Oct. 2, 2013 (#1416)

Poem Copyright Alan Watt Oct. 2, 2013:

More Bending to Spending, Borrowing, Lending:

"Cashless Society, Completion of Hell,
Without a Number You can't Buy or Sell,
Electronic Transactions'll Send a Slice
Of Tax to Government, Efficient, Nice,
Then Naturally, Some Thinkers Suspect,
If Dissident, Politically Incorrect,
Your Account, as Punishment'll Be Frozen
For However a Period Lawmakers've Chosen,
Agencies Already Listen to Ps and Qs,
We'll Be Trained to Watch Words We Use,
Humans are Adaptable as Darwin Said,
Into Robotic Borg, The Living Dead"
© Alan Watt Oct. 2, 2013

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Hi folks.  I'm Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through the Matrix on October the 2nd, 2013.

For newcomers please make good use of the website cuttingthroughthematrix.com.  You’ll find lots of audios for download where I go through the system, that’s the real system you’re born into actually, your parents and grandparents too, that was set up a hundred years ago or even older than that in fact.  But it came out in the open a hundred years ago and formed their big foundations, tax-exempt foundations, under the guise of philanthropic organizations and charitable organizations.  They run hundreds and hundreds, actually thousands, of non-governmental organizations across the world.  And these foundations were set up by the biggest industrialists and bankers of the world back then and now their children take over of course and it’s ongoing. 

And they decided to bring in a new type of system, a system, a planned society, a global society which they would rule.  And eventually through wars and various other means and eventually though capital itself, through money itself, and creating the laws to do with international lending and borrowing and big institutions which they built up like the International Monetary Fund, the World Bank, and the Bank for International Settlements, they would force the world into this one monetary system run by themselves, this private system run by themselves.  And that’s already happened as we’ve lived through it.  In fact we see the IMF going up to its full power and the World Bank too and the Bank for International Settlements that’s in charge of all the private central banks.  It’s all one big clique at the top, a gang of moneymen and this is the big clincher today, is creating a crisis, a massive crisis, and then having a global meeting of course at the United Nations which they also set up and they’ll come out with exactly what they want, a new global society, and one group runs the money of the whole planet basically, decides the value of it, downgrades you and all the rest of it officially, etcetera, etcetera. 

So help yourself to the website.  Remember too you can get print-ups of many of the talks I’ve given over the years in English on all the sites listed at cuttingthroughthematrix.com and you can get ones in other languages for print-up if you go into alanwattsentientsentinel.eu

Now remember too that you bring me to you because I don’t bring on advertisers as guests, I don’t ask for advertisers as guests, in fact I decline them and I depend upon the people to buy the books and discs at cuttingthroughthematrix.com.  So to order from the U.S. to Canada if you want to understand the art of conology, how to con whole populations down through the ages, a very old science of course.  It’s much more perfected today under neuroscience and behaviorism, etcetera.  You can buy the books and discs using personal checks from the U.S. to Canada, you can also send cash or use Paypal.  And across the world you’ve got Western Union, Moneygram, and Paypal.  And straight donations are seriously welcome as we go through the planned inflationary periods.  And the inflation is to carry on for about another ten years according to all the bigwigs of the moneybags boys at the top. 

So we’re going through a planned society.  Even the wars across the world too to take down countries by economic means through their banking and downgrading them, etcetera, is all part of them copying the exact same system, a private centralized bank under the IMF and so on.  They’ve got to borrow money from the World Bank and pay it back through the IMF and they’ve got to be under the BIS, the Bank for International Settlements, and if they don’t agree they’re being bombed out of existence as we speak. 

And of course it’s the time of plunder too.  They’re called resource wars.  Back in the 70’s they talked about resource wars, the coming resource wars, and how there will be real hard wars to bring in, for the big, big corporations, international corporations, to get all the territory and oil and minerals and so on they want across the world.  And we know they’re going into Africa big time now.  They’ve been setting this up for years as well.

So anyway, we’re going through a long-term business plan.  And that’s what it is, it’s a business plan.  Most folk can’t get their heads around that; they think we’re all national still.  And even before Gulf War I, every country was mentioning the global, global, global, we’re all global and that was all the mantra at the time and suddenly you became national again when they needed troops to go over and fight for the resource wars for the big international corporations that give you nothing back except the bills of course.  And then after this is all done too we’ll go back to being global once more. 

It’s quite amazing how we can put on a globalist cap for years and then put the nationalist one back on when it suits the bigwigs to use us.  Because nations are already gone, they’re already gone.  And of course Rompuy the head of the EU parliament said the same thing.  I’ve read the article on the air in a speech he gave at the EU parliament, that the nation-state is dead.  That was their goal for centuries by the way because these organizations have been going down through the centuries causing revolutions to bring in a kind of socialist type order.  And they work with the big bankers because big bankers prefer socialism.  Under socialism you have big government.  Big government needs to borrow money, because they’ve never got enough, even though they tax the people to death.  And bankers live off the interest off it.  They don’t care if the lump sum is going to get paid back; it never can be at compound interest.  It’s only important that they get massive sums every year.  That’s called balancing the budget.  It doesn’t mean you pay off the main collateral that you owe; it’s the interest on the debt that you pay off.  And it’s been like that your whole life.  That’s how it’s been; every country is the same, folks.  Because every country was taken over a long, long time ago by the same money people who came in from other countries. 

So we go through the charade of pretending again that we’re nations, etcetera.  While the G20 was formed out of your prime ministers and presidents across the world and the public never even got a vote on it.  Here’s a private club basically that formed itself above all constitutions and created their own private club, signed global agreements and contracts, and they also dish out your money across the world.  Your cash, the cash they tax off of you, across the planet for all their foreign excursions and their plans, etcetera, and their international companies too. 

We bailed out the big banks of course when they decided to have the crash because they decided to have the crash.  They knew they weren’t going to last forever bumping up the prices of mortgages and then passing them off to the next bank that would buy them for a profit and keep bumping them up again.  It’s a complete bubble of course, an artificial bubble.  And it’s criminality of course.  But of course no one, there is nothing, nobody is going to try them, nobody goes to jail over this. 

We’re given democracy, this thing called democracy, something called democracy that the big boys when they formed the Royal Institute of International Affairs, Council on Foreign Relations in America, when they formed them they had no intention of giving you democracy.  They gave you the appearance of democracy, then you wouldn’t rebel every four or five years, you would vote another bunch in.  That’s what you do.  And meanwhile the parallel government, the real government that’s above the ones that you think you elect, run the show and they tell the boys what to do that you think you put in. 

I can remember when Brian Mulroney came into government in Canada as prime minister and he ran on getting us out of NAFTA.  Within two weeks he was the champion pushing it forth you see.  They’re all liars and they’re put in by again the same organization, the Council on Foreign Relations.  They’re all members of it.  And they have been that way for it’s now a hundred years.  Every prime minister and president of the U.S. too has been a member for a hundred years.  This is how long it’s been going in picking presidents and prime ministers. 

So they all know their roles.  And Brian Mulroney pushed NAFTA, he was all for it.  He said oh it will create jobs galore.  Of course it did in Mexico and elsewhere across the world but not in Canada.  And then a few years after he came out of government he was doing an interview and he was asked what he thought of NAFTA now and did it really help Canada, he said to be perfectly honest I don’t know.  You see when he’s in government he’s doing what he’s told.  He is not the top man at all.  He is doing what he’s told to push through and it’s all the same across Britain and the U.S. and elsewhere.  That’s how it really, really works.  There is one organization running the world. 

Winston Churchill brought it out in parliament at one time because he was out of the loop on certain things before the Royal Institute of International Affairs was called its present name; it was called the Lord Alfred Milner Group.  And this group had fomented wars in South Africa.  They got the Boer War going by causing it to happen and then blaming the Boers of course, so as the British army would come in and then the big business interest which of course was themselves.  The same member group, they grabbed all the gold fields and the diamonds and so on.  That’s how the thing really works in this world folks.  It’s vastly different from what you think. 

Back with more I think after this break.  I think that’s the music coming in.

{Break ♫}

Hi folks.  We’re back Cutting Through the Matrix, talking about the system and the system really is all encompassing, all encompassing.  Your whole reality was given to you and every generation is updated with your new PC ways of behavior and so on and accepting various things and having certain opinions and so on.  We’re being standardized all the time but the previous generation had its own standardization given to them too, thinking it’s all normal.  But in fact for centuries we have been bred for work.  That’s what we do, we work and we fight, we go to wars.  And Fort, Charles Fort, said that a long time ago.  "I think we’re farmed", he said.  And really that’s how you look at it; you’re pretty well farmed.  And meanwhile of course you’re conned all the way thinking that you have a country and you are free and you’re independent.  All countries tell their folks that.  All countries say that.  And they have the best healthcare in the world and the best everything in the world.  That’s the standard routine that you go through.  And most folk believe it and serve their country in all kinds of ways which perhaps they shouldn’t sometimes. 

But the technique of creating such societies as I say is very, very old indeed.  And when your reality is all encompassing and you accept it and your peer group accepts it too, you don’t realize that, no, you’re in a form of slavery basically.  If you had true freedom no one could lean on you for a previous generation’s debt for instance.  And that’s what we all do because we’re all paying off the debt of previous generations and anyone born in the future is going to be doing the same.  And that’s a slavery form you see.  It’s a more sophisticated form of slavery.  That’s what Charles Galton Darwin was talking about in his book, "The Next Million Years".  That’s what he meant by that, a more sophisticated form of slavery, meaning the slaves would never figure out they were slaves. 

You think everything is quite natural.  Everything exists because it’s there when you’re born, and your peer group, the same age group too, will think the same thing as you, so you’re all quite sane and that’s how you think it all works of course and nothing is further from the truth.  It’s all contrived that way.  It’s set up that way and you’re not allowed to dig into any areas that are outside the box so to speak.  And it will go on and on and on until they have the perfect society, as we’re dying off actually.  And we certainly are dying off because very few folk in the first world countries are breeding, they’re not having children.  The U.N. happily reports on this every year and also happily reports that they have to bring in masses of immigration from other countries to bring them in to help pay off the national debts we’ve all accumulated for these wars and bailing banks out and everything else that we do for the big corporations.  That’s reality.

But we’re also tampered with our minds all the time by professionals.  And I’ve gone through the psychological nudge units they have in Britain and the U.S. and Canada and elsewhere.  We all have them now and they nudge you in so many ways into thinking or behaving in a different way or having different opinions than you used to have.  These are all the nudges and you’re guided to them so that you’ll feel that you belong with the peer group. 

The more education you have the easier it is to program you.  And I’ve read the articles too.  They have done study after study in universities to do with that very topic because those who get higher up into the middle classes are so desperate to hang on to being a middle class person and mixing with their peer group, drinking wine standing up and all the rest of it, that they don’t want to be seen as someone not in the know.  And they immediately adapt and adopt any new behavior that’s given out to them by their bosses, their masters, you see.

Now in Britain they’re trying to desensitize the public to war, to the effects of war.  And it says here that...

"“We must make war more acceptable”: MOD (Ministry of Defence) urged to make repatriation ceremonies low-key and use more drones, SAS (Special Air Service) and mercenaries to reduce..." 

Alan:  What’s called the...

"...“body bag syndrome”" 

•  "Report says images of flag-draped coffins reduces support for military action" 

Alan:  Remember the first thing you got to do in war is to get the public support behind you by telling lots of lies, about an enemy bayoneting babies or something like that, that’s the standard old stuff. 

•  "It adds special forces and mercenary deaths don't hit public as hard" 

•  "MOD says document is to foster 'debate' and..."

Alan:  So far it...

"...is not policy" 

Alan:  But it will become policy.  So:

"Repatriation ceremonies for the remains of dead soldiers should have a lower profile in order to make war more palatable to the British public," 

"It examines how to sway ‘casualty averse’ public opinion, a situation commonly known as 'body bag syndrome', and was published by the Ministry of Defence’s strategy formulation unit.  The document suggests that the Ministry of Defence should ‘reduce the profile of the repatriation ceremonies’ where coffins carrying deceased soldiers are brought back to UK bases such as RAF Brize Norton in Oxfordshire.  It discusses ways to ‘reduce public sensitivity’ and methods of explaining that ‘risks are knowingly and willingly undertaken’ by armed forces personnel.

Suggestions included making greater use of the Special Forces and mercenaries because it claims losses sustained by the elite soldiers and hired guns do not have the same impact on the public and press.  “Neither the media nor the public in the west appear to identify with contractors in the way that they do with their military personnel.  Thus casualties from within the contractorised force are more acceptable in pursuit of military ends than those from among our own forces.”" 

Alan:  So they want to use more private armies is what they’re saying here because you don’t think about them as being yours as much; they’re just international mercenaries. 

"It added: 'The public appear to have a more robust attitude to SF (Special Forces) losses.'  Reassurances are made in the paper that the British public may not be as ‘risk-averse’ as they appear, and suggests this is ‘based on recent, post-2000 experience’." 

"The report adds: ‘The public have become better informed and our opponents more sophisticated in the exploitation of the sources of information with the net result that convincing the nation of the need to run military risks has become more difficult but no less essential.’

The report, written in 2012 and released under the Freedom of Information Act, has been met with criticism by relatives of soldiers killed while serving their country." 

Alan:  And it goes on and on and on.  But that’s a pretty standard one as we get our heads tampered with again you see.  Everything is a show to the public, even the presentations of everything you will see on television is a show to the public as it goes through editing, it goes through careful structuring by professionals in marketing and so on, on how to get opinions over to the public.  The correct opinions, the ones they want you to have that can be completely 180 degrees from the reality, in other words they’re an absolute lie.  But that’s okay, that’s quite acceptable when you’re dealing with the public.  This is how we’re treated you know. 

And I really cannot figure out how people prattle on about democracies, that you’ve got democracies.  Where?  Where do you have a democracy? 

Also, this one reminded me of Scotland actually, this article here.  It’s talking about Ontario, Canada...

"Six different boreholes produced approximately 5 km of core samples while exploring a deep geological repository near the Bruce Power Nuclear Plant in Ontario.  The GR has been proposed to store nuclear waste deep underground."

Alan:  So they’re going to store it.  They don’t know where to put it you see.  And some of these countries like Canada are bringing the stuff in from other countries and refining it supposedly, you know kind of recharging it in a sense, but there is always stuff left over; what are you going to do with it all?  Well, you bury it. 


"Core samples dug in and around the site beside Lake Huron show the rock formation to be extremely stable with no signs of movement for millions of years." 

Alan:  Well that’s a bet, isn’t it?

"This will make it safe from any future geological event such as earthquakes." 

"Six different bore holes produced approximately five kilometres of core samples while exploring a deep geological repository near the Bruce Power nuclear plant. The DGR is being proposed to store nuclear waste deep underground. Core samples dug in and around the site beside Lake Huron show the rock formation to be extremely stable...." 

Alan:  Etcetera, etcetera.  And this is what they plan to do with it.  And then it gives you a story of someone who lives near the plant itself.  It’s called the Bruce Nuclear Plant.  It’s a woman, and it says she is getting up in arms about it.  She is not happy about this stuff getting sunk near her at all under this stable rock as they claim.  But that’s what they were doing in Scotland back in the 70’s.  They were bringing it up from England and boring it into the Grampian Mountains or encasing it in a glass casing and dumping it into the lochs.

Back with more after this.

{Break ♫ - You’re listening to the Republic Broadcasting Network because you can handle the truth - ♫}


Alan:  Hi folks.  We’re back Cutting Through the Matrix and talking about the farce of the world because that’s all we have really is farce, isn’t it, when it comes to disclosures to the public that’s put through marketing and censorship and all the rest of it.  It’s like George Orwell’s "1984", we’re living in it.  It’s all around us in fact. 

But you have an article like this and that came out last week in fact.

"US intelligence chiefs urge Congress to preserve surveillance programs" 

"US intelligence chiefs used an appearance before Congress on Thursday to urge lawmakers not to allow public anger over the extent of government surveillance to result in changes to the law that would impede them from preventing terrorist attacks." 

Alan:  So they urged lawmakers not to allow public anger.  So don’t get angry, you’re not allowed to be angry, you see.

"General Keith Alexander, the director of the National Security Agency, conceded that disclosures by the whistleblower Edward Snowden "will change how we operate"."

Alan:  Meaning it will be harder to find out what they’re up to.

"But he urged senators, who are weighing a raft of reforms, to preserve the foundational attributes of a program that allows officials to collect the phone data of millions of American citizens.

In testy exchanges at the Senate intelligence committee, Alexander and the director of national intelligence, James Clapper, refused to say on the record where the NSA had ever sought to trawl cell site data, which pinpoints the location of individuals via their phones.

They were challenged by Democratic senator Ron Wyden who, as a member of the committee, has for years been privy to classified briefings that he cannot discuss in public."

He says:

"“You talk about the damage that has been done by disclosures, but any government official who thought this would never be disclosed was ignoring history.  The truth always manages to come out,” he said." 

Alan:  I wonder if it does though.  Anyway it says:

"“The NSA leadership built an intelligence data collection system that repeatedly deceived the American people.  Time and time again the American people were told one thing in a public forum, while intelligence agencies did something else in private.”" 

Alan:  Well that’s called lying you know, just outright lies. 

"“Asked by Udall whether it was the NSA's aim to collect the records of all Americans, General Alexander replied: "I believe it is in the nation's best interest to put all the phone records into a lockbox – yes.”" 

Alan:  So they’re going to keep doing it forever by the looks of it but then that’s the world agenda.  All countries are the same now folks.  We’re way beyond the Stasi system that they had in Eastern Germany, way, way beyond their system. 

And also this article too, to do with the agenda.  The agenda is right on track to where it’s supposed to go.  Remember the Council on Foreign Relations and you’ve heard it from different members of the CFR saying this, they always say that, “How can we use this disaster to our advantage?”  What they mean is a disaster to their agenda’s advantage you see, to push it in line with the agenda.  In other words they live off disasters that appear to come out of the blue to the general public, but they’re not.  They are not, not from 9/11 onwards, it hasn’t come out of the blue at all.  And it goes right along with the agendas of course.  It’s the same with the agenda now for the unification of all the monetary system under the Bank for International Settlements.  And there’ll be another big crash when it’s time.  When it’s time for the next crash it will happen.  It’s planned that way you see.  And it always is horrible to the public but not to the guys that plan it all.  They get what they want out of it you see.  But it says:

"US Census Report Shows Entrenched Poverty and Declining Living Standards" 

Alan:  In the U.S.  So:

"A US Census Bureau report released Tuesday, entitled “Income, Poverty and Health Insurance Coverage in the United States: 2012,” makes a mockery of President Barack Obama’s claims to be restoring “security and opportunity for the middle class” in the wake of the 2008 financial breakdown.

The report provides a snapshot of a society in immense crisis.  Poverty is at a near-generation high of 15 percent, close to the high point since the 1965 War on Poverty, the 15.2 percent rate reached in 1983.  According to Tuesday’s report, 46.5 million Americans, including 9.5 million families, live in poverty.  Some 20.4 million people live on an income less than 50 percent of the official poverty line, 7.1 million of these being children under 18.  More than 48 million remain without health insurance." 

Alan:  Well a lot of them will still get by anyway because the rest of the folk will have to pay it for them. 

"More than 31 percent of the population experienced some period of impoverishment during the years 2009-2011." 

Alan:  Then in another article it says here from the Business Insider...

"2012 U.S. Census data released last week doesn’t look good for the middle class, with median household income, income growth, and share of the total national income all continuing to decline.  Liberal think tank Center for American Progress published several charts on these depressing trends." 

Alan:  And I’ll put up the links for all these tonight, including the chart. 

"David Madland, the Director of the American Worker Project, thinks that the trends will continue, barring major policy changes in the government. “My expectation going forward is that median household income will be stagnant while the incomes for the wealthiest will increase significantly,” He told Business Insider." 

Alan:  Well that’s been that way for years because even the United Nations is happy to shout that too, that the gulf between the rich and the poor is staggering.  The middle class are really just getting put into the bottom class now.  And the ones who are wealthy today, this big, big clique are getting wealthier and wealthier all the time. 

"The recent decline of middle class incomes is because almost all of the economic growth since the latest recession has been gobbled up by the super-rich.  Large leaps in wealth for the top 5% have masked declines in income for the bottom 95%, giving the appearance that the economic recovery has benefited all parties.

Even in good economic times (such as 2001-2007), median household income stayed flat.  These trends, says Madland, are 30 years in the making — the result of “trickle down” economic policy and the loss of workers’ economic power to get higher wages." 

Alan:  What they don’t mention here is it’s also because you’re run by private institutions that gave you the World Trade Organization (WTO) with its private court that decides who gets free trade and who doesn’t.  And they decided to give it to China.  And your factories all went abroad.  The same in Canada, they all went abroad.  And not only that, they use the taxpayer in these secret agreements actually, at the time they were pretty secret, the taxpayers funded those factories to get up and move.  And also, we funded any losses they incurred during that process of setting up in China. 

So of course it’s all planned that way.  And they knew all the fallout of it before it happened.  They plan everything and say, what will the fallout be?  Oh millions will be unemployed.  {Laughs}  What are we going to replace them with?  What are we going to make them work at?  Well they’ll just have to go on unemployment, etcetera, etcetera.  I mean this is all planned.  We’re global folks.  We’re run by international globalists.  The private organizations that set up the WTO were the Royal Institute of International Affairs in London, England, it’s a private organization.  Every media mogul is a member of it so that’s where you get your propaganda from.  And their branch in the U.S. is called the Council on Foreign Relations.  It’s the same thing; they do the same thing there.  Anybody who’s anybody in the U.S. is a member of it.  And they want global free trade and a global government and one system running the banking system across the planet, all in private hands.  Their hands you see.  It’s very, very simple to figure out. 

Now fracking of course, again this is what really gets me, they always use the public, the public’s purse, put it that way, for the big projects at home or abroad nowadays, big corporations.  And the governments give you great public relations like we’re going to have energy for another hundred years because we can do fracking and get energy at home.  And then once they get all the grants put in and they’re doing it and so on and then start bottling the gas, etcetera, they start selling it abroad.  So, so much for having it at home.  It will be gone, it will all be gone abroad you see.  And I’ve read the articles on the air about it.  Everything is a racket folks and government is part of the racket.  But anyway it’s always fallout for the public in more ways than one.

"Dangerous levels of radioactivity found at fracking waste site in Pennsylvania"

Alan:  I mentioned this before but they’ve done a deep study on it. 

"A gas production site at the Marcellus shale formation in Pennsylvania." 

"Scientists have for the first time found dangerous levels of radioactivity and salinity at a shale gas waste disposal site that could contaminate drinking water.  If the UK follows in the steps of the US "shale gas revolution", it should impose regulations to stop such radioactive buildup, they said.  The Duke University study, published on Wednesday, examined the water discharged from Josephine Brine Treatment Facility into Blacklick Creek," 

Alan:  It’s called.

"...which feeds into a water source for western Pennsylvania cities, including Pittsburgh.  Scientists took samples upstream and downstream from the treatment facility over a two-year period, with the last sample taken in June this year.

Elevated levels of chloride and bromide, combined with strontium, radium, oxygen, and hydrogen isotopic compositions, are present in the Marcellus shale wastewaters, the study found.

Radioactive brine is naturally occurring in shale rock and contaminates wastewater during hydraulic fracturing – known as fracking.  Sometimes that "flowback" water is re-injected into rock deep underground, a practice that can cause seismic disturbances, but often it is treated before being discharged into watercourses.

Radium levels in samples collected at the facility were 200 times greater than samples taken upstream.  Such elevated levels of radioactivity are above regulated levels and would normally be seen at licensed radioactive disposal facilities, according to the scientists at Duke University's Nicholas school of the environment in North Carolina." 


"Hundreds of disposal sites for wastewater could be similarly affected, said Professor Avner Vengosh, one of the authors of the study published in Environmental Science & Technology, a peer-reviewed journal." 

Alan:  And I’ll put the links up for that one too.

"“If people don't live in those places, it's not an immediate threat in terms of radioactivity.  However, there's the danger of slow bio-accumulation of the radium.”" 

Back with more after this.

{Break ♫}

Alan:  Hi folks.  We’re Cutting Through the Matrix, talking about the system, which is everything of course.  It’s all that we know, is the system.

And another article too about the border, the U.S. and Canada border.  And there have been so many horror stories coming out of there too over the years since 9/11 as it’s got crazy; it’s got crazy and so on.  And the Department of Homeland Security really has the full right to do whatever they want apparently.  But apparently there is a TV show called, "On the Media" and the producer and the family and friends of this producer of the "On the Media" show were detained after attending a wedding in Canada.  And I think her name is Sarah Abdurrahman.  So it says:

"Everyone they detained was an American citizen, coming back to the US after attending a wedding of a cousin.  They were treated terribly, put in a cold room with no food or drinks, and no information on what was going on.  CBP demanded they hand over their electronics, and made it clear they might not get them back."

Alan:  It’s true, they take your cell phones off you and everything.

 "The thing is, this isn't a unique situation.  As the report notes, there's almost no oversight over CBP actions, allowing them to act with impunity.  In the report, the story is told of a 4-year-old girl, an American citizen, who was detained for 14 hours, in a cold room, without being allowed to speak to her parents and given no food beyond a cookie.  And then she was deported.  Even though she was a US citizen.  She was allowed to come back weeks later, but now has symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder.

Abdurrahman's own story is perhaps not that crazy, but is still ridiculous.  She tried to find out information during the detainment, but was repeatedly told "it's not your right to know."  She wasn't even allowed to know the names of the CBP agents who detained them.  When she asked, agents turned their backs to her so she couldn't see their name tags.  Multiple attempts at getting Homeland Security or CBP to respond to questions failed."

"She also tells the story of some other wedding attendees who were similarly detained with incredibly obnoxious behavior from CBP agents." 

Alan:  Border Patrol agents

"The first one they met was quizzing everyone in the car on their names, and the 3-year-old child in the back cheerily volunteered his name and the CBP agent snapped at him."

Alan:  Yelled at him.

"The agents initially promised that they wouldn't search their phones, but then demanded that people unlock their phones, and even told them the phones would be confiscated and not returned.  People complained that they needed their phones for work and were basically told too bad.  Abdurrahman notes that three full cars of people from that one wedding all had their phones confiscated, and she notes that DHS..."

Alan:  Department of Homeland Security.

"...claims only about 15 phones are confiscated each day by CBP, and wonders why everyone from one wedding appear to have nearly reached that quota." 

Alan:  And it gets worse and worse actually but I’ll put the link up tonight for you to have a look at.  And I think there is an audio that goes with it if you want to listen to the audio. 

Now we know too that the big internationalists have never changed their...  You got to understand the psychology of psychopaths.  They’re not creative psychopaths but they get to the top as CEOs of massive corporations.  And they’re megalomaniacs too.  But a psychopath really is all out for themselves, the world revolves around themselves, that’s it.  And they have never changed their attitudes to the rest of the public.  They’re there for their use of.  That’s what the public is for.  And they tend to get up into politics too.  Anywhere where the big public purse is, they get up there.  They like power, they like accolades and applause. 

So they’ve used the same systems down through the ages.  Well I knew when they were building Dubai and for the very, very rich folk to go and live in Dubai, they imported people from all over the world, even from Latin America.  And they bring them in under the same old cons that the British Empire used, part of your pay to get over there is deducted from your wage every week and eventually they’ll deduct money for you to get back home again.  And of course because you have to spend money when you’re living there, you can never save up the money to get back home, so you’re a slave.

And this one is at Qatar.  Now Qatar is the great place for the U.S. and Britain and other countries to ship their arms into for the Syrian rebels.  That’s been in mainstream news and I’ve read that on the air too.  So they have:

"‘Slaves worked to death’ building Qatar’s World Cup paradise – report"

"Protesters demonstrate against the perceived exploitation of workers in Qatar, the location of the 2022 World Cup, before a UEFA Congress in central London on May 24, 2013." 

"One construction worker a day dies as Qatar seeks to build facilities for the World Cup.  That’s the finding of The Guardian newspaper, which characterizes the conditions facing migrant workers in the country as “slave labor.”" 

Alan:  Now as I say that was the same in Dubai because I knew a doctor who went over there for a couple of months and he couldn’t believe these people were living literally in cardboard boxes.  These are the workers.  They were working twelve to fourteen hours a day in that kind of heat too.  And many of them got sick, many of them died, and they just didn’t even know who they were, they just buried them.  This still goes on today folks.  And don’t think for an instant that the same people who brought these people over to build this World Cup place wouldn’t do the same to you if they could get away with it, because they would.  In all ages they have, they have.  Never think that you’re somehow getting civilized and that human nature is changing.  It hasn’t at all, not in the least.  Not with the psychopathic types. 

Also this article is pretty good too...

"MasterCard today unveiled a new global report, “The Cashless Journey,” that tracks how 33 major economies are progressing from cash-based to cashless societies." 

Alan:  They planned this long, long ago.  Long ago. 

"The report, produced by MasterCard Advisors, identifies new technologies, government programs and consumer preferences as key factors that are driving this shift, creating more productive and inclusive economies." 

Alan:  That’s a nice way of saying it but there is more to it of course.  But it goes through the different countries.

"The report identifies Belgium (where an estimated 93% of the value of consumer spend was cashless), France (92%), Canada (90%), the UK (89%), Sweden (89%), Australia (86%) and the Netherlands (85%) as countries where cashless payments are nearly ubiquitous, and attributes the broad movement away from cash to the uptake of new cashless payment technologies such as mobile, contactless and EMV Chip and a modern payments infrastructure."

"Countries such as the United States (where an estimated 80% of the value of consumer spend was cashless) and Singapore (69%) are approaching the “tipping point” to becoming nearly cashless, and remaining cash use is largely a product of consumer habit."

Alan:  So it’s just habit they’re telling you, right.  And then they give you the ones that are down at the bottom, that haven’t caught up yet.

But then you go into this article to give you another look at it.

"Israel eyes..."

Alan:  Israel.

"...eyes cashless economy to boost tax collection" 

Alan:  You see there are many ways to put this kind of stuff out you see.

"Off-the-books payments cost the Israeli public because billions of shekels go untaxed and don't contribute to the treasury, according to the head of the new committee that will propose ways of reducing cash transactions and increasing electronic payment methods. 

Alan:  So they’re doing ways that are actually going to discourage folk from using cash.  You get little bonuses, little free this and that if you don’t use cash you see.  It always works with the people unfortunately, doesn’t it?  And it’s all for that.  And too the governments planned years ago to go completely cashless and eventually in your computer, will be linked right to the government tax office and any purchase you make or anything that you sell will be taxed immediately as you do it in real time and it’ll go straight to the government.  I’ve read about that years ago.  So that’s why we’re all going this way.  That’s why.

Also it says:

"Feds arrest the alleged founder of Bitcoin’s largest drug market" 

"Federal prosecutors have indicted a man named Ross William Ulbricht in San Francisco.  They say he is the founder of Silk Road, a controversial website that allows users to buy and sell narcotics and other illicit goods.  Founded in 2011, Silk Road website used Bitcoin, a digital currency that helped mask the identity of Silk Road's merchants and customers. 

The government shuttered the site and seized approximately 26,000 Bitcoins worth approximately $3.6 million.  The government says it was the largest ever Bitcoin seizure in history.

“During its two and a half years in operation, Silk Road has been used by several thousand drug dealers and other unlawful vendors to distribute hundreds of kilograms of illegal drugs and other illicit goods and services to well over a hundred thousand buyers,” the government alleges in its indictment.  The government says that 600,000 Bitcoins changed hands on the site, which at current exchange rates translates to $1.2 billion.  In addition to narcotics, Silk Road also had listings for fake drivers' licenses, counterfeit currency,"

Alan:  I wonder what counterfeit is?  If money is backed by nothing, what is it, eh?  It’s a religion, it’s backed by faith.

"...hacking services and much more, the government alleges." 

Alan:  And so on and so on.  But we’ll all be cashless shortly and then it’s like Bertrand Russell said when he talked about giving the people credits instead of money.  It’s the same thing you see, cashless, it doesn’t matter what the cash is, it’s credits.  And eventually they’ll just stop all of your, they’ll take what they want from your account, the government will do that, or shut you down if you’ve been bad or politically incorrect on your site.  Things like that.  It’s all been discussed before you heard of the internet.

From Hamish and myself from Ontario, Canada, it’s goodnight, and may your God or your Gods go with you.



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