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Poem Copyright Alan Watt Sept. 12, 2013:

Great Transition isn't Supposition:

"World Plan's Chaos is Crazy Like a Fox,
As Deindustrialized Nations take Hard Knocks,
But Then Old-Type Inhabitants are Dying Off,
Leaving the Nations for Multicultural Toffs,
A New Supertribe, Desmond Morris said,
Would Emerge and Prosper Over the Dead,
Private Institutions are Now in Control,
Labouring to Complete a Very Old Goal,
They're Senior to Governments, They're Lurking
In Think-Tanks, Global Meetings, Always Working
On Behalf of Their Masters, Very Stealthily,
Ensuring a Spacious Planet for Super Wealthy"
© Alan Watt Sept. 12, 2013


Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - Sept. 12, 2013 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)
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Hi folks.  I am Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix on September the 12th, 2013. I always ask newcomers to make sure they use the website because you can spend an awful long time going through well over a thousand audios for free download. I go through the history of the system we’re in, and it truly is a remarkable system. It’s been on the go for an awful long time. It’s above politics. It’s above democracy. It’s a parallel government, you might say, that was set up a long time ago by the richest folk in the world at that time, and their offspring of course take over in the generations to come, to the present. Because they believe they are the top of the evolved species of man, at the top basically.  They wrote books about it a hundred years ago, and even before that too, to say that all those who could make it to the top – through finances and proper marrying, meaning having yourself mated up with someone simply to produce children, from a similar kind of background, wealthy, wealthy families and so on, and having children that won’t wander off and do odd things and squander the cash – they had proved, by holding onto their cash for generations, that they were the fittest to survive. They tied it in with Darwinism of course.  It’s the same philosophy that’s on the go today. It’s very strong indeed and it’s definitely alive.


So they set up foundations to run the world, tax-exempt foundations. They actually create armies, thousands of them, NGO armies across the world to lobby all governments along the same path, the same agenda, to do with going into austerity to save the world, greening to save the world, taxing everybody into austerity to save the world, and so on and so on, all on behalf of the richest people on the planet. They also want a global society which they can run properly. In other words, they don’t want you simply growing up and saying what you want to be or do. They want to decide themselves, number one, if they need you to be born, and if they do they’ll make sure that you’re raised the proper way, and you’re awfully obedient to the system, you won’t know much more outside of your expertise.  Because education, the school-to-work idea, was an old Soviet idea, Pavlov came up with it. He said that, you can only train them for what they need to know for their particular employment, and that’s good enough.


So we’re going through an old system, which is catching up to its goal of a world government, global government and the big boys themselves of course, who own most of the big international corporations that you’ll ever hear of, belong to these private clubs, especially the Royal Institute of International Affairs and Council on Foreign Relations.  They own the big banks as well of course. They set up the Bank for International Settlements.  They set up the IMF (International Monetary Fund).  ALL private.  And they set up the World Bank too.  So their goal was to bring in the world with an economic system running them all and the BIS (Bank for International Settlements) would run all the private central banks, properly, you see, and scam the loot from the top.


So we’re going through big, big changes of course and society is always being trained for it; that’s what the media’s there for, is to insert the handouts given to them by the big corporations and foundations and governments, right into the paper, and you read it thinking it’s news. So you’re being trained constantly to go along with the upcoming agenda as you go through it, and most folk unfortunately swallow it all, and never think about it at all. After all, if you’re kept naïve why would you think someone’s wanting to lie to you? Why should they lie to you? It’s absurd, isn’t it?  And it’s only because you’re naïve, you’ve been trained to be that way. You expect the media to do your reasoning for you, and that’s what Brzezinski said; they have trained you for that too.


So help yourself to  Remember too, you can get the books and discs from me; that’s all I have there actually. I don’t sell anything else and I don’t take on advertisers to sponsor me and pay and so on. Otherwise I’d live awfully well. But I kind of scrape by, hoping that you will buy the books and discs and so on. To do so you can… [Order and donation options listed above.]  Straight donations are seriously welcome as we go through the planned inflation.


I’ve always said so many times, that nothing is omitted in this whole system on any large scale. Everything is planned that way. Everything is planned. Wars are planned many, many years in advance, minutely. Every possible action to come, counter-action that could come out of it and so on, that’s all planned in war game strategy by generals and so on at the top, long before, years sometimes before they’ll ever go to war with any particular country. Even to do with the backlash of the public, will they go for this, how will the propaganda be put on the public to see how they’ll...  You know, all these things are worked out way, way, way in advance.  So there’s nothing new under the sun, it’s always really been like this. It’s only more perfected today with scientists, behaviorists, psychologists, anthropologists even, working on board with all the big government teams in the Pentagon and so on and so on and so on. So that’s how it really works. Nothing comes out of the blue as a surprise.


Most folk are trained, as I say, to really believe the media, the way it’s put across to you and the way that you accept your opinions. Because you see, the media leads you, they guide you to the opinions they know you must come to, like a computer, giving it certain information, you must come to this particular opinion, you see, this result. And it’s quite an easy technique. So as I say, I go through all of that too, and it’s good to see that other people have taken the stuff I’ve been promoting for years and using it and putting it out there, some in an awfully big way.


We find, for instance, that the Royal Institute of International Affairs were the boys who sent Lord Grey over to the US in the early 20th century. Part of his job was to work with Colonel Mandell House to make sure they brought in a private central banking system, the Federal Reserve, into the United States; that was his main mission. And the group was very successful in doing that. You even find it in Mandell House’s own writings; he talked about that and he took the credit for doing it. Even though President Wilson was supposedly the president, the number one man is never the boss. It’s the guy behind him that’s the boss. Because Mandell House also pushed Wilson to help set up the League of Nations, because the society at that time was called the Alfred Milner group, Lord Alfred Milner, that changed its name to the Royal Institute of International Affairs. Milner wanted the global society to be run and brought in through warfare, and then peace tables of course after warfare, and then amalgamating the economies together, and amalgamating the money system into one big global banking system. And that’s what we’re going through today actually.


Don’t forget that the US was used mightily on this because Britain was already crashing, with all of its ongoing wars, since they created the private bank there, the Bank of England actually. They had one war after another, the debt was accumulating, they were running out of even their middle classes, in wars, especially after World War I.  They killed off so many of their middle class young men too, as officers and so on, that they were going to fail. That was planned ahead too. So the US had to take over, and take over the old Empire, and further the ambitions of the Empire into a global system. So Mandell House told Wilson that he should push for the League of Nations, which was the precursor of the United Nations.  They wanted this to be the embryo, the prototype for a world government, you see.


Today we find it’s fairly interesting that the United Nations, as the US has been exposed in so many ways, it will tie in too, to give more power to the United Nations, because the public across the world are sick, just sick of ongoing wars from the US. So they can get the United Nations up to its full power, just like they said that they were putting up the IMF to its full power, the World Bank, and the Bank for International Settlements, all at this time, all going to their full power, that they were designed to go to a long time ago. It’s all happening now, folks.  So it’s awfully, awfully interesting to watch this going on.


Plus, of course, the big bankers that are always in charge of everything, and in charge of these foundations, and the global society they’re bringing in, they also want… This is also a war of resources. Back in the 70s they come out with, in fact even in the 60s some of the intelligence guys were writing books on this, the coming resource wars, where they’d find excuses to plunder countries, especially the Arabian countries, to plunder all their oil and minerals and so on. Back with more after this.


Hi folks, we’re back Cutting Through The Matrix, talking about a little bit of how this system came to be. And talking about the beginnings of the League of Nations all the way down to the United Nations, and further too because naturally the big boys didn’t want to stop there. They wanted to take over a global society, and destroy almost all cultures, but one would be left. But they would destroy all cultures with multiculturalism too, to lose their nationalistic flavor; that was the whole point of it too you see. Then they would run the world peacefully and happily, as the big bankers naturally will always do.


This article here ties in with this too because if you go into the history of, say, the Royal Institute of International Affairs and the Lord Alfred Milner group and so on, it was so well organized, their organization, because they had an inner party and an outer party – just like George Orwell; that’s where he got his idea from. The inner party met in secret and they did not, just like high Masons do, they don’t tell the higher secrets to the lower Masons. The same thing with the inner party, and only they knew the true agenda, or the machinations they were up to with creating wars across the world, way back then. The outer party believes and do it on faith, and plus they get well rewarded too; if you’re a good member and you do whatever you’re told you’ll go up the ladder, you see.  So nothing’s really changed to the present day. But they also had sections which they called groups, and they had groups of fours that worked on certain aspects of the world’s economy and so on, groups of five, groups of sevens and so on. That’s where the Group of 8 [G8] and the Group of 20 [G20] comes from as well, by the way. It’s the same organization running the world today. So you find there’s an article here for instance, it’s a good article and it says…


Emerging market pain dominates G20 economy talks / Tetsushi Kajimoto and Katya Golubkova / Sep 5, 2013


St. Petersburg, Russia (Reuters) - Emerging and developed G20 powers struggled to find common ground on Thursday over the turmoil unleashed by the prospect of the United States reducing a flood of dollars to the world economy.  (Alan: see.  So right off the bat they’re pushing, we need something to get more power, to say who runs the world’s money system, which of course is the Bank for International Settlements, to give it more and more power. In other words, we can’t go on the old way and so on.)


The Group of 20, which united in response to global crisis in 2009, now faces a U.S. economy picking up, Europe lagging and developing economies facing blowback from the looming 'taper' of the Federal Reserve's monetary stimulus.


"Our main task is returning the global economy towards steady and balanced growth. (A:  Now, this is all nonsense and lies because these are the same boys that know they have to bring you into austerity. These are the same boys, by the way, who drafted up the treaty for the unification of Europe into a super Soviet. These are the same guys with the American branch, the Council on Foreign Relations, that drafted up the paper that the presidents of Canada and Mexico and the US have been signing for years now, for integration.  Same thing.  They wanted three main trading blocs, and they run them all; this is the whole idea behind it. So they pretend there’s a crisis there, because there appears to be when they say so, and of course they always have their solution, that we need a global governance system to manage it all. And they even said in their own writings that eventually the power of the purse will be the final thing that will bring all of this in.)


"Our main task is returning the global economy towards steady and balanced growth. (A:  ...which is nonsense. We’ve been deindustrialized. These are the same boys, by the way, who created the World Trade Organization to set up China as being THE manufacturer for the planet, you see.)


Leaders signed off on a jobs and growth initiative, as well as steps to combat international tax evasion and tighten financial regulation. But concerns persisted that renewed market turbulence could hit developing economies hardest.  (A:  They really worry about the poor, these guys, you know.)


"Systemic risks, the conditions for an acute crisis relapse, persist," Putin said.  (A:  ...because Putin attended it too.)


The summit was overshadowed by great-power tensions over the Syria crisis, with leaders addressing security matters over dinner after their traditional debate on a world economy that is doing slightly better than a year ago.  (A:  ... so they say. Maybe it is for them, mind you.)


Anyway, I’ll put this up tonight to show you that this is all one organization, that has different names for different areas.  It’s been on the go for a hundred years, and they have branches across every country in the world that advise governments on all policies.  All policies, folks. And they’re still on the go towards their final goal. These are the same guys too, who had their top think tanks tell them, years ago, they’d have to reduce the world’s population too, because they wouldn’t need all the laboring classes down the road, and they would bring in high tech, machines and robots and so on to serve them better, or they could reengineer humanity, genetically, to serve them better. Quite something. And did you vote? Did you get a vote? Did any country out there? for the creation of this private club of your elected presidents and prime ministers? It’s a private club, folks, giving themselves the power to make global laws and so on. Nobody did. Of course you didn’t. Because there is no democracy. There never was.  So I’ll put this up tonight at


Also, for those who can remember, about the former CIA Milan station chief…


Ex-CIA official seeks pardon in Italy over rendition / Steve Scherer / Sep 12, 2013


(Reuters) - Former CIA Milan station chief Robert Seldon Lady (A: his name, Seldon Lady...  He was arrested for kidnapping people, extraordinary rendition – which is normal, it’s not extraordinary at all; it’s very common. But he did it without permission and so on and he got caught by the Italian authorities and he was sentenced to nine years in prison.) has asked Italy's president to pardon him for kidnapping an Egyptian Muslim cleric under the U.S. "extraordinary rendition" program for which he was sentenced to nine years in prison.


Lady was among 23 Americans convicted for snatching Hassan Mustafa Osama Nasr from a street in Milan in 2003 and whisking him away to be questioned in Egypt.


The Italian trial was the first of its kind against such "renditions" practiced by former U.S. President George W. Bush's administration in the wake of the September 11 attacks on Washington and New York.  (A:  ...of course Obama stepped it up.)


Lady was tried in absentia and first convicted in 2009. Last year his final appeal was rejected.


Lady's lawyer Tom Spencer and President Giorgio Napolitano's office confirmed on Thursday that a pardon request had been made.


So here they go. I mean, these are big teams, you know, and this is to snatch one guy. They have them across the whole planet now. They’ll be doing it at home too, I’m sure. And folk get disappeared all the time, don’t they? Cause a problem, disappear – this is becoming more and more common, and you’re getting used to it too. We’re all being trained to accept these things, because there is no outrage.  There’s no natural inside outrage that comes out of you. If you’re outraged it’s because the media tells you to be. But we never get outraged about things, which we can come to our own conclusions about. We never do that because most folk don’t come to their own conclusions unfortunately; you’ve all been trained. You’ve all been trained.


And also, I mean, Europe, I can remember when they forced the votes, time after time, on the different countries in Europe to join this EU nondemocratic superpower, this big brand-new Soviet system, nondemocratic again. And all the lies they told the public about, oh it’s just free trade, it’s just free trade, that was all it was. By the way, getting back to the Alfred Milner group, they were the guys who came up and said that their spiel would be free trade, that’s how they would sell this to the public. Anyway it says here that…


UK is Europe's 'addictions capital', Says think tank /  1 September 2013


(A:  This is how far Britain’s gone after joining it.  By this time they were supposed to be walking around in togas, doing very little work because machines would be doing it all and they’d be so wealthy and happy, etc. etc. that they would need more and more entertainment and recreation. That was in the papers many, many, many years ago as they plugged the lies, plugged the lies. And what have they done with it? Europe’s addictions capital, and the UK is the worst it says.)


The UK has become the drug and alcohol "addictions capital of Europe", a think tank has warned.


The Centre for Social Justice - set up by Work and Pensions Secretary Iain Duncan Smith - said drink and drug abuse cost the UK £36bn a year.


Its report warned that the UK has become a hub for websites peddling potentially dangerous "legal highs".


The CSJ also criticised the government for failing to tackle heroin addiction and cheaply available alcohol.  (A:  This is what they wanted to put on the people, folks. They got what they wanted. They’re dysfunctional now, they’re no problem. Back after this.)


Hi folks, we’re back Cutting Through The Matrix, talking about the system. There’s only one system and it’s worldwide.  And it takes countries up, makes empires of them, and then collapses them too, down through the ages; this is standard technique. And when you want to collapse an Empire there are many ways to do it, but first you must destroy culture.  The culture gives you what you think of as nationalism.  They don’t want nationalism, you see, for most countries – there is an exception, but for other countries no, you can’t have nationalism. That makes it easy prey for themselves to exploit, you see. But what they do is, what they’ve done actually in many countries is, even back in the 60s they came out during the big music era, that they came out with rock ’n roll and all the rest of it, they brought in the drugs. They brought in the drugs and the hippies. And the hippies, too, were part of the whole agenda – they didn’t know it themselves; everyone gets used, you know – and, drugs were good, they said.  And the BBC pushed it from the top down; they always interviewed guys who would be falling off their chairs, guys that were supposed to be rock stars, literally falling off their chairs, and then the interviewer would turn to the camera and tee-hee hee-hee as though it was all funny, it was all okay. And the youngsters saw that, these were the people they emulate, their idols, and that’s what kicked it off. Now you’ve got a few generations passed and here you have the UK being the drug and alcohol addictions capital of Europe. So that was all planned that way. It also let a lot of people come in from India.   I can remember meeting a lot of them in different places, and these guys were stinking rich.  They were buying up whole streets in Edinburgh, Glasgow and throughout Scotland, slumlords they called them because these places really should’ve been condemned. But they also were bringing in the big, big drugs too, and all kinds of drugs as well. That was all permitted as well for them to come in like that, en masse. Anyway it says…


Its report warned that the UK has become a hub for websites peddling potentially dangerous "legal highs".


The CSJ also criticised the government for failing to tackle heroin addiction and cheaply available alcohol. 


The report, No Quick Fix, found that last year 52 people in England and Wales died after taking legal highs, up from 28 the previous year.  (A:  That’s not all the ones with the so-called legal ones.)


The substances, sometimes referred to as club drugs and including Salvia and Green Rolex, are often marketed as bath salts (A:  We’ve heard about that in the States.) or research chemicals.   


(A:  But here’s the loophole they left in for Britain…) But the drugs can be sold legally as long as they are clearly marked "not for human consumption", (A:  Well, what kind of consumption is it meant for, hey?) but have been known to cause permanent bladder damage, blood poisoning and death.


According to the Centre for Social Justice (CSJ), there are now more than 130 UK-registered websites selling the products cheaply by mail order - making postal service workers unwitting drug mules.


Well it’s all designed that way, folks, or they would have stopped it ages ago, if they wanted to. If they wanted to.  If you go into countries that are called failed countries, they’ve already been demolished, you’ll find when their cultures and so on are destroyed, you’ll find the same thing. You’ll find in a lot of American Indian areas, where they live together, the children are sniffing glue all the time, or sniffing gasoline, anything to get this high. And of course the glue stuff rots their brains and everything else. But that’s what they do, you become nihilistic and you end up doing yourselves in. Darwin talked about it too. It’s nothing new, it’s been done before down through the centuries of course. But this is what happens when countries don’t know what they are anymore, their culture’s totally destroyed, they have corruption daily in the news, that nothing happens about the corruption at the top, and they simply become despondent and nihilistic, as I say, as youngsters and they just do themselves in for escapism. This is the big plan of course, then you’re very easily managed. They did not want the same people who could come together in the past and be awfully strong, to be strong at this particular time. They don’t want that at all.


Also, again, from the United Nations...  You’ll hear more and more from the United Nations as they keep pushing themselves to the forefront as the arbitrator of all the world’s problems, you see. This is part of the agenda. And a lot of that power will be given, I’m sure, to them because of this fracas with the US and Syria and all the rest of it. It’s all worked out that way. Anyway it says…


UK ‘shocking’ bedroom tax (A:  This is the new tax there in Britain.)

should be axed, says UN / September 11, 2013


Social housing in the UK is deteriorating and “is almost a lottery” argues UN housing expert Raquel Rolnik. Her claims that the ‘shocking’ bedroom tax affects the most vulnerable citizens drew fire from the Tories who called her report ‘a disgrace’.  (A:  In other words, that’s the standard rubbish you get in Britain, the Tories and so on, and the Liberals and all the rest of them.)


The United Nations special investigator on housing has called on the British government to scrap its unpopular bedroom tax, officially known as the spare room subsidy, after hearing “shocking” accounts of how the policy is affecting some of Britain’s most vulnerable people.


The bedroom tax was introduced by the coalition government last April in a bid to save money from the £24 billion a year housing benefit bill. (A:  See, it’s totally socialist.  You see.  Create socialism and you always get to this stage. This is the purpose of socialism, folks. It has a purpose, and it’s not what most folk think, that follow it.)


Raquel Rolnik, a former urban planning minister for Brazil, and now the UN’s rapporteur on adequate housing, said Britain’s previously good record of providing housing to poorer people in society is being eroded by successive government’s failure to provide sufficient and affordable social housing.  (A:  Well there’s nothing really affordable anymore, except, you know, the bath salts and the drugs. Actually, a lot of them are getting cheaper apparently.)


Also too, you find that the US has its tentacles into every country, just like Britain did, you see, when it was at the head of the Empire, and the world policeman as they like to call it.  It sounds better than being, you know, a tyrant conquering across the planet, so world policeman sounds better. But it says…


The big three: Sweden reacts to report

of intel cooperation with NSA, GCHQ [of Britain] / September 7, 2013 / Reuters / Nigel Roddis


(A:  Well of course it is, they’ve been in there for a long time.)


Sweden’s leaders came forward to express deep concern after a report alleged that the country’s spy agency has close ties with the NSA and GCHQ, and is the third major partner in surveillance cooperation.  (A:  Well so is Germany and every other country there.  And apart from that, even if they don’t join in these things, the NSA just hacks them all anyway; it knows all your data. So I won’t say much more about that.)


Also this article too says…


Syria Intelligence Being Manipulated EVEN MORE than in Iraq War / September 9, 2013


(A:  Of course all the intelligence is manipulated. Intelligence agents MAKE the propaganda, you see.)


The Obama administration is manipulating intelligence about Syria in exactly the same ways that the Bush administration did to justify the Iraq war.


Specifically, the Obama administration is copying Bush’s playbook of trying to kick UN weapons inspectors out of the target country so they can’t finish their investigation.


The Bush administration also famously “stove piped” information from the war hawks directly to the president – cutting out the normal vetting process by intelligence agencies.


Likewise, IPS reports today:


    Contrary to the general impression in Congress and the news media, the Syria chemical warfare intelligence summary released by the Barack Obama administration Aug. 30 did not represent an intelligence community assessment, an IPS analysis and interviews with former intelligence officials reveals.


    The evidence indicates that Director of National Intelligence James Clapper culled intelligence analyses from various agencies and by the White House itself, but that the White House itself had the final say in the contents of the document.  (A:  So, they make up the propaganda and the intelligence to justify the war, the same as Bush did too. So things are going to plan of course.)


You find too that countries that go totally socialist, and Scotland had no say in the matter of course. You had this fake party that came in called the Scottish Nationalist Party; it sounded awfully good to Scotland that’s never had a nation and a say in anything for a couple of hundred years. And in comes the Scottish National Party, and they’re doing exactly the same thing as all the crooks in socialist countries do. I mean, I don’t care if it’s socialist or not, or capitalist, socialist, whatever you want to call it, it’s all the same, folks – the crooks rise to the top.  And here they are, it says they’re accused of using taxpayer cash to buy land, for their pals. Well, there’s nothing new in that, is there?  You go down through history like that.


Apology demanded over Lamont’s SNP land deal claim / ANDREW WHITAKER / 12 September 2013


The SNP government was accused of using taxpayers cash to buy a piece of land for £840,000 from leading businessman, before selling it back to him for just £50,000 at the First Ministers questions today. 


Labour leader Johann Lamont claimed that Alex Salmond’s government had presided over the land deals in Glasgow with John McGlynn, who said he’s likely to back independence.


Ms Lamont suggested that there had been “gross incompetence” over the use of taxpayers’ cash in the deal with Mr McGlynn, founder of the Airlink Group, who previously backed the Tories.


The Labor leader said that the land that had been previously set aside for the shelved Glasgow Airport rail link had seen Mr McGlynn handed something for next to nothing.  (A:  Well, that’s how they do it. When Margaret Thatcher was in I had to laugh all the time because her little guy, Dennis, that was always trotting along beside her, was into real estate, big real estate projects, especially for selling to military purposes and so on. Maggie Thatcher was one of the people at the top who was deciding what land the government was going to buy for various military projects, you see. And guess who always got the first dibs at it? Well, her husband Dennis. And they jacked the prices up like you wouldn’t believe, and got rich. This is the real world, folks. It stinks. Back with more after this.


Hi folks, here we are Cutting Through The Matrix. You’ll find that the media, of course, has always been used, and owned, by the big boys themselves. There’s lots of data on that, on how they got Britain into World War II even, by the Royal Institute of International Affairs.  They got their members together, and some of their members owned all the media in Britain, and they said, we’ve got to terrify the public to make them think this upcoming war is real, to get them really on board, so they’re psychologically going towards it, get them to accept it. So they decided to put out stories about getting gassed, they’ll get gassed from the air, and so they dished out gas masks to all the people in Britain, which were never used. Then they had people digging up the grounds across London there to make these trenches, trenches, to save you from air raids. I mean, really clever, eh?  But of course the intention really was just to get you all used to, it’s inevitable, it’s inevitable, it’s inevitable, it’s coming. And that’s what they did. That’s actually in their own records, that, that they did that; they boasted about it afterwards.


But the British media is awfully good at distracting you from all the real things that are happening, and the corruption and all the rest of it, by emotive topics, you see. When something should be said about other things, they won’t say it. They’ll simply give you an emotive topic to argue about, and the little people, as they call them, will certainly do that. They’ll say, did you hear… did you hear… that Richard Dawkins said…


'Mild paedophilia never did me any harm':

Atheist scientist Richard Dawkins provokes outrage after he says

 recent child abuse scandals have been overblown / By Daily Mail Reporter / 10 September 2013


(A:  ...see.  That’s guaranteed to get the emotions going and get them off the fact that they’re broke, there’s so much drug addiction, there’s still masses of people coming, flooding into the country now from all over the world, all diverse cultures that can’t even get on with each other, some of them, and it’s all intentional of course. It’s been that way for years. But they’re broke and there’s unemployment like you wouldn’t believe. Anyway it says…)


-The 'God Delusion' author was the victim of 'mild paedophilia' at school

-He said it was important not to judge such incidents by modern standards


Atheist writer and intellectual Richard Dawkins has sparked fury by suggesting the recent spate of child sex abuse scandals has been overblown.


The 'God Delusion' author, who reveals in his new autobiography how he was the victim of 'mild paedophilia' while a pupil at boarding school, said that such incidents should not be judged by modern standards.


In an interview published in the Times Magazine, he said: 'I am very conscious that you can't condemn people of an earlier era by the standards of ours.


'Just as we don't look back at the 18th and 19th centuries and condemn people for racism in the same way as we would condemn a modern person for racism, I look back a few decades to my childhood and see things like caning, like mild paedophilia, and can't find it in me to condemn it by the same standards as I or anyone would today.'


Dawkins, 72, who is known for his strong religious criticism, (A:  Remember too, he’s a secular humanist.  He belongs to the humanist society, and that IS a religion in itself. You have to really go through that and see that it’s an absolute religion, folks.) said it was important to distinguish between varying levels of paedophilia, and that cases involving rape and murder should not be compared to 'mild touching up'. (A:  ...he says.)


In a new autobiography Professor Dawkins told how a master at his Salisbury prep school had pulled him on to his knee and put his hand inside his shorts', adding that other boys had been molested by the same teacher.  (A:  It’s homosexual pedophilia, you see. So I guess he didn’t mind it. Maybe he liked it, who knows. Maybe he liked it.)


While he said that he had found the episode 'extremely disagreeable' he wrote: 'I don't think he did any of us any lasting damage.'  (A:  So there you go.)


See, that’s guaranteed to get the emotions going, you see. Guaranteed.  That’s why they put it out. And at the same time they put that one out too, they distract you by also giving you David Attenborough, once again, who’s telling the public,  Don’t have large families, once more, you know.


David Attenborough: Don't Have Large Families / Sky News / Sep 10, 2013


Human beings have stopped evolving (A:  See, there’s their belief system.) and should be persuaded not to have large families, Sir David Attenborough has said.


The TV naturalist, 87, said he was not optimistic about the future and "things are going to get worse".


He said he did not believe humans would become extinct, but told the Radio Times: "I think that we've stopped evolving.  (A:  Now, that’s what they said about a hundred years ago when they formed the Royal Institute of International Affairs, that the ones at the top of the tree were the crème-de-la-crème, they were highest on the tree of evolution. The rest, all the junk genes type of people down below, couldn’t evolve any further. The same agenda. The same club, by the way.)


"Because if natural selection, as proposed by Darwin, is the main mechanism of evolution - there may be other things, but it does look as though that's the case - then we've stopped natural selection.  (A:  You see.)


"We stopped natural selection as soon as we started being able to rear 95% - 99% of our babies that are born.


"We are the only species to have put a halt to natural selection, of its own free will, as it were."


The broadcaster said of the future: "I don't think we are going to become extinct. (A:  Well, his lot won’t, you see, or his children too; he had a few himself.) 


"We're very clever and extremely resourceful - and we will find ways of preserving ourselves, of that I'm sure. But whether our lives will be as rich as they are now is another question."  (A:  Well, damn sure they will be because you see, they use all our tax money in these organizations and these secret societies, to make sure THEY and their kin go off into the glorious beyond of the future, where we all just die off down below. And I’m not kidding about that either. I’m not kidding at all.)


Also, in Britain, it came out about Nigel Evans, the Deputy Speaker of the House of Commons in the Parliament...


Nigel Evans resigns as House of Commons Deputy Speaker after he is CHARGED with eight sexual offences / Stephen Wright and James Tozer / 11 September 2013


(A:  Now, he came out as a homosexual two years ago I think it was, and got all the praise, and all the praise how brave, brave, brave and all that stuff. But now he’s charged after 8 people have come forward, at least, to say that he molested them. Unlike, you know, the other one I mentioned too, who talked about it wasn’t too bad, that’s mild pedophilia.)

-   Nigel Evans was arrested in May on five counts of rape and sexual assault

-   MP re-arrested after two men came forward with new allegations

-   DPP announced Deputy Speaker has been charged on eight counts

-   Evans denies allegations but has now resigned his Commons post


The 55-year-old Tory (A:  ...Conservative.), who said he will continue to represent his Ribble Valley constituency in Lancashire but as an independent MP, was told he will stand trial accused of eight offences, the most serious of which carries a maximum life penalty.


The decision to charge the openly-gay politician (A:  I don’t know if he’s that happy now.) – a popular figure in Westminster – came after he was arrested for a third time yesterday morning.  (A:  ...and so on and so on it goes. But, I’m sure he’ll say it’s mild… It’s mild… Probably that’s why the other one came out and said, oh it’s just mild pedophilia, you know, it’s okay, mild.)


And also, windfarms are slaughtering birds, as we know.  But it’s also killing off the Eagles in some countries as well. It says…


Eagle slaughter: Wind farms kill 67 eagles in 5 years / By Associated Press / September 11, 2013


(A:  This is just ONE area where they put them up, in Washington I think.)


WASHINGTON (AP) — Wind energy facilities have killed at least 67 golden and bald eagles in the last five years, but the figure could be much higher, according to a new scientific study by government biologists.


The research represents one of the first tallies of eagle deaths attributed to the nation’s growing wind energy industry, which has been a pillar of President Barack Obama’s plans to reduce the pollution blamed for global warming. Wind power releases no air pollution.


But at a minimum, the scientists wrote, wind farms in 10 states have killed at least 85 eagles since 1997, with most deaths occurring between 2008 and 2012, as the industry was greatly expanding. Most deaths — 79 — were golden eagles that struck wind turbines. One of the eagles counted in the study was electrocuted by a power line.  (A:  [Alan chuckles.] So everything is just wonderful. Mind you too, they believe, and I’m sure they can, they can probably create new ones in the future by using their DNA and all the rest of it.  Plus they have all kinds of specimens in deep-freeze as well. And they actually have arks of them. Maybe for us too; they’ll kill us all off and then bring a few of us alive to be slaves, but alter us a little bit, you see.)


DC residents losing property in

‘predatory’ debt-collection program - report / September 9, 2013 13:25


Washington DC officials have set up a controversial program that allows out-of-state investors to initiate foreclosures against homeowners who have fallen behind on their taxes, in some cases for just hundreds of dollars.  (A:  It’s a planned ripoff, folks. Actually, compound interest always is, always was.)


The District of Columbia for many years placed liens – a means of debt security - on properties when homeowners failed to pay their taxes. Those liens were then sold at public auctions to investors who were able to make a profit by charging the homeowners interest on top of the tax debt until the total bill was repaid.


The program, however, has turned into a “predatory system of debt collection for well-financed, out-of-town companies that turned $500 delinquencies into $5,000 debts,” an in-depth Washington Post investigation reported.


Well those who have the greed really do go forward, don’t they? They’re awfully, awfully successful, aren’t they? What do you think?


From Hamish and myself from Ontario, Canada, it’s good night and may your God or your Gods GO with you. 



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