August 6th, 2008 (#150)
Alan Watt "Cutting Through The Matrix" LIVE on RBN:

Poem Copyright Alan Watt August 6th, 2008:

"Crisis Creation, Crisis Management, Crisis All Around,
Remember Times Before Crisis, When Our Minds were Safe and Sound,
Yet Now We're Told Not to Trust Ourselves nor Others in These Days,
Anyone May Suddenly Explode, or so the Expert Says,
So Don't Be Sure of Anything Originating Within Yourself,
Opinions You're Not Sure Of, Just Leave Them on the Shelf,
Hear, See and Speak No Evil, and You Will Surely Get By,
And Live More Days in Wretched Chains and Like a Wretch You'll Die"
© Alan Watt August 6th, 2008

Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - August 6th, 2008 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)
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Hi folks, I am Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through the Matrix on the 6th of August, 2008.  For newcomers look into, and download as many of the talks I've given in the past about this system in which we live, the all encompassing system which is taking us into, what they've called themselves at the top the New World Order, and all that it entails, and it is all encompassing.  A whole New World, with even new types of humans at the end of it.  Quite the adventure for those who plan it, and hell for those who go through and are pushed through, and all those that follow.  Also look into for transcripts which you can download in the various languages of Europe. 


Yesterday I was on with Alex Jones on Genesis, and there was a thunderstorm started, about the time I went on the air, and it knocked out the satellite, and it rampaged on for hours, and an incredible deluge came down with it.  They'd been spraying of course like crazy in the morning.  You know these new skies we have, with the new clouds, and all kinds of varieties of them.  Quite artistic, some of them.  And the thunderstorm came on and lasted for hours and hours and hours, cleared up for about an hour in the evening, an hour and a half, and then in it came again and rained all night long.  Now it's back to spraying like crazy, and these polymer type wispy, long strandy clouds interspersed with the chemtrails from the jets.  You know this big air force, this global air force that no one takes possession of, they claim that it's just our imaginations, or they whistle in the wind and answer us with nothing, that's how the big boys react to this.  No major media is going to talk about this, because it's too important for the agenda.  And it's nothing to do with saving the world from global warming as some of the front leaders, who have been put out there to guide the public in their opinions, are trying to tell you.  They're trying to tell you, oh, it could be to save us from global warming, which is a farce in itself, since we haven't had the higher temperatures for the last ten years.  We're in a lull now, in fact, but that doesn't matter because fact has nothing to do with the agenda.  The agenda is to bring the planet down under control, blame the public for the weather changes which the aircraft are causing along with HAARP technologies, and we must be guided into the new system.  The new system. 


Remember that the Club of Rome put out the book in the early 1970s, the First Global Revolution, to do with this agenda.  And they took credit in their own book for dreaming it up basically.  They dreamed it up.  To unite the world under a system, under a cause, a war time type of cause, where we all work together for the same end to save ourselves, and man would be the enemy of the planet.  That ties in with Gorbachev and what he said about creating a new Earth type based religion and it must be so.  Where we'd all be subservient to the new high priests, the front men, the scientists, who can tell us all kinds of gobbledy-gook, and look us straight in the eye, and wear the white coats, and you're already conditioned to believe them. Everyone's conditioned to believe these characters who keep changing their theories about everything, all the time.  Charles Fort wrote about these scientists, and his whole life was dedicated to trying to get people to think for themselves.  And he gave alternate theories with science, not claiming they were true, but just showing you how farcical theories are in the first place.  You can either prove it or you can't.  If you can't prove something it's someone's guess.  These guesses are running our lives now, with authority.  And we've got to start fighting back now while we can.  I'll be back with more after this break.


Hi folks, I'm Alan Watt.  This is Cutting Through the Matrix, and before I go into the rest of this little story for tonight, remember that you keep me going.  This is brought by you, the people.  And I mean, none of us live on fresh air, not that you can get any of it these days, with all the spraying, but I need your help of course to keep going.  And it's generally the same people who do it over and over.  Now thousands and thousands listen.  There's people making their money off the talks I've given over the years, and written books, and we certainly have on this particular show, we've broken the way for a new way of understanding what's happening in the world.  And we've broken out of the old, sort of patriot type movement act, where it was a sort of navel gazing, and now we're into the whole global system, and that's how we must see it because it affects everyone.  And therefore look into the site and for those who have already got the books that are on the site for sale, buy more, same with the discs and pass them out to your friends or to those who you think can use the material.  At least to those who are asking questions.  Because the word really is spreading, and it's got to spread much, much quicker, because we're at a crisis point as you can see with what's happening all around us, with a totalitarian system coming down in every country across the planet, as we become standardized and standardized into political correctness, and we have to behave like robots in order to pass security, and be a good citizen (meaning you have no brain of your own). 


Now to continue with what I was talking about with all this Global Warming nonsense that they picked to be the method to train the public that we had to be managed and give up our old nasty ways of living.  This fits right into it.  Now they've always used the cartoons in Disney as being at the forefront of cartoon making, brainwashing generation after generation, and getting paid for it.  They don't just get money from what comes in the box office, they get paid, just like the novelists do, they get paid by big foundations and even the Pentagon at times, to put out certain cartoons, the Pentagon's a big funder of these things, so is the CIA.  And this came in from a listener, about a new cartoon, put out by Disney, to brainwash the present children that are growing up, the young, the really young ones, who will be the Green Cops, the Green Fascii Cops, that they'll be putting on the streets, and who will be bashing us all on the head for our nasty old ways and destroying the planet because they've been taught to hate the adults, literally.  He says


There's a new movie out at the cinema by Disney, Pixar, called Wall-E,


(Alan: Interesting, they always love walls and the "E" of course.)


and it's for all the family, using computer animation and classed as an adventure/ comedy/ romance/ sci-fi type movie.  To sum up very quickly it's a story of Greening and Transhumanism.  It's set in the year 2805, and all human life is living on board a spaceship.  Planet Earth was evacuated 700 years ago in 2105 because it was too polluted to sustain any life.  Robots are left on Earth to clean up the mess, while humans live temporarily in space.  At the present time 2805 only one robot remains on earth, the others have broken down to do all the cleaning up.  The Robot is called Wall-E and has been active for 700 years.  Over that time it has evolved,


(A: even robots can evolve you see with these scientific theories.)


and now has emotions and is sentient.


(A: Now that is part of the definition of human, what is human.  Anything that shows human emotion, etc, and sentience must be human.  That's basically their definition.  And we saw that in the movie too called Artificial Intelligence, that was their point.  It says:)


A New Robot is sent back to Earth to check the progress, it's called Eve.


(A: Eve, oh Gee, eh?  Eve.)


And it's scanning the planet to see if any vegetation is growing back, to see if humans can eventually go back to live.  A love story develops between these two robots. 


(A: You know they can get people crying with anything.  Two sausages dancing would do it, if you gave them the right story.  We'd all be in tears if you give them human attributes.  That's what really, really these cartoons are for.)


Another interesting thing about this movie is the economic system in place on Earth and on the spaceship.  There's only one global corporation that controls everything, including government.  The CEO is called Shelby Forthright, and he's also the President of the Planet Earth, the Global Corporation is called Buy and Large, and its logo is an acronym BNL.  When you look at the logo, the N is very small, so it looks like BL, maybe a reference to Bell or Baal...


(A: and then this writer goes on to explain what else it could be.)


One Global Corporation controls all industry and consumerism.  The society is a controlled society, run and kept in order by robotic technology.  All the humans are fat. 


(A: You see, there's the sort of adult type things.  There's the point of it.)


And move around in hover chairs and have robots as servants.  The humans have holo-screen projectors around their face which act as a computer screen and they live in a virtual reality 24-7.  The spaceship is called Axiom and is controlled by autopilot.  There's no intervention by the human captain, he's out of the loop.  The audience in the cinema who watched this movie,


(A: where this writer saw it himself)


really enjoyed it and there were many laughs.  All age groups were watching this from adults down to wee tots, and I could see that they were completely mesmerized by the storyline. 


And that's how cartoons, and these new types of cartoons brainwash the people.  As I say, they could literally give you two sausages dancing together, and give you a romance or a tragedy, one of them dies or gets eaten, we'd all cry about it.  I'm not kidding you.  It's just amazing.  Basic behaviorism.  They found for instance that if you put two eyes on a balloon, and put it next to a baby's crib, it will start goohing and gaahhing, and see that balloon as a person, so we're treated the same way.  And that's how we see cartoons.  We get conned into thinking that little drawn characters are real.  And it works.  It works very, very well.  You know I can remember seeing one of the Disney movies, with Bambi in it, and Thumper the Rabbit, and I thought at the time, how crazy, because deer and rabbits don't speak to each other.  And here it was, they were speaking to each other in English, with an American accent and I was living in Scotland at the time.  It was also bizarre, but that's how they give human characteristics, because they'd already planned to elevate all the animals above the people.  And eventually, one day, to get you off meat completely, that is definitely part of the agenda, there's no doubt about it, whatsoever. 


Here's an article from Britain that's important too.  You see the whole idea if you look at this agenda from before the days of Albert Pike even, including the statements made by Albert Pike, the Pope of Freemasonry, and you look at the Communist Manifesto and you look at the various manifestos by like the Club of Rome, or the Rockefeller Foundation, and you'll find that they want to eliminate private property all together.  Bertrand Russell talked about this as well, and you find it in the habitat write-up they have at the United Nations on human habitat areas.  There will be no private property, you can't, you see, if you have no private property, you feel helpless and apathetic, and worthless and slave-like.  And that's what they're trying to do; create that impression.  So here's the Mail online, and this is the 20th of July, 2008.  It says,


Now there are 1,000 laws that will let the state into your home

by Simon Walters

The march of the Big Brother state under Labour

(A: That's like Liberal.  That's very liberal indeed, isn't it.)

was highlighted last night as it was revealed that there are now 1,043 laws that give the authorities the power to enter a home or business.

Nearly half have been introduced since Labour came to power 11 years ago. They include the right to:

• Invade your home to see if your pot plants have pests or do not have a 'plant passport'

(A: If it's imported.  That was passed in 2005)

• Survey your home and garden to see if your hedge is too high (Anti-Social Behaviour Act 2003).

(A: Here we are with a Skinnerian idea, you see?  If you've got a high hedge, you're being anti-social, they can't see what you're doing.  And if you're an honest good citizen, you should show the public-at-large what you're doing, shouldn't you?)

• Check that accommodation given to asylum seekers is not being lived in by non-asylum seekers (Immigration and Asylum Act 1999).

• Raid a house to check if unlicensed gambling is taking place (Gambling Act 2005 Inspection Regulations 2007).

(A: It's interesting that thing.  If they give you a license you're allowed to do something that's otherwise illegal.  If you pay money, and get a license, now it's legal.  Isn't that a strange little theory?)

• Seize fridges without the correct energy rating (Energy Information Household Refrigerators and Freezers Regulations 2004).

(A: No kidding.)

The rise in clipboard-wielding state inspectors flies in the face of repeated pledges by Ministers to curb the power of bureaucrats.

The full extent of the state's 'powers of entry' is revealed in documents slipped out quietly by the Government last week.

The information was posted on the Home Office website, but in a highly unusual move, the computer file was locked to prevent it being copied or printed. A secret Home Office password was required to access the file.

A Home Office spokeswoman denied the restrictions were an attempt to stop the state's powers being circulated more widely.

She claimed it was a 'mistake' and the file would be unlocked tomorrow.

Some 420 new powers of entry are the product of laws introduced since 1997. A further 16 are in laws due to be approved by Parliament in the next few weeks.

A recent study by the Centre for Policy Studies think-tank warned that the 'proliferation and variety' of such laws mean householders can no longer 'realistically be aware' of their rights and legal obligations.

(A: Well, that's exactly the point of it all.  It says:)

The new powers set to be approved by Parliament include inspecting for non-human genetic material, for looted cultural property

(A: That's for your computer.)

from Iraq, and for 'undeclared' carbon dioxide.

(A: Undeclared Carbon Dioxide.  That's when you're breathing too heavy at certain times of the night.  I'll be back with more after this break.)

Hi folks, I'm Alan Watt, and this is cutting through the Matrix.  Just showing you the techniques that are being used now across the world, it isn't just Britain, you'll find the same laws passed simultaneously in all British commonwealth countries, and through the U.S. as well.  The U.S. is very good at hiding them or calling them other names but it's just the same laws that are being passed to bring us all under the magnifying glass basically, to make us feel there's no such thing as privacy, and to get us to accept it.  To make the slaves quite happy being slaves, and they keep telling you that if you have anything to hide, that's the only reason you could keep information back from government's agencies, you've got something to hide.  No the whole point is government agencies always become totalitarian in their aspects and this is just repetition, only this time, it's the biggest tyranny of all, when they come into every facet of your life.  And they've planned this stage for so many years, that it's imperative that they pull it off.  They can't go back now.  They can't go back at all, or they lose completely.  And they're not going to risk that.  They'll use any means possible to keep this going until the bitter end.  And it's not going to be a pleasant business. 

You know they've used fear, down through the ages.  Fear changes basically the chemistry of your body.  When you're under sustained fear, and your adrenal glands keep going, it stresses the body, and the organs start to basically break down.  You also leach different minerals and vitamins through your urine, excess of them, which further intensifies the rundown feeling, the tiredness you get.  These are the same kind of things that happen under torture.  It's been well studied, and Guantanamo Bay, and all these other places they have across the planet, they've got lots of these places across the planet, they do these tests all the time.  They find out how to simulate that in the general populations, and make them rundown and tired, and lethargic and sick.  It makes them easily managed, especially during these times where it's imperative we be easily managed, because the world that they're bringing us into is a hell on earth.  And if we were fit and active, and our minds were working properly, they'd have a hell of a job bringing it on. 

This is from the telegraph, Tuesday the 5th of August, 2008, and it shows you something that's being repeated again, for those of you who know a little bit about our history. Most people know no history whatsoever, even recent history.  It says:

Italian mayor bans gatherings of three or more people as soldiers hit streets

(A: Now this is to be used elsewhere across Europe, and the Americas.  It's all part of the terrorism act and so on.)

As soldiers prepare to be deployed on Italian streets, a city mayor has been accused of Fascism after he passed an edict banning groups of more than three people congregating in parks and public gardens.

Critics have complained that the sight of gun-toting soldiers on Italian streets will have a negative effect

The anti-gathering laws were enacted as thousands of soldiers were due to take to the streets of Italian cities for the first time on Monday under a controversial move by Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi to fight crime.

(A: See, it's always to fight something.  It's either terrorism or crime or whatever.)

Massimo Giordano, a member of Italy's anti immigration Northern League party, defended the anti-gathering motion and claimed it would cut down on unruly behaviour.

(A: Now remember, they talked back in the 1950s even about the multiculturalism they were going to introduce into society and the immigration quotas they'd have.  Do you realize in Canada, it was printed in the Toronto Sun back in the early 1990s, the immigration quotas for Canada.  97% were to be non-white.  That was from the government.  And it had been for years.  And you've got to say, well why?  Why was that?  Well, they were setting up the chessboard for the times to come.  They now call it, there's terrorists within you.  They could not bring down societies as they stood back in the 1960s-70s.  They created multiculturalism to give themselves the right and it makes it more plausible, there could be terrorists living amongst you from other countries.  That's why they did it, they've done the same thing in Italy. It says:)

However opposition councillors said it was "reminiscent of Benito Mussolini's edict of the 1920's which banned groups of five or more people".

The ban will not affect courting couples who flock to parks and gardens in the northern Italian city of Novara, where Mr Giordano holds power, but if anyone is caught in a group of three or more they face a fine of 500 euro (£350).

(A: Or about $700)

Mr Giordano said that the edict would ban "gatherings in a bid to protect public decorum

(A: Whatever that is.)

and prevent damage to public parks and gardens" from people who gathered in them at night.

Novara, which has a population of 100,000, is not seen as a particularly crime-ridden or violent city but the mayor passed the law after several elderly residents complained of noise.

(A: (Chuckle) So you turn out the army because there's a little bit of noise, right?)

He has also banned the consumption of alcohol at the city's station after 6pm and closed an immigrant cultural centre.

(A: So this is them stirring it up, getting ready for the infighting they'll have across Europe.  They've already had it in France and other countries over the years.  And they certainly have given leaders too.  It's an interesting little thing to really study who leads the various immigration groups within the countries for different sections of society and immigrants.  I guarantee you the secret services put them there.  That's what they generally do.  And they'll stir them up at the right time, as they've done already in other countries, including England, in the past.  Back with more after these messages.)

Hi folks, I am Alan Watt, and we're Cutting Through the Matrix.  Before the break I was talking about how they set up the chessboard for conflict to come down the pike in the future, and the future is here.  That will be used shortly to get everyone at each other's throats, and start the scuffles and the fighting and the finger pointing and the blaming.  And meanwhile, that's not the point of it at all.  The point is to legitimize the use of force against the entire population of each country as they all go through the same thing at the same time.  That's the purpose of it.  You could not have troops in the street without at least something plausible, some plausible excuse to do so.  And if you have a well behaved, old type cultural society, with nothing much happening, except the usual crime, it's hard to legitimize putting troops in charge of subway stations and streets and stores and all the rest of it.  It doesn't wash.  So they have to give us the possibility of it.  And I always warn people of all cultures, don't follow your leaders, they're supplied to you.  They're supplied to you, and they'll get you into trouble at the right time.  They'll set you up for a fall.  They're very good at giving us our leaders.  And that goes for everything in this system.  Now we'll go to the callers and we've got someone from Florida.  Florida, it's got Big Toe it's called, Big Toe in Florida, are you there?

Big Toe: Yes, Alan.  Good Evening To You.


Alan: How are you?


Big Toe: I'm very good.  I want to refer back to your show.  You had a caller on, on Friday night, from Pennsylvania where he was talking about the walled-in interstates, and the off and on ramps.  I'm originally from Williamsport, PA where they play Little League World Series.  And I noticed back in the early 1980s that in that area, and I haven't seen it nowhere else in the country.  In that area on all the signs they had orange, red, blue, green detour signs.  And nobody could define that for me, even a friend that worked for the Department of Transportation.  And briefly I heard Maxwell mention it, that it would be for the time when foreign troops are in this country, that may not be able to read English or what have you, they would just follow these colored signs.  Do you have any information on that? 


Alan: It's true they were using them for the military exercises as far back as the 1970s and definitely through the early 1980s onwards and they've been bringing in troops from European countries, and then after the Soviet Union merged with us, which is what really happened, they were bringing Russian officers even into Canada; there's Base Borden in Canada where the Russian officers were based.  And they even took their laundry in to the dry cleaners in town, they didn't trust the base launderettes to do a good job with their uniforms, they were rather snobbish these guys, and well bred and very wealthy, and of course all the elite of Russia were wealthy, right through the Soviet era.  And they used these on their maps.  They were given maps with the color-coding on them.  And I asked some of them at the time, you know, what were they here for?  And they said it was to learn our civic laws, the civic laws of the countries, and then they go back to teach their own people the civic laws, that way the officers would all know how to manage their troops when they brought, if they ever had to bring them in under NATO or under the United Nations.  That's what its for.  They get maps with the color codings on them.


Big Toe: I see.  Okay, thank you.  I have one more question for you.  Can you give me a brief definition of the esoteric 666 trinity please?


Alan: Ah, you can't get a brief one.  Because it's one of the highest.  I could do a book on it though.


Big Toe: I have read your book and...


Alan: Yeah, I could do a book on that alone.


Big Toe: It's vague to me right now, and I can't remember exactly what was stated in it. 


Alan: Again, it's quite simple, go into Revelations, you'll find it right there in the name. 


Big Toe: Okay, well thank you very much.  You have a good evening.


Alan: You too.


Big Toe: Bye.


Alan: And we've got Andrew in Canada.  Are you there Andrew?  Hello, Andrew?


Andrew: Hello, yes.  Alan, when I'm speaking with people, I get the question most frequently, the same question you do.  What can I do?  Which says a lot about state of mind, but I guess what I want to do is help remind people that, they have to develop the courage to get a voice and to stop providing support as you so often point out.  None of this is possible without our consent and without our support.  And perhaps as an example to look at, the one people that managed to repel the Roman invasion, and that's the Scots.  The reason behind Hadrian's Wall being built was that the Roman's couldn't do it, the Scots had a level of courage that was able to resist the invasion, when literally no one else could.  So perhaps that's an example people can use to look at historically and take heart, and take courage with what we face today. 


Alan: Yes.  I think what it is with most people, even if you can, which is pretty well impossible to give them a complete education in what's happened.  And it is rather overwhelming even when you do understand it, but the fact is, every step and everything they do to us, they need us to comply, and acquiesce to it, and we can stop it.  Now we have no choice, you see, that's just it.  It's not a matter of political choices here, or something like that, it's way beyond politics.  This is our very existence, our life we're fighting for here.  These characters plan to cull us down quickly.  They're already doing it in other ways through disease creation and poisoning the food and all the rest of it.  That is deliberate.  There's no doubt about it.  And the spraying in the skies, and the cancer rate is going through the roof.  The fact is you see, we have no choice, the eugenics movement have published all their studies themselves, we find that the United Nations and all the other big boys who work for the United Nations are in league with them, the non-governmental agencies, they're all talking about massive drops in population to sustainable levels which they have decided upon and we have not been consulted on any of it, in fact we are targeted as the enemy in their books.  You see, there's nothing secret anymore, it's out in the open.  This is not a conspiracy.  These guys mean what they say.  Right down to forced sterilization, etc.  We can't, we have no choice but to fight this.


Andrew: I think perhaps the most horrifying thing I'm running into though is the number of people who have bought off on the idea of overpopulation. And all I can say to them is lead by example, and leave me alone.


Alan: Yes, and David Suzuki and others, these great people have been put up there to lead the minds of the public, because that's what their job is, who is a geneticist himself, who works for the World Wildlife Fund, they've already talked about massive culls in population, he's a good example.  He said on CBC television a few years ago that we'd have to kill off about 140,000 a day to save the world; this guy who loves furry little animals.  These are rather evil people here, and they've been put up there to guide the public.  We like heroes, we like familiar faces.  And he is exactly the same as Jacques Cousteau.  Cousteau said the same thing in an interview to a major magazine about culling off major segments of the population to save the world.  But in reality these guys are very, very crafty monsters who hide under the guise of environmentalism.  We have to realize this, you know.


Andrew: Well, absolutely.  In fact Suzuki refuses to debate his opponents in public.  He knows how soundly he'll be destroyed.  So he won't even meet his opponents in public.  The man is as yellow as yellow. 


Alan: Oh, absolutely and Suzuki also made his name supposedly, although he was picked and put up there.  No one makes it up to that level without getting chosen, and picked, and made to be a star, and a spokesman for this whole agenda for the Canadians.  His thesis, basically when he first came out to his students, was on fruit flies, and his statement was, we're all the same as fruit flies.  And of course they were doing experimentations with fruit flies, to see if you could sterilize them.  What an interesting occupation.


Andrew: You also say we can't hide this from the children, and I haven't hidden it from my daughter.  She's eleven and she wants to say something to you.  So if you don't mind, I'm just going to give her the phone quickly.


Andrew's Daughter: Hi Alan.


Alan: Hello.


Andrew's Daughter: Sometimes I get...Sometimes I fight with my dad a lot, so what do you think I could do to not fight with my dad?


Andrew: Yeah, when we talk about this stuff, I don't think we're going to waste Alan or other people's time with that one, honey.

Andrew's Daughter: D-a-d.


Alan: (Chuckle.) Yeah.  I understand.  It's a hard thing for a child, who's instinct is to trust, you see trust is built in, it's a survival mechanism for children to trust the adults, the parents, but unfortunately they also trust those who appear the same way, those who are put in respectful positions above the parents, and with their indoctrination at school, which is an agenda, it's nothing to do with giving you an education in truth.  It's a political, mind-altering agenda to make you comply with the changes you're supposed to grow up and experience in your life.  This is the thing, you're being programmed you see, with your education.  And they're using emotion and only selected topics, and partial parts of truth to influence your mind and give you your perceptions.  They must give you the whole truth for you to make a legitimate decision on something and they're not going to give you the whole story on anything.  Do you understand?


Andrew's Daughter: Yes, I understand.  I understand.  Thank you.


Alan: And that's why you must go in and try, and have patience with your dad too.  Try and get the whole story on each topic that you start to fight over.  And you'll find that when you're given all the other parts of the story, you'll have a different perception about the whole thing all together.  Okay?


Andrew: Well thank you Alan, we'll let you go, there's other callers, and we'll talk again.  All the best. 


Andrew's Daughter: Thank you. B-y-e.


Alan: Thanks for calling. 


That's the sad thing.  Children trust and remember what Bertrand Russell said, Lord Bertrand Russell, he said the scientific indoctrination we can give them from kindergarten and early school onwards will overcome, overcome the parental input completely.  And he was talking way back before the 1950s on that particular subject.  The idea is to make the child think "what do the parents know?", you're just a parent, but the teacher is something special.  Therefore they listen to the teacher, and they're given all kinds of videos to watch, etc, about nature that makes them think in one direction, but they're not getting the whole picture at all, on any particular topic.  Now I've got John in Canada?


John: Hello, Alan.  How are you?


Alan: Not so bad.


John: I wanted to bring something to your attention that I recently became aware of.  Something called the mobile mental health units.  And they're in four cities here in New Brunswick.  They're in Fredrickson, Bathers, St John's, and Monckton.  I was wondering if you had a comment on these, or if you were aware of them.


Alan: I'd heard that they were coming in, for sure, and of course, it's all to do again, with all these new classifications of mental illness that they keep ramming through, about half a dozen new ones every year.  You see, if they can get the public convinced that everyone's mentally ill, in fact they've said this, at the American Psychiatric Association, that anyone that believes in any old values of family, etc, or religion, or stuff like that, must be mentally ill, and they must be made to be seen to be mentally ill; that's part of the whole thing.  Today, with the stress being built up with unemployment going on, especially in certain areas of Canada, they've deployed a lot of these mobile units, to supposedly take care of the fallout and the stress, and all the domestic problems that come from it too, the fighting, etc.  Their job too is to get everyone on the various medications and put under the wing of the mental health service that will then start guiding their lives for them, and also to keep them from flipping out in society.  They're trying to make people think that everything is still okay within society and they're trying to cover up the obvious consequences, that otherwise would be visible, by drugging people, and making them very, very happy and smiley, and you know, out of it all together.  But that's okay


John: Yes, I'm reading an article on them right now, and it quotes that the team will be able to help treat the person on scene, and help convince them to seek treatment in hospital.  It sounds like rapid response mental health SWAT units almost.  They work alongside with the police.


Alan: That is correct.  They are to work alongside police forces.  I know that they've already done pilot projects in British Columbia.  And it started off again with the usual sort of semi-innocent way of going round to give out free syringes to drug addicts, and all the rest of it.  Now they have the police back-up mental health units going along with them, in case some of the addicts flip out on scene or on site.  This again, is training the whole of society to get used to being, that nothing's safe.  None of us are safe.  You start to question yourself, and that's really what it's about.  See anyone of us could be a terrorist, maybe not today, not right now, but maybe in the next five minutes you'll flip out and become a terrorist.  This is what they're trying to get the message across to us.  We can't trust ourselves.  And they want us to believe that.


John: In the article it says that it's a service to assist the police.  It doesn't say to assist the public.


Alan: Yes.  There's also a drug now they're administering.  You see, the cops start to administer a particular drug and inject people on site, and they're not qualified to do it, so there was a bit of a stink about that, so now these characters will be there to.  So four cops will hold you down, if they haven't broken your neck with the one with his knee on your neck, then they'll get the injection into you, and you'll be subdued with an injection that really is a heavy, heavy sedative.  It will knock you right out.


John: As a second topic, Alan, I just became aware of the New Brunswick Emergency Measures organization, which sounds really close to the FEMA or Federal Emergency Measures Act organization there.  And I was just reminded of the synchronicity and how similar the governments are all becoming now.  Everything is harmonizing to have these same acronyms, the same sounding organizations.


Alan: Yes, it's a model copy of Britain.  You see Britain is the one that the whole world has to copy, they're so far ahead of everyone else and we've all to copy Britain with all their laws, and all their agencies, and all their various multi-level SWAT team types for different functions and all the rest of it.  That's exactly what they're doing.  This particular type of unit is actually across the whole of Canada at least with their office and set-up, and their communications with each other, now they're just going into putting the actual forces into the street now, and that's what you're seeing.


John:  Yes, I became aware of this because they declared a State of Emergency in North Eastern New Brunswick because of all the water, all the flooding that's been happening, and that's when I was reading an article, and came across an organization, I'd never heard of them before.


Alan: Again, they set it up years ago.  They first brought it out in the 1990s before 9/11 happened with these emergency set-ups to do with coming man-made or natural disasters as they called it.  Because they knew they were going to manipulate the weather, and cause all the flooding.  I mean, this is what they knew they were going to do.  And they're using it.  They're doing it now. 


John: In the article, they were talking about basically a culvert collapsed, so they're declaring a state of emergency, there's very little damage. 


Alan: Well, any excuse will do.


John: And they're acting like it's a really big deal.


Alan: Oh, everything's a big deal now.  Everything's a big deal.  That's why they gave us the weather channel, was to stop us thinking about weather, what the weather's forecast and start us thinking about crisis.  Everything's a crisis.  There's going to be a little snow flurry for about 2 cm and it's going to be a crisis.  That's the whole intent of the weather channel and everything about it; it's to create this feeling of uncertainty and crisis about everything.


John: If you could hold me over to the break, I'd really appreciate it Alan.


Alan: Okay, I'll be back with more after this break.

Hi folks, this is Alan Watt and we're Cutting Through the Matrix.  And we're just finishing up with John from Canada there.  Are you there John?


John: Hello, Alan.  I wanted to point out that I've seen really oddly dressed police just being around town.  And like I'm seeing different uniforms on the police, and I heard a caller talking earlier about these different police coming back and forth between the different countries, and I've seen that.


Alan: They've had instances in British Columbia in fact.  One policeman was stopped by a roadblock.  It was a guy from Texas, the Texas police force that was there, and eventually another RCMP guy that works with them laid a charge on this particular police officer, it was a local officer, the local officer sued them for using a foreign officer, and he actually won. (Laughs) They're up here.


John: I've also experienced the new police action where I was just driving along on my bicycle one day, and I was stopped by the police and I was assaulted, arrested, thrown into the back of a car, without being charged, and then charged later for something, and not, and then it disappeared and nothing really happened to me after I was violently assaulted.  And all it was over was they claimed it was because I didn't have a bell on my bicycle.


Alan: I know.  I got stopped for supposedly flicking a cigarette out of my car, and I didn't flick the cigarette out.  I still had it in my hand when the guy stopped me.  I said it must have been the ash, and as far as I know there's no law against ash in the street.  However, anything will do, and if they're going to stop you, and actually take you in, they have to get a charge to cover their ass, basically.  They're all taught that.  Any charge at all to cover their ass to make it legitimate.  No matter how ridiculous it sounds.  And that's standard procedure.


John: Well, there was three of them, and they physically roughed me up, handcuffed me, took all my possessions that were on me, threw me in the back of the car, searched through my person to find the ID, right, and then they decide to throw this charge on me for not having a bell on the bicycle, which is like a $270.00 fine. 


Alan: Oh yeah, they go through everything to find what they can possibly do.  Sure.


John: There was even a ghost car that pulled up and there were spectators in it.  There were people in it that were not identified.


Alan: What they're doing is practicing on the public.  They do the same with the white vans.  And there's been some instances in the paper where they've stopped in front of cars of teenagers, dragged the teenagers out, put them down on the ground, on the road with guns at their heads, and it's all practicing on the public.  That's a fact.


John: I understand my rights, quite a bit.  And I was demanding to see ID from these individuals, and they wouldn't identify themselves, and said they didn't have to.  And yet they were demanding that I identify myself.


Alan: In other words, technically if this was a country where you were armed, you'd be allowed to fight back because you were stopped by what appears to be a bunch of terrorists.  And you'd be quite right, they are.


John: I was kidnapped.


Alan: Yes, you were.


John: If only for the moments I was arrested, and handcuffed, and placed in the back of the car, but yet I was still kidnapped.  And yet they can't even find a record of it happening, they wouldn't give me a copy of the ticket I supposedly had, so there's no evidence of this thing even happened.


Alan: These are the same things that would happen in the Soviet Union, and it's now pretty widespread here now too.  And you don't know who these guys are.  They could be there to murder you, you have no idea.  And there'd be nothing, no records left if they did murder you, they'd just simply dispose of you, and there'd be nothing left anywhere.  No evidence even existed.


John: This happened on a little stretch of road, there's no one else on the road except me and these people who assaulted me.  And this is in the capital city of New Brunswick, called Fredericton.


Alan: Of course, that's a great place for all of this happening because all the cops with their biggest computers for the whole of Canada are centered in New Brunswick.  A lot of the top training teams are centered there too. 


John: Thank you, Alan.


Alan: Thanks for calling.


John: Have a great night.


Alan: Good Night. Now remember I'll be on in an hour and a half on Alex Ansary, you'll find a link on my website for his show. From Hamish and myself in Ontario Canada where it's soggy wet with all the chemtrails and spray and rain, it's Good Night, and may your god or gods go with you.



"Now there are 1,000 laws that will let the state into your home" by Simon Walters ( - July 20, 2008.)

"Italian mayor bans gatherings of three or more people as soldiers hit streets" by Nick Pisa in Rome ( - Aug. 4, 2008.)




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