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Poem Copyright Alan Watt Aug. 29, 2013:

A Peek at Technique:

"There's Really No Need to Speculate
As to Why Societies become Degenerate,
The Technique was Used in Ancient Days
By Troubadours Portraying Various Plays,
It Works Simply, Monkey See, Monkey Do,
Then Those with Wisdom Dominate You,
When Years of Conquer Planned Ahead,
Plays Elevate Nobility of Military Dead,
Then Slaughter, Rape and Things Gory
Are Turned by Ceremony into Glory,
Peace Returns, Nothing's Left to Fate,
Easier to Dominate a People Degenerate"
© Alan Watt Aug. 29, 2013


Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - Aug. 29, 2013 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)
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Hi folks.  I am Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix on the 29th of August, 2013.  I always advise newcomers to make good use of the website where youíll find years, actually, of articles which Iíve read over the air and explained to the people, and broken it down for them basically of whatís happening, as we go through this big slide you might say Ė itís almost like a slide down a chute into an abyss, the way itís all going today. Because the world is planned by groups, private groups, private organizations which set up a hundred years ago, and set up themselves to basically bypass anything to do with democracy. They still use the term Ďdemocracyí to con the public and itís not hard to do at all. But in reality they had no intentions of ever giving real democracy to the general populations.


They were the richest guys on the planet at the time based in London England, in the City of London, the big bankers, international bankers, and the aristocracy of Britain too, and they are interbred with them, completely, actually. They decided to form foundations, a parallel government they call themselves, even today; thatís the term they use.  Maggie Thatcher even referred to it when she left politics. She said that she would now belong to the parallel government, and she said we can get things done because weíre not responsible to the people because weíre not elected anymore, but they know all the leaders across the world and all the top bureaucrats and so on. And thatís how itís been for a hundred years.


They have a big agenda for the whole planet, a global agenda. They are also into eugenics. They do believe in the class system and they use all the classes, by the way, even to support them sometimes. But the fact is they want to eliminate, gradually, and maybe even quicker than that, the lower classes, which they claim are obsolete. They knew this in the 1800s, they talked about this, that this time would come where through technology and science the lower classes would be obsolete, theyíd never get any higher than they were already, they were the junk genes you might say. And all the ones who had risen to the top, the highest in evolution, were already in position, therefore they would run the world. And itís been like that ever since.


So help yourself to the audios there. Remember too, thereís also transcripts in English on all the sites listed at and you can print up those. If you go into you can get transcripts printed up in other languages and you can take your choice from the ones offered there. Remember too, you bring me to you. I donít go out to sell masses of products and so on. I just try to keep honest and do what I do here. The only reason I came out in the first place was simply because it was time to let the public know what was really, really going on. I kind of changed the way the whole patriot movement was going at the time, because none of them knew that there was a global agenda on the way or the histories behind it and so on. Itís good to see that others have caught on to it now and are helping to push the message forward, whatís really, really going on in the world. So if you buy the books and discs at, thatís all there is. 


Mind you too, it will give you good education because the art of conology, conning the public through thousands of years, masses of people in countries and so on, is an old, old art indeed, an old science. Today itís much more perfected.  With using our tax money they have hired thousands of people in academia and all the sciences who work on the minds, basically. Theyíre constantly doing polls and studies on us all and they really understand, pretty well accurately, how we all tick today. Itís easy to control masses of people; very few folk question their indoctrinations. They donít even know theyíve been indoctrinated in fact, and itís a perfect science today. So I explain all this too, from the ancient times to the present. So you can help support me by buying the books and discs at  [Order and donation options listed above.] 


Remember, straight donations are awfully welcome because as we all know our currencies are dropping like stones with the purchasing power and itís called inflation as the currencies are devalued, across the world, right now, getting you all ready for austerity. And nothing happens on a large scale Ė I keep saying this because itís so true. Nothing happens on a large scale, whether itís wars or anything else, or bank crashes, in unison, without years of preparation for it all to happen. It doesnít happen any other way, folks. It really doesnít.


Those at the top control all of it too because they know where they want to take the entire planet. Remember too, that money itself is used as a form of warfare; itís been used many times down through history. You can collapse nations with it. You can starve them to death with it too, with lack of it. And thereís so many things you can do. So those who control the money control the entire planet. Itís been like that for centuries and centuries by the way. The money system is not there to serve the public, it never has been. The bankers always plunder the populations at least twice a century, on a big scale, sometimes a lot of smaller ones in between. And we never change the system because you see, they run the world. They run your governments. They run the law systems. Theyíre completely intertwined in fact. So thatís how the world really happens to be.


Of course weíre getting geared up for the war, what was inevitable to come because the New American Century group had that listed way back in the 90s, the countries they wanted to be taken out. North Korea was even on it at that time too, but definitely they had Syria down after Iraq and Libya and Afghanistan and so on and so on. And of course Iran is still to go.  We also have outside forces in countries, with special interest for themselves, who also know how to use bigger countries too because theyíve got a lot of pull, again, through financial systems and so on. So itís very complex in a sense, only because most folk wonít look into it at all. Once you start looking into it youíll find itís not so complex as you actually thought. Things are very primitive in this world, very primitive. Wars and the use of money and wars to bring them on, and for personal gain for the countries that winÖ Itís not for the countries that win.  Itís for private individuals in those countries who win; these are the guys who get the oil fields, the diamonds, the gold and so on.


If you go into the writings of Carroll Quigley who was the archivist and historian for the Council on Foreign Relations, for instance, a private organization, that basically helps run the world, he said that. He said, weíve been behind every war in the whole of the 20th century. And he was telling the truth because he actually gives examples of how the wars were started and how the Royal Institute of International Affairs and Council on Foreign Relations had manipulated whole countries into going to war, and all the trouble they went to, to make it all happen. Nothing is different today. Nothing is different whatsoever today. The same groupís running the world, with a definite agenda. The only reason that Quigley came out, he thought the public were either so dumbed down or whatever, but he thought that they would accept the fact that democracy didnít work and that private interests are actually running the world. He thought it was time to let the people know and that they would actually accept it. Thereís quite a story behind that in itself.


But he went into the Boer War and how the private group had actually gone in to get a war started with the Boers, and then cry help to Britain that the Boers were attacking the English settlers. Of course the opposite was true. But then Britain sent in the troops. Thatís what always happens.  The taxpayer pays for it all. Once they come in with the troops, and they build the railroads and so on, then the private boys can have everything built for them, for free; they can then loot the countries of its gold and its diamonds and everything else too. So this is how simple the reasons for war really always happen to be. It was no different with Iraq because we found out, and it was in the papers at the time, the mainstream papers, that the U.S. Air Force was to destroy all the old refineries in Iraq because the taxpayers would build them brand-new ones, for the companies and corporations that took over. Thatís what itís really all about. But all kinds of lies go back and forth and back and forth by the interested parties. And thousands die, sometimes millions. But it doesnít matter to the big boys; they say itís all worth it in the end, for themselves that is. Back with more after this.


Hi folks, weíre back Cutting Through The Matrix.  I mentioned many times before too, that when wars are planned, way in advance, facts donít count. Thereís no point really harping on about facts, facts, facts because it really doesnít matter when it comes down to planned wars, you see. I think John Pilger said the same thing, and various other people too, facts donít count. It doesnít matter how much evidence you have of the collusion to get wars started, the facts simply donít count at all. In fact, the propaganda is kept in a minimalistic form, because if they get too complicated with their propaganda, or their reasons, you can shoot so many holes through that it falls apart. So they keep it very simplistic, to the point of absurdity in fact. And thatís how itís really always been.


But I mentioned last night about the previous attempt to use, and blame Syria for using gas on its own people. Then it turned out to be, of course, that the rebels were using it. But it didnít really matter at that time.  There was too much proof, mind you. But the same thing has happened again. If you notice too, theyíre really not saying one way or another who caused the gas to be used. Theyíre trying to use the moral high ground and say, well we canít stand by and allow this to happen. Well, tonight Iíll put up an article to do with the fact that Britain, the US and Israel too, have used chemical weapons. Theyíve all used chemical weapons in the last 10 years, and not a beep was said about it anywhere. Iíll put that article up tonight.


In fact if you remember, Israel, when they did the Gaza bombing, the fish in a barrel type thing, you saw the aircraft dropping phosphorous bombs and they were exploding above the people. Phosphorous itself is a chemical weapon; it comes down and it burns right through you. Thatís how it works, you see, itís a chemical weapon. But again, facts donít matter, does it? Because you have incredibly big powers who have different agendas than the rest of the populations; in fact, the populations can never really figure out the agendas. Theyíre very simple again though.  Thatís been used over and over again.


The U.S., Britain and Israel have Used Chemical Weapons within the Last 10 Years / August 27, 2013


Now getting back to May again, last May, this article came out from Reuters itself, from the United Nations inspectors that were out at the time in Syria. This particular one was called Del Ponte; she was an Italian who was attached to the United Nations as one of the inspectors for chemical warfare. It saysÖ


U.N. has testimony that Syrian rebels used sarin gas: investigator / May 5, 2013


(Reuters) - U.N. human rights investigators have gathered testimony from casualties of Syria's civil war and medical staff indicating that rebel forces have used the nerve agent sarin, one of the lead investigators said on Sunday.


The United Nations independent commission of inquiry on Syria has not yet seen evidence of government forces having used chemical weapons, which are banned under international law, (Alan: it depends whoís using them.) said commission member Carla Del Ponte.


"Our investigators have been in neighboring countries interviewing victims, doctors and field hospitals and, according to their report of last week which I have seen, there are strong, concrete suspicions but not yet incontrovertible proof of the use of sarin gas, from the way the victims were treated," Del Ponte said in an interview with Swiss-Italian television.


"This was use on the part of the opposition, the rebels, not by the government authorities," she added, speaking in Italian.  (A:  ...and it goes on and on.)


But as I say, facts donít matter. Because you see, they had Syria listed back in the 90s for getting taken out, you see. Itís rather simple. Youíre into geopolitics. Geopolitics works sometimes in 50 years, plans of 50 years, even 100 years down the road, things like that. Iíve gone over different documents to do with Kissinger and Brzezinski for instance, the geopoliticians, and they literally have countries lined up like dominoes one after another, and some will be hit 10 years down the road, some of them 15, some 20. Thatís how it really works, you see. So facts donít matter.  And when the big boys go to their planning boards and so on and they all come to their consensus, as they say, they never change their plans. Youíll never see them change their plans. So when the big foundations, for instance, give you their agenda for the future, you can actually take it to the bank, the bank that never goes bankrupt, because theyíll stick to it, come hell or high water. Remember, all the articles I read too I put up at at the end of the night. 


Also I was thinking about the whole Western world, really, has gone through so many changes, so quickly too, mainly from, say, the 1950s, speeding up in the 60s, through cultural revolutions. Cultural revolutions are very important because you donít see the blood and all the rest of it.  But the fact is, they are even more effective often than the wars. Because the folk who go through them donít know their minds have been tampered with, or theyíve adopted the behavior that was designed for them to adopt. You had all the sexual revolution ones and the free love and so on, the flower power in the 60s, etc. etc. And it all tied in again with communism, because communism is only one branch, one technique of bringing in an agenda thatís very, very old. The whole idea was to eliminate the family unit, altogether, down the road and have the state give all instructions and new morality. Everything today is new, itís like the new freedom. You also have the new morality and things like that. The new morality is simply sanctioned by the state, not by the people or even the parent or parents of the children today, who canít make head nor tails of why things are being pushed the way that theyíre being pushed.


Youíve had incredible reports coming out of the United Nations over the last 10 years, right down to having communal masturbation, they wanted to push, in the schoolrooms for the schoolchildren, things like that. The whole idea behind it of course is the earlier you can get children involved in sexual activity, the more you will actually addict them, at a very prepubertal age actually, and theyíll never mate with anybody for life, so thatís the end of the family unit. Thereís all good reasons for what is done at the top. Thereís always reasons, remember, always. It isnít just some kinky people at the top with strange ideas. They have actual purposes in doing it.


Then of course too, I donít watch television at all because television is weaponized; itís meant to alter the way that you think and the way that you behave. Again, since the 60s too, you notice that Hollywood, for instance, they went quiet during the various investigations into Hollywood communism pushing all this stuff. They went quiet for a while but they came back out in the 60s and pushed the envelope and pushed the envelope.  And TV is in with them too; itís all the same people that run it all. You find that you get almost pornography on the stage now; music television, of course, was intended to go that way. Now youíve got a generation growing up that thinks that people simulating sex on stage is quite natural. Thatís quite something to understand, the sudden change, and how easy it was to do, when the parents are not involved, and where the stuffís all over television apparently, and the children, again, are emulating what they see and they become hypersexualized.


Bertrand Russell who was a big global planner, in fact, many of the things that are happening today, and still to happen yet, in the cultures, were planned by him back in the 30s, 40s, and 50s, and the cohorts that he worked with, global institutions, and they were to change all the cultures in many, many, many facets. Itís already happening, as Iíve watched so much of it happen too and lived through it as well. But the public are completely ignorant. They think that everything is optional... I can watch this if I want to or I can turn it off if I want to and so on. But peer pressure, of course, is amazing.  Plus when you target certain age groups they donít have the sense to turn it off... Youíre targetingÖ Itís almost like someone whoís ready to be a heroin addict and youíre showing them the heroin. Itís the same thing when you get young children, where their hormones burst forth and they canít really control it. Then theyíre being told, in a way, that this is allowed on television, therefore itís all okay. 


The other day of course, I thought, you know, that little foolish girl, Miley Cyrus I think her name is, it was all over the papers Ė a great distraction from the coming war of course, Iím sure itís intentional as well. But she, again, pushed the envelope a little bit more.  And Iím sure, I thought to myself, you know there will be more people getting hits on all the servers looking up what she was doing on the stage than about the coming war with Syria and the thousands and thousands of people who are going to be wiped off the map. And thatís a sad statement to do with society. You see, youíre utterly controlled whether you like to understand it, or even believe it or not, folks. Back with more after this.


Hi folks, weíre back Cutting Through The Matrix, talking about the system, and everything in the system is always managed. Remember, Plato said the same thing, that all culture is agreed at the top and pushed from the top down; anything that starts at the grass roots level is destroyed, immediately, by the elite because it might upset their plans for their cultural alterations. So whatever happens in society is granted from the top, and actually dreamed up at the top as well, for you all to follow. And itís quite amazing. This is a very, very old technique; youíll find even biblical stuff about this too, and how the people around Israel were always called pagans and so on and had orgies, etc.  But also they were helped to get that way by certain peoples as well, because it was easier to dominate them when theyíre dysfunctional. Itís very, very easy to dominate people like that. So itís a technique, an ancient technique thatís well understood, right to the present time. It was also used down through the Middle Ages in certain revolutions in Europe, across Europe and Bohemia and various other places. Many of those folk, in fact, eventually immigrated to the early Americas and formed their groups there too; theyíve been there for an awful long time.† People seem to think they live in the present and theyíre given the present news all the time. They have no idea of the history behind it and the massive movements behind all of the things that are happening today.


But youíll find too, for instance, falling in with the last article I talked about too, about that Miley Cyrus who obviously was brought up in Hollywood. And I know people from Hollywood who are brought up the same way, by the way, women like that. And Iím not kidding you, you have no idea of what things they were treated to, by the special handlers that run them in Hollywood.† Anyway, hereís an article thatís almost an ad, you see. And most folk canít understand, they canít discern what ads are, or propaganda, as opposed to simply news. Now, this saysÖ


Las Vegas casino seeks to evict raunchy nightclub / Associated Press / MICHELLE RINDELS / August 29, 2013


LAS VEGAS (AP) ó It turns out that even in Sin City, (A:  ...which they call it Sin City for a good reason, because anything you want, theyíve always said, you can find in Las Vegas.) some sins are hard to overlook.


The Palazzo hotel-casino on the Las Vegas Strip is trying to evict a 10-month-old nightclub for shows it says are so raunchy that they violate obscenity laws. It says actors ó some nearly naked ó toss condoms into the crowd and simulate sex acts and bestiality on stage.


The club is seeking a restraining order to halt the closure, arguing that simulated sex acts don't constitute obscenity.


Casino officials "were well aware of our brand," said Sean Dunn, special events director at The Act, in an email statement, (A:  ...and so on.) 


Las Vegas Sands, which owns the casino, did not immediately respond to requests for comment.


The Act (A:  ...this is what they call it, The Act.) remains open for business while a district judge considers its fate, but the fight over its future has exposed an underlying reality in Vegas: While the city sells itself as a racy, no-holds-barred destination, there are limits. 


Now this is actually a propaganda thing. Itís more of a pro-thing, actually. Itís like a free ad for this particular nightclub. And this is nothing new in Las Vegas at all, in fact, nothing new whatsoever in Las Vegas. If you want children in Las Vegas, youíll get them; itís always been like that. If you go into Las Vegas youíll see male and female prostitutes, of all ages, coming up to your cars, because thereís so many of them that have moved in there as the economy goes down the hill, and anything goes. Anything goes, folks.  But itís an ad in reality. As I say too, when youíve got a whole generation reared up into adulthood now watching music television and simulated sex, I mean whatís the big deal about this particular raunchy nightclub? Do you understand what Iím saying?


So youíve all been conditioned, for the new normals, youíre always given new normals, you see, and as you get into new normals it affects your behavior. Thatís the whole purpose of it. And you will have problems in relationships, you wonít mate up and team up, and therefore you are at the mercy, little old you, standing on your own, when Big Brother talks down to you. Thereís no one to stand around you, no family. Remember, families have things in common, thatís with other families.  Thatís why families would stand together, they had so many things in common, and they would stand up to government intrusion and so on and so on. Not anymore, folks.


And again, itís not off the top of my head. I mean, these things were also written about by Bertrand Russell, and HG Wells who was a propagandist for the Royal Institute of International Affairs. So whatever happens in society is planned that way, including right down to your culture and the cultural revolutions and so on and so on and so on. Itís all worked out by the big boys at the top. And you will follow it because youíre not taught to be independent, youíre not taught to use reasoning powers or logic, at school, youíre taught to parrot, actually. And this is all by design as well.


Now youíll find as well, as we go down the tubes, in so many ways, because it was meant that we go down the tubes as we finish off the world, for other peoples to dominate, that weíll go down the tubes as I say. Going back to the Department of Defenceís 90-page report, in 2007 it came out Ė itís in the archives section at They actually have, they projected the future, whatís likely to happen and so on. But they mentioned the fact that America, for instance, would break up into SuperCities. Not all SuperCities, many of the cities would go under too.  But in the meantime more and more folk would go into the crowded, already overcrowded main dingy cities that are falling apart. But that whole generation will die off by about 2050; they wonít have children and so on and theyíll simply die off, and thereíll be lots of diseases breaking out, etc., etc., etc. That is the agenda, folks. But in the meantime weíve still got a job to do, thatís pay lots of taxes, supply the bodies to go off and fight the wars for the elite and their plans, for their future and their offspring to go off into the future.


Tonight too thereís an article as well, on about...


Emerging market funds sinking like it's 1998 / John Waggoner / August 29, 2013


Many emerging-market mutual funds clobbered (A:  ...meaning hammered...) as currencies plunge, interest rates rise.


Now, youíve really got one group of people who run the money supply of the planet and itís been like that way for an awful long time. Everything is rigged. The stock markets have always been rigged. Currency exchange rates have always been rigged as well. Everything is rigged by one elite group and itís always been like that, for centuries actually, centuries. Anyone trying to get into those markets simply is eliminated, in any way possible, and in every way as well. Itís a very tightly controlled system, believe you me, has been for an awful long time. But they go on about India and how this is an up-and-coming country.  Weíve poured through the GATT treaty, that nobody wanted, the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade that was set up by the Royal Institute of International Affairs, a private organization, and the CFR, a private organization. They set that up like they set up the G20, the Bank for International Settlements, private organizations, the IMF, private organization, the World Bank, private organization.


They also set up these emerging economies and we pumped millions and millions of bucks into those countries. Weíve even built hospitals for them; weíre still building hospitals in China, even though itís raking in more cash than any other country on the planet I think right now.  Because itís the only manufacturer, and it was planned to be the only manufacturer in the world too, by those who already own our countries. So Iíll put this article up tonight about all the countries too that are getting hammered.


The rupee is where? Currency collapse confounds India Inc. - / 8/27/13


It even mentions Turkey as well. Now, Turkey is going to get hammered even more because thatís still on the list as well.  And it can go either way, and thereís many outside interests looking at Turkey all the time to see how theyíre going to take it. But itís just amazing too, to watch all the money that you earn going off in taxes and being thrown abroad for either wars, or even economic wars as well; donít forget, economics is a war.  And you get nothing at all back from it, youíre just getting taken down the sewer, basically. Thatís where weíre all going right now, is down the sewer. We have no say in any of this at all, as things get cut back and cut back.  And youíve got inflation, the prices of basic food is skyrocketing; has been for quite a long time now. This is the plan for taking us all down, as we finish off the last few countries, that will not join the World Bank, that donít have a private central bank running their countries, and thatís all part of the plan as well. So weíre going to destroy those countries, bring in the same system for them, and standardize it across the whole planet, as we all go down the tubes.


Now also in the US too, it says, San Bernardino now is filing for bankruptcy as well, and it gets the green light.  It saysÖ


San Bernardino bankruptcy gets green light / Chris Isidore / August 28, 2013


A federal bankruptcy judge Wednesday rejected an attempt to kick the city of San Bernardino, Calif., out of bankruptcy court.  (A:  So now itís going ahead.)   


It's a ruling that could affect the nation's largest municipal bankruptcy case in Detroit and open the door to cuts to other public-sector pension plans.  (A:  Youíre all going to get plundered. Everything that you thought was yours, in this wonderful system, is going to get stolen from you, folks.)


California Public Employees' Retirement System (CalPERS) had challenged the eligibility of the city to file for bankruptcy. The pension fund argued that San Bernardino officials had not made a good faith effort to reach an agreement with creditors before filing for bankruptcy 14 months ago.


The question of "good faith negotiations," which is a requirement of bankruptcy law, is an argument that is also being made by city employee pension funds in Detroit.


In San Bernardino, Judge Meredith Jury said it was in no one's interest, including the creditors, to kick the case out of bankruptcy court.


If San Bernardino had been ruled ineligible for bankruptcy court, it would have opened the door for 10,000 creditors, including CalPERS, to sue for the money they're owed, and possibly led to a dissolution of the city government.  (A:  Back with more after this.)


Hi folks, weíre back Cutting Through The Matrix.  Donít forget that control, mass control, control of the masses has always been so important for those in charge. Thereís many ways of course, of using the past, to keep people behaving themselves in an authorized fashion by the state and so on. But the big push of course for an Internet, etc., and not only that, I mean you think aboutÖ Anything that gives you the same data, data, data, is standardizing all your thoughts.  Thatís why you all prattle about the same things, youíve got standardized news across the world.  And you think youíre being told the truth and youíll have conversations thinking that youíre... and all nice conversations, you wonít argue, because youíll all be given the same data. It doesnít mean truth, or facts, itís just data, and of course thatís the way that the elite want it to be. So, folk canít think for themselves, or question it.  In fact theyíve had no reason to; they donít know theyíve been brought up in a world of mass control by rather nasty people.


But of course this article here goes into mind control basically, and thereís a couple of articles out on it too, which is really acclimatizing you to the fact that itís coming. But in actual fact itís already here. But it saysÖ


Darth Vader eat your heart out: Researcher controls a colleagueís hand by channelling his brain signals through the INTERNET / Ellie Zolfagharifard / 28 August 2013


It looks like Spock and Darth Vader may have some competition in the mind control stakes.


Researchers in the U.S. claim to have discovered the secret to mind control by creating the world's first ever human-to-human brain interface.  (A:  Now thatís not true. Because if you go into the history of it, computer-brain interface, youíll find they were doing this, hardwired mind you, back in Tavistock, but definitely in Sweden as well. Sweden was using prisoners back in the 1970s and hardwiring them right into computers to try to see if someone else could control them from a distance. But this is a repetition thing to get you used to the fact that itís here, you see. It saysÖ)


Using electrical brain recordings and a form of magnetic stimulation, Rajesh Rao sent a brain signal to Andrea Stocco on the other side of the Washington University campus, causing Stoccoís finger to move on a keyboard.  (A:  They can do a lot more than move your finger, folks. They can do an awful lot more. Iíve gone into the works of Persinger, for instance, Professor Persinger who has worked with DARPA, and heís worked with the CIA and all the rest of the big boys, and is up here in Canada, actually working at university; heís got his own floor to himself and Iím sure heís still into this. He actually says it will be great when we all live in the same field, this energy field of the net, and weíll all have each otherís thoughts, etc., etc., and weíll feel the pain of others across the world. Youíll probably feel the people in Gaza, for instance, when they get burned with phosphorus, things like that.† Anyway it says here thatÖ)


The feat builds on research in which electrical signals generated from one brain are translated by a computer into commands that can move a mechanical arm or a computer cursor. 


Etc, etc.† Now, getting back to Persinger, he really, really is an advocate of all this stuff. He worked with the Koren helmet, remember, that was used back in the 60s and the 70s in Canada in some of the universities, where it could simulate, if you put this helmet on your head, through electromagnetic frequencies on the surface of your brain, it could actually give you experiences like LSD or various other drugs as well. So you donít have to have direct wiring into the brain anyway. And believe you me, that helmet, that Koren helmet is way advanced, today, believe you me, with DARPA and the rest of them, than it ever was back then. But theyíve been into this for an awful long time.


One day youíll be walking down the street and something will happen, the next thing you know youíll be grabbed and accused of killing someone, and youíll have no recollection of it even happening at all. What an incredible tool itís going to be for the big boys. Because everything thatís done and used in science always is done for military purposes initially, always, always, folks.  And thatís generally where the funding comes from, from you of course through these organizations, into creating this for military applications. And also, what a great method of getting rid of anybody whoís putting out truth, even, down the road, is to disgrace them in some credible way in the street, or whatever, and theyíll have no recollection of what happened. And of course itís so simple.  Itís an invisible technology, and itís going to be so plausible when they put out their propaganda as to why this person went crazy in the street. Very, very simple stuff, folks.


Remember too, what Charles Galton Darwin said, the physicist and a descendent of Charles Darwin. He was a physicist who worked on the Manhattan Project and he wrote the book The Next Million Years, talking about the eliteís right to go on, run the world into the future, and how to basically control the masses. He says, weíll use hormones, hormones on the males and so on, and effeminize them, through their food and inoculations and so on. And he went into different techniques of doing all of this stuff. And there you have it. I mean, this was back in the 1950s that he wrote that book. That book was lauded by all the elite in the world, all the big organizations. He said, itís the elites right to go on into the future for themselves, and he says, but we, the elite, must remain wild, he says, where we can control those down below. He said, we will remain uncontrolled. He says, we must be wild men because wild men are natural men; weíll be making decisions for survival, whereas the people down below will be unable to do that, he says, the state will be making all their decisions for them. Itís worth reading the book, folks. Because these folks are not kidding, you know, and they have been doing what they said theyíd do.


Bertrand Russell talked about using, putting the same kind of chemicals Ė and to dumb you down as well by the way, to attack the brain Ė in your food and in your water, he says, and even by the use of the needle; he was talking about vaccinations.  These guys are not kidding. They all work with big international organizations, of the ultra-elite.


Now in Britain too, youíll find that as we all degenerate into terrible language and all the rest of it, again, itís all from television and so on which is meant to degenerate you all. But youíll find that the cursing in the Parliament now is just getting something else. I mean, what theyíre calling each other in the Parliament...  It saysÖ


No.10 (A:  ...thatís the Prime Minister.) attacks Ed Miliband (A:  ...who actually is a diehard communist.) after Labour leader withdraws support for military intervention in Syria / 29 Aug 2013


Labour leader Ed Miliband has been labelled a Ďf****g c***í (A: ...and you can fill that in for yourselves.) by a government source after his decision not to back David Cameron in todayís vote on Syria. 


Theyíre all acting like the characters that they see on television in all the awful stuff that the BBC churns out, to bend folkís minds. And itís all the way through government as well. Thatís quite an example to set for the nation isnít it? But we are used to that in our everyday talk now and our speech, and street speech.  Thatís where you got it all from, was television, folks. But imagine calling people like that, and this is in Parliament. And of course no one loses their job over that or anything else either.


Now Japan as well, who have reasons to look into the future...  Iíve gone into the fact that the seed banks, of course, are set up for the elite to go into the future, as we die off. But also they have what they call Ďarksí and one of them is in Louisiana actually.  A professor did a documentary on it; she was in charge of this whole big estate, where theyíve been freeze-drying sperm and ovum of all kinds of animals for many, many years. She said itís one of three that they have, that the elite have, and they can successfully implant these in vitro and so on, not just into the proper animals, but they can actually, you know, makeÖ They actually had a wildcat, I think, born out of a domestic cat. So they can use anything as the host. So theyíre really looking forward to the future after theyíve wiped everything off and they can repopulate the earth with everything too, for themselves that is.  But in Japan, now that theyíve really had to look into the fact that so many of them are dying off, actually, with cancers because of Fukushima, they are now freeze-drying animal sperm and putting them in sperm banks, for animals as well. 


Japan scientists launch freeze-dry animal sperm bank - / 8/28/13


Iíll put that up tonight as well.  Then of course the crooks that never get touched, except they get rewarded for a preplanned heist you might sayÖ


Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac delaying write-offs of delinquent mortgages

A government report raises questions on how Fannie and Freddie account for future losses. Mandated changes, once in effect, could eat into their profits as the housing market recovers. / Jim Puzzanghera / August 19, 2013


The FHFA said more than a year ago that Fannie and Freddie needed to change their accounting procedures to conform with the way banks write off mortgages that are more than 180 days delinquent. 


And of course theyíre not doing it too, because thereís a lot of scams involved still.† You understand, weíre run by, technically, criminals. They are criminals actually, but they donít see themselves as criminals. They see that as their right to run the world, the big boys at the top, because after all, theyíre the richest folk on the planet that run the world, which means they are more evolved than all the rest of us, you see. They are the ones who take chances; we are the dumbos that die off because we donít take chances, they say. They have a thousand reasons to justify what they do.


From Hamish and myself from Ontario, Canada, itís good night and may your God or your Gods GO with you.  



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