August 13th, 2008 (#153)
Alan Watt "Cutting Through The Matrix" LIVE on RBN:

Poem Copyright Alan Watt August 13th, 2008:

"We've Seen the Shape of Things to Come,
Ruled by Kyoto, Greening, Agenda 21,
All That Was is to Pass Away,
A New Son of Reason will Rule the Day,
No Room for Dissent or Personal Opinion,
In This Darkest Time of New World Dominion"
© Alan Watt August 13th, 2008

Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - August 13th, 2008 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)
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Hi folks, I am Alan Watt, and this is Cutting Through the Matrix on the 13th of August, 2008.  Newcomers go into the website and download as many of the previous talks I've given as you can handle because there is so much on that site to do with the big changes we've lived through, the causes for them, and those behind them, and I give you the agenda as to where it's supposed to go, not because I guess things, and not because I have a crystal ball, or read the stars, or play with cards like the card sharks do, but because I read the books put out by the big foundations and the big organizations which are basically planning the world, always planning the world, and the next step, and the next step, and the last ones to know are we the people.  Deception is necessary to rule people said Madame Blavatsky, and of course all Masonic institutions believe the same thing.  They even deceive their own members at the bottom.  And that's how the populations are run, by deception.  We're not supposed to know.  You don't tell the herd, that you live off of, being the Good Shepherd King, what you're going to do with them.  You're not supposed to tell them that you're going to eat them.  You certainly will live off his produce, and live very well, and that's the purpose of the public, to serve the elite.  Although they couch it under different terms, such as serving the world state, that will be your function.  What they mean is serving them and the system that they're bringing into play.  Also look into for transcripts which you can download in the various languages of Europe, and you can print them up and pass them around to those who can still read.  And I mean that sincerely because you know, most folk now, cannot read.  It's taken off even with the Google Video.  There are people who surf all night, just watching video after video after video, and some of them will send me six links a day, from the same people, who just go through one video after another.  It's astonishing, and yet no matter what video you watch, you cannot put enough detail and data into it.  That's why you have to get into the books to fill in all the gaps.  Because we're living through the greatest time of changes that there's been since the Industrial Revolution kicked everyone off the land and forced them into the big, new cities.  The new cities that are now old cities, and are past the industrial era, and are now basically defunct.  And I'll be talking about that later, because they have plans for them.  We are living through the greatest changes and all the top people are saying that in their own publications, the greatest changes for centuries are underway right now.  And the public are given little bits of agendas, thinking it's all unconnected, but everything that is happening is completely connected.  While they're taking down the countries back home, in Europe, and in the U.S. and Canada, the Western countries, they're already pushing for the next part of their plan, to do with the Middle East, and to do with Iran, and we must remember that one of the biggest fleets just set off to go over to the Gulf to basically do the same thing they did with Iraq and that's starve the people into submission for a few years.


Hi folks, I am Alan Watt, Cutting Through the Matrix, and just talking about the plans for the Middle East and Iran, where they're going to starve the people and blockade them.  Iran itself is dependent upon exporting its oil to outside refineries.  They don't have much refining at home, and getting stuff coming back in, the refined gasoline.  Also they need food and all the rest of it, medicine and we saw that happen with Iraq when they starved the people for years, and watched millions of them actually die from starvation.  We all heard Madeline Albright, the good psychopath that she is, when she was asked if it was worth it, the starvation of men, women, and children, she says, "Oh, Absolutely."  That was it.  That was it.  Psychopaths don't say too much, because they really don't feel too much, in fact, they don't feel at all.  So they want to do the same sort of process with Iran, to get them on their knees, so they'll roll over and give the Big Boys what they want.  And they don't want to break these strange rules they have, these international rules, they don't want to just simply go in and invade the place.  They want to simply starve them out, you see.  So they can write it in a different way in the history books.  They love legalism.  And at home, we know what's happening too with the borders.  As they tighten up the borders under this terrorist farce that we're all living through.  It has nothing to do with terrorism as you know it.  Terrorism really, if you look at their definitions of it, means anyone who's against globalism.  Anyone who still thinks nationalistically.  You've got to remember too, that the big foundations, especially the Club of Rome had looked at all the world systems that had existed and did exist, and what they favored most was collectivism, meaning communism, and if you look into the Communist agenda, they wanted internationalism, an international system.  In fact the definition of peace, World Peace under Communism, was absence of all opposition.  We found with Norman Dodd's report from the Reece commission that the big foundations were working hard through many of their different wings and organizations and publication houses and writing school textbooks and so on to get us all used to the blending of the Sovietized collectivist system into the West.  Well that's happened.  It's happened across the whole Western world.  And that would never have happened regardless of the foundations if they hadn't had the okay from those above them, meaning the big rich people and royalties and so on, who already owned countries across Europe.  The foundations are a front you see.  They're a front for the very rich people of the planet, and royalty, and aristocracy.  It's a front where they can bypass democracy.  They don't have to be liable to any public input or cries as to what they're up to.  And they love to hide behind philanthropy; they call themselves philanthropic organizations.  If you look at everything that they fund basically, all the major foundations across the Western World, it's the same stuff, it's abortion worldwide, bringing the populations down, all the old stuff that H.G. Wells, Huxley, and all the rest of them talked about, this Malthusian concept of sustainable development, and the culling off of what they call "useless eaters."  And we better understand, that means most people today.  Most people are classified as "useless eaters", unless you're up there in high technology and very essential to the system.


Because the old system of industry is gone.  They set up China to be the manufacturer of the whole world.  China didn't steal anything, they were given all the technology, and all the companies over in China are from America, and Britain, and Canada, and the rest of Europe.  They were set up to do that.  So don't let all this saber rattling that China is going to invade us all scare you.  China is owned by the same rich people who already own the rest of the globe.  Otherwise they would have never of given the capabilities to have an army, or a military, and all the high-tech weaponry.  Believe you me, they'd never give your industry to your enemy.  The same industry that builds your own tanks if you have to fight them.  That means there's not going to be a war with them.  They will be used as the policemen of the world though, down the road.  And they wrote about that back in the 1930s from the Royal Institute of International Affairs.  They would take over from the U.S. as the U.S. became exhausted.  Arnold Toynbee wrote a lot about that, you should read his books. 


Back home, as I say, this nonsense with the border is to do with containment of people.  Not to keep people out.  We've seen this huge, massive fence they've built across Mexico, and it's a doubled wall fence with a sort of road between it, between the two walls.  We see what they've done with all the flotillas of these super heavy-duty gunboats they've put on the Great Lakes, armed with heavy, heavy machine guns.  Big caliber machine guns.  Here's another report from CBC, it's the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, owned by the Canadian government, the same as the BBC.  And it's from, and this is about what they're doing with helicopters now, across the Canadian border.


U.S. tightens security along Great Lakes border

Friday, August 8, 2008

A Black Hawk helicopter like this one in Minden, Nev., will be conducting daily patrols around the Great Lakes border from the newly opened Great Lakes Air and Marine Branch in Michigan.

The United States will unveil new border surveillance measures Friday in a move that has one New Democratic MP decrying what he sees as the "weaponization" of the Canada-U.S. frontier.

(Alan: Well this guy's really quick eh?  This politician.  He's just noticing it, the weaponization of the Canada-U.S. frontier.)

U.S. Customs and Border Protection is slated to open an air and marine border-monitoring outpost just north of the Detroit-Windsor border at Selfridge Air National Guard Base on Lake St. Clair in Michigan.

The $17-million Great Lakes Air and Marine Branch will help fight human and drug smuggling, U.S. officials said.

(A: Like they haven't had all that before all these years, eh?  And many agencies to already deal with all of that.)

The post will use 11 aircraft, including a Black Hawk helicopter, and five boats to patrol the Great Lakes waterways daily, said Eric Rembold, director of aviation operations at U.S. Customs and Border Protection.

Windsor West MP and NDP border critic Brian Masse voiced his concern Thursday about the implications of the new surveillance measures.

"If we're going to continue to see weaponization that is used in conflicts like Afghanistan and Iraq put on the Canada-U.S. border, saying that it's required for safety and security, it really changes the nature of our relationship," he said.

(A: And that's what you're seeing, really.  You are seeing the weaponization, and the same tactics being used that they're using in war across the world, you're seeing it back home.  Because they have to.  They're going to bring plagues in down the road.  On this site, in fact, this particular program, we've gone through some of the pages the Department of Defence for NATO has sent out.  They printed it in the Guardian newspaper, and it's on my website.  90 pages altogether, to do with the coming riots across the Western World.  And they expect these riots to start around 2010-2012, and escalate up to 2030.  So they've even got how long it's going to be dragged on.  How did they know this?  Because they're going to start taking down the food supply.  A handful of corporations, which are really one, own the world's food supply.  And now that they own it, they're simply withdrawing the food from the people and they're jacking up the prices back home.  This is war strategy; you always go for the food supply, and the water.) 

After the Sept. 11, 2001, airplane hijackings, the U.S. Congress mandated the opening of five border-monitoring outposts to strengthen the security of the country's northern frontier. The Michigan branch is the final one to be opened.

The other four branches — located in Bellingham, Wash., Grand Forks, N.D., Great Falls, Mont., and Plattsburgh, N.Y. — were opened between 2004 and 2007.

So that's to contain people when the riots, etc start out, and also, when they possibly will release their pandemics, which they keep telling us every other day, are just around the corner.  Quite something, isn't it.  Quite something.  And here's another article, it's to do with Agenda 21.  Now Agenda 21 is the agenda for the 21st Century, and all the major countries of the United Nations signed on to this agenda, along with Kyoto, and all the other big moves they're going to pull on the public.  Moves that the public are pretty well oblivious of, as they play themselves, and follow the Hollywood crowd, to see who's in the sack with who.  Big, big things are happening.  And as I said before about the big industrialized cities that were thrown up, and I mean thrown up, for the British and European Industrial areas, and the American ones, they want people out of them now, because their job is over.  And they want to move mass amounts of people into certain habitat areas; that's the Agenda 21 Plan.  This is an article from a Scottish magazine, and it's from actually,

Move south, it's too grim up north, says Tory think tank

13 August 2008

By Gerri Peev

A LEADING Tory think tank is urging people from cities in the north of England to move south if they want a better life.

(A: Now this is how they're couching you to get moving.)

Cities such as Liverpool are beyond revival and millions of their residents should move to London

(A: I'll repeat that, millions of their residents should move to London)

and the South-east instead,

(A: And I'll continue with this particular article after this break

Hi folks, I'm Alan Watt, and this is Cutting Through the Matrix, going through an article from The Scotsman Newspaper, from the 13th of August, 2008.  I'll just repeat the first little part of it.  It's by Gerri Peev.

A LEADING Tory think tank

(A: It's a big think tank.  Think tanks are used to create public opinion basically.  They give us their talk, we parrot it, and it becomes our opinion) 

A LEADING Tory think tank is urging people from cities in the north of England to move south if they want a better life. Cities such as Liverpool

(A: It's an old industrial city)

are beyond revival and millions of their residents should move to London and the South-east instead, the Policy Exchange think tank

(A: It's a big one)

claims today in a report.

The conclusion will prove controversial and is untimely as the Tory leader, David Cameron, starts a tour of regional cities today to try to win over skeptical voters.

Coastal cities such as Liverpool and Sunderland had "lost much of their raison d'ętre"

(A: Reason for Being)

with the decline of shipping and had "little prospect of offering their residents the standard of living to which they aspire," the report states.

(A: Now remember I said at the start, this is part of the Agenda 21 program.  All of this stuff was discussed about 20 years ago, by the same big think tanks that help create policy.  The Royal Institute of International Affairs say in their own reports that they create policy for governments to follow.  And the Council on Foreign Relations is only the American branch of the same group.  They knew many years ago what they were going to do, and that's why these cities have not been kept up to standards.  That's why you've got the big potholes and the sewage systems falling apart and everything else.  Nothing was planned to be repaired. These cities were purpose-built to serve the big elite during the industrial era and during wars, big major wars, they were big producers of ships etc, and armaments, and they have no purpose now, because all of manufacturing is over in China.  They knew this would happen, from the GATT treaties and the other treaties they signed, to allow them to ship their factories wholesale to China, they knew what would happen back home.  And they call this a service economy, where the countries would be left, like America and Canada, just passing things around that are sent into the countries.  That's what a service economy is.  So, it goes on to say here:)

It was time to be "realistic about the ability of cities such as Manchester, Leeds and Newcastle to regenerate struggling neighbors, such as Liverpool, Bradford and Sunderland.

"No-one is suggesting that residents should be forced to move,

(A: Ha, Ha, Ha.)

but we do argue that they should be told the reality of the position: regeneration, in the sense of convergence, will not happen, because it is not possible," the authors conclude.

The university cities of Oxford and Cambridge were well placed to become economic power-houses, the report argues, like the industrial north in the past.

(A: What a joke that is.  Because how are millions of people going to go into already overcrowded cities, never mind the riots from people who are going to start fighting for the same jobs.  And never mind them all being squeezed together, all fighting to rent apartments, and escalating prices with their own economy falling through the floor.  It says here:)

The authors included Tim Leunig, a lecturer in economic history at the London School of Economics, who says:

(A: A very important institution, the London School of Economics, because their job was to train the left wing that would fight in the dialectical process.  It actually was set up by Oxford, this London School of Economics.  Everyone who was trained there who doesn't go in for a Rhodes Scholarship at Oxford went there instead, and they took the hard left agenda in the dialectic con game.)

"The issue is clear: current regeneration policies are failing the very people they are supposed to be helping."

(A: They're failing them.)

And he added: "There is no evidence that the trend will be reversed without radical changes."

Well, it's not meant to be reversed.  We forget simple history.  Simple history goes back to when the Corn Laws in fact were repealed, as they called them in Britain, to kick off the Industrial Era to get folk off the land, and the bill was put forward by Lord Rothschild in Parliament.  And what it did was allow foreigners to dump their corn and their wheat and oats and all the rest of it on the British public much cheaper, it put all the little farmers out of business, and they all had to move into the cities, and they became factory workers.  That was why it was done.  That's why they dumped corn, Corn Laws, to get them into the cities.  And these cities were thrown up, these row houses were just thrown up, and people were squeezed into them, and they lived one hellish existence, working 16 hours a day, sometimes 18 hours a day, 16 was normal.  They even had discussions in the late 1800s, early 1900s about giving them time off or shorter working hours and the elite were so worried that if they had short working hours they might start talking with each other, and complaining, and protesting.  Big, big debates about this.  They don't trust the public, you see.  The public have a function, and that's to serve them and their agenda.  Therefore, we're seeing this start of, what they're not mentioning here, which is Agenda 21, that's the policy for Agenda 21.  We're going to see a lot more of this across the whole Western World, and Canada, and the States as well.  I've already mentioned that in Canada, and especially places like Ontario, they're going to double, maybe quadruple the taxes to get people off the land, to get them moving into the cities from the rural areas.  Agenda 21, read it up.  It's a massive document.  Back with more after this break.

Hi folks, I am Alan Watt, and this is Cutting Through the Matrix.  Just talking about some of the big plans under way.  I said years ago, you know, the hardest thing for people who are aware of things happening, and what it's all about, the hardest thing will be holding onto your sanity as you go through it.  As they hit us with all kinds of massive changes, one after another, sometimes many at the same time, and this was mentioned by H.G. Wells in his book, Shape of Things to Come, where this scientific elite, that creates the New World System and living in their big ivory towers, have the mob down below, who actually ask them and beg them to stop the changes.  They had nothing that was normal to hang on to anymore.  And there's always new changes coming along.  Because this whole evolution religion is based upon having challenges to meet and something to conquer, and those who cannot do so must perish.  That's what they believe.  Therefore we're going to go through rapid changes, and you can imagine like that last article I read to do with people getting crammed into already overcrowded cities, what happens when the plagues break out there then eh?  Well, we'll all go down together, rather quickly.  And I'm sure that's part of the whole point.  And you're guaranteed rioting regardless if the economies go down, and people are homeless, and they're all crammed into overcrowded cities.  This is the agenda.  It's not a pretty picture, and this is intentional.  These characters know what they are bringing upon the world, and they plan to reduce the population significantly, incredibly in fact.  Back in the 1980s I saw drawings by some of the top architects of these domed cities they planned to have in the future, over existing major capital cities, but these are much smaller capital cities.  And I asked this one person, why it was so small, one for Toronto.  He says well, we'll only have a fraction of its population by then.  We're living through plans.  We're living through a script.  Every major event is already written out and planned that way and you simply see the results.  And the media keep you thinking it's all just happenstance and things stumble down across your way through time by accident.  Nothing is by accident in this great big plan, this Great Work, as they call it. 

Now I'm going to go to the phones, and I've got Chai in London on the phone?


Chai: Yes, yes Alan.


Alan: Hello. 


Chai: How's it going, man?


Alan: Not so bad, I'm hanging in.


Chai: Great, good to hear it.  Yeah, I just thought I'd represent really.  There aren't many people from the U.K. calling you I noticed.  I've listened to a couple of hundred of your podcasts now, kind of got the general idea of the kind of story that you're weaving.  About that article that you just read, I just went up on the Scotsman just now, and they've got another article here which says, 'Cameron rejects northern city claim: Tory leader David Cameron has branded a report by a Conservative-leaning think tank which suggested people should abandon northern cities as "complete rubbish".'  Is this some kind of dialectic, what I'm seeing here?


Alan: What it's to do is to implant the idea in people's heads.  It's not the only report that's come out on the same topic in fact.  I noticed there were other topics coming out in different papers, with different characters giving out the same suggestion.  They all did focus about moving down to London and the South East of England.  At the same time, one other newspaper was mentioning people that were in the coastal areas, even in the South East, should move back inland again.  Now if you go into the Agenda 21, they don't want people living around the coast, so this all falls into this Agenda 21 plan.


Chai: Yes.  Crazy people, I'm telling you, man.  It's the crazy ones who actually see how everything is coming together.  So basically what you're saying is, it doesn't matter what they do.  They tell you the truth and it doesn't matter if they completely reverse.


Alan: It doesn't matter at all, no.


Chai: Because the information has already been put up there.  God, what a gas.


Alan: You'll find too, when the big people speak, even if they retract it, it's an order to their own kinds and bureaucracies to start getting into action and start working on these, but they've already been doing it in fact.


Chai: Ah, it's contemptible. It's so contemptible.  It's interesting about what you're saying about depopulating certain areas and moving them into the cities, because I was speaking with my mother recently and she lives in Mulbern, which is a small town, just south of Birmingham, and she said that even now, there in the supermarkets and things, the goods are starting to look like they're thinning out a bit.  Well, I just started to explain to her some of what we've been learning, and I told her about the whole thing.  You know, well, how could you tell me because you didn't know anything about it either.  And she was like, yeah, I didn't know anything about this.  And I was trying to keep her informed, and my brother as well.  My brother is completely hooked on these video games, you know the Xbox 360 and there's nothing I can really do about it, you know, it's just, you have to let people do their own thing.


Alan: Yes, you have to.


Chai: But conversely, I know a lot of people who are calling in saying, oh, I've been trying to wake this person up for decades and all the rest of it.  I've been speaking to a lot of people recently since I started the waking up process properly, about 3 months ago, which is just before I discovered your work.  And you'd be surprised how many people here are waking up in the U.K. actually.  I guess it's because it's at the forefront, isn't it.


Alan: The U.K. has always been used as a model for the rest of Europe and the Americas.  It's first with every part of the agenda.


Chai: It's kind of impossible for people who can still just about think for themselves to ignore what's going on.  Interesting, I went to a couple of festivals recently.  You know the plethora of music festivals they have here, the post 1960s kind of hippie stuff, mixed up with all the popular music.  And I went to one festival called the Secret Garden Party, it's in Huntingtonshire, near Cambridge, and it's actually on the land of some Lord.  I mean proper, high up guy, he's actually apparently related to the royal family, this kind of stuff.  His son, basically made this private party, which is a festival of six-seven thousand people in their backyard, basically.  And it's so interesting to have this experience after the learning process I've been going through.  And just noticing all the pure hedonism, you know, and the pursuit of pleasures and all the rest of it.  Everyone's just completely oblivious to what's really going on.  Just out for pleasure, listening to the music, taking the drugs, you know, and all this crazy stuff.


Alan: Well, that's what Russell said they'd do.  They'd create a hedonistic, narcissistic society at the time, and it will be at its peak at the greatest changes, that's when it will come to its peak.  And we're seeing that happen right now.


Chai: Now it's just on auto, isn't it.   But at the same time, they have, these festivals, you know they have different cafes, different groups that come in and pitch their yurts and their tents, and all the rest of it.  There was a group called the Conspiracy Camp, and I went in there, and I had a chat with the guys, and a lot of them are familiar with your work, and a lot of other people who are putting stuff out.  And they give lectures and things like this, and hand out DVDs, so there was a lot of activity in this area, which I found quite interesting.  And speaking to a lot of people, I just went around, and basically looked for the last few weeks, I'd just chat to people about this kind of stuff that we talk about on your show for example, and there's a lot of people who are clued up as to different parts of it, and I was quite surprised actually, because initially, a few months ago, I was speaking to people, I kept receiving the same, exactly the same responses.  It just started getting eerie in fact, and these were very different people, mostly English.  And the same responses over and over again, the same types of denial, the same excuses, all the rest of it.  So yeah, the programming runs deep.


Alan: Very deep.  Especially in Britain, and Socialized countries, they're experts at managing vast populations.


Chai: As I've noticed, as I've noticed.  But conversely, there are a lot of people here waking up, whether or because of the destruction of the family and the group and everything.  Whether anyone can actually get together and create any kind of change is a whole other thing.


Alan: That's right.  That's going to be the hardest task.  If they can still have kind of loyalty for each other, and stand up for each other at the right time.


Chai: I'll tell you.  The Global Warming is really kicking up here at the moment.  I mean really, really big.


Alan: That's to be the big stick to change the world.


Chai: I guess it's always been big here with you know the new religions that promote it. 


Alan: It all ties into it.  Britain again is the home of it.


Chai: With the popular culture, with the music, and recently, in fact, just in the last few months, specifically, people are toting these cloth bags around, everybody, everybody and it's become this massive, crazy kind of subculture.  You've even got young fashion designers putting their logos and their slogans on them.  And this kind of stuff, it's just weird.


Alan: Well, that's again what Plato said.  They would use all the industries, including the fashion industry.  He called it the fashion industry, 2300 years ago!  And the people never think, they never think.


Chai: No, they never do.  If you're not, if we're not given the information to process, I guess there's going to be no kind of critical thinking process going on there.


Alan: That's correct.  In fact, that's what Brzezinski said, the public will be unable to reason for themselves, they will expect the media to do their reasoning for them.  And they do, most of them do. 


Chai: That's right.  You've been reading these kinds of books for a long, long time haven't you. 


Alan: Oh, yeah.


Chai: I've noticed that you quote the same sources quite often obviously because you have to get new people who don't listen to your show kind of into the rhythm of the kind of stuff you're talking about.  I've been looking into these books, and yes indeed, anyone who's listening out there, read these books.  And it's true, they tell you everything.  It's all there.  There's no conjecture involved. 


Alan: No, there's none.  None.  You don't have to guess. 


Chai: No need to guess.  Well, all right Alan.  I know you've got more people to chat to.


Alan: Thanks for calling.


Chai: Before I head out, I just want to say on the air if I can, everybody who's listening to Alan, donate money to him now, because he really deserves it, okay.  Even if, I know everyone's broke.  Even if it's just two or three dollars, pounds, pesetas, whatever, whatever currency you use, just paypal him some cash, and that sure will go a long way.


Alan: I appreciate that.


Chai: And also, I'll call you again, all right.


Alan: Will do.


Chai: And have a good evening.


Alan: You too, and thanks for calling. 


Before I go on to the next caller actually, here's something to do with the weather warfare.  This was put out under the title, "Weather as a Force Multiplier: Owning the Weather in 2025".  Now, they've already done it.  This was put out in 1996, and it was a research paper presented to the Air Force in the United States.  It gives you the highlights of what they're going to use for weather modification, talking about completely owning the weather, including spraying, all the rest of it.  And I'll try and put a link up to this at the end of the show.  


"The technology is there, waiting for us to pull it all together." —General Gordon R. Sullivan, "Moving into the 21st Century: America's Army and Modernization," Military Review (July 1993) quoted in Mary Ann Seagraves and Richard Szymber, "Weather a Force Multiplier."


Basically what they're saying in here is that they had all the technology ready then, back in the 1990s, we've seen it being used heavily for the last ten years or more across the world to create the weather modification that is now called Global Warming because when they're spraying you it traps the air in.  All these tiny particles of metallic barium and aluminum oxide reflect light back and forth, back and forth, and it can't escape back out in space basically.  And it warms the planet.  And they're also using this to alter the jet streams with the H.A.A.R.P. technology.  I'll put this link up at the end of the show, and you can read it all up for yourself.  It says


" could become a more important weapon than the atom bomb." —William B. Meyer, "The Life and Times of US Weather: What Can We Do About It?" American Heritage 37, no. 4 (June/July 1986), 48


There's lots of data in this particular article to do with it.  And they're using it.  They're using it every day now.  I've watched them spraying the skies, bringing daily thunderstorms.  It's like clockwork.  And the whole of Ontario, and a good part of the breadbasket of Canada has been flooded out, so the food's going to be scarce this winter.  I'm warning you all now.  And it's the same in the United States, over the breadbasket area, they're being flooded as well.  This is intentional because you go for where the bread is made in warfare, and we're under war.  This is a warfare scenario, total war on the public to change their ways under the guise of Global Warming, and then blaming us that we're causing it.  And remember the Club of Rome article I've read many times from their own book, called The First Global Revolution.  They said that they dreamed up the whole idea of Global Warming, so they could blame the public for causing it, and then change our lives, and we would allow ourselves to be guided into a new system of management by using this particular technique.  Now I've got Moe in Oregon, are you there Moe?


Moe: Thank you very much for taking my call.  Great show as always, indeed.  My question to you is, the last week there were exercises in the Indian Ocean, and American, French, and British, etc.  Now all those ships are going to go to the mouth of the Persian Gulf, which is going to be a blockade of Iranian oil from Iran, or coming to Iran, or exiting from Iran.


Alan: It's an embargo.


Moe: Boycott, boycott.  So what do you see on that?  So that means already that we are to go to war with Iran very soon then? 


Alan: Well, I started the show off with this, and I mentioned they sent the biggest fleet over there because they plan to give them the same treatment as Iraq.  We forget that Iraq was starved for years before they eventually went in and hit it.  They plan to take Iran down the same way, starve them, stop food and medicine coming into the country, and take it down gradually that way as well.  They love this technique of starvation, and it's only other people anyway, they don't care how many they kill.  And I mentioned that Madeline Albright said that this kind of technique was well worthwhile and she didn't see any problem with slaughtering or starving millions of Iraqis.  So they're using the same format to get what they want in the Middle East.  Now remember, the New American Century, we keep forgetting that this whole club that's in it right now, with the Bush regime are part of this club called the New American Century.  They published their whole agenda starting with Afghanistan, then Iraq, then Iran, then Syria is to come after that as well.  This is a whole agenda coming down right now, it might take a few years, who knows, they might do it quickly.  Back with more after these messages.


Hi folks, I am Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through the Matrix, and I've got time for one more caller, Sandra from California.  Are you there?


Sandra: Hello.  Thank you for sharing all your vast knowledge with the world.  I think it was you that said something about the Chinese cannot live in their air any longer, and they've been told that they can colonize elsewhere.


Alan: Yes, they're moving into Africa big time and other places, even the Pacific countries as well, islands and so on, they're moving in.  There have been articles in the papers here. 


Sandra: I wanted you to hear what Secretary Paulson said from China, it rather shook me to my core, he said, they are attempting to do something that is breathtakingly difficult, move a billion people from an undeveloped country to a developed country.  So that is like you say, they always tell you what they're going to do before they do it. 


Alan: Yes, they do. 


Sandra: And I wanted to ask you about this Russian thing, if it's just a whole global plan, is it's not so much us against Russia, it's just a whole global plan going on. 


Alan: It's a global plan, there's no doubt.  Georgia's vital for the big oil pipelines that are going to get put up through there, and they're simply making sure that the right elite have ownership over it.  That's all that's happening there.


Sandra: Okay, well, thank you again for all your knowledge, and thank you.


Alan: And thanks for calling.  Georgia as I say is a central place.  It's also got a lot of strategic properties too.  It's not right on the Iranian border, but it's close enough for air bases and so on.  People forget that Stalin created ten supercities that were high-tech cities, involved in weaponry of all kinds.  They're on no maps today.  You still won't find them on maps today, but they do exist, and I think that one of them was located, at least attached to Georgia.  And that's where a lot of the scientists of the Soviet Union lived, during bacterial and bio warfare and stuff like that.  It definitely is of vital interest to do with these pipelines they're going to build up, as they take all the oil out of the Middle East and transport it elsewhere.  So the elite will make sure that the right elite have ownership over all of that property.  They must rake in the cash somehow.  And they're very well known down through the ages as pirates.  We forget that the Knights Templars became the pirates and the Knights Templars had the skull and bones flying above their ships, that was their flag.  They called it different names, but it was the skull and bones, and Queen Elizabeth the First's court was staffed by basically buccaneers or pirates, all belonging to the Rosicrucian order that came from the Knights Templars.  And from that came the later Freemasonic associations as well.  All basically working for their system.  But the ones at the top know that they are allowed to loot, basically loot the profane, those who live in the world of darkness, because the profane have no other function apparently, according to the elite.  When there's too many of us, they plan to cull us off, very, very simply.  We're all economic units, and if we don't produce for them, and there's no function for us, in a production capacity, then they're going to stop culling us off.  Unfortunately they've been doing it by surreptitious means since the 1950s, through inoculations and the food, and all the rest of it.  Bad news, but you've got to face it if you want to come through.  There are things we can do.  From Hamish and myself, up in a thundery Ontario Canada, it's Good Night, and may your god or your gods go with you.



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