August 18th, 2008 (#155)
Alan Watt "Cutting Through The Matrix" LIVE on RBN:

Poem Copyright Alan Watt August 18th, 2008:

"Rings of Steel Around Each City,
Lose Freedom for Security, More's the Pity,
Suddenly Terrorism's on the Rise,
Now the Cold War is Over, Such Surprise,
People Crushed by Ordered Tyranny,
By Deviant Masters of Infamy"
© Alan Watt August 18th, 2008

Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - August 18th, 2008 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)
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Hi folks, I am Alan Watt, and this is Cutting Through the Matrix on the 18th of August 2008.  Newcomers, I always advise to go into the website and download and listen to as many of the previous talks I've given as possible, because I try to give you shortcuts to understanding the big picture.  And it's interesting to notice that many talk show hosts have changed their direction by going into these talks and it's pieced things together for them too.  So people can make a difference, if you know what you're talking about.  And that's the key to it, not to be distracted by all the extraneous data out there.  We're fed data continuously, an endless stream of it, and most of it is totally irrelevant or trivia.  But if you've trained yourself to look at what's important, and sniff out that which is important, and falls in with a well documented agenda, then it helps to add to the picture and tell you where we're all heading.  And we are heading somewhere.  We're not going somewhere happenstance.  Don't ever believe that.  Everything that's happening today was planned years ago, by big think-tanks and committees and special branches of government.  The world over in fact.  Also look into for transcripts which you can download in the various languages of Europe.  Print them up and pass them round to your friends. 


Talking about data, and I can remember when I was really small, looking through this massive newspaper, and it was about, it was written by the Futurist society that was meeting at the same time as the Royal Institute of International Affairs, when they were deciding back in the 60s, late 60s, who would be given the job of creating the world culture.  Should it be the British cultural industry or Hollywood.  And it was in newspapers then that they decided that Hollywood would create the world culture, coupled with music.  They'd lead the field for music, because it was a world culture that they were going for.  So the Council on Foreign relations, which is just the American branch of the Royal Institute of International Affairs, printed this up in the newspapers.  They also talked about the Futurists, and the Futurist Society which they worked with closely.  And supposedly, by the year 2000, we were all going to wear Roman togas and walk around in this wonderful world where very few folk would have to work.  And that's the kind of carrot they feed out to the public, to make you optimistic, to think you're actually working towards something, and sure enough you are, it's just that you never really are aware of the real agenda, or the real road that you're walking down.


In WWI, H.G. Wells, who was a propagandist for the establishment, coined the term the War to End All Wars.  And that was to get all the youngsters into the military, thinking that the world after WWI would be a utopia.  They're always on about utopias you see, down through history.  And we find that in More's book as well, Utopia, worth reading.  Because the agenda isn't far removed from what he wrote about, hundreds of years ago.  You've got to understand that Utopia, it depends on what side of the fence you're looking at it from.  Because Utopia, from the elite's point of view is a world where they can rest in peace, knowing they have a public who are so dumbed down and compliant, they needn't fear them.  A public which will serve them and keep them in luxury forever.  And that is the agenda.  It still is today.  Hasn't changed ever.  All down through the centuries, tyrants hide behind huge armies to protect them from the peasants, who might rise up at any time.  I'll be back with more, after this break.


Hi folks, I'm Alan Watt, and we're Cutting Through the Matrix.  This amazing, elaborate reality, full of mazes in every room, each one a specialty which you fall into, and some people do, they go through one maze after another for their entire lives.  And go from fad to fad, and persona to persona, always looking for something, but never quite sure what it is.  And then there are a few who simply know everything is wrong.  And they go on a search, and even they can go into various mazes, because it's always the old stuff to fall back on.  You think that if something is old you can fall back to it, and there must be truth there, and find the way out of it, never realizing that the big organized systems, and even the religions, were kept, were meant to keep you in the maze.  Hinduism is a great example of that, something that controlled millions of people for thousands of years, and had them trained through the religion to stay in their place, something that the British like to emulate, mind your place they used to say to the different classes.  Britain has a lot in common with the Brahmans of India, at least the elite do.  In India, they train people because of their religion that you couldn't move up the ladder into another caste system, you were fixed for life.  And people were taught to accept that.  It was the most perfected form of mental enslavement probably ever devised, using a form of psychology and indoctrination.  Today they're using sciences and scientific indoctrination coupled with other technologies, and medicine too, to try to get us all compliant.  And they've been pretty successful. 


Here is an article to give you an idea how these articles are written, so that the subconscious mind just glances over it, and you're indoctrinated without reasoning or critically thinking about the article itself and the other sides of the article, because we're given handouts through magazines from the Futurists, to get us on the wrong track, but in a sense it's the right track for them, but it's wrong for us, because we work their agenda into reality, always.  This is from Live Science, 16th of July 2008.

The Future of Babies: Artificial Wombs and Pregnant Grandmas

(Alan: The average person will read this and think, oh, how wonderful.)

Artificial wombs and experiments on human embryos grown in the lab will be commonplace and no big deal ethically in 30 years, several scientists predict.

(A: You know scientists, it's like saying several high priests predict, because we're trained to believe in experts.  They don't even have to name them.  Remember, we know the agenda too, and we hear it thumped at us continually, there's too many of us.  So why would they be saying it's going to be commonplace in 30 years when they want to reduce the populace, hmm?  That's called critical thinking.)

They envision a scenario just like test-tube babies, which shocked us 30 years ago but now are fairly routine and acceptable to most people.

(A: Because we adapt quickly, right.  We adapt.  Plato said that.)

That is one of many predictions about the future of assisted reproduction and other baby-related medical advances in a special news report, "Making Babies: The Next 30 Years," in the July 16 issue of the journal Nature.

Here are some of the report's other predictions:

(A: Now, if you were to go out there and say, I've got a prediction, they'd lock you up in the loony bin, thinking you're some religious fanatic.  But you realize that the high priests of science have simply replaced the old religions? And people swallow this stuff with more gullibility than they ever swallowed the old religions.  Do you know that?  That's happening.  Look at your friends around you.  They'll parrot this stuff.)

Newborns and 100-year-olds alike could have children.  Infertility will be eradicated.

Labs will be able to generate sperm and eggs for anybody.

(A: But it doesn't say that they will, right?)

Human embryos will be made from sperm and egg cells derived from pluripotent stem cells (the kind that can develop into any of the body's cell types).

(A: So they won't need male or female, you see.  Think about that.  And artificial wombs, think about that too, all you women out there who've fallen for all the feminist hype over the years, never realizing the real agenda behind it.)

Fetuses will freely float in artificial placentas or uteruses of fluid, with umbilical cords attached to machines.

(A: This is straight out of Huxley's Brave New World, and he knew this back in the 1930s when he wrote the book.)

"Genetic cassettes" will be inserted at the embryonic stage to correct diseases such as Huntington's.

Since embryos will be grown in labs, mutations to embryos could be corrected and improvements could be engineered. Yet there will be no "designer babies" because no single gene is that predictive of a "perfect" child.

(A: Now that part is apparently true.  Because I've read articles before.  They're going to take a whole bunch of genes out of you to get the perfect child.  And remember what their definition of perfect is.  It's someone who serves the state without complaint, without even the ability to think about a complaint.)

In vitro fertilization (IVF) will become as cheap as $100

(A: Well, in 30 years you can imagine what your hundred dollars is going to be worth.)

and available for women in developing countries

(A: Because they really care about women in developing countries.  That's why they've been given all these diseases and wars for years.)

and those who are socially shunned or harmed because they are infertile.

Even if there is widespread availability of IVF, it is unclear if people will choose it over the conventional approach— sex, said Susannah Baruch,

(A: I wonder if she's related to old Bernard.)

director of reproductive genetics at the Genetics and Public Policy Center at Johns Hopkins University in Washington D.C.

"The old-fashioned way is cheaper and more fun and that won't change in 30 years," she told Nature.

(A: Well it already is changing, haven't you noticed.  Haven't you noticed.  I've had young guys tell me they've lost interest in sex by the time, even before they're 30 years of age.  Something's happening.  They're being bio-engineered.  And the inoculations and all the rest of it were all part of that.  They're so far ahead in these sciences that what they're telling you here is old stuff.  That's the trick of it.  They keep you living in the past, technically speaking.  Because they're always so, so far ahead with this stuff, that can all be done now, and more, beyond this stuff.)

Other experts interviewed by Helen Pearson for the report include Davor Solter, developmental biologist at the Institute of Medical Biology in Singapore, Alan Trounson, an IVF pioneer and director of the California Institute for Regenerative Medicine, Alastair Sutcliffe, a pediatrician who studies the health of children after IVF at University College London...


Now, why would they be doing that, studying their health after in vitro fertilization?  Well, it's because they've already been removing certain genes with in vitro fertilization from the very beginning, that's why.  And they've pretty well got it down to a fine art.  They know what kind of child is going to be produced.  And they're amongst us, and they're alive today.  And some of them are being groomed for very high positions as very good, obedient psychopaths.  In the article you can read all the other names to do with this, and the different organizations that are all into this stuff.  And it's all to do with the post-humanist agenda.  Well financed, incredibly well financed, ongoing, and this is the kind of garbage they feed the public.  Old garbage.  Repetition, repetition, repetition, and it all seems quite natural to us. 

Meanwhile, we're going through the greatest tyranny, a world tyranny with sciences that no ancient dictator, or even Napoleon could ever have dreamed of.  Beyond Adolf Hitler's wildest dream, or Lenin, or Stalin, or any of the rest of them.  And the public think it's all quite natural because they can't bring themselves to that doorway that they have to jump through into reality.  They can't believe that those that lead you are going to do you in, basically.  And have been doing you in.  Even though the signs are all around them.  And they read the same stuff you and I read, but they don't think it through.  And this is from the CBS 2 News, called This Morning,  Before I get into this story, this is the surrealistic way they present something that should terrify you, and they mix it with trivia and fantasy, because at the top of the page it's got, think you know your movie lines.  Trivia you see.  World's greatest fighter jets, war, best movie bloopers, People's 100 most beautiful people of 2008, interesting baby names and underneath it it's got:

Aug 12, 2008

NYPD's 'Operation Sentinel' To Track EVERYTHING

(A: Now they used this technique in Britain, when they had the depression.  There was a depression from the 1970s onwards for ten, fifteen years.  The International Monetary Fund came in and was in charge of Britain during Thatcher's reign.  The British people weren't told that until she was out of office.  When factories were closing down and moving out of the country, and the public weren't being told what was going on, all you saw was the misery.  They gave you, you turn on the television, and your favorite comedies would be on, and the news would never mention the fallout, the drastic fallout in society, what was happening.  They would just tell you, this factory was closing, and that factory was closing, so on, and so on.  Every day, for years.  And a welfare state was created.  But to watch television it was a different world.  People were kept in a strange surrealistic state, all through this. And here it's presented to you in the same way.)

Radiation Sensors, Surveillance Cameras Used To Screen & Follow Every Vehicle Entering Lower Manhattan

They're calling it a ring of steel.  And I'll be back with more of this ring of steel, after these messages.

Hi, I am Alan Watt, and this is Cutting Through the Matrix.  And I'm reading an article about how tyranny is put over the people, and always disguised as for your own good.  But that's what you do with children, or perpetual children.  Parents tell them it's for their own good.  You don't have to understand, just accept it.  Unfortunately, it works for most folk.  This is from the CBS 2 News, also from

Aug 12, 2008

by Marcia Kramer

Radiation Sensors, Surveillance Cameras Used To Screen & Follow Every Vehicle Entering Lower Manhattan

(A: And that's just the start of it, the vehicle part.  It says:)

Plan Aims To Provide Security Blanket Against Terrorist Attack

It's called "Operation Sentinel" and it proves just how far the NYPD will go to protect this city from terrorists.

(A: That's such a vague word isn't it, terrorists.  It's not like the Reds under the beds or anything like that, it's just terrorists, you see.  And with repetition, repetition, repetition, as Russell said, and the public accepts it.  What is a terrorist?  Do you realize that terrorism is being redefined every week to include more and more.  If you don't pay your taxes you're down, you're down under Homeland Security as a financial terrorist.  It says:)

The plan involves some high-tech tracking that is coming under fire from some groups.

New York City is going to great lengths to make sure that bomb-toting terrorists can't reach us.

"New York City is something special," Mayor Michael Bloomberg said Tuesday. "It's not just a very big city in this world. It is, in many senses, the iconic city. It represents Western Democracy.

(A: And what a joke that is.  What a joke that is when we don't have democracy.  If we had a democracy, we'd have a say in this.  I can remember when, when the Congress was told by Bush, when they were given this I don't know if it was a 10 thousand page report, whatever, for Homeland Security, the Patriot Act, just, just vote on it.  Accept it.  Don't read it.   If you read it, it's unpatriotic.  So all but three agreed.  That's quite amazing isn't it.  That tells you what you've got in there mind you, because psychopaths gravitate into politics.  What's the point of having democracy if your representative can't represent you.  It's all a big farce, isn't it.  And what is New York City?  What is it?  The financial empire, the capital for the planet for loaning money, and running big business, and marketing and all the rest of it.  Why did they call it the Empire State? What empire are they talking about?  It's the World Empire.)

As part of the plan the NYPD is creating a huge buffer zone, working with cops in a 50-mile radius of the city. Officials in New Jersey, Connecticut, Pennsylvania and Long Island are given radiation detectors to stop terrorists as far away from New York City as possible.

(A: There are also planes flying over with these detectors.  And God knows what kind of energies they're using on the public as they cross over.)

Police also plan to track every vehicle that enters Manhattan.

"We're going to be adding cameras as we go forward," NYPD Commissioner Ray Kelly said.

That part of that plan calls for photographing and scanning license plates of cars and trucks at all bridges and tunnels. Even small ones like the Willis Avenue Bridge will also be used to detect radiation.

(A: Now why would it be just radiation?  And who's all getting cuts out of it and kickbacks for all this technology that's in use for this scientific dictatorship, because they're all getting their cuts you know.  And you know the chiefs, the Chiefs of the Police, belong to the World Police Chief Association, and they are registered at the United Nations.  They have their own magazines and everything telling them what their agenda is for their part in it.  So does he serve you?  No.  Do they get kickbacks?  Ask them, good luck if you get an answer.)

"I don't think it's hyperbole to call this Big Brotherish," said Christopher Dunn of the New York Civil Liberties Union. "The New York City Police Department is creating a huge computer database of the movement of everyone in a vehicle in Manhattan."

(A: But they also do facial scans through the windshields as well.  And that's been in the paper for ten years.)

Civil libertarians take issue with one aspect of that plan – data on each vehicle entering Manhattan would be stored for at least one month.

(A: Come on, that's going to be forever.)

Bloomberg, however, defended the idea.

"It is always a balance between freedoms to come and go between civil liberties and security,

(A: Really?  Is that really true?)

and I think we pretty much have the balance pretty much right," Bloomberg said.

(A: As they go forward taking more and more rights away.  This is a balance.  What kind of balance?  I think it's rigged at one end.)

The reaction of New Yorkers CBS 2 HD spoke to were mixed.

"I guess I would feel safer in light of everything that happened," said Tavis Rivere of Ridgewood, N.J. "The city has been under a lot of, you know, pressures and stuff."

(A: That's called linguistic minimalism.)

"It's a violation -- I mean it's ridiculous," said Sharday Hill of Teaneck, N.J. "I don't know want everybody or someone knowing where I'm at 24 hours a day."

(A: Well, if you're democratic, speak your mind, eh?)

The city also intends on putting Lower Manhattan in a so-called "ring of steel," with 3,000 public and private security cameras below Canal Street. There will be 600 cops assigned to protect ground zero.


And on and on it goes, and we're getting so used to this as we adapt, and adapt and adapt, into our manacles, that most folk will probably like the pretty manacles, especially if they make them Gucci, or give them nice colors.  That's the way most folk are.  And Skinner said, to change people, you alter the environment, and they adapt to it, into a new system.

Hi folks, I'm Alan Watt, and this is Cutting Through the Matrix, and as I say, what a Matrix it is.  It's all in the presentation, and how we're trained to read articles, and not think critically about what we're reading.  Meanwhile, we're being downloaded with ideas that over time seem quite sensible to us, simply because they're familiar to us.  And that's called predictive programming.  It works with most people, who are never truly conscious.  It never dawns on them to have an opinion of their own on these articles, and they do like the good bits, that say they're going to get life extension or all the rest of it.  And they fall for it all.  They're the last people to go into the history books, or even look into their companies or organizations that are mandating all of these changes to find out what their agendas are.  It's all, it's amazing.  Socialism is perpetual childhood, remember, and that's what we have, people who are perpetually children.  There are people who really want this post-humanist agenda, thinking somehow, they're going to be chose to go through it, and big bucks will be spent on them so they can play in a virtual reality and do all this stuff, and have little magical powers, and it will be science that will give it to them.  They might have certain powers, but it's probably working in a quarry, and tossing ten-ton boulders up a hill or something, and they'll have no brain to be unhappy with.  That's what it will be.  Now, we'll go to the phones, and I've got Roberto in New York.


Roberto: Hello, Alan?


Alan: Yes.


Roberto: Yes, hi, how you doing.  I just wanted to call in and ask you a personal question about, I know I've heard you say before in the past, and plenty of elites have said it before that with the system in place that we never really vote for anybody, we always vote for who they want us to vote for.  Now, through my research on the internet I've discovered, I don't know, I can't confirm this, but there are a bunch of rumors going around that Ron Paul has a wife who was a member of the Order of the Eastern Star, his daughters are Rainbow girls which is pretty much a recruitment I guess for the Order of the Eastern Star.  What do you think?  Do you think that it's possible that we've been conned into, because you've noticed the whole reluctance to not say anything about 9/11, and how he pretty much didn't do anything after we donated 6 million dollars to him, and kind of gave up.  What is your opinion sir?


Alan: Well, I know that people who are lifers in politics, generally are in a branch of Freemasonry, that's almost mandatory.  In fact it pretty well is mandatory, it's suggested that you join.  Even at the lowest level, when they're starting off doing their little charity work and these little associations that they're told to join to get into politics.  So it wouldn't surprise me in the least, at all.  Of course, if the daughters are brought up as Rainbow Girls and all the rest of it, then they're definitely part of a system and so is the wife.


Roberto: So if it's true that the daughters are Rainbow Girls, wouldn't they have to be daughters of Masons to get in that?


Alan: They'd be daughters of a Mason.


Roberto: Okay, and just one last thing, Alan.  I don't know if you've talked about the Baha'i faith in your show in the past.  But I called them, and actually kind of recorded a conversation I had to them, where the representative in the United Nations office was telling me that they want to establish a global governance system, and also a complete world language and a complete world system of currency.  Have you heard anything about the Baha'i's at all?


Alan: That's the only religion that the United Nations promotes.  That's what they claim.  In the United Nations building they have a meditation room, where a lot of the elites go.  And they brought in, I think from India, a huge jade boulder stone.  They always have a black rock, you'll see the same in Mecca, there's a black stone in the Kaaba at Mecca.  This is traditional down through the ages.  The ancient emperors of Rome, when they were being coronated had to walk backwards into an arena and pulled on a cart was their personal family black rock, and so there's another religion behind this, but for the general public they want them to accept the Baha'i where there's no real rights or wrongs, once again, it's this standardization type religion.  We'll all be equally politically correct and updateable as the time requires.  There's no real rights and wrongs, it's kind of moral relativism.  It's all mixed in there.  And it's the big melting pot idea too, which in theory, it would be fine, if people would just get along.  But it doesn't work too well in reality.  The Baha'i faith too is a fairly recently created religion.  Created by a guy who wanted a universal religion out of India.  Now back in the 1800s they were talking about that at the Cecil Rhodes institute, creating a World Religion, and Blavatsky too talked about blending Hinduism and forms or parts of Hinduism with Christianity for the New World Religion.  And we have Gorbachev talking about an earth-based worship type religion, and this is all part of it, and the Baha'i is the one they've chosen.


Roberto: Have you ever, Alan, read a book called Dune by Frank Herbert? 


Alan: Yes.


Roberto: It's pretty interesting because they have a pretty much a vision of the future, what is in the distant, distant future, I guess where all the religions are merged, and I guess planets, whole planets are controlled by noble houses, nobility, and this and that.  Now is this what they really want in the I guess extreme, extreme, end of things?


Alan: In a sense, it's already here.  When they gave us democracy it was to stop us having revolutions every few years.  And that was the only reason we were given this farce, this con game of democracy and, really you've been ruled by private organizations for the last couple of hundred years, and big foundations on behalf of royalty.  Margaret Thatcher admitted that when she was giving her global tour, and it was entitled The New World Order, this tour.  And she said that we form a parallel government, that's not responsible to the general public, therefore we can get things done quickly, in a hurry, without the interference or objections of different competing groups.  That's also in the charter of the Royal Institute of International Affairs.  Plus the Club of Rome says the same thing, that democracy is simply too much of a time waster, there's too many competing groups, and therefore they have to have this side group that really runs the world.  Carroll Quigley in Tragedy and Hope, backs that up, when he talks about the Council on Foreign Relations which is the American branch of the Royal Institute of International Affairs, and he said its job was to wield the real power.  He says, even though many of those behind the scenes who are real movers and shakers, don't get public acclaim, they're not in the limelight, they wield the real power, where the politician is the front man who gets the applause.  So that's how it really is.  The goal was always to get the public to accept being dominated by an elite.  In between us and the public, they've given us a scientific dictatorship, so under the guise of science, the elite get exactly what they want, because the public have been taught to listen to experts and follow the experts.  But it's the same old agenda.  Allow yourselves to be managed.  Accept the fact that there are people better then you, and special, and just accept that.  That's what all this is about, getting us to comply by accepting that we're just dumb and stupid, and we're not too bright. 


Roberto: Thanks a lot Alan, I guess I'll hang up now, you have a good night.


Alan: You too.  And there's Dave from California, are you there Dave?


Dave: Hi Alan, how are you doing today?


Alan: I'm going through my usual thunderstorm, my daily one. 


Dave: You're so far ahead of most of us on this stuff, probably just about all of us.  Do you ever find yourself being shocked nowadays at how much of this stuff is right in our face?


Alan: No, to be honest with you.  I'm never shocked, in fact, I'm never surprised.  Because you eventually, by studying these characters for many years, know what they must do next in each different area, and they follow it exactly that manner.  You know how the elite view the public, and how the public accept things.  So you could actually write the same articles yourself and put them in a file, and when they bring out an article for the public, it's pretty well identical.


Dave: Well, I had a thought a while back that sort of got stuck in my head, and it's a shocking thought to me, and that is speaking of authorized people and predictive programming, what do you think of some of the stuff that H.P. Lovecraft wrote about, setting aside the Elder Gods and Kthulu and all that, just talking about these gigantic cults of inbred weird people, killing babies and doing all these strange rituals and giant temples.  It's like everything the guy wrote about, except for having some monster appear from another dimension seems to be happening.  I was wondering if he was one of those authors.


Alan: There's no doubt that these people are certainly coached and taught very old stuff, occultic material, which they can then wrap in stories which seem exciting to the people who read the novels.  Again, it's predictive programming, but really all these things are really based on ancient religions to do with demonology, something that isn't studied today.  It's out of favor because it's too old fashioned, however, even your sci-fis take a lot of their stories from ancient stories of demonology.  When you understand that, you understand that there's an incredible intelligence behind the methods that they use to put it in our face, through novels and so on, but they do have access to ancient texts from different ancient countries, and they wrap that into their stories.  They never mention that fact, that this is ancient stuff, but it really truly is and because they literally follow it to the letter, in other words they stick to the right formulas, they don't take the ancient stories and completely disrupt them, or add things to them.  It tells you that they take these stories seriously themselves.  They don't break them, or alter them too much, which is kind of interesting to me, and a lot of stories in movies, they will follow, it's like Eyes Wide Shut, they follow the occultic ritualistic scenes so well, where they didn't have to, the general public wouldn't know.  But they do follow stuff so much to the letter and you say why must they follow this to the letter, even for a movie, when the public would be just as happy with any other little bits added to it, and the real stuff taken out.  It's because they must stick to the formulas, these are ancient formulas that they're showing you, there's a religion behind all of this.  You have to understand there truly is a religion, a very high occultic religion, which is ancient, behind all of this movement that we see today.  And only in the ancient texts of Sumer even and Akkadia, and on and on into Persia, and then into the various other Middle Eastern countries, only within those do you get the roots of the religion that's actually being practiced here, with even the agenda.  And you can cross over into India, and you couple it with India, and then you have the completeness of it, because they talk about the ages, and how they must eradicate the inferior types to cross into a new age, something that Darwin simply reworded and said the inferior types must perish because they'd bring down the superior as we go through evolution.  It's all the same religion under many guises, but these characters involved know that this is a religion. 


Dave: If you were going to pick one text that would relatively succinctly lay out what this religion is that they're looking at, what would you recommend?


Alan: You'd have to go into even the texts.  The easiest ones to go through which give you lots of allegories, if you can fathom them, that are really so well done is probably the Greek texts in the mythological series.  There's so much in there to do with this agenda even, that it's pretty staggering.  Right down to making the cyborg, it's written in a different form, but it's a cyborg. 


Dave: Okay, well thank you Alan.


Alan: Thanks for calling.


Dave: Nice talking to you.


Alan: Now I've got Tim from British Columbia, are you there Tim?


Tim: Hi Alan.


Alan: Hi. 


Tim: Yeah, I just called in to give you a plug.  Just all the people who listen and donate, just show some appreciation and even give like five or ten bucks per month, just in respect of possible food shortages coming up, so everybody's got, so even you've got some cash to store up some food and stuff like that, if it really does come down to that, this fall and stuff.


Alan: Yeah, I appreciate that.  Because they will.  And people should even go to the bulk stores and stock up with their various bean mixes and soup mixes and all the rest of it to get you through.  And do it now, when you can still buy it, because you can't get it when it hits the fan, you won't be able to get anything. 


Tim: Yeah.  Last night I was reading up on the Iowa flood that happened just earlier this summer, and Iowa, it turns out that it's the number 1 corn producer state in the U.S. and it affected something like 16% of, I don't know if it's 16% of the corn in Iowa or in all of the states, but that's quite a bit.  And it also effected like just millions of acres of soy bean too.  Not that that's the good stuff, but I mean, they still use that in all the food, right?


Alan: Yeah, it's coming down, and even in Ontario here, literally we've had except for two days, we've had rain right through June and July and into August; two days of sunshine, and thunderstorms and rain daily.  It's like clockwork.  And lots of spraying in the skies, and I'm telling you, until we can get them to stop spraying the skies, it's game over, because this is weather warfare.  This is complete weather warfare which they say in their own writings, and I've read them from the air force, U.S. Air Force, they say that this makes the atom bomb obsolete.  And it is.  And it's beyond scattering silver iodide in the air, this is barium and various kinds of aluminum salts and metals, and this is the whole, getting coupled with H.A.A.R.P.  We see what they've done to the breadbasket of Canada for the last few years, and I think every potato farmer here is kaput this year, the spuds are going to be very expensive.  They're brought in from somewhere else.


Tim: Have you gotten a lot of emails from farmers in Canada and the States, just saying how everything is just ruined?


Alan: Yes.  And that's what you do in warfare.  You go for the breadbasket.  Last week I looked at the satellite image from the NOAA website – and be careful of them too, they put a little tracker on you, whenever you go in there they put a tracker in from the government on your computer – but they showed you this massive cloud cover, and it was just like a hurricane looks around Ontario and around the Mid-West of the U.S., there was two of them.  It was right over the food producing areas, like this massive circle, whirlpool type deal with clouds, and I saw them creating storms.  I watch them every morning when they're creating a storm.  Planes going back and forth, massive chemical spray, and there you go.


Tim: Right, thanks a lot Alan.


Alan: Thanks for calling

I'll be back after this break.


Hi, I'm Alan Watt, and this is Cutting Through the Matrix.  And we've got Justin in the U.K. there.  Are you there Justin


Justin: Hi Alan, how are you.


Alan: I'm surviving here.


Justin: Yeah, I think once again I'm calling from a very wet Wales, same as your experience in Canada all summer I guess.  It's been very wet again.  Barely any days of summer at all.  Since we're at the near the end of the show, I wanted to refer back to a website you had mentioned, maybe about a week and a half ago, two weeks ago to do with cyberspace and information operations study center, with deception management, and reality augmentation, and how of course it all ties in, well it all stems really from as you would know, Plato's Allegory of the Cave. 


Alan: That's right.


Justin: I guess now, everything today, it's amazing, is perception (well, not everything) but they're managing perception. 


Alan: They even had it.  They even mentioned that at the top of the article from the Air Force College.  They suggested the guys read Plato's Republic and Plato's Cave.


Justin: But of course it all ties in once again to, I know you don't like discussing the films, but it all purely ties into the Matrix films and how the Matrix is just Plato's allegory of the Cave.


Alan: And the Air Force also used, it said that their students should also study the Matrix movie.


Justin: Yeah, it's truly amazing.  I mean basically what is that film saying?  It is just Plato's cave and of course the whole trilogy ends and mirrors exactly, essentially what happens in Plato's Allegory, how he's returned to the Darkness, to the land of the profane, and dies there.  The whole thing is about how the status quo is maintained, so really I guess the matrix films is reinforcing the notion that you cannot beat the system, at least according to their views.


Alan: If you look at all of the groups and institutions, think tanks and government departments and special services like C.I.A. that participated in the making of that movie, it's got one of the longest trailers at the end with all of the names and departments on it than any movie ever made.


Justin: Yeah.  Truly amazing stuff.  I'll be quite possibly writing an article soon for a website and researching it, so I'll let you know if that actually comes out.  I actually wanted to make a quick aside onto a separate subject, even though this one is a fascinating one.  I've recently read, not so long ago, Andrew Lobaczewski's Political Ponerology. Have you read the book at all?


Alan: I've read parts on the air from the book in fact. 


Justin: So I didn't actually listen to those shows.  I've only been listening for about the past four months.  It's quite fascinating what he vaguely alludes to in the end about eugenic morality, the managing of these pathological individuals.  I mean, what is your opinion of what he's trying, what he's actually trying to say there.  What is he?


Alan: What you have to realize is that he, himself, was brought up in Communist countries with the Marxist philosophy, and again, an evolutionary point of view.  So his answer to the psychopaths is to basically monitor everyone's eugenics, so he ends up on the same path.  And it would be the same outcome.  We can't go into that area at all, that's the problem with it.  So the solution is actually the problem.


Justin: The wise men and everything he mentions in the end that turn into the system that spawned the oppression we suffer.


Alan: That's right.


Justin: Yeah, amazing.  But it's still an amazing book to read I guess.


Alan: Thanks for calling, that's the end of the show there Justin.  And call again.


Justin: Okay, thank you Alan.


Alan: From myself and Hamish up in a wet Ontario, Canada, it's Good Night, and may your god or your gods go with you.




"The Future of Babies: Artificial Wombs and Pregnant Grandmas" by LiveScience Staff ( - July 16, 2008.

"NYPD's 'Operation Sentinel' To Track EVERYTHING" by Marcia Kramer, WCBS TV - Aug. 13, 2008.
(Article at original link was removed. Link is to excerpt in transcript text.)




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