Sept. 11, 2013 (#1407)

Poem Copyright Alan Watt Sept. 11, 2013:

Fight Sedation by Self-Logical Persuasion:

"Want the Truth, then Make Transition,
Unless Topics Trigger Default Position,
You go Back to Authorized Opinions,
Standard Prattling of the Minions,
The Obvious is Often Strictly Taboo,
Works Pavlovian-Style on You
And You Automatically Shy Away,
Afraid of What the Crowd will Say,
Like Old Church's Charge of Heresy,
Turning Mob on You without Mercy,
Don't Shy Away from Curses of Doom,
Acknowledge the Elephant in the Room"
© Alan Watt Sept. 11, 2013
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Hi folks.  I'm Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through the Matrix on September the 11th, 2013.

For any newcomers that tune in I’d advise you to make good use of the website  Lots of talks to download for free where I go through the system.  And it truly is an intricate system, well organized system that we’re born into.  It’s not the one that’s portrayed by your schooling and your education of any kind or even by the media for that matter too because they take over from education and it’s completely different in fact.  You’re run by private organizations of very, very rich people who set up a long time ago, a hundred years or so, at least in the open that is, I’m sure they have been on the go for many, many centuries before that.  And these guys were the richest people on the planet at the time.  They were international moneylenders to whole countries in fact.  And they set up foundations as charitable institutions and so they were tax exempt basically. 

According to the Norman Dodd’s Report too and different ones on the reports that the U.S. Congress did into these private foundations back in the 1950’s.  And he was told by them actually, by the Ford Foundation especially, the CEO said to him, "well we take our orders from the White House", he said.  And what they do is they form a parallel government.  They lobby governments in fact and it appears to the public that it’s just coming from the citizenry, all these lobby groups that are demanding things, but it’s not; they’re coming from private organizations, big massive multi-trillion dollar tax-free, tax-exempt foundations, so they get what they want.  So they are the parallel government.

And they also, which surprised too Dodd, was that they supported all the left wing causes and the right wing causes.  They supplied every side with their story basically and their funding.  And it’s quite surprising that most people don’t even know that nothing’s changed to the present time.  They have more money to splash around and put in these paid politicians that serve the private organizations.  And these foundations also set up other links, think tanks and so on, which they still run today and they advise all governments across the world on policies and social policies of every kind you can imagine and foreign policies too. 

So we’re run by a global elite basically.  The whole plan of course was to go global and dominate the planet, bring in a scientific elite to run the general public and experts of every kind.  And also to bring up the children with special politically-correct indoctrination from schooling, even from kindergarten if possible, and lots of government agencies to deal with children.  They’re already doing that in some countries like Scotland as the trial country for testing out new forms of child advocacy where the government gives you an advocate at birth basically.  It’s appointed by the government and they come into your home and spend right up to the age of about twenty years old or so.  And they do psychological evaluations on you; they make sure that you’re being brought up politically correct with all your opinions, etcetera, and no doubt too they will refer you for some kind of lobotomy or drug therapy if you have different opinions as a child. 

So we’re really in the "Brave New World" scenario.  That’s what we’re going into now.  We’re in the middle of the Orwellian type mixed with the Brave New World scenario and it’s all coming together as we speak naturally.  But nothing out there really is real as far as the truth is concerned.  There are always spins on everything and the mainstream media of course and all the big moguls who took over the media a long time ago, make sure that the media and news is standardized.  So we all prattle about the same things across the planet thinking we know it all and that’s the whole idea.  Most folk unfortunately think it truly is the truth; they question nothing.  They can’t believe that all these reports coming from different papers with the same stories can all be wrong.  It doesn’t occur to them that it’s a league that’s working in concert and all the stories come from a couple of newswires that are controlled by again the ultra rich and ultra elite. 

So we’re bamboozled, we’re conned our whole life long and I go into the art of conology in my books and so on at  So if you want to keep me ticking along here you can help me by buying them and the discs as well because I go through this in detail basically, going back a long ways because it’s an old organization that’s running the world today and their descendents have taken up the slack of course.  That’s the whole point of being a global elite.  They live for their progeny, their own offspring, to make sure that they come into a world which they still dominate and they can control it for basically ever. 

So if you buy the books and discs at you can as I say help me tick along here because it’s expensive what I do.  I don’t bring on advertisers as you well know and I certainly could.  I might have to eventually because everything is plummeting right now and inflation is going through the roof as the dollar is worth less and less and less, for purchasing power that is.  And they say we’ve got ten more years of this to go.  Well it sounds like indefinite because it ties right in with the whole agenda of so-called austerity. 

Remember from the U.S. to Canada you can still use personal checks to order the books and discs and you can also use international postal money orders from the post office, you can use Paypal or send cash.  Across the world, Western Union, Moneygram, and Paypal to order.  Remember straight donations are seriously welcome as we go through very, very hard times. 

But the whole idea of monopolization is in your face actually today with companies swallowing up other companies until you have monopolies on food, on farming across the world with the GM boys and you have monopolies on everything.  And of course with the media is monopolization of ideas and the news itself.  News doesn’t mean truth remember, it’s just data.  And news has always been used for propaganda purposes from its inception.  Even the town criers that used to go around England and do their "hear ye, hear ye" stuff and so on with the bell, that was all coming from the royal court and it was all authorized; the guy who said it couldn’t change anything at all that he was reading.  He couldn’t give any personal opinion.  He was just to spout out the propaganda to the uneducated masses basically.  And that’s where we are today.  We think we’re getting lots of data but we’re not.  We’re getting spins on everything.

As I say we’re run by a clique basically, a clique that’s been on the go for a long, long, long time.  And money controls the world.  Every policy depends on money and all the con games involved in money.  People get rich by handling other folk’s money, not by actually making or producing anything of value.  The richest folk handle money and they get in charge of private centralized banks for instance.  They have their own private clubs; they meet at the Bank for International Settlements and the IMF.  And they live a lifestyle that you would not believe.  They don’t worry about anything at all.  They live in a different reality completely from you or I.  They know all the cons because they actually run the cons on money where they raise the value of particular currencies and deflate some other country’s money system and then make a fortune, a killing, off the profits that they glean from it all.

The whole thing is for their benefit, not for yours.  But it also keeps you all under control.  And your governments are constantly prattling on about money and deficits, etcetera, etcetera, and they never explain why the system is the way it is.  They will never change anything in the system to stop it.  No country is going to start simply taking charge of its own production of money and stop borrowing from private lenders.  It won’t happen folks.  Because you see we’re living in the lender’s system.  They gave you this system.  And you’ve all been taught it’s quite natural. 

A long time ago they talked in the 1700’s in fact about the whole system which already was working across Europe at that time of private banking, central banking, and moneylenders and all the rest of it and how they’d already taken over.  They’ve been behind revolutions in fact for centuries in Europe and they talked about how they could take over a country and use the whole country as one big business.  Most folk don’t think about it like that.  They think oh there are lots of little businesses and little stores, no, forget it, these big boys look upon all of you and the Gross Domestic Product as their one big business you see.  Including the money that they make sure that your government will have to borrow from them.  And they also put in today with the Royal Institute of International Affairs, a private organization, Council on Foreign Relations, the same bunch, a private organization, they make sure that they put in their own boys at the top and their own historian Carroll Quigley talked about that.  He was in charge of their archives.  So the guys at the top are all placed in there by the guys that run the world’s money supply.

Back with more after this.

{Break ♫}

Hi folks.  We’re back Cutting Through the Matrix.  And it truly is a Matrix, isn’t it, with so much deception going on.  And it’s a daily deception too, all your whole life long in fact from mainstream and so on.  As I’ve mentioned before that nothing comes out from the mouths of politicians at the top that isn’t scripted for them by the scriptwriters.  And the scriptwriters actually are more important because they’re trained.  Where they’re trained we’ll never find out but they’re all in the same global agenda.  They know the agenda.  And they know what to write for presidents and prime ministers and that’s how really all things are controlled today.  You can’t expect to get truth from governments.  Governments have never been in the business of telling the public the truth.  And if you go back into the writings even of Francis Bacon, he talks about that too, when he gave...  They used to write sort of résumés to kings and queens across Europe and Machiavelli was one of them too, to show how cunning they were and Bacon was the same too.  He actually wrote different things for the king at the time, trying to get in his good books, and he said that the public must never know the real machinations behind things, the real reasons behind things.  And give them simplistic reasons, etcetera, etcetera.  But it was quite interesting to read that all that time ago being done back then.  And I think it’s probably been much, much older than even that in fact.  It probably goes all the way back to government itself being established. 

Now, governments a long, long time ago started off with just a gang of powerful families taking over and killing the ones next to them, the other second-class powerful families and so on, until they ruled countries and then they only ruled countries too to help protect themselves (or protect you they’d say) against some guys over there, that were often their cousins.  If you look into the history of Europe all the wars that they had for such a long, long time, it was often cousins of your king fighting cousins you know across the water in charge of another country like France or somewhere.  And it was a great game and a good strategy too because it kind of nationalized everything.  You’re all in it together.  That’s the standard thing they say about war.  And it keeps you all subservient to those that have to save you, you see.  It’s very good.

But as I say the same boys came in that funded all of this too and said my God you know we can make a fortune on all this war stuff and keep it going for ever and ever and ever with these tactics.  And sure enough Britain was at war with so many countries one after another, which is astonishing, especially after the central bank was basically put in there, the Bank of England.  And they’d borrow money from all the moneylenders to fight these wars, mind you the taxpayer paid it all back, and it was a fantastic deal for the bankers.  And the thing is still going on today of course.  Now any government that’s a government at all should be going by the same rules that you have to go by.  If you can’t afford to buy something, don’t buy it you see.  But that doesn’t work with governments; they put you in prison for not standing up to the rules but they don’t go to prison themselves, neither do the bankers that scam you twice a century by tradition, by plundering you all.  That’s the way it really is, isn’t it? 

And nothing changes of course as they plunder you.  They always do a lot of prattling and so on but nothing changes to stop them from doing it again.  Naturally they’re not going to give themselves up or close that back door that they have there.  It’s always there because it’s their system.  But money is power in this system where they control money. 

So private organizations own your money system, they own your governments and they own all the big NGOs (Non-Governmental Organizations) that are constantly lobbying government for changes to laws and so on, or going into international agreements.  Just agree with everything, sign it, and get on with it because it’s all to do with a global takeover you see.  Not just global takeover, as I say it’s a planned society they want in the future with planned families, certain families, and other ones won’t have children at all.  You won’t be allowed to have children if you’re on the bad list.  And Sci-Fi writers wrote about this a long, long time ago, the coming system because they got all their information from the futurist societies and the big think tanks that already worked for the big bankers. 

So anyway as I say news is data and news can be used to divert you from other things that are happening.  That’s always been used.  And of course they don’t want you looking at certain things too because you’re not supposed to think about certain things at all in fact.  And we find for instance that this drumbeat to finish off Syria was going on actually before Syria was even heard of by the general public.  In fact it was going on at the time even before they bombed Iraq into the Stone Age.  Because I’ve mentioned before that the CFR and the PNAC group and all the rest of them talked about the list, the list, the famous list of countries they’d have to take out.  So did Israel, they published it all too because they were surrounded by these countries and Israel has its own agenda you see.  So we’re not supposed to think of that either but of course it has its own agenda.  You’ve grown up and lived with it years after years after years of warfare, warfare, warfare. 

But this article here came out in, it was the Guardian I think it came out first of all, actually this one is from the Cleveland Challenger.

"U.S. media suppressed 2009 UN report showing Israel using chemical weapons against Palestinians" 

Alan:  And I can remember when that happened.  The white phosphorus was raining down.  You saw it all on television and so on in the clips that you were shown.  And yet the media just suddenly clammed up about it.  All media at the same time clammed up.  And that’s quite a powerful thing to do.  But some people are more equal than others in such utopias, says George Orwell; it depends who’s getting rained down upon, isn’t it?  But it says here that:

"Few major mainstream American news outlets exposed the sordid details of a 2009 United Nations (UN) fact finding report that revealed how Israel’s military illegally aimed chemical missiles at a United Nations Relief & Work Agency (UNRWA) for Palestinian refugees in a 22-day invasion of the Gaza strip that began in 2008 called “Operation Cast Lead.”" 

Alan:  Which means bullets of course. 

"As the U.S. and world media watch to learn if claims that President Barack Obama will execute a military strike against Syria, without a vote of Congress or the support of the United Nations, the same media outlets are burying information that suggests preparation for war could be premature.  Little media attention is being paid to claims from a United Nations commission that Syrian rebels, not government soldiers under President Bashar al-Assad’s control, were responsible for recent chemical weapons attacks that killed over 300 Syrians." 

"“During our investigation for crimes against humanity and war crimes, we collect some witness testimony that has made to appear that some chemical weapons were used.  In particular, nerve gas,” said Carla del Ponte, a member of the U.N. Independent International Commission of Inquiry on Syria.  “What appears to our investigation is that this was used by the opposition, by the rebels.  We have no indication at all that the Syrian government have used chemical weapons.”" 

"What’s also questionable is why Obama has drawn a “line in the sand” over highly questionable allegations that Syrian soldiers used chemical weapons when the Israeli military was proven, and officials have admitted, to using chemical warfare to attack a United Nations relief compound.  The facility provided shelter and medical attention to Palestinian refugees in 2009." 

"Cleveland Challenger obtained a copy of the 575 page 2009 UN report..." 

Alan:  And I’ll put that up tonight too, the UN report.

"...that a fact finding mission headed by ex-South African Judge Richard Goldstone prepared after an investigation of the events surrounding Operation Cast Lead." 

"The Israeli missile and ground assault on the Gaza strip began on December 27, 2008..." 

Alan:  I mean there was no outrage there.  Where’s the outrage?  Outrage happens when the media gets in and tells you to be outraged because folk can’t think for themselves.  And it’s so easy to get them outraged, just hit emotive topics and use the right words.  It’s all formula basically.  Anyway it says:

"...and ended on January 18, 2009.  The attack resulted in an estimated 1100 to 1400 Palestinian deaths.  13 Israeli soldiers were killed.  Four died from friendly fire." 

Alan:  Their own friendly fire.

"The invasion was stimulated by Israel’s claims that rockets were being fired at Israeli’s by Hamas militants.  Three Israeli civilians and one soldier were killed by Hamas’ rockets in the days leading up to the assault that led to an estimated $1.3 billion in damage to Palestinian property and businesses." 

Alan:  And it goes on and on and on with what Israel did then; they even herded a family, they put 29 people into a house and then they bombed it.  Again you’re told not to have outrage.  And it’s a strange thing, this thing, because even when the people see it on television news and so on, unless they’re told what to think about it, they’ve been trained not to think about certain things.  It depends who is doing what you see.  You’ve actually been trained from birth and it’s ongoing your whole life long.  I’ll put this article up tonight along with the United Nations report on what happened there. 

Back with more after this.

{Break ♫ - You’re listening to the Republic Broadcasting Network because you can handle the truth - ♫}


Alan:  Hi folks.  We’re back Cutting Through the Matrix.  Also this article too came out.

"NSA shares raw intelligence including Americans' data with Israel" 

Alan:  And it’s also got the agreement, the U.S. agreement.  I’ll put that up tonight too with Israel on this sharing.

•  "Secret deal places no legal limits on use of data by Israelis" 

Alan:  On American citizens. 

•  "Only official US government communications protected"

•  "Agency insists it complies with rules governing privacy"

Alan:  You see they make exceptions for different peoples and countries.  And as I say I’ll put the NSA and Israel’s memorandum of understanding up tonight too, the link for it. 

"The agreement for the US to provide raw intelligence data to Israel was reached in principle in March 2009, the document shows." 

"The National Security Agency routinely shares raw intelligence data with Israel without first sifting it to remove information about US citizens, a top-secret document provided to the Guardian by whistleblower Edward Snowden reveals. 

Details of the intelligence-sharing agreement are laid out in a memorandum of understanding between the NSA and its Israeli counterpart that shows the US government handed over intercepted communications likely to contain phone calls and emails of American citizens.  The agreement places no legally binding limits on the use of the data by the Israelis. 

The disclosure that the NSA agreed to provide raw intelligence data to a foreign country contrasts with assurances from the Obama administration that there are rigorous safeguards to protect the privacy of US citizens caught in the dragnet.  The intelligence community calls this process "minimization", but the memorandum makes clear that the information shared with the Israelis would be in its pre-minimized state." 

Alan:  So they’re getting the raw data.

"The deal was reached in principle in March 2009, according to the undated memorandum, which lays out the ground rules for the intelligence sharing.  The five-page memorandum, termed an agreement between the US and Israeli intelligence agencies "pertaining to the protection of US persons", repeatedly stresses the constitutional rights of Americans to privacy and the need for Israeli intelligence staff to respect these rights.  But this is undermined by the disclosure that Israel is allowed to receive “raw Sigint”–" 

Alan:  It’s called.

"...signal intelligence.  The memorandum says:  "Raw Sigint includes, but is not limited to, unevaluated and unminimized transcripts, gists, facsimiles, telex, voice and Digital Network Intelligence metadata and content."  According to the agreement, the intelligence being shared would not be filtered in advance by NSA analysts to remove US communications. "NSA routinely sends ISNU (the Israeli Sigint National Unit) minimized and unminimized raw collection", it says.

Although the memorandum is explicit in saying the material had to be handled in accordance with US law, and that the Israelis agreed not to deliberately target Americans identified in the data, these rules are not backed up by legal obligations." 

Alan:  There was an article that came out a few years ago about Israelis going across the world by Mossad teams just knocking folk off in all countries so I guess the same thing will be happening in the U.S. 

"In a statement to the Guardian, an NSA spokesperson..." 

Alan:  In other words, a propaganda specialist

"...did not deny that personal data about Americans was included in raw intelligence data shared with the Israelis.  But the agency insisted that the shared intelligence complied with all rules governing privacy." 

Alan:  {Laughs}  So they’ve covered every base by just passing rules and laws that allows them to do it.  So they’ve broken no laws.  That’s what government does, doesn’t it?  When you know that they’re breaking their own laws or even the U.S. and the constitution, they just make some law to bypass it.  It’s like when the U.S. Congress gave themselves the right to use insider trading data for personal gain.  And that’s what they did, they just gave themselves, they passed a law and made themselves exempt from prosecutions. 

And this one too, the full document, I’ll put it up tonight as I say, "NSA and Israeli intelligence: memorandum of understanding", the full document. 

And also it comes out in Ars Technica.

"New York Times provides new details about NSA backdoor in crypto spec" 

Alan:  Specifications.

"The paper points a finger definitively at the long-suspected Dual_EC_DRBG algorithm." 

"Today, the New York Times reported that an algorithm for generating random numbers, which was adopted in 2006 by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), contains a backdoor for the NSA.  The news followed a NY Times report from last week, which indicated that the National Security Agency (NSA) had circumvented widely used (but then-unnamed) encryption schemes by placing backdoors in the standards that are used to implement the encryption.

In 2007, cryptographers Niels Ferguson and Dan Shumow presented research suggesting that there could be a potential backdoor in the Dual_EC_DRBG algorithm..." 

Alan:  And it goes on and on and on.

"Today, the NY Times says that internal memos leaked by Edward Snowden confirm that the NSA generated..."

Alan:  This particular algorithm. 

"Publicly, however, the agency's role in development was significantly underbilled:  “In publishing the standard, NIST acknowledged 'contributions' from NSA, but not primary authorship,” wrote the NY Times.  From there, the NSA pushed the International Organization for Standardization to adopt the algorithm, calling it “a challenge in finesse” to convince the organization's leadership.  “Eventually, NSA became the sole editor” of the international standard, according to one classified memo seen by the NY Times." 

Alan:  And it goes on and on and on.  This is the new freedom they talk about, you see.  The new freedom is the freedom that if you can actually generate an original thought and figure things out and be able to converse to other people or convey what you actually know, then you’ve broken through, but most folk can’t break out you see.  Brzezinski said this back in his book in the 1970’s, "Between Two Ages", he said the public will be unable to think for themselves when they watch the media and the news, they’ll expect the media to do their reasoning for them.  And they do, they give you your opinions, even though most of it’s nonsense. 

So anyway here you have it.  This is the new freedom and if you have the ability to be free and think for yourself, good luck to you because most folk can’t unfortunately.  They’re so well trained and conditioned.  And I mean conditioned.  You’re trained from childhood not to even look at certain topics.  And certain words set you back to default, rather than look through them and say well maybe I should think about this more.  You won’t do it because you’re set by default Pavlovian style.  Sunstein goes on about that technique quite often in fact. 

Also tonight too, this, {Laughs} the new freedom again. 

"Apple iPhone 5S: Big Brother Dream Come True"

"The latest series of Apple’s iPhone will not only continue to cultivate numerous apps that track your location through GPS and transmit data directly back to corporations and government, but contain a fingerprint sensor that stores your fingerprint in order to purchase apps and unlock the phone for use." 

"And that’s really just the beginning.  As millions will most likely continue through the Apple food chain and purchase this phone, the NSA and bloated federal government at large will be beyond ecstatic.  Because after all, it’s a real dream come true for the..."

Alan:  Big Brother or...

"...Big Daddy government spy state.  No longer will you actually need to be arrested to gather your fingerprints — we’re talking about millions nationwide willingly submitting their biometrics to a database that most certainly is accessible by Apple and big government." 

Alan:  Well it is true.

"But don’t worry, the same company that has given away all of your chats and personal data through the NSA’s top secret PRISM program says that you’re perfectly safe.  Security experts and high level tech analysts, however, seem to disagree.  In addition to the fact that it seems consumer trust is all but dead in regards to Apple and its ties to the spying grid, it seems these ‘safety’ features are actually quite vulnerable in reality.  To the point now where hackers can access a massive database of fingerprints just waiting to be taken and utilized fraudulently." 

Alan:  Well maybe your country and Apple is just handing them over to other countries, who knows.  They probably are. 

"Of course Apple claims that the fingerprint scans will be ‘local’ on your hardware, but of course the NSA and FBI would not let such a precious database go to waste.  And we already know that corporations are making big bucks spying on the data of consumers.  So in the event that Apple is ‘holding’ some of these fingerprints despite what they say (the print is also used to verify app purchases, which leads me to believe that this at least would be stored through a third party), a database of the fingerprints could be compromised.  And don’t think encryption will stop much." 

Alan:  And then it goes onto...

"According to a security specialist on CNET:

“So … can biometric authentication be hacked?  Almost certainly.  I’m sure that someone with a good enough copy of your fingerprint and some rudimentary materials engineering capability — or maybe just a good enough printer — can authenticate his way into your iPhone… The final problem with biometric systems is the database.  If the system is centralized, there will be a large database of biometric information that’s vulnerable to hacking.”" 

Alan:  Well that’s the whole point of it, isn’t it?  Mind you too I mean even in some of the movies they’ve been showing us for years and years and years you see all these spy movies and you’ll see them making these little latex fingerprints of someone else’s fingerprints from a glass or whatever and using the fingerprints.  There are so many ways you can do these things, isn’t there?  I mean that’s just the way it’s set up to be actually. 

Also in Australia...

"Asylum seeker policy sends population of private jails soaring" 

"Prisoners in private prisons have increased more than 90 per cent since..."

Alan:  They privatized it in...


Alan:  A 90% increase in the inmates; it’s a profitable industry isn’t it? 

"Australia has a higher proportion of prisoners in privately run jails than any other nation in the world thanks to its asylum seeker policy, a report says." 

Alan:  You know there is nothing that they can’t make money off.  All money comes from people one way or another for the big boys at the top.

Back with more after this.

{Break ♫}

Alan:  Hi folks.  This is Cutting Through the Matrix and talking about how all, Marx said it too, and Marx did have a lot of good points too mind you because he knew all the top people who ran the banks.  So he knew all the scams that were going on but he said all, basically all, wealth comes from labor of some kind.  In other words at the bottom from the ones who make things because you’re taxed silly you see and all the rest of it.  Then the boys at the top profit from you and so on and so on and so on.  And your government also acts like a, they collect the taxes and hand it to the private corporations, the biggies you see all across the whole planet now because we’re global.  Anyway it says here that:

"The population in Australia's privately run prisons has increased 95 per cent in the past 15 years." 

Alan:  Now why has it done that?  It’s because they’ve handed it over, the prison systems, to handle these asylum seekers and there were 28,711 prisoners just in 2011 it said.  Why are there so many asylum seekers?  Because you see these wars across the world in the Middle East and so on are driving folk out into other countries, the Western counties and also to Australia as well.  And that helps the multicultural global aspect too.  That’s all part of the whole agenda folks.  And then of course the guys who want the private prisons to handle this, work this out long before they start the wars even, to make money off this in a whole bunch of ways you’d never even dream of.  That’s how it’s done.  That’s really how it’s done. 

Also the so-called...


Alan:  The BRICS nations.

 " set up a $100 billion fund to weather currency storms" 

Alan:  So supposedly and this is the con of it too...

"The need for BRICS — Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa — to create a contingent reserve arrangement (CRA) to counter a sudden outflow of foreign capital is difficult to understand." 

Alan:  Well you understand we’re already under the World Trade Organization and the Bank for International Settlements, all run again by the same private bankers that run all the central banks and so on.  They own them all.  And the BRICS countries are being conned into thinking they can create one separate you see, but it will be the same guys at the top I guarantee you through front agents that own all their ones as well.  They’ve been at this for centuries these characters you know.

"Brics, an odd grouping of countries with little in common other than the fact they are not yet first world, is trying to replicate a multilateral institutional arrangement when a time- and crisis-tested one already exists, namely the International Monetary Fund." 

Alan:  I guarantee you it will be run by the same boys.  You can’t win in this system until you look at the problem.  You can’t win.  You will never get out of it until you look at the problem and discuss it openly. 

Also in Britain it says:

"95pc mortgages 'not weapons of mass destruction', Chancellor..." 

Alan:  They call him the Chancellor, the guy who is in charge of the cash...

"...George Osborne says" 


"He insists large home loans are part of a “healthy market” and “aspirational society”." 

Alan:  Well for the ultra wealthy they are.

"George Osborne has used a speech in which he hailed the wider recovery of the UK economy to fight back at critics of his housing policies.  Several Government schemes have aimed to get lenders to increase mortgage availability and affordability.  Most controversial of all has been Help to Buy, whereby the Government underwrites high loan-to-value mortgages." 

Alan:  For very, very expensive places.

"This removes some of the risk from lenders and enables them to offer cheap loans to borrowers with small deposits." 

Alan:  How can you have an honest government or even call it your government when your government is working with the top bankers and making the laws to help the top bankers plunder you, huh?

"The model has drawn criticism from all quarters including Business Secretary Vince Cable and even some lenders themselves." 

Alan:  Who are probably left out in the cold you see.

"But the Chancellor said on Monday that the average loan-to-value (LTV) ratio for first-time homebuyers had fallen from 90pc to 80pc.  “That is why the Government’s Help to Buy scheme is a sensible, time-limited and necessary financial intervention to fix a specific financial problem: the dramatic reduction in the availability of high LTV mortgages,” he said." 

Alan:  So that’s what government’s in the business of doing.  And they always have been by the way.  Every politician as they’re going up the ladder clues in to how the system is working, there’s all these hints and they drop names around them and so on of who’s running the country, really running the country.  And they know how to play the game you understand.  And all this democracy stuff is a good con.  It’s a good con, otherwise you’d have revolutions every five or ten years you see; it stopped all revolutions and rebellions.  And that’s what they call the parallel government, they make sure that they put their own boys in at the top of all parties, left, right, whatever, it doesn’t matter. 

This article too...

"A science-based rebuttal to global warming alarmism" 

"CHICAGO, September 10, 2013 — On September 23, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC)..."

Alan:  That lying institution at the United Nations.

" scheduled to release the first portion of its Fifth Assessment Report (AR5)."

"AR5 will conclude once again that mankind is causing dangerous climate change.  But one week prior on September 17, the Nongovernmental International Panel on Climate Change (NIPCC) will release its second report, titled Climate Change Reconsidered II (CCR-II)."

"My advance review of CCR-II shows it to be a powerful scientific counter to the theory of man-made global warming." 

"Today, 193 of 194 national heads of state say they believe humans are causing dangerous climate change.  The IPCC of the United Nations has been remarkably successful in convincing the majority of the world that greenhouse gas emissions must be drastically curtailed for humanity to prosper." 

Alan:  Well don’t forget this is another big con by the same big banking boys who helped draft up all these laws to do with carbon taxes and all the rest of it so that they would profit from it.  And even Lord Rothschild put a law through in Britain that the family private bank in Switzerland would handle all these carbon taxes, so a massive amount of money will go through from the whole world through his private central bank.  It’s not a bad deal, eh?  But it’s also to bring you under, into austerity so governments can have more agencies and so on and literally as they want to do and have always wanted to do, raise you from birth to death basically with government agencies running your lives minutely.  So anyway it says:

"Today, 193 of 194 national heads of state say they believe humans are causing dangerous climate change.  The IPCC was established in 1988 by the World Meteorological Organization and the United Nations Environmental Program." 

Alan:  Now don’t forget all these big foundations, Rockefeller Brothers Foundation, and so on, they’ve all been the guys that have been helping set that up for a long, long time ago to rule the world properly you see.  Because it’s not properly ruled right now by these guys at the top and they must convince the public that you’re to blame for everything, standard technique, and give you lots and lots of propaganda.  The so-called scientists that are onboard with it are getting massive paychecks and grants and they’re never going to give up this lie.  Never. No way at all.  And it’s been used for political purposes and for changing societies and so on and to enrich those who are already stinking rich and give them even more power over the planet and all of us.  That’s what it’s about folks.  I mean Pachauri has been caught in so many lies, the head of the IPCC, and all he was, he is not a scientist; he was an engineer for a railroad company.  I mean, you know, in other words a driver, who got the job and in his spare time he turns out all these porn novels.  I mean these are the characters they pick up.  They have no morals at all and can be easily used to enhance themselves financially and so on.  And by the way he is too.  Pachauri is always raking in the cash and putting all these grants towards private businesses he’s involved with.  Everything is a racket folks.  Everything is a damned racket. 

And also they’re trying to pass that big tax in the EU bloc country, the new Soviet bloc.  The new updated Soviet bloc, it’s better, it’s more super than the old Soviet bloc because they’re putting things through there which the old Soviet bloc didn’t even get to.  It’s an advanced form of communism so as that the elite could live awfully well at the top, just like they did in Russia, but even better.  But it says:

"Imposing a financial transaction tax (FTT) in 11 European Union member states would be illegal, according to the bloc's lawyers.  The controversial tax aims to discourage risk-taking by taxing transactions of shares, currencies and bonds." 

Alan:  They actually want to do it for everything, even your checks, folks.  That’s where it’s going to go.  Every check that you write and so on, every e-transfer for a bill or a payment or whatever is going to be taxed folks.  You always lose at the bottom.  It never goes to what you think it’s going to go to, never, ever.  It doesn’t happen that way. 

Also this article too.  And it’s from the Washington Times.

"On September 23 the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) is scheduled to meet.

Alan:  And so on.  It talks about the con, the con of it, it goes more into how they created this gold standard of climate science.  And it’s in quotation marks, "Gold Standard".  And it’s quoted by all governments of the world, etcetera, and how they pulled all this off.  And the guys who are involved in it, Al Gore and so on, and all these characters who already have set up their organizations that are raking in money for carbon taxes, etcetera, etcetera.  What a racket.  Everything is a racket, isn’t it?  Medicine is a racket.  Everything is a racket, folks.  Government is a racket.  You’ve got to use your own minds as Albert Pike said, those who won’t use it are steak on the table and beasts of burden by choice and consent.  And he was the Pope of Freemasonry behind the big revolutions.

From Hamish and myself from Ontario, Canada, it’s goodnight, and may your God or your Gods go with you.



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