August 27th, 2008 (#159)
Alan Watt "Cutting Through The Matrix" LIVE on RBN:

Poem Copyright Alan Watt August 27th, 2008:

"Your Daily Life is Stolen and Without a Thanks,
The Authorities Store it in Vast Data-banks,
Thoughts can be Dangerous, You Will Find,
For National Security, They'll Steal Your Mind,
Drug Entire Nations and with Vast Electronics,
Hit Millions of People with Waves - Technotronics,
Tyrants' Dream of the Ages has been Fought -
Will-less Subjects, Obedient, Each with No Thought"
© Alan Watt August 27th, 2008

Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - August 27th, 2008 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)
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Hi folks, I am Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through the Matrix on the 27th of August 2008.  For newcomers look into website where you'll find lots of previous talks I've given which go into the histories and the big organizations behind this big New World Order that's coming into view, as Mr Bush Sr said.  And I've tried to explain what it is that's really going on.  And the Reality is so far from what you're told in the media, it's beyond science fiction.  And big, powerful organizations have been at this game for a long, long, long time.  Nothing is ever as it's presented to be, there's always something else behind it, and power can only maintain power by making sure it runs the whole kit and caboodle, and that means all high tech, all big corporations and so on.  And that's the key to it.  Nothing really is independent in this system.  They wouldn't be allowed to be independent.  Also look into for transcripts which you can download in the various languages of Europe.  And today started off with a nice morning, until the planes came in, you know this big air force that's going around the planet, spraying the blazes out of us.  And laying these massive trails behind them that are not condensation trails, regardless of much propaganda put out by NASA, or the others, how much they do.  These are chemical sprays.  And now they're calling it global dimming, and by God did they ever dim this planet today.  Because within a few hours, and watching these jets spread this stuff behind them, this polymer mush, and it is polymer.  This stuff that was invented for military purposes to carry bacterium and chemicals to the ground.  This polymer mush spread across the sky, and it's still completely overcast, and there's not a natural cloud to be seen.  It's a complete chemical haze.  And you know we've had this for ten years solid now.  Ten years solid.  I can remember when they first started ten years ago doing it, daily, in the place I lived before.  They came down to half the height that they now spray at.  And you couldn't miss these trails behind them.  They were like tapeworms, going across the sky that would stay there for hours.  Condensation trails dissipate about a hands length from the back of a jet, if put your hand up to the sky.  What's astounding is that most people don't even notice.  That's the scary part.  You have to wonder what on earth has happened to their mind to make them see nothing.  Or as Brzezinski said, they'll be unable to reason for themselves.  They'll expect the media to do it for them.  And if the media is keeping mum on this, and mum is the word in high masonry, then the people won't think anything about it, it cannot be important.  Because everything that's important obviously will come from the television, which they think is some sort of an appendage to their brain.  This mush is causing tremendous casualties across the planet, and people who are getting sprayed regularly are coming down with these long lasting symptoms of chronic bronchitis, pneumonia type systems.  Lethargy is big in it.  Massive Lethargy.  And the bronchitis doesn't clear up, even with antibiotics they have a temporary relief, and then it's back again.  Because we're being loaded up with chemicals, on purpose, by some secret air force that the real government of the planet runs.  I'll be back with more after this break.


Hi, folks, I am Alan Watt, back, Cutting Through the Matrix.  And pointing out some of the stuff which you don't hear on the news, when you're distracted with Olympic Games and all this nonsense.  Even that's a whole story in itself, people don't even know why it began, and who promoted it, and what its ultimate purpose was to be.  Or what the ancient games were all about when the victor got to basically wed a high priestess, and the rest of them were killed if they lost.  The eugenics has always been around.


You know, I get so sick of this word "Democracy" being bandied around by the Big Boys as they Push to take over the planet.   Because we know it's a complete farce, there's no representation for the average person in any country, at all.  Where's the complaints department for the aerial spraying that's going on?  There is none.  There's nowhere you can complain.  And doctors have noticed the massive increase in Bronchial problems, and of the lethargies and so on, as well.  So have the pharmacists, too.  The largest stuff they sell nowadays is basically antibiotics and anti-histamines and bronchial dilators and all of that, because of the incredible problems caused by the spraying.  I wouldn't care if it was talcum powder they were spraying in the sky, even that is going to get into you and do damage after a while.  And no doubt, they've told these pilots, if these planes even have pilots, that we can't tell these little cattle down below that we're trying to save them and stop global warming.  That would be good enough for the pilots.  That's how you con every level who participates in this mass destruction of the people below.  You tell them they're doing it for a good cause.  And there will be some fallout of course in society, but that's just as acceptable, that we can't tell them what we're doing to them, poor souls.  It's nothing to do with saving the planet.  This stuff is so full of metallic salts and particles, you're becoming walking, literally walking antennas.  One of the articles I have here, which I'll go onto in a little while, after this first article tends to touch on that, because the Pentagon is investing heavily into what they call mind wars.  They want to literally control everyone's mind.  And if possible, if you were an enemy, they'd like to make you very stupid.  This is from their own site, because a stupid enemy is easily beaten.  So a stupid population you see is also easily beaten.  And the public will suspend their disbelief because they can't believe anyone would do such a thing on such a massive scale to us.  Because you personally would never do it, and that's the leap you have to take from your own human consciousness into the mind of the psychopath.  This world is run by paranoid psychopaths, who will only have their own self-preservation in mind at all times.  Their own sustainability.  Their own intergenerational progress down through the ages.  They don't care about us.  In fact they've told us over and over, there's too many of us now.  They don't need us.  Democracy, democracy.  Here's from the home of democracy.  And democracy too has never really had a static definition.  It's like an elastic band that changes and stretches with every generation, or according to where the agenda's taking us.  This is from the Telegraph in Britain.  Now Britain really is the pilot ship for this whole world society, because the world system, this Brytish system as John Dee called it, was born in the 1500s to do with Free Trade and the takeover of all the resources o the world.  Amalgamation you might say of continents into this one system.  And that's where we're going today.  500 years they've been at that part of it.  And they use democracy as the big baton.  We're bringing democracy to those people over there, who make their wives wear veils, and all that rubbish. 


How Big Brother watches your every move

August the 17th, 2008

In our ever-growing surveillance society, the average Briton is being recorded 3,000 times a week. Richard Gray reports.

(Alan: As I say, Britain is the pilot project, because everything starts there, and when it happens in Britain now, it used to take about two or three years to catch up in Canada, Australia, and New Zealand, but really we're all at the same level today.  And so really is the United States, so whatever I'm talking about here has been done across the planet.  And it goes on to say:)

With every telephone call, swipe of a card and click of a mouse, information is being recorded, compiled and stored about Britain's citizens.

An investigation by The Sunday Telegraph has now uncovered just how much personal data is being collected about individuals by the Government, law enforcement agencies and private companies each day.

In one week, the average person living in Britain has 3,254 pieces of personal information stored about him or her, most of which is kept in databases for years and in some cases indefinitely.

The data include details about shopping habits,

(A: Because they know all your purchases if you use the cards.)

mobile phone use, emails, locations during the day,

(A: That's by your phone.)

journeys and internet searches.

In many cases this information is kept by companies such as banks and shops, but in certain circumstances they can be asked to hand it over to a range of legal authorities.

(A: And this is just a sideline here, but they did a study in the States recently and found out they don't even have to bother showing ID for them now, they just phone them up and ask them for it, and say they're from the government, and they hand all this information over.)

Britain's information watchdog, the Information Commissioner's Office,

(A: Every Commonwealth Country has an Information Commissioner's Office.  Canada has one too, and so does the provinces in Canada, which are just states.  But he tells you whenever he speaks that he has no power. Ha, so what's the point in having him?  It says, he's:)

has called for tighter regulation of the amount of data held about citizens and urged the public to restrict the information they allow organizations to hold on them.

This newspaper's findings come days after the Government published plans to grant local authorities and other public bodies access to the email and internet records of millions.

(A: Can you believe this?)

Phone companies already retain data about their customers and give it to 650 public bodies on request.

The loss of data by Government departments, including an incident where HM (A: Her Majesty's)Revenue and Customs mislaid computer disks containing the personal details of 25 million people, has heightened concerns about the amount of information being stored.

(A: Here's what it says here about what's being collected.)

Every day the average person makes three mobile phone calls and sends at least two text messages.

Each time the network provider logs information about who was called as well as the caller's location and direction of travel, worked out by triangulation from phone masts.

Customers can also have their locations tracked even when they are not using their phones, as the devices send out unique identifying signals at regular intervals.

(A: And so does every other piece of electronic equipment that you buy too.  Including by the way, your cameras.)

All of this information can be accessed by police and other public authorities investigating crimes.

Internet service providers (ISPs) compile information about their customers when they go online, including name, address, the unique identification number for the connection, known as an IP address, any browser used and location.

(A: I'll also add every computer has its own unique identifier built into it from the factory.)

They also keep details of emails, such as whom they were sent to, together with the date and time they were sent. An average of 50 websites are visited and 32 emails sent per person in Britain every day.

Privacy campaigners have expressed concern that the country's three biggest ISPs – BT, Virgin Media and TalkTalk – now provide this data to a digital advertising company called Phorm so that it can analyse web surfing habits.

ISPs are already voluntarily providing information they hold about their customers if requested by law enforcement agencies and public authorities. A consultation published last week by the Government would make it a legal requirement for ISPs to provide a customer's personal information when requested. A total of 520,000 requests were made by public officials for telephone and internet details last year, an increase from around 350,000 the previous year.

Internet search engines also compile data about their users, including the IP address and what was searched for. Google receives around 68 searches from the average person each day and stores this data for 18 months.

Dr Ian Brown, a research fellow on privacy at Oxford University, said: "Companies such as Google and internet service providers are building up huge databases of data about internet users.

(A: I love how they use these terms, the internet users, rather then just say the people.  It takes away the fact that we're people here being spied on, everything we do.  And you've got to ask yourself, now why, what are those at the top so incredibly afraid of.)

"These companies may be compelled, through a legal action, to hand over this information to third parties or the Government, or the companies may lose the data and it can then be misused."

Loyalty cards

(A: I used to laugh at that.  These stores have their loyalty cards.  They train us like rats you know.  The whole idea with a loyalty card is if you have a card you use that when you go through the checkout counter at the grocery stores or whatever store it is, even the pharmacies use them, and the idea too is you get little discounts off certain products and items that you buy.  And the person who uses cash is getting penalized.  The person who's paying cash is paying full price.  That's the whole idea.  So you've been trained Pavlovian style to get their card, a form of coercion.  Back with more after this break.)

Hi folks, I'm Alan Watt, back Cutting Through the Matrix.  And trying to get people a little indignant over what's happened to them in a very short span of time, really, as things go.  It only took a generation to train into this new system, where everything you do is being watched, monitored and recorded.  Everything about you.  They know more about you in the government departments, MI5, MI6, CIA, etc, than you do about yourself.  They have complete personality profiles on you, and they even have predictions of where you'll go next week, and who you'll talk to, and they watch all your habits, and all that kind of stuff.  Quite amazing.  And we think we're free, isn't that amazing that we think we're free.  Do you realize that this is the dream of every tyrant down through the ages is having this kind of power.  And they used to wonder how they could make the public do things like this.  They thought about using vast armies, but no you'd need an army the size of the population to control them.  No, they use existing institutions, your banks and your shops and so on, to work for the government.  That's how they do it.  Clever, eh?  It's also rather cheap for them to do it.  They use loyalty cards.  Just about everybody I know has a whole bunch of these loyalty cards, because they think they're getting little discounts on the purchases that they buy.  And I'll guarantee you to, this obesity war that's out now by the United Nations, because the United Nations ran the Anti-Smoking Campaign and now is going full-scale ahead against obese people, they're going to start coming down on your transactions and your purchases on foods they'll claim are fatty and you'll get penalized.  That's coming.  I'll guarantee you, in about a year's time.  Maybe sooner.

Store "loyalty" cards also retain large amounts of information about individuals who have signed up to use them. They link a person's personal details to the outlets used, the transaction times and how much is spent.

(A: And also how much, and what you buy.)

In the case of Nectar cards, which are used by more than 10 million people in Britain once a week, information from dozens of shops is compiled, giving a detailed picture of a cardholder's shopping habits.

A spokesman for Loyalty Management UK, which runs the Nectar programme,

(A: The food of the Gods, eh?  I'll bet it's cheap junk too.)

insisted that information about the items bought was not compiled, but some partners in the scheme, such as Sainsbury's, use their till records to compile that information.

She admitted that the personal information that is compiled under the Nectar scheme is kept indefinitely until individuals close their account and ask

(A: You've go  to ask)

for their information to be destroyed. In criminal inquiries, police can request the details held by Nectar.


Banks can also be required to hand over personal account information to the authorities if requested as part of an investigation.

They also provide personal data to credit reference agencies, debt collectors and fraud prevention organizations.

Debit and credit card transactions can give information about where and on what people are spending their money.

(A: See how everything now is interlinked.  This is the big web.  This is the complete web we're talking about that you think is everyday normal living.)

The biggest source of surveillance in Britain is through the network of CCTV (closed-circuit television) cameras.

(A: Britain was again the ones who pioneered this whole watch-the-citizenry campaign, and of course the companies who install them across the planet, including the US and Canada are based in Britain.  They even sent them over to a big police chief's convention in Montreal a few years ago, and the US police chiefs also attended, and now they all want them, and they're putting them in big time, they're everywhere.  It says here:)

On average, an individual will appear on 300 CCTV cameras during a day and those tapes are kept by many organizations for indefinite lengths of time.

(A: Do you know we're not even allowed to know what organizations are watching us?)

On the London Underground network, Transport for London (TfL) keeps footage for a minimum of 14 days. TfL operates more than 8,500 CCTV cameras in its underground stations, 1,550 cameras on tube trains and up to 60,000 cameras on buses.

Network Rail refused to say how many CCTV cameras it operates or for how long the footage is kept.

Britain now has more CCTV cameras in public spaces than any other country in the world. A study in 2002 estimated that there were around 4.2 million cameras, but that number is likely to now be far higher.

Number plate recognition

The latest development in CCTV is the increased use of automatic number plate recognition systems, which read number-plates and search databases for signs that a vehicle has been used in crime.

(A: What a joke.  What a joke, eh?  But they also take photographs too, through the windshield of the driver, that's also been in the newspapers here.)

A national automatic number plate recognition system is maintained by the Association of Chief Police Officers

(A: That is an international United Nations Organization.  For those people in the U.S. and Canada, Australia, New Zealand and elsewhere, it's from the United Nations that runs your police chiefs.)

along motorways and main roads. Every number plate picked up by the system is stored in a database with date, time and location for two years.

(A: Well, you can put that indefinitely too.)

Public transport

Travel passes such as the Oyster Card used in London and the Key card, in Oxford, can also reveal remarkable amounts of information about an individual. When they are registered to a person's name, they record journey history, dates, times and fares.

A spokesman for TfL, which runs the Oyster Card system,

(A: What a pearl, eh?)

insisted that access to this information was restricted to its customer services agents.

(A: And that of course will be one big lie.)

Police, however, can also obtain this information

(A: Will that just verifies what I just said.)

and have used Oyster Card journey records as evidence in criminal cases.

(A: Well these criminals are everywhere, eh?  Back with more after this break.)

Hi folks, I'm Alan Watt and Cutting Through the Matrix.  I let that guitar wail on a bit longer because that's the mood I'm in.  I feel like doing a bit of wailing when I look around and watch people staring at the ground rather than looking up at the sky and demanding something be done here.  Because until we stop this aerial spraying it's really game over.  And it's part of what I'm just going to touch on before I go to the callers, to do with this mind control technology.  And I've talked about Calmatives too, which they've admitted they can spray over and calm us down, and actually make us pretty stupid.  I think it's been done actually.  And I think it's also been done with H.A.A.R.P. technology as well, which is intensified, its power is intensified with the spraying of the metallic particles in the atmosphere.  The inventor of the H-bomb, Teller, talked about using this very process on whole countries, and I think it's being done.  Before I go to the callers, I'm going to touch on this particular article, which is in accord with what I'm talking about, and it's from by Tom Burghardt, August 24, 2008

Defense Intelligence Agency Seeking "Mind Control" Weapons

A new report from the National Academy of Sciences' National Research Council (NRC) argues that the Pentagon should harvest the fruits of neuroscientific research in order to enhance the "warfighting" capabilities of U.S. soldiers while diminishing those of enemy personnel.

(A: You see, that's the part you've got to listen to.  Diminishing the warfighting capabilities of the enemy personnel.  Do you know who the enemy are?  I hope you realize what we're saying here and how they word things too.)

The 151-page report issued by a 16-member blue ribbon commission, "Cognitive Neuroscience Research and National Security," was quietly announced in an August 13 National Academy of Sciences Press Release.

Commissioned by the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA), the Pentagon spy shop, the study asserts that the U.S. intelligence "community" must do a better job following cutting-edge research in neuroscience

(A: That's your brain.)

or as is more likely, steering it along paths useful to the Defense Department. According to the NRC,

"A 2005 National Research Council report described a methodology for gauging the implications of new technologies and assessing whether they pose a threat to national security.

(A: You understand that everything they do to the citizenry is under national security.  "We can't tell you; it's for national security." They can kill you and dose you and spray you, but it's for national security.  They can bring down the population because it's for national security.  Read the report that Kissinger put out in the 1970s on that very thing under National Security.)

In this new report, the committee applied the methodology to the neuroscience field and identified several research areas that could be of interest to the intelligence community: neurophysiological advances in detecting and measuring indicators of psychological states and intentions of individuals,

(A: Intentions of individuals.)

the development of drugs

(A: There's your calmatives you see)

or technologies that can alter human physical or cognitive abilities, advances in real-time brain imaging, and breakthroughs in high-performance computing and neuronal modeling that could allow researchers to develop systems which mimic functions of the human brain, particularly the ability to organize disparate forms of data." ("National Security Intelligence Organizations should Monitor Advances in Cognitive Neuroscience Research," National Academy of Sciences, Press Release, August 13, 2008)

Unlocking the secrets of the brain is projected as the next growth industry for the military, academia and corporate grifters hoping to land huge Pentagon contracts. As defense analyst Noah Shachtman reported in Wired, the "Army has given a team of University of California researchers a $4 million grant to study the foundations of "synthetic telepathy." Unlike "remote viewing" research funded by the CIA and the Defense Intelligence Agency between 1972 and 1996, variously known as "Grill Flame," "Sun Streak" and finally, "Star Gate"

(A: Star Gate was popular with New Agers for a while.)

before the plug was pulled, the Army-U.C. Irvine joint venture are exploring thought transmission via a brain-computer mediated interface.

Recently New Scientist reported on a series of bizarre experiments at the University of Reading in the UK.

(A: You know that democratic country.)

Researchers there have connected 300,000 disembodied rat neurons suspended in "a pink broth of nutrients and antibiotics" to 80 electrodes at the base of the growth medium. As journalist Paul Marks informs us, the "rat neurons have made--and continue to make--connections with each other." The voltages sparked by the firing cells are displayed on a computer screen.

(A: Now what they do in these releases is simply to rehash stuff that they've already told you years ago, because Sony was working with human brain tissue about eight or nine years ago, and doing the same darn thing.  Whenever they say it's rats and so on, it puts you back to sleep thinking, oh well, that's the stage they're at, that's all they can do.  No it's not.  They've used human and chimpanzee cells, and they've actually had them control computers and make little robots walk around.)

Welcome to the "brave new world" of neural prosthetics and the militarists who are exploiting science and technology for new weapons applications.

Declaring that emerging technologies such as brain imaging and cognitive and physical enhancers are "desired by the public," NRC avers "such forces act as strong market incentives for development." But as Rick Weiss cautions on the Science Progress blog,

"But even more interesting to me is the report's discussion of the emerging market in brain-targeted, performance-degrading techniques. Some experiments, it turns out, suggest that magnetic beams can be used to induce seizures in people, a tempting addition to the military's armamentarium. More conventionally, as scientists discover new chemicals that can blur thinking

(A: It blurs your thinking, makes you very dopey and calm as well at the same time.)

or undermine an enemy's willpower, and as engineers design aerosolized delivery systems

(A: That's what I've been talking about.  They've been spraying you for ages, folks)

that can deliver these chemicals directly to the lungs (and from there, the brains) of large groups of people, the prospect of influencing the behavior of entire enemy regiments

(A: Or countries, I shall add.)

becomes real." ("Minding Mental Minefields," Science Progress, August 15, 2008)

The use of so-called calmative agents as non-lethal weapons are already under development.

(A: Well, they're more than that, they've been getting produced and used for a long time.)

As Antifascist Calling reported last month in "The Calmative Before the Storm," the Pentagon's Joint Non-Lethal Weapons Directorate (JNLWD) are carrying out experiments into what it euphemistically calls "Human Effects Research"

(A: Human Effects Research, that's H.E.R. for "her".  They don't like women much.)

and developing an "Advanced Total Body Model for predicting the effects of non-lethal impacts."

Apparently the DIA has taken this a step further and will now explore the possibility of creating aerosolized pharmacological agents that can disrupt and perhaps influence, the mental functioning of targeted populations abroad,

(A: And they add here abroad of course, just to make you feel safe.)

enemy soldiers or dissenting citizens here in the United States.

(A: Oh, that's more like it folks, a little bit of truth.  I wonder how they managed to; maybe they took some of their calmatives and added that in by mistake.)

Neil Davison, a researcher with the Bradford Disarmament Research Centre (BDRC) at Bradford University in the UK, wrote an important 2007 study, "'Off the Rocker' and 'On the Floor': The Continued Development of Biochemical Incapacitating Weapons." Davison examined the historical differentiation made by weaponeers between "off the rocker" agents such as LSD, PCP and psilocybin in their allegedly weaponized forms versus "on the floor" agents such as sedatives, opiate analgesics and anesthetic chemicals.

During the "golden age" of the CIA and U.S. Army's quixotic search for "mind control" agents during the 1950s and 1960s, researchers were seeking a reliable mechanism that would unlock the secrets of the mind--and gain control over witting or unwitting subjects--for intelligence and counterintelligence purposes.

(A: And it wasn't really for that at all folks.  Because you see, there was no real Cold War.  It was giving them the ability to collect data and do experiments on their own citizenry.  That's what it was all about.  For today, for today)

Hundreds, if not thousands, of unethical experiments were carried out on psychiatric patients, civilians and soldiers. The results were subsequently suppressed on grounds on "national security."

While the majority of CIA MKULTRA files were ordered destroyed by former Agency Director Richard Helms in 1973, the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence held landmark 1977 hearings and issued a report, "Project MKULTRA, The CIA's Program of Research in Behavioral Modification." As Senator Ted Kennedy discussed in his opening remarks,

Some 2 years ago, the Senate Health Subcommittee heard chilling testimony about the human experimentation activities of the Central Intelligence Agency. The Deputy Director of the CIA revealed that over 30 universities and institutions were involved in an "extensive testing and experimentation" program which included covert drug tests on unwitting citizens "at all social levels, high and low, native Americans and foreign." Several of these tests involved the administration of LSD to "unwitting subjects in social situations." ...


And this article goes on and on and on, but the point I'm getting at here, you see this has nothing to do with a Cold War experimentation process. The stuff they're talking about now at the beginning of this article, about what they want to use, it's to be used on the public.  And it says it, to be used on the American citizens too, if need be.  Whenever they admit to something, you always find they've been doing it for a long time already.  And I don't need an article, or any article to tell me to look at the sky and remember what contrails look like compared to this mush that's created by polymer.  I've done my own investigations into it.  I don't need convincing.  I know what's happening.  I see the effects on the public, I see them getting dopey.  Sometimes I've gone into the city, that's in Sudbury, that's called the city, although it's a town to me, and you can ask for something across the counter in a store, and you can see the vacancy in their eyes on the heavy spraying days.  They're like half-dead flies in the hot summer's day.  They have trouble thinking, literally.  And that's what this article's all about, attacking the minds of the people.  It's being done folks, and you better start doing something about it.  Don't wait for some hero to come along and say, don't worry, we've got an organization set up, we'll take care of it for you.  That's the oldest con in the book.  It works very well.  That's what the bio-ethics committees suddenly, when they came out with Dolly the sheep, suddenly they were there.  So we didn't bother starting our own up, and said, wait a minute, we have a say in what happens along this line because it's all eventually to do with people isn't it.  We go back to sleep thinking they've already got one set up.  And who are these bioethics committees anyway?  They're eugenicists, they just changed their name.  Don't look for a champion; you are your own champion, every single one of you.  And you've as much right, sovereign right, as anything else on this planet to demand to anyone else, because no one is higher than you.  No one.

Now I'll go to the phones, and I've got Frank from Alberta on the line.  Are you there Frank?


Frank: Good evening, Alan.  I have one report from Alberta on the chemtrail conditions, one recommendation, and one question for you.  The skies in Alberta today are a lovely pastel, blue-white, pretty heavily impregnated with isotope Barium 133, I suspect, because my lungs are burning.  That's my weather report.  I mean we all have to agree that airplanes do not crash through steel buildings emerging outside of them


Alan: Well, let's not even go into that.  Because anyone who hasn't got it through their heads that this happened, and everyone knew at the top it was going to happen, that's all we need to know.  That's all we need to know.  It was essential that it happen, because even Brzezinski said in his own book, he said they'll need something on the scale of a pearl harbor event to get this whole war going with the Middle East.  Starting with Afghanistan.  He even named off the countries.  You know.  So they've got what they wanted.  It had to be.  It's a must be.  So why even rehash it.  Anyone who even rehashes the fact, they're still trying to convince themselves that it was ill play.  And of course it was ill play, it was designed to be.  And that's not the first time they've used this kind of scenario to get wars started.  They did the same thing with Vietnam.


Frank: Absolutely, absolutely. 


Alan: But I think that's the break coming up.  I'll be back with more after these messages, I'll take the U.K. call.

Hi folks, I'm Alan Watt, and this is Cutting Through the Matrix.  And I've got Justin in the U.K. there, are you there Justin?


Justin: Hi Alan.


Alan: Hi.


Justin: Hi, how are you.


Alan: I'm surviving.


Justin: That's good.  I'm glad to hear it.  Right, it's near the end of the show, so I'll try to keep this brief.  And a couple of, three questions.  I don't know if you'll have the chance to answer them. One, on the Beijing closing Olympics ceremony, and two quick ones on Agenda 21, which I've been reading and it's very, very revealing.  But quickly.  The memory tower in the Beijing Olympics closing ceremony, what is the significance of that in your opinion?


Alan: I never saw the memory tower.  I never really watched any of it to be honest with you, but generally at the end of the Olympics, they do have a memory tower, or sometimes two, they even have a Jachin and Boaz, they had that in the one in the, I think it was the Italian Alps or something.  So they always have something to do with memory.  And again, they're talking about their system.  It's not Chinese.  It's the high occultic system.  And the memory of supposedly what was done before to them in a previous time, when they were hunted and persecuted after they tried to do something in ancient times to take over the ancient world.  And the old saying that they'd never forget would be always kept in their memory.  So that would be their memory tower, it's also a sort of tower of Babel as well.  They like towers.


Justin: Yeah, I saw that.  It looked at some, one point of the Chinese performance it looked very, very much like what you featured in your book, a ladder of Osiris, with a sort of Helter Skelter structure, at one point. 


Alan: That's copied after the great Malwiya in Iraq, because Iraq has the main one there, that's the big one, and the whole idea of the monks was those who are allowed to go up that spiral staircase symbolizes the stairway to heaven.  That's what it means, that's a spiral.  That's Helter Skelter of the Beatles too.  It's all the same thing from the OTO.  The ascending ones eventually go up to heaven, they're ascended masters.  It's to do with reincarnation as well of the hidden master.  They all believe they're gods you see, and they believe in reincarnation.


Justin: Yeah, that's what Plato talked about at the end of the Republic, a full chapter.  Also, two questions on Agenda 21.  Basically, I've been reading it, and they constantly refer to repeating after a means of implementation chapter of each section of each chapter, they always mention the women.  It's important to get the women involved to motivate communities, to motivate the family unit. So, I'm wondering what your thoughts were on that, because I believe it's just as easy to indoctrinate men as women, but I guess to motivate the family unit, it's important to get at the women.  And the second question is quite ludicrous in my mind, they also classified water as a finite resource, I guess along the same with oil and everything else, fossil fuels.  Considering the water cycle, the water on this planet is finite, but I guess it may tie in to the fact that they want to introduce water rationing perhaps as part of this agenda.  So then I'll leave you with those two questions, and I'll go off air, so that you may answer them, so thanks very much Alan, keep up the good work.


Alan: You'll find that all the marketing companies that Russell said to take on board, because they understood, they'd done so much research on humanity that females are far more easily led to try something new, experimentation, than men are.  Men are more conservative by nature, and therefore they'd push the whole idea that science was going to be their benefactor, and they've done that through contraception, through breast implants, all the things that science promises, longevity and eventually immortality.  They knew that the female will fall for it, and they would then, they wouldn't need men anymore.  When there's no men and women together, there's no family unit, therefore the state controls the world.  And that was the reason for it.  Women are far more apt to try new things and experimentation, that's why 90% of magazines are aimed at females.

And I'll be back with more, from Hamish and myself in Ontario, Canada, so it's Good Night and may your god or your gods go with you.



Articles: "How Big Brother watches your every move" by Richard Gray ( - Aug. 17, 2008.

"Defense Intelligence Agency Seeking "Mind Control" Weapons" by Tom Burghardt ( - Aug. 24, 2008.



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