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Poem Copyright Alan Watt Aug. 16, 2013:

Elite's Dedication, To Bring In The Deviant Creation:

"Reality Smog's Thick, Establishment's Peddling
So Much Daily Propaganda, it's Overwhelming,
Perpetual War on Terror, Continuous Foreign War,
Yet Not a Single Elite Explains What it's For,
New Cultural Norms Pushed from Top Down,
The Best Economic 'Experts' Sound like Clowns,
Joblessness, Debt, Chaos Seems to Confuse,
Yet All Experts Do is Prattle and Muse,
This Milieu is Managed, Known to a Few
To Destroy All that Was to Bring in the New"
© Alan Watt Aug. 16, 2013


Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - Aug. 16, 2013 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)
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Hi folks.  I’m Alan Watt, this is Cutting Through The Matrix on August the 16th, 2013. I always start off by asking the new listeners to look into the website because there’s a wealth of information there, where I go into the whole system, the system we’re all born into and we take for granted because our parents took it for granted, and it’s all that seems to be. It’s a complete managed system set up a hundred years ago, in a very official form in fact by private organizations. These private organizations were founded by the top international money lenders of their day. They lent to nations. They were based in London and they formed a club called the Royal Institute of International Affairs.  They then gave you their American branch, the Council on Foreign Relations.  They also set up branches in Canada, New Zealand, Australia, India and various other countries. Now they’re across the whole world. They even have branches for all the parliamentarians in the EU Parliament too.


Before they’re even picked to be a politician all these guys join the club – they are asked to join the club by the way, you can’t apply to do it – you’re vetted and you must be on board with this whole global agenda, not just a global agenda, but a whole reconstructing of societies and cultures across the whole planet, into a completely, completely new system, so different from the last that it will be hard to even recognize at all once it’s all finished, with new normals being introduced and pushed from the top all the time. So we’re going through this big, big phase today, the culmination of a hundred years work, and this is the generation that’s going through it, including all the wars too, by the way.


As I say too, they write their own books; they’ve had their books out for a long time. Members who sat in on world meetings to plan all this often write their memoirs and they put their books out too. Nobody reads them because they’re so boring, but you hit the occasional page where everything comes and lights up for you because you understand the system. And the system is very real. It’s into every facet of society. It’s a socialist form of controlling all the peoples of the world and retraining them too.  And it’s the top capitalists who run it all; the ones who gave us communism were the capitalists, by the way. You cannot get all the changes through unless you get opposing forces. It’s the dialectic system. So they create the opposing forces, it gets the arguments going and the chaos, and then they come out with the solution. The solution was always their goal in the first place.


So help yourself to the website. You’ll find as I say that there’s lots of information where I go through this kind of thing. It’s a very old system actually. In actuality they were very, very secret down through the ages. They had revolutions, in many centuries, in different countries across the planet and you’re going through the final revolution. Because you see, you are living in their system. They created the whole system that you think is quite normal. And these are revolutionaries. They don’t wear ragtag clothes. They are very well-dressed. They go to the best universities on the planet. They’re from old families in fact and their ancestors go back into revolutionaries from the Middle Ages and even before. So help yourself.


Now, remember too, I go through the art of conology, how we’re all conned from birth, and every generation is, into believing everything that they tell us is real. We’re given the reasons for things happening, which are always lies or partial truths. And I go through the history of this, how old it is, this whole science of managing billions of people.  It goes back to ancient times. I go through that and show you how it’s done. So if you want to order the books or the discs that I have there you can go into and you can find out how to order there.  [Order and donation options listed above.]  Straight donations are seriously welcome as we go through these hard, planned of course, inflationary times.


So it’s a very hard thing when people start to wake up. There’s so many minefields out there, as I’ve said before, where you come out of a tunnel, you walk into a field, and there are so many signs saying come here, come here, here is the truth, and other ones will say, no, it’s over here, and you can go around in circles for your whole life in fact falling into trap after trap after trap. You won’t understand this until you understand the histories of revolutions down through the ages – and you’ll find the commonalities between them, because there are commonalities – and how these people themselves even gave you Freemasonry.  And how Freemasonry itself even, even the Grand Master or the Pope of Freemasonry, Albert Pike at one time for the Scottish Rite of Freemasonry, which wasn’t Scottish by the way, it came from France and France was given its charter from England. You’ll find that Pike said that we will become the Masters over the Masters of the world. And they have done. It was already done in his day in fact. It has been done.


So as I say, you’re living in their system, a system that has different tiers, like an in-group and an out-group. It has an inner party and an outer party, just like George Orwell’s 1984 mentioned, so does the CFR and the Royal Institute of International Affairs have an inner party and an outer party. The inner party are the ones who know the whole agenda, where they’re supposed to really go and all the whys. The ones down below simply do it all on faith; they’re given their orders and they obey. It’s very, very simple and it’s been here for quite a long time. And all the wars in the 20th century up to the present time they have been behind.


In fact, the personal historian for the Council on Foreign Relations in the US was Professor Carroll Quigley. He had access to their archives, because as I say, they fill the blank bits in in history that they don’t tell you in the regular books. He tells you far more, as to the real reasons why things were happening, who funded things, what they hoped to get out of it, etc. He wrote about it in his own books. He wrote two books actually; one was very good, with the long-term history, the other one was about The Anglo-American Establishment, as he called it, very interesting and well worth reading because he lays a lot on the line, on the long-term goals of this present group too. He also mentions in the footnotes in the back of the book that eventually the big banking system, which was set up by these private organizations, the CFR/Royal Institute of International Affairs, he said, they set up the World Bank, they set up the Bank for International Settlements which runs all the private central banks, and the IMF, and he said, and by the way too, the World Trade Organization as well, and the United Nations, all to bring in their form of world government where this elite would run the world and literally, through science, they would break all the barriers that had never been done before, through genetics, etc., etc. 


Because really they want to be gods in the end. If they have the perfect spirits, as they believe that they do, and they’re already at the top of the tree with the financial power of the world, and they have been for generations, then they believe that they have proven themselves by the Darwinian theory and the survival of the fittest and so on, that they are the fittest so they deserve to go on into a future and they would be served by robots and so on in the future, as we all die off, all the laboring classes simply die off and there would be no need for them anymore, they have served their purpose.


In fact, Darwin gave a little glimpse of that in one of his books. He mentioned how an oak tree was to be grown. But before anything can grow, for the oak to take root, bacteria has to come in and prepare the ground, and even fungus too, and worms, etc., insects, to aerate the soil and they make it right for the planting. Once the planting is done, the oak tree takes off. What he’s saying there, all the different peoples of the world in the lower orders all have their function and they die off, all to make it possible for the oak tree to take over; that’s how he gave the analogy of it. And that’s what we’re going through today.


The Agenda 21, Millennium Project they also call it, calls for all the people in the rural areas to be put off their lands – this is across the world by the way – into the overcrowded cities, and they’ve said that by the year 2050 or so most of them will have died off, they’ll be sterile. The Department of Defence in Britain and NATO came out with the same project, for the next 50 years, and said the same thing. We’re well on the way to this today, folks. It’s all planned. Back with more after this.


Hi folks, we’re back Cutting Through The Matrix and you have to question everything that happens in the world. You have to question all the media reports too, because remember, all the media moguls are on board with this agenda. They own most of the news, actually pretty well all the newspapers across the planet now. These guys all are members of the Royal Institute of International Affairs/CFR, to make sure we get a standardized news. And don’t forget Reuters too, which was started off by the Rothschilds, that gives most of the news to most countries and they all repeat the same stuff, verbatim basically from the reports from Reuters. So that’s how we all get the same opinions, to make sure we all have the same ideas, but it’s really to give you your opinions.  They know how to lead you to your opinions on things.


The first thing you have to do in warfare is to get public support, of course, and so you must create a great propaganda machine, it’s all worked out in advance before anything happens, and then you let it loose upon the public, even if you create the event yourself, to get them all on board because you got big plans to fulfill. But sometimes even then the war becomes normal; we forget about it and so on, it’s always over there somewhere.  Other folk are being slaughtered and it’s kind of unreal to us, and when we go back to sleep then they give us another thing back home. Because right now, remember, we’re going through the same big changes across the world, as they’re all going across the world too, for the global agenda. So we’re seeing the big eating machine, as I call the Military-Industrial Complex, turn back to its own homelands and start eating their own public. And of course it had to do that, that’s what they always do, but it was also intended to be done as well.


And they’re putting us through massive fear all the time, fear of terrorism. And of course anybody can be a terrorist, and my goodness, you might not know you’re one yourself, they even say, you’ll just become that way one day, you’ll break and that will be that. Then you also have the threat of no jobs, the economy’s going flat, inflation is the mandate by all the private central banks, for 10 years, and the cost of living is going up and your wages are going down. So this is all meant to keep you in a state of panic all the time, because when we’re in a state of panic we’re easy to change and direct, like a stampeding herd into the direction that the head riders at the top want you to go into. So, we’ve got all the wars going on across the world, of course, that were all written about before they happened, in the 90s by the PNAC group, Project for the New American Century in the US. Wolfowitz and all these boys were all on board with it. Israel had the same countries that they wanted taken out. And America is doing it all basically. Plus the big international moguls are grabbing the oil and the resources at the same time.


Before that all happened too, before we even went into Iraq, Kissinger had come out, if you remember, and he said that his geopolitical strategy for the middle East, preferably, was to – and he was all for Obama, remember, Obama was his boy. He said, the idea would be to basically bring those countries into the Stone Age, destroy all their infrastructure, their wells, everything, their factories for food, everything that they can, and bomb them into the Stone Age. Then of course fund different factions of them to start fighting each other; that keeps them dysfunctional forever; they are powerless as a nation, of course. Then foreign companies can go in there with their private armies and take what they want, when the rest are all fighting each other. That is the agenda and we’ve watched country after country, some first world countries in fact, bombed into the Stone Age. That was always the plan. And utterly plundered as well by private corporations.  But the private corporations mainly all belong to the big international bankers at the top. In fact, they own the Military-Industrial Complex. They have it all on their books, they own it all, the top banks.


But you also find too that Britain and the US have this ‘special relationship’ and they also have this ‘special relationship’ with Israel. They never tell you what it is but they always say this term, ‘special relationship’.  And they’re on board with the same agenda, of course. And you get nonsensical articles like this. Now, we know that the West funded all the color revolutions, sent students over to these countries for years to agitate and so on, getting them ready to demonstrate and overthrow from inside. And when that doesn’t work too, then they bring in the mercenaries, the foreign mercenaries to start off the chaos. But you get nonsensical articles like this one; it says…


Britain's foreign aid has fallen into hands of al-Qaeda,

 DfiD (Alan: ... the Department for International Development.) admits / Andrew Gilligan / 10 Aug 2013


(A:  Now, what a joke.  I tell you, Britain doesn’t make mistakes like this. It was meant to go to Al Qaeda. The same thing has happened with a lot of shipments of weapons and so on, it ends up in the hands of Al Qaeda.)


Almost half a million pounds of British taxpayer-funded aid and equipment has fallen into the hands of al-Qaeda, the Department for International Development has admitted.


The terror group’s Somali franchise, al-Shabaab, “confiscated” the equipment from DfID contractors in multiple incidents over at least three months before any action was taken.


That’s not how it works, folks. Really, that’s not how it works in Britain, because it’s not just triplicate that everything is done in and signatures and so on. They have guys that check up on it as it’s happening, and this is meant to be. So that’s how we fund them all. It’s the same thing too with all of the masses of weaponry the US departments are all buying too. Because they’re supplying them, they’re buying them on behalf of different departments in the US, but they’re also funding all the different terrorists abroad with them, they send them back offshore, with the ammunition too. That’s how you keep the wars going, you see. So there’s nothing new in this at all, because Britain was famous for this. They would have overnight companies set up with big factories, overnight, literally, and they would be licensed under firearms suppliers and renovators. So they’d have masses of military equipment and they’d renovate it all, sell occasional old rifles to the public at the same time to make it all legal and so on, and of course all the other stuff that was being fixed up and fixed for use, battlefield use, was sent off for all the black-ops that they had on the go across the world. The US does the same thing too.


And it’s so funny too, because I knew a guy who had to go and get powder off of some of them; he was a reloader for Ontario police, in Canada. He had to go Québec to see this company, Century Arms they called themselves at the time, and he said this was a military operation, when he went into their big, big factory. Then one night they just were all gone, just overnight everything was gone, moved somewhere else, to some other country, just like that, with all the guys that do the work too. This is old stuff. But as far supplying money to these people, they know exactly where it’s going and how it’s supposed to go. Because as Kissinger said, we’ve got to get them all fighting each other forever, they’ll be completely useless as nations now. And that’s happened. So I’ll put one article up tonight about this one at, along with all the other articles I mention.


UK Government Aid "Seized by Al Shabab" - / 8/11/2013


Also, it says in the US...


Feds give millions [of dollars] in contracts to firms owned by fictitious people / LUKE ROSIAK / AUGUST 8, 2013


A Maryland woman pleaded guilty Tuesday to charges related to setting up at least 15 false businesses in six states that received government contracts despite often being registered to people who did not exist.


The businesses subcontracted all the work to other companies, then took the federal dollars without paying the companies doing the work.


Larayne Whitehead, 34, of Clinton, Md., agreed to forfeit $2.4 million in illegal proceeds and a silver Audi.


"The conspirators typically operated under a particular business name for a period of six to 12 months until the business was either disqualified from the FedBid marketplace or was otherwise burdened with lawsuits or liens," the plea bargain said.


"The conspirators initially used their true names and addresses to register their businesses, but later attempted to conceal their true identities by using aliases to register the businesses and by renting commercial mail box store fronts."  (A:  ...and it goes on and on and on.)


But the fact is, again, governments do this as well. It isn’t until some naïve official from some other department starts to check on it that he comes up with this kind of stuff. In Britain, for instance, even during the Cold War they had so many fictitious companies out there that they were supposedly funding with the public money, and one of them was even a lesbian organization that did not exist.  And these were all for black budget operations in other fields, other areas. The same in the States, folks. That’s how it works. Back with more after this.


Hi folks, we’re Cutting Through The Matrix.  Everyone knows that Britain is still run by London. In fact, so is the British Commonwealth as well. The guys who set up the Royal Institute of International Affairs came out of shadowy groups that already had been operating in Britain and causing wars, like the Boer war and so on; and that’s official, they were behind it. At that time they were called the Milner group, Lord Alfred Milner was the head boy. They basically planned this whole new world order idea.


It’s interesting too, that New World order, no one has defined what it is at the top. They’re always using the term but they never come out and tell you, because you see, you’re not part of their brotherhood you might say. They all know what it is at the top but the public are not supposed to know what this new world order actually is. Every President has used it, Prime Ministers in Britain have used it. And the reporters obviously are all in on it because they never ask the question, what do you mean by that, please explain it all in detail, what’s the manifesto of this world order? But we know what it is too, it’s a complete change of everything, the destruction actually of everything that was to make room for that which is new, completely new. That’s all your culture, everything, is to be new. All your normals have to be opposite and so on. And we’re living through these days.


But London still runs a good chunk of the world, believe you me, at least the City of London does, the big block where they have all the top banks. And they set wages; they’ve always set wages for British peoples. It’s very feudal in a sense as well. But Wales, for instance, is a different country, part of this British, you know, government, or system, and they’re getting dictated to on what they pay their workers, their farm workers, by those guys in London. Now, farming is awfully important, if you can’t feed yourself you’re doomed. And if you don’t pay them enough money of course, even to live, at a fairly good standard of living, which isn’t that high by the way for farmworkers, then they won’t be working there and there will be less food of course too. But we know too, that food is used as a weapon and these big boys at the United Nations have said this before at their Department of Agriculture in the United Nations, that food has always been used as a weapon, down through history, and it’s to be done again in the future obviously. But it says…


Farm wages bill blocked by UK Attorney General / 13 August 2013


Plans to protect the wages of more than 13,000 farm workers in Wales have been blocked by the UK government.


AMs (A:  Agricultural Ministers.) passed a law giving Welsh ministers the power to set pay after the Agricultural Wages Board (AWB) serving England and Wales was abolished.


But UK Attorney General Dominic Grieve has blocked the Agricultural Sector (Wales) Bill saying it was not within the assembly's competence.


And it was set up to look after the wages of farmers, which were always pretty well poor.  And then you go into this article here…


Parliament food and drink costs taxpayers £7m / 13 August 2013


Taxpayers subsidised Parliament's (A: ... the British Parliament, their...) bars and restaurants to the tune of £7m last year - £600,000 less than in 2011/12.


The [House of] Commons normally adds income from its gift shops to the official figure making the costs look smaller.  (A:  This is the government fiddling the books, eh.)


But without that income the operation ran a deficit of £4.9m in 2012/13, an FOI (A:  ...freedom of information.) request revealed.


The House of Lords said that, excluding revenue from functions and retail sales, its eight catering outlets cost £2.3m.


That added up to a reduction of around £18,000 on the previous year, while the Commons hospitality bill was down to £5.5m.


Prices in Commons bars and restaurants were increased this month in an effort to reduce the burden on the public purse.  (A:  What a joke. They don’t care about the burden on the public purse.)


"Food and drink prices were substantially increased in 2010 and are benchmarked against similar outlets outside the House.


Now, in the restaurants, remember, and this came out when Tony Blair was in trying to get the GM vegetables pushed on the British public and they didn’t want it. But he says that the Parliament restaurants and so on for all the high chutzpahs would have organic only; they would not allow GM into that. So they’re not eating the stuff that they’re forcing on us, which is going to kill us too, make us awfully sick, and stupid by the way, because that’s part of the plan. If it was so darn safe why wouldn’t they be eating it? Why would they forbid their own catering staff to get GM stuff for the politicians? It’s very simple isn’t it? Very, very simple, folks. Very simple.  Now, it’s the same thing too mind you too with the article I read about two or three years ago from Monsanto, one of their biggest laboratory areas in the States, where they demanded, and they did, bring in a company that sold organic only, because they wouldn’t eat their own stuff. What does that tell you?


Now, this article too is to do with...  Luka Magnotta was the guy in Canada, remember, that he had sex on video and put it up on YouTube or somewhere, and then he ate the guy he was having sex with, you see. Because you see, it’s his preference I guess. He got caught eventually and he’s in prison right now, and still awaiting trial by the way, and they’ve kept awfully quiet on it. It says…


Cannibal killer Luka Magnotta sets up special fan site (A: prison.)

so admirers can send him letters in jail cell as he awaits trial for dismembering and eating his lover / By Daily Mail Reporter / 15 August 2013


Magnotta, 31, is being held in the medical wing of the Riviere-des-Prairies Detention Centre in Montreal, Quebec as he awaits trial next September for the brutal murder and dismemberment of student Jun Lin in May 2012.


Following the slaying of his lover, Magnotta is accused of having sex with the dismembered corpse (A: was all on video.) before mailing body parts to Canadian political parties. (A:  It would be interesting too, because this guy apparently also hired himself out as a prostitute, and I wonder why he’d send them to different people in the political parties.)


Mail has been flooding in from around the world for the disturbed killer with a special fan site set up to instruct supporters on the correct way to contact him.


The former porn actor is reportedly being well-fed and gets time out of his cell which he spends sitting alone in a communal area.


He has been visited by his mother and called by his grandmother, reports revealed.


There is also the piles of mail Magnotta receives from strangers around the world, according to the Toronto Sun.


Magnotta takes the time to respond to fans, even offering advice to their problems as he has a 'compassionate side', (A:  You see.) his friend John McKeller told the Sun.


A blog entitled Luka Magnotta Dedication posted the murderer's prison address and tips on how to get letters passed by tight jail security.


'Fans' are told to use bright cards to catch Magnotta's eye and reminded that he has a particular preference for animal prints.


Supporters are also told to avoid talking about his murder case and 'compliment his appearance (A:  ...because he’s very vain, you see.  It actually says that, it’s…) -  The most important thing to him!'  (A: his vanity.)


The last post by the blogger was in December 2012, as the individual no longer feels Magnotta deserving of sympathy, writing 'he is a liar and manipulator'.


Officials in the Canadian province have said that it is not against the law for inmates to receive mail but letters they receive are subject to a strict set of regulations.  (A:  They probably give you tips like, you know, put salt on your meat and stuff like that I suppose.)


But anyway, this is the kind of stuff that goes on, as we go through all the destroying all that was, all normalcy, to bring in the new, by the way. It all ties in together, for those who can think. It’s all related, folks. It’s all related.


Also, it says…


Senate kills Rand Paul attempt to cut Egypt aid / BURGESS EVERETT | 7/31/13


The Senate on Wednesday killed a measure from Sen. Rand Paul that would have cut off United States aid to Egypt.


Paul’s amendment to the transportation spending bill would have redirected the approximately $1.5 billion in annual aid to crumbling bridges in the U.S. And though the upper chamber defeated the proposal, simply getting a vote on Egypt aid was viewed as a victory in Paul world.


Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) voted with Paul, as did a small group of GOP senators that included Mike Lee of Utah, Ted Cruz of Texas and Chuck Grassley of Iowa.  (A:  ...and so on and so on.)


And it’s true enough, I’ve got another article here too about all the money that’s supposed to be put aside for restructuring America’s roads and bridges. And they’re all falling apart yet, years later, and the money hasn’t gone to them. But it’s great how they can do this across the whole world, supposedly. But even then it won’t go to where you think in Egypt either, none of these things do. Everything is a con, folks. It goes to stirring up more trouble elsewhere, or even in their neighbors, because all of those countries across that entire region have to be completely destroyed as nations, completely destroyed.


Does Egypt's latest massacre mark the start of a civil war? - /  8/14/13


The Death of the U.S.-Egypt Alliance - / August 12, 2013


Also, this article too, it says…


As Egypt Burns, Obama "Strongly Condemns" Violence

From Martha's Vineyard Vacation House /  Tyler Durden / 08/15/2013


Those damn Egyptians are so inconsiderate: first they non-coup just when John Kerry is busy honing his sailing skills. Now, the non-coupy country breaks out in civil war just as Obama is on vacation in Martha's Vineyard. Well, Egypt may be important enough to serve as a middleman when the US pays Lockheed Martin using Egypt as a dumb intermediary, but is obviously not important enough for Obama to cancel his vacation. Moments ago in an audio-only presentation (couldn't russle enough Martha's Vineyardians for the podium behind him? Were his sleeves rolled up? Was he reading from paper or a teleprompter? (A:  ...because he reads everything from a teleprompter.)


You understand, he’s just a front man, folks. He’s a dedicated communist, mind you, not what you think a communist is by the way. Most folk have got it all wrong, what they think a communist truly is. Because communism really likes multimillionaires, and if you serve them well you’ll become one. Back with more after this break.


Hi folks, we’re back Cutting Through The Matrix.  I’ve mentioned too, in the past, in fact this week I mentioned, I just touched on Kinsey, the Kinsey report that changed the whole world in a sense. It was all fake of course, but it was pushed from the top down. Because you see, you’re living in their system; the ancient revolutionaries are running the world today.  Doctor Judith Reisman is the person who came out and exposed a lot of this stuff, all factual stuff, and got a movement going to really expose what it was all about and what its intentions were about too. I’ll put her link up tonight too, to her site, it’s excellent too, for those who want to see what’s been happening in reality. But in this article she’s writing about this novel that’s out, 50 Shades of Grey, that’s been promoted heavily by the entertainment industry and so on, and it says…


50 Shades of Grey - Pedophilia Hiding In Plain Sight / March 3, 2013


The Ulsterman Report, August 16, 2012


The story of convicted child rapist Jerry Sandusky is well known.  So too is the 50 Shades of Grey phenomena, a book that has become so popular among women (A:  ...and there’s a reason for that too.)  that some are referring to it as "Mommy Porn" for the masses.  (A:  Because the big boys knew a long time ago, they have studied us so minutely, that women are more into the written descriptions and so on, where imagination is used, when it comes to pornography, than men. It says it’s really pornography for women, the same thing with these so-called romance books, the Harlequins and so on that pushes a lot of porn through it, that’s all it’s about. And that’s its intention too.)  That description is actually a lot more disturbing than a lot of folks are currently realizing.


Yes, 50 Shades is pornography. Like most pornography, the storyline is weak, the characters one-dimensional, while the sex itself graphic, detailed, but formulaic.  The underlying theme to 50 Shades is something far more sinister and appalling though than your mere run-of-the-mill porn.  It is pedophilia.  It is child porn.  Kiddie porn.


Now I know after saying that, many female fans of 50 Shades, many of them mothers, will naturally put up a defense against that kind of description.  These women, being mothers, are naturally wired to protect [children].  People like Jerry Sandusky are viewed with hatred, revulsion, and disgust.  Rightfully so.  What mother would want to condone anything having to do with the sexual abuse of children?  Of innocents?


But that is exactly what 50 Shades of Grey is really about.  It is a story of a girl being sexually molested, over and over again, by a male figure with all the power, all the control.  It is the classic abuse scenario.  And mothers are, in some cases, quite literally getting off on it, which takes the disgust of this phenomena to a whole other frightening level.  (A:  Psychologists help to write all this stuff too by the way.)


So having put that out there, and I hope I haven't lost any of you just yet.  I owe you an explanation after having made that kind of accusation about a book some of you may be reading right now.  I'll start with a bit of background first.


My professional experience centers around nearly 20 years with Child Protective Services.  Over that time, I've seen situations that do, literally, keep me up at night.  The amount of abuse that is going on in our society, that sexualization of our [children]  (A:  And that’s, again, from the top down it’s been promoted, the sexualizing, heavy sexualization of children.)  ...well basically, what you hear about, what is reported in the news, that is only a small sample of just how large of a problem and the disgusting acts that are going on every day.  [Children] are being raped.  [Children] are being abused.  Every single day.  Over and over and over again.


 (A:  And she didn’t seek out 50 Shades of Grey; it was a friend, who also was in the same field of finding child abuse and so on and treating children who had been abused, who brought it to her attention. And it says...)


. . . Her reaction to 50 Shades of Grey though was much more aggressively negative than anything I could recall her talking about before.  It came up because I mentioned it to her offhand.  I had seen a couple mentions of it on the news and knowing her interest in cultural trends, asked her about it.  She stopped talking, looked right at me, and said the book was about pedophilia.   And it was her who then connected it to the Sandusky tragedy where so many young boys had been sexually abused. Sandusky committed his acts of crime under the cover of actually helping youth.  (A:  ...which is typical, because they go for their targets, right.) That is how he gained access.  My friend said 50 Shades was basically the same exact thing.  Its cover was a story of a young woman engaging is a very graphic sexual relationship with a somewhat older man.


The problem for her, and it was a BIG PROBLEM, was that the narrator in the story, was in fact, an underage girl.  (A:  And this is the interesting part…) My friend indicated, based on the use of language in the narration, that this girl was likely no more than 12 or 13 years of age.  (A:  ...psychologically, you see.) I made mention that the girl in the story was actually getting ready to graduate college.  My friend, a woman with years of experience as a clinical psychologist, whose expertise I had personally witnessed a number of times over the years, shook her head and told me that she would not be able to convince me by simply talking about it.  She said I should read the book myself, but do so with the eyes of somebody whose job it had been for many years to try and protect children. .  . (A:  ...and so on. And she says...)


I'll try and summarize my friend's words at this point as best I can.


"Sexual predators are cons.  (A:  ...they are con people.)  They almost always have a cover.  It's that cover which allows them access.  50 Shades of Grey is a con.  It now has access to millions of readers.  It is a story about abuse from beginning to end.  And it's not just the abuse of a man and a woman - it's the abuse of a man and a girl.


When you read it, look for the signs.  They are all there.


The female character has no sexual experience.  None.  She is given the age of 21 (A:  ...just to keep the people happy.), but that age is itself a cover.  Her true emotional age is much-much younger.  She has never even masturbated.  She has never even experienced an orgasm.  That alone is one of the greatest attractions to the pedophile.  That is the psychology of that kind of act.  [They] get off on taking purity.


But move from the fact the girl has no sexual experience whatsoever.  Now pay attention to her narrative dialogue.  Really listen to how she talks.  Again, she's not talking like a young woman, she's talking like a girl.  She talks about cartwheels, and skipping, over and over again it is the language and the imagery of a girl.


After that this girl has her innocence taken from her.  The abuser, the older man, makes her think its her choice.  Again, you and I both know that is one of the primary tools of the pedophile.  They create an environment where the child feels it's their idea.  It's what they want. But what happens after that innocence is taken away?  Then the abuser becomes more openly abusive. Controlling.  In this story he tells the little girl how to speak.  What to wear.  What to eat.  He is Daddy and she is daughter.  When you read it read it like a mother who is also a woman who is experienced with the real life tragedy of abuse.


And there is many more themes about that abuse in this book.  There is spanking and the use of Baby oil.  Why baby oil?  Think about it.  The girl wears pigtails.  She complains that he is treating her like a child.  He says she acts like a child.  There is even a scene where the abuser creates a situation to take her innocence from her again. . ." (A:  ...he rips out something and engages in forced sex and so on, and so on and so on.)


Anyway, you can read it yourself, folks. But the fact is, this is how they put the porn out there, to hook people in by giving them some kind of fascinating story, and they do get hooked on this by the way and they don’t realize, in a conscious manner, that they’re reading a form of sexual pornography abuse systems. As I’ve said before so many times, this industry, like all the parts of the culture industry, is a part of destroying all that was to bring in the new. And I’m not kidding about that, at all. It’s from the top down, not from the bottom up, that all this is getting pushed, those at the top, the ones who guide all the cultural changes, and this is how they put it across. And they do bring on specialists, just like they do with Coronation Street and all the rest of it.  To train the public they bring in psychologists, psychiatrists, social workers, all kinds, behaviorists, anthropologists.  And it’s the same thing to write these books. It doesn’t matter whose name is on the cover, they get a lot of help to write it by specialists, to make sure it has the right impact on the psychology of the readers. I’ll put this link up tonight too for those that want to look into it.


Also, a good article too from RT, it says…


An estate agent with guns: Israel’s new settlements disable peace process / August 13, 2013


They say that there are only two certainties in life – death and taxes. They could have easily added a third one: that Palestine will continue to shrink.  (A:  ...which we all know.)


Only days before bilateral negotiations were scheduled to resume between Israelis and Palestinians, the Israeli government announced the construction of some 1,200 new apartments for Jewish settlements in East Jerusalem and the West Bank. And so begins the (A: great peace process.


Washington’s role in this diplomatic theater is already well known and is similar to that of a match referee who has already been passed the brown envelope by the away team. Never in the history of this peace process has Israel ever had to make any actual concessions. Part of the reason for this is because Washington is there to help ensure certain outcomes on behalf of the Israel’s powerful lobby in the US.  (A:  Then it goes on and on.)


And this is how the world really is run, folks. Everything is a racket and a con. And it’s so sad that people read the stories and they don’t want to see the bad in things. They really don’t.  Because when they don’t see the bad, you are also being used... You are also being used, folks. That’s what propaganda is for. You better wake up because these things will happen to you. One day you will be the Palestinians in your own countries, and all the writing is on the wall right now.


From Hamish and myself from Ontario, Canada, it’s good night and may your God or your Gods GO with you.



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