Oct. 9, 2013 (#1419)

Poem Copyright Alan Watt Oct. 9, 2013:

Saviours of Behaviours:

"Fixing a Society is a Gesture, a Token
By Governments, Knowing Society's Broken,
For the Old System is Gone, is Lost,
Life's Rules are Blurring, What a Cost,
Named "The Great Transformation,"
Where Society to Be Given Indoctrination
By "Experts", From Cradle to Grave,
For "Perfect" Citizens, Sure to Behave,
Huxley's Brave New World, Order Perfect,
Ruled by Specialists on Behalf of Elect"
© Alan Watt Oct. 9, 2013

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Hi folks.  I'm Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through the Matrix on the 9th of October, 2013.

For newcomers please use the website cuttingthroughthematrix.com and youíll find lot and lots of audios, for free download that is, where I go through the system that weíre born into, how it works, and how itís worked for an awful long time and where itís all supposed to go because power never gives itself up, it simply changes its form in a sense to bring in new systems to please the public and these new systems are always really held onto and managed by the same people who managed the old system.  Because power is money and money runs the world and weíve seen it through the bank crashes and so on, weíve seen the rewards almost of banks that crashed everybody, stole their mortgages and so on, that there was no real comedown on them at all.  And this was happening in different countries across the world at the same time. 

So therefore weíre living in a system thatís essentially fraudulent too with the debt money of course, an old, old story.  And of course we have to pay back debt all the time as they borrow money and print it up. 

So, help yourself to the website.  Youíll find out all the different organizations that help run the world, ones we donít elect in fact, the private organizations, the philanthropic ones, the foundations, Ford, Carnegie, Rockefeller, etcetera, that are involved in changing the way that we live.  They even draft up treaties to be signed internationally like the Earth treaty of course, the Earth Charter, etcetera.  They work with the United Nations and also create treaties; they come in binding it into law.  And then they make us all basically follow the rules, the new rules to protect the earth or pay money for energy, or CO2 taxes, whatever it happens to be.

So the whole world is planned ahead basically by powerful institutions that I think are above government.  In fact some of them have their own private clubs that manage the media, the CFR for instance.  Youíll find every media mogul is a member of the Royal Institute for International Affairs and Council on Foreign Relations at least and some of them are even members of the Trilateral Commission as well. 

So the news of course is uniform and standardized.  Itís trickled down through Reuters and API and thatís your news.  Everyone prattles the same news as we get the same information.  And we live in Platoís cave basically. 

Remember too you can get print-ups of the talks Iíve given as well if you want to print them up in English on all the sites listed at cuttingthroughthematrix.com and if you go into alanwattsentientsentinel.eu you can get transcripts in other languages.†

And from the U.S. to Canada remember you can still order the books by using personal checks or international postal money orders from the post office, or send cash, or use Paypal.  Across the world, Western Union, Moneygram, and Paypal once again.  And straight donations are seriously welcome as we go through these inflationary times which they call quantitative easing.  It sounds better; inflation got a bad name during the last great depression. 

But thatís really what weíre going through and of course even the chairman of the Federal Reserve thatís changed seats again said last year that it was the plan for the next few years to inflate the currency every year for maybe up to ten years even.  So eventually the currency is worth very little at all in purchasing power as we well know.  And this of course ties in with the whole agenda of austerity.  The idea of austerity was pushed out by different again private organizations all run by the big private foundations that own so many think tanks you canít count them all across the world.  And these think tanks work in all specialized areas of society, not just economics, but in all aspects of society and they advise governments on what to do again with various policies. 

And these think tanks came out with the Club of Rome, another think tank front group that said that there were too many people back in the 70ís.  And they said too that the consumer society couldnít last.  It would have to be changed; and we had been given the consumer society remember by Bernays, Ed Bernays, who was the master of advertising and lifestyle changes and so on who worked with presidents one after another.  So if you want any of the articles on him too Iíve got many at the archives section at cuttingthroughthematrix.com where I go through some of his history and what he was up to and the power that he had amongst presidents and so on.  And he even helped get the people into World War I actually, as a propagandist. 

So anyway the Club of Rome decided that there was too many people and the age of prosperity would have to come to an end and weíre going into austerity now.  And they also said too that democracy would never work.  Because the big plans to save us all they said, to save us all, would not work with democracy; everyone would complain or fight and different groups would pressure governments not to go along with things which they said would have to be done.  Therefore an authoritarian system would have to be established. 

And really thatís what we have today under the guise of terrorism everywhere.  And you have authoritarianism being shown by all the different agencies especially in the U.S. and Britain is catching up quickly with equivalent forces now.  And no oneís got privacy of any kind, all to do with, and training you too to accept this.  Most folk actually do accept it, especially the young unfortunately.  They donít realize how valuable privacy is to individuals and always has been.  It always has been.  People had wars in ancient times and even the Middle Ages to do with privacy, the invasion of privacy by government authorities even when kings and queens ruled with their thousands of spies all working amongst your communities. 

So weíre going through the same old thing but now itís high tech of course.  And the Club of Rome said specialists should run the world.  We have been trained since at least the 50ís and increasingly through the 70ís and 80ís and 90ís to the present on television especially or even on the radio when they bring specialists on, experts in their field, whatever it happens to be.  Even on the weather channels and things like that where they tell you to bring your umbrella, like youíre a little child, because itís going to rain, or wear warm boots, itís going to snow.  Things like that.† And then you go back into the old writings of people who set up this system in the 20th century.  They set up the present time that weíd live through today, culture-wise, because they were into creating a culture, big cultural shifts in society and changes, which has all come to pass actually.  Weíre still living through it all today.  They havenít completed it. 

Many of the guys are dead that sat on the old board at the Macy Group and worked with the Frankfurt School like Lord Bertrand Russell.  And who were given permission after World War II to do this very thing by the president of the U.S. because some groups in the U.S. thought that the country might go Nazi after World War II.  And therefore they gave these groups a lot of power through going into education, setting curriculums, what topics should be avoided, what topics should be pushed and so on, to change the way people think and what to eventually even expect financially and so on, and more so today. 

Iíve also gone through the stories recently in fact again because Iíve done them in the past when they first set themselves up, about the psychological special units set up by Britain and the U.S.  Iím sure all countries have them, probably Canada has them too, where they prompt people through psychological persuasion through television, even having things inserted into television dramas or movies.  Youíre being prompted on what to think or what to feel bad about or guilty about or whatever it happens to be.  They prompt you to make the right decisions.† But theyíre also into the computer in a big, big way of course.  In a big, big way because everyone is using the computer and they said themselves they can actually prompt you on what to look for next.  And what youíre going to look for next is whatís been approved for you to look for next, not the whole open scope of whatís out there, but what they will approve and you donít realize youíre being "nudged" as they call it, as Cass Sunstein called it, nudged along.

So thatís the world in which we live.  As we go high tech we have less and less, not just privacy, but we donít even know where many of our opinions come from.  Itís very important to know where your opinions; are they based on foundations of truth, or are you being used by someone else, or simply are you ignorant of the facts and take the standard spiel from the media?

Back with more after this.

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Hi folks.  Weíre back Cutting Through the Matrix and talking about the big system, the big society that we live in today, which is vastly different from what it was even a few years ago.  And people always want to go back to the past.  And yet no one can go back to the past because youíve changed too along with it, we adapt.  We adapt and thatís what the big boys who manage our heads know very, very well, how we adapt to things.

And they have incredible methods today of managing peopleís opinions and their minds and so on.  And itís always been this way mind you down through the ages because even religions have been used for the same things, to get the society that was more obedient and didnít kill each other and so on, and didnít steal and so on and so on and so on.  Otherwise thereíd be chaos.  But today of course itís much, much worse apparently.  And you look all around you and there is drug problems everywhere.  It doesnít matter where you go, drug problems.  And even here in this little place that I live in they had a murder on Monday of a woman at the end of the street.  And thereís only about, I donít know if thereís even twelve houses on this street, and then the cops were out with their choppers and so on looking for whoever might have been hiding in the bushes or whatever.  And it just shows you that no one can escape the chaos thatís going on around.

And society is definitely getting more violent, which of course was known a long time ago by the different associations, mainly Christian associations, which looked at Hollywood in the early days and the violence that they were showing; they said this would affect society and youngsters would copy this behavior.  And of course there have been many, many articles Iíve read on the air, and others have too, to do with studies on how our behavior has been changing and how many movies people, especially children watch growing up to the age of five and beyond and how it affects them, etcetera.  And how many murders or simulated murders they see on television and itís phenomenal.  Itís staggering.  And the problem gets to a bigger problem where people who are really into incredible TV watching and so on, their behavior definitely will change and become more aggressive and so on. 

The television has also been used even for the various revolutions in society which are social and cultural revolutions.  The womanís lib movement was pushed through television, even through comedies and dramas and so on and movies, until they wanted to almost reverse the roles apparently some of them said at the top.  And so society cannot go back.  It is what it is today.  It canít go back to some fictional Andy of Mayberry scenario.  And it never was like that anyway. 

But as I say society is definitely getting more violent.  And even I looked up the drugs in Sudbury, the drug problem, and apparently itís phenomenal in Sudbury the next town to me, which is a mining town.  And itís just absolutely phenomenal the problem with drugs and oxycontins and so on and so on that the youngsters are all on.

And even the robberies, even the ones that came around a couple of years ago at Christmas time in my area too where the guys hit five houses in a row on a street not far from here and they dumped a lot of the stuff they had stolen in the last house that they robbed because the guy had better stuff, so they wanted to make room in their truck for it.  And he told me that the stuff would probably get sold for drugs; thatís what he had been told.  So itís just incredible todayís society to what it was not so long ago really and itís getting worse.  So you find out itís not all terrorism, terrorism, itís literally domestic disputes and drug problems etcetera, etcetera.

Anyway in London for instance and this article is almost a repeat of what came out before.  But it said that the Met Office now, the metropolitan area of London, theyíre using a computer algorithm to predict where crime will happen.

"Met's Minority Report: They use computer algorithms to predict where crime will happen" 

ē† "Computer algorithms generate future crime maps that lead police to where incidents are likely to occur" 

ē† "So far been shown to make policing up to seven times more successful"

Alan:  Strange, that, in a way, isnít it?  But with all these algorithms and study groups and so on that are going on with universities involved, theyíre getting so much data on human behavior, on everyoneís behavior, your personality makeup, your personality profile, itís all up there on the internet basically.  But certain areas seem to attract certain people at a certain time and they end up with trouble for some reason or another.

ē† "All police forces are now being encouraged to adopt the system because 'it's no longer possible to throw overtime at problems'" 

Alan:  And this is true too as we go through the massive shift of money that used to be for policing into anti-terrorism and special agencies and so on, then the police are starting to get sold the idea that computers are going to solve a lot of their problems for them or help them predict crime, etcetera.  The U.S. I believe in some states is using the same system and Canada might be too for the big cities, I donít know.  But thatís the way itís all going.  And you understand too that computers are not going to solve the problem and neither are algorithms either.  Itís not going to solve the problem, the underlying problems that cause it all to happen you see.  Society is pretty well broken right now and it has been for quite some time as the cultural mores, everything changed.  We had the sexual liberation, we had all these different social revolutions, and they called it the sexual revolution at the time.†

You had the television and movies pumping out guys supposedly on drugs, even in the movies.  You had pop stars getting interviewed on television for years, stoned out of their gourds and falling off their seats.  And youíd have the interviewers laughing away and tee-heeíing and tittering as though it was all really funny.  And that was the message intended for the children, which they certainly soaked up.  And here we are today with the mess. 

I think part of it too is to do with society doesnít know where itís going anymore.  And itís interesting to read the old philosophers, to do with men of vision as they called them, the ones who would come along once in a while and lead them from one era to the next era by having a vision for their country or whatever.  Unfortunately it used to mainly be to do with war, with someone else having a war and creating empires and so on.  But they called them men of vision, ones who had an idea of how to give the masses a purpose for living and for the way things were and so on and so on, in other words creating a culture.  But today as we go global it becomes even more difficult to get people to go into a new culture.†

There was a book written years ago by Desmond Morris.  Desmond Morris was a zoologist who did television shows across the world and with the BBC in England too and he had a best seller called, "The Naked Ape".† Now he worked also with psychologists, the ones that were studying humans and comparing them to animals.  And he had a great success and a lot of it was quite funny in the book too but he did a second book called, "Tribe and Super-Tribe", and he used the U.S. as an example of the society to come being multicultural and could the U.S. being a superpower and the policeman of the world be able to get all the different cultures into a new culture and an American culture or would they insist that they keep their own cultures and youíd have all these fragmented people and they wouldnít form a super tribe as he called it. 

And itís well worth the read for those who havenít heard of it because he goes through the findings and studies from universities that were working on this problem way back in the 60ís and 70ís.  And a lot of what they said in the book actually has come to pass.  And he even talked about the need for a super army which eventually would be global; because you see the big boys always knew that that was the goal, to bring in a global society with the free trade rules, the NAFTA agreements for the Americas, eventually a parliament of the Americas.  You also have the European Union that was set up after World War II to gradually bring them into losing sovereignty and eventually doing away with the nations all together.  Theyíre just regions.  And thatís happened as well pretty well, until national parliaments are really provincial parliaments now with less power than they used to have.  And itís an old, old idea.  It goes back to Karl Marx.  He mentioned it as well, a trading bloc, three trading blocs in the world, three great ones with a Far Eastern one that would be the third one.  And that would encompass Australia and New Zealand and China and a few other countries, Japan and so on.† Itís all, you live in a plan almost, a script.  Thatís what weíre living through, folks. 

Back with more after this.

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Alan:  Hi folks.  Weíre back Cutting Through the Matrix and this article too ties in to an extent with this too.  This is by John W. Whitehead of the Rutherford Institute. And it says:

"ďTo the degree that we take away play, we deprive children of the ability to practise adulthood, and we create people who will go through life with a sense of dependence and victimisation, a sense that there is some authority out there who is supposed to tell them what to do and solve their problems.Ē"

Alan:  For them.  And thatís true.  Thatís true.  Iíve had people actually, I had one fella phone me up from the States once and he was separated from his family, he got to visit them once in a while, but the children had been brought up with social workers with the mother.  And the children actually said that the social worker was their best friend.  You know thatís how it is; theyíre just part of the family.  And now with Britain of course everyone is being appointed a guardian by the state.  Everyone who is born, it doesnít matter what class or whatever you come from, itís the law.  Then itís going to get worse of course.† Itís for training, mass training the public on a big scale.  Things that Julian Huxley and others talked about back in the 50ís.  Anyway it says:

"ďThat is not a healthy way to live.Ē" 

Alan:  And that was by psychologist Peter Gray.† It says:

"These days, it is far too easy to rattle off the outrageous examples of zero tolerance policy run amok in our nationís schools.  A 14-year-old student arrested for texting in class.  Three middle school aged boys in Florida thrown to the ground by police officers wielding rifles, who then arrested them for goofing off on the roof of the school.  A 9-year-old boy suspended for allegedly pointing a toy at a classmate and saying ďbang, bang.Ē" 

"Two 6-year-old students in Maryland suspended for using their fingers as imaginary guns in a schoolyard game of cops and robbers." 

Alan:  Now you can watch movies and youíll see the gangsters giving that sign too, to someone a potential target, as a warning.  And where do you think they get it all from?  And thatís okay.  Itís okay they say for society to mimic; or what Hollywood will tell you is that they mimic society, but itís really the other way around.  We know that; theyíre part of the cultural system for cultural changes.  And we copy them. 

"A 12-year-old New York student hauled out of school in handcuffs for doodling on her desk with an erasable marker.  An 8-year-old boy suspended for making his hand into the shape of a gun, in violation of the school districtís policy prohibiting ďplaying with invisible guns.Ē" 

Alan:  Itís actually a policy.

"A 17-year-old charged with a felony for keeping his tackle box in his car parked on school property, potentially derailing his chances of entering the Air Force." 

"Two seventh graders in Virginia suspended for the rest of the school year for playing with airsoft guns in their own yard before school." 

"Thus, itís tempting, when hearing about the 7-year-old suspended for chewing his Pop-Tart into the shape of a gun to chalk it up to an isolated example of school officials lacking in common sense.  However, as I point out in my book A Government of Wolves: The Emerging American Police State, these incidents are far from isolated, occurring as they have for the better part of the past 30 years under the guise of maintaining safety and security in the schools.  They are part of a concerted, top-down approach to creating a generation of obedient worker-bees content to be directed, distracted and kept in line." 

Alan:  But really when you see the ages of these children and the amount of movies theyíre watching and all the heroes are the guys with the big guns.  And the guys with the big guns you canít tell who is the bad guy or the good guy anymore.  Theyíre both kind of steroid guys in most of the movies and there is a guy with a badge or the governmentís authorized who is always, thatís the only guy that you know who is a good guy Ė heís the authorized guy Ė because his behavior is the same as the bad guy.  Anyway it says:

"Despite a general consensus that zero tolerance policies have failed to have any appreciable impact on student safety, schools have doubled down on these policies to the detriment of children all across the nation.  Indeed, the zero tolerance mindset is so entrenched among school administrators all over America that we are now seeing school officials reaching into the personal lives of students to police their behavior at all times.  For example, 13,000 students in the Glendale Unified School District in California are now being subjected to constant social media monitoring by school officials." 

Alan:  And Iíll put up the article on that too, a separate article.

"Superintendent Richard Sheehan has hired private firm Geo Listening to analyze the public social media posts of students both off and on campus.  Whether on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, or any other social media platform, students will have their posts and comments analyzed for evidence of ďbullying, cyber-bullying, hate and shaming activities, depression, harm and self harm, self hate and suicide, crime, vandalism, substance abuse and truancy.Ē

Unfortunately, the Glendale program is simply one component of a larger framework in which all student activity is treated as an open book by school administrators.  What we are witnessing is a paradigm shift in American society, in which no personal activity is safe from the prying eyes of government agents and their corporate allies.  Every decision and action, no matter how innocent, is scrutinized, analyzed, filed, stored, and eventually held against you when those in power feel like it.

When one pulls back the veil of zero tolerance, one can see the real culprit is the corporate-state, which has been meticulously applying the zero tolerance mindset to not just public schools in America, but our workplaces, our political forums, our social interactions and even our own homes.  The end result is a society which is completely pacified and willing to march in lockstep with the corporate-state." 

Alan:  Now this ties in with Professor Carroll Quigleyís feudal state, he called it, a new feudal system is being developed.  And remember he was the personal historian for this big agency or society, a private organization called the Council on Foreign Relations.  Anyone who is anyone in the U.S. business world is a member.  Any top politician is a member of it too.  In fact you canít get to the top in politics unless you are a member.  He said that himself.  In fact he said you canít join the society, youíll be approached and if they vet you then theyíll bring you in.  So you canít simply go up and pay a fee and join it.  And of course thatís just the American branch of the Royal Institute of International Affairs in Britain thatís been on the go for an awful long time, about a hundred years or so and actually longer than that under different names.  And they wanted to bring in the perfect society of obedience of course.  And they really were into eugenics big time.  They had lots of plans, they thought theyíd bring in specialists again, experts in eugenics to bring the perfect citizen into being through training and through behaviorism, psychology and social psychology and so on.  Neuroscientists are all into it now too.

But he said the new system is to be privatized.  Everything is privatized.  And weíve already seen that taking effect over the years, the privatization of all the public utilities etcetera, etcetera.  And you find companies like IBM have somehow either been given authority or given themselves authority to set up this global net system for all electricity across the whole planet, smart meter systems, the grids, the world grid.  Iíve even put the world grid up that they put out from IBM themselves where they want to eventually put everything, all energy in the world into one grid system.  And that way they can take power from one place thatís not needed so much and put it somewhere else and so on.  In other words they will put it to where the manufacturing is like China or some third world country thatís been brought up at the moment. 

So he said that, he said the new feudal system theyíre bringing in and he was all for it remember, he was a member and their historian and he worked at the state department of the U.S., he said that the new CEOs, corporate CEOs will be the new feudal overlords of this system.  And thatís what we have.  In Britain too lots of the police have been privatized in some areas.  Private organizations run them.  And once youíre private of course youíre no longer responsible to the public to an extent.  And thatís what the government will tell you too, if you complain about anything, well we canít do anything about it you see, we donít own them, theyíre a private company. 

So public accountability is being phased out and youíre being trained to accept that too.  Itís not an accident that youíre not getting any real news.  For many, many years youíre getting no real news, the whys and wherefores and whatís planned to come up and all this kind of stuff.  You donít get it anymore.  You get more trivia.  Trivia is out there like galore like never before.  So much so that itís got worse because in Britain and in Australia, in the British Commonwealth countries, Lord Leveson came out with his bill and they got it through of course to basically police the journalists.  And now the journalists are just giving you nothing but trivia.  I think the States is going the same way too because everything is happening globally at the same time because weíre in a global society.  But anyway this article goes on and says:

"This manner of thinking has been slowly adopted by many Americans, but more worrisome is the manner in which itís being foisted upon our nationís youth.  We are now living in an era in which childhood as it was once understood, a time to learn, to make mistakes, to try and fail, to try again and succeed, has been replaced by the worst elements of corporate and government culture.  Children are treated as workers and prisoners, collected, corralled and controlled by teachers who increasingly act as bureaucrats, forced to fit every child into the exact same mold, regardless of their personal abilities and talents." 

Alan:  Now, Iíve spoken to teachers over the years, ones who are retired or ready to retire and theyíve told me the same thing.  They canít handle it anymore because thatís their job now.  Theyíre like a bureaucrat for the government. And itís all psychological control.

Back with more after this.

{Break ♫}

Alan:  Hi folks.  Weíre back Cutting Through the Matrix and talking about how we really are today and whatís really going on.  And you have to go into the histories again of the behaviorists and psychologists going way back and to do with changing society and the power they were given actually at the end of World War II.  Some of them, the top ones in fact, the American Psychologists Association and also the World Psychiatric Association that was under the daughter of Freud at that time talked about their right to start shaping every individualís mindset for them for obedience to government and so on.  And itís pretty well going that way. 

But first of course they had to destroy the old value system to get their new value system in and thatís part of the problem too.  People donít know where they are.  They donít know where theyíre going.  They donít know what their culture is, a lot of them, anymore.  They really donít know.  And weíre going into the global society, mass immigrations of people across the world are happening, predicted a long time, many, many years ago.  And itís happening too, so people are getting kind of lost but they still go on with this obsession about training children and leaving it to specialists, not parents anymore.  But it says here:

"Psychologist Peter Gray takes this criticism further, noting that children today are rarely allowed the opportunity to engage in undirected creative activity, also known as playing.  He notes that since the 1960s, time for play has taken a backseat in the lives of children in favor of rigid curriculums revolving around high-stakes testing.  Even sports, which were once simply games played on the fly by a mixed group of neighborhood children, have taken on the rigidity of life in a factory or cubicle.  The obsession with quantifying childhood progress has gone so far that charter schools in DC are beginning to conduct high stakes testing for three and four year old children." 

Alan:  Remember the GIRFEC again that theyíre testing out in Scotland.  Theyíve got a version for it in England and elsewhere too.  So again from the United Nations and they want to test them there as young as four months old for goodness sake. 

"Over the same time period, incidences of childhood mental illness have steadily increased.  The number of children and young adults suffering from major depression and generalized anxiety disorder have increased between five and eightfold since the 1950s.  The suicide rate for 15 Ė 24 year olds has doubled, while the suicide rate for those under the age of 15 has quadrupled.  The rise in these mental illnesses is coupled with a decrease in empathy and an increase in narcissism in young people, indicating that their ability to work with others ó as is necessary in a society ó has been muted." 

Alan:  Now that ties right in with the groups I talked about before that were given permission to alter society at the end of World War II.  And one of the big, big players was Lord Bertrand Russell.  He wrote a book called, "Education and the Good Life" and he outlined the plan in that book to create the proper kind of citizen.  And he also did one called, "Roads to Freedom".  And one other one too called, "The Impact of Science on Society" that he was all for, to use science to alter society, the mindset, the behavior of the people.  And he says we shall create a nation of narcissists and hedonists.  The reason for it being of course is they knew in ancient times, and the ancient Greeks talked about it, they wonít have bonding or anything in common with those around them so they wonít stand up to the power, the power that runs them all.  Thatís happened today.  And they have less compassion for others. 

"Weíre raising a generation of anxious individuals who expect their lifeís direction to come to them from orders from above.  In short, weíre creating a generation ingrained with an authoritarian mindset." 

Alan:  Getting back to the Club of Rome that works as a group working for the big globalist boys at the United Nations.  Thatís what they said in the 1970ís in their book that they put out, they said that democracy wouldnít work and theyíd need an authoritarian society.

Ever since the pushing forward of Freud this has galloped forward, this whole training society idea has galloped forward like you would not believe.  And it has never gone away, any more than the eugenicists have gone away.  Eugenics is alive and very, very well; there are even some sites in Britain where the guys are using the term again, theyíre proud to use it, eugenics.  They said that Hitler gave it a bad name and there is nothing wrong with it at all, theyíre reviving it all.  So eugenics is a big, big part of this too.  So psychiatry, through the drugging of people, through legitimate drugs and so on.  Remember that in "Brave New World" Huxley, Aldous Huxley, the brother of Julian Huxley at the United Nations, said that they would use drugs and drug society to make them more compliant.  Well thatís happened.  So many youngsters are on drugs now at school that they think nothing of taking drugs, other drugs.  You see thatís training them to take any kind of drug theyíre given for anything thatís going to alter their mood.  So itís done on purpose of course.  Nothing is happening by itself.  And itís not happening just because Big Pharma wants big profits.  Thatís a big part of it naturally but itís been done for other reasons as well.  And government remember always allows these new drugs to be used on them and new crazy disorders to be put out in the manual for psychiatrists to diagnose nonexistent diseases basically.†

It says:

"This authoritarian mindset is an unavoidable consequence of the American education system." 

"While so-called education reformers insist on more tests, pushing schools to emulate the Chinese, Japanese, and South Korean educational systems, they miss a big piece of the puzzle: educators in those countries consider their systems a failure.  Despite performing better than American children on certain international standardized tests, Chinese educators have noted that Chinese students have also demonstrated a ďlack of social and practical skills, absence of self-discipline and imagination, loss of curiosity and passion for learning.Ē" 

Alan:  You see if youíre trained in that kind of regime, itís true, you look for others to always guide you.  You lose your ability to guide yourself.  And that starts at a very young age when you play with other people, you find out who is good around you, who is bad around you, who is decent, who is kind of kind, who is a nasty bully, and you find out how to handle yourself in those circumstances as well.  But theyíre not getting that today.  Theyíre not getting that at all.  The teacher, itís true, is more of a bureaucrat today.  And teachers too are advising in many schools in the U.S. and elsewhere what children they would like to have on drugs, for being hyperactive as they call it. 

Now, when I was at school hyperactive boys were normal because being a boy was normal, when you have stacks of energy.  Thatís why they gave you the breaks that you did where you would go out and grab a football or something and youíd just go at it for a while and then the bell would go again and back in you went.  And youíd tire yourself out and you could sit and listen to the next lot.  Thatís what itís like to be a boy you see.  And of course in this day and age they say there is no difference between men and women; weíre all the same.  This is incredible, this is what they say, itís just you become a boy because youíre copying the behavior thatís been instilled by a parent or someone else, which is nonsense.  There are differences folks.  There are differences.  So weíre going through this.

It says:

"Despite this fact, states are pushing ahead with programs like Common Core, which not only threatens our childrenís quality of education, but their privacy as well.  A great deal of data will be collected under new guidelines proposed by the program." 

"While the purposes of the data collection appear legitimate on their face," 

Alan:  Everything does on the face of things.

"...mainly focused on keeping track of student progress, we must keep in mind that we are living in the era of Big Data, in which information becomes currency between the government and their corporate benefactors." 

Alan:  And thatís a big part of it, this relationship in this new feudal age of privatization and corporate benefactors, and governments and again the private institutions and foundations that put their own people into government in high bureaucratic positions.  Itís just astonishing, folks, that people donít know this is all happening.  But there again too itís not the present generation if we go by literally generations or say even take it every twenty years because the mothers and fathers that are bringing up todayís children went through their part of the programming as well, in which there was massive transformations in culture being really pushed from the top down again and so on and thatís had a profound effect as well. 

Every generation since really the early 60ís has been, theyíve had a war on them without knowing about it.  They were told they were going to be free with the revolutions they were having, cultural revolutions, and look at the mess weíre all in today.  Look at the mess weíre all in today.  And now that theyíve destroyed so many families, and there are so many single parent families out there and people donít know how to get on anymore for very long, youíre really in a mess.  You have dysfunction everywhere.  But the state steps in with all of their new rules and agencies and social workers.  And now of course after telling women for many, many years and building single parent homes all over Britain and other countries, now theyíre taking their benefits away.  Now look at the mess theyíre all in, but it was all planned that way folks.  Theyíre not stupid at the top; they plan the future.  Government always plans the future, so does power.†

From Hamish and myself from Ontario, Canada, itís goodnight, and may your God or your Gods go with you.



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