August 4th, 2008 (#149)
Alan Watt "Cutting Through The Matrix" LIVE on RBN:

Poem Copyright Alan Watt August 4th, 2008:

"Addicted to Data, Nothing Better to Do?
Then You'll Slip On In Fine to Internet 2,
The Virtual World is Exciting, Enticing,
No Decay, No Aging, All So Inviting,
Most Will Leap Into, the Wise Ones Will Scram,
From the Beneficent Dictator Running "Your" Program"
© Alan Watt August 4th, 2008

Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - August 4th, 2008 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)
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Hi folks, I am Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through the Matrix, on August the 4th, 2008.  For newcomers look into the website and you'll find lots of older programs containing information which is vital to understand the system in which you've been born into.  Those that run it, their agendas, for all of the world, and where it's going to.  Also look into for transcripts which you can download in the various languages of Europe.  These are transcripts of the shows I've done.  And we are on one incredible roll.  What a journey this is, as we reach a pinnacle of science in its domination of the planet and everyone on it.  The goal of course is to change everybody on the planet, and that's no secret today.  Not only are they going to change everyone on the planet into a nice, peaceful Utopian society of masters and servants.  New, improved servants mind you, Mark 2, 3, 4, 5, your guess is as good as mine.  Their utopia will consist of really purpose-made individuals, who will not be individuals, in fact it will be impossible to even perceive of yourself as a separate, distinct, thinking, sentient individual. 


We must cooperate at every step of this program with those who direct it.  And we are truly directed through all media, all information services, school systems and so on towards this one agenda.  Cooperation is vital.  And if you look back at the 20th century when it really took off into overdrive with war after war, world wars, and then the separation of the planet basically into red and blue, or Soviet and Conservative supposedly, or Fascist depending on how you want to view the same thing, because they are the same thing, they're two arms of the same body, using the dialectical technique of conflict to achieve a goal.  And they truly believed that using side against side will speed up the process of evolution.  During that whole Cold War period, the financing through taxation was limitless, and the borrowing from the big international money lenders was limitless.  The public accepted this because under even a Cold War, you believe you're under threat of attack.  So trillions of dollars went into research and development that had nothing to do with beating off the Soviet Menace, that was guaranteed to come down in seventy years from its inception and merge with the West.  It really was to go into the creation of systems, scientific systems to control the masses of people, worldwide.  And in every military academy across the Western World, it's taught to the officers that the way to end war is simply to eliminate the ability for war.  That means all conflict, even arising out of the individual, must cease.  To do so you must dominate the individual and eradicate individuality all together.  These are sciences that are operating today.  And I was looking into a site to do with DARPA on this technique which they're using, and will be put through all marketing companies shortly, and through all media shortly of reality augmentation, they call it.  Rather then say they're going to give you new ways of perceiving reality, they call it augmentation.  Reality is good, so is augmentation, right?  Stand by and I'll discuss this after this break.


Hi folks, I am Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through the Matrix.  Discussing what's in store for the public, for all of us, if the big boys get their way.  And in the past I've gone over some of the histories of this system which is all to do with domination and control.  I've gone through the genetic research, and the various psychological and psychiatric institutions that work alongside this, all to do with control of every individual on the planet.  And their histories in the past, along this particular path.  And I've read articles that they've written in their own major magazines, and they're mainstream, big type of publications.  Thick books that most people can't even wade through to do with the agenda for peace on earth type of thing.  It all centers on the destruction of individuality.  You also go into the United Nations and all the big organizations that also claim that individuality is the problem, and from their point of view at the top as masters, they're quite right.  An individual is unpredictable.  They want a predictable society.  That's what the information age is all about.  When you're hooked on the internet, and they gave you the internet, Brzezinski wrote about it before the public even heard of it, or could buy a personal computer.  They knew that the purpose was to get you hooked on data.  And they also knew the stages they'd take you through on the way to collect the data, until you couldn't do without the computer, and then they'd alter it back to mainstream, which is coming.  And you look into DARPA's website as I say, that's working so hard on reality augmentation.  In other words they're going to tell you and show you how to think properly.  And how to reach the proper conclusions, the authorized conclusions on any and every topic, until you have robotic people, who will turn someone in who has a different opinion.  Differing opinions you'll note today, are not really tolerated very well.  And Liberalism, as it was brought through under the guise of anything goes, is the most intolerant of all.  That's its camouflage.  It's not liberal at all, because when it gets into power, it puts laws out to forbid you to speak about certain things or even ask questions on certain topics.  There is no Right Wing nor Left Wing.  It's just one agenda which is all to do with the same thing, total control of the planet, the recreation of perfect slaves, ideal design (ID) purpose-made humans.  And it's all over scientific magazines.  It has been for a few years, but now they're really coming out with all of this.  And the public, now that they're trained little by little towards this agenda, they don't think twice about it.  In fact, most of the public are prepared for this mentally.  They don't realize it's been done to them, but it has been done.  And they'll accept it without a mummer, including the new types of humans that are coming along.  So go into the DARPA website and look into reality augmentation, and you'll find think-tank and subsection after subsection, all working on special parts of culture, individual personality, neurons, neural transmitters, neural interfaces with computers, all of this stuff, hundreds of specialized departments with obviously unlimited financing to keep it all going.  With the main intention of bringing peace on earth, which is total domination of individuality.  Science, science and civilization, and progress; who decides what progress is?  And progressing towards what?  Who benefits?  You should always ask these questions, instead of running out to buy the latest gadget or gizmo, that keeps us smiling for a few minutes as it programs us.  And here's from the BBC News, Microsoft sees end of Windows era.  Here's the part of the plan that they had designed before you even got Windows.  Because they knew the phases they'd take you through.  Get you hooked first.  Have you exchanging data, then gradually have you move into a new system where you'll need licensing and lots of bucks.  Or else you'll just use mainstream.  The cable companies are moving into the internet big time. 


Microsoft sees end of Windows era

Microsoft has kicked off a research project to create software that will take over when it retires Windows.

Called Midori,

(Alan: Midori is Green in Japanese, but that fits in with the Greening, doesn't it?)

the cut-down operating system

(A: It's also the sacred color of international communism.  Red was for the actual revolutionary phase, green is the sacred color)

... is radically different to Microsoft's older programs.

It is centered on the internet and does away with the dependencies that tie Windows to a single PC.

It is seen as Microsoft's answer to rivals' use of "virtualisation" as a way to solve many of the problems of modern-day computing.

Although Midori has been heard about before now, more details have now been published by Software Development Times after viewing internal Microsoft documents describing the technology.

Midori is believed to be under development because Windows is unlikely to be able to cope with the pace of change in future technology

(A: This is good enough for the public.  They'll believe that.)

and the way people use it.

Windows worked well in an age when most people used one machine to do all their work. The operating system acted as the holder for the common elements Windows programs needed to call on.

(A: And basically through all this stuff, it ties down the same.)

"The operating system is tied very tightly to that hardware," he said.

That, he said, created all kinds of dependencies that arose out of the collection of hardware in a particular machine.

If Windows ends up being less important over time as applications become more OS agnostic where will Microsoft make its money?

This means, he said, that Windows can struggle with more modern ways of working in which people are very mobile and very promiscuous (A: I like their terminology) in the devices they use to get at their data - be that pictures, spreadsheets or e-mail.

Equally, he said, when people worked or played now, they did it using a combination of data and processes held locally or in any of a number of other places online.

When asked about Midori by BBC News, Microsoft issued a statement that said: "Midori is one of many incubation projects

(A: I love their terminology.  Incubation projects.)

underway at Microsoft. It's simply a matter of being too early in the incubation

(A: Stage I guess he means)

to talk about it."

Then they go on to virtual machines and so on.  What they're really going to do is do away with memory and the hard-drive system on your computer.  Your computer will be like a telephone in a sense.  You'll simply dial up some number and go in, and all the data that you use will be held on remote servers.  Therefore, all the data that you put into that is collected and made available to all government agencies, and all the scientific organizations that work with them.  That's what it's really about.  And you'll be able to save nothing probably on your own computer, down the road.  And this fits well in with this new system, this Internet 2 idea that they're coming up with, where the cable companies, and the big mainstream news media, that are coming in to take over, they have to get first dibs as they say, first grabs at buying the major bandwidth for all companies, and you the little internet user at the bottom will have to pay to go into every site that you look at.  It's going to put all the private sites out and under, that's obvious.  Because now it's time to police it.  Now that everyone's dependent on it, and addicted to it, it's now time to police it, and get rid of all the different ideas and theories about the system that are floating around out there.  All the independents that have been available from different people over the years, have to be done away with now.  They must speak with one voice, one propaganda machine, to the world.  And as I say, most folk will adapt into the new system.  And they'll moan and bitch and complain, but they won't give it up because they're addicted to getting data, and now it doesn't really matter what kind of data or where it's coming from, as long as they get data.  They pass their day away, and maybe their night too.  So that's what's coming down the pike.  And most folk will go right into it, unfortunately.  And it's out of the hands of the public.  It was never in the hands of the public to begin with.  That's what we've got to realize as well.  This was a plan, as Brzezinski said, to create a world type society, and also to program people along certain ways of thinking by making data more available to the whole world really from the same major sources.  And it's been very successful.  For the rest of the public, they're so confused with conflicting data, they're almost out of action, which makes them even easier to handle and manage.  Nothing is given to the public along lines of technology for the public's benefit.  It's for control purposes.  And when you see the myspace site and all that kind of stuff out there, and putting up their daily diaries by children, who have no idea what privacy is, and they think it doesn't matter.  Then the internet has worked very, very well for the masters who own it, and gave it to the public.  And those children are growing up and they'll go through their whole lives putting everything up on the net that they do in their daily lives, for their masters so they can be observed and monitored, and called in for reconditioning if they've wrongthink or whatever it happens to be called.  And they'll think its all quite normal. 

And we have banks and banks of police trained to monitor the internet.  They can't find all the porno sites, in fact they can't find any of the porno sites where they come from.  Isn't that amazing?  But they can catch other individuals who say certain things and so on.  And bring them up for justice, just like that, so instantly.  And again, the people don't realize they're being monitored all the time, and they're getting to the stage where they don't really care.  They've lost their ability for self-preservation.  The very thing that Russell and others talked about doing away with has happened for most people.  Back with more after this break.


Hi, I am Alan Watt, and this is Cutting Through the Matrix.  Just going over some of the pessimistic side of science.  And believe you me, there is a very insidious side to it, because as I say, it's about control.  Ultimate and total control; we better get that through our thick heads very quickly.  These guys are on a roll, and they mean business, and they have unlimited financing, all these agencies that are now using terrorism as the guise to take every single right away.   And they've done it already, most of it.  Britain just declared, they've got 1000 laws on the books now to come into any person's private residence.  A thousand laws to choose from.  Amazing, eh?  And amazing too, you're taught in history about revolutions and etc, and rebellions, when tyrants got too big for their boots, and yet we're living through a time, an age when we've never seen such tyranny on such a scale, because it's global.  It's a global war.  This is World War III you're going through.  This is the culmination of the purpose of WWI and II to get us to this stage.  And the big boys mean business, otherwise they lose it all.  They mean business; you better understand that.  Now we'll go to the calls now.  I've got Rick from California on the line.  Are you there Rick?


Rick: Yes, I'm here Alan, how are you doing?


Alan: Not so bad.


Rick: Can I talk a little bit about earthquakes and HAARP for a minute? 


Alan:  Sure. 


Rick: There's video online that I found, showing these like lights, Aurora Borealis in China about thirty minutes before the earthquake there.


Alan: I've seen that.


Rick: And uh, the reason why...see I have a friend here, or actually up in L.A. who is married to a lawyer, and she had a meeting with her client, and her client's sister is in homeland security, and the client's sister said that there's an amassing of homeland security people here in Southern California, because they expected the big one in August.  And so I thought, wow, that's kind of strange.  So I looked up online, I did some research about it, and apparently in November there was this big drill called the great shakeout.  The biggest earthquake drill ever, and it was like all these different agencies, public and private and individuals.  And I looked at the USGS, and they had these little maps there, animated maps, and it starts in the San Andreas fault, and it's got it all planned out, it goes right up into Los Angeles and it just sits there, in Los Angeles shaking.


Alan: Well this is old stuff, and they'll play this up until they do the big one. And they'll do it by the use of HAARP.  This isn't the first time that people have observed these strange lights before the Earthquake hits.  They've had it in the States before as well.  And remember too, HAARP does use the ionosphere and simulates the Aurora Borealis.  They can actually bring one on in fact.  I've seen a few amazing demonstrations up here over the years of HAARP technology.  And you can prove it too, because you can turn on the shortwave at the same time, and you'll hear it booming in, and it will cut out all other shortwave frequencies.  You can't pick anything else up when they're using it.  This is old technology; it's called silent weapons for quiet wars.  As long as they keep whistling in the air when you ask them questions and they say nothing, the public will never come to believe that they're actually using this warfare technology.  And that's what it is, it's warfare technology. 


Rick: Yeah, I notice that whenever I start to focus on Africa which is what I love to focus on, and not just this one area, but when I start to think about the world with the long range plan, and something comes up, some crisis comes up to interrupt my thinking, like, oh it could be hit by an earthquake, it could be hit by this.  I notice that.  When people start questioning, suddenly they throw a curve ball at us, you know, to get us all off our…


Alan: Well, this is the time for crisis creation, and you see it's no different.  You see that you're always thinking about someone being held in a terrorist prison and tortured through various torture techniques; sleep deprivation all that kind of thing.  You see the world is a cage, and we're all in the torture chamber.  And when you hear terror, terror, fear, fear, all the time.  Then you eventually crack up, you crack down, crack down, you become more suggestible, more suggestible, and propaganda works much better on you, and can be easily guided and led.  They're using the same techniques outside of the prison, and the world is now the prison itself.  That's what they're doing.


Rick: Yeah, I see what you mean by it's a war.  It's a World War III.  I was thinking about that this morning.  It really is a global war.  All right, Alan.  Well thank you very much for letting me air that.


Alan: Thanks for calling.  Now I've got Rose from Georgia.  Are you there Rose?


Rose: How you doing?


Alan: Not so bad.


Rose: Yeah, I just thought I'd give you a call and let you know what's going on down this neck of the woods as far as I've been noticing.  Would you agree that this has been the weirdest summer?


Alan: Oh yeah. Yes.


Rose: With the Weather....


Alan: I haven't had...well actually the last two days are probably the first sunny days since April.


Rose: Oh, my God.  We get sun, but it's like clockwork.  We're blue skies in the morning, afternoon, you know I'll be driving to work, there they are, they're striping up the skies with their spraying, you know, lunchtime, the skies are all mushy looking.  I get out, then we've got these pink, weird fake looking clouds, and the sky is kind of weird.  And it looks really strange, because I'll be driving home and it looks like God, there was a fire somewhere, because everything is smoky looking.  And nobody notices.  And that's a problem.


Alan: No, no they don't.


Rose: Today I'm sitting at a red light, and I'm just looking.  I'm looking at the cars, and look at people to see if they look at the skies at all, they never do.  And there's one person, his eyes are up in his head, and he's talking on the phone.  And another lady, she's looking down and she's fiddling with some electronic gadget in her hand.  I've got the music...can I come back after the music?


Alan: Yes, sure.  Back after this break.


Alan: Hi, I am Alan Watt, and this is Cutting Through the Matrix.  And we're talking to Rose from Georgia about the amazing clockwork weather we've got.  We've got the same thing in Canada, for a month and a half there.  The clouds have come over about midnight, stay all night long, you'd have it during the day, it would clear up for one hour in the afternoon, cloud over again, rain, and then go back to clearing up for about an hour or so at night.  Night after night, day after day, same clockwork.  It was amazing.  Are you still there Rose.


Rose: I'm still here.  Anyway, the real reason I called was I wanted to share a little something with you.  Tonight, I don't normally do this, because anything that has government attached to it, I don't even look at it anymore, because it's all a bunch of propaganda, but anyway.  I watched a little 6 minute MSNBC news clip, through tv.  Now it was really funny, you've got this anchor woman, she's dressed in drab colors, she's got a hairstyle reminiscent of the 40s, okay, she's got a beaky nose, talking through the side of her mouth.  I swear, she looks like somebody who could have been a spokesperson for the Hitler regime.  I mean seriously, that's what she looks like.  Okay, now she's going to have this discussion with this law expert, a discussion on the prosecution of war crimes and torture for the Bush gang, and it's going to be done through the international court, okay?  So, she goes on saying that the CIA confirmed accounts made by the Red Cross, because they did some little investigation, and say oh yes, there's all this torture, and they're breaking laws, and all that stuff.  And, so she gets this expert, his name is Jonathan Turley.  He's a constitutional law expert, and it's really funny because she calls Bush the Torturer Approver in Chief.  Okay?  And he addresses her by her first name, and he goes on, to tell her, that the international committee of the Red Cross, in its report to the CIA, and he says that the Red Cross is the World's preeminent institution on the conditions and treatments of prisoners, specifically what constitutes torture, okay, he says no question about it, it is torture.  So here's the deal, she says to him, the question is, will the crimes be punished, the illegality.  And he says, oh, that's the terrible transparency to this whole use of lawyers and it's an embarrassment to the whole bar, you know, including....he says the Bush administration reduces the lawyers including the justice department into a gang of shills and sycophants and then they're selected to ratify anything that the President said or wanted.


Alan: What they do, is they go over all the laws that have been signed, and treaties that have been signed and they re-interpret the meanings of torture.


Rose: Yeah, yeah.  But here he is saying, yes, they did do torture.  These guys have got to pay to the international courts.  Right?  But this is what he does.  He does this bait and switch.  Pulling everybody in, yeah, yeah, the US government is going down the tubes, they need to be punished, right?  It's them; then he does a switch and says it's we.  Okay I paid attention to the change in language, how it was Bush and the cabinet, and then it's we, okay?  And then he said, I never thought in my lifetime, that I would say that we have, we, not Bush, we have become like Serbia, where an international tribunal has to come and force us to apply the rule of law.  He says we've come to this ignoble moment where we could be forced, we, not Bush, we, to be forced into a tribunal and forced to face the rule of law, that we've refused to apply ourselves.  He ends it like that, so he starts off saying, oh Bush and his buddies are going to burn on the cross for torture, and ends at saying no, we are going to burn on the cross for torture.


Alan: Well, one thing's for sure.  It's the taxpayer that will end up paying for everything.


Rose: Yeah, but you know what they're doing.  You see what they're doing.


Alan: Oh, I know, I know the techniques they use.


Rose: They're pulling, they're pulling all the people who want to get the republic back, who are trying to wake the other ones up, those people are not really awake, they think, oh we can bring the republic back.  Right?  So what they're going to do, is say oh yes, yes, our government is so bad, we do need the international government to come in and save us from these horrible war criminals.  And there you go boom.  And everybody's going to go, yes, save us, we want the one world government because they're going to save us from these war criminals.  And because they are just, and there you go.


Alan: Yes, but you see the US must be submerged into the system worldwide that it helped create....of course. I know.  Well, thanks for calling.


Rose: I mean it's so plain, how can they not see.


Alan: Well, thanks for calling Rose.  Thank you.  And we've got Justin from the U.K.  Are you there Justin?


Justin: Hello, Alan. 


Alan: Hello, Justin.


Justin: How are you?


Alan: Not so bad. 


Justin: I'm calling from what's been a very windy and windswept Wales for the past few weeks.  Perhaps approximates your experience up there in Canada.  I just covering old ground here to a degree, but as per your recommendation, I've actually just finished reading Plato's Republic about an hour ago.  And of course it took me a while to get round to it, despite your recommendation.  But, as you say, there's so much in there, it's going to take me a while to digest it, but I've got to say thanks for your recommendation.  It's tremendous some of the stuff he talks about, and I was wondering if I could tell the listeners one particular quote, I'm sure your familiar with it.  When Socrates telling Glaucon of the greatness of mind needed for the philosopher kings, he says, do you think then that the mind which is not afraid of great things and can contemplate the whole of time, and the whole of reality, is likely to regard human life as of any great importance?  Of course it's blazingly obvious, considering the type of people we have in charge these days, but I think it's quite a blatant quote, but it's profound in what it says.  When he talks about the whole of time and the whole of reality, I'd say it's pretty obvious, but what is your take on that particular quote, even though it is obvious in a way. 


Alan: Yes, it is.  What they're saying, see the philosophy is, that out of the millions or billions of people, there's only a few, what they claim, a few good men.  Meaning those who are godlike.  Of course Plato says himself, that they're descended, the aristocracy of Greece was descended from the gods.  And he even calls the ordinary people, its.  They're not people, they're its.  Therefore there is nothing in the nature of things - that's another term they used in ancient Greece, the nature of things - to stop them from conquering everything in the world, and remaking everything in the world, and actually, that's their mission: to recreate everything that was left imperfect as they deem it.  Which is man himself, woman, and all the other kinds of life on the planet.  This has always been the same agenda, and only the godlike ones will grab their godhood and use it.  That's what they mean by that.  And they use audacity and they're bold, they will go ahead as knights do.  They're bold, and they will grasp their godhood and use it over the inferior species. 


Justin: Yes, indeed.  So when perhaps he says, contemplate the whole of time, it's probably in reference to what you have mentioned before, that the elite, and these philosopher kings, say philosophers such as Quigley, are then made aware of the history, the true history of the world, so that's partly what they mean when they say the whole of time.


Alan: Yes.  The whole of time, and that ties in too with Plato and his talk of his predecessor, his relative Solon who visited Egypt, who came out with, that's where he found the Atlantis story.  Real or mythical, it doesn't really matter.  The Egyptians said to Solon, you Greeks don't even know how old you are or your previous histories, and that great civilizations had risen and fallen before, and are lost in time, the vastness of time.  So we're far, far older then the Darwinists would have us believe.  That was part of the trick of Darwin, to do away with, try and hide all ancient histories, and claim that sentient beings only came around about Ten Thousand or maybe a Million BC, which is nothing, nothing at all.


Justin: Yeah, but as you say, an amazing book.  And also he mentions the five regimes and of course we're through the phase of democracy and into tyranny.  It's amazing how he lays it out there. 


Alan: Democracy always ends up in dictatorship. 


Justin: Yeah, yeah for sure.  Well that's great.  I just wanted to say, you have a good week.  Oh yeah, one other quick question if possible.  The grand and noble lie that he refers to.  You've mentioned this many times, it was also colloquially known in this translation I have as a True Blue Lie, are you familiar with that term, or is that something.


Alan: That's right.


Justin: Do you know any background as to why it was called the True Blue, to do with the aristocracy? Or?


Alan: It was the blue blood, you see that they were part of this ancient system, that even Hitler talked about, this ancient Aryan people.  This comes through all their philosophies, the Aryan people who were almost Albino, and you'll find that the paler their skin, the more you'll see, and in babies it's very prominent, you'll see the blue veins on the head are sticking through, that means the blue blood in other words.  So that was a reference to their purity of race.  And the present day Greeks you see, came in much later, the Mediterranean types moved into Greece, much later, and that's who now occupy it.  But in his day, you look at the bust and statues of the characters including Plato, and they certainly are not Mediterranean types. 


Justin: Right.  And one other quick question.  I bought the complete works of Plato, are there any other particular writings that have particular relevance to what's going on today or...


Alan: You'll find in Timaeus and other ones, there's always references to everything.  You see, this is what's astounding, human nature and societies have to create civilizations, control them, all of that stuff, use them for warfare for creating empires.  It was all discussed in ancient times.  They knew all of these sciences then.  And they knew how to give reality through religions, different kinds of religions to people.  And how to even alter it and update it, and steer it off into other directions when required.  They understood humanity perfectly well.


Justin: He does discussion a lot about the creation of culture and how people like those who recited tragedies and poems should be licensed, and everything, he discussed all that.


Alan: And musicians too.  He said music had such an effect on the young, it could be used for subversive purposes.  By knowing that of course, they have used it in the past for that very reason. 


Justin: Yeah, well, thanks very much Alan.  Keep up the good work.  And hopefully speak to you soon in the future now.


Alan: Sure enough, you take care.


Justin: Thank you very much. 


Alan: And also Blue refers to the Blue Lodge, which is the Open Lodge, which is for the Blueness of the sky during the day.  But there's also the Night Lodge, and the Dark One, and they don't tell you much about that.  So that which is open is for the public, or Blue, and the other one is Dark, which is closed to the public.  And we have Keith from Dallas on the line.  Are you there Keith? Hello?


Keith: Hello Dr Watt.


Alan: How are you?


Keith: I'm fine, thank you.  This is a great show, as usual.  Please, forgive me, because I'm kind of nervous.  I'm so angry.  Just being here in this dead reality that we live in among all these freak people, that you try to have conversations with, they look off into space like Homer Simpson when you try to say anything to them. But these callers that have been calling in are really important, because there are people like us out there, and to me, everyone else are a bunch of Agent Smiths.  I mean I hate the fact that there's no awake person's bar and grill that we could go to or something like that, because we're so scattered.  But anyway, I just wanted to say that I know that you're not susceptible to flattery, but alchemically speaking Mr Watt, you are gold.  I just received your other two books, and I'm going through book 2 right now, and I'm floored by it all.  I have to read more than once, I have about 15 of the books that you recommended so far, and I have Morals and Dogma that I haven't even opened yet, but I opened it once, and I could tell that it's a very heavy book, and I know that you said at one time that there was another book that basically explained all these things that he was saying.


Alan: There's lots of books, but really, it's so vast.  And you've got to understand that Albert Pike didn't put that together by himself.  They put front men out there, and they have teams of writers to put that kind of stuff together.  And Morals and Dogma is meant to literally brainwash the initiate through a series of logical passageways until their minds are shaped to be controlled Masons.  That's really how it's written.  In fact they use a lot of the Plato techniques and dialectic techniques in that book to bring you to conclusions and make you a true believer in Masonry itself, so you have to be on guard when you read things too, because there's a purpose to that book being written as an indoctrination type technique. 


Keith: I just figured that it wasn't completely literal, and there was a lot of high allegory. 


Alan: Yes.  They must hide the high allegories, and it's not too difficult to do with a public who are trained to take everything at face value, the exoteric; in fact they think that if something’s in print it's going to explain everything to you.  That's how we're taught and trained in linear thinking.  However, as Pike said himself, we never speak so plainly as we do when we're in the company of the profane.  The profane will hear them saying one thing, while the members of society will hear it from another point of view.  The same sentences will have another meaning, so that they're always using allegory.


Keith: I have one more question please.  I don't exactly know how to say this, but this system, this money and taxation and the caste system, the religious system, it's so old.  I don't personally know what God is, I don't know what, but I know there has to be something else that's higher then us, obviously.  But do I personally feel like I know what it is, no.  And I feel like everyone else around me, they think they've got the picture, and I'm like you've just got a prison around your brain.  That's how I interpret that.  You're telling me, you have the picture, and you're the one that's socialized.  But personally, I don't know what it is, and I want to know why, why would a deity allow for this to go on for so, so long. 


Alan: Yeah, and why it's got such a miserable ending.  I think even Malachi Martin said that these would be the times that would try all faith including his own, and he was a Jesuit priest, you know.  His only conclusion coming from his doctrine was that grace was pulled from the world, and his excuse is that the enemy or Lucifer would have his day.  And it's so easy to see evil everywhere.  It is everywhere.  There's no doubt about it.  We're seeing the mass of humanity, totally indoctrinated, attacked from their food, their inoculations, their propaganda, their indoctrinations, war has been going on for hundreds of years and the public didn't even know it was declared upon them.  And you're seeing the final effects of it all.


Keith: Yes, sir.  Most people don't know what happened a hundred years ago.  And I mean children, they have no understanding of anything.


Alan: No, they won't because they've been too perfectly indoctrinated now.  I'll be back with more after this break.


Alan: Hi folks, I'm Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through the Matrix.  And before I go on to the next caller, you've got to understand that we've had total war, total war declared on the public.  For the last few centuries in fact, fairly openly in their own writings which were published up into the 20th century.  And then a big lull through the Cold War as the public were controlled and told to just be happy and play, and now they're coming back at it again.  Now it's in the open and it's got so many different names as to what they're going to do with us because we're so imperfect and can't be trusted.  And anyone could be a terrorist, or you might become terrorists, or you might go off and lop somebody's head off on a bus or something like that.  They're trying to tell you that you cannot have any faith or confidence in yourself.  And that's why you must be altered, and monitored and watched twenty-four hours a day.  And we can't allow that to happen.  This is an ancient battle for domination of every individual and your mind, or you might even say your soul, on the planet.  And make no mistake about that.  That's the goal of it.  Wrapped up in pseudo scientific terminology or other terms, it makes no difference.  Legal terms, whatever.  It's the same battle for total domination.  The whole genetic research project had nothing to do with helping people with Parkinson's or Huntington's Chorea or paraplegics, nothing to do with that, it's to do with control to put into human bodies that which will control them.  A predictable human, that's what it's all about. That's what genetic enhancement is all about, nothing else.  Nothing else.  Because from their own books, they plan to do with the weak and the infirm and the crippled, and the inferior, and those with the poverty gene as they call it.  It's the same war going on right now, and the public, most of them are already conquered; but changes in the world never happened and were never brought about by the majority of the people in any era, and you must remember that.  These people at the top are terrified, utterly terrified, of an individual idea that can sweep across the world and be communicated to everyone.  Mao Tse-Tung said it himself, he said he wasn't scared about weaponry or guns or cannons, he was scared of someone with an original idea that could catch on like wildfire.  And hence the war to eradicate by all and every means possible the individual from the face of this planet.  They're so scared at the top, because they're almost at the end of the road.  They can see their goal in sight, and they know that it doesn't take much to say that the King has No Clothes and I'm Not Following this Parade Anymore.  Always remember that, no matter how black things seem.  Now, I've got Matt from Florida, if we can just make him.  Are you there Matt?


Matt: Yes, Alan.  How are you doing tonight?


Alan: I'm hanging in here.  Ha, ha.


Matt: I was hoping I could get some insight and commentary on a particular passage from Thoreau's Civil Disobedience.  "What is the price-current of an honest man and patriot today? They hesitate, and they regret, and sometimes they petition; but they do nothing in earnest and with effect. They will wait, well disposed, for others to remedy the evil, that they may no longer have it to regret. At most, they give only a cheap vote, and a feeble countenance and God-speed, to the right, as it goes by them. There are nine hundred and ninety-nine patrons of virtue to one virtuous man. But it is easier to deal with the real possessor of a thing than with the temporary guardian of it."


Alan: Yes, that's a good way to finish the show tonight.  Thanks for calling.  From Hamish myself, up in which is not a bad day in Canada.  May your god or gods go with you.




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