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Poem Copyright Alan Watt Sept. 26, 2013:

Same Old, Same Old as Stories Unfold:

"Tiring Stories on Governments, Deceit, Lies
Politicos Use Government as Private Enterprise,
Nothing Changes, No-One Goes to Jail,
If it Did the Den of Thieves would Turn Pale,
Worsened with Declaration of "Greed is Good",
Lauded by Milton Friedman when in Good Mood,
Eugenical Philosophy of Individuals Surviving
At Expense of Society which Should Be Thriving,
Winners in This Game Love to Boast
How They were So Clever in Screwing the Host"
© Alan Watt Sept. 26, 2013


Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - Sept. 26, 2013 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)
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Hi folks.  I am Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix on September 26, 2013. Any newcomers that listen to the show, please tune into the website.  Look into it and you’ll find lots and lots of audios for free download – where I go through the system, this massive system, that’s all one really, designed a long time ago, before even your parents or grandparents were born, to bring in this new global society, a perfected society, where gradually the old types die off, the new types are created genetically basically through science and so on – progress it’s called – to serve the elite who will go on into the future, a much smaller population. I go through the history of it and the organizations behind it, the big foundations which were set up a hundred years ago by the richest people on the planet and top international moneylenders, because they were moneylenders to nations, and where they’ve gone from there.


So help yourself to the website. You’ll start to learn an awful lot of the conology, as I call it, the art of conning whole populations of people, generation after generation. Remember too, on the site you can also find transcripts on all the sites listed there in English for print-up. If you go into you can get transcripts in other languages. Remember too, you bring me to you. You are the audience who support me because I don’t bring on big advertisers as guests and give you one-hour ads basically. I certainly could do and be a lot better off for it too, but this keeps me kind of cleaner at the moment.  And I hope it continues because things are getting pretty tight, as you well know, with inflation and so on. And folk are running out of cash, there’s people losing their jobs all over the place too, with outsourcing still going on to different countries.  That’s the big plan of course, to take down the first world countries, that helped to fund the so-called third world countries up into a higher standard of living, all designed by people you’ll never elect, through the big foundations and organizations that really run the world and that created the World Trade Organization to make sure your taxes all went abroad, for big corporations to set up there. So help yourself to that. Remember too, you can buy the books and discs at  [Order and donation options listed above.]   Straight donations are seriously welcome, as we go through the planned inflation for the next 10 years, according to the Federal Reserve chairman.


So we’re really going through massive changes. You understand, nothing happens by itself. Any big changes in society are planned by lots of brains working together and lots of meetings. They go over their agendas for the future, how to shape the public, how to train the public – and you’re being trained all the time by the way, every generation has been trained – and this is for revolution. Revolution, most revolutions are bloodless. They’re actually cultural revolutions, and the same revolutions are going on across the whole world, conducted and spearheaded by the same agents and people. Because this is a very, very, very old agenda indeed.


To change the system into a global society, then you must destroy all existing cultures, especially ones which are strong cultures, and that’s why Europe was being demolished actually. I’ve read about this before, from even mainstream, where the British Deputy Prime Minister, admitted that he was told by Tony Blair to open the floodgates to Britain – he wasn’t the first one to do it of course; Thatcher was doing it too – and he said, this would destroy what was left of the British culture forever.  It would be too many folk coming in, different kinds of people, from really varying countries, and not necessarily even European countries. The same thing’s happening across Scandinavia and so on and so on. So a big, big, massive change is happening as lots and lots of people, millions are migrating across the planet to the countries that are really encouraging them to come in.


And we also go through the other old mores, they used to say the old mores, and morals that we used to have, they’re all taboo now and they’re kicked out the window. Because the old morals kept you – and it was part of your culture – it keeps your culture intact, and when you have a common culture you stand up against tyranny of all kinds. Well, first you must destroy all of those morals and so on, and degrade the people, until they will never stand together. You must make them hedonistic, as Lord Bertrand Russell said, and he certainly was a big planner of the stages that you’re going through today. He’s long dead but he helped plan everything in global meetings with his cohorts to do with the taking down of culture. Even before he came along other ones were at the same thing. HG Wells was one of them in fact, the novelist, but he also wrote lots of nonfiction; he was a propagandist for this organization, this private club, that called themselves the Lord Alfred Milner group, or just the Milner group, and they became the Royal Institute of International Affairs, but a private organization, unelected. They advise governments across the planet. Their counterpart or their branch in America is called the Council on Foreign Relations.  They have branches across the old British Empire countries, but including India as well, and they advise all governments on what the agenda is and where to take the world.  We have no say in anything, actually, at the bottom, and democracy was a joke because these people didn’t believe in democracy, ever. In fact, they believe in eugenics and superior types and inferior types.


If you go into the histories of the Council on Foreign Relations/Royal Institute of International Affairs you find that they backed every tyrant throughout the 20th century. In fact, they wanted wars, they had to instigate wars, and it’s documented by their own personal historian, Carroll Quigley, who had access to their archives, to update them and so on.  He said, these guys literally fomented World War I; they were behind the agitation for that.  Long before that, in fact, during the Boer war, which they also caused by the way, they were going after the world’s resources and they decided not to let Germany come in and take over the resources of different parts of Africa too, which would be a step they were taking, so they decided to nip it in the bud and have a war.  Wars also help to change the cultures of both opposing forces, by the way; it’s another side effect of war. Quigley himself said, you can do more on social change in five years of war than 50 years of peace and propaganda.


So what we’re going through today is a continuation of it, because it’s the war on terror, which can go on forever you see, because terror can always be redefined, which it has already in fact, many times in different instances, and you can constantly change society and train society to be anything that you want, to behave the way that you want them to behave, to believe what you want them to believe, to train them not to talk about certain topics, taboo topics, and give them default positions so that whenever these topics come up they go immediately back to default, the original setting, and simply don’t talk about it and they get embarrassed and walk away.  And we are very easily trained, very easily trained.


These are old, old arts, you understand, going back to the old Greeks who wrote a lot about it, the art of controlling peoples and managing continents and empires, and this was updated with every Empire from then on. And at the top of every Empire you always had this odd thing called money, supposedly a means of exchange. But in reality too, those who always controlled the means of exchange, from generation to generation and Empire to Empire, really, you control everything from the top to the bottom, including the governments.  And all those who are elected into government, the first thing they do as a President or Prime Minister is to have a chat with the Federal Reserve chairman – or the Bank of England for instance in England, and the Bank of Canada too, which isn’t really a bank – and they’re given their marching orders, they’re on board.


But everybody that you elect at the top, it doesn’t matter what party is running and who they supposedly run for, you find that they’re all preselected by the Council on Foreign Relations and the Royal Institute of International Affairs.  And that was, again, from Carroll Quigley who mentioned it in his book Tragedy and Hope and The Anglo-American Establishment, which is a fantastic insight into how wars are created, who’s behind them, what are the ultimate goals, geopolitical goals and financial goals as well. And that’s what we’re really living in today, as the last few countries not in the World Trade Organization and on the central banking and IMF are being flattened. Back with more after this.


Hi folks, we’re back Cutting Through The Matrix, where I try to tell you how things really are as opposed to how they appear to be. The whole art of managing massive populations across the planet is to do with perception management. Perception management is awfully important. You’ve no idea the amount of time that marketers and psychologists and so on spend doing the wording of the various drafts and bills that they put out through government and so on. You have no idea how important it is for them to go over every single word and its sequence within a sentence and so on. Because you work like a computer and the whole idea is to alleviate any concerns you might have with bills and laws that are going to go through, and to make you think it’s all happy and good and upfront and so on. But it’s always very, very deceptive. So it’s meant to con you in other words.


But here’s an article here to do with corporate welfare, and we saw lots of corporate welfare when the banks got bailed out.  And people forget another thing about banking, a lot of investments and purchases and so on across the world, big building projects, which they love of course, using nations as the guarantors for all the cash that’s borrowed to build them, you find that governments are involved with insurance companies, big insurance companies. Insurance companies build roads and everything, for their own investments, etc., sometimes outdoing the banks, the big banks, and people forget about them. And when Britain, the US and all these countries bailed out the corporate world crooks – that have always been around, and I guess will always be because they never change the laws to stop it, so they can do it again, since they always plunder us twice a century at least – then you find that governments give a lot of corporate welfare and bailouts and so on to big insurance companies. This article is interesting because it’s the usual pablum. As I say, the media gives you pablum, to spin something to you, and it’s never right to the point and so on and so on, or it doesn’t go into the whys of things. But we know that Britain for an example, I’m sure America did the same thing, they also had to bail out massive insurance companies, massive ones. And in Britain it was Lloyd’s of London and it says…


Osborne Faces Scepticism Over Lloyds Sale / 22 September 2013 / Mark Kleinman



George Osborne (Alan:  ...who’s the head of the Treasury, that they call it over there.) is facing scepticism from inside his own department about the prospect of a multibillion pound sale of Lloyds Banking Group shares to the general public.


Sky News understands that some Treasury officials are expressing private concerns about the complexity of a retail offering of part of the Government's remaining 33% stake in Lloyds. 


(A:  Now, how many billions did they have? because this is the remaining 33% stake in Lloyds, and the taxpayer was put down as the bailout character, who will get nothing back from it at all except getting higher taxes all the time. And since when is it the government’s role to stand in and put the taxpayers down to bail out anybody, anyway, in the first place, any corporation? No one asks the obvious questions. Because you think the governments are there to serve you. No, no, no. They’re there to serve the big corporations, because there’s one system in the world and the real government is above the ones that you think you elect. It really is. It’s a parallel government, the real one.  Anyway, they had a remaining 33% stake in Lloyds...)


A mass public sale of shares in the bank is widely-seen as likely in the early months of next year following last week's successful placing of a 6% stake through a deal which raised £3.2bn.  (A:  And then it goes on with its usual pablum and so on and so on.)


But when they say they’re going to offer this to the public, this isn’t the Joe Public. They mean private businesses, the big boys. And the guys that are overseeing this are guess who?   It’s the bankers to the world, Goldman Sachs, you know, the same bankers of course that fudged Greece’s books and made them look so rosy in order to get them accepted in joining the EU; we know where that went too. And they did quite a few other countries as well. But there was no charges laid there either for fudging the books. But anyway, it’s quite interesting, this, because they give you the usual ‘value for money for British taxpayers’ rubbish and so on and so on, and then this next article goes on and it says…


Lloyds Sale of A$9 Billion Aussie

(A:  Australian.) Unit to Get at Least Four Bids / Paulina Duran / Sep 19, 2013


The face value of assets in the transaction, known as “Project Carey,” is close to A$9 billion ($8.6 billion) and bids are due Sept. 30, according to the 15 people, who asked not to be identified because the details are confidential. The sale includes Lloyds’ Capital Finance unit and a portfolio of over 30 corporate loans valued at more than A$2 billion,  (A:  ...each or maybe the lot…) , lent to companies including Telstra Corp Ltd. (TLS), Arrium Ltd. (ARI) and WICET Holdings Pty, the people said.


Britain’s biggest mortgage lender, part-owned by the U.K. government (A: though it’s a natural thing.  Since when is your government in the banking business? buying over the assets of defunct businesses?), is off-loading assets it no longer considers essential (A:  I mean, government’s not supposed to be in the business of handling or buying out Lloyd’s of London because they were sunk with the banking crisis; the reason they were sunk is because they were as crooked as the rest of the banks.), as it shrinks its balance sheet after a government bailout in 2008. The U.K. this week started to sell its 39 percent stake in the lender as part of a move to full private ownership. European banks are bolstering their balance sheets via asset sales as they try to meet stricter capital rules.


Goldman Sachs Group Inc. (GS) is advising Lloyds on the sale, with senior management from Credit Suisse Group also assisting the London-based bank. Lynne Machin, Lloyds’ Sydney-based spokeswoman, didn’t return a call or reply to an e-mail (A:  ...blah blah blah blah blah.)


And it’s interesting because, even though they’re giving certain bids to big corporations in Australia and across the world, these corporations are often owned by foreigners, again. See, you’re already global. You’ve been global your whole life, you didn’t know it, and your parents were too and they didn’t know either. Actually, so were the grandparents; they didn’t know it either. See, nationalism is only good when they want lots of wars to continue, one after the other, where they can set you against different countries. But in reality, in between the wars, you’re always global, because the same boys run all the countries, through their money system.


And then you go into this article here too, and guess what? I mean, isn’t this amazing, this happens just in time to sell the assets, that supposedly the British government’s holding, on behalf of the public, as though you had shares in it or something.


Westgate insurer faces Sh6.6 billion compensation bill / September 25   2013


London-based insurer, the Lloyd’s market topped the list of big losers as Nairobi counted its losses in the wake of a deadly terrorist attack that claimed at least 67 lives and left dozens missing.  (A:  So this one that happened in Nairobi, you can imagine if that happened and they just completed the sale from the government over to the private business, it might have folded right there and nobody would get paid. Isn’t it happy for the boys involved that Britain still owns those shares, they haven’t sold them yet, so the taxpayer is left with the tab for this. Isn’t that amazing? You think things just happen by themselves? It’s quite something. )


More than 50 businesses that operated in the shopping complex, including Nakumatt Supermarkets, Barclays Bank, restaurants, jewellery and clothes shops, with goods worth billions of shillings, are also facing huge losses whose extent is yet to be determined.


The more than 500 people who worked in the shopping mall have been left jobless and the announcement that three of the building’s floors had caved in during the three-day battle with the terrorists means it will take months for the businesses to get back into operation.


It has since emerged that Sony Holding Limited, a real estate company led by Alex Tachenberg, insured Westgate Shopping Mall through UK’s Lloyd’s market for about Sh6.6 billion. (A:  So guess who’s going to pay that up? So I guess Britain can look for its taxes shooting up again. Quite something isn’t it?)


And there was an article too that came in today, to do with, Israel is over now helping in this inquiry investigation into the Nairobi incident. And I wondered why, but it’s not until you read down the article why they’re there to help. Israel owns a big chunk of that shopping mall [Alan chuckles.] and I guess that explains it. So Lloyds better cough up the cash quick, or at least the British government, on behalf of the taxpayer. So I’ll put that up tonight too; all these links, remember, I put up at the end of the broadcast.


Nairobi attack: Israel takes lead role in advising Kenyan forces / 23 September 2013 / Richard Norton-Taylor and Vikram Dodd


There’s always connections to everything, you know. Always. Back with more after this.


Hi folks, I’m Alan Watt.  This is Cutting Through The Matrix and this came out today too…


Senate funding bill won’t include ‘Monsanto Protection Act’

(A:  It says. Don’t bet on it. They’ll reword it through something else, in an omnibus bill, and slip it through. They never give up, these guys. But it says…) / Julian Hattem / 09/25/13


The Senate bill to keep the government funded will drop a controversial provision that food safety advocates warn lets agricultural giants avoid judicial oversight.


The provision, dubbed the “Monsanto Protection Act,” was extended under the House’s continuing resolution passed last week. Under the Senate bill, it will expire at the end of the month.  (A:  I guarantee you they’ll put it through under something else, some other guise.  Big business runs government, you know. Those in government treat the government as a private business themselves.)


This article too, is quite interesting. It says…


Congress Moves To Outlaw Alternative Media / September 25, 2013 / Dave Hodges


(A:  I’ve mentioned before about how the media is completely changed since the Leveson Inquiry in Britain, for instance, Lord Leveson or whatever his name is, and I don’t know if he’s a Lord or not, I think he is. But anyway, he drafted up the thing to keep journalists in line. But really, he’s also going after blog posters and so on. And the same happened in Australia at the same time, with a counterpart in Australia. And I’m sure Canada did the same and other countries as well. But in the US here it goes…)


The alternative media is having a dramatic impact on the worldview of the country, so much so that US Senate is legislating against the only objective press left in the country.


It is a well-known fact that Senator Dianne Feinstein wants your guns and now she wants control over your words. Feinstein believes that a proposed media shield law (A:  This is what they’re calling it, media shield law…) should be applied only to who she refers to as “real reporters.” (A:  In other words, authorized ones, licensed ones.) Feinstein chastises other reporters as “basement-dwelling, pajama-clad bloggers with no professional credentials”


At issue is that the government could soon decide who is a journalist and who is not. Feinstein introduced an amendment, to Senate bill 558, that defines a “covered journalist” as someone who gathers and reports news for “an entity or service that disseminates news and information.” The definition includes freelancers, part-timers and student journalists, and it permits a judge to go further and extend the protections to any “legitimate news-gathering activities.” In the definition introduced in Feinstein’s amendment, somebody writing for a small town paper with a circulation of 30 would receive First Amendment protections, but quality news people (A:  ...and so on, would be outside the box basically, if you’re not actually licensed to do it.) . . . With the passage of this amendment, our sources would not be privileged and many of our sources would dry up. But Wolf Blitzer and Anderson Cooper can take bribes from the CIA to not cover certain stories, yet Feinstein thinks they deserve protection as authentic journalists.


(A:  Well, it’s amazing the amount of work that she’s put through from the US government to her hubby and his big corporations as well, and that seems to be okay as well; nobody bothers about that.)  This is the same Feinstein who In 2009, introduced legislation which directed $25 billion in “taxpayer money to a government agency that had just awarded her husband’s real estate firm a lucrative contract to sell foreclosed properties at compensation rates higher than the industry standards. Feinstein was a member of the Military Construction Veterans Affairs and Related Agencies Subcommittee (MILCON) from 2001 to 2005. During her tenure, Feinstein voted for appropriations worth billions of dollars to her husband’s firms URS Corp. and Perini Corp. Feinstein’s personal wealth accumulation since becoming a senator has grown to nearly $200 million. (A:  Not bad work if you can get it, eh, serving the public. You know there’s two definitions of serving, you got to take the farmer’s one.) Feinstein has never held a job outside of public service. I am having trouble understanding how a public servant can accumulate a fortune of this magnitude.  (A:  Well, I could go into that in great detail, but I won’t.)


And also too, the same story broke out in the LA Times…


Bill to protect journalists clears Senate panel / David G. Savage / September 12, 2013


(A:  So this is the more cleansed, hygienic version, to put you back to sleep, you see. It says here that…)


WASHINGTON — Journalists and bloggers who report news to the public will be protected from being forced to testify about their work under a media shield bill passed by a Senate committee Thursday.


But the new legal protections will not extend to the controversial online website Wikileaks and others whose principal work involves disclosing "primary-source documents … without authorization."  (A:  See, the whole point of being licensed is to have authorization to pass on what they call news to the general public. And if you’re not authorized and licensed, and you’re trying to get some truth out there for a change, they come after you. That’s what’s happening now as they pull America into line. You’ve got to standardize everything, you see, and that’s what they’re doing. Anyway it says here…)


Senate sponsors of the bill and a coalition of media groups that support it hailed Thursday's bipartisan Senate Judiciary Committee vote as a breakthrough.


"We're closer than we've ever been before to passing a strong and tough media shield bill," Sen. Charles E. Schumer (D-N.Y.) said. "Thanks to important bipartisan compromises, we've put together a strong bill that balances the need for national security with that of a free press."  (A:  There’s too many conflicts within the US government, you know, way too many conflicts if you look into these characters.)  


Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.) insisted on limiting the legal protection to "real reporters" and not, she said, a 17-year-old with his own website.


"I can't support it if everyone who has a blog has a special privilege … or if Edward Snowden were to sit down and write this stuff, he would have a privilege. I'm not going to go there," she said.


Feinstein introduced an amendment that defines a "covered journalist" as someone who gathers and reports news for "an entity or service that disseminates news and information."   (A:  Understand, everything comes mainly through Reuters. I mean, we really are conned all the time by the information that they decide we’re going to get. It doesn’t mean it’s true information, it can be to spin you off into having the opinions that they want you to have as well. That’s been happening for about a hundred years easily, quite easily.)


And also, this article too is talking about how they did it to Britain…


Lord Justice Leveson (A:  I guess it’s  Levi-son…)

promoted to third top judge (A:  That’s his payoff for pushing this massive thing through and drafting it up, in collusion with his Australian counterpart, in more ways than one, and I’m sure he got his promotion over there too.) / 26 September 2013


Lord Justice Leveson, the man behind the report into the future of press regulation, has been made the third most senior judge in England and Wales.


The judge will become the head of the Queen's Bench Division in October.


The promotion means he will oversee a large branch of the judiciary, including claims brought against government ministers.   (A:  ...that’s politicians and workers.)


Lord Justice Leveson succeeds Sir John Thomas, who has become the Lord Chief Justice of England and Wales.   (A:  This is like something from the Middle Ages, isn’t it, in the so-called country that gave you democracy. What a joke that was, eh? What a joke that was. You ever wonder why it’s red, white and blue? All the countries that were red, white and blue were the ones that were overtaken and conquered, by specific revolutionaries, moving from one to the next, then France, I think France was there too, and then the US. Old, old stuff you know.)


Also, we’ve had so many lies, over even the Bin Laden thing, that went on for years and years with fuzzy fake videos and wrong voices and phony translations and so on. That’s what they feed the public. Because they always say that the first casualty of war is truth, you see. So you must always get the public on board for any war that you want to go for.  Even when you’re plundering for oil and stuff you must give out different reasons, EMOTIVE reasons to get the public angry. And this is an old thing and, again, truth doesn’t matter when plans are drawn up for war; facts don’t count. Facts don’t count, they never will.  Anyway, so it’ll continue…


Iran news agency slams CNN for ‘fabricating’

Rouhani’s Holocaust remarks /  September 26, 2013


Iran’s state-owned Fars claims that CNN has ‘fabricated’ the remarks made by President Hassan Rouhani in response to the question about the Holocaust. The US news channel added to or changed parts of his remarks, the agency said.


On Tuesday, the newly elected Iranian president gave his first English-language TV message in an interview with CNN's Christiane Amanpour. The interview made international headlines with hundreds of news agencies worldwide boasting titles like "Iran's President Rouhani calls Holocaust 'reprehensible' crime against Jews" or "Rouhani recognizes the Holocaust as crime against Jews".


Asking about Rouhani’s take on the Holocaust, Amanpour noted that his predecessor, President Ahmadinejad, infamously denied the Holocaust. "Do you accept what it was, and what was it?" the US journalist asked.


However, according to Iran’s Fars News Agency (FNA), the news channel made up parts of Rouhani's answers, adding the word 'Holocaust' among other placatory remarks to its translation from the answers given in Farsi.  (A:  He never mentioned ‘Holocaust’.  And they give you the Fars translation, which is the language he speaks in, and then the CNN translation, and it’s a world of difference. It’s a world of difference, folks.)


But we get this all the time. But facts don’t count, you know. Facts don’t count; it doesn’t matter. But they can really… You understand, the whole point is to convince everyone, through lies, to give you your opinions on everything, and how to demonize people. Understand, they can demonize whole nations of people, or individuals; they can demonize YOU, any time they want.  And most will believe it.


Hi folks, we’re back Cutting Through The Matrix and this article too… You get so fed up talking about corruption in governments because governments have really always been this way. Britain’s better at it because it’s had a lot longer experience on how to cover up and keep from the public things that are happening within government with private deals and so on and making money. The House of Lords is famous for it. They loved the Cold War because they always had massive investments in the missiles that they were always making.  You know, the Russians had a different one every month, supposedly – it was all fabricated of course – and we had to always get a new one to counter it. And these guys just passed bill after bill to requisition the cash for it from the taxpayer, and they made billions out of it. But in the States it’s more open; maybe because there’s more of them I think, you catch them more often. It doesn’t matter because nothing happens to them anyway in the States; they’ve got a protected status, obviously.


How was Weiner's wife Huma Abedin allowed to 'double-dip' with private contracts while working for Hillary Clinton at the State Dept.?

A new lawsuit presses for answers / David Martosko / 25 September 2013


A government watchdog group has sued the U.S. State Department for records showing that Huma Abedin, the one-time adviser to then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, had a sweetheart deal that allowed her to keep her salary while cashing in on the side with a lucrative private-sector consulting contract that could have presented glaring conflicts of interest.


(A:  And Judicial Watch is the one that put out the Freedom Of Information Act request.)


. . . In late May, the group asked the State Department to hand over paperwork showing the terms of its employment contracts with Abedin, the long-suffering wife of disgraced former New York congressman Anthony Weiner.


. . . Politico had reported a week before the group's request that after Abedin returned from maternity leave in June 2012, her status shifted from employee to 'Special Government Employee' – a part-time consultant. And the State Department, it was reported, allowed her to work for politically connected clients on the side. (A:  You understand, if you got inside information you’re worth a lot of cash to private business.)


Those included the William Jefferson Clinton Foundation and Teneo, a consulting firm co-founded by former Bill Clinton consigliere Douglas Band. The former president also sits on the company's board of directors.


Since Mrs. Clinton retired from her job as Secretary of State in March, Abedin has also been working for her personally, leading her transition team. And as the 2016 presidential race approaches, she promises to be an integral part of any campaign push.


Fox News has reported that the State Department paid Abedin $135,000 per year to work part-time (A:  Not bad for part-time, eh. That’s what they say, we all have to have part-time jobs these days, three or four of them just to pay the rent, eh.)  from her New York City home, an amount that she supplemented with a $355,000 annual contract from Teneo.


That money likely kept the Weiner household afloat after the former congressman resigned his seat over his admission that he had a sexting habit.


Iowa Sen. Charles Grassley, the Senate Judiciary Committee's top Republican, has already made public demands for the same information Judicial Watch sought with its FOIA request.


'It appears,' he alleged in a June 13 letter to Secretary of State John Kerry, 'that Teneo may have been compensating Ms. Abedin for gathering information from government sources for the purpose of informing investment decisions of her clients – or in other words, political intelligence.'


Abedin has never disclosed the nature of her employment with Teneo, and the company did not respond to a request for information about that work. The firm says it provides 'the leaders of the world’s most respected companies (A:  You always get this, with the ‘respected’ businessmen. You know, the more successful they are, the more psychopathic they are, that’s WHY they’re so successful.) , nonprofit institutions and governments with a full suite of advisory solutions.'


'As is so often the case with the Clintons, or those close to them, Ms. Abedin’s questionable dealings are wrapped in secrecy,'  (A:  Well, isn’t that what government’s all about, eh?) Tom Fitton said in a statement.


'The State Department’s stonewall on Abedin suggests that there is something to hide.'  (A:  Well, there’s lots of things to hide, not just with that one. But nothing happens about it anyway; it’s a kind of a moan topic for the public. We just moan and grunt, you know, ooooh, you know, that’s what we do, don’t we? [Alan chuckles.] What else can you do?)


And also, this article is about why the IPCC, on climate change, at the United Nations, why it’s not being televised…


Why the IPCC Meeting Isn’t Being Televised / September 26, 2013


Since Monday, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) has been in a meeting. The purpose of that meeting is to take a document authored by scientists and ensure that its wording is palatable to the powers that be.  (A:  Remember, I talked before about psycholinguistics, neurolinguistics as they call it today, the same thing, ways to put things across.  Because you work like a computer with a program and a logic, and a good programmer can actually tell the answers that that computer must spit out according to its logical pattern. It says…)


Called the Summary for Policymakers, this is a 30-page précis of the IPCC’s as-yet-unreleased Working Group 1 report (which is expected to total 1,000 or so pages).  (A:  ...which they want all countries to sign. You know, nobody ever reads these things, but all politicians know that’s the game, they’re not supposed to read them.)


At the meeting, one sentence after another has been projected onto large screens. Diplomats, bureaucrats, and politicians from dozens of UN nations have haggled, horse traded, and negotiated. (A:  ...what’s in it for me sort of thing.) Eventually, phrasing that everyone can live with has been agreed upon. Then they’ve moved on to the next sentence.


The meeting is closed to the public. (A:  ...naturally, because it affects all of us.) It is closed to the media. No minutes are kept. (A:  ...we’re told.)  But let us imagine that a television camera had been smuggled inside. What would we see?


In 2010, IPCC insiders answered a questionnaire sponsored by the InterAcademy Council (a collection of the world’s science academies). Their anonymized answers paint an unflattering picture of these meetings.


First, here are some general impressions. The remarks appearing below are all direct quotes: 


    I suspect that…anyone who has not been involved in this process would scarcely believe how this meeting is managed; the expense, the length of the sessions, and the apparent pickiness of some of the discussion would strike many as a very poor way to conduct international business. (p. 114)


    this was an agonizing, frustrating process, as every sentence had to be wordsmithed on a screen in front of representatives of more than 100 governments, falling farther and farther beyond a realistic schedule by the hour. In Brussels in 2007, the process ran all night on the two final days. (p. 334)

(A:  These are all comments from people who attended.)


    …I have observed the behaviour of the delegations from individual countries which certainly reflects a completely different mindset than my own as a scientist.


It’s all political, and feminism and this and that and the other, all involved in it. Because these are the goals they’re all aiming to get lots of cash for, for these private NGOs that all work for the big foundations that run the world. That’s what they want to get. And get us all changing our entire way of life, by the way. That’s SO important.  All of us… that’s what it’s about. It’s a social/political goal, nothing to do with the climate. And many of the top politicians have actually said that, it doesn’t matter if all the science is bunkum or nonsense, as long as we get the political agenda through. You see. Anyway, I’ll put this article up tonight to show you, it goes on and on, it’s quite a lengthy article.  And it says that they’re going to present it eventually to the public, some bits of it. But again, they’ve carefully wordcrafted it, or wordsmithed it to sound palatable to the general public. But within it, if you got a lawyer to read it, you’d get a completely different take on it all, because they have lots of lawyers working on this stuff, because they’ve got lots of laws to pass in the future, you understand.


Also, it’s interesting, that if you read this article here, which is quite a good website actually on some of the things to do with money and the big boys and so on, you find that the company TEPCO in Japan, it says it’s the most hated corporation, and it’s now to be bailed out forever. No kidding.


Investors Of Japan’s Most Hated Corporation, TEPCO, To Be Bailed Out Forever - / September 25, 2013


It goes into the Japanese domestic production dropping “8.1%, down for the 12th month in a row, as automakers shifted production overseas to hedge against currency fluctuations, produce in markets where labor is cheaper, produce closer to their customers, and benefit from translating overseas revenues”, etc. etc. But they’re also moving over, as we well know, because some of the first cars to come into some countries after Fukushima were unfortunately radioactive, radioactive indeed. But anyway, that’s what’s happening there. So this thing’s going to go on forever with these nuclear meltdowns owned by TEPCO, so I guess they’re going to be bailed out for ever and ever, amen. So it would seem.


Also, just for the people in the NSA of course, who are always happy for all the cash that’s thrown their way, so as they can snoop on all of us, and give private business information to the big moguls like Goldman Sachs and stuff...  You think that doesn’t go on? Of course it does. Why do you think it’s really, really there? Anyway it says…


Booting Up: New NSA Data Farm Takes Root In Utah / September 23, 2013


The National Security Agency says its massive new data center near Salt Lake City will enhance the agency's ability to analyze the email, text message, cellphone and landline metadata it collects.  (A:  It’s going to help them do better jobs on watching all of you.  And it won’t say exactly when it will be fully up and running, but they’re really working hard...)


. . . There will be no "grand opening" or celebratory barbecue outside the sprawling facility, which is five times the size of the Ikea down the road.  (A:  [Alan chuckles.] Quite the world, eh. Quite the world we’re living in.)


Well, from Hamish and myself from Ontario, Canada, it’s good night and may your God or your Gods GO with you. 



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