August 20th, 2008 (#156)
Alan Watt "Cutting Through The Matrix" LIVE on RBN:

Poem Copyright Alan Watt August 20th, 2008:

"The Rulers and Authorities with All Aggrandization,
Are Training Society for Full Militarization,
Restrictions on Travel, Restrictions on Food,
Bend Over to Power and Prove that You're Good,
Do What You're Ordered when it Comes from "Your Betters,"
Follow Expert Advice from Those "Men of Letters,"
Grovel and Beg, and Always Say Aye,
If You're Afraid to Live and Scared to Die"
© Alan Watt August 20th, 2008

Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - August 20th, 2008 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)
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Hi folks, I'm Alan Watt, and this is Cutting Through the Matrix on August the 20th 2008.  I always advise the newcomers to look into the website and they can go over lots of the previous shows I've done over the years, and I try to piece this big jigsaw puzzle together for people, this jigsaw puzzle that we call life. That which you think is normalcy which is really anything but, you're living in a designed system where everything that happens today was planned before you were born, including the globalization of the entire planet with a planned society for sustainability, going all the way back to Malthus, and even before.  It's an old, old con game, and an old idea that John Dee talked about, a world based upon free trade, but a world that must adapt into the old British system of free trade, which is just a form of robber barons at the top who plunder the planet, and tell the peasants what to do, and how to live.  That's really all it is in its basic, simplistic form.  Also, look into where you can download transcripts in the various languages of Europe.


Now these last few days, it's amazing how many pieces of news come out to the public and they take it in on a superficial level, but they don't really analyze what they're reading.  And there are so many pieces out there, it's difficult which ones to choose, because you see, the world is being militarized.  Society is being militarized.  And we find in the writings of the Club of Rome, which is one of the premier think tanks which creates policy, policy they then peddle through the Council on Foreign Relations and the Royal Institute for International Affairs because they're all connected.  They peddle it to the governments, and the governments do what they're told basically, and implement these ideas.  And the Club of Rome found that only in times of total warfare, you've got to understand what total warfare means, it was a term devised in Britain, back in the 20s and 30s, when they started to teach total warfare, that meant that civilians also are included now in casualties and in the whole war effort.  And they found that in total warfare that the government could take over everything, every part of an individual's life, right down to rationing their food, and give them I.D. cards for travel, and permits for travel, and everything else, because that's what totalitarian governments do.  They must restrict travel, that's paramount.  They must know who everyone is, where they all at all times, in other words they want a predictable society.  But they also want militarized, and when you see them going for children, and giving them nothing in the schools but propaganda, and that's what they're getting taught.  Propaganda for the world which is to come into view, the world which they will grow up in, thinking it's all quite natural, when you see that happening, then governments across the world are all in cahoots working towards a militarized society.  And these children are growing up thinking the world has always been at war.  A war on terror, this very vague term, a war on terror.  Now terror is the byproduct of a war, you see, and here they are using the byproduct as the cause.  Terror.  And anything and everything is coming under terrorism.  Speech, that's always the first thing to be hit hard.  And they use law now today to do it.  The power of the purse can bankrupt you so easily.  They also are going into food rationing, that is coming, there's no doubt about it, since the big five Agri-businesses have taken over the world's food supply.  Back with more after this break.


Hi, I'm Alan Watt, and this Cutting Through the Matrix.  Talking about the militarization of society, and how the children who are even going into kindergarten today are being brainwashed scientifically for a world that's going to be vastly different from the one we know.  And remember the one we know is not ours either, and never was.  Neither was it your parents' world.  Every generation is given an update towards the Big Plan, the Big Great Work as they call it.  And we get used to the world we live in, even though it's completely artificial.  Therefore we generally notice the big changes.  And folk are noticing the changes.  They're not really waking up, they're reacting to the changes that they see happening.  They're confused as well, and a bit angry.  We don't like to be sort of rustled out of our nest type of thing.  And that's how it's working.  And to understand this you must go into the histories of the world.  It's all in the histories, and especially to do with commerce and economics and eugenics and the elite who have always sat at the top, big robber barons who plunder the old fashioned way.  You know that's how they earn their money, they steal it.  And they still do, but they do it in such a "virtuous" manner. 


Here's what's happening with the children.  Now people know in Britain for instance, there's a big company backed by big foundations and government called EnPower (E-N-Power) putting out ads, big ads, for children to be recruited as spies for the ecosystem, for Mother Earth.  And they're given little ID cards and call-in numbers and they can rat on their parents and their neighbors concerning their garbage and so on, are they recycling as they're supposed to be, and all of that kind of stuff.  Who wants this kind of world?  And yet, if you were to ask the parents, I don't even know if they'd be concerned to be honest with you.  They could probably tell you everything about the stars in Hollywood, and Pamela Anderson's latest boob job, but probably very little else.  That's how sad it is.  How sad it is.  How people are disconnected with things they should be out there in the streets marching about.  The real stuff, rather than the trivia that they soak up like potato chips.  This is from the and it's by James Randerson, the science editor I believe.  It's from August 17th 2008.  Children, I say children, they say Kids; kids are young goats by the way, and Lenin said that to dehumanize the society you must use different terms.  Well they give you animal terms and the people adopt it.


Kids play MoD war games

(Alan: Ministry of Defence War Games.  And the question is:)

Should children as young as 12 be involved in an MoD-sponsored contest to develop military hardware?

Last week I had an extremely stage-managed insight into the MoD's Grand Challenge at Copehill Down on Salisbury Plain.

Copehill Down is a mocked-up German village built at the height of the Cold War for training British soldiers in street fighting. But it is currently playing host to a collection of experimental spy robots. The autonomous vehicles include mini-tanks, model helicopters and even a flying saucer.

(A: Well, gee whiz, eh?  Like we didn't know they had them since at least the 1940s.)

The idea of the challenge is to develop robots that can scope out an enemy-controlled city for threats such as snipers and improvised explosive devices. On the surface it was all good gung-ho fun, but I couldn't help feeling uncomfortable that some of the 11 teams had involved children as young as 12 in the development of their robots. OK, so they are not designing automatic rifles and cluster bombs, and getting kids into science is good, but this is all part of making the UK military more effective.

Prof Phil Sutton, the MoD's director general of science and technology strategy, justified it thus:

(A: Now listen to the wording of this.)

The nation needs scientists and engineers - put aside defence - for the good of the economy. And what we want to do is excite young people to know that science and engineering is a great thing to engage in. Whereas once upon a time you might have drawn a hard line between defence and civil,

(A: To repeat that for the hard of thinking)

drawn a hard line between defence and civil, it's much more fuzzy now.

(A: You see, they're blurring the lines between military and civilian life.  It's total war, and they're bringing the children in.  Now that's telling you too, in this little paragraph, that for the good of the economy, and what are they doing here, it's all about making high-tech weaponry.  Weaponry that's to be used in city settings.  Now think about that, and stop thinking about Pamela Anderson.  This is what they're training the children for, and their economy is going to be a war economy.  Remember what Rumsfeld said, this is a hundred years war, right after 9/11.  What does he mean by a hundred years war?  These guys don't say these things off the top of their head.  In fact they can't say anything off the top of their head, it's all scripted by their bosses.  This is a hundred years war to change the entire face of the world.  And to bring in a whole new system, step by step.  First with cyborg type technology, coupled with cloning technology, until full cloning technology, and then the old way of breeding people is over, completely in the third stage.  And male and female will be over too.  Extinct, gone, into the post-humanist agenda.  This article goes on:)

And there's more on this point in the video.

Is this really something children should be part of ... or am I just being a wooly liberal?


From 4pm British Standard Time, August the 19th commenting on the Science Blog will be turned off, so you can go there and put your comments in and so on and say what you think about this particular article.  And the Guardian has other little blurbs on this same subject.  It's worth looking into.

Now here's another one, it's from, it's Mark Baard's website.  And this is:

Scanning faces for autism

(A: Listen to this, it's posted August the 19th.)

Computer scientists revive eugenics tool to spot brain damage

(A: And then he goes into the fact that the S.S. in WW2 scientists studied Tibetans facial characteristics on an early expedition.  They were all into measuring skulls and how wide your eyes were apart and all of this stuff to see if you had criminal tendencies.) 

University of Missouri computer scientists are sure to anger “neuro-diversity” advocates with this one: Hypothesizing that autistic kids have unique physical features, they will create a roadmap with head size and facial feature measurements for diagnosticians.

(A: Now listen to who's funding it.)

The research is being funded by the U.S. Department of Defense.

(A: Think about that.  Do you really think this is about autism?  The U.S. Department of Defense.)

“Instead of looking at brain structures slice-by-slice in an MRI (magnetic resonance image), we developed tools to create 3-D representations of the structures in order to visualize and make comparisons,” said Kevin Karsch, a research assistant in Duan’s computer graphics lab, in a recent announcement. “Using the 3-D representations, we are comparing the brain structures of autistic children to those of non-autistic children; no one has ever done that.”

(A: Really?)

MU Researchers Study Facial Structures, Brain Abnormalities to Reveal Formula for Earlier Detection of Autism | MU News Bureau

The U.S. Department of Defense awarded Duan, in collaboration with researchers at the MU Thompson Center for Autism and Neurodevelopmental Disorders, a $110,000 grant to create a facial imaging system that will make identical measurements of the faces of children with ASD. Additionally, the NARSAD Foundation, the world’s leading charity dedicated to mental health research, awarded Duan the prestigious Young Investigator Award and $60,000 to fund 3-D imaging of various segments of the brain in children with ASD.

(A: Now I've told you before these big foundations and these big charities are anything but involved in what you really think they are.  Same with the Cancer Society.  The oldest con in the book was to rake in money, and put it into their actual same eugenics agenda.  That's where it goes.  Not to helping or curing.  And believe you me, they're all connected together, the big foundations.  Remember what Weishaupt said, and Albert Pike, the creating of foundations would lead them along, or lead the people along the Great Work, because they would dish out to their NGOs and their charity groups their agenda, and the agenda would be pushed on the public.  They call it raising public awareness.   It means brainwashing you.  That's what it means.  Brainwashing you along a certain path.)

We are developing a quantitative method that will accurately measure these differences and allow for earlier, more precise detection of specific types of the disorder,” said Ye Duan, assistant computer science professor in the MU College of Engineering. “Once we have created a formula, we can pre-screen children by performing a quick, non-invasive scan of each child’s face and brain to check for abnormalities.


This is pure eugenics.  Pure eugenics where they can label people.  There's a great movie you should see, it's called The Ogre, The Ogre.  Fantastic movie, with I think it was John Malkovich.  Very well done, very picturesque with parts of the Black Forest in Germany, but they show you in the movie version, what was going in Nazi Germany.  And don't think the Nazis dreamed that up, because it started off in Britain.  Prime ministers were into this in a big, big way, and they used to exchange different theories and drawings on the various facial features and so on.  They characterized humans and subhumans into descending categories.  Worth looking into.  See the movie The Ogre.  Because it's all here folks.  It never went away.  Never went away.  Back with more after this break.

Hi folks, I am Alan Watt, and this is Cutting Through the Matrix.  Talking about the militarization of society, and how we're all being labeled.  You have no idea what governments have on you.  They know about you than you know yourself.  They have complete personality profiles about you and your habits.  And the military uses this.  They have a whole fictional you in their virtual reality, with all of your traits and characteristics.  It's incredible what's been done under this farce of keeping us all safe.  And how the public too have responded to it is absolutely disgusting.  Disgusting to see how easily conquered whole nations are when they've been socialized to an extent they're now perpetual children.  They never grow up.  They never grow up.  And believe you me, when it's down on the street, and you have to fight for your freedom, as people have in the past, it's a horror show.  Absolute horror show.  And it doesn't happen until people are backed against the wall, and being starved, and then they're just a riotous mob.  This has all been discussed again at the top.  They know this.  Meanwhile, you're told to play, and to make sure there's enough of this inflated money around and credit card systems for you to reward yourself in the Pavlovian method at the end of every month for being very good and bored.  You can always buy something that falls apart in a month and end up in the garbage dump because it's all made in China.  But then this system isn't meant to go on too much longer.  Socialism is perpetual childhood, and there's a lot of children out there that can't think for themselves.  And you have to understand, they're the casualties, and you can't even worry or fret about them anymore.  Because things are getting desperate.  Here's an article from Britain, the Sunday Mail, because what happens in Britain happens everywhere else in the world, remember, very quickly. Very, very quickly.  Why Britain?  Because Britain's been at the indoctrination of the peasantry for centuries and centuries.  They have it down to a fine art.  This is from the Sunday Mail, August the 10th, 2008 by Raymond Hainey.

More than 8000 pupils are to have their fingerprints taken so they can be tracked by teachers.

Controversial biometric fingerprinting will be introduced to eight secondary schools in the biggest experiment of its type in Scotland.

(A: Now here's how they through you off the track with the counter to it.  And it's very common.  It's a common technique.)

But parents yesterday attacked the scheme, saying there are few controls over who can access the fingerprint database.

(A: See, the real argument here is supposed to be they shouldn't be doing this in the first place.  And this is how they slew it off into a parallel debate that ends up on the same road.  You see.  This is standard technique.)

Officials behind the scheme say schools can use electronically collected thumb prints to monitor attendance, the buying of school meals and borrowing of library books.

But Scottish Parent Teacher Council spokeswoman Judith Gillespie said: "I have concerns about it and it does raise the spectre of Big Brother.

(A: Well, no kidding.  Where's William Wallace when you need him with that big sword, eh?)

"We need a new, independent mechanism to look at the use of biometric data. We recognize people's concerns that we are setting up some kind of secret record of fingerprinting."

The scheme is to be introduced in all eight secondary schools across East Dunbartonshire, where the council have already piloted it in Boclair Academy in Bearsden and Lenzie Academy.

They have announced plans to use it in the new public/private

(A: Here you go.  Public/private again.)

partnership Bearsden Academy, near Glasgow, when it opens next year.

But the Sunday Mail can reveal five other secondaries - Bishopbriggs Academy, Douglas Academy in Milngavie, Kirkintilloch High and Bishopbriggs schools St Ninian's High and Turnbull High - will also get the scheme.

(A: This is going to spread all through Britain.)

A total of 8300 pupils will be involved. The council said: "We will be introducing this in all our secondary schools.

(A: There you go.)

"Earlier this year, the system was introduced in Lenzie Academy and Boclair Academy and has been a success

(A: Oh, it's been a success. Now how can they tell you it's been a success?  Does that mean everybody complied, is that what they mean by successful?  It's like Communism, they always go on about peace, and you understand the definition of peace in Communism is absence of all opposition.  This is the same technique that's being used here.)

The information is used to create a unique code, which is stored in a database.

Scanners recognize each individual code and can identify the child from a thumb impression on a scanner.

(A: Do you know who pushed this, and the ID, even a chip for clothing?  The Freemasonic societies.  Look at their websites, they boast about it.  And who runs the cops, well, the Masons do.  The police chiefs are all Masons you see.  Every cop is advised to become a Freemason.  Generally you'll go into their homes and you'll see their one with their little cadet's uniform on, for their graduation outfit, and next to that is their one with their Masonic regalia, and their little sash, and their white gloves, or gauntlets as they like to call them.  Why do they have to join it?  Because it is a society that will stand up for each other, and even lie in court to save each other.  So it's almost like an insurance policy.  It says here:).

The council added: "The number which is created after scanning cannot be re-interpreted into a fingerprint image. Pupils will also have the opportunity to opt out."

(A: Well sure, sure.  You can tell that right away, they're opting out right.  And do you know what happens if you opt out?  You can't get into the library, you can't get into this, you can't get into that.  That's how they do it.  Make it impossible not to comply.  That's how totalitarian regimes work folks.  It's all here.  Back with more after these messages).

Hi folks, I'm Alan Watt.  This is Cutting Through the Matrix, this incredible system we live in, which is on a roller coaster towards totalitarianism, if you haven't noticed.  And how can it be stopped?  Well, it's up to you.  Every single one of you.  If freedom and the right to privacy is something that you must keep a hold of, then you must act.  You can't be quiet anymore.  Because these guys mean business, and as they go along in this path, you won't be able to move without permission shortly.  Nevermind eat without permission.  I'm not kidding you.  That's where it's all going. 

A few years ago, in a little CBC blurb in Canada, on the news, they told us that one of the latest and most advanced places for DNA had been built in Montreal.  You saw these robotic arms that could lift about 100 different test tubes at a time on a conveyor belt, just lifting and moving all these test tubes.  Boom, boom, boom, boom, boom.  It was obviously a multi-million dollar deal.  And they had the con, they said this is just for the occasioned hardened criminal.  Now this thing could do the whole of North America, and that's what it's going to be used for.  And they're doing it everywhere, you see.  Because again, it's eugenics to see if you're the superior or inferior type, and you're all getting categorized according to what's coming ahead, and who will be saved, and who won't be saved.  That's what it's all about too.  Again, the same old Hitler list that he used, that he borrowed actually, from Britain.  Because Wells, H.G. Wells and others had written the same list, and so had John Stewart Mill, the great economist, of superior types and races and inferior types and races.  What they lacked at that time was the DNA studies, to make it more efficient.  Here's another article from Britain, on this topic.  BBC News and this was Friday the 15th of August 2008.

DNA of 'blameless' youths stored

Ministers have been accused of building a national DNA database "by stealth" by retaining profiles of nearly 40,000 children never convicted of a crime.

The government says there are 39,095 DNA profiles of 10-18 year olds from England and Wales who were arrested but never cautioned or charged.

The Home Office said retaining DNA was a "key intelligence tool" for police fighting serious and violent crime.

The Lib Dems say the DNA of "blameless children" should not be retained.

(A: But they don't really mean it, because they're liberal.  It says:)

Last month, a government-funded inquiry recommended that DNA profiles of people who had never been convicted of a crime should be removed from the database, which it said should be controlled by an independent body.

(A: Here's your slant again. No, it shouldn't be there at all.  You see, that's the bottom line with all this stuff.  It shouldn't be there at all.)

But currently samples from anyone arrested for a recordable offence and detained at a police station in England and Wales

(A: Same in Canada.)

- innocent or guilty - can be kept on file indefinitely. Innocent people who volunteer to give a DNA sample

(A: That's the airheads.)

during a police inquiry also have their details kept on record.

(A: And if you refuse, that's on record too.)

People who give samples during arrest, but are later not charged or are cleared, can apply to the chief constable to have them removed in "exceptional circumstances".

(A: That means you say you're a widower's son.)

In Scotland, DNA samples taken when people are arrested must be destroyed if the individual is not charged or convicted unless they are accused of a violent or sexual crime.

(A: And no doubt, that last article I read, means they've got their fingerprints as well, eh.)

Junior minister Meg Hillier confirmed on Friday that there were 349,934 DNA profiles of under-18s on the database - 87.1% of whom had been either convicted or cautioned,

(A: It means neither convicted or cautioned)

or had received a final warning.

She also acknowledged there were 39,095 DNA profiles of youngsters who were never cautioned or charged.

Chris Huhne, the Lib Dems' home affairs spokesman, said: "These startling figures show that the government is building a national DNA database by stealth."


Well, of course they are you yo-yo.  And you're in government, and you can find out an awful lot more if you wanted to, but then you'd lose your job, wouldn't you, for telling the public.  You must play the game.  And that's what's going on, as people munch their chips and watch the boob tube, and listen to trivia and watch wrestling, and all the other stuff that passes their time.  Or play video games.  It's amazing you know, how short this life is, and people want to do what?  They want to pass their time, just in oblivion.  It's quite something.  And I guess the more they hype up fear amongst the public, the more they'll want to escape.  Then they'll offer you the virtual reality, and in you go.  Man goes out with a whimper, not with a bang, eh?

Now we'll go to the phones, and we've got Rick in California.  Are you there Rick?


Rick: Yes, I'm here.  Can you hear me Alan?


Alan: Yes, go ahead. 


Rick: Yeah, I've been noticing that you've been quoting Lenin a lot, and I'm wondering what book of Lenin that you like, where you get a lot of the quotes from?


Alan: Do you know how many books were put out under Lenin's name?


Rick: Oh, I don't know.


Alan: About 200.


Rick: 200, wow.


Alan: Because the Politburo had a whole staff that put out, just churned these things out.  However, if you look at used books, especially from New York, because all the English versions were published at the same time in New York, in the U.S.A., there's hundreds and hundreds of them.  You can pick them up for a few cents each. 


Rick: Can I read a quote, a couple of quotes from Lenin?


Alan: Go ahead.


Rick: In view of the fact that he's writing in 1902, he's writing "What is To Be Done."  "In view of the fact that this criticism of Marxism has long been directed from the political platform, from university chairs, in numerous participants and in a series of learned treatises, in view of the fact that the entire younger generation of the educated classes has been systematically reared for decades on this criticism, it is not surprising that the “new critical” trend in Social-Democracy should spring up, all complete, like Minerva from the head of Jove."  So there is a Masonic reference again.


Alan: Well, Minerva from the head of Jove is actually 9/11.  That's what it stands for, 9/11.


Rick: And then he does another quote.  Actually it's too long, but basically he says that in an autocratic society, he's talking about the czar, where it's so repressive, where even the slightest criticism towards the state is not tolerated, he says Marx is recorded, and the book publishers rejoiced at the extraordinary, ready sale of Marxist literature. Marxist books were published one after another, Marxist journals and newspapers were founded, nearly everyone became a Marxist. So right there, he tells on Communism, right there, that it's not, not really anti-establishment.  It's not really so radical or revolutionary.  It was promoted by the czar basically, if the government allowed it like that.


Alan: Well, the government allowed a Socialist system in.  You see there were two revolutions.  There was one in 1905, and that was like Britain, where they had a parliament established, along with the czar at the top, a monarchy over it.  Then the Bolsheviks, you see Lenin was a con man, his job was to help get all the Socialists to fight, get that stage done, and then he led the Bolsheviks in an uprising, and they took over and established the Bolshevik government.  So, you see Lenin, and Marxism, they used every other Socialist organization, they encouraged them all, so they could get it set up and then as I say, they just put themselves in power at the top of it.  And then they killed all the rest off!


Rick: Oh yeah, well he was talking about the 1890s and 1880s, during the czar, you know all these books were published.  And that's really surprising.  You would think the czar would be repressive.  You think maybe he supported Marx?


Alan: Well, he knew that they had to, in fact he was already doing a lot of reformation in that country.  He knew that they had to go the same way as Britain and be a form of democracy.  Of course Lenin and his cohorts had other plans.  And they used, as I say, what they always do is use all the liberals to push for freedoms, and then they kill them off once they're in power.  And that's the same thing that they would do in the States and so on.


Rick: I have a friend who's really into Mexican rights, and you know he's into all the causes, and he's trying to convert me to it.  Because I talk about the system and what it's doing and he says, oh yeah, Lenin said that.  Oh yeah, Marx said that.  And he's trying to convert me to Leninism


Alan: Lenin also, remember, believed in a reign of terror.  And in his own books, it came out that he ordered his henchmen to go around all the villages and just round up say twenty people from each village and hang them, and let them rot from the trees, and the lamp posts, just to terrify the peasants into complying.  That's what it was all about.  Terror.


Rick: Wow, thank you very much Alan.


Alan: Thanks for calling.


Rick: You have a good day.


Alan: You too.  Now I've got Chris from Kentucky, are you there Chris?


Chris: Yeah, Chris, Louisville, KY.  You kind of fuzzed out there for a little bit.  Yeah, I didn't get the beginning of your show.  Did you give a weather report on the chemtrails up there, as I've been hearing lately here?


Alan: I didn't do it this morning, but I've had two days of not too bad weather, although they sprayed in the mornings, and you get that milky white color.  Yesterday was probably the most normal it's been for the whole year.


Chris: I see.  Well, I was just curious, because while I was listening to those reports on your recorded cast, down here in Louisville, it's been just great here the past couple of weeks.  These are usually the worst months of the year, really hot, it's just like it's skipped straight to September.  So just curious to hear what it was like up there.  Getting to my question here, I guess what I wanted to know was have you ever done any reading along the lines of Oswald Spengler or Joseph Campbell?


Alan: I've read some of their stuff, years ago. 


Chris: And what, how did it touch you?  What did you think about them, because that's kind of been the path of me coming through to you eventually here, so it's kind of a part of my world picture.  I don't agree with everything, but there's a lot of stuff that I do look at as truthful or at least it seems to make a little sense in light of things happening today.  And of course all the things that you've been talking to just, in a lot of ways, they seem to fall right into that world picture for me.  So what are your thoughts on that, if you can still remember back that far?


Alan: There's a lot of books similar too, that go a certain distance into this system, although they fall short generally towards the end.  Most of them do fall short.  I understand why they fall short, because you have to go through the door.  And you literally walk into a hell of understanding.  And I mean a hell of understanding.  It's not easy to carry that burden, and you cannot communicate everything to the general public because they have no foundation on what you'd have to talk about.  You'd have to educate them specially, almost one-on-one, to bring them up into this understanding.  You're up against so many powers here, very old powers, and a lot of covers over this system, misleading covers too, like camouflage, diversions, nonsense as well is mixed up in there to divert the public off into other areas.  When you really see the truth of it all, it's beyond science fiction.  It's hell.  What we're seeing today is hell manifest on earth.  Openly, under the guise of science and the scientific dictatorship.  That's what they're telling us to do.  Just roll over and allow the scientists, all the experts to have their way, and rule you.  That's what they want us to accept.  To be ruled by experts.  They keep changing their theories, which confuses the public, but believe you me, behind it all, there's no confusion whatsoever.  The bosses are over the scientists.  The scientists are paid through grants.  The bosses know where they're taking this world.  And it truly is the elimination of sentient life for the vast majority of people.  It's the elimination of even the right to continue your own lineages, however humble they may be.  This is a planned world society of utter horror, ruled by people with a distinct religion at the top.   People who have archives of histories going down through the ages, down through centuries and millennia, who know how to give us our cultures, how to use culture.  How to manipulate it, and change it, and direct it, and how the public will adapt to it.  We're living through it in fact.  And it's working very, very well.  We have to break the spell that we're under.  And this is the spell of collectivism.  You see the ones at the top, have no more rights, not one single person at the top has the right to make you comply with what they see as their world vision.  You have as much right, no matter who you are, or what class you belong to.  You have as much right to plan your own life accordingly, and that of your own offspring, as they do.  But they're trying, they're conditioning us all that we can't think for ourselves.  Just allow ourselves to be managed like cattle.  We've got to stop it and reclaim our sovereignty.  Our individual sovereignty.  That has to be done, because these people go to the bathroom, just like you or I, and drop their pants.  There's nothing special and holy, or godlike about them, believe you me.  And we've got to stop being frightened of them.


Chris: I'm in total agreement with you on that.  Just about everything you say, or everything you've said that I've heard so far, I can't dispute it.  There is one thing that I'm not quite clear.  When you talk about these lineages of these people, because except for you know with you, and those that are into studies of the occult, I haven't heard of this kind of, I'm getting a picture of a continuity of these elite.  This will be my last question.  Do you think, and this is what I know, like Alex Jones, and some of those other guys out there, they're talking about too, that these elite actually are a bloodline that goes back to the time of Sumer and Babylon and Egypt.  And if you do think so, what gives you the trust that all this history that goes back all these thousands of years which has been controlled by the rulers themselves.


Alan: What you have is a pyramid.  At the top you have lineages that have been interbred since at least the days of Sumer, and definitely the pharaohs.  I mean the pharaohs wrote extensively about the lineages of the pharaohs and their people, the scribes wrote extensively on this.  And they did match them up for specific qualities, both the male and female.  And then you go into even the histories of British royalty down through the ages, same thing.  They did not choose their wives by chance.


Chris: My question is, is there a link between, in other words, is this the same group of people that pass it from civilization.


Alan: Some of them are.  Some of them definitely are, but also they gave the world freemasonry and freemasonry allows you, if you do your work towards the Great Work, and do accept the wife that they will bring to you if you've been chosen to go up the ladder, in the third generation you can then join them, and that is what being Grafted onto the Tree of Life means.  You're a scion.  S-C-I-O-N, that's a graft, a young shoot that's grafted on.  And you then can join them.  So there's many who've joined them down through the ages for helping them than there are of the original small clique of people that ruled the ancient world.  It's a pyramid.  Okay?


Chris: Alright.


Alan: Thanks for calling.  We'll be back after this break.


Hi folks, I'm Alan Watt, and this is Cutting Through the Matrix, we've got James from Australia.  We'll try to fit him in, if we can.  Is James there from Australia?


James: Thanks Alan, I'm here.


Alan: Okay, how are you. 


James: Good, how are you?


Alan: Not so bad.


James: Just wanted to talk about two questions.  Firstly, this global climate change is getting more mad here at the moment in Australia.  I live in Brisbane, and there's an organization which is just currently crossing throughout the land with a climate torch, and it says here that it's powered by solar wind turbine and a lemon.  They're trying to promote alternative energies, but there's a bit of humorous website I thought.  The first question I had was, do the NGOs and charities sort of purposely create the impression that they're struggling grass roots organizations?


Alan: Yes.


James: For example there's lots of people who collect money in the streets for the Greenies and the animal cause lobbyists and they often use these pressure tactics and like guilt response questions.  Is this more about the perception that they're in need of funds?


Alan: Oh, absolutely.  It's to make the public think they are grassroots.  Now remember the Soviet system, and this is the one that the Club of Rome suggests that we all adopt, and they were agreed with the Royal Institute for International Affairs, Soviet means "Rule by Councils" which they meant was NGOs.  And these NGOs with their spokespeople then have official say in policy.  And of course, the spokespeople are picked by big foundations like the Rockefeller, Carnegie and Ford foundations and many others, so they're all bought and paid for, but they do give this false impression that they are grassroots. 


James: Yeah, I've also got a friend who's working in Chatham House in the U.K. and is he likely to know about all this sort of stuff?


Alan: Oh, absolutely.  Chatham House was the British MI6 Intelligence Center during WW2, and it's still part, it's still completely combined with it.  They're the guys who spearheaded the whole road for the coming food shortages.  They've got many panels working on it.  They actually write out the policies for global integration and their American Branch, the Council on Foreign Relations are the ones who drafted up and admitted on television the integration of the Americas.


James: So if I asked this bloke about those sort of food crisis things, he's actually likely to know about you think.


Alan: Oh, absolutely.


James: He's in the organization, yeah.  I was quite amazed that he got into it anyway.  Another question, the last one.  A lot of homeless people are walking around here in the streets as well, and usually in the same place, and they're really scruffy.  The council does nothing about that, they basically, also they've been a public nuisance I think, but anyway they're always around the place.  Some of them are actually quite okay.  Are they actually there like for any particular reason, I've heard you talk about this before, is there more to it, but are they leaving them there on purpose?


Alan: I'm sure they're there on purpose.  It was interesting too that many years ago they said that the public were having it too good.  I can remember when prime ministers came out and said this.  And they had to be reminded that poverty was only a knock away.  And so the more that they could turn loose on the street, homeless and so on, and scruffy, that would be a warning to the rest, not to fall into debt, etc, or this is what's waiting for you if you lose your job.  So be a good, obedient little working citizen.  And then they closed down all the mental hospitals across the Western World and turned them all loose in the city streets, just to encourage that whole phenomena, that whole impression.  It's been very successful.  Everyone's terrified of ending up on the streets etc.  And that's part of this policy to make you obedient and hang into whatever crappy job you have.


James: (Laughter) All right.  Thanks a lot.


Alan: Thanks for calling.

There's always a purpose behind things and nothing happens by chance.  Nothing at all.  It's all planned at the top.  From Hamish and myself, Hamish is the dog, up in Ontario, Canada, it's Good Night, and may your god or your gods go with you.



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