July 21, 2008 (#143)
Alan Watt "Cutting Through The Matrix" LIVE on RBN:

Poem Copyright Alan Watt July 21, 2008:

"A Promising Future, Oh What a Joke,
As Futurists Present Their Vision to Folk,
Part-Machine, Part-Robot, Not Quite Virtual nor Real,
No Mind of Your Own, Man What a Deal,
To Escape Building Stress, You'll Enter Enticed,
A Promise of Eternity, All Childlike and Nice,
Forgetting Yourself, You'll be One, All Same,
Because a Benevolent Dictator is Programming Your Brain"
© Alan Watt July 21, 2008

Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - July 21, 2008 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)



"Code of Silence" by Bruce Springsteen

There's a code of silence that we don't dare speak
There's a wall between us and a river so deep
And we keep pretending that there's nothing wrong
But there's a code of silence and it can't go on

Hi folks, I'm Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through the Matrix on July the 21st, 2008. Newcomers should look into cuttingthroughthematrix.com and download as much of the talks as you can handle. Go through them and you'll put a lot of pieces together, which will give you shortcuts to the big agenda, the big agenda that rules the world, and it really is an agenda, from many, many different sides and organizations all working together towards the same goal, and it can only be pulled off if the majority of the public are kept completely in the dark. Also look into alanwattsentientsentinel.eu for transcripts which you can download in the various languages of Europe.

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We really are on such an amazing roll since 2001 towards this Brave New World Scenario, so much so, that many people cannot handle all of the facets which are working on them at the same time, around the clock, from all kinds of media, apparently unrelated articles; but they are related because behind all of this movement is the big eugenic movement that started long ago. It was on the go long before Charles Darwin came along to give it some credence and with pseudoscientific terminology, that's what they tended to do, was give it credence. It's much like psychiatry, you give it lots and lots of terms and labels, try to mix in some medicine with it to give it legitimacy; it's much the same sort of technique they used with Darwin, because the elite had always looked upon the masses as their servants and they saw the time coming when there would be too many of the servants and those servants might demand change. They might demand some of the goodies that they've been supplying the elite with for centuries and centuries. They might demand better housing and so on. Therefore they had to get a legitimate sort of counter to the religious organizations which were still followed by the majority of the public. The counter was a form of atheistic new religion, because it is a religion, even though it's atheistic in a sense, it's non-Christian for sure, but it's based on nature worship of a type. In other words, we exist – I think, therefore I am. With that philosophy, they went on from there.

Anything which couldn't be proven empirically by testing, over and over, was of no use whatsoever. Not a new idea, the ancient Greek philosophers had various schools and some of them specialized along that type of logic. What they thought was, if they could convince the public that we just come from amoebas and somehow gained intelligence with each leap – even though they never found any transformation from one species to the next. We still see all the cons that are out today. These people believe (at least tell us they believe) in evolution. Every science that runs our lives today is taught this right off the bat to the students when they come in to universities – evolution. You need a lot of faith to believe in evolution, an awful lot of faith. I'll be back with more after this break

Hi, I'm Alan Watt and this Cutting Through the Matrix, just prefacing an article I'm going to read, which takes us along the Darwinian route, something that has been drummed into our heads as inevitable by countless movies, books and little talks from television on science and technology and so on, conditioning us all towards this "progress" idea, we're progressing towards something. That's something you must do with a herd, you see, you make them think we're actually all going along the same road because we choose to; and nothing is further from the truth.

Back in the 50's and 60's, futurist societies were pumping authors who went round universities and promoted certain ideas. Arthur C. Clarke was one of them, with his predictive programming. These characters got awards for predicting certain things would come, scientifically, around the corner, to the public. They got awards for this and it wasn't because they were geniuses, it was because they were let in on the fact this technology was already worked on or they had it already. Whatever's given to the public is technically obsolete. When it's announced to the public as just being invented, it's technically obsolete. That's how you hold on to power. When we're told about something, they're already light years ahead of it by the time we hear about it, with genetics or anything else for that matter.

These futurists who belong to the futurist society are given, these authors are given stories to put out novels, movies and so on, to the public and they're given a lot of facts to wrap around it. It's the facts that become imbedded in our heads it's inevitable, so something that seems familiar to us doesn't seem so scary, even though we haven't thought it through or reasoned it through on a conscious level; that's why it works so well. This didn't start in the 19th or 20th century, it started in the 1800's when a Rothschild foundation started sponsoring novelists to write about science, wrap science into fiction, and we came up with science fiction. Youngsters whose minds are wide open to that—we love being tantalized by tremendous stories about the future—they themselves were having predictive programming put into their minds.

There are a thousand ways humankind could go, remember, as Lenin said this; and he was taught by the best bankers on the planet. However, we're taught we can only go one way, and that's "evolution." Someone obviously plans that way and it's promoted through universities, it's promoted through CEO meetings, international meetings of corporate business leaders, until it becomes the norm, like it's the only place to go, the only way to go; that's how it's done. As I say, behind this, remember, behind the Darwinistic concept of evolution, "survival of the fittest," and literally the euthanasia of the lesser types of humans—as they must do, according to their own particular religion here. They hope to go through into a Brave New World with purpose-made humans to serve them. That's really what it's for, and I'm amazed how the average person on the street thinks they're all going to be given immortality one day and better health. They still think they'll retain their independent thinking, if they have any, but nothing is further from the truth. They want perfect slaves at the top.

This is from CNN. I can't even find the date on this particular article, but I think it's recent anyway.

Scientists: Humans and machines will merge in future

Nick Bostrom says technology will let humans manipulate their own biology

Ray Kurzweil predicts humans will be mostly non-biological by around 2030

Alan: That's about the time, remember, after the 30 years or so of riots we have to go through as they cut back all the things we need to live.

Biotechnology, nanotechnology, robotics could merge mankind with machines

Alan: The Borg, that's what the Borg was all about. You will be assimilated, right?

By Lara Farrar

LONDON, England (CNN) -- A group of experts from around the world will hold a first of its kind conference Thursday on global catastrophic risks.

Alan: Now everything is under "catastrophic risks," remember.

Dr. Nick Bostrom says superintelligent beings could pose an existential risk to human life.

Some experts say humans will merge with machines before the end of this century.

They will discuss what should be done to prevent these risks from becoming realities that could lead to the end of human life on Earth as we know it.

Alan: That's a sort of doublespeak; they're going to do it but they're going to preserve it. It's like progressive conservatives, you progress and you conserve, same thing.

Speakers at the four-day event at Oxford University in Britain will talk about topics including nuclear terrorism and what to do if a large asteroid were to be on a collision course with our planet.

Alan: "…or if the prime minister slips on a banana peel" – I added the last part.

On the final day of the Global Catastrophic Risk Conference, experts will focus on what could be the unintended consequences of new technologies, such as superintelligent machines that, if ill-conceived, might cause the demise of Homo sapiens.

Alan: I always get a laugh at the "sap" part, we're all "saps." You've got an ape in there as well.

"Any entity which is radically smarter than human beings would also be very powerful," said Dr. Nick Bostrom, director of Oxford's Future of Humanity Institute, host of the symposium. "If we get something wrong, you could imagine the consequences would involve the extinction of the human species."

Bostrom is a philosopher…

Alan: Now they always have philosophers involved with these big, real government movements – I'm talking about the world government movements. Arnold Toynbee and many others were historians-philosophers who could guide the meetings along this futurist-type scenario by using the past and projecting it into the future, regarding behavioural reactions to certain events and changes.

He's a philosopher:

… and a leading thinker of transhumanism, …

Alan: Now that's the whole – they've got so many new names for eugenics. Eugenics got a bad name because of what happened in Natzi Germany during World War II, so they came out later with bioethics committees – bioethics. These are the ones who decide about how far they can go or what they should do next with the human gene. It's the same organization. Another part of the same organization is called Transhumanism. Now that they've got everything really vague now, everything's vague as to what normalcy is, whether it's men, females or anything else and all the ones in-between. Now they're pushing – and that was the real reason for it, they don't care if you're homosexual, lesbian or anything else. They just simply use movements to "fuzz" and completely give a kind of hazy idea of what any kind of normalcy is—any kind of normalcy. Once you have everything in flux and there's no normalcy of any kind, and you've degenerated the world as far as you can take it, then you can get in to the next phase, you can really push into where you really want to go. This is a scientific technique and everyone is used along the way.

…a movement that advocates not only the study of the potential threats and promises that future technologies could pose to human life but also the ways in which emergent technologies could be used to make the very act of living better.

Alan: Now that little statement means that someone's defined what they mean by "living better." We better understand how they talk to us in eugenic societies.

"We want to preserve the best of what it is to be human…

Alan: Remember that part, too, that means those that are deemed "not the best" will not be preserved.

…and maybe even amplify that," Bostrom said.

Alan: Obedience.

Transhumanists, according to Bostrom, anticipate an era in which biotechnology, molecular nanotechnologies, artificial intelligence and other new types of cognitive tools will be used to amplify our intellectual capacity, improve our physical capabilities and even enhance our emotional well-being.

Alan: That last part there, "enhance our emotional well-being," remember the eugenics societies along with the psychiatric institutions of the world are hand-in-glove, they have the same agenda, because they're based on the same premise that everyone in the world who hasn't made it to the top either has a "poverty gene" in them or you're just simply inferior or too emotional. Emotion is bad, emotion makes you too poor a worker; they want to eradicate emotion, remember, so that you're like Mr. Spock without his salary.

The end result would be a new form of "posthuman" life with beings that possess qualities and skills so exceedingly advanced they no longer can be classified simply as humans.

Alan: I was talking about this years ago and people simply rolled their eyes, and here it is right in your face. I talked about the hermaphroditic society because I read the books from the 60's of the American Psychiatric Institute and their big, long meetings and what came out of it in the book when they talked about creating a world of hermaphroditic creatures; they'd be very peaceful, well-behaved and more efficient. Now it's out in Australia, they're looking at this seriously, in mainstream papers.

"We will begin to use science and technology not just to manage the world around us but to manage our own human biology as well,"…

Alan: "manage our own human biology" – what do you think they mean by that?  Again, you're back to reproduction

… Bostrom said. "The changes will be faster and more profound than the very, very slow changes that would occur over tens of thousands of years as a result of natural selection and biological evolution."

Alan: There's their religion again. These are the guys that must destroy all other religions to bring in their own; and guess what?  They've succeeded.

Bostrom declined to predict an exact time frame when this revolutionary biotechnological metamorphosis might occur.

Alan: Which is a joke; he knows.

 "Maybe it will take eight years or 200 years," he said. "It is very hard to predict."

Alan: Which is nonsense because he already said by 2030.

Other experts are already getting ready for what they say could be a radical transformation of the human race in as little as two decades.

"This will happen faster than people realize," said Dr. Ray Kurzweil, an inventor and futurist who calculates technology trends using what he calls the law of accelerating returns, a mathematical concept that measures the exponential growth of technological evolution.

Alan: I'll continue with this very good part about "eve" and "lution" after the following break.

Hi folks, I'm Alan Watt and this Cutting Through the Matrix, going through an article from CNN on the futurist society's main spokesman here, Kurzweil, who's also one of the leaders of the Transhumanist association, which is a massive organization funded to the hilt by all the big foundations and institutions, and they get governmental money too, lots of it, so this is the agenda.

Now, Kurzweil is predicting the arrival of something called the Singularity,…

 Alan: There's all your oneness thing again.

…which he defines in his book on the subject as "the culmination of the merger of our biological thinking and existence with our technology, resulting in a world that is still human but that transcends our biological roots."

"There will be no distinction, post-Singularity, between human and machine or between physical and virtual reality," he writes.

Alan: No distinction – you won't know if you're really awake and walking around or you're in the matrix of virtual reality, that's what he's telling you here.

I read a document a while back from the Pentagon where they talked about having a duplicate of every person in a computer network system, with all your traits, your personality, your daily routines, going through all those daily routines on a daily basis as you. Every part of the new data that they get from you that you put up on the net and so on, through your emails, they add to it – a virtual reality with one of you, every one of you, in it. You think they're not kidding? You think they can't do this? Do you think they can't make society go along? They won't have to make them; they'll allure you into it and people will pay to get into it.

Singularity will approach at an accelerating rate as human-created technologies become exponentially smaller and increasingly powerful and as fields such as biology and medicine are understood more and more in terms of information processes that can be simulated with computers.

By the 2030s, Kurzweil said, humans will become more non-biological than biological, capable of uploading our minds onto the Internet, living in various virtual worlds and even avoiding aging and evading death.

Alan: Now there's your problem right there, if everyone's still living, then you will end up with an overpopulation problem, so that all has to be argued out—and it has been, long before this article appeared. Remember what Charles Galton Darwin said in his book "The Next Million Years" (quite the boast), he said that the elite themselves would not alter their own brains, everyone else down below them will have their brains altered because you don't need your ability to critically think and solve problems when the state is making all your decisions for you. He didn't mention computers programming you, but that's what it is. The elite, remember, will still be guiding the ship of planet Earth and they must retain their survival capabilities; you won't need them.

Do you really think these boys at the top are going to do all this to help Joe Average at the bottom?  Let you play forever?  I don't think so. You see, there'll be no more you. You'll be a robot basically, programmable, self-healing—that's why they like the human body, it's a tremendous machine—and you'll be very efficient.

In the 2040s, Kurzweil predicts that non-biological intelligence will be billions of times better than the biological intelligence humans have today, possibly rendering our present brains obsolete.

Alan: Therefore, technically, we're obsolete already. Remember you're living in an economic system. They don't mention economics here, like what you'll be doing; if there's no purpose for you, will they allow you to live?  If you're alive, will you even know it?

"Our brains are a million times slower than electronics," Kurzweil said. "We will increasingly become software entities if you go out enough decades."

This movement towards the merger of man and machine, according to Kurzweil, is already starting to happen and is most visible in the field of biotechnology.

Alan: We've got to remember all the feeding we've had from fiction, like "Artificial Intelligence" and all those other movies they put out there just to get the idea implanted, to make us kind of stand in awe of what's to come.

As scientists gain deeper insights into the genetic processes that underlie life, they are able to effectively reprogram human biology through the development of new forms of gene therapies and medications capable of turning on or off enzymes and RNA interference, or gene silencing.

Alan: They can silence genes. This was mentioned quite a few years ago on national television in Canada by a geneticist who does all the nature programs for the green boys, David Suzuki, and he said they had, then, capability of turning off the aging gene and making you live for five-hundred years if they wanted to. This is old stuff. It's amazing, too, that people will look upon this kind of article without thinking of the little phrases that are used, thinking that these benevolent people at the top, these altruists, just sweat nightmares over maybe they've missed something to help you. They never look into the foundations that fund them and look into their histories, like the Rockefeller foundation or any of them, and the whole plan and process of eugenics, never. It never dawns on them because most people are technically dead already, they're not conscious; to be conscious is alive. They'll transform into the next step quite easily. Back with more after the following messages.

Hi folks, I'm Alan Watt and this Cutting Through the Matrix, going through some of the amazing farce that's presented to the public as fact. I say farce because it's all deception and techniques are used to con the public to go along with these agendas. It is a farce in a sense, because a farce is kind of comedy they used to do on stage, very blatant, awful nasty stuff, it was all called "tits and bums" as they used to call it in Britain; it was very, very common on the stages back in the 1800's and early 1900's. You couldn't miss the point, but this stuff is done the same way, it's done the same way to the public. The problem is the public today cannot think for themselves. They've been trained not to reason and they've been trained, like Brzezinski said, that the media is there to do all their reasoning for them. That's a sad thing, but it's a very effective weapon that's been used against them and they can't think for themselves. They have been trained to believe that these people are somehow "altruistic," they have their best interests at heart. They don't see them as private corporations or government-run stations; they really see them as some kind of vague, special priesthood that does all their thinking and warning for them. They warn them.

Before I go onto the callers, here's an article that has to be mentioned because it shows you the massive conflict you get into if you mention all the contrary evidence to do with the global warming scam and what comes against you if you do so. This is about a documentary that was put on television and what happened to them. This is from the BBC news, Monday, 21st of July, 2008.

Climate documentary 'broke rules'

By Richard Black, Environment correspondent, BBC News website

The Great Global Warming Swindle, a controversial Channel 4 film, broke Ofcom rules,…

Alan: Ofcom must be some of the standards or something to do with the BBC.

… the media regulator says.

In a long-awaited judgement, Ofcom says Channel 4 did not fulfil obligations to be impartial and to reflect a range of views on controversial issues.

Alan: Now what a joke that is, because the whole point of, for instance, the BBC, it was set up to be a propaganda tool of the British government for policy and foreign policy. This is how they use rules they'd never put against themselves when someone else comes in and is not playing the game with them.

The film also treated interviewees unfairly, but did not mislead audiences "so as to cause harm or offence".

Plaintiffs say the Ofcom judgement is "inconsistent" and "lets Channel 4 off the hook on a technicality."

The film's key contentions were that the increase in atmospheric temperatures observed since the 1970s was not primarily caused by emissions of greenhouse gases from burning fossil fuels, and that the modern focus on climate change is based in politics…

Alan: They're right on with that.

…rather than science.

Alan: Now, I've already talked about "The First Global Revolution" and how they claimed they took a claim for coming up with this con of global warming and blaming man for it. This greening system is to rule our lives in a miniscule manner, every one of us. That's why you're going to get attacked when you come out and tell the truth about this thing. This is a must-be; this whole greening scam is a must-be to control us all.

It is seen in some "climate sceptic" circles as a counter to Al Gore's movie…

Alan: I call him "Allegory."

… An Inconvenient Truth, and credited with influencing public perception of climate science.

It has reportedly been sold to 21 countries and distributed on DVD.

"It's very disappointing that Ofcom hasn't come up with a stronger statement about being misled," said Sir John Houghton, a former head of the UK Met Office…

Alan: That's Meteorological office.

…and chair of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC)…

Alan: That's the guys with the political interests in it, this IPCC. He works for them. He gets his money for the global warming scam.

"I know hundreds of people, literally hundreds, who were misled by it - they saw it, it was a well-produced programme and they imagined it had some truth behind it, so they were misled and it seems Ofcom didn't care about that," he told BBC News.

Alan: Here's a born liar getting his payoff to lie to the public to go along with this Club of Rome scam that we're causing global warming.

Ofcom defines a misleading programme as one by which the audience is "materially misled so as to cause harm or offence", and that Swindle does not meet this "high test".

"The programme has been let off the hook on a highly questionable technicality," said Bob Ward, former head of media at the Royal Society, who played a prominent role in co-ordinating objections to the film.

Alan: The Royal Society was set up as the first Freemasonic scientific institution with a royal charter in Britain. The Royal Society, these are the guys who funded and were behind Darwin and all the rest of them down through the ages, and who pulled many, many scams on the public.

"The ruling noted that Channel 4 had admitted errors in the graphs and data used in the programme, yet decided that this did not cause harm or offence to the audience."

Alan: Charles Galton, who was the cousin of Darwin, not to be confused with Charles Galton Darwin (who the grandson of Charles Darwin) – they always keep the same names in the family because they're all "gods," you see, they worship each other. They were using graphs and cons since the days of Malthus; he used a lot of graphs too. Technically, by Galton's rules, we should all be living ten feet deep right now on top each other, but nothing comes back on that.

Plaintiffs accused the programme of containing myriad factual inaccuracies, but Ofcom says it was "impractical and inappropriate for it to examine in detail all of the multifarious alleged examples... set out in the complaints."

Alan: That's how they all come against you, especially this big political body that pretends it's scientists – they're politicians and scientists, the scientists back up the politicians, and the scientists are living on grants from governments to do this. It's a must-be, as I say. (Now I'm going to try to get to the phones, but the server keeps kicking out here and I'll see if I can pull it up again.) Scam after scam goes on, but it depends who you are; you see they don't want any other opinion given out to the public, especially on a large scale.

We've got Ryan from New York. Are you there, Ryan?

Ryan: Hey, it's always good to hear you've survived a few more days.

Alan: Isn't it though?  I'm quite happy for that myself.

Ryan: They're programming us quite well for the credits that you can't save up at the end of the week, because it takes a full day of work to pay for gas, a full day of work to pay for food for the week, and then the other three days you've got to pay for the bills, the minimum payments that everyone's enslaved with.

Alan: These guys, as I say, don't make mistakes. Remember that the panels for the integration of Europe were set up in 1948 to work quietly, and in the late 1990's, after it was all complete and they had their European Parliament, they admitted then and released the documentation saying that the truth was to be kept from all of the publics of Europe until it was completed. It's the same in the Americas. They set up negotiation teams in the state department and in the department of foreign affairs for Canada back at the same era for the integration of the Americas. They also knew that China was to be built up as the manufacturer and would be given different courses. Nothing happens by chance, including the slide of the dollar and all the rest of it. They don't make these kinds of mistakes in their projections, so nothing is happening by mistake. The dollar is falling apart and it's meant to, and that's going to be part of the reason they're going to use to rush the complete amalgamation of the Americas through, much quicker than Europe at the end.

Ryan: Most people probably want it because they don't even know any better.

Alan: They don't know any better. In fact, I talked to one person that first denied it, then almost subconsciously, she spoke aloud and said "it doesn't matter anyway, we all have the same culture, watch the same TV and buy the same things," that was it.

Ryan: They're all dancing in the zombie jamboree.

Alan: They are. They definitely are. Most people, as I say, are not conscious their entire lives. They can be nice people, they follow the culture norms, even though they're changing, they follow them and adapt to them quickly, they're polite to you, but they're not with it at all, they are not really conscious.

Ryan: I recently saw "The Man Who Would be King," the movie, I didn't read the book, but shocking. Rudyard Kipling is a character in that movie.

Alan: He puts himself in as the top reporter for the newspaper.

Ryan: The Northern Star. What I found funny was how once he became king and it started getting to his head, he thought he was going to be called cousin by the queen and become Order of the Garter. I was pretty shocked at that, and even the whole helping out the widow's son in the beginning, I was shocked that they went that far with it. When you show it to people they don't care, but I found it myself to be very interesting. 

Alan: And the fact that even in the movie, fellow masons had to help and honour each other, regardless of the mess they were in, legally.

Ryan: Okay, it's good talking to you.

Alan: Thanks for calling. Now I've got Dave from California. Is Dave there?

Dave: I subscribe to Kurzweil's weekly newsletter, it's got all this technology stuff in it, because I've got a science background. I noticed last week one of the groups that was reporting that they had assembled a strand of self-replicating DNA from scratch. I was thinking back about 20 years ago during the rule of terror when Theodore [Kaczinski] was sending bombs through the mail to all these people who were pushing technology further and further. I read his "Unabomber Manifesto," he was actually a boy genius and was in Harvard at 16 and to make extra money he hooked up with a doctor who was doing mind control out of Harvard, a real famous one, spent two years attacking his core beliefs, and after that [Kaczinki] moved into the woods and got his little cabin and started sending out bombs because he thought technology was going to destroy the world. I can't really agree with his methods, but I'm beginning to wonder if he wasn't right about the technology thing.

Alan: It makes you wonder, too, was he programmed to make anyone fall into the same category in the minds of the public if they also speak out about – see, that's the way of it, he went to the most drastic levels or methods to get this out, he's labelled a "wacko," and so the message becomes discredited as well; and so those who come out with the same message or warnings are now put in the same category.

Dave: I hadn't thought of that. Well thanks for talking to me, Alan.

Alan: Thanks for calling. Now we've got Heinz from New Brunswick on the line.

Heinz: I was watching a documentary recently, "How Much is Your Dead Body Worth?" Now apparently there is a very large network existing throughout the world of, not ghouls, but body snatchers, modern day, where they, under the guise of running a legitimate – a place where you give your relative's body to be embalmed or cremated – what do we call those people that provide that service?

Alan: Undertakers.

Heinz: Undertakers, they're selling the bodies to the medical profession that are dissecting, dividing the body up into parts and they can turn the body parts into a million dollars; a million dollars of parts which are given to the medical profession to install into living people. This is all ready; we're very, very far, very advanced in that area apparently.

Alan: They're making a killing.

Heinz: If you can afford it you can live forever, as you said earlier. If we can afford it we can live forever. In New Brunswick and all over North America and the world, this year in September we'll be having our military urban terrorist tactical exchange program running throughout the world. In Canada in New Brunswick the Germans will be in our area; our boys are going to exchange with them in Germany. Why? Obviously because my cousin who is in the military is not going to knock on my door and take me away, is he? when the time comes. Someone who doesn't speak English who doesn't know me couldn't care well, so they're coming here to map our cities.

Alan: What you've got to understand is how ancient that technique is, though. The Romans when they took over Gaul, they recruited the Gauls, also Germanic Troops, and they made armies of them and they were turned on the Roman people when they rebelled towards the end as well. All the rural folk were rebelling, so once again they brought foreign troops in, although technically they were under the Roman rule. It's the same thing down through history. The British Empire was famous for going into countries, recruiting people, giving them their own uniform, working for the Raj, for instance, and then turning them on the people. They used the people from the north of India to attack those in the south. We saw the same at Tiananmen Square, where the Chinese brought in the troops from the north, almost Mongolia area, and they had nothing in common with the average Chinese and they just laid into them because they didn't see them as the same race.

Heinz: Okay, so that's my contribution and thank you for a wonderful show, sir.

Alan: Thanks for calling.

Heinz: Thank you.

Alan: Now we've got Tim in British Columbia. Are you there, Tim?

Tim: I have two questions. You know how you say that – well, we all now that they've got the [dumbs], right? And you say that the guys in the parallel government will end up being taken to a safe place. Will that also like small time politicians like the guys in the senate and just all those kind of guys, will they end up getting saved too when the poop really hits the fan? Then, also, I just wanted to ask, what are your opinions on an early strike this fall with the United States or Israel on Iran, just in regards to how the U.S. has told Iran that they've got two weeks before for isolation.

Alan: We know in the mainstream papers they've already had reports out in the U.S. papers that Bush had given the order for covert actions to begin now. That means all the way to assassinations within Iran, so they're already doing this kind of stuff within Iran itself. I know that there are people in Iran now hunkering down, families waiting to get bombed, as they have been for a while now. This is the agenda, there's no doubt about it, anyone who won't simply join the new democratic world system is going to get bombed into the ether.

I'm Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through the Matrix and we're talking to Tim from B.C.  To answer his question about the other politicians, I don't think they all will – I think they all believe they'll get in for continuity of government. However, it would be a completely new system; they wouldn't need all these people that are used really just to con the public and have mass followings. If they're killing off the masses on the surface, for instance, you won't need these characters to keep the masses in line because the masses have been wiped out. These guys will be technically ineffectual and there'll be a priority list, regardless, of some other ability, if they're saved at all, that they must have. The scientific elite and even the bureaucracy that will run this system internally will be more important.

We do know the elite get promises of even medical treatment that Canadians can't get; that started in the days of Prime Minister Manning when every politician—and that was across the whole British Empire, by the way—they were all promised they and their families will get priority treatment in special army medical facilities for certain problems. They also get the real inoculations for real diseases, as opposed to the stuff that ends up giving us cancers and making us very sick. They get a lot of perks and they all think, I'm sure, that if they play the game they'll be served. Again, a lot of them think it will never happen in their lifetime, "I'll just take the money, guide the public, do what I'm told and retire," but some of them now, I think, will be getting edgy as they see this real. You see, there's no real need once we're all standardized, there's no more real need for this con-game of politics and left and right, and so on. They're coming out with the iron fist and the velvet glove is off, and we're all going to obey by brute force. They have a timetable and they're in a hurry; they're in a big hurry now and they can't slacken up, because once you get fear instilled in the public to obey, obey, obey, if you slacken up you start grazing again and we don't like getting moved once again. They're on a roll now, and through anxiety, fear of all kinds, economic, threats of all things under the sun, they want to accomplish this mission into their Brave New World.

Tim: Do you think that some of the higher-up guys like whatever politicians are starting to get nervous in everything that's happening right now?

Alan: They know they've got quite a few years left. This is going to go on to the merger of the Americas, and after the merger, in fact, they'll still be in place as they make this transition period. We know already that senior bureaucrats in Ottawa after the last signing, or the 2005 signing, for the integration of the Americas by the Prime Minister and the President, senior bureaucrats can apply for the equivalent jobs in Washington D.C. and vice versa, already; so they're already amalgamating the bureaucracies, which are far more important than the front men we have as politicians. The bureaucracies have their agendas. The guys work their whole lives there and retire from there. They know what they must do, and we don't vote them in.

Tim: I really appreciate that.

Alan: That's where really they go after is the bureaucrats because they're efficient, more efficient, they work along and do what they're told, but they know what their part in the agenda is; as opposed to the politicians that can get moved around all kinds of cabinet positions. You're the health minister one day, you're the minister of finances the next; they just pass them around and they wear masks, like the old Greek tragedies.

Well, that's it for tonight, from Hamish my dog and myself, in Ontario, Canada, it's goodnight and may your god or your gods go with you.


Transcribed by Anoni Mouse.