Aug. 21, 2013 (#1398)

Poem Copyright Alan Watt Aug. 21, 2013:

Hypocrisy of Democracy:

"Oh Please Rest in Peace, Democracy,
A Good Con Born in Cunning Hypocrisy,
By an Old Elite Who Already Ruled
And Now has the Entire World Fooled,
It Stopped Generations from Rebelling,
when Democracy became Foul-Smelling,
Every Few Years They'd Vote Out the Old
For a New Bunch with Vigour, Bold,
Who have Promises for Every Faction,
Intending to Fulfil Nary a Fraction,
For Only One Agenda Rules Them All
And Every Politico Knows to Play Ball,
Jumping to the Elites' Opinions,
Those with No Power Called the Minions"
© Alan Watt Aug. 21, 2013
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Hi folks.  I'm Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through the Matrix on the 21st of August, 2013.

For newcomers please help yourself to the website  There are lots and lots of audios to download where I go through the system and try to deprogram you in a sense to whatís real and what isnít.  And how even when you think youíre waking up you can be misled into so many different areas by professionals because government remember too deals with lots of disinformation and they plan the future.  They plan the future naturally.  Power always must plan the future to make sure itís always in control.  And the same people are always in control.  So they plan the future including the big changes theyíre going to bring in step by step.  But they debate the changes and they even have whole panels of experts again that go off and twiddle their thumbs and think about what will the reactions of the public be to these changes.  And sometimes too theyíll even train people to be leaders for NGOs, etcetera, before theyíve even introduced the change, an opposition to the change, and so itís a fake opposition of course.  And theyíve done this for an awful long time.  You can go back to the Middle Ages and find this kind of thing going on too between different power groups back then.

So I go through the system weíre in today and how itís perfectly controlled by those into neuroscience, psychology, behaviorism, and so on.  And donít forget too that the real parallel government, the true government is the parallel government, as Quigley and others called them.  And these are the collection of big, giant foundations, tax-free foundations which hire armies of non-governmental organizations and stacks of think tanks across the world that advise governments on every level on what to do in social changes and so on, on all policies.  So I go through that too.  Thatís how weíre really run, all down to the PR groups too eventually, and how to put it across to the public to make sure that we get the right opinions on things.  And they do, they bring you to whatís supposed to be your conclusion but itís actually the one that they want to design for you.  So help yourself to that.

Remember too, you bring me to you.  You can help me tick along here by getting the books and discs at  And I go through conology down through the ages, because it is cons, itís conology.  And vast amounts of people have always been controlled by those who know how to con them very, very well.  Today itís more sophisticated with guys in suits and ties and nice letters behind their names, which mean sweet damned all actually, but it impresses you.  Itís meant to impress you and they become experts and they decide big things which you have to follow, and change your ways of life and so on and so on and so on. 

And from the U.S. to Canada to order all these books and so on and the discs I have, remember you can still use personal checks or international postal money orders or you can send cash or use Paypal.  Across the world, remember youíve got Western Union and Moneygram and Paypal once again.  Straight donations are seriously, seriously welcome because weíre going through massive changes and it costs a lot to do even what Iím doing here.  I could be doing other things too if I wanted to but itís important to get this out now because this is the time of change, this is the century of change in fact and they hope to... You understand whatís happening today was planned sometimes centuries ago, definitely discussed centuries ago by different revolutionary groups that existed back then.  And they talked about the kind of society they wanted to bring in.  And for the idiots down below they always talked about giving them liberty, equality, and freedom, and so on.  And for the ones who actually wrote it up for them in their private letters to their own peer group they talked about there is no such thing as equality, etcetera, etcetera too.  Albert Pike said the same thing by the way in "Morals and Dogma"

So I go through all this kind of stuff to show you that weíre led up the garden path all the time.  Every generation is but now itís really perfected with instant communication.  All media is onboard with this as they go through Reuters or the API or wherever.  There are two major news companies that give us all the news for the world.  So the whole world gets the same standardized news, censored and so on.  And much of it has a spin on it, other ones have complete fabrication.  It doesnít matter, itís parroted as though itís the gospel truth by all the anchor people on television networks and radio and so on. 

So remember you got to start thinking for yourselves as we go through massive changes.  The Century of Change where all these things as I say the revolutionaries wanted to bring into place are here now.  And the ones that are still to be changed, the things that are still to come in, have to drastically change the way that we live.  I mean radically alter, radically alter the way we live, down to single homes for single people.  Thatís the mandate too, no more marriage.  Thatís to go out the window down the road.  And now with science, and they always said this centuries ago, with science, the rise of science they would conquer the world.  And the elite who talked about this said that they would be gods themselves.  Those who were in charge would be gods of the world and pretty well theyíre behaving like it right now as you well know.   

So, thatís where itís supposed to all go.  And to get to even the end of marriage they said theyíll have to create massive promiscuity and normalize it.  Of course the state had to take up the slack with abortion clinics and the outcome and fallout and the VD clinics of course, the hospitals for all the sexually transmitted diseases, and also orphanages and so on, and foster care all blossomed and bloomed, big business now to take care of unwanted offspring, all part of the sexual revolution.  And again remember I said the second part of this revolution.  Thatís very important, thatís what it was.  It was a planned revolution.  Not by the schmucks that followed it but by the ones who planned it for them.

So, most of the things that happen in the world as I say are planned years and years in advance.  The big things always are, including all the wars.  Iím so sick of talking about the PNAC group, the Project for the New American Century group that Wolfowitz and others were into during the Bush era when they wanted to go into Iraq and Afghanistan and they had a whole list of countries they wanted to take out, including Syria.  And there were even articles in the paper if you look back and do searches for it.  The Israeli papers were the same as the PNAC groupís lists of countries they wanted to take out and right through, including Libya too and then Syria and eventually Iran as well.  Egypt too had to become radically altered.  And itís happened already as we know.  So, itís no coincidence when these guys publish their big plans.  Theyíre in charge of running countries and creating wars and thatís exactly the agenda weíre on.  Remember that was from the 1990ís when they published that. 

The media of course wonít make a big deal about it because all their members, of the top journalists and so on, are all members of the Royal Institute for International Affairs and the Council on Foreign Relations, this group that was set up a long time ago by the big boys who created the foundations to start with and they were the founders of them.  And they formed these private clubs or philanthropic groups as they call themselves.  And they of course also set out to take over all the resources of the world. 

That ties in with Albert Pike, what he said in his own book "Morals and Dogma", where he said we will become masters over the masters of the world.  And he even said by using the stock market and every possible means even if it was illegitimate by the type of things and techniques they were going to use.  And they would become the richest of all.  And of course theyíd end up owning massive banks that would own massive corporations, etcetera.  In fact a lot of the corporations they created, including the whole Military-Industrial Complex, for those who donít quite know that.  And they are now the masters over the masters of the world.  The old masters were the royalties and so on, who were simply there as figureheads basically, although they definitely get too much attention and too much say in the affairs of people, but they donít have the power now of these top private organizations that put their own people into every country across the world as presidents and prime ministers.  Theyíre all members of the Council on Foreign Relations and Royal Institute for International Affairs, the same organization.

So youíre running towards a plan and the plan was all for wars, world wars, theyíve already had two world wars in the 20th century and they actually got out of it what they wanted to get out of it.  They destroyed Germany which would compete against their big world plan and they created the two world wars.  In fact during the Boer War which they also created by the way, and this is all in their book of their own historian Carroll Quigley.  They created the Boer War and during that time too they were setting up the propaganda for anti-German expansion at that time and that led to World War I.  And then of course they made the big deal at the end of World War I and set up the system for World War II at the same time as the Versaillesí Treaty. 

Back with more after this break.

{Break ♫}

Hi folks.  Weíre back Cutting Through the Matrix and talking about the big system because thatís all there is.  Youíre living in a system that you didnít design, your parents didnít design, grandparents too, and even those before that who they knew actually there was big, big changes going on but they didnít know exactly why or for what purpose and so on.  When FDR came in in the U.S. of course they certainly saw the changing into a more communistic type style because he brought more communists, devout communists, card-carrying communists into the government with him in fact.  And thereís lots of information in books put out at the time by people who complained about it, etcetera, etcetera. 

But it was all part of it again to bring the world under one system.  And even communism too was created by the big bankers.  They funded everything of course from the big banks in the U.S. and in London, England for the whole communist revolution.  They found that communism would be the fastest way to amalgamate whole little countries together, standardize them into one system of bureaucracies, etcetera, and education, training, and all the rest of it.  And eventually as Lenin said that the dictatorship would last for about 70 years and then the system would merge with the West, not quite capitalist, not quite communist, and itís called socialism.  Because the big bankers want socialism in the end you see.  Thatís the synthesis of it all.  Socialism means lots of government agencies keeping all the peasants down and under their thumbs, etcetera.  Now we have total surveillance and all the rest of it too that ties in with all of that.  And all for the global society and also for the privatized network theyíd bring in, which is called public-private partnerships.  Where peopleís, all the assets of towns and so on, their water, all the different power and so on that they have that was all built up by the taxpayers, gets sold off for pennies or actually given away to private corporations without any say and input from the general public.  So private corporations are to rule the world and theyíre already doing it by the way.  Where did the public give, to say IBM, the right to just put in their smart grid across the whole planet?  The whole planet folks.  And getting public money from it too, taxpayerís support money from it as well.  And who does this private grid actually serve eventually?  Well the masters that own and run the world folks.  Thatís who it serves, not the public.  Itís all private remember.  And Carroll Quigley who was a historian for the archive systems, the real history of the world of the Council on Foreign Relations said, he said, thatís to be the new system, a feudal system.  Thatís what theyíre bringing in, a global feudal system where giant corporations run the world and the CEOs are the feudal overlords.  Thatís already here.

Many of them actually get put into politics during bad times, I mean bad times, in other words itís not going quite to the plan, they put them into politics from some big corporation until they get the jobs done.  Then they move them back you see.  They move them back into the CEO positions of the big corporations again.  Thatís like revolving chairs today.  And yet people still are brainwashed, they think they live in a kind of democracy, which they donít.  They havenít in their whole lives been in a democracy. 

The Club of Rome, thatís also a big think tank for the big foundations and the United Nations, came out back in the 70ís and they said that democracy as it stands wouldnít work.  And the plan was to bring in a more authoritarian society to keep everybody in line.  They said there were too many competing factions, special interest groups, all after their own money for their own particular group and it would never work.  And big, big plans that had to be done couldnít happen in democracies because people would object to them and hold them back, so theyíd have to bring in authoritarian systems.  Of course the best authoritarian system is to bring it in during a time of so-called terror, you see; weíve got to take all your rights away, change the system, because weíre going to keep you safe.  And thatís whatís happening today.  Itís quite simple, quite, quite simple. 

And also today I was thinking just off the top of my head as well about the whole transgender system.  Now eventually the big boys said after they created massive promiscuity, destroyed marriage and all the rest of it, then they would bring in changes.  Changes even to genders.  And thatís why they brought out the hopeless thing, that didnít even fly in the communist countries, that men and women were exactly the same, which is not true at all of course.  But they say theyíre exactly the same; itís just how youíre taught by your parents that makes you a girl or a boy.  And but now theyíve got a better way, now theyíve got transgenderism.  And again itís to hit particular people who generally are homosexual or lesbian.  And through science they pretend that theyíve changed their gender but they have not changed their gender you see because if you try to become a woman from a guy, yeah, you got plastic surgery and etcetera, youíve got lots of hormones getting injected into you, but you donít have a womb and ovaries.  You know you just havenít got to that stage yet.  But in the public mind itís supposed to get you used to the fact that science can do anything because down the road they hope to bring in different kinds of humans.  So youíve been acclimatized to the fact that anything can be changed, including us, humans themselves you see.  Thatís what itís all for.  Thatís the point of it all.  Not for people who have a lot of problems, etcetera, and they get their so-called genders changed, which they donít actually, but to get the public used to the fact that science can do amazing things. 

And I remember reading on the air actually from a magazine put out by top geneticists and they even outlined different kinds of humans they hoped to bring in down in the ages, the very close ages actually, to do with specific jobs that they would be made and created to do.  Even underwater humans that could go down to deep sea diving rigs and do undersea welding that could even have gills even and so on.  They said it could be done with genetic engineering and starting from scratch before the sperm and ovum is actually put into the womb, in vitro, you know.

So this is what itís all about folks, to get you, getting away from all... When something is trying to get you away from what is obviously normal into something else there is always a different reason for what you think.  Itís not the one they present to you.  The presentation by the media is a technique of getting you to see the lesser reason for it.  Itís not to help poor, crying humans.  Itís to get you all trained that science will bring these out in the future.  And then theyíll say, well weíve already changed the genders when we want to do it so whatís wrong with this?  This is how itís done.  This is always how itís done.  But anyway thatís how itís supposed to go.  Itís all planned that way and they have put all their articles and books out about it in the past. 

Now we also have this great scientific, so-called scientific, con of Climate Change which again was brought in and pushed to the fore by Al Gore and others.  Al Gore is just an allegory obviously.  But the fact is these big guys plus Lord Rothschild who brought forth the carbon tax idea that would go through the familyís private bank in Switzerland for the whole world.  Thatís a lot of cash going through, folks.  They were behind it too, so they will certainly profit off it, but they said it was to change the way that everyone must live.  Again, in socialism it gives you more departments of government that come down on you and tell you how to live, behave, or how you canít live in this house anymore, itís not sustainable, itís not, itís got bad thermal sealing and sewing and all the rest of it.  And they can change your whole way of living and bring you into austerity that ties in with it of course. 

But thereís an article up today.  It almost makes you want to throw up to read the darn thing...

"Why HAS global warming slowed? Scientists admit they don't know why - but are '95% sure' humans are to blame for climate change" 

Alan:  But they donít know why the global warming has slowed.  Actually itís gone back, itís cooler.  I can testify to that just by my own observations.  And winter is lasting longer.  Itís coming in earlier.  And even in June I mentioned I think on the air that it went down to the freezing point in one week, almost three nights in a whole week down to the freezing point in June.  So thatís where we are with it all.† But Iíll put this link up tonight anyway for those who have got the stomach to actually read the lies and rubbish and so on.  This is how you change society.  Itís through fabrication, folks, big money, fabrication.  The scientists live on grants for goodness sake.  And without this con these guys would be out on the streets looking for jobs and stacking shelves or something like that.  And thatís actually where they should be.  Thatís really where they should be. 

Back with more after this.

{Break ♫ - Youíre listening to the Republic Broadcasting Network because you can handle the truth - ♫}


Alan:   Hi folks.  Iím Alan Watt.  Weíre Cutting Through the Matrix and Iíve mentioned the PNAC Group so many times but you think of the men who sit around and look at maps and all the rest of it and plan wars years ahead.  And theyíll laugh and they joke and so on and they have their professionals there who can pretty well accurately say the cost it will be financially, to the taxpayer of course.  Itís always the taxpayer that funds it all.  And of course the benefits from the big private corporations that move in, in the Middle East for instance, and grab all the oil and all the other minerals, etcetera.  But they also talk about the so-called collateral damage, meaning the cost of civilians.  And that doesnít bother them in the least. 

Now, before 9/11 happened it was fairly stable across the Middle East.  And folk could go to these countries and visit them as tourists, etcetera, and you were going to first world countries at that time, including Iraq.  The cities were first world countries and good universities, and turning out awfully good stuff in fact from the universities.  But look at it now.  Look at the mess itís in today, where every country that theyíve gone into by the U.S., France, and all the rest of the countries involved with Afghanistan, they have left them devastated.  Thatís what Kissinger wanted, destroy all the infrastructure that creates the food supply and so on, the factories, everything, just destroy it all, the water supply, pumping stations, you name it.  Just destroy it all.  Flatten it into the Stone Age.  And then have them all fighting with each other forever as you send in your operatives and the provocateurs to get each faction fighting each other.  That was what Kissinger actually said before the war, long before the war started.  Thatís what they wanted and youíve got it today. 

And itís the same rubbish thatís put out, daily, daily, daily by the governments, that theyíre bringing democracy and peace, peace to the Middle East.  As they slaughter, and slaughter, and slaughter.  How many years of slaughter has it been?  And itís still going on.  Hereís the article today too and itís about the Syrian chemical attack.  

"Hundreds Dead In Syrian Chemical Attack As Even Impartial Experts Allege ďFalse FlagĒ" 

Alan:  That itís a false flag operation by the rebels themselves.

"Overnight, it wasn't Egypt but Syria that woke up to the latest massacre, this time in a chemical weapons-induced slaughter when more than 200 people were killed shortly after 3 am local time," 

" what would be by far the worst reported use of chemical arms in the two-year-old civil war.  Naturally, Syrian activists promptly accused the President al-Assad of conducting the attack that killed numerous women and children even though it was their chemical weapons warehouse in the Damascus area that was uncovered just over a month ago." 

Alan:  And itís true enough the last time that they used it on a smaller scale it was the rebels that had actually set the stuff off to blame Assad.  And donít forget the reasons behind it is because Obama said that the one thing that will give them the permission to go in, with the U.S. forces and so on, is if they use chemical weapons on the civilians.   

"Not surprisingly the state TV and Syrian emissaries abroad promptly denied any responsibility for the attack.  And, as on previous occasions, the traditional narrative of penning this wholesale murder of civilians on the ruling administration leaves much to be desired.  So much so that even experts are now wondering if it wasn't merely the latest provocation attempt by the US (and Al-Qaeda) -supported rebels to push public opinion further against Assad and permit the greenlighting of an eventual military escalation." 

Alan:  Well thatís the whole purpose of it.

"The timing and location of the reported chemical weapons use - just three days after the team of U.N. chemical experts checked in to a Damascus hotel a few km (miles) to the east at the start of their mission." 

Alan:  You see it makes no sense at all.  If Assad was behind something like this it would not be a wise thing to do it when the guys are coming over.  And it actually says this:

"ďIt would be very peculiar if it was the government to do this at the exact moment the international inspectors come into the country,Ē said Rolf Ekeus, a retired Swedish diplomat who headed a team of UN weapons inspectors in Iraq in the 1990s." 

He says:

"At the least, it wouldn't be very clever." 

Alan:  It would be stupid.  So you wouldnít do it if you were the guys who know that the Americans were going to come in, in the first place and flatten them to the Stone Age like every other country theyíve done it to.  You wouldnít do it when the inspectors were over there either. 

"Ekeus said the mandate of the U.N. team was limited to three sites but could be amended to investigate fresh claims - which would be simpler to verify than the other months-old cases." 

Alan:  So Iíll put it up tonight as of course the Daily Mail and other ones have got pretty graphic photographs of all the folk who were gassed and killed by nerve gas actually.  And again itís meant to get an emotional response.  Of course all of that is meant to get an emotional response so folk will automatically go along and blame Assad for doing it, go over there and stop that.  So theyíll go over there and bomb all the rest of the public to smithereens and bring peace and democracy to Syria.  And thatís what itís for folks. 

And even this article too... 

"Iraq death toll 'tops 1,000' in July,"

Alan:  Itís still going on as they get slaughtered.  It says itís the...

"...highest in years" 

"Casualty figures released by the UN mission in Baghdad suggest 1,057 Iraqis were killed in July," 

Alan:  Thatís a month.

"...making it the most violent month in years.  At least 4,137 civilians have been killed and 9,865 injured so far this year, with Baghdad province worst hit." 

Alan:  Thatís the legacy of the West going in there to bring peace, years ago now. 

"The impact of violence on civilians remains disturbingly high." 

"Iraq's political leaders must take immediate and decisive action to stop the senseless bloodshed." 

Alan:  It says.  But thatís what Kissinger said.  Weíll fund all the different factions afterwards and get them fighting each other to make them absolutely useless as a country.  You see theyíve done it all.  If you tally up all the bodies since Gulf War I to the present it would be rather astonishing folks.  I donít think it would bother anybody today because theyíre so degenerate today and desensitized to horror.  Nothing would bother them at all I think.  Thatís my personal opinion, as they gobble up horror movies that are just something else all together. 

And also too mortgage activity in the U.S.  

"Mortgage Activity Plunges 50% To April 2011 Levels" 

Alan:  Thatís where it is now so thatís plummeting as well.  Everything is managed though you see and meant to happen the way things happen, including things like this, because everything is manipulated by the big bankers in collusion with each other.  Of course it is.  It always has been. 


"Googleís Moto X Cell Phone is First Gen Listening Device" 

Alan:  By that company and of course...

"Motorola Mobility, owned by Google, have announced their new phone, Moto X that is a pioneer in surveillance technology.  Without draining the cell phone battery, Moto X can listen to everything within its vicinity.  Cell phones that monitor auditory environments can also discern between the phone ownerís voice and what room the phone is in by utilizing ambient noise analysis.  The software can decipher the mood of those speaking, access when to disturb the owner and record all conversations in the near future." 

Alan:  And of course itís in Massachusetts.  They were worked on by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, a government-funded operation, where all their high-tech stuff comes out of on behalf of government, using your tax money mind you.  Because you see we always build our own chains.  We pay for the chains getting built.   

Now who would buy these things?  Oh the idiots will go out and buy them.  Theyíll go out and buy them.  The young folk think itís all normal because theyíve been born into it.  And itís all fun.  They ainít going to do without it.  The older folk arenít much better mind you, they get addicted to it so fast.  So you know, what can you say? 

Tonight too Iíll put up an article that really just reminded me of an article about two or three years ago.  You understand the so-called security experts that are keeping us all safe from antiterrorism have big think tanks working all the time to come up with new ideas.  And what they come up with is what could people do, what could people do in airports and so on.  So they think of every possible thing thatís imaginable and unimaginable as well and make lists of it.  And once in a while theyíll put a story out, a scare story out like this one here to get the next part through as well you know.  And donít forget too, even with the old system where you would take off your belt in the airport and your shoelaces and your shoes and the whole bit, like a prisoner, and hold up your pants to make you feel like a fool and helpless and all the rest of it, learned helplessness is what they called it, and training the public.  And the public accept it.  I mean if they had any gumption folk would have stopped traveling completely.  And you would have seen everything, all those scanners and all the rest of it that give you cancer tossed out immediately folks.  But they wonít do that.  The public wonít do that.  The elite know that because they have big guys that study history, big professors that come in.  

So it says:

"Breast Implant Bombs?" 

Alan:  That was one of the things they thought up at these think tanks years ago, well I guess itís possible to put implants in boobs now you know.  So:

"Heathrow Airport on High Alert" 

Alan:  Because itís a possibility.  I mean donít forget too you can probably get your toenails pulled out as well and get cellulose put in there and thatís good for a fuse, or you could even put a small bomb in your teeth for goodness sake if you get a good dentist.  I mean there is nothing you couldnít imagine, right?  So when nothing is happening and to try to rationalize and justify this ongoing surveillance of the public, oh now theyíve got to feel all the womenís boobs as well, in case itís a bomb. 

Back with more after this.

{Break ♫}

Alan:  Hi folks.  Weíre back Cutting Through the Matrix.  It makes you wonder actually if this Obamaís healthcare, which wasnít Obamaís because Hillary was touting it when her hubby was in.  But I wonder if that will be part of the National Health Service too, a complete physical before you get on a plane, because in this article as I say, about the boob bombs theyíre calling them, you know you could go in to get a complete physical.  Theyíre also doing the cavity searches and all the rest of it and looking in your ear holes and God knows what other holes and so on.  And this is so degrading to the public and nothing has happened folks.  And they always give you these fake ones that theyíve caught.  Just remember an expert has said that we caught someone last year.  I mean how vague is that you know?  Rubbish like that.  Itís rubbish folks.  But as I say that one about the boobs came straight out of something they dreamed up years ago and their whole list of things that could possibly be done by humans.  In a think tank, this is where they dreamed all of this up. 

So, Iíll put this one up tonight too, this link.  All these articles Iíll put up tonight at after the broadcast.  But I like the comments at the bottom because I can see how itís good that the public have got so skeptical about it all.  And hereís the guy that says...

"What about a derriere implant bombs?  Are we worried about derriere bombs as they could be bigger and even more destructive than a breast bomb." 

Alan: Isnít that true, eh?  And I guess they do have that too; the Hollywood starlets are always getting strange things done to them, things put in there and all the rest of it.  So are the guys too apparently.  But itís quite interesting how theyíve got it all here and how theyíre doing it.  But now theyíre looking for blonde bombshells anyway.  And thatís another farce of course.  And itís also holding up the lines even longer as they feel everybodyís boobs.  {Sighs}

But now in Britain too...

"High Court judge makes legal history after sanctioning sterilisation of a disabled man, 36, because it is in his Ďbest interestsí" 

Alan:  Well thatís how they look upon all of us folks because weíre all stupid apparently and we canít run our own lives.  And now youíve got judges making decisions on sterilizing people.   

ē† "Man, referred to as 'DE',"

Alan:  They wonít tell you his name.

"...and his girlfriend already have a son born in 2010"

ē† "Case launched because 36-year-old incapable of making the decision himself"

Alan:  They could apply that to every man out there regardless of IQ or anything else.  He says well oh I donít know.  All the politically correct ones, theyíre all for it, for everyone else getting sterilized but themselves, theyíre saying, hmm, hmm, I donít know.  So the judge will probably decide for you down the road as they normalize this.  And it says:

ē† "Justice Eleanor King agreed another child could cause Ďpsychological harmí"

Alan:  To what?  To who?

ē† " First time in British legal history sterilisation has been ordered in this way"

Alan:  So thereís a precedent been set now folks.  There you go. 

Now Canada, most folk think that Canada is nice and clean under all that snow, that white snow.  But itís really a pretty dirty place when you go into the politics of it all.  Iíve mentioned before that in the book, "Deadly Allies: Canadaís Secret War", it goes into declassified stuff from the government on Canada running the head, the top actually, and at the top of making bacterial and viral warfare possible and very, very accurate in any kind of virus that they design.  Theyíre also into creating all kinds of insects now for warfare purposes for those who donít know it.  And itís so easy now with genetic modification.  That can cause plagues of course.  They could actually, theyíll actually talk about nano injections and so on to these little, tiny little insects that can make them zone in on someoneís DNA.  In a crowd theyíd find you and give you a little sting. 

But anyway under all that snow theyíve got other things too.  You see Canada loves to be ahead in political correctness.  Theyíre always avant-garde on the PC stuff you see.  And so they like to be first in everything, before the rest of the world.  And just to show it theyíve got some of the best criminals here too that can compete with the criminals anywhere in the world.  It says:

"$140-million penny stock fraud: Canadians among the accused" 

"Four Canadians and five Americans have been indicted in what U.S. officials call one of the biggest international penny stock frauds in history." 

"In April, 2011, the Ontario Securities Commission issued a cease-trade order against a group of respondents that included Winick and the two Curries - now accused of penny fraud - in connection with companies called BFM Industries and Liquid Gold International Corp." 

"The complex scheme, which involved pumping up the prices of worthless penny stocks and then unloading them on unsuspecting victims in as many as 35 countries, allegedly raked in more than $140 million (U.S.), the Federal Bureau of Investigation said Tuesday." 

"The U.S. Justice Department said seven suspects were arrested Tuesday in New York, Arizona, New Jersey, Florida, California and Ontario, Canada.  However, Canadians Gregory Curry and alleged mastermind Sandy Winick remain at large." 

Alan:  These are the Canadians.

"ďBy his own admission we know that Sandy Winick is in Bangkok, Thailand,Ē Robert Nardoza, a public affairs officer for the U.S. Attorneyís Office, told the Star." 

Alan:  They donít know where Curry is.  So thereís even penny stock frauds and 140 million dollars, which is probably peanuts with some of the big things that are going on but still Canadians are out and ahead there.  They did pretty well there.  And theyíre keeping ahead of the rest of the world, involved in something like that.    


"Carbon Capture And Storage: Global Warming Panacea, Or Fossil Fuel Pipe Dream?"   

"Inside the offices of MIT's Energy Initiative, a campus-wide program with the ambitious goal of helping to "transform the global energy system," Howard J. Herzog, a senior research engineer, pulled out a fresh yellow legal pad and began sketching a line graph.  He was responding to a straightforward question:  In a world so addicted to fossil fuels, and yet so threatened by the planet-warming carbon dioxide they produce, why has one seemingly elegant and elementary solution..." 

Alan:  In other words, why is there no one simple idea by...

"-- blocking that CO2 from entering the atmosphere in the first place --" 

Alan:  At its source.

"...proved so elusive?" 

Alan:  This is what theyíre working on now, is carbon taxes, folks, for the U.S., big, big time carbon taxes.  And Iíll put this article up tonight as well.  They want to also have "carbon capture and Sequestration Technologies".  In other words they want to bury it under the ground and weíll all pay for that too.  What a joke it is, isnít it?  And it will be "out of sight, out of mind" I guess, you know, even though you canít see the CO2.  But itís all a joke folks as they change the way you live and to get another big taxing system for the global elite to go even higher on the hog than they already are. 

And as things go down the tubes of course, and I was just reading I think from the Club of Rome today on that, of how America will stagnate and get worse and worse and worse.  And thatís one of the biggest think tanks for the CFR, Royal Institute of International Affairs, and the United Nations.  That was the forecast but youíre going to get more and more rustling of cattle and so on.  They already have it in Britain; itís been on the go for the last ten to fifteen years and getting worse, where even whole sheep herds are getting stolen in the middle of the night with big, big trucks.  But anyway in the States it says:

"Cattle Theft on The Rise in Texas, Despite Tougher Penalties" 

"The Giddings Livestock Commission holds its auction every Monday.  Hundreds of cows pass through, brought in by their rightful owners to be sold to the highest bidder.  But, every now and then, auction manager Larry Schatte says, a contraband cow finds its way into the mix."   

Alan:  And he says itís on the increase I guess as times get tough.  Youíre going to find more and more animals going missing.

"Ranchers saw a sharp jump in cattle rustling last year in Texas and Oklahoma.  Over 10,000 cows and horses were reported missing or stolen." 

"Thatís an almost 40 percent increase from the year before.  Itís a trend thatís surprised some in law enforcement." 

Alan:  Well it wonít surprise you at all because as meat gets expensive and everything is getting so expensive because of this planned, Federal Reserve planned inflation, yearly, annual inflation, and the cost of living is going up like you wouldnít believe, then people turn to this to make money.  And theyíll sell it on the quiet, the QT, in butcher stores and markets and all the rest of it.  And folk will be happy to get it at a price they can afford for a change.  Thatís how it is in Britain. 

"Europe's new refugees" 

"Europe's job hungry migrants are flocking overseas, with many landing in nations once colonised by their home countries." 

Alan:  Jacques Attali talked about all of this, the new boat people looking for work overseas.  America was to be next as well after Europe.  Well here is Europeís one...

"When the banking and economic crisis broke around the world in October 2008, few imagined that its recessionary effects would linger for as long as they have." 

Alan:  Thatís not true.  The big boys who planned it all talked about the consequences years before.

"In Europe, and particularly in some eurozone countries, people accustomed to years of relative prosperity have had to get used to harsh government austerity measures, wage freezes and job cuts." 

Alan:  So now theyíre moving out of the European countries...

"...such as Spain, Portugal and Greece," 

Alan:  And theyíre going to Latin America and different places hoping to get a better life.  All caused by the global elite that brought you anti-terrorism and snooping, NSA snooping everywhere, and so on and so on.  See, youíre run by a private corporation, folks, global.  And your government is only one section of it.

From Hamish and myself from Ontario, Canada, itís goodnight, and may your God or your Gods go with you.



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