July 16th, 2008 (#141)
Alan Watt "Cutting Through The Matrix" LIVE on RBN:

Poem Copyright Alan Watt July 16th, 2008:

"What's the Big Deal when All's Said and Done,
Throw Away Your Old Self, Let's All be One,
And In Time We'll See the Vast Majority,
Are Still Dominated by an Inbred Minority,
You've Heard the World's Flat, Now Round, All that Jive,
It's Really a Borg Ashlar Cube and You're in the Hive"
© Alan Watt July 16th, 2008

Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - July 16th, 2008 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)

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Hi folks, I am Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through the Matrix on the 16th of July 2008.  I always advise newcomers to look into cuttingthroughthematrix.com for lots of previous talks and discussions about the history of this old world.  I won't say of ours, because it isn't really.  And I bring you up to speed, or try to bring you up to speed, on the forces that guide the generations to a particular ending; why things happen, the big foundations and groups that intertwine.  They create the culture, and make it so.  And also, where they want to take you, step by step.  And how we so easily adapt to their steps, thinking every part is quite natural and normal.  Also look into alanwattsentientsentinel.eu for transcripts which you can download in the various tongues of Europe. 


We truly do live in a big Matrix, where it's compartmentalized I guess is the word.  We're brought up in a system, a total system, where the parents in turn, don't know to tell the children that people guide the system; that everything within the fabric of society and culture is guided step by step, along particular paths, designed to basically take away your independence.  In fact, when the League of Nations was set up, at the end of World War I, they talked about the prime enemy of the League as the individual; that was their number one enemy.  And they said that only through the destruction of individualism would they bring peace and harmony to the planet.  Now peace and harmony is used over and over and over again, because we think it's nice, pleasant sounding terms and words.  We like peace, and we like harmony.  But you've got to understand, whenever you hear any term, you have to dissect it and say, well who is defining, who is giving the definition for this term, because when you look into it, it's never what you suspect.  It's never, ever what you think.  We are conditioned along a path, as I say, intergenerationally, and that's the big one that most folk can't get their minds over, the big hurdle, that every generation is in turn, dehumanized to an extent, made into the collective; cleverly enough with each one thinking they're doing their own thing, but really, you're doing what's authorized.  And out of all the pathways that you're allowed to follow it ends up on the same road, which is oneness.  What they call the Oneness of the World.  Everything is to be "one."  UN, remember, means "one" in French.  And the world has been standardized, bit by bit with big takeovers, corporate takeovers which they call empire building, and wars, and treaty agreements that blend them all together, until you come to the big Oneness, the Big World Government. A government which can only be held and sustained with human beings, being the way they are at present, that is; in our present state and condition.  It can only be maintained through fear and threat, force of law and massive scientific indoctrinations.  When they come out with the new type of purpose-made humans, you know the type where they've taken out the junk genes, those junk genes that make you "you."  The junk genes that give you creativity, etc.  Then they'll be happy.  Then they'll have their quiet, safe, secure planet.  I'll be back with more of this Oneness caper after these messages.


Hi folks, this is Alan Watt, back, Cutting through the Matrix, and just like that guitar there, I'm wailing away about the state of the world, and how we've got to this mess; which seems a mess, but really is a controlled chaos.  Order out of chaos.  You must create the chaos in order to bring out the solution, and lo and behold the solutions are all laid out by the big think-tanks long ago.  And all they have to do is wipe the dust off them at the appropriate time, and present them to the public who adapt very quickly to it.  We don't realize that most, in fact, all fiction today is meant to entice you into this Brave New World.  And those fictions which really captivate the imagination and take you on fantastic voyages, are the best ones to put in predictive programming, because it imprints on your brain.  Emotion in characters in whom you can identify with, especially when they're doing things which you experience in your own life, you identify with them, coupled with the story, coupled with a little bent in the story, which you adopt to as well, because you identify with the character, you go along with this little oddity, whatever it happens to be, and before you know it, your opinion on certain things has been altered.  And you're ready for the real thing to appear in life, and it doesn't seem like a big deal.  Fiction is very, very important; very important.  You'll notice too, that you go into major book stores today, and this is not by chance, that you don't have the old sections with the labeled fiction, non-fiction, history, etc.  You've got everything in a huge section where everything is mushed together with religion, New Age stuff, and a lot fantasy, by the way, mixed up there to with science fiction writers leading the charge for the New Age.  And it's all put together as fact for people.  They don't question it.  Yet, when I was growing up, everything was labeled as fiction or non-fiction; you had no problems figuring out what was meant to be a story.  Not today.  Because all stories are paid for by government institutions to artists, and through government agencies to artists, to help put out predictive programming.  That's why every country has a department of culture.  If you are the culture, why would you need a department of culture?  What's it there for?  It's there to upgrade you along certain paths, which all fall under the auspices of governance.


The Star Trek series was one of the most important series ever put out to the young people, back in the sixties, seventies, and so on.  It totally grabbed the imagination.  And no one knew at the time, that the Gene of the Red Berry, that was all part of the mystery religion that guides the planet, and was a member of NASA.  NASA at that time was classified as a military institution, into ballistic missiles and that kind of stuff, before it changed its hat and pretended it's all to do with space exploration, and finding out if spiders can have sex in a space capsule.  It's still the same institution.  Along with Arthur C Clarke and a few other major sci-fi writers, the Star Trek series was put out and it created a religious following, and I mean religious in every sense of the word.  But it also guides us along through its voyages, the Star Trek Voyager and Enterprise long before it.  And God bless us on this Enterprise is part of the motto of the U.S.  What enterprise is this?  Well, Benjamin Franklin mentioned the enterprise.  He mentioned that one day it will be an actual amalgamation of countries, a confederation of world states; that would be the enterprise.  And those that led it would win everything, they'd win the prize.  That's earth's resources and all the rest of it.  So did Thomas Jefferson say the exact same thing.  And they were masons, all.  This falls into it, this article here from Mark Bard.  And this is on parallelnormal.com, and this is on July 16th, 2008.

"Mad scientists plan to make us all "One" " by Mark Baard (parallelnormal.com) - July 16, 2008.)

(Alan: And then it shows you one of the old episodes from Captain Kirk's series of the Enterprise.  And it says:)

Hand signs for the end times, created by self-appointed healers

(A: That was one show where they had these sort of New Agey hippie types that were off to look for Eden, out amongst the planets.  And they had their own hand signals as all good masons do.  They give hand signals in shapes and symbols for a particular period.  And you'll see the photograph there of this one.  Then Mark goes on to say.)

17 years ago — long before Al Gore told us we were destroying the Earth — a small, extremely powerful group of scientists, diplomats and royals planned their crackdown on an increasingly distrustful human population. which they feared were growing mistrustful of their leaders.

The plan: to tighten control of the people to such a degree that they will act “as a single nervous system,” with an unwavering faith in their governments and political parties.

(Alan: And that's true, I've seen that term in some of the top books on sociology that’s given out to many of the higher members in some of these think tanks.  A single nervous system, with an unwavering faith in their governments and political parties.)

Today, marketing people are answering the call from that same elite group, the self-appointed Council of the Club of Rome, to launch grassroots campaigns promoting the Council’s “we are one” concept.

The marketers are also making enemies of anyone who opposes their environmental cause.

Now you'll see this oneness stuff, this global stuff all in the Greening agenda, which is all part of the religion.  You must have a religion for an age, which will dominate the people.  And you will obey that religion.  You'll see it being promoted from the top down, as all culture always is.  As Plato said, you can't allow grassroots culture to just spring up where it wishes because it will cause ripple effects and that's out of the control of the elite.  So all cultural changes, including all rebellions and revolutions, remember, most revolutions are bloodless, they're cultural, and they’re guided by the elite at the top.  And all the marketing is coming from the top.  The big, big money boys.  And it's all through their system.  All through their teachings now as marketing, they're using all the terminology in their marketing classes, and they pass it down onto you.  Mark goes on:

In the 1991 book “The First Global Revolution,” the Club of Rome lays out its plan to blame humans for all water shortages, diseases and famine, caused by “global warming.” The book suggests that too many humans are consuming too much food and fuel, and can be blamed as the primary cause of climate changes.

And I've read, right from that particular book, quite a few times in the past.  Where they talk about finding a way to bring all humans together, under a wartime scenario, since that's the only time we're willing to forgo things and sacrifice ourselves for a cause is under a warfare, so the war would be that humans are at war with the planet, so to save the planet, you must start culling back the humans.  That was their big, big con.  And they admit in the book in so many words that it was a con.  It says that they hit upon the idea of this and that would fit the bill.  And look around you, it's being promoted everywhere as a religion. 

In other words, the “real enemy” of humanity will be “humanity itself,” Club of Rome founder Alexander King and secretary-general Bertrand Schneider write in “The First Global Revolution.”

“The First Global Revolution” is the same global warming propaganda manifesto Alan Watt (A: I guess that's me.) often cites on his radio programs.

Most mainstream reporters have never bothered to read the book.

Perhaps that is why no one bats an eye when someone like the Canadian marketer Philip McMaster launches a grassroots movement — with its own, Masonic-looking hand sign — encouraging all humans to “Act as One, Care as One, Project as One, and Be One.”

And he's got a picture there of this particular signal, that's going to be a fad, very, very quickly since it's being employed from the top.  

If you dare to demand your birthright as an individual, by the way, God (or gods) help you: There is no life for you outside the “One.”

McMaster, for example, calls those that are One, “the good-guys,” an obvious slight to those of us who don’t get his global warming message.

The Club of Rome itself sees “the good guys” as those willing to participate in collectivism. (King and Schneider applaud the rise of “the people’s power,” and “collective values.”)

And it's true, in that book, The First Global Revolution, they say they looked at all the systems of the world and the one, they, that they, remember, this is speaking on the behalf of the elite of the West, the one that they thought they could use with most intensity and success to control people was collectivism, which you saw as the Soviet system.  That's why it was designed to come in and blend with that of the West.  This was found out by Norman Dodd in the Reece commission inquiry.

The Club of Rome itself sees “the good guys” as those willing to participate in collectivism. (King and Schneider applaud the rise of “the people’s power,” and “collective values.”)

Human depopulation is another virtue to be embraced, according to the authors of “The First Global Revolution.” (A: The Club of Rome.)

So Mark goes on and you see all these links to different articles, concerning this particular issue.  I'm trying to show you how nothing out there today, evolved by itself.  In every age you have a particular religion, given.  Pre-Christian Greece for instance, had the women killing their first-born and leaving them out on the mountains to die.  After Christianity those women saved their children, and would stone those who still sacrificed them.  That's how quick you can reverse morality and culture.  Back after these messages.

Hi folks, I'm Alan Watt, we're Cutting Through the Matrix.  Trying to show those who are capable of understanding, and you've got to be capable of understanding, how the whole of society has been guided in what seems to be a myriad of unrelated fashions and techniques along a certain path.  They really all end up in the right place, the "Oneness" of all.   But it's a "Oneness" of collectivism, where an elite will govern you.  This was written about by Charles Galton Darwin in his book, where he said that, he said, we the elite must retain our abilities for survival, our survival instincts, whereas they'll destroy them for the ordinary people because the ordinary people wouldn't need them anymore because government and agencies working for government would be making all your decisions, your personal decisions for you.  However, those who guide and steer the ship of Earth, would have to retain theirs, all their full faculties and abilities.  Most people go through life thinking they're making their own choices, but really, they're just joining groups and authorized ways to be. 

I first noticed this when I came to the Americas and noticed all these people jogging all over the place, and that was a new phenomena for me.  It had been introduced again, through health and people's terror of dying.  It's just another form of religion.  If you just ran I guess your life away, you'd live forever, that was the idea.  Meanwhile, they've found out through all the studies they've done, they're actually more prone to have arthritis of the knees and ankles and joints, and all the rest of it, and they don't live any longer.  But at the time it was promoted as the "in" thing, and no one wants to be different once it becomes a fad, especially among the educated class.  All studies show, that the more educated you are, the more apt you are to jump at the cultural changes and to be accepted by your peer group.  And that is a fact, study after study has proven that. 

The same with the oil and the gasoline.  We know the farces behind it, and there's another if I have time tonight, I'll read from.  It's by Eric Margolis.  He's probably one of the few top reporters out there who has risked his neck on quite a few occasions to tell us the truth, about the whole scam of oil and so on, but just before I go on to the callers, here’s from the Mail Online, on the 14th of July, 2008.  And you think it's all about shortages and so on.  It's all utter nonsense, and by the way, dinosaurs didn't create oil, in the first place.  If you look at the old "oil tree," that Gulf and British Petroleum put out years ago, back in the twenties, they show you right in that graph, how oil is made through vegetation, going down through the earth, through thousands of years.  Nothing to do with dinosaurs.  So it's not really what we'd call a fossil fuel as such.   

"High petrol prices are good for us, says Cabinet minister"

(A: This is a British politician.  A cabinet minister is one who is appointed to a particular position.  And you think he's there to help you, with your motoring.)

A Cabinet minister welcomed spiraling petrol (A: that's gasoline) prices last night as an incentive for drivers to make fewer car journeys.

(A: You see Pavlovian techniques again.  Behavior modification. That's what they're using on the public.  Like a big father, and of course you're all children; that means you're children.  They're going to use these incentives to make you alter your behavior, you see.)

Environment Secretary Hilary Benn (A: and I think this is a guy, Hilary Benn)said the high cost of oil helps force people off the road and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. (A: You know that parrot phrase, greenhouse gas emissions.  Do you know what most of the greenhouse gas is?  It's water vapor, by the way. Water, yeah.)

He also launched a robust defense of road tax rises for more than 9million cars - insisting it was right that they should also apply to second-hand vehicles. (A: Meaning the poor, ha, ha.)

Mr Benn's remarks triggered a backlash from motoring groups, who accused him of 'rejoicing in drivers' despair'. (A: I guess they'll never really get it will they, they'll never really get what's really going on, and they've never read Agenda 21, and none of these newspapers will ever address Agenda 21.  The Agenda for the Twenty-First Century, which goes through the whole process for a hundred years of altering society, right into the end product of the human habitat areas, with vastly reduced populations and no private vehicles.   So it will always remain a mystery as to why these guys want to get you off the road.)

At the G8 summit last week, Gordon Brown said he wanted motorists to switch to electric or hybrid vehicles (A: which is a joke, because they'll never churn them out in quantity)by 2020 and a combination of petrol prices and taxes could help them do so.

(A: The power of the purse, that's what they said they'd pull out towards the end.  The power of the purse.  Force you.  And of course, because we're all on their system, they have the purse.  They own it.)

But Downing Street, which has said the Prime Minister is focusing on the rising costs of fuel, food and family finances, is still likely to be dismayed by Mr Benn's remarks. (A: Which is nonsense.  They go through the show for the public.)

Mr Brown is so concerned about voter unrest that a 2p rise in fuel duty (A: more taxes) due in October is expected to be cancelled. (A: They'll bring it in under another name)

Motorists are being warned that petrol could reach £1.50 (A: that's about $3.00 a liter, there are 3.8 liters in a gallon) this summer as oil prices keep rising.

About 60 per cent of the retail price of fuel is accounted for by tax. (A: Tax, tax, tax, labor)

Back with more after this break.

Hi folks, this is Alan Watt back in, Cutting Through the Matrix.  Showing you how culture is given to the public and how the masses always adopt it as their own, without question.  Without question.  Bertrand Russell said there is no nonsense so arrant that cannot be made the creed (meaning the belief) of the vast majority of people by proper government action.  And we're seeing it done.  And people are going Green, going Green.  Did you know that Green was the sacred color of communism, they had the Red for the Revolution, but the Utopia was to be Green.  That was their color for it.  And under this Greening, which should really be Green and Red, because believe you me, when this religion really gets under way, with what will appear to be a lot of crazy, but very, very severe laws, there will be bloodshed.  Because paganism and worship of Mother Earth always brings with it massive sacrifice.  I kid you not.  And 3/4 of the population or more are, over the next century, to be eliminated, culled off, as excess, "useless eaters," as Bertrand Russell called them and many others called them.  We better get that through our thick old green heads here, before the foliage starts to grow all over us.  And just call a spade a spade, a con a con, and say that the king has no clothes.  And regain some sensibilities rather sharpish or it’s game over.  Otherwise, we can sit back and watch the red tide begin, of blood mixed with green.  It's a sacrifice, and the planet demands a sacrifice as it starts to foment.

Now I've got John from Texas there.  Are you there John?

John: I like everything you talk about....my whole question is, I just wonder, from all the questions you're telling me, I wonder to myself what is sane and what is insane in today's people now.  I talk about everything you talk about on the radio, and I go to different stations and try to let my friends know about what's happening in the world, and of course the question that came up to myself is like, who is sane and who is actually insane in their thinking. Like you said, everything has been passed down through the ages; what's real through the ages, and what's not?  And that's my question basically, is, everything has been brought down to us.  I'm sure everything that was brought down to the elite, in their own way.  So what is the core of all this?  Where is the realness?

Alan: The sanity can only be derived by observation and using your own sensibilities.  Something that most folk are too lazy to do.  And that's a key in marketing.  Marketeering experts understand that most people are mentally lazy.  They'd rather have things formulated for them that they can adapt for themselves.  And they judge their sanity by everyone else having the same opinions as they do.  That's how they think they're sane.  And therefore if it was a law that you must kill off every tenth neighbor in the street, and they killed them off, they'd all think that person was sane, if it was the law.  In other words, sanity is whatever culture authorized from the top to the people and followed, that is then sanity, you see. 

John:  So whatever ideas are bounced off each other in that particular society, then those would be the norm.

Alan: That's correct.  And even, don't forget, not so long ago, it was the law under the Catholic Church to say, if you talked about it at all, that the earth was flat.  I mean that was the law.  And now, of course you'd be locked up and you said the Earth was flat.  So now it's round; round is in, you see.  And reality is passed down to us.  Most of the things that are big, and you take for granted, you cannot prove one way or another.  You can guess and pretty well, surmise, but a lot of things are unprovable, so you take the word of experts.  It's like the moon landing, when I saw it as a child, before they landed on the moon and the flag was blowing in the wind, which shouldn't exist on the moon.  They followed the shuttle in to land, and I said, well who's following this shuttle in?  Then we found out many years later, it took it years to admit it, that it was a simulation they showed you.  Well, how much of the rest of it was simulated too?  In other words, the biggest con will become the belief of the people.  Hitler said it, if you're going to tell a lie, make sure it's a big lie.  The public can't believe anyone would tell such a big lie, because you personally can tell a little lie, you understand that, but a huge big one, you think you'd never get away with.  That's why they do get away with it.

That's how people judge their sanity, if they all have the same opinions, which in turn is given down to you through the media, and through experts, they become your opinions and you don't really reason through them. You simply adopt them, and it becomes the normal.  As I say, no nonsense so arrant, meaning crazy or stupid, or mad, as Bertrand says, there's no nonsense so arrant it cannot be made the general belief or creed of the vast majority of the people by proper government action.  Well you're seeing it in action.  You're seeing that very thing being created.  For every age they give a new religion.  And atheists like Gorbachev and the masters of understanding of the collective on his level, all know that you must give a religion to control the people, and the Green one is the one that was hit upon for this coming age.  And we will sacrifice many of the things that we now do for Mother Earth, which of course can't directly communicate to you, the individual, but it can, just like priests of old, they were the ones closer to their deity, they could hear the deity talk, you couldn't, well the scientists and experts, they have the ability to tell what Gaia wants, Mother Earth, and you don't so you better obey the priests.  It's the same con, again. Only this time it's completely totalitarian because it's using scientific techniques upon the people.  We're indoctrinated so easily now through the TV and radio, internet, instantaneously on a mass scale, we all get the same news.  And so we're all upgraded on a daily basis, if we follow the news, just like a computer program does.  Simple as that.  So unless you can prove something yourself, what seems right or wrong to you, regardless of public opinion, and you can only go by your own perceptions.  Someone who is technically mad has no insight into his or her own behavior.  That's what psychosis means. However, if everyone is psychotic, they will think that they're all normal.  None of them have ever thought about why they "Go Green" and adopt the New Age.  A myriad of names for all the same thing of the New Age.  They don't reason these things out, they simply adopt them.  Okay?

John: Thank You.

Alan: Okeedoke.  Now we've got Charles from Canada.  Are you there Charles?

Charles: Hello there, Alan.  Well, I love the show this evening.  I'm laughing most of the way through it, with a teardrop on the side of my eye of course.  My friend just reported to me that he will be going to Afghanistan.  He's with the Canadian infantry, and even though he's fallen in love and he wants to get married, I told him that Afghanistan has been coated with depleted uranium.  I tried to help him understand what the ramifications of that will mean.  I said don't try to have any children.  I said if you're going to have any children, do your deed right now.  He's leaving in a month.  I said, you can get the job done, lay the seed down now, right?  But he could not understand what I was saying.

Alan: No, but the very fact that he's in the military means he doesn't understand anything, anyway.  Why should he care more about him and his child than the ones he's going over there to kill?

Charles: I think he's just a country boy from New Brunswick, who doesn't...he's just all, he can't believe he's going to get out of the bush and go somewhere exotic like Afghanistan.  Yes, I see what you're saying too, at the same time.  Everything just seems to be shiny to him.

Alan: The old slogan used to be, the country needs you—(and I always add)—morons.  Because, that's what it is, they depend upon young morons, who don't know any better, who cannot imagine ever dying themselves – they think they're invincible – to go off.  And by the way, they don't care.  They don't care about the reasons for war, these young guys.  They see it as some big football game, and they're going to be the tribal leader, and hero, and get a medal.  That's what they dream.  They fantasize.  They've not grown up, you understand.

Charles: Yeah, I'm sure it's true.  And many of us, I even question myself if I'm grown up yet.  My topic mainly is, I'd like to address a question to you which is regarding chemtrails.  Now the symptoms from chemtrails are known to be headaches, migraines, heartburn.

Alan: Muscle pain is another one.

Charles: Yep, even heart arrest and flu-like symptoms.  Every time I go outside, I try to wear a mask.  Now that's something I'm trying to acquire, but I don't want to digress off into that.  I'm trying to acquire a good mask to wear, and of course the police will be hassling me everywhere I go because I've got a mask on, right?

Alan: I know.

Charles: But the other thing is, you mentioned in one of your shows that they are attempting now, and I'm a vegan by the way.  I'm an organic consumer, 100%, but I began to realize because of something that you said, that well where could I possibly be getting organically grown vegetables right now?  Basically, I can't eat anything that casts a shadow because of these chemtrails, unless it's a potato or a carrot, it's been exposed.  So unless I can find greens that are grown inside of a greenhouse, with a HEPA filter.

Alan: That's right, with a water supply that comes from very deep, well filtered going in there, under a greenhouse, yeah, that's the only way you could pretty well be sure.

Charles: It's just wild.  It's just wild where they're taking this thing.  And then at the same time, so they want us, they want us to be vegetarians now.  So I suspect this must be the cause, to make sure we ingest more of what they're spraying us with. 

Alan: What it's doing is limiting everyone’s choices to one marketing produce, made and owned, wholly eventually, by the five agri-food businesses, with GMO food.  That's to make sure that you're on your new drug, because those particular, vegetables have drugs in them.  They create drugs.   We forget that opium comes from a plant for instance.  The plant makes it.  And they can make any other kind of sedative or tranquilizer, or whatever they want, even vaccines, they can make the plant produce it.  It's old stuff to them now.

Charles: Now Monsanto, speaking of which, Monsanto lost in Canada as Supreme Court.  Saskatchewan beat Monsanto.  How could that have happened? 

Alan: Well, they'll make a comeback, don't worry.  It just takes more handshakes and passing silver across the palm.  They'll make it because it is the agenda.  They said, when they had the League of Nations and at the start of the United Nations, that they would end up eliminating privately held, family farms.  It was too important to be left just to farmers.  So the big agri-food businesses are authorized to take over the world's food supply basically. And the judges get their orders from the top.  So you may get a temporary level victory, but these guys, they always win in the long run.  There's too much backing this.  They won't change their plans because of one little decision.

Charles: Okay, I believe that.  There's a little whitewater river I used to kayak on, out in British Columbia that has been sold to a private interest.  And in fact, I did more research and found out that all the rivers in British Columbia have been sold primarily to private interests and they're drilling holes and diverting rivers through mountains to produce hydro.  And simultaneously around the world, you were stating in one of your shows, that they're moving these, they're pushing very quickly sun power, harnessing the sun, solar power in the Middle East.  So they're going to get this ball, if it is a ball, I was laughing about what you said about the church...oh, no, no, no, don't say it isn't flat...right?  So now, they're taking us, if we are on a ball, or whatever we're on, here.  They are going to eliminate us aren't they?  They're going to set this whole thing up so it's automated.

Alan: The one thing you can count on, is these guys, when they make plans and publish them, they always follow through with it.  They never backtrack or go off in a different direction.  They never have done that.  That's the beauty of collecting the books put out by the big boys over the last hundred, two hundred years.  Thanks for calling.

Charles: Thank you, it was my pleasure.

Alan: Now we have Guy from Arkansas.  Are you there Guy?

Guy: Yeah, good evening Alan. For the sake of time and the other callers, I'll make this quick.  I love your show of course, I'm really learning so much through your presentations.  I really appreciate it.  I'll make a couple of comments, and I'll leave you with a kind of a question, okay?  And you can comment on all of them when I hang up.  First off, it's my belief when they put out the world was flat and you'll drop off the edge, back there in the 1600s or whenever it was Columbus was sailing.  That was to stem the competition from exploration and to scare everybody off. It was a psy-ops operation.

Now as far as fads and trends go, I think that's just a measuring stick of mind control over the public to see how much of the population will follow a certain, to what degree, a certain thing.  My main point and question to you, and please elaborate on this as much as you can because, it's something that I've been looking for someone with knowledge to comment deeper on.  It's like this, you watch any news presentation, you always have a man and a woman, a right brain and a left brain, and they never finish a sentence among themselves, they also oscillate the sentence between each other.  Could you please elaborate on it as much as your intelligence and knowledge can?  Why is that?  I think I know why, but I'd like to hear it from you. Can you explain more deeply why they have a technique that's psy-ops mind control operations is going on, and I'll listen off air?  And thank you so much for your program.

Alan: Okay.  When they first brought in the his-and-her type news scenarios, which even local places started to put up to the same format.  And it gets so monotonous as the guy goes half way through things and turns and looks at her, and then she reads her dummy board and looks at him, it makes them both look kind of robotic and they're going through trained sequences.  The idea is that you're to follow through your life in the same way.  In conversations, when you meet people, you'll actually start to emulate that if you're not conscious of what you're watching.  This was shown in the Fahrenheit 451 movie, when you see the big television screen, and they even showed you there's a big television screen on the wall, and you could participate in the actual, what was on television.  And they would turn; two guys would talk to each other, finish each other's sentence, and turn to you as the audience.  It throws you off, of having again, individuality; one person talking to you as an individual, splits it into two, both male and female, and therefore your one opinion can't be correct, you need the other one to finish it for you.  Once again, the collective rules, that’s the idea, don't trust yourself.  Back after this break.

Hi folks, I'm Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through the Matrix.  And just to add to the last caller.  This technique of using two radio announcers, or T.V. announcers, the him and her type thing, or even two guys or two women, it doesn't matter, it's a prompt.  It's also a prompt to you the viewer, because you're seeing two people apparently always agree with something in front of you, and you're prompted to join in and agree as well.  However, if they raise someone to star-hood quality, they'll always keep them individually solo.  These are the famous few, the ones that are really the ultra paternal figures that we blindly follow as though they're very, very special people.  But they give you the collective on the lower levels.  Now I've got John from Florida, are you there John.

John: Yes, Alan.  How you doing this evening?

Alan: Not so bad.  Go ahead.

John: I've got a quick question; I'll take your response off the air.  Could you rehash the esoteric meaning of the 666 trinity?

Alan: Uh!  This is five to the hour here.  And I couldn't just do a quick rehash of what it means.

John: I've heard all of Jackie Patru's theories and what not, could I maybe call back tomorrow or on Friday?

Alan: Yeah, call back, and we may go through it then.

John: Thanks Alan.

Alan: Okay.  And I've got Antonio from Maryland.  Are you there Antonio?

Antonio: Hello, Alan.

Alan: Hello.

Antonio: How are you?

Alan: Not so bad.

Antonio: I'm not doing so bad myself.  I was calling to see what I can do to help light a fire in the men's minds out there.  It seems like not too many people are hearing in these United States, or are too upset about the recent actions in Congress as far as them stripping, rather not stripping but allowing the telecoms immunity, not that I didn't expect it.  I guess that would have been a thread that they would have left hanging that too many people would have pulled, and it would have led to many other things and many other people, over a long range of time.  Also I wanted to mention that people forget that the psychopaths out there are also parasitic and they're like cats, they like playing with their food, just before they eat it.

Alan: Yeah, they really do it like that.  They do get off on how they've fooled Joe Public, and Joe Public has not a clue.  You're quite right.

Antonio: And our president, if that's what people want to call him.  I'll call him Mr Bush.  Since he has the right to lock up anyone, anytime he wants to indefinitely.

Alan: That's called progress, you understand, in civilization.

Antonio: To be more to the point. I was wondering, have you read the book, Fire in Men's Minds; I can't even remember the fellow's name, right now.

Alan: Fire in the Minds of Man. I have.

Antonio: It was about how secret societies have been involved in.

Alan: That was written by the person, the man who was in charge of the Congressional Library, so it's not a work of fiction.  Unfortunately he only goes up into the 1800s with the Revolutionary parties, and for some reason, which I understand, he didn't go any further, because you'd find out that everything ever since, right up to the present is part of the Revolutionary Party.  That was by James Billington.

Antonio: That's correct.  And how so many groups and factions were played against each other.

Alan: That's right.  Appeared to.

Antonio: For one singular cause supposedly.  And I'll let you go.

Alan: Well, thanks for calling.

Antonio: And you have a good evening.

Alan: And you too.

Well from a heavily sprayed sky in Ontario Canada, it's Good Night from myself and Hamish, and May your god or gods go with you.



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