July 30th, 2008 (#147)
Alan Watt "Cutting Through The Matrix" LIVE on RBN:

Poem Copyright Alan Watt July 30th, 2008:

"Pretty Soon there'll be a Screen,
Between You and the Partner of Your Dream,
To Remove the Suspicious Individualistic Gene,
Ensuring the Offspring is Sociable, Deemed Clean,
Then When Everyone is the Same in the Masses' Gang,
Man Dies with a Whimper, Not with a Bang"
© Alan Watt July 30th, 2008

Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - July 30th, 2008 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)

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Hi folks, my name is Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through the Matrix, on July the 30th 2008.  For newcomers, look into cuttingthroughthematrix.com website, and you'll find lots of previous talks and audios that you can download and listen to at your leisure.  They're filling in a lot of the gaps behind the reality, this agenda, which is a reality, which has been going on for hundreds of years with a definite objective in mind.  Also look into alanwattsentientsentinel.eu for transcripts which you can download and print up in the various languages of Europe.  And in Canada here, where I am, there's been no summer.  It was canceled this year by the fly boys and those guys who do the HAARP, way up North, North to Alaska, as the song goes, which you can pick up on the shortwave radio every day, 24 hours per day, and it's been like that since 2001.  As they heavily manipulate the weather with aerial spraying, and sometimes when there's too much of a population complaining about them spraying, such as happened in Florida, and parts of California, they changed the timing of their spray, so they do it in the very, very early morning at 4am or 4:30am, so you wake up with this mush in the sky.  But up here, because everyone's so fixed on swatting flies and mosquitoes and deer flies that keep eating you, you don't have much time to look up, so they can spray you all day long and no one really notices.  And for two months, it's been clockwork, clockwork weather on cue.  You get two hours of starlight at the end of the night, when it clears, it's nice and cool.  In comes the clouds, they're there all day, the next day.  They rain and then about 4pm we have a break for about a half hour, a little bit of sun is allowed through, and it's back to cloudiness again until the evening stars come out for your two hours.  And this is regular, it's routine, it's made-to-order weather.  And the only thing which is really thriving are the mosquitoes and the deer fly, who have a great time.  And once again I've donated enough blood to nature this year.  I don't have to help the Greenies on, I've done my bit.  I'm good and anemic; I can guarantee you that.  And they just keep on coming.  They're the only things that can thrive in this weather.


Another interesting to fact to do with this is, Canada is going to be one of the biggest suppliers of water to the rest of the world.  Think about that, and here it is always pouring.  Pouring rain and filling up all the big pools and reservoirs.  It will be for export.  Plus the rivers as well, these projects were signed and sealed back at the free trade negotiations back in the 1980s.  Private companies would be selling rain.  Well, they're making sure they're going to have lots of rain to sell them, but mind you, I'd put it through a filter before I drank it because you can taste the metallic particles from this goo that comes from the sky in the water.  So always filter it, or you'll end up with a third head, or a second one.  That's the nature of the beast we live in.  Great times, we're in the days of miracles and wonders, and who would have thought they'd have gone on so far.  We are the last to know in this level of reality what's really going on.  We're given things to focus on today and to chirp about.  We chirp to each other, chirp, chirp, chirp, back and forth and we gossip.  We gossip all the news that is given to us, and we complain.  But they never tell you how far ahead they really are, or the sciences that are being used on you continuously in this ongoing war.  And this truly is an ongoing war generation after generation.  Reality ain't what it used to be.  And I'll be back with more after this following break.


Hi folks, this is Alan Watt back, Cutting Through the Matrix, this Multi-Faceted, Many-Roomed Complex that most folk think is reality, that just evolved, and after all evolution is the present religion, as all the sciences keep telling us.  We just came out of slime, and somehow an intellect developed to push on to something better and bigger.  Very ambitious, you know we were all very ambitious amoeba at one time with tiny little brains obviously, even though they can't find the brains in them.  And we just struggled to survive through the slime, and we grew all the way up to where we are today.  And we haven't stopped apparently, because we have to go through the next big leap forward.  The big leap forward that is already planned for us by our betters.  Our betters are those guys who have ruled to planet for centuries with an economic system, and basically own it, and everything in it.  And they've used the legal system to make sure they own us as well.  With social insurance numbers, which is a SIN number, it's the first sin you see, you're registered at birth.  And all that kind of stuff, and the rest of it's legalities and con-games.  They also have massive scientific organizations that came out of the early alchemy brotherhoods, of the Middle Ages, and beneath all the mumbo-jumbo of the alchemists, they did practice chemistry and they promised as part of their oath to each other, as you were an apprentice to.  You promised an oath never to divulge what you discovered, because it could be powerful.  These discoveries could be very powerful in weaponry and for techniques of controlling vast amounts of people, therefore they'd give their services to kings and monarchs across the planet who would want these kind of powers, but by doing so and limiting it to what they gave them, they could still retain the largest amount of power that must always be kept secret from the general public.  In other words, they'd always be way ahead in reality with their sciences then the public would ever know, and that hasn't happened today.  Now they're called scientists, and they go through a form of education, and the brighter ones and the more psychopathic ones generally are pulled out and put into special jobs.  They're given higher sciences, real stuff, not stuff the we're taught in university, to do with controlling the people, or culling the people off, or creating new kinds of lovely viruses and bacterium, and the ways to destroy people in large numbers.  Or altering the food supply, or even destroying the food supply if need be.


That was all done, shown in a book called Deadly Allies: Canada's Secret War, written by a man who worked for the Toronto Star, with declassified documentation from both the US and Canada, and also Britain as well.  These are projects these characters work on, but behind it all there's been a humanistic thrust, which now is predominant across society.  They've destroyed the old religions and they publish that quite frankly, and they publish the fact that they did destroy them by the way in long drawn out wars of propaganda.  They really have a war for the public's mind, the mass.  The mass is always dominated by some group or other, always down through time.  And even the old religions made a big mistake because they kept most of their theology from the public, from the mass.  They gave the mass simple rituals, and simple beliefs, and didn't go into any deep doctrine with them, and that's why these people had no defense, when they were taken over by the humanists and the humanist societies.  They went under many different names such as National Socialism in Germany, or Communism in the Soviet systems; it's always a war of dominant groups trying to control and get power over the minds of the masses.  And all through the humanists' philosophy was the basic tenet that man is just an animal.  And children are animals; that's the Skinnerian logic, through behaviorist type psychology, where they dropped babies from heights to see how they'd react when they fell, all that kind of stuff.  It's just an animal they're dropping, no different from any other lab animal.  And this is on video and so on, you can find it.  And therefore whatever the human needs are, can be given substitutes.  Whatever the needs are.  Just like an animal, you can give them a fake bone.  Give them the smell of a bone in there, even though it's synthetic and he'll chew away on that bone.  Well, we're treated the same way.  Same way, an animal.  Unfortunately a lot of this stuff works on most people, not all, but most people.  Down through time, the biggest thing is, how to control completely each human being.  That's been really the object of this long, long, long drawn out war.  Ultimate, complete control. 


The psychiatric and psychological professions, back in the twenties and thirties came out with all kinds of fantastic ideas and theories about what made you who you are, what kind of person you are.  And they started of course, as they always do, with the criminal type, or the feeble-minded type.  They had diagrams and had phrenology where they'd measure your skull and the spacing of your eyes from your nose, and all this kind of stuff.  And very, very elaborate charts, taught as a fact, taught as science.  And even if there's a little extra part, or longer earlobe you could have a criminal tendency.  They had all kinds of weird ideas, all kinds of it.  And President Wilson, you'll find if you go back into his history, he was a phrenologist, as all of them were into this eugenics idea.  And he used to correspond with the British prime minister about this particular topic.  They were really into it in a big way, and dreamed about the day when they could literally diagnose how a particular person would be as they grew up.  But they also went into this other big thing through eugenics.  And remember that the end part of eugenics is "genics"; this is genetics, that's what it is.  And in the sixties and seventies, the big psychiatric associations talked about the day when they would discover how to eradicate that part from the personality.  First they suggested abortion.  If they were going to predict one day that you were going to be a criminal, then they could abort you.  Or simply sterilize one or other of the parents, so that you wouldn't even be born at all.  But they've gone even one step further now, because they're pushing the same philosophy, and the mumbo-jumbo by the way, under the guise of science, and trying to remove genes from sperm and ovum, and replace them with other genes.  Or you simply omit them all together, under the guise of saving society from future criminals.  This is quite the thing.  It's heavily, heavily funded.  Whenever you see massive funding, and again from governments, and the same big foundations, you know this is very important to them.  And this article shows you one part of it, what one association is up to, although it has links to others, and this is from the Science magazine, Science Journal 25th of July, 2008, Vol. 321. no. 5888, p. 486



(Alan: You see there is an association of behavior genetics.  They believe that all those junk genes and that, within those junk genes are specific ones that make you 'you' and might make you an individual.  And individuals you know are unpredictable.  Yeah, can't have that. )

by Constance Holden

Twin studies suggest that the intensity of a person's partisan attachment, and even whether that person votes, may

(A: and I love how they always put 'may')

be influenced by genes.


Several groups are now trying to correlate personality data with DNA markers from studies such as NLSAH, which contains DNA as well as behavioral data from many subjects, in hope of identifying specific genes that feed into underlying traits, such as "desire for cooperation,"

(A: See desire for cooperation, it means obedience)

that Fowler, for one, believes have been selected for throughout human evolution.

(A: So again it's the evolution, coming from the amoeba coming from the slime and all that.)

Studies so far have focused on the same genes that are of interest in psychiatric genetics--

(A: same old thing, you always get psychiatry, psychology right in there with medicine for eugenics)

in particular those involved with neurotransmitters such as dopamine and serotonin that are known to be important in regulating higher brain activities.

The editor suggests the following related sources on science sites:

Science Magazine, News Focus, Behavior Genetics association:

The Sociable Brain, by Constance Holden, Science (25 July 2008)

Do Good Sperm Predict A Good Brain? by Constance Holden, Science (25 July 2008)


Do you see where this is all going?  They're giving themselves the right to put a scientific garb over removing certain genes from sperm and ovum, perhaps even embryos, and creating the new type, the Gattaca type society.  The Gattaca movie is well worth seeing, where they create a type of so-called enhanced, enhanced superior types, and all those traits that make you an individual are absent.  You work like a bee in a hive.  That's what it's all about.  You see that's what it's all about.  Big money is funding this.  And what I'm always amazed at is how people think everything started in 2001.  That somehow you had a Little House on the Prairie society before then, and Leave it to Beaver, and the Waltons with John Boy.  All farce and fiction.  This war has been waged for centuries.  First by what they called secret societies that broke out openly in the 1500s, and waged war against all the institutions that ruled the world at that time.  And it took them 500 years to gain prominence, and now they run the system, but they knew from the beginning where they were headed. Back with more after this break.

Hi folks this is Alan Watt, back, and we're Cutting Through the Matrix.  This very, very long war that's been going on, they always knew where it was headed.  And they published a lot of their articles along the way.  And once they hit the 20th century, where pretty well everyone in Europe had to get a basic education to work in the factories and keep the system going, they went into overtime with raising the sciences.  Amazing claims on everything actually, it didn't matter, they were shameless at it, to raise themselves to prominence.  And we saw it even before that with the rise of Darwin, one of their champions, who simply reiterated stuff that was stolen from Wallace, who was the real guy who was traveling around the world, and making all of these observations.  But since Darwin belonged to a very special family, the Royal Society, which is a Masonic society, gave him the credit, and built him up as a star; even though most information as I say came from Wallace, and his grandfather who already had written a paper on this particular evolutionary path.  It was essential to try to give you another reason for creation or whatever caused this place to be, because technically there should be nothing, not even the space in which we sit.  So life itself is a miracle you see, but they couldn't have that kind of stuff, because it would discredit their theories, and mainly it would discredit this stuff, this thing called science, they were going to bring out to master the public.  Science comes out with its own theories of Big Bangs and stuff like that, which is just as ridiculous as everything else that went before it.  Then this whole thing about coming out of the slime, is all borrowed from the Hindu religion, that's how that started about the slime you see.  And eventually you crawl up on the land, and you decide you prefer the land and you grow legs and throw the tail away, and little by little, you just evolve all the way up.  Even though through all the fakery to do with evolution and all the tricks that have been pulled that we're taught as facts like the Piltdown Man that was taught as fact for many years to generation after generation of school children.  And I think it was eventually Oxford University, or one of the universities did an actual testing on the bone, the jaw bone, of the Piltdown Man, who was the missing link for a while, and it turned out that the jaw was from a pig that someone had stuck on a human head.  And that was good enough you see because it implanted over years the whole idea of evolution, so they can expose it years later and it doesn't matter, it's done its job.  It's done its job. 


And now you have the great leap forward where part of the transition is supposed to be cyborg until they bring us into the new types of purpose-made people or ID people, ideal design; that's another meaning for ID.  And they will decide what is to be the ideal design, because as far back as Plato and before Plato who only learned from the Egyptians, the aristocracy had believed they could create a slave population that would be perfect for their task.  A population where they wouldn't have to watch them and hire taskmasters with whips and all that.  They could actually breed you for specific tasks; tall people, short people, small people and so on.  And the neo-platonic school that came out of Alexandria adapted those ideas from The Republic, coupled it with logic and observational sciences and came up with their philosophies which really did not change down through the centuries that inspired all the various subsequent philosophers that came along in the Middle Ages and later, and also inspired this whole movement.  It was part really of this esoteric movement down through the ages to rebuild everything on the planet that they claimed was left imperfect.  And what they mean by that is that a system of rulers who can relax without worrying about the peasants revolting.  That's what they really meant down through time.  And we hear these messages from the top come out.  On 9/11 when they kicked off the match, that was the start of the big match for the hundred years war.  It's a war on all of us, because we were all declared insane by the American psychiatric association, long ago in their own journals, because we have old-fashioned values, and we believe in certain things, and traits, and even Love, and Family Love, and stuff like that; that's actually a mental illness.  Did you know that?  That's a mental illness.  If you have a religion, that's a mental illness too.  And you contaminate your children.  These are their words, their terminology.  You contaminate your children, and they'd have to break that you see.  And through the aid of television, and standardization of school, they've done a full-scale war, and they've managed that, it happened. 


And the television, which even starts with cartoons.  They give you again, a cartoon is not real, but you picture something that looks human, and you are supposed to be an animal, so you see it as a person.  A cartoon, drawings, see how that works?  And the children are babysat in front of that TV.  And if you watch what they're being indoctrinated with right now, it's astonishing.  It will blow you away.  Although most people, most the adults, are already blown away.  They can't really decide for anything anymore, and they can't think for themselves, they need experts to tell them.  So little Johnny and Jane are being completely indoctrinated into a new type of creature that's coming along with special powers, with a wonderful world where everyone is nice.  Everyone will obey society, and that's a function of cartoons, and children's shows, to bring the next part of the culture update.  Back with more after these messages.


Hi folks, this is Alan Watt, and we are Cutting Through the Matrix, this welter of confusion that's pummeled upon us on a daily basis, all through our lives, where the media goes into action on certain topics, and they prattle on about it, until we start prattling on about it.  And we're being given downloads all the time, on how to think, and what to think about, and what to talk about, exactly as Brzezinski said.  This whole war on terror means a war on all those who are contaminated.  Their ideas are contaminated from an old lifestyle, the old way, and that's what they mean by that.  If you're not with us, you're with the terrorists.  Well, that's what they mean by that.  This is a war to eradicate all of that, and to ram through over the course of a hundred years, into a world which is the Brave New World, a term coined thousands of years ago by a philosopher.  Brave New World.  Then used by Huxley in his book of the same name, where they can create purpose-made beings which will be compliant, and which will be unable to even think enough as a personal distinct being to be unhappy.  And that is called Utopia.  That is where they're heading for.  And if they can just find the right genes that make you "you".  Within all that junk, that they call the junk, that junk you see compiles up to make the totality of you.  If they can just find them, the markers, they can remove them, and you'd be a happy little voter.  You might even go and vote for the first time in your life.  And you'll bow to everyone and be happy, and call everybody comrade.  Comrade.  And you'll respect all authority, and you'll just rush to obey it, no matter what it wants, you'll obey it.  And that's Utopia for the elite, where for the first time in thousands of years, they can sit back, rest on their laurels, knowing that the public are unable ever to have a revolution.  And these guys at the top are masters of revolution because they led most of them, the bloody ones and the unbloody ones, the civil revolutions.  During that whole process they understood the mob, they understand how the masses think.  Terrific understanding of human nature.  It's been studied.  We're the most studied species on the planet.  Always have been.


So now that they've got us to where they want us, and have knocked over all opposition, and become the new gods, they're bringing in this 21st century with a bang, and they want to complete, over a hundred year period, the transition where they have to use physical force initially and fear and terror to make you comply into the next phase, which is seeing new kinds of humans being brought forth, and chimeras, part animal/part human, until there is no idea or memory of what normal was.  And that really is why they've gone through all these revolutions, sexual and otherwise for the last fifty, sixty, seventy years, nothing to do with helping people.  It was to get you used to no normalcy.  When you have no normalcy, you can't compare anything new to, you don't object, you're in flux.  Your mind is in flux.  And you can be swept along to the next phase and the next phase, and the next phase.  That's what it's all about: that we supposedly are simply not good enough.  We're not good enough servants or slaves, and we need all of this attention and downloading by television.  Yeah it keeps us quiet and happy, but we're also being downloaded for indoctrination, but all that takes time, money, that could be going into their pockets at the top, and it's just not efficient enough.  So they must make sure, with the ultimate brain chip, which will be part of it, it might not be there forever, but definitely it's to be part of it on the way, that we can't cause any more problems.  And that's why Britain has put all this hullabaloo about losing documentation, private documentation from discs and all that on people on welfare and pensions, etc.  That's why they said, just the other day that thousands of passports had been stolen.  Now dear, dear, what could be the solution?  Maybe a chip under the skin, eh?  We know where it's all going and what it's all for, because they don't make these kinds of mistakes at the top.  They don't make, you don't pay money to big institutions, and think-tanks and organizations that work for you to make those kinds of mistakes.  They don't make mistakes.  Neither do they make messes up with the economy.  They know exactly what they're doing with the economy.  They don't have to predict what's going to happen, they know what's going to happen.  They plan it that way. 


We know that all this fear mongering to do with terrorists everywhere, just flocking around in airports and all that, and possible criminals too, that obviously were coming through for the last hundred years and longer and causing no problems at airports, will have to be dealt with, and everyone has to comply.  Like being fingerprinted, iris scanned, voice printed on your card, the new card has a place for your voice to be put in it, your whole medical data, and as they announced in Britain, you'll do your banking through it as well.  It's the one card does all, and that will be you, until they put the chip in you because obviously they've already given out scans, portable scans which people can buy and walk past you and scan it in your pocket.  Just to scare the hell out of you, you see, and you'll ask for a solution and in will come the chip in your arm, which will have some sort shielding device where it cannot be scanned by those ones you can buy. And it's very simple.  It's very simple to lead the public because they always fall into the trap.  A good confidence trickster depends on the victim to pull off the con trick in the first place.  He knows your logic. That's how the world is run. 


And I don't know if there's any callers on this thing, ah, it's just come up, okay, now there's Z from California, are you there?


Z: Yeah Alan, hi.  How you doing man?


Alan: I'm surviving, amongst all the rain and the deer flies, and mosquitoes, and black fly.


Z: I think they're trying to drive you to suicide, you know.


Alan: They're trying to make me very anemic, very anemic.  I'll have to crawl out of here.


Z: You and Hamish need to go like to a nice, warm sunny California beach one day and it's chemtrailed to death, you know.


Alan: Well, actually I get the chemtrails too, so it's probably the lesser of two evils.  At least I'd get a suntan.


Z: Well actually I have some good news, I guess good news, from California.  You know last time I actually saw chemtrails were on the Fourth of July, since then it's been pretty clear.  So whatever that means, I guess it means they're spraying it earlier in the day.  You know early in the morning it is indeed very hazy, but that could be also the smog, and you can never tell.


Alan: There are people up early in your area, because I get calls from all over California, who do watch it early in the morning.


Z: Well, I have a couple of questions.  Thank you so much for taking my call.  I was hoping I can ask you some things.  First of all, I know this is kind of off topic, but I'm from the Balkans, I'm a Slavic person, could you talk maybe about the history of Slavic people sometimes.  I know you've talked about the history of mankind from you know the Hurrians to Sumerians to Troglodytes to Cave Dwellers, but where do the Slavic people come from?


Alan: Well, even the term is a bit misleading.  Slavic is really to go by a language, or the roots of a language, more then anything else.  What's more important really is the area.  The area itself has been of prime importance down through history, where they've been concentrated.  Most folk you know, when they created countries and put borders around them, it was often to contain specific people for specific ages to come.  They would use them.  They left China alone for instance for a long, long time because they always had a purpose for China, which we know what has happened now.  Even Napoleon said let the Dragon sleep, you know.  So the main conquerors left certain places alone, but they had purposes for them down the road in the future.  The Slavic history is very old, very complicated as well.


Z: Blood-drenched.


Alan: Absolutely blood-drenched.  And also too, within the Slavic peoples there's a form of personal independence and characters, individual characteristics amongst them.  I think that's why they were so despised by Germans and others, because they wanted conformity.  Any people who have the tendency for individualism in a sort of heredity fashion, they really despise, they can't control them so easily.  That's part of the reason they've had a tough time, certainly down through the 20th century.


Z: Well, even before that, we were invaded by just about everybody, from you know, the Ottoman Empire, they came into Bosnia, and you know, converted many people, and you know, created the Muslim community down there which, you know in '93 in the war, in 1993 it caused a lot of strife and chaos, and I think it was all pre-planned I suppose.


Alan: I would think so.


Z: Well, thank you for that.  That's very, very insightful.  Now another thing you mentioned before is money, and how money is an artificial creation, and it's a negative thing upon humanity and we need to get rid of that.  And I was thinking, I watched Star Trek a few times and one of the interesting things is they claim they have no money.


Alan: Yes.


Z: They have no money, they get everything they need from out of nothing, and you know.  And so I was wondering, what would be a money alternative.  Barter seems an obvious choice, but it's limited in scale.


Alan: Here's the key.  It's only limited in scale if you still think in today's terms of all the gadgetry that you have and that which you want.  Barter is fine for self-sufficiency and societies of the past.  They've created a system today where you're used to commerce, which rules today.  Commerce.  We are all economic units in economic systems for commerce.  And so really this disease of progress or civilization, which is simply an agenda, began when they introduced their money, and then trading followed it up.  You have to understand, you'd have to live outside of all of that, without the gadgetry, without the sciences, and all the nonsense that they give us, to be free.


Z: So you're basically saying that money has caused an over inflation in humanity, in a way that it made it grow way beyond its proportions and now its sort of a giant bubble.


Alan: Money took us away from self-sufficiency and that's the key to it.  This whole agenda must end with no self-sufficiency, that's why you must be interdependent.  Your choice today is to live in the system to its end, which they will bring you to.  It's not prepared to keep you going on a sentient thinking mind, they've told us that, enjoy the goodies while you get them, or opt out of the system all together.  But it would take a hell of a lot doing it at the same time for that to happen. 


Z: So how does one opt out of the system?  I'm sorry, I'm hogging the phone line.  But how does one opt out of the system, if you're already sort of in debt, and you have college loans and bills, and things like that.  Would you give us a couple of suggestions on how to get out of that?


Alan: The system runs with legalities where you accept what they offer on their terms.  And you're kind of stuck if you're already indebted to them.  Especially today, they can track you down.  They can track you down.  Either that or declare bankruptcy, have nothing to give them, and go from there, if you wanted to be self-sufficient, in the time that you have left.  However, we know this system is not intended to stay static.  It's not static right now, it's going through big changes into the new type, and they're taking us to the end of the road, which literally is the obliteration of even the ability to form a concept as being a distinct, separate individual.  That's where they're taking us.  So, as we play with the goodies, and rush around with cell phones stuck to our ears and bluetooths and all the rest of it, we're going down to the path of destruction, which they intend to bring us to.  And we've got to be fascinated all the way.  As we play all the way to the bitter end.


Z: And you must not ask the dreaded question, "Why"?  You know like in a Brave New World, Why is almost a swear word, almost on a level with mother and father.  Why is a horrible word, thank you so much for taking my call.  Would you mind speaking on that a little bit, and I appreciate everything you're doing and keep it up.


Alan: Thanks for calling.  That's the key to it, it's so amazing to see us in the last stages of this particular species as we are, playing and jumping on everything they give us, which simply trains us to the next step, the next step, the next step, until there's no more steps to go.  There's already children there who want to be chipped, like their little comic stars, and have superpowers.  They really believe they're going to be given super powers.  And they've been trained too that we are inadequate.  The transhumanist societies are out there working with the big companies that make the cartoons and the movies to convince them that the human body is simply not good enough the way it is.  But that's on behalf of their masters.  It's not to please us they're doing this, all these changes, it's to bring their plan off to the very end.  The very end, they call it the Strong Delusion.  And many are deluded.  Now we've got Terry from Canada.  Are you there Terry?


Terry: Yes I am Alan.  Thank you very much for taking my call.  It has been such a pleasure listening to you, over the last few months I've been listening to your podcasts.  I think I've probably listened to three-four hundred hours.  I don't want to repeat any questions you've already answered in previous podcasts, but one of the things that's been currently on my mind you know as I've watched the weather warfare in the spraying of the skies, intensify.  I'm in Calgary, Alberta, and I've never seen rains like this in my life, and the weather and the cloud movements, and the micro bursts coming in.  I just came back from the seat of the New World Order, in London England today, and I raised everyone's eyes to the sky as we looked at the criss-crossing of the sky, and I took some pictures, and in no time at all the sky was mushy looking, and I said that that's not a contrail, just to raise some awareness, I was flying with airline people, and pilots, and even they went, yeah, that's not a contrail.  And the question I guess in the agenda that I'm trying to get an understanding for myself and family as we try our best to muddle through, and protect ourself and do the best we can as I feel that society has been so dumbed down to the point that even as I speak about this daily in my life, very few people even want to hear what I have to say, that the agenda, you know 2010, North American Union; 2012, United Nations declares itself World Government; I kind of want to see if you have an answer to how much time before the actual, you know the culling of the population takes place.


Alan: Okay.  I'll answer that after this break.


Hi, I am Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through the Matrix, and just to answer the last caller's question.  They've given us a time table, 2010 is the amalgamation of the Americas openly; in the Free Trade Negotiations they'd done in the 80s, they'd talked about creating Montreal as the capital of the Americas.  And also, by 2012, they want the UN to be risen up to its higher status as it was intended to do as a world type government.  Whether they'll call it that I don't know, at the time.  Then they also want to rush ahead with cloning and cyborgs, and introduce the first ones to the public around 2020 they claim in all their magazines.  Which means it's already been done long ago in the past.  That's the key to that.  And I'm sure they could wheel them out right now if they wanted to.  They have artificial wombs, silicon types, with fetuses in them right now, there's 80,000 of them in the U.S. alone at this moment, and they grow them for stem cells for the rich and powerful for injections and different things, and then they kill them.  And there's lots more of these big, huge facilities on the go, now that we're just animals, and we accept it quite commonly.  It's just a matter of the way it is they tell us.  And they've also trained the people they don't need mates anymore.  You see?  Many rich women order sperm from big agencies.  For height, even nationality, which set of eyes, type of mouth, all that kind of stuff.  Just like they order anything else from catalogs, because they're a nation, a world, of shoppers.  And they're taught they don't need men.  So the bonding, the family had to be destroyed, that's over for most people.  That's happened for most people.  Those who are still together cannot watch television or even read magazines because little thoughts are implanted that are meant to make you unhappy with your present situations.  So up to a period of twenty years, and during that period too, they want massive shifts of population into the big cities, the habitat areas, and even in the Toronto star there's talks about it to do with that very thing under coming crisis, to do with weather, as the weather changes.  Then they expect massive movements of people to safe areas.  Did you know the Cecil Rhodes foundation funded a movie along with the World Wildlife Fund organization, 15 years ago on this very topic?  Big movie, and they moved millions of people out of Louisiana northwards, as they flood Louisiana.  They show you that we cause problems.  Didn't mention the spraying or the HAARP that's used in conjunction with it, but as long as we see the effects of it, we'll believe them and we'll do what they want.  A whole war situation, rationing of food has to come along, and the plagues and pandemics are ideal for containing people in certain areas, because they keep springing up every five years or so.  Once it starts in the same areas, it'll come up, die away, come up, die away, you'll be contained in your own areas, you won't be able to move out. Then they're talking about riots up to the year 2030, and after that they'll have their Brave New World.  A completely new generation who've known nothing but terrorism, or the shouts and threats of terrorism, and being searched and all the rest of it, and then after that, it's a simple seventy years to a Brave New World.  Very simple then.  They could do it right now, but they have to condition the public step by step, or they lose it.  We must think every little transition is quite natural.  That's how it's worked out. 


Now I think the music's coming in, and I didn't get to Jennifer or Keith, but I'll ask them to call in again on Friday, if they can, and thanks for holding.  From myself and Hamish in Ontario, Canada, on a wet evening, it's Good Night and may your god or gods go with you.



Article: "BEHAVIOR GENETICS ASSOCIATION: Voting: In Your Genes?" by Constance Holden, Science [Magazine] - July 25, 2008.



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