July 25th, 2008 (#145)
Alan Watt "Cutting Through The Matrix" LIVE on RBN:

Poem Copyright Alan Watt July 25th, 2008:

"Hey, Have You Heard, Why, It's All the Rage?
Science, Sustainability Joined with the New Age,
The Latter, a Religion to Tie It Together,
To Bind Us as One, All Wound with a Fetter,
Dazed Devotees Simply Haven't a Clue,
That Their Creed has been Borrowed from the Hindu,
Their Collective Intellect Boils Down to a Smidgen,
As They Scoff at, yet Practice, a Belief called Religion"
© Alan Watt July 25th, 2008

Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - July 25th, 2008 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)

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Hi folks, my name is Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through the Matrix on July the 25th, 2008.  For those who heard the previous two hours I did, filling in for John Stadtmiller, you'll know that I'm kind of on a roll to go into another level in all of this.  The level that's beyond the trivia that's given to us to chatter about at the bottom level.  The stuff that's constantly rolled out of the printing presses, which ties us up, and gets us nowhere, because really we have no say in things, at that level, at least no power to alter.  To alter anything in life, you must go much higher, and realize what you want to alter, why you want to alter it, and what you're trying to keep a hold of.  And when you realize these big boys are after your soul to an extent; your ability to think, all that is you, you know then, that you're in the final war.  The big war.  The only war there is.  The only game in town there is.  It goes beyond choosing careers of what you want to do next week, or where you're going on your holidays.  This is it.  It's happening now. 


For newcomers, I ask you to look into cuttingthroughthematrix.com, it's the best way to try and get into lots of information I've put out in the past, dealing with this megalithic structure that's all around us, that's moving us all towards what they call a Brave New World.  A New World Order, long in the planning, and making.  Also look into alanwattsentientsentinel.eu, and download the transcripts, which are in the various languages of Europe.  Print them up and pass them around to people you know.  And be aware that you'll get some rebuffs as well, and you'll find a lot of people that you know are living in the old reality, the one that's authorized that they be in.  That's what the matrix is.  It's the authorized version of reality.  And most people are quite happy within it, as long as they themselves don't find that their lives are turned upside down too quickly.  As long as it's step by step, they'll adapt.  They'll adapt into anything that's given to them in fact; whether it's a new morality, old morality, whatever, they'll adapt to it, and without thinking.  Just the same way that most people out there adapted to everything being made in China.  It suddenly all appeared in the stores, and now they think it's always been made in China.  That's as far as they think, because they don't think very much.  Most people do not reason throughout their entire lives.  They react.  That's a sad state of the world. 


Now every major player in this agenda has talked about the need to create a new religion, since religions have been so effective in the past.  Not only to control vast amounts of people, but to direct them into the next part, which is of the future basically.  Gorbachev talked about it.  He wrote about it in his book, towards a new civilization, and how it be Earth worship based, a sort of pantheistic nature combination, with spirit and soul, and he wasn't inventing it really, he was simply talking about the updating of it.  They'd already started the invention of it, in the sixties, when they brought Eastern religion into the West through rock music and certain groups that they sent over there to start it off.  The Maharishi of course was well known as the first guy to be picked for this, until even the Beatles found out he was a fraud when he was playing with a little boy, and they wrote the song Sexy Sadie, which is Sadhi, he let them down.  Still the movement goes on.  Back after this break with more.


Hi folks, I am Alan Watt, and this is Cutting Through the Matrix, talking about how they always create a religion for the New Era.  And that's admitted to by the big players themselves, and their spokesmen, and spokespeople like Bertrand Russell and others.  And even with Mikhail Gorbachev who was sent out into the West, as they merged two systems together.  And you even find in the report that Norman Dodd, they'd done that in the Reece commission, it's up on a Google site in fact, where he talks about how stunned he was to find out, way back in the sixties I think it was, that the big foundations were working hard through lobbying etc, and promoting through magazines and newspapers, so that they could eventually amalgamate the Soviet system into the West.  And bring them both together.  An official investigation into it was done, it was called the Reece commission, and that's been done.  But here is the top man, remember, Mikhail Gorbachev, who was the President of the Soviet Union, who came over to the States and set up the Presidio.  That was all arranged for him too.  He put his little green flag out there with a cross, the green cross, which is of Lazarus, the Knights of Lazarus, that's what it stands for.  And he'd been wooed by the West, and he'd been taken across the planet by Margaret Thatcher, the ultra conservative supposedly.  The media itself did a great con job on the public by accepting the terms of interviews with Gorbachev and his wife.  And they swore not to ask any questions about politics, so all they talked about was her lipstick, her hair, the cut of Mr Gorbachev's suit.  He was a new type of Soviet, very trendy.  And they even did a poll at the end, where they asked the Americans if he was running for the presidency, would you vote for him, and they came up with 75% of them that said Yes.  That's how easy it is to con the public.  And then a few years later they admitted, they'd agreed not to ask any pertinent questions.  This is the same media that tells you what to think about and what not to think about, still operating today. 


Gorbachev talks about the creation of a new religion that was already underway, well underway, in fact during Khrushchev's era.  Khrushchev had a department within the KGB working on what he called the New Age phenomena, with guys out checking up, seeing if it was really taking off.  It was imperative that it take off because they had already decided to bring the planet under subjugation, where they'd allow scientists who talked about the earth and nature and sustainability to control the people, they'd have to create a form of religion for it.  And you must get supporters for agendas, therefore you create the religion; that gives you the supporters.  And we roughly call it the New Age, but it was something, long before even the Beatles kicked off the second phase.  It was started off in the 1800s with Madame Blavatsky, who was eventually given a Masonic charter to exist in her own right to get the females into it, and that was to blend Eastern religion with the West, for the coming times, which is happening now. 


And for a lot of people out there who are totally brainwashed, it makes sense to them. Mother Earth, Gaea, spirituality, science, all mixed into one, but it's dominated by the scientists; they tend to ignore that part.  Or they see them as new priests who think the same way as they do.  This article is from the Globe and Mail, Friday the 4th, 2008.  It's called: Meet the Gatekeepers of spiritual awakening.


At mission control of the Kripalu Center in Massachusetts, programmers decide what will fly with the new age crowd.

By Andy Newman

Stockbridge, Massachusetts — On the last Tuesday in June, the Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health was a New Age encyclopedia come to life.

(Alan: Now Yoga was brought out, as I say, by the Maharishi big time and he tried to sell it first as a religion, until there was a backlash.  They didn't want him selling his stuff as a religion, and so he changed it.  He went back, he repackaged it, and said it was scientific techniques to relax yourself, and that's how they sold it to America.  And yoga by the way was invented initially, supposedly for the devotees, to cut all the reincarnations so they wouldn't have to come back again.  They could get to Nirvana by contortions.)


A roomful of seekers pursued "Total Immersion for Total Transformation."


(A: Total transformation, see the little words there that get you ready for something else, that ties in with the "Oneness" and the chip and everything else, eh?  They'll have you with who you are, you'll transform, transformers.)


A lecturer demonstrated yoga poses to combat anxiety and depression. Pounding music issued from a gymlike hall where the inventor of a "movement experience"


(A: that sounds like something that happens in the bathroom)


called Journey Dance supervised the liberation of her trainees' second chakras.


(A: They're all into chakras, you know.  It's amazing, their grandparents would say, What? Chakras?  How quickly they've adopted a religion, a religion, amazing.)  


"The burning in our souls and the fever in our hearts and the fervor in our eyes as we're hoping and we're praying ..." went the soundtrack as women waved their arms heavenward or sat crosslegged on the floor.

So many paths to serenity; so many pilgrims: 30,000 guests a year come to Kripalu, which bills itself as the biggest retreat center in the United States, offering 700 workshops and seminars annually.

(A: You'd be surprised how many....it's aimed primarily at women.  And the New Age was designed to mainly go for the female psyche.  And you'll find that most of the big teacher associations all go to this particular center and other ones to get their indoctrination, and they go back to their schools, and you know they're actually teaching Kabbalah in schools.  You can't teach any other religion, but you can teach Kabbalah.  Interesting, isn't it.  Isn't it.) 

But behind the scenes in a crowded second-floor suite at Kripalu's sprawling lakefront campus here in the Berkshires, things are a tad less restful. Beneath a long expanse of whiteboard and corkboard plastered with thousands of color-coded sheets and dots laying out each day's offerings from 2007 through the end of next year, phones ring ceaselessly. Gaps between projected and actual attendance are tracked like stock prices, and self-proclaimed visionaries and healers are subjected to the scrutiny of veteran vetters.

This is Kripalu's programming office, known internally as Mission Control or Grand Central, where the gatekeepers decide who merits the instant respectability a player like Kripalu confers in the ever-expanding Lohas industry (that's lifestyles of health and sustainability).


(A: So see, they're wrapping sustainability into the religion.  Just like I talked about with Mikhail Gorbachev.  And they're all getting brainwashed into it, and they don't even know it.  It says here:)

Kripalu's programming director, Denise Barack, (A: Which is just a variation of Baruch) gestured at the room-long scheduling board. "We could do a commercial for Post-its," she said.

Anyone who sets foot in a health-food store has seen the bulging catalogs for holistic meccas like Kripalu or Esalen or the Omega Institute.


(A: I don't know if you know that the CIA were behind all those big boys.  Because the CIA were into cult programming long ago.  And they're using it on a much larger scale now, it's given the taint of respectability.  They call it sciences, but the same boys run it.  Need a religion for a New Age.)


The course listings can seem almost like a collection of randomly combined buzzwords: "path," "wellness,"


(A: Remember the wellness thing came out.  You stopped saying how's your health, just how's your wellness?  And everyone adapted to it like it was quite natural.) 


"Rumi," "goddess," "awakening." But deciding what goes into those catalogs is a process that leaves little to chance or flow. With one hand firmly on the bottom line and the other grasping for the spiritual firmament, the people who run Kripalu are engaged in a sort of permanent yoga stretch.

"We're constantly re-examining," said Kripalu's president, Ila Sarley. "What are the needs? What are the needs of the market, and what are the needs of society?"


(A: So they're in a social thing you see.  A social movement.  Needs of society.) 


In the end, everything comes down to what will bring bodies in the door. "What we're looking at," Sarley said, "is what will someone pay to take a vacation to do." 


(A: In other words, how much will they pay to take a vacation there.)

People will usually pay, of course, to vacation at the feet of a bona fide New Age celebrity. Outside the Journey Dance room, Barack, an energetic 48-year-old with big eyes and a beaming smile, pointed out a craggy-faced man named David Williams on a promotional poster for a coming Ashtanga yoga festival.

(A: This is in the States.  Have you ever been to India?  If not, and you want to think about the New Age, go to India.  And go to the big cities, and try and live there.  And see how they treat each other.  See how they treat the poor, or the infirm, or the crippled.  You don't help them.  Because if you help them, you're interfering with their karma.  It's a great excuse for the New Age.  "I don't have to do anything to help anyone, because that's their karma, and if I touch them, then I'll get their bad karma on me.  So I'll just look at the positive and turn away from the negative."  This is what it's all immersed in.  Total hedonism.  It's incredible.)

"We spend money on chocolate," Barack added, recalling a time when she sent a programmer to a conference in Chicago to ply Deepak Chopra with bonbons.

Business deals and the details of seminars are hammered out on the lake behind Kripalu. One presenter told Barack, "Kayaking is your golf." The lake also affords privacy from the clutch of devotees, which can be hard to come by. "People have — not groupies, but people really want to be in their presence," Barack said.

(A: It's true, they want to worship people.  Do you know, in India, a guru in India is actually a god.  Did you know that?  He's not just a teacher in India, he's a god.  In the Maharishi's own temple in India, it's chiseled in stone that he's the highest of the gods.  In all languages it's chiseled there.  Do you know you're into god worship here?  Human-being god-worship.  Is that what you want to worship, people that walk around?  Quite amazing isn't it.  You have no idea of the money funding and work that went into this new religion that's now part of the Earth worship.  Back with more after this break.)

Hi folks, this is Alan Watt, we're Cutting Through the Matrix.  And showing you different aspects of the systems and programs within the matrix, and one of them happens to be the New Religion because it has a purpose, a purpose unknownst to those who follow it.  Followers of anything generally don't know very much at all.  But those who lead it certainly do.  And those who created it certainly do.  And it's not the people you generally see in the front pages.  You know the CIA have admitted that they were involved in the setting up of Feinstein and other ones, was it Feinstein or Gloria Steinem.  They even set her up with a magazine and all the rest of it, and she brought in the whole feminist concept with spirituality and eastern guru-ism and witchcraft and all the rest of it, to help prepare her part for the New Age.  And lots of other ones were doing their thing as well.  I always refer to the Jonestown experiment, there's many experiments going on to do with cults and how the mind works and how people become devotees.  And they studied those in India.  Sleep deprivation, lack of food, confused sleeping hours, getting them up at all times so there's no regular sleeping pattern, and then you watch them and how they become devotees, and who are they when they end up worshiping the guru.  They decided to use this for the West because it fitted in perfectly well with this whole New World Order idea, where people would listen to scientists who would speak on behalf of saving the planet.  And that would all be familiar to all the New Agers who'd been indoctrinated with globalism, greenism, and all the other isms that are out there.  The greening of the planet.


Sustainability.  Maurice Strong.  I've even got a photograph from Maclean's magazine with Maurice Strong and his wife Hannah, down on Baca Grande Ranch, sitting cross-legged, doing his meditation, as he worships himself as a higher god you see.  It even shows you the religion behind it, because there's a tower down there, copied after the big one in Iraq.  The tower with the spiral staircase which you walk up, and you attain the higher levels.  That's the Helter Skelter.  And you come down the same way, to the earth, to be reincarnated.  And you walk your way up to find your heaven on earth, the Stairway to Heaven.  Occult stuff.  Occult stuff that's known to the higher initiates.  But you have this massive greening movement, all coming together.  We don't have health anymore, we all have wellness, and bad genes, and eugenics, all combining together.  And a religion has been created of hedonism, where you don't look at the negative, you only look at the positive things.  Turn your back on all the bad stuff.  And that's perfect for a controlled society.  Perfect.  The New Age Religion.  As I say, Gorbachev is only one of many, and Khrushchev before him, had departments working on this, and keeping check on it to see how it was progressing in the West.  That's the world we live in, full of mystique and agendas.  Now I've got Joshua from New York, are you there Joshua?


Joshua: Hello, Alan.  First of all, I want to apologize.  I'm calling from my job right now, I work in a pulp mill, so if you got radio interception there, I apologize.  It's actually kind of synchronistic that I called tonight, because I called to talk about The Next Million Years by Charles Galton Darwin, and I'm almost finished reading that and there's a clear example of this whole creating this new religion, where he dedicated at least half of his book talking about how we need a new religion that's going to go ahead and allow this down-sizing of the population, where it's okay, it's okay to not have children.  It's actually good. You're building upon it.


Alan: That's right.


Joshua: But I was going to go in a different direction with that, Alan.  I first of all, I got the book online, I downloaded it, from one of them peer to peer things there and I know that there's always a possibility that you're not getting the full book, when you do that you know.  But I'm checking, making sure all the pages are there and stuff like that, but you know how easy it is to manipulate something like that on a computer.  There's a chapter in there's a chapter in there, and I believe it's the one with the wild being or something like that in reference to humans.  And at the tail end of it he leaves a little nugget that just threw my mind for a whirl, because from my perception chapter, I did not at all grasp how he left it.  And like I said, I'm reading it now, and I'm towards the end of the book, and I've had to kind of put it on the back shelf.  I'm in the prediction section, but I'm expecting a child here, so I'm doing all the research that I can to try to convince my politically correct anti-spouse that vaccines are not all that they're cracked up to be so it's taking up most of my time, but anyway.  There's one reference that he makes at the tail end of this chapter.  And I might be getting the pronunciation wrong, Homo-paediphilus.  And like I said, I understand, I grasp what the definition of that term means obviously, but I just, I didn't get, like I said, I didn't finish reading the book yet, but I, I'm having trouble understanding how he just threw that in there, with nothing backing up to it, yeah, yeah, yeah, these wild beings, man by nature needs to have a certain portion of them to remain wild and then, all the sudden, then boom!  Oh yeah, we're going to have some homo-paediphilus going on.  It's like, where did that come from, was he really thinking the casual reader was just going to read that and not grasp that that was totally off the premise of that chapter.  Or am I not through the book enough, or have I not read a certain part of the book that might have been blacked out, that further explained how he came to that conclusion. 


Alan: Yeah, well what it is, you understand, they have a religion behind this, and I'll explain that part of it after this break, so listen off air if you want.


Hi, I am Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through the Matrix.  And the last caller there was asking about Charles Galton Darwin, how he slipped that in, a particular thing to do with pedophilia.  You've got to understand, that in ancient philosopher times in Greece, it was the normal thing to team up with a young boy.  And to devote, as they say, your love to the young boy.  Meaning, that became your lover.  And this was advocated as the supreme form of love, over everything else, in fact, in those Grecian times, the female was simply there in order to have offspring of the lineages, as far the aristocracy were concerned.  The highest form of love to them was this sort of pedophilia love, that was normalcy.  And these big characters in these elite families, don't really see anything wrong with that, they never have seen anything wrong with that.  If you look at the wealthy noble families and their histories, it's shocking because they have a different inner life than the general public have regarding their sexuality.  The males just team up with the females or are teamed up with the females for the offspring, and once they've had them, they both can live together but do their own thing, in whatever fashion that may be.  Including pedophilia.  And even some recent royalty were well known for that too.  And even some clubs in London, certain members of the royal family used to bring little boys in.  You couldn't get through the doors if you were Joe Ordinary, and you couldn't afford it, and yet everyone knew, and all the top media knew as well, and they kept it quiet; so this is acceptable, this particular type of so-called bonding. 


And it goes into again, another occultic side, to do with Melchizedek (what they call loosely Melchizedek), which is a statue that you'll find in all top Masonic lodges.  And it's really for what Melchizedek stands for.  Melchizedek stands for a God on Earth.  And they give you the allegorical story for the people coming out of Israel, or Egypt, and meeting Melchizedek on the way.  And they give him all the attributes and the offerings that you only give to a god.  And so much so that these particular people fought a neighboring tribe and gave Melchizedek half the slaves.  And that was to honor the god, the "Seed of Zedek" as they say.  And the Lord "Mel."  He's also called the Lord of the Seat as well.  So, this particular thing is to do with Melchizedek, who always has an apprentice.  And for the wisest men to get an apprentice, a young apprentice, that they could love and be in tune with, closer then any wife, according to them, was the highest achievement in emotion and creativity you could ever, ever have.


The movie, The Storm of the Century, has a Melchizedek figure, and that's what he's after in it, a young boy.  It's well worth seeing that movie, the way it was portrayed, by a master obviously.  And on, there's a lot of videos up there, it's called True Stories, I don't know if it's dot org or com or what.  You'll find a good one to watch with the whole New Age movement to do with this kind of stuff, and it's called Gods of the New Age.  Gods of the New Age.  It's well worth looking at to see the reality behind the whole New Age movement, in the place where they took all the stuff from the chakras and yoga and all of that kind of stuff.  And you'll see how they're worshiped, and you'll see all these youngsters coming all from America back in the sixties and seventies, literally bowing on their knees as these yogis pass them because they're gods.  And the amount of mind control is phenomenal because India is an ancient land, with ancient techniques of mind control.  Well Studied.  And that's been used and marketed in the West.  It has been for a long time now.  To bring in this new age, coupled with the scientific dictatorship, or scientific priesthood, and this is to manage all our lives, and it's taken off, it was aimed primarily at the female.  Why the female?  Because they understand the female psychology, and they knew that they could bring this in through the female.  Why?  It's been done before a long, long time ago.  And that's why they were so certain of it.  But for the males at the top, yeah, they're now calling it intergenerational sex, to tidy up the term.  Just like they call it bioethics, rather then eugenics after Hitler gave it a bad name.  That they've given this inter-generational sex, rather then pedophilia.  But every great one, as they say, needs their apprentice, the sorcerer's apprentice, and it's a very, very close relationship, indeed. 


And you'll find at the top, and you'll find it in all countries too, that they have this law, that says you must be tried for crimes by your own peer group.  Well, you understand, they are above the commoners, they're not in the commoners' groups, so they get tried, they can only be tried by their own peer group.  And they don't have those laws at the top, so they don't break laws technically.  So they can't be tried.  And if they were tried, it would have to be by their own peer group, by their own rules and regulations, and that's why they get off with it. 


You find the same thing Albigensian movement, where the last crusade, and they make a big thing about them being persecuted.  You always hear about persecution, down through history.  People hide behind persecution.  You have to find out what they were up to; the other side of the story.  And the Albigensian and Cathars had a higher group in the bishop category, and they had bishops that were the Perfecti.  When you were Perfected you could go into all kinds of debauchery because the laws that effect common people no longer applied to you as one who was perfected.  The Scottish Rite of Freemasonry calls itself the Rite of Perfection.  These are continuations down through history, they're not broken, they're continuations of the same thing. 


And you'll find these Masonic Lodges in the 1800s had big brothels attached to them.  Even the ones in the 1700s.  Benjamin Franklin belonged to Dashwoods one in High Wycombe, England.  But it wasn't just an ordinary brothel.  These women were high-class carriers of specific genes, and if you served the great work well, you were allowed to have intercourse with these Dollies.  A Dolly is a carrier.  The offspring is what they were after.  That was a high honor.  Jackie Kennedy's ancestor was the head of that one they had at High Wycombe.  And there are still relatives in France today that are descended from them, as well as Jackie Kennedy herself.  Bouvier was her name. A few years ago in the London papers, they dug up the floorboards of that particular place, and they found the skeletons of little babies.  That was in national papers.  And old Ben Franklin was a member. 


We're dealing with a movement down through time.  And they have these people you'll see, look at all these Presidents who were all related to kings of England.  Look at Wikipedia and do a search.  It's astounding, every one of them is.  And which ones they go back to is Edward I, primarily.  Big movement down through time.  They had oppositions they had to destroy on the way.  It would take centuries sometimes to destroy major oppositions.  Now they have no opposition left.  And they're steamrolling ahead, and they're showing their teeth, very openly to the public, who are oblivious of it.  Oblivious of what's really happening.  You can do anything with a completely dumbed down, ignorant public, and they are. 


Alan: Now I've got Guy from Arkansas, are you there Guy?


Guy: Hey, good evening Alan.  Hey, I called you either it was last week or the week before about, talking about the female/male newscasters flipping off in between each other and changing the left brain/right brain paradigm.  Of course the female is the submissive and the male is the dominant, so they talk between themselves to switch the brain from right brain/left brain and confuse you.  And you had a great agreement upon that, upon that point of view.  I want to bring a point....


Alan: Remember that the main, actual reason for them doing that is you're seeing two people agree with each other before you, and that encourages you to agree with what they're saying too. That's how psychology works.


Guy: Yeah, you're right.  Exactly, because now you have a left brain/right brain agreeing, so there's a third member.


Alan: Yeah, and you're an observer, so you will nod your head in approval.  It's just like the laughing stuff they give, the canned laughter on comedies.  Pavlovian style, you respond and laugh. 


Guy: Right.  So my point here tonight, is to make people aware that a rival internet radio station has adopted this male/female format.  And some people who are junkies like me, that listen every chance they can, they know who I'm talking about.  And I'm just wondering if, my question to you is this, do you think that when a programming institution takes upon this right brain/left brain female/male format, do you think they've been compromised to some degree?  And Alan, with appreciation to the other callers, I'll take your answer off the air.  Thank you.


Alan: I've no doubt.  You'll find when all shows are geared on selling, then they adopt what's current in the marketing techniques.  And therefore they adopt the same technique that you're used to getting on a daily basis on TV and radio.  And therefore they're becoming mainstream with the same techniques including live feed-overs from music and feeding different stuff in during the conversation in the background music that creates an emotional effect, and imprints the subject deeper within you.  These are again marketing and psychological techniques which definitely are used.  As they emulate mainstream more, and more and more, they'll become more successful as far as marketing and selling goes.  And generally you'll find that most of them are selling-based, regardless of what movement they pretend to stand for.  It's really marketing and selling, that's behind it all.  Everyone eventually copies L.A. and Hollywood, that's what they do.  Everyone eventually copies that and those techniques, because the public are conditioned that this is now normal.  And they expect to hear that kind of stuff given to them.  They don't question all the work that goes into it, all the whys that go into it, behind the background, behind the noises.  Why are they there now? Why can't they just speak without this particular music or whatever?  These are techniques to drive you.  It's a form again of psychic driving, which is well understood in marketing.  Now I've got Mark in California.


Mark: Oh, Hi Alan.  I talked to you before, and we kind of ran out of time.  So, I wanted to call back and follow up with this.  I asked you about the different factions vying for power, and you explained to me that power was consolidated in the 19th Century and that basically at this point it's only one group in charge of this movement.  What were the factions before power was consolidated?


Alan:  The factions, although the same bunch that run the world today were always behind the scenes, maybe less connected in some areas, but they're still connected.  You had the major religions.  Especially in America, you had very strong religious types, although they were becoming schismatic and breaking up into smaller sects and groups, and differences and so on.  You also had the Catholic religion that if nothing else, it certainly did have the best intelligence network in the world and they knew about what was coming, they knew what was behind the revolutions, in the centuries, like the French Revolution and so on.  And they knew that there were forces that were working not just to destroy them, they knew why they were going to be destroyed, that was also part of it.  They knew that Freemasonry was the interconnecting link between all these other associations, and that is true today.  You'll find Freemasonry is the one interconnecting link through all of these groups.  Even all the New Age, through the Eastern Star and all the other branches they have.  That was the network that initially kept them all together.  Now they're consolidated as a single unit of economics, military, political, media, scientific power, educational power, it's all consolidated now into one.


Mark: Do you see more of this now emanating from British Freemasonry?


Alan: There's no doubt that Britain was one, and then the man who came in from France, not Scotland, to start up what they called the Scottish Rite of Freemasonry in America, that definitely was part of it.  You can't go anywhere in history, since the 1500s without meeting Rosicrucianism and then Freemasonry.  You can't go anywhere in the world without finding the same handshakes, the same stances, etc.  You can't go back into ancient history without finding it. 


Mark: Because it seems when King Henry VIII and the Anglican Church, it seems that it started moving towards the British side of things, and that's kind of...


Alan: Definitely with Henry VIII, big schism there.  And he became the head of the Anglican Church for a long time; the royalty still is today, the head of the Anglican Church, not the Archbishop.  Even a lot of their members now are going over to Catholicism because they realize their own church is perverted and decayed from within.  And it truly is, it's diabolical inside it, what's happening within it.


Mark: And one last thing and I'll let the other callers come in.  If you could just comment about where the Jesuits are as a player, in today.  Or if the Jesuits were just more of a thing of the past under the Catholic Old World Order system.


Alan: Jesuits today are pretty well finished as far as what they used to be. There's no doubt about it, they were into everything in times gone by.  And then it was into the middle of the 1900s the Jesuits once again turned their backs on their own Pope, and became pushers of what they call liberation theology, which was a form of Marxism they tried to blend with Christianity.  It was neither one nor the other, but they were going their own way with it.  They were heavily involved in Revolutions in Latin America and elsewhere.  Today they're still a very good intelligence network, but even Malachi Martin said it, that all the top denominations in the Catholic Church now in Rome are all Freemasonic, including all the higher Archbishops and probably the Pope himself.


Mark: Thanks a lot, Alan.


Alan: Thanks for calling.

And so, yep, Freemasonry has worked its way into everything.  And we see the results of it today. Once in, they decay.  They did the same thing with the Christian sects within America.  Back with more after this break.


Hi folks, I'm Alan Watt, and this is Cutting through the Matrix, and I've got Robert from Nova Scotia on the line.  Are you there Robert?


Robert: Good Evening Alan.  Hi, I'm doing well, thanks.  I just have one question for you.  I was reading the other day that Washington DC was created by the amalgamation of part of the state of Virginia, and the state of Maryland.  And if you take the first word off of each state you have Virgin and Mary.  And I was wondering, does the Virgin Mary, does that like signify like Central Washington DC as the District of Columbia.  Is the Virgin Mary Columbia?


Alan: Technically so.  Columbia means the dove.  And if you go into even Ancient Egypt you'll see the dove coming down.  They use that later in Christianity as well, meaning the spirit comes down.  And it's also Columbine, that's why Columbine high school came into it.  They have, it's a five-pointed star.  So it's a five-pointed star, it's a column as well, which is an obelisk, and it's also the dove, the spiritual one that comes down and gives someone life you might say.

You understand in Masonry too, they also use the female as the Church.  So Isis is also the Church, and they, the members, are the body, because Osiris was cut up into fourteen parts.  They all got together afterwards, once they bring in their order, once the last purge was over and they weren't all killed, they formed the new body to start the course of history over again.  And they call themselves the body of the church.  They're talking about an occult church here, and they always use the same symbols throughout history.


Robert: So you had the original thirteen colonies, and wasn't there a like a fourteenth piece missing that has something to do with Isis?


Alan: They never find the fourteenth part, so the builders make it themselves.  That happens to be the penis, the Golden Penis.  And that's the Golden Fire.  And then all the philosophers since were called golden thighed, like golden thighed Pythagoras, etc.  That means from your loins comes the perfect specimen through eugenics and through breeding.


Robert: Well thanks very much Alan.


Alan: Thanks for calling.


Robert: Have a good evening.


Alan: Yeah, they always go behind a cover of what's prevalent, so you'll see it from one angle through your conditioning.  They have an inner meaning for themselves, behind.  And there's no doubt Washington DC, it was drafted up by L'Enfant, they brought over from France.  Then they brought over the big Statue of Liberty, a sort of hermaphroditic figure with the spikes or the rays of light coming out of the head, which they also had in ancient Rhodes.  And that's why you've got a Rhode Island down that way too, it's not too far.  You had Ancient Rhodes, that was their capitol in the Ancient World in the Mediterranean or up in the Aegean Sea, for trade and commerce.  And that's where the rich at one time all lived.  And they had the Colossus, which was the same as the Statue of Liberty basically.  Only it didn't have the gown on.  In those days you could have it naked.  It eventually collapsed in a massive earthquake I believe, and it was sold to a trader from the Middle East for scrap value.  So they say in the history books.  That's what I remember about it. 


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So from a sprayed and thundery and HAARPed sky, H-A-A-R-P, from Ontario, Canada, and from the dog Hamish, it's good night.  And May your god or gods go with you.





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