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Poem Copyright Alan Watt Sept. 19, 2013:

System=Compete to Eat, No Relax on Tax:

"The System's a Con Comprised by Deception,
Works by Altering the Public's Perception
Of All that Formulates Life as Normal,
Repetitive Speeches by Economists, Formal,
Our Raison d'être is to Work and Compete
With Nations like China or Suffer Defeat,
Perfected Indoctrination is a Reality,
We All Get it, It's a Lifelong Formality,
Education Ensures that Logic will Fall,
Conforming You into a Brick in The Wall"
© Alan Watt Sept. 19, 2013


Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - Sept. 19, 2013 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)
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Hi folks.  I am Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix on the 19th of September, 2013.  Newcomers please help yourself to the website  You’ll find lots of audios for free download and you can also get print-ups too, of the talks I’ve given over the years in English, on all the sites listed at  If you want print-ups in other languages go into  Remember too, I tick along by you guys who support me by buying the books and discs at  I don’t sell you things that make you live forever. I don’t hype things up; I just say things as they really are. 


All I do is just put out the straight facts. And people don’t know what facts are these days. They don’t check them; they don’t know how to check them in fact. They don’t use reason. They don’t use logic.  Because they’re not taught to use it. In fact, they’re dissuaded from using it in school; that’s part of your education, so as you don’t think for yourself. And it works awfully well with billions of people across the planet. Old techniques, and there’s whole programs that I’ve done on it too in the past. Others have written books about it as well, about the education system. Also, you’ll find philosophers who wrote about education, like Jacques Ellul, talked about it. He says your primary education is essential for further indoctrination and propaganda from the state to take effect on you. If you don’t get that initial brainwashing it won’t work on you so well. That’s why you find, actually, in this system, there’s so many people, the higher they go in the system or the establishment the more robotic they become and they believe everything that they’re told. Those who are more streetwise at the bottom often can see through things very, very quickly, very easily, get right to the core of the matter, where folk miss the obvious reasons for things happening or policies being made and so on.


So help yourself to Remember too, you can buy the books and discs by [Order and donation options listed above.] And straight donations are awfully, awfully welcome as we go through the planned inflation, which is to go on for years apparently. But mind you, inflation is always built-in to a debt money system; the whole system was a con to begin with. It’s a complete farce actually. It’s a complete con, for total power and those who run it of course are a clique, a big gang. They intergenerationally run it, into the ground of course, as they profit off you. They teach the public not to even question the system. You think money is just there like gravity when you’re born, and you’re taught to go out and work and earn it, then the government also is there to tax it all back. Taxing your labor, actually, was called slavery at one time.  And that’s what ‘tax’ means, to labor, you tax yourself when you push yourself, or someone else pushes you.


So we’re living in a system which Charles Galton Darwin talked about in The Next Million Years.  He said, there’s always been slavery in one form or another and today, he says, we’re in the process of creating a new, more perfected form of slavery. In other words, it’s a slavery that the public don’t even catch on to; they think they’re free.  And that’s why the governments keep telling you you’re free, or it’s the best country in the world, or we’ve got the best healthcare in the world, or yada yada yada ya. That’s all, ALL pure propaganda.


Last night I talked about different techniques that are used on the public and that all governments have professional scientific teams working on you, all of you. They’ve got the pulse of the public with all their information from tweets and so on, given to universities. Academia is totally on board with it too, with implanted, or embedded, you might call it embedded professors who always work with government on various projects. They get all your data and they get the pulse of the public. They know where the public are grieving about something, or angry about something, or whatever it happens to be, and they know how to rectify it. And the neuroscientists, psychologists and behaviorist teams go into action and nudge you with specially-written propaganda that’s inserted into newspapers, without question in fact, as articles, you see, articles.


Edward Bernays talked about this, who’s wrongly called the father of propaganda because really he had got it from predecessors and ancestors in fact who had been studying the same techniques for a long, long time. Human nature, human nature you see... Because even merchants, the merchant class had to understand human nature to sell you junk or things you didn’t need. So they had always studied human nature to find out how or why things would actually take off in sales and other things wouldn’t do it, and how could you make things sell. A good example is, some people phone professionals when they can’t move a product and often they’ll come in and say, well it’s too cheap, so they raise the prices on it and people actually start buying it. That’s the strange things about human nature. These guys study it all and most folk who have the human nature don’t even know they’ve got it, they just simply impulsively obey or do things. It’s quite a fascinating subject altogether.


But governments have always been in the process of, or in the game of managing lots and lots of people, even the old Kings and Queens; that’s why they had advisors at court, all kinds of advisors, the Machiavellian types that knew how to weasel information out of everybody and come up with plans to manage everybody on behalf of the King or the Queen. Some of them even managed the King and the Queen too; that’s why they brought in those who come in, say, using Kabala, in the Middle Ages for instance, awfully popular at the courts. Because Kings and Queens wanted to know if the weather was going to be good when they sent a bunch of ships over to conquer somebody or another, and they’d bring in these guys to predict the weather or good omens and so on like that. Even older than that, you can go back to Greece, of course they had the same thing going on there. But you’ll find that these people had a lot of power over Kings and Queens, who don’t know much at all about how to do things. In fact, they’re so inbred they’re not too bright; it still goes on today. In fact, I really often think that that was the system that those behind them wanted, not too bright leaders, people who appeared to be leaders but who were malleable by the experts, you see, the advisors around them.


And I think it’s the same today.  Prime ministers and presidents are front men and the guys behind them are far, far more important; they know the agenda. George Bush Junior was a great example of it too. The guy half the time didn’t know where he was... He actually came on stage at the state of the union address and he says, here we are at the… and he couldn’t remember what it was. And he says, well you all know what it is, and then they all laughed. But I mean, this is the guy who pretended he was president. What’s even worse is the people go along with it and pretend he is too. But nothing changes, you see, we’re conned constantly and even this kind of government that we have means that you have to have a participation in the con if you want to be ruled, you understand. And that’s actually taught in higher studies and so on at university, that you must participate in the con yourself.


It was the same thing with, as I said last night, to do with the nudging things; in other words, government policies, they want you to follow government policies. Government wants you to have certain opinions about things, or alter your opinions about things, and your behavior, and they have many methods to do it. But back to Bernays and he said, that at the time, it was easier to do it with women, initially, than men. Then he said, but you can get women to start nudging the men to buy products or change their ways or whatever. So he says, most of our propaganda, for social change, is aimed at the women. And they brought out, 90% of the magazines at the time were all geared at women, with Dear Abby’s and things like that for advice, advice, advice. But they were all put out by the experts that ran the commercial systems. Quite fascinating.   Nothing changes though.


This ties in with last night, this article here, and it says…


Computer program uses Twitter to 'map mood of nation' /  7 September 2013


(Alan:  Now, I’ve mentioned this before but here’s an article on it. I’ve said, they always keep the pulse of the public, to keep them in order in other words.)


British scientists have developed a computer program they say can map the mood of the nation using Twitter.  (A:  Now, they’ve had this since they gave you the Internet, believe you me.)


Named Emotive, it works by accessing the emotional content of postings on the social networking site.


The team, from Loughborough University, say it can scan up to 2,000 tweets a second and rate them for expressions of one of eight human emotions.  (A:  Now, this is a university grant obviously that got them started in this. But you can believe it, the NSA had these programs years before, far superior too. See, there’s three levels of everything, and the guys who are working at the bottom level don’t know there are ones above them. Back with more after this.)


Hi folks, we’re back Cutting Through The Matrix, talking about the system basically and reading an article about a lower form of research. And that’s why they call it research, the guys at the bottom in universities don’t know that the searching has already been done on levels above them. So they do research, you see, and of course they think they’re the first ones to do it. So it’s a bit of a joke really. And you’ll find this with a lot of grants that get put out there too, the things that they’re actually studying or looking for have already been done. What they may find is extraneous information that’s added to the information that the top guys get, because everything gets fed to the top and no one knows where it goes or what is really done with it eventually. So this particular following of the people’s moods and so on, of nations, through Twitter and so on, it’s rather primitive, this particular program. But it says…


Named Emotive, it works by accessing the emotional content of postings on the social networking site.


The team, from Loughborough University, say it can scan up to 2,000 tweets a second and rate them for expressions of one of eight human emotions.  (A:  ...and I’ll bet you the ones at the NSA, and GCHQ in England, can do probably multi-thousands, maybe even millions, a second.)


They claim Emotive could help calm civil unrest and identify early threats to public safety.  (A:  So you see, you get grants for all these things too and they’re always using academia.)


More than 500 million people across the world use Twitter, and more than 340 million tweets are posted daily.


The team, from the university's new Centre for Information Management, (A:  See, you’ve got Centers for information management, eh...), say the system can extract a direct expression of anger, disgust, fear, happiness, sadness, surprise, shame and confusion from each tweet.  (A: see.  And they can also tell, you see, if the little prompts that they’re giving you, and nudges, etc., to change your behavior and your beliefs or whatever else it happens to be, what’s trending right now, if it’s actually working or not. And they use shame to do that too; there’s many ways they do it with you.)


The academics said that using the Emotive software to geographically evaluate any mass mood could help police to track potential criminal behaviour or threats to public safety.  (A:  Well they’ll say anything for their grants, eh?)


It may be able to guide national policy on the best way to react to major incidents, they added.


Prof Tom Jackson, who led the research team, said that public postings through social media gave a very accurate real-time record of how and what people were feeling. 


(A:  It’s quite an interesting… It says…) "Following the murder of soldier Lee Rigby in Woolwich there was an outpouring of sadness and disgust through Twitter," he said.


"Across the country people expressed their emotions at this unprovoked attack, with some using the incident to incite racial hatred against Muslims.


(A:  It’s really interesting, this, because you see, Britain’s been at this for a long time. You find the guy, Lawrence, that was Lawrence of Arabia of course, in his own book, The Seven Pillars of Wisdom, he said that he had been trained at Cambridge, with a whole bunch of people, in Arabic languages, and sent over, pretending they were civilians, starting up newspapers across the Arabic countries. He said that their job was to put out stories to change the attitudes of the populations, soften them up to getting taken over in other words, or getting them stirred up to rise against the Ottoman Empire. And he says, then they would send teams, you see teams, they didn’t have the Twitter and all that then, and they sent teams of guys they’d hire, who’d go around the bazaars and the coffee places and so on and listen to the chat, to all their chat to see if the stories in the paper were taking effect, the desired effects that they wanted to get action done and so on. So this is just an ongoing thing of the same thing, only it’s better to get all your information under the guise of, you know, fighting terrorism; they can get all your information, telephone conversations, EVERYTHING folks, you see.) 


"Across the country people expressed their emotions at this unprovoked attack (A:  That’s with the solider Lee Rigby in Woolwich.), with some using the incident to incite racial hatred against Muslims.


"Two days after his murder his family appealed for calm, stating that their son would not have wanted his name to be used as an excuse to carry out attacks against others.


"This appeal had an almost immediate effect, leading to an outpour of positive sentiment."  (A:  See, they use everybody. And they also get these to create outrage too, when it suits them as well.  You understand?)


Prof Jackson added: "Twitter is a very concise platform through which users express how they feel about a particular event, be that a criminal act, a new government policy or even a change in the weather.


"Through the computer program we have created we can collate these expressions of feelings in real time, map them geographically and track how they develop." (A:  But they can also manipulate their outcome, can’t they too, direct where they want them to go.)


Dr Ann O'Brien, who was part of the team that created the study for emotions used by the programme, said it could chart the strength of feeling expressed in both ordinary language and in slang.


"For any incident we can view how reactions grow and diminish over time," she said.


The system is currently only being used to analyse tweets in the UK, but the researchers said it could easily be scaled up to monitor tweets globally. 


Well you can bet at the higher level they’ve been doing this for years. Guarantee it, folks. This is the low-level stuff at universities, who also obviously are given access to all your information. And you forget that too, that universities are getting access to your information all the time, with permission from the government, and the NSA, and GCHQ and all the rest of it. But remember too, if government wants to attack you, they can tar you with a terrible paintbrush and put out all the stuff, and see how the public are reacting to you, and how to tweak the public in one way or another, or intensify their feeling or outrage against you, whatever it happens to be. This is an old technique, you understand, only they’re using telephonic communications and electronic communications to do it, to collect the data.  So this goes with everything... Every policy, every paper you read, every day, you’re all being analyzed with your comments and so on, to each other, daily, by all these programs in the NSA and so on.


Also tonight too I’ll put up an article about eugenics. Because eugenics is awfully important, it’s ongoing of course. Eugenics has been the dream of the elite to always, not only improve themselves but basically to make the general population more easily manageable, for themselves. This one says…


UK bioethicists (A:  ...which is eugenicists...) promoting a second wave of eugenics / Michael Cook / 14 Sep 2013


And the guys in it, actually, say that they proudly call themselves eugenicists, at the top; they still use the same term naturally. They use bio-ethics to sort of put you off the trail. It sounds better, you know, bio-ethics... Ethics sounds good, we like ethics and stuff don’t we; it sounds better than eugenics. So I’ll put this up too because eugenics is getting pushed and promoted mightily, really, in a thousand different ways, under the guise of helping you or your children’s health, or even altering our genes and so on, in vitro, in order to create healthier children. That’s what you want to believe too, because the government is always there to help you; that’s what you’re taught, you see. And nothing is further from the truth. The future is already written and all of you and your offspring are not in it, for too long.  That’s the truth of it.


Also this article too, about how wonderful things are, as the propaganda comes out, and trivia comes out. When things are really bad they give you lots of trivia to keep yourself occupied with, or oooh and aaaah stories... oooh, you know, stuff like that. But it says… 


Retirement: One In Five Will 'Never Stop Work' / Sky News / Rhiannon Mills  / Sep 18, 2013


One in five Britons now fear that they will never be able to stop working because of shortfalls in their pensions and savings (A:  I bet it’s a lot more than that.), according to a new report. 


The survey, carried out by HSBC , warns that the UK is heading for an "Age of the Unretired", with pensioners in Britain more gloomy about their future prospects than those in other countries around the world.  (A:  Well, they’re given the same propaganda across the world too, because everybody’s looking pretty gloomy.)


The global survey, which questioned 16,000 people in 15 countries, shows that 19% of those asked in the UK expect that they will never be able to afford to retire fully.  (A:  I know a lot of them can’t retire at all actually.)


In America the figure was 18%, in France and Hong Kong it was 12%, but in Brazil - one of the world's new fast-growing economies - only 5% think they will never retire properly.


It is also perhaps not surprising Brits are so downbeat, with nearly half of the British pensioners questioned saying their retirements had not turned out as they had planned, because they have less money to live on than hoped. 


Well you understand, everything has tripled in the last few years, the cost of everything that you need. And that is the plan; the Federal Reserve chairman said that a few years ago after the so-called banking crash, the farce of that con. He said, we’ve got planned inflation for the next 10 years, 10 years… minimum. But as I say, it’s always built into it anyway, otherwise you could live like they did in 1900, with five dollars a month. It’s always been built into it, this con of money, in the hands of these private gangsters. Back with more after this.


Hi folks, we’re back Cutting Through The Matrix.  I mean, governments have always been in the business, naturally, from ancient times to the present, of how to manage the people. And how to rip them off too, and even train them into a system that they think is normal to be ripped off, you see, by changing the names of things. I’ve mentioned before that in the old days the highwayman would stop your coach and pull out his guns and demand your money, and you paid the money and you could travel on, you see.  And today you have cops, cops do it. They’ve just added a whole bunch of new laws in Britain, for instance, to rake in the cash by tickets of all kinds. And they’ve got so many already it’s just astonishing. I’ll put that link up too.


New driving fines for traffic offences now enforceable - / 8/16/2013


But the thing is, when someone with a uniform does it, who’s authorized you see, who stops you on the highway and he’s got a gun and the whole bit, and he gives you a ticket. And some of them actually, in some countries, you’ve got to pay them cash, on the spot, or a check or something like that, then you can travel on, you see.


So it’s all perception management, and perception management alters the reality for you, because you’ve been trained to see it as a different thing. It’s no different than going into the old Mafia movies, you know, when they tried to blame the Italians for being the Mafia. And you would see them, the henchmen going around, say, New York or Chicago and demanding money from shop owners for protection money. And he says, protection money from who, who are you protecting me from...from us, or anybody else who tries to muscle in. Because the gang always fights over the herd. You are the sheep and you always have the shepherds, you see, fighting over the sheep, who want the sheep. They live off you, you see, awfully well too. And you knew you were being leaned on heavily by a guy, who’d either beat you up or kill you or burn your place down, and today you’ve got the same thing with governments and so on, who live awfully well, again.  Even local governments live awfully well off all of you with the massive taxes they ask.  They get much bigger salaries than most folk that they tax, and they live awfully well and get lots of perks as well, for extorting money off the public, you see. And you never get an accounting as to where it all goes, naturally. And that’s the way things are. It’s a con trick, you see. It’s a real con trick.


But they also try, as I say it’s all perception management, and training you into seeing things differently from what they really actually are.  Here’s an article here that ties in with it too…


How stimulating the brain's cells can 'trick' it into saving memories: Findings could lead to breakthrough in treating disorders / By Daily Mail Reporter / 12 September 2013


Scientists found that by altering brain cells the brain could be tricked into saving something as a memory.  (A: saving something as a memory. In other words, they can give you false memories too, you see. And this money is all coming from your tax money for grants to these scientists that are working on this.)


It is the first evidence that memories can be created by manipulation.  (A:  No, it’s not. There’s other ways that they’ve done it too.)


They found that by altering brain cells in the cerebral cortex, the brain could be 'tricked' into saving something as a memory.


The findings could lead to new ways of understanding and treating memory disorders (A:  So they always say that they’re doing it to try to help people that are sick or whatever, had strokes or you name it, blah blah blah. They always bring that in. DARPA used that. DARPA is in the business of helping paraplegics, as you well know; that’s their job, eh. And they put the chip in the guy who was a paraplegic so that he could move the cursor or a mouse and send emails to pals. This is what they tell us anyway.), reports journal Neuroscience.


The findings could lead to new ways of understanding and treating memory disorders, reports journal Neuroscience.  (A:  Now remember, the first object of any grant money that’s put out by the big boys is for military purposes, or managing the public. Always. All inventions, all creations, all these discoveries are always, first and foremost, for weaponry.)


The researchers, from the University of California Irvine, looked at how memories were formed to make their findings.


Professor Norman Weinberger then showed that by altering brain cells in the cerebral cortex, which produces the predicted specific memory, these memories could be 'saved'.  (A:  ...just like in a computer.)


In a study in mice, the animals were played a specific tone while their nucleus basalis, deep within their brains, was stimulated.


This released acetylcholine (ACh), a chemical involved in memory formation, and increased the number of brain cells responding to the specific tone.


The following day, the scientists played many sounds to the animals and found that their respiration spiked when they recognised the particular tone, showing that specific memory content was created by brain changes directly induced during the experiment.


Prof Weinberger said: 'Disorders of learning and memory are a major issue facing many people and since we've found not only a way that the brain makes memories, but how to create new memories with specific content, our hope is that our research will pave the way to prevent or resolve this global issue.'


And it is a global issue, isn’t it? Because I mean, in a global world system, totalitarian system, you’ve got to make sure you can give all the people false… Actually, they could eradicate your memories and give you all these new ones, you see. And the MK Ultra experiments was to do with this very thing, how to eradicate all memories and give the people new personas and even fake memories. So here you go. They’re still at it, folks, you know, and probably way beyond that in many other ways too. And we pay for it all. We pay for our chains. We pay for our lobotomies, you know, all kinds of things, all the time.


Government’s first priority is the preservation of itself. Never forget that. Never forget that. And government is the middleman for the elite, that own them; all governments are.  Even the communist government was the same. You had all the party members down below who worked in the factories; they got all the perks and extra cash and they had whorehouses for them and all the rest of it too. And they all had these ridiculous party lines that everybody had to parrot, and they all knew it was ridiculous but that’s how people are. Psychopaths prostitute themselves quite easily with no emotion whatsoever. And it’s the same in every government across the world. Politicians, remember, their job is to con people... and play the nice guy and smile and joke and lie, you know; that’s his job. But he’s not the brightest, often, so they’ve got all these experts way above them, on behalf of the elite, who are appointed to advise them and write their speeches and so on and tell them what to do and what proposals to put forward. That’s how things really work, folks.  I’m sorry to say this but this is how it’s been for all along, at least for the last 150 years, probably longer.


So that’s the system you’re living in and they’re always tampering with us, in many ways, that most folk don’t know about.  Never mind the usual ways of drugging your drinking water, and vaccinating you and all the usual stuff, and bombarding you with microwaves. All the studies are out there too, old studies that have been repeated many times, that prove the same things in behavior modification and so on and so on. Don’t forget, when Brzezinski wrote it in his book too, Between Two Ages, in the chapter The Technotronic Era, he said, we can actually put a whole continent under behavior modification, or control, by using E.L.F. waves. That was back in the 1970s. And he was the top guy there, the go-between for the NSA and a whole bunch of different organizations in charge of the military. They don’t make these statements in their own books unless it’s already done.


Also, Facebook, it says…


Facebook users are committing 'virtual identity suicide' in droves and quitting the site over privacy and addiction fears

(A:  It’s about time, eh; it’s about time some of the idiots left it.) / Victoria Woollaston / 17 September 2013


Report suggests Facebook recently lost active users in the U.S and UK


The majority of people quitting the site blamed concerns over privacy  (A:  Well eventually… It takes how many years for it to get through to them?)


Other reasons included fear of addiction, and shallow conversations  (A:  And of course they’ve done all the studies on the shallow conversations part, and how they’ve basically isolated people, who’ve got hundreds of friends that are only often sockpuppets as they call it, fake friends, all computer-generated responses.  Once again, mind control, eh. Behavior modification, you’ve changed your behavior, you’re sitting in front of this ridiculous piece of plastic every day staring at it. That changes your behavior, just like TV did.)


And in some countries that really pushed...  I went through Europe years ago, many times, and I noticed that there were experiments going on, on the whole populations, different experiments in different countries.  And I know they were all led by the same people, and I got verification of that from a parliamentarian, in Norway in fact. But the public weren’t aware of it.  They were pushing a form of socialism that incorporated many of the techniques that were used in the communist states. They were using it in Sweden, for instance, that’s avant-garde for everything, and the feminist thing, and there’s no such difference in genders, it’s all learned behavior from your parents and all that rubbish. So they were doing that there and in Holland they had, at that time, no kidding you, I think they had something like a third of the population on permanent disability with bad backs. They even did programs on the BBC about that. Anyone who said that they were an artist – because they tried that thing, ‘if I say I’m something you better say I’m something too,’ it could be gender, whatever.  But if you say you’re an artist then the government had to buy your paintings off you. And so you did a few scribbles every year.  And they even had massive buildings to house all these scribbles, you see. So eventually it couldn’t last because of the debt factor. But what they were trying to do too, was to encourage, and they did the program to encourage the men to stay home with the babies and let the women go out to work. All these experiments across the whole of Europe, and all that data was being fed up to the source, because we were already global and run by the guys who run the global financial systems and so on; we were already global. And there’s Holland now... 


After a ride to parliament in golden carriage, Dutch king declares end to welfare state / Agence France-Presse / September 17, 2013


(A: ...I guess the experiment’s over. Back with more after this.)


Hi folks, we’re back Cutting Through The Matrix, talking about the big experiments of Europe, of course, and all the data, again, was fed up to the big boys who owned them all. They didn’t know at the time they were already owned, you see, by the big money boys that owned all their central banks and so on, the big global gang. But they’ve now finished their big welfare state there, it says here, and the King declares it in a speech written by the Prime Minister. So...


The Dutch government heralded the end of the welfare state on Tuesday as the fifth-largest eurozone economy presented an austerity-driven budget for 2014. (A:  I always think of the way things are written, it’s interesting.) 


“The classic welfare state is slowly but surely turning into a society of participation,” King Willem-Alexander told parliament, laying out the Liberal-led government’s plans for the year.  (A:  See, the Liberals brought in the welfare.  See, people still believe that there’s different parties.)


“It is asked of all those who can to take responsibility for their own life and that of those around them,” the king said in the speech written by Prime Minister Mark Rutte.  (A:  So you got to take responsibility for your own life, supposedly.  If that was the case they’d leave you with more cash in your pocket to do so. But you see, they’ve got mass immigration going in there too, from all countries, except Europe, the same as Britain, and they’re paying all this money out to house all these new folk and pay for their welfare and stuff like that, you see.)


The king, who travelled through the streets of The Hague to address MPs and senators in an ornate horse-drawn golden carriage, said the transformation would be particularly noticeable in social security and long-term healthcare policies.


“The classic welfare state of the second half of the 20th century has ended up with practices in these domains that have become untenable in their current form,” said the king, whose country for decades symbolised the western European ideal of the welfare state.


Dutch Finance Minister Jeroen Dijsselbloem later unveiled his budget in parliament, with the Netherlands economy still struggling to return to growth.


(A:  Then they go on about the growth factor and GDP and all the rest of it, and...) A growth prediction of 0.5 percent for 2014 . . . 


(A:  You understand this is all rubbish that you’re trained to believe is all real? I mean, where is it written… Is there some God that came down and wrote it into stone that we’re supposed to all work in a system where certain people are allowed to run all the economy and the money system, you see, and that we’re all born in to serve the economy, and we’re all racing with other countries to try to get ahead of them, you see, to get a stronger currency, which we don’t own anyway, which is never stable, and there’s no point in saving it up because it’s getting devalued all the time, because it’s built into the system? You understand, the whole thing is a big giant con, folks. Absolute con. But we’re trained into this, you see. And then you get the growth prediction of...)


. . . 0.5 percent for 2014 is less than previous forecasts and unemployment, on the rise since June 2011, is expected to climb beyond 9 percent. 


It’s right out of Orwell’s 1984Choco Rations are up... always throwing out statistics, statistics, statistics, you see… That you’re supposed to believe in, you see. But that’s your job, serve the economy, do what you’re told, get taxed to death, and go into austerity at the same time. Isn’t that wonderful? Are those who are taking all the cash off you and running this whole system, are they living in austerity? Do they plan to? Of course they don’t, folks. They’re just perfecting their system of ultimate greed.  You see.   At one time they had to leave you with so much money just to keep you happy, more so in the States than in any other country because they were getting built up to be the big battering ram for the world, taking over from Britain, to globalize the system. And now they’re taking it all away again, you see, to standardize them into the old system, now that they’ve been the battering ram. And China will take over, that’s what they said at the CFR long, long ago, many years ago; back in the 30s actually the Royal Institute of International Affairs said that. So it’s all there, folks.




Data retention, VPN logging and internet surveillance in Europe / May 7, 2013 / Pete Zaborszky


The European Union is well known for its extensive and highly controversial mass surveillance legislation, the mandatory Data Retention Directive (DRD), adopted in March 2006. This requires all ISPs and communications providers to keep data for at least 12 months, and which must include enough information to:  (A:  ...and they tell you all the stuff, trace and identify and all the rest of it.)


. . . In practice this means that logs are kept of all telephone calls, SMS messages and emails made and received, and all websites visited, and all EU citizens are subject to this massive invasion of privacy, regardless of whether or not they are suspected of any crime.


The details of who can access this information varies by country (for example in the UK a large number of organisations have been granted access with very little judicial oversight), but in general it must be available to ‘competent’ national authorities in specific cases, ‘for the purpose of the investigation, detection and prosecution of serious crime, as defined by each Member State in its national law’.  (A:  ...and so on and so on. Then it gives you the opposition to the data retention directive and all the rest of it.)


But the folk will accept it because they get addicted very quickly to twittering and chatting away and prattling, and just repeating rubbish that’s fed to them by the media. So they won’t give it up, you know. And most folk don’t mind now.  Actually it’s a great job they’ve done on it, on psychology of the public. Most of them don’t really mind... oh well I’ve done nothing wrong you know...  and that’s how they see things.  People fought against government intrusion for centuries, having rebellions and all the rest of it and revolutions.  And it only took a few years for everyone to give it away. That’s why you never fight in a revolution for something better, because you know the next generation or the ones down the road will toss it out the window, for candy, basically. No kidding you, folks. It’s too easy to manage people by those who have the ancient sciences of it. It’s just too easy. No kidding.


And also too, I’ll put up an article tonight too about Attenborough. Everybody’s heard about Sir Attenborough, again, at it again, complaining about giving foreign aid to feed people across the world, third world countries, because they have overpopulation problems.  A lot of the countries, actually, are underpopulated in Africa; most folk don’t know that.  They’ve got the opposite impression by the propaganda. There’s not enough folk left in a lot of the places to actually do the farming that they need, and then they have all these wars on the go.  Now you’ve got the big AfricaCorp group in from the United Nations too, using the US military, to grab the last resources there too, and getting the wars stirred up between different tribes and peoples and all the rest of it. So the guys are all fighting and no one’s doing the farming. Old techniques, Britain did it for centuries too, when the big boys took over them, moved in and took their countries over too, a long time ago.


Attenborough criticises food aid - / Press Association / Sep 18, 2013




President [Obama] Breaks Arms Export Laws to Send Shipments to

Syrian "Rebels" / 17 September 2013 / Joe Wolverton, II, J.D.


According to a story published by The Hill, “President Obama has waived federal regulations on U.S. arms sales to begin supplying anti-chemical weapons equipment to rebel forces in Syria.”


Under applicable (until now) provisions of the Arms Export Control Act, the president may not authorize shipment of any item included in the U.S. Munitions List. 


(A:  And it goes through the paragraphs of the munitions list and all the rest of it...)

Paragraphs (a)-(c) of Category XIV specifically outlaw exporting “chemical agents” or “equipment for dissemination, detection, and identification of, and defense against” those agents.  (A:  ...and so on and so on. But what’s different?  I mean, he’s been exporting arms for years.  They had the conferences, what, earlier on this year, and Britain has sent them arms shipments through Qatar, so did the US, and missiles too by the way, and so did France. So everybody’s in on the act. That’s all I’ll say about that because it’s not worth saying any more is it?)


And also in Detroit it says here, teaching folk to be austere.  It says…


Detroit Government Shuts Down Power Because Residents Didn’t Conserve [Enough] Electricity

(A:  This is austerity, you see.) / Andrew Freeman / September 16, 2013


The government initiated a “intentional shutdown” of the power grid, now representatives are blaming residents for failing to conserve energy.


A power outage that was confined to a small area became a city-wide problem when the local government made the decision to shut down a large portion of the power grid as a “precaution”, sending a “strong message” that people needed to turn off their air conditioners.


When asked about the short notice for the forced power outage, City of Detroit Chief Compliance Officer Gary Brown, said “We did start calling our customers prior to taking them down and asking them to turn off air conditioners, but they weren’t responding as fast as we would like them to so we had to send them a strong message by turning the power off.” 


Now, that’s what the Smart Meter is about too, for those who don’t know about it. Because the first articles that came out about Smart Meters in Canada said that they could actually turn off all your power, on demand, not just the one person’s house; they could actually isolate you, or a whole area, or the whole country, or parts of the country. That was part of its intention. So now they’re using it, of course, and teaching you, training you, like basic beasts, you know, basic beasts, just train them, by fear and no power. That’s the civilized country that’s leading the world.


From Hamish and myself from Ontario, Canada, it’s good night and may your God or your Gods GO with you. 



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