July 28th, 2008 (#146)
Alan Watt "Cutting Through The Matrix" LIVE on RBN:

Poem Copyright Alan Watt July 28th, 2008:

"Popular Cultural Thoughts are Always Directive,
To Be Part of the Whole, Part of the Collective,
The War on the Self is Meant to Cause Anguish,
As You Fight the Collective, which Collectively Languish,
There's a Few of Us Left, with Spirit Residual,
Who Champion the Cause Called the True Individual"
© Alan Watt July 28th, 2008

Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - July 28th, 2008 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)

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Hi folks, I am Alan Watt, and this is Cutting Through the Matrix on Monday the 28th of July, 2008.  Newcomers, I always advise that you go into the cuttingthroughthematrix.com website and download as much of the previous talks as you can handle.  Also look into alanwattsentientsentinel.eu for transcripts which you can download and print up.  They're done in the various languages of Europe.  This summer has been literally what is called a washout because it's rained pretty well every day, or else it's been completely overcast every day.  The few breaks you have in the clouds, they show you these amazing jets just flying back and forth with the big sprays, and they're showing you a new type of spray, and a new type of jet too.  It goes three times as fast as the old one, leaving behind it this trail which almost disappears and then suddenly rematerializes and blossoms out much quicker then the old type.  They're quite astounding to watch.  And then of course you tune in to regular media, where your reality comes from, and they tell you you're causing global warming and greenhouse gases, and that you're the problem for this odd weather phenomena that we're experiencing.  Yet those who have been following this for years and have done their homework to do with the HAARP technologies, coupled with the spraying technologies that were talked about back in the early 1950s by Teller, the guy who invented the H-bomb, where he said that metallic particles put into the atmosphere would vastly improve the quality of HAARP for weather manipulation, and also mood alterations of the public.  The mood alteration part is in the United Nations Treaty on weather warfare done in the seventies.  Easiest thing to do.  But as I say, reality comes from TV, and that perception becomes your reality.  Repetition, repetition, repetition from the New Priests of the New World Order which are scientists.  Scientists.  They've taken over you see.  And Bertrand Russell in his book, The Impact of Science on Society, said that we should create a nation or a world where people cannot do anything without the advice of experts.  Lo and behold, it's happened.  We can't think for ourselves.  Very old techniques, written about, published, discussed at big international meetings that are now at work.  The Magi are in the skies, and the alchemy is all over the place.


It's two different worlds, really, colliding because you have the one you've been brainwashed into believing exists, through the media where you think we're evolving, and you really think that you're evolving through your whole life long with major events happening outside of your life that eventually effect you and are dealt with by politicians.  That's what you're trained to believe.  And you're also trained to believe that somewhere in all that you some kind of voice, which is a good con.  It works very well because really you don't have any voice.  Only the largest groups in democracies have voices.  That was discussed back in the 1800s when they talked about giving the public democracy.  The largest groups would have the voices, the rest would have no say at all.  You're allowed to vote people in, at least vote for A, B, C and D, who go along with the same agenda.  And I'll be back with more of the Wizard of Oz, after this break.


Hi folks, I'm Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through the Matrix.  Trying to point out some of the realities that really do exist amongst all the confusion.  And that's how it's done.  That's how you confuse people, is give them a whole bunch of different realities and many topics to choose from, many variations on each topic led by different experts.  And you just run in circles, forever adapting one after another, and adopting one after the other, until it becomes your own opinion, that's the one you stick with generally until you die.  That's the world we live in.  Most folks do not reason things through for themselves and they don't rely on something that's very important, something that people used to, something called memory.  The beauty of being able to live a few years is you can remember things if you were conscious at the time.  And I remember when the big chemical industries came out with a massive advertising campaign across the Western world to sell the values and the beauty of eating margarine, this gooey amazing chemical stuff that was sold as a substitute for butter.  And at the time I was reading various books including Russell and other ones to do with eugenics and how to bring the sperm count down and all the rest of it.  And I thought to myself, I wonder if that's got anything to do with it.  And lo and behold, of course it did.  This is also in Charles Galton Darwin's book The Next Million Years, how to bring down the sperm count, how to give even female hormones to males, and effeminize them to an extent.  And how to even make the females more masculine.  All discussed at high-level meetings, world meetings, by members of the aristocracy with scientists involved.  And Charles Galton Darwin was a scientist.  He's a physicist.  Nothing happens by chance in the system.  Nothing at all.  And sure enough, over the years, after margarine and all the rest of it came the big cholesterol scare.  Remember too that these characters have said for 100 years or more that they'd create a vegetarian society, and so meat suddenly was blamed for everything.  It still is.  Now it's blamed for Global Warming and ruminants of course they claim are creating more gases then anything, to get you off meat.  Then we had the Mad Cow disease, and we take their word for it, of course.  Only one laboratory in Britain could detect it, and it was a military-industrial laboratory.  So we take their word for it as they slaughtered millions of animals.  Any length at all they'll go to, to get the job done.  In fact the bigger the con, and the bigger the show or display the more we believe it.  We can't imagine them doing anything so big, at such a grand scale, just like landing on the moon.  And then you have flags blowing in the wind, which shouldn't exist.  Stuff like that.  The big, big one.  And the cholesterol levels got blamed for everything.  And over the years, they keep giving you new normals until you've got hardly any cholesterol at all, but it's still too high.  And you pay of course, you always pay for the medications.  They make sure of that.  If they forced you to take medications, you'd wonder why they were giving it to you.  As long as you pay for it, you'll really believe that they're to help you.  After that prelude into this whole con game to do with your health, and how it lowers sperm and all the rest of it, here's an article, years, years, years later, showing you what they knew at the beginning.  And it's from Virgin Media, 24th of July 2008.


Soya 'linked to low sperm count'

Too much tofu may affect a man's fertility, according to a study linking soya and low sperm count.

Scientists found that even modest consumption of soya products, such as meat and dairy substitutes and bean curd, can have a significant impact on sperm count.

(Alan: They knew this at the beginning.  Always keep that in mind because it falls in line with the agenda.  Anything that falls in line with the agenda, and everything pretty well does, had to be planned that way.  Sometimes by the law of averages, something should fall on the side of the public, but it doesn't.  You see.  It says:)

Men who ate an average of half a serving of soya food a day had lower concentrations of sperm than those who did not.

Low sperm count is known to make it harder for a man to conceive.

(A: They mean produce healthy sperm.)

Soya compounds called isoflavones, which mimic the female sex hormone estrogen, are thought to be behind the effect.

(A: You see it mimics the female sex hormone, estrogen, right along Charles Galton Darwin's line)

Animal studies have linked high consumption of isoflavones with infertility,

(A: So they always knew it, you see.)

but until now there has been little evidence of their impact on human reproduction. 

(A: I'll add, except at the top.)

Sperm count ranges between 80 and 120 million sperm per millilitre (million/ml) of semen for normal healthy men.

But researchers in the US found that among the men they studied, those with the highest soya intake produced much less sperm. On average their counts were 41 million/ml lower than those of men who did not consume soya products.

The scientists, led by Dr Jorge Chavarro, from the Harvard School of Public Health in Boston, questioned 99 men seeking help for fertility problems about their consumption of 15 soya-based foods.

Each man was asked about his diet in the previous three months. The foods included tofu, tempeh, soy sausages, bacon, burgers and mince, soy milk, cheese, yogurt and ice cream, and other soya products such as roasted nuts, drinks, powders and energy bars.

(A: Did you know that almost every candy that you can buy, or sweeties as they say in Britain, every one they're using soya flour in them all now.  They've been doing that for years.  You can't get away from it.)

The scientists varied serving sizes to take account of the fact that different foods contained different levels of isoflavones. A standard serving of tofu was said to be 115 grams, and for soya milk, one 240 millilitre cup. Factors such as age, body mass index (BMI) which relates weight and height, smoking, alcohol and caffeine intake, and the length of time since last producing semen, were adjusted for.

And that was also in the Press Association, a whole bunch of different newspapers, so, there you go.  It's another Big Coincidence that just falls in line with the depopulation program.  And you know infertility today is the most booming industry there is in the Western world.  It's a very, very wealthy industry, both for males and females.  Infertility.  Quite amazing.  But most folks as I say will float through lives thinking everything just evolves by chance, willy-nilly, and it's all out of control until the scientists give us a solution to things.  It never dawns on them that the scientists caused it in the first place because it's part of an agenda.  It has to be part of an agenda because how many wish lists could you draw up and by luck fulfill them all.  It would be impossible.  The law of averages say half should be half.  The coin should always come down at least half the time heads or tails.  But as I say, these guys at the top publish what they want, and low and behold, it transpires, every time.  These guys have a lot, a lot of luck.  Guarantee that.  And that's the world you live in.  That's the world.

And here's just another little bit before I go on to callers here, and it's to do with water.  Back in the sixties they had, I think it was the late sixties, early seventies, they had a big international meeting for the United Nations in Israel.  They choose these places that the average person can't go to very easily.  And that was where they said that the coming big money maker and power holder would be those who controlled water.  As far back as that.  Because after all you see in a war for the world, and of the world, you always go for water and food.  That's standard even when you’re besieging a city.  When you besiege a city, you get their water supply.  You cut it off.  And you have them by the 'short and curlies.'  And you cut off their food supply.  You just wait them out.  They must have water and food to survive.  Very simple, never changes.  And I remember in Britain, and it's the same across the world, they used public tax money, local money usually, to build up the big facilities for gas and for water and all these things with sewage and so on, and it works fine for a long time.  And then they change the government, and they say, oh, well it's so inefficient, we'll have to privatize it.  So they just give it for peanuts to their buddies, literally peanuts.  And it was arranged that way from the beginning.  Get the schmucks to build it, pay for it, and then they give it to their buddies to privatize.  That happened in Britain with every facility there was, including the rail industry.  And I remember in Britain there was a bunch of politicians who first had this bill to privatize the water industry, and the same guys who put the bills forward and backed it all, left about two years later and became the heads of these companies that now owned the water.  That's how blatant it all is.  This particular article is from the Guardian, July 12th, 2008, it says:


Water bills to rise £450m to save wildlife

Consumers face increases of up to £30 a year as firms told to find new supplies

(A: This is the country that everyone wanted to emigrate from because it was always raining.  You were flooded in Britain; that was the natural way of it.)

Householders face a bill of nearly half a billion pounds after water companies have been asked to slash the amount of water they take from rivers and aquifers and find alternative supplies.

The price rises follow a review by the Environment Agency, which found widespread damage and threats to wildlife, including precious chalk rivers and wetlands, and other protected habitats for water voles, salmon and other wildlife.

(A: All those things they can recreate if they want to with today's science.)

The move raises the prospect of new investment in controversial schemes including pumping water from the wet north of England and Wales to the south, energy-hungry desalination plants, and new reservoirs.

Guess who's going to benefit.  Back after the following messages. 

Hi folks, I am Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through the Matrix.  And I'm just going over that little bit about the water in Britain, which is only a guideline for the rest of the world, and how these guys are supposedly so concerned about wildlife and water voles and all the rest of it, when it all goes back to the Earth Charter.  The Earth Charter was put forward by Canada's Maurice Strong who is a front man for the Rockefeller eugenics foundation.  And really it was Rockefellers who drafted up the Earth Charter, that's now in law, where people have no rights at all, and animals have all the rights.  But mind you, you'll have a priesthood who decides what animals have what rights.  There's always a priesthood you see of experts.  So we can't reason for ourselves, we're supposed to obey.  And Maurice Strong at that particular Earth Charter was asked by someone who attended it, what about humans.  There's rights for trees and wildlife, but humans?  Especially Americans he says, you'll wish you had the same rights as a tree.  That's Maurice Strong for you, the front man for the Rockefellers, the guy who is now working for the United Nations, who goes in and out of the United Nations and gets sent to assignments across the world.  The guy who when they set up a department in China for extra trade with China, they did a documentary for public broadcasting and Maurice Strong went to a graveyard in China to visit his aunt, who was a best friend of Mao Tse-Tung, an advisor.  These families are international revolutionaries, down through the ages.  Quite fascinating. Quite fascinating.  And they're still on the go.  And they live to a very old age, because they don't get the old age diseases they've given everyone else.  There antidotes to them, and they get the real stuff. 

Now I'll go to the phones, and I've got Rick in California.  Are you there Rick?


Rick: Yes, I'm here Alan.  I just wanted to, this is sort of like a follow-up call.  I just wanted to thank you for the information you shared with me last week about Francis Galton and his letter about the Chinese in Africa.  It really helped me to understand and clear up some of the questions I had about Mugabe and...


Alan: It's true; there's all the papers now full of Mugabe with Chinese troops behind him and all the rest of it.  And people can't get their minds around the fact that Francis Galton published this in the 1800s that they'd create China, that they'd bring the Chinese into Africa. This is a long-term business plan.


Rick: I also wanted to share too, last night I stumbled across a video online, where these British ministers or MPs were talking, and they were kind laughing among themselves, but they couldn't believe, they couldn't get their minds around that Mugabe was knighted by the queen in 1994 after he killed thousands of people in Matabeleland.  And I was wondering what you think of that.


Alan: Oh, it's nothing new in that.  You'll find that emperor of Japan was knighted into the Order of the Garter back in the early 1900s, and I've got the photographs here of the big admirals and so on going through the ceremony on behalf of the king.  They always do this with what appears to be their opponents; they're actually following a world agenda.


Rick: Yeah, I see Mugabe is a psychopath now.  That he's very convincing with his Black Liberation talk, but he's not really a friend of the black people. 


Alan: No, no.  These guys are not friends with them at all. 


Rick: So that's all I wanted to share with you.  Thank you very much Alan.


Alan: Thanks for calling. 


Rick: All right. Bye-bye.


Alan: Bye now.


Alan: And we've got Frank from Toronto, are you there Frank?


Frank: Can you hear me?


Alan: Yeah, I can hear you now.


Frank: Whooh, there was some kind of reverb there, was there?


Alan: Wasn't there ever, yeah.


Frank: Oh boy.


Alan: Good effects though, good effects.


Frank: Good effects, okay.  I guess I was calling on, I called to speak of a documentary I saw just recently of a defector from the KGB, who had been groomed as his father before him, as they all seem to be apparently.  And this fellow was very candid, he worked for the CBC in Canada. 


Alan:  It's me who put out that word, so you're repeating something that I put out a while ago.  I put out the guy's name and stuff a few weeks back.


Frank: Is that why I downloaded the documentary and watched it?


Alan: That's probably why, yeah. 


Frank: And was this the fellow that was forecasting that once the Soviet Union or in each and every event where they took over a country they'd go in and eliminate all the people.


Alan: They eliminate those who helped bring it in.


Frank: Okay, good.  So that's probably why I went and downloaded that.  Good.  And then on the other note, actually, it was really quite a pleasure to watch.  I downloaded that movie you spoke of, which was The Storm of the Century.  And that was fabulous.  And you never did comment as to why you wanted us to watch it, although I think I may suspect I know why.  What was the point of you wanted us to watch this?


Alan: There's a lot in there.  A lot in there about the microcosm of society, which is also the microcosm.  In other words, the psychology of the people, a community is the same as you can do with a whole continent, a whole country.  And the techniques of exposure, how they react to exposure, how everyone is kept in line by their little secrets, is utilized by those who control the people themselves.  And also how the people when faced with a tremendous problem, how they will act, and how they will sacrifice each other.


Frank: I happen to know that Soya beans...


Alan:  Hold on, and I'll come back to you after this break.

Hi, this is Alan Watt, and we're on Cutting Through the Matrix, and we're talking to Frank from Toronto, who's going to mention Soya there.


Frank: Yes sir.  I heard you speaking of Soya and I do recall being exposed to some information about soya bean being a female hormone, estrogen.


Alan: That was in this report.


Frank: What, was that in your report also?


Alan: I just said that, yeah.  (Chuckle)


Frank: And this was an attempt by the emperor to keep people short right?


Alan: Well in fact, they've always known that an essential ingredient for healthy sperm is cholesterol.  You have to diminish the cholesterol level to create unhealthy sperm.  And everything falls into place when you understand the strategy, everything suddenly makes sense.


Frank: Diminish the cholesterol, to keep...so they've been having us....I remember being encouraged not to have any cholesterol in my diet.


Alan: Exactly. (Laughter) Yeah.


Frank: Geez.  Well, it didn't seem to work too well.  But I mean, I can see what they...okay.  So the estrogen as you were saying earlier, keeps the people, each successive generation becomes shorter, shorter, shorter.


Alan: They also have, what they've noticed since the sixties and Carroll Quigley made mention of it too, was that the females were becoming narrower in the hips, and the guys were becoming narrower in the shoulders, and that was a sudden transition that's now fairly common. 


Frank: Well, that's a very racist thing to be doing.  I mean, not racist, but uh...


Alan: We are being re-engineered.


Frank: Yes, yes, yes.  I think I might get my lady on the soya bean diet, you know.  It might be a good idea.  It might be something to introduce to the health clubs there for all the girls trying to downsize, right?


Alan: Well, they'll certainly downsize all right.  And the population gets downsized too.  And it also has other effects that come into it too.  A lot of physical effects come from all of this.  And I've always said, whatever they promote at the top, I do the opposite.


Frank: Absolutely.  Yes, I see.  Well, I can't always do that, but, myself.  I see as you were saying.  Well I have nothing more to say.  It seems that what I'm bringing is old news and I'm just eagerly trying to participate in your shows here.  They're all so excellent.  Thank you for another good evening sir. 


Alan: Thanks for calling.


Frank: Yes, sir.


Alan: Now I've got Bill from Florida.  Are you there Bill?


Bill: Yeah, I'm the head of the fact check department.


Alan: Okay.


Bill: Our fearless leader...you made a mention of a speech he gave, that our fearless leader gave, where he ostensibly said something along the lines of, if you're not with us, you're against us.  And that's a common misquote, the reality was much more malicious then that and it just bugs me that people use the misquote.  He actually said, "Either you're with us, or you're with the terrorists."


Alan: That's right.


Bill: And that was a malevolent statement.


Alan: And that's exactly it because you're now being designated, if you don't agree, you are a terrorist.  And we do know, and this was said by Kissinger when he made the speech in Germany and one of the Arab countries too, he said Americans are often using this term terrorism/anti-terrorism and he defined what they meant a terrorist is.  A terrorist is someone who is anti-globalist; that is a terrorist.


Bill: I think that it was misquoted on purpose.  The way it was bandied about, I'm almost thinking there were talking papers where people more or less said well, if you want to be helpful, don't repeat the exact quote.  But there were two other things that I wanted to mention; another kind of fact check thing.  I think that you're missing the boat half-way when you talk about the weather modification aspect of the chemtrails.  I think that you also ought to be focusing on the fact that we were being made into radio receivers.


Alan: Well, I've already done that. 


Bill: Oh, you have?


Alan: I did that over two years ago, and I went into the fact that the more metallic particles you accumulate from the spray, it's in the food,  you're drinking it in, you're breathing it in, and you become a walking antenna.


Bill: Yeah, and then we can have dial-in diseases, and it can tie right in with the GMO foods.


Alan: Yes, it does.  No doubt.


Bill: Then the third thing, I wanted to get your take on.  I think there's the most incredible synchronicity when you said the other day something along the lines of that Communism is the chosen order of things. 


Alan: Collectivism.


Bill: And it reminded me of Ben Partin, because he's the only one who's out there beating the path to the Third International, and I think that you two are the closest to the Truth that I've seen yet, or heard yet.  And I wish you'd talk more about the Third International because he's saying that it's a program that's literally unfolding before our very eyes.


Alan: It was designed to unfold, and I've gone through, even again, a very important thing to see is up on youtube, Norman Dodd talking about the Reece Commission, where he went into investigate on behalf of the Senate, the foundations who stated to him, and you hear him in his own words saying this, that the guy in charge, the CEO of the Ford foundation saying, our job is to merge the Soviet system seamlessly with the West.


Bill: How far, when was that?  Because he's saying, was it 1928, the Third International?  This was even before then?


Alan: The Reece Commission was done in the 1950's.


Bill: Oh, okay, well he's going back to the 1928 I think, the Third International.  It was in Moscow, I think.


Alan: It was in Moscow.  I have all the books from it; they were printed in New York in fact, all the English editions, right through all the years.  I have all their books, all their major statements and the thing to look at too is when the Berlin Wall went down and Gorbachev, the leader of this big Greening project in America, Gorbachev was head of the Soviet Union.  He basically called people and told them to leave town.  The leaders of the Soviet countries, just leave town, and only one person in Bulgaria, one leader there did not follow orders and he was killed.  The rest of them left town, you saw all this cheering going on, this was this next phase where they blend it into the West, and we're to go global.  And I think it was Eric Margolis, did a piece in the Toronto Sun, gave the whole speech that Gorbachev gave to the Politburo where he said, this is not the end of Communism.  You'll hear that it is.  He says, we're simply moving into the next phase of Internationalism.


Bill: Well, I'd love to hear you and General Ben have a little chat.  And I don't know if you ever have guests, but he's the one who really, I'm sure you know about him right.  He's the one who was a really top-notch guy in the field of weaponry.  And then he came right in and stated very clearly that the Oklahoma City job was an inside job, and then he was a highly-paid government expert, private expert on the payroll.  And then all the sudden the government turned around and said that he didn't know what he was talking about, and he was saying that there were charges on those columns.  So I'd like to see you chatting with him at some time if at all possible.


Alan: Well I think there's a certain level that you get to, where you're above all of that, because you've studied the whole history of this, and people can't get fixed on certain parts of the agenda.  You've got to see the whole thing, why it was designed.  You've got to understand that the U.S. and Canada fed the Soviet Union through its entire existence.  They couldn't feed themselves.  All of our grain pretty well was sent there, it was massive contracts.  Now the farmers are bankrupt here because they don't have that outlet anymore, China is supplying them, and it was called the great experiment.  The Second Great Experiment.  The US revolution and the system they brought in was called the First Great Experiment.  The Soviet was called the Second One, and out of the two they blended them together with a form of fascism at the top with collectivism at the bottom run by bureaucracy.  That was always the agenda.  And Trotsky himself became an enemy of the Communist system, with his Trotskyite Doctrine because he believed in perpetual revolution.  He didn't think it was right that all these rich aristocrats were being given tours of this new Soviet Union, and he wondered what the game was when his Communist leaders were giving tours to top aristocracy and royalty.  It's because the royalty wanted to see how to control a country more efficiently.  And he didn't quite get it, so he had to be eliminated, and he was.  He was assassinated, so that was intended.  When they brought in the Soviet system it was intended, as Lenin said after 70-odd years blend it into the new system; not quite Capitalist, not quite Communism.  That's what we've got now.  It's loosely called the New World Order.  It's run by scientists, Pavlovian style, and the public are trained like animals.  And that's what they call them, they're like animals.


Bill: While they also have the top-down, they also have created a bottom-up with this communitarianism, where small towns are implementing that all across the United States.


Alan: Yes, Bush Sr. first gave the go to call it communitarianism.  Bush Sr who also, apart from being the President, was also the head of the CIA, so this is a guy who came out and said, communitarianism is the way to go, and sure enough every local TV and radio station are pushing your little communitarian events in your local community.  You're all part of a community.  And eventually if you don't attend these functions one day, you'll be under suspicion.


Bill: Well, I thank you very much.


Alan: Thanks for calling.  And that's what we have.  We live through a schedule, an agenda.  We live through it.  Most of the major events in your life are simply part of a long-term plan.  And they know where they're going.  And unfortunately the masses follow on, and adapt into the new parts of the new culture without even noticing.  And there's no memory of what was before, that's another part too.  Now that was Bill from Florida there.  Okay, now I've got Alex from Toronto.


Alex: Hi Alan.


Alan: Hello


Alex: Alan, the new Batman movie is called the Dark Knight.  Who's the Dark Knight?


Alan: The Dark Knight.  There's a whole bunch of knights.  There's a Red Knight, and the Blue, and the Green.  And there's also the Dark Knight.  The Dark Knight again is the one who comes from the controller, you might say the controller.  He's got special permission.  He's has more rights then other knights.  He can get round them.  He doesn't have to joust with them.  They must open up the way to let him pass.  The other knights must always fight.  Remember White and Black are not colors, you see?  And the White basically reflects, Black absorbs all the light of the sun, so he's got permission to go through all the other quadrants of the system. 


Alex: Oh, okay.  Interesting.  You know also, I recently watched Blade Runner again, and at the end of the movie, Roy Batty, the leader replicant, just before he dies, he's on top of a building, and it's a dark night, and it's raining.  And in the background is a logo, a neon logo sign, and it says TDK, huge.  And that's The Dark Knight, he's the dark knight.  Interesting.


Alan: And another good one to watch, it's called Dark City.  It's another good one to watch.  There's a lot of allegories in there of the system.


Alex: Yeah.  I was watching a movie the other day, I went to the theater, and they had a whole bunch of trailers.  And it was interesting, they're re-doing The Day the Earth Stood Still.  And there's a point in the movie, where the alien character says to one of the earthlings, "If the Earth dies, you die.  If you die the Earth survives."  That was pretty interesting.


Alan: A lot comes out from the culture creators at the top.  Remember the Pentagon is one of the biggest funders of Hollywood. 


Alex: And all these new movies that are coming out, because I've seen all these trailers for movies that are coming out in 2008-2009, all of them are Apocalyptic versions of the future.


Alan: And they all show a future with a big military, serving an elite that you seldom ever see and just masses of people living in rubble, all the commoners. 


Alex: Yeah, exactly yeah. Dystopia. Wow.  Okay, thanks Alan.


Alan: Thanks for calling.  Now I've got Kyle in Connecticut.


Kyle: Hello Alan.


Alan: Hello.


Kyle: Well, we know that they're attacking us by the air, water and food, but what do you think about 'he who controls your eyes, controls your mind'?


Alan: I know.  Well, that's pretty well it.  The ancients, even Zoroastrianism, they understood that between the eyes and the mind itself, if they could get between the eye and the mind, they could give or re-alter, or give a new perception, a false one of what you were actually seeing.  And once that one generation was trained, they would train their children, it's very simple.  So everyone had fire before Zoroastrianism came along, however, with the new religion, suddenly that fire was a sacred fire from the sun, from the high god.  So you treated it with respect, and it was not just fire anymore, it was a whole...and not only that, you had to get special permission to light it, etc, and certain ways to deal with it.  So your whole behavior was altered from a priestly indoctrination that was given to one generation that's then passed on to the other.  Perception is the key.  They can alter perception because even when you're looking at something, they tell you what you're supposed to see.  And most people will always throw out their own reasoning, and accept what they're supposed to see by (what they think are) 'superior people.'  It's a very simple technique.


Kyle: Why do people tend to flock towards this collectivism, instead of thinking for themselves?


Alan: It's the war that's been going on for eons.  People don't realize that only for about two hundred odd years you've had the ability or say the right to be an individual.  In the feudal system, and prior to the feudal system down through the ages, many feudal systems, you had a fixed type of society and you already had a collective society.  You were all taught the same basic rules behind the religion given to you.  And you didn't question it.  It was very simple, but collectively your subsistence and your existence depended upon each other.  A tribal type system.  Only a new tribal type system where you basically fed a small elite, and had very little for yourself.  So individualism is a fairly recent phenomena.  However, that's when all the trouble started with revolutionaries, because the elite realized if individualism really took off, they would lose control over time.  And these guys plan ahead, and that's why they gave us big forms of collective behavior.  Now if you look really at the dialectic technique and you study, you see the Americanism of the sixties and seventies, and the Communism, you have the same kinds of techniques of propaganda given to both sides.  You are no longer an individual, on both sides; you belong to a collective. And each collective was fighting the other collective.  And they say, here are our standard values vs. their standard values.  So you lose yourself in the collective.  And most people because of the weight of the world, especially when you give them lots of stress and uncertainty, they will be absorbed by the collective.  They give up the right to think.

Back with more after this break. 


Hi folks, I am Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through the Matrix.  And just to finish up with the last caller there, he asked about why it's so appealing to submerge into the masses.  This technique was used even in Nazi Germany, it was also used prior to that in the Soviet system, where things get so bad, and someone comes out with a doctrine, where you're all accepted, everyone is equal within that system, no matter how awkward they happen to be, or unsure of themselves.  They must get a total respect from each other as long as they're part of that system.  And there is a Google video that is put up, also with a transcript from the teacher, involved in an experiment.  And they recreated this particular thing that happened I think back in the sixties, where they tried it in school to give you and to go through the techniques used to make you a collective within a classroom.  And how quickly it took off, because everyone suddenly had a common cause, felt they belonged, and then could be manipulated step by step into something that they had to go along with.  And this is called, this video is called Third Wave.  Third Wave.  It's quite interesting how it's well understood, this whole collectivist idea how you will submerge into a system if things are promoted to make you uncertain of your own lifestyle or survival.  Suddenly you belong, you feel you're being taken care of.  You must all pool together.  That was the rallying cry for the Soviet system, we're all in it together.  And of course you don't all realize that you're all being used for someone else's agenda.  Only 200 families moved into the Soviet Union to create it.  They became the elite and they ran it the whole seventy years.  They still run it today, their descendants.  But the rest of the masses hadn't a clue.  They were all being used to build something up for an ulterior purpose, and that's the problem with all collective systems.  You're always being used; again you're not an individual.  And they don't tolerate individuality.  Look at China.  A good example today, and that's the model state supposedly for the world.  We might have one minute left for Jeff from Nova Scotia.  Are you there Jeff?


Jeff: Yes I am, Alan.


Alan: Yes, go ahead.


Jeff: I'd like to point out the fact that lead paint was banned from residential use in 1978 by the US Consumer Products and Safety Commission.  I want to get your comment on the fact that the military and industrial complex still uses lead paint for their own purposes, and I was wondering if that was to, because it actually isolates or stops the ability for satellites to scan.


Alan: That's precisely the reason.  Microwave can't penetrate it either, so they wanted to stop its use.  They want to look into your home. Sure. 


Jeff: Because they use lead aprons to protect you from radiation when you're getting x-rays and stuff.


Alan: I know.  So that's the reason you've got it.  That's the reason for lead paint, as I say.  It's a good shielding mechanism.  They create the hype for it, we all get terrified, stop using it and give us latex and all the other stuff, that disintegrates with the sunlight outside, but the military of course still use it.  That way they're shielded from satellite, from any opposition.  We are not. They want to look inside your homes, in your rooms, see what you're up to, and they do a very good job of it.  They've been doing this for the last forty-odd years, and we're the last to know, always.  Always the last to know.


We're not supposed to know really what's going on at any time at all.  It's meant that we're supposed to think we know what's going on, that's what the media is for, but we're never really let in to the real agenda until fifty years after the fact.  That's how it works.  So once again from Hamish, myself in Ontario Canada, it's Good Night, and may your god or gods go with you.




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