythe Masters.  (A:  ...and it goes on and on. But the same thingís happening across the world with these big boys who see themselves as the fittest, because theyíre at the top of the tree and theyíre the richest, to go on into the future, and all the CEOs that belong to them too and their families as well. Thatís what weíve got and thatís the plan of course; itís to go on and on and on.)


Now, Iíve mentioned many times that Carroll Quigley who was the archivist, he was the historian for the archives of the Royal Institute of International Affairs/Council on Foreign Relations group, because they have their own version of history, they really do, and they really do fill in all the blank bits and tell you why wars started.  They were behind the wars in fact; he thought it was good, for a good cause. He was all for it himself and he thought the public had the right to know now and weíd accept it, you know. Maybe a lot of folk would have accepted it, the fact that these guys have been behind these wars, for a good cause. But anyway, he said the new system would be a feudal system and CEOs and corporations run the world. Itís already happening, as governments do their private deals with corporations, and they give all your utilities and everything else over to their pals. Actually, itís their masters because politicians are lower on the totem pole than the big CEOs of the giant corporations. And this article saysÖ


Imagine a feudal country where 432 families own half the land.

Welcome to (A:  Guess where...) Scotland / Jonathan Brown / 01 August 2013


The country's vast estates are under threat of being broken up and sold to small farmers. The laird's response? Get off our land  (A:  The lairds are not too happy about it, it says.)


Their lineages date back to before the time of the Stuart kings whilst their farms and sporting estates sprawl across vast swathes of some of the most beautiful - and lucrative - landscapes in the world.  (A:  Remember, this all goes back to the Normans and so on and England also put in their Lords to take over Scotland, gradually and quietly by the way, by bribery, to own all the land.)


Yet the Scottish Lairds have found themselves under attack after breaking their silence and fiercely opposing reforms which could see their historic lands broken up and offered for sale to small farmers and community groups.


Scotland currently has the most concentrated pattern of private ownership in the developed world with just 432 individuals accounting for half of all non-public land.  (A:  And mind you, the Queen owns the rest.)


Submissions by the aristocracy and their representatives to the Land Reform Review Group, which was set up by the Scottish Government to consider the stalled question of redistribution, reveal deep-seated opposition to change, critics claimed.


Among those to challenge the proposals was an estate belonging to the 10th Duke of Buccleuch - a title created in 1663 for the illegitimate son of Charles II - who is now Europe's largest landowner with holdings valued at more than £1bn.


Mark Coombs, the manager of the Duke's 33,000 [hectare] Queensberry Estate said there was no call for the ownership structure to change.


"There are also concerns if the purpose of changing the ownership is simply to allow another party Ö to carry-out the same activity as is currently being undertaken by the existing owner as this strikes at the essence of ownership rights and suggests a clear move towards a more collectivist political view which is not representative of the body-politic of Scotland," he said. (A:  And then the other Dukes have their critiques in here too about it, and those who want to read it can see for themselves.)


But donít forget, itís to go back to feudalism. And we already have that, by the way.   If you look up on the Internet about the carbon sinks, carbon, CO2 sinks, youíll find that big CEOs and big corporations are getting money back, actually getting paid money and tax relief when they take over massive swathes of land claiming that the forest on it or whatever else is on it will be a CO2 carbon sink and itís good for the planet. Thereís many ways of doing the same thing, you understandÖ many, many ways. People always see things from one point of view. They canít get outside themselves and see it from many points of view. You almost have to do that, step outside and be an alien and look at the whole system, and then youíll start thinking for yourselves and questioning everything youíve ever believed in... everything.


Also I want to touch down on as science goes into what it was designed to do, at the present time that is. It saysÖ


New system uses low-power Wi-Fi signal to track moving humans ó even behind walls  - / Helen Knight their own home. Iíll put this up tonight too. Itís an older story but no one is stopping it. Back with more after this break.


Hi folks, weíre back Cutting Through The Matrix.  And talking about Scotland too, mind you, it says hereÖ


Scotland's population climbs to record level - / 8 August 2013


...but it tells you later itís mainly because of incomers, immigrants from other countries and thatís why itís up. The Scots themselves are all dying off, as it was meant; that was the plan a long time ago, since the Clearances in fact, was to kill them all off. But itís pretty well succeeded and now theyíre flooding in of course from other countries. And the socialist/communist government that pretends itís Scottish over there is welcoming them all too, to take the place of those who are all gone.


Also, this article too, to do with this other tracking system theyíve got in London, you know, London, the home of democracy and all that nonsense, it saysÖ


Tracking devices (A: are...) hidden in London's recycling bins (A:  ...and they...) are stalking your smartphone / 9 August 13 / Kadhim Shubber


No kidding, they put them in so that everybody passing with a smartphone, this thing can go into your phone and listen to whoever youíre talking to and all the rest of it too. Itís just incredible, isnít it, the lengths they go to. If you donít get the message now, you understand, youíre never going to get it, that your governments literally see themselves as a separate species from the rest of you. See, youíre in the past, youíre Ďthe old man and womaní, and they are the Ďnewí type that go off into the future, and they expect you all to cause problems for them down the road. I always hated this term, Ďpublic servantsí. Iíve never seen a servant yet that gets the salaries these characters do, and they command respect, believe you me.  Again, itís all wording, isnít it?  Itís all wording to con the public.


Also Oliver Stone came out and called Obama a snake and so onÖ


Oliver Stone: ĎObama is a snake and we have to turn on himí / Jessica Chasmar / August 14, 2013


A video released Wednesday shows American filmmaker and Vietnam veteran Oliver Stone telling a Tokyo audience that President Obama is a ďsnakeĒ for ďinstitutionalizingĒ illegal National Security Agency spy programs, the Blaze reported.


ďObama is a snake,Ē he told reporters earlier this week at the Foreign Correspondents' Club of Japan, eliciting laughter and applause. ďHeís a snake. And we have to turn on him. 


ďItís never about terrorists (A:  Heís talking about terrorism.), it always becomes about the way J. Edgar Hoover did it,Ē he said. ďHe brought all the weight of government to bear against protestors. He didnít like protestors. He thought they were left-wing communists. He never could find the proof, but by the time the Vietnam War came around, as you know, 500,000 people were on the list, and they were being eavesdropped on. And where are we now? Same place.Ē  (A:  But you see, itís true, there were communists in the US at that time, but they were all in the State Department, you see.  It wasnít amongst the general population so much. The real communists were already running America, they actually had been since FDRís day. He brought them in openly, by the way; read your history books.)


Mr. Stone also praised whistleblower Edward Snowden, calling him a personal hero.


And so on, and he thanked President Vladimir Putin for taking him in of course and so on.† But ObamaÖ You understand, thereís no parties at the top; there havenít been for an awful long time. Thereís only one agenda and Carroll Quigley the historian for the CFR/Royal Institute of International Affairs said there hasnít been a President or Prime Minister in the democratic countries elected, and he was talking in the 1960s and he says, for the last 60 years. That was back then. And it hasnít changed. You see, the top guys are all members of this one organization; theyíre in on the big world agenda. Their job is simply to manage the public.  And you vote the last bunch out when youíre sick of the last government and you vote the new one in, because youíre hopeful, you have an optimism part in your brain, you see, you live in hope. And it stops you from rebelling, you see; itís awfully efficient, democracy, in that respect.


Also theyíre now doctoring speeding tickets, on the cameras that is...


A Speeding Ticket Camera Company Is Doctoring Evidence Photos / Mario Aguilar / 8/07/13


Nothing feels worse than getting a speeding ticket in the mail. As if they weren't bad enough as-is, a report from the Washington DC metropolitan area suggests that the cameras used to catch you might not be playing by the rules. In fact, the camera contractors might be fudging the evidence to make sure you can't challenge the tickets.


Driving politics website (yep!) The Newspaper reports that DC camera contractor American Traffic Solutions (A:  Itís all privatized, isnít it?) has started cropping photos and repositioning cameras to make the citations issued as a result of photo evidence harder to challenge in court. A court recently ruled that if any additional vehicles are visible in a gotcha photo, it can be questioned. 


So, you understand, the people are justÖ Britainís the same too, all the so-called democratic countries are the same, where the cities all look for extra cash, and they actually count all the money in traffic tickets into account when they do their budgets, what they need for the next year and so on or the next quarter, and they tell them, get more money to come in here. The cops are used simply as an extortion racket. In Britain, they persecute the motorists on the road like you wouldnít believe. Itís like vast armies of cop cars having contests with each other from different areas of England getting together and seeing who gets the most tickets for the day. I mean, itís just disgusting. Everything is utterly corrupt today, utterly, and getting worse... getting worse.


Also I want to mention too thatÖ


Israel Outlaws Water Fluoridation - / Douglas Main / August 9, 2013 well, like many other states in the US and different places. And itís about timeÖ Itís about time that people started questioning all of the incredible evidence about fluoride thatís been stacked up over many, many years. But again, it dumbs you down, makes you easier to handle and so on.


And also from a Jewish paper in the States, it saysÖ


Israel's Everyday Racism ó and How American Jews Turn a Blind Eye to It - / Larry Derfner / August 12, 2013.


It talks about Israel itself and some of the statements from the top people in Israel, about the Arabs and different people, and right down to killing them, that itís no big deal and so on; these are the kind of remarks theyíre making. Itís quite something to see this. Itís sad, you know, when youíre looking for some peace in the world.  But if itís going to boil back down to pure basic tribalism, what are any elite going to do, or what is an elite going to do in the world to stop all this stuff? try to get some peace?  ...when everybody thinks they are special?  ...and their group is special?† And of course the psychopaths will get up to the top of every single group, and they always do, to the top, because they crave power, how can you stop this merry-go-round, this constant cycle of things happening? Itís quite something.


Also Iím going to put up an update on GIRFEC from Scotland, thatís the flagship to test out every child having a state-sponsored overseer basically, that comes into the house. Every child born, in every family.


Children & Young People draft Bill published -


And Iíll also put up articles too with an American counterpart; itís been given more push by Obama recently to do much the same thing in the US as well. Itís worth reading it all because this is a worldwide program that they talked about instituting, over a hundred years ago, when socialism would really take in. Now, socialism, as I say, is simply managed by the big bankers; they are the ones who gave you it. They love debt and they love a controlled society. Itís easier for them to have big governments borrow money from them for social programs than it is to go to individuals and try to get their money back. Thatís why they brought that kind of stuff in, that kind of government in too.


And the one Iím going to put up tonight for the US, it saysÖ


Report: Obamacare provision will allow 'forced' home inspections by gov't agents - / Joe Newby / August 15, 2013


Thereís actually three articles on it. But it also goes into targeting the children, again, their Ďwellness,í just like the GIRFEC thing is too.  So government agents will be talking to the children, questioning the children, seeing if they need treatment, all this kind of stuff, and special treatment by them, and asking them about their parents, via the child, the same kind of snooping, and thatís really going to the top as well.


Home visit programs may help preemies and families - / Aug 14, 2013


Home Visiting -


Evidence-based home visiting to enhance child health and child development and to support families - / CYF News | July 2012


And lastly thereís a new computer, you can hook it up to people who are in supposedly vegetative states.  And it was tried out in Canada apparently, a Canadian company. They tried it on different people who were in vegetative states and found out that some of them werenít. Through this computer they could actually get a voice and they could hear and see everything that was happening, they simply couldnít communicate or move anything at all. Now, it makes you think about all this harvesting of organs thatís been going on for years now, for big, big dollars. And they want a live donor, remember, to take it out of, they actually wheel them in with the person whoís going to get the heart or kidneys or whatever, and they say that thereís no brain activity. Well, here itís been disproven. This is going to cause a bit of controversy. It saysÖ


Locked in his body for 12 years but finally given a voice:

Man in a (A: 'vegetative state' can speak thanks to mind-reading computer / Ellie Zolfagharifard / 13 August 2013


He was able to answer questions through the computer basically of yes and no, he knew where he was, he knew that he was in a hospital and he knew what had happened and so on, he simply couldnít communicate any other way. Quite something, eh?


Well, from Hamish and myself from Ontario, Canada, itís good night and may your God or your Gods GO with you. 



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