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Poem Copyright Alan Watt Aug. 29, 2008:

"Western World's Economy to go Down the Drain,
Says Chancellor Darling, More Misery and Pain,
Urban Warfare Drills Seem to be Soaring,
Unemployment and Riots, We Know Where it's Going,
Don't Believe for a Moment Darling Botched His Sums,
The Future is Planned by Much Bigger Bums"
© Alan Watt Aug. 29, 2008


Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - Aug. 29, 2008 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)
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Hi folks.  I am Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix on August 29th 2008.  I always suggest to newcomers to look into web site.  Youíll find lots of previous talks Iíve given on the real system that runs this world, not the one that is portrayed to you through the media and television.  The real world that is coming into view, this next part of it, is run by a sort of scientific type of dictatorship, long in the planning where there will be no mistakes.  These guys donít make mistakes.  You donít pay billions of dollars to foundations and think tanks to make mistakes.  They literally go through every part of their strategy to come and how the public will react right down to supplying heroes for the public to follow, before theyíve even moved the chess piece on the board.  Thatís how far ahead they planned this.  I try to piece it together for you to save you time muddling through the real information and the disinformation that is out there because counter-intelligence runs on giving you disinformation to confuse you and make you run in loops forever.  Eventually you become so crazy Ė and I mean that too Ė crazy with disinformation and aliens and all the rest of it that no one will listen to you and they will laugh at you.  You will help to discredit the actual truth behind it, the real truth.  Thatís what you do with counter-intelligence; you ridicule truth by USING truth and attaching the absurd to it. 


Also look into my other web sites.  [Official sites listed above.]  I should also mention at the top, you keep me going.  This show really is brought to you by you, the listener.  You keep me going and you can buy the books, CDs and DVDs that I have for sale or you can donate to me on my web site.  [Ordering and donation option listed above.]  THAT keeps me going.  Also, Iíve got another one that just came out and itís to do with the transcripts.  The 2 MP3s I sell, thatís 24 hours all together of talks in written form with all the mistakes from the translation rectified, as much as I could find as possible.  Iíve also put in a lot of the stuff that was difficult to hear on international shortwave radio.  Iíve put in the proper words and sentences and so on; so itís been edited for reading.  Thatís now up for sale as well and you can see how to get it on web site.  So, you keep me going and thatís the only thing that I can do.  Itís either I get a full time job doing something else, which isnít hard to do, believe you me.  I can go into different fields and make a lot of cashÖ or do this.  For those who get the disks burned and passed to them, you can get in touch with me at [address above]. 


Iíd rather do this because there is no other game in town.  We are AT WAR.  There is a war that has been declared upon the general public of the entire planet and they are completely unaware of it, at least most of them are.  For the listeners to this show, they do realize whatís happening and they are all at different phases of understanding.  The old system has been taken away.  It was planned to go a long time ago.  They knew that the boom times of the 50s and 60s would last X-amount of years.  They also knew that eventually theyíd merge the Soviet style system because they favored what they called Ďcollectivismí as a method of ruling the public.  Theyíd bring in collectivism; theyíd merge the Soviet with the American system for the world and theyíd bring out this new world order where they would eventually start to cull off, gradually, the old man, as they called them, yesterdayís man.  Thatís what that means in the occult, yesterdayís man, the old gene type is too inferior and bring in gradually, over X-amount of years, a new more efficient type of servant.  Thatís what it is; itís all about serving.  Iíll be back with more after this break.


Hi folks.  Iím Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix.  Before the break there I was mentioning there is a new book out and itís called Waiting for the Miracle.  You can order it through the web sites I have listed.  And boy, are we waiting for a miracle indeed because people have little idea of the real world out there, the real world, the real powers that run this world and they are vastly different from what youíve been TAUGHT to believe.  Thatís what it is.  Youíve been taught to believe a complete fiction, a fiction that things are run by democracies and elected representatives. 


We all know - those who have done our homework - that there are very, very powerful families above all of that and big foundations as well, foundations that were set up when they GAVE the public democracy.  The foundationsí purpose would be to create a type of SOVIET.  Soviet means Ďrule by councils.í  What it meant, theyíd set up NGOs, non-governmental organizations that would eventually have a sort of power, a sort of official standing amongst the countries, FUNDED by the big foundations which in turn were set up by the HIGH, the VERY high Royal Freemasonic system to counter and to really steer the direction of the world but to COUNTER democracy.  They never believed in democracy from the beginning and you can go into the writing of Burke and others in the 1700s going though this whole farce called democracy and how they never intended it to be run by the people themselves. 


Margaret Thatcher alluded to this as well when she talked about the parallel government that is NOT responsible to the public, made up of ex-politicians, prime ministers and high civil service bureaucrats.  She talked about this in her world tour CALLED the NEW WORLD ORDER.  That was the title of her lecture and she did this in Massey Hall and other places across the planet; Massey Hall in Toronto, Canada.  She talked about the next war being on FUNDAMENTAL RELIGION and the religionists that were involved and that was 10 years before 9/11 came along. 


So nothing happens by chance including the phase we are going into.  Weíve watched the build up of INTERNAL MILITARY under the various guises of police and SWAT teams and urban special terrorist fighters and so on for years and years and years and under the guise even of drugs.  We now have internal armies across the Western hemisphere.  These armies have been prepared to manage us as they take this system down.  The system that isnít yours anyway, but you work within it because your system of even work is changing or being taken from you.  We saw this for instance, with the MASS exodus of factories during the 90s over to China that did not happen by chance. 


The companies were ENCOURAGED to leave and move and set up in China BY their own governments.  Our tax money funded them to up and move and guaranteed to make up any losses in income for a 10 year period while they got back on their feet after setting up in China.  How is that for a sweet deal?  That was done through the GATT Treaty and other treaties that were run for the last 30 years setting up that very system.  30 years of negotiations with high-level bureaucrats bypassing politicians to set up this entire system.  Well, where is the work to replace that?  Where do the factory workers go?  They gave us what they call a Ďservice economyíÖ a service economy.  Which is a double meaning by the way, because service economy means you are IN service.  What was it the old system said that theyíd do to bring in the new system?† They would create a world where everyone is in service TO SERVE THE WORLD STATE.  Of course the other meaning for a service economy is you simply import stuff and through many middle men, you simply pass them around and sell and sell and sell until the consumer picks it up.  Itís not meant to last.  Because itís not meant to last, we are going to go into a period of chaos. 


Iíve got articles here on actual police movements, police suggestions.   Police are now making suggestions as to what they should do, what rights they should have over the public.  They are bringing in curfews into parts of Britain and across various states in the United States of America.  This will become worldwide eventually as youngsters who see no hope in the future - and they basically have been told that they are written off - Generation X canít get much further.  They expect riots to ensue eventually as the economy takes a dive and it is PLANNED that way.  It was planned before you were born, right down to the year and the month and the day that it all starts.  Every part of this system is planned so far ahead itís staggering. 


This is from the 


Economy at 60-year low, says Darling. And it will get worse

(Alan:  Like this is news?)

Chancellor says Labour failing to communicate with voters

Nicholas Watt, chief political correspondent The Guardian, 29 August 2008


Britain is facing "arguably the worst" economic downturn (A:  They call it a downturn.  They donít call it depressions now.) in 60 years which will be "more profound and long-lasting" than people had expected, (A:  I wonder what people had expected this?) Alistair Darling, the chancellor, tells the Guardian today.  (A:  The chancellor is really the guy who is in charge of the treasury, this strange medieval system that still exists in Britain.  It was set up by the Knights Templar.  The Templars used to be in charge of the Kingís purse and treasury and they are called the Chancellor of the H-Chequer.  The H-Chequer is literally an outside chessboard, inside the courtyard of the Knights Templarís old lodge in London, England.  The chancellor who is in charge of the treasury is still called the chancellor today.  The chancellor of the H-Chequer, chequer is chess.  They used to do their debt and their credits with different colored big disks and they pushed it around on this H-checker, the chess boardÖ still working today and no one has said whyÖ in this age of democracy.)


In the government's gravest assessment of the economy, which follows a warning from a Bank of England policymaker that 2 million people could be out of work by Christmas, (A:  Like there arenít already.)  Darling admits he had no idea how serious the credit crunch would become.  (A:  This is how they give you the fake reality.  These guys donít make mistakes.  They donít make mistakes.  Believe you me, with the magic of money and money creation and the cons that go on within it, as they juggle Ė thatís all it is, is a juggler juggling so fast that you canít see what heís doing.  Thatís what money is and thatís what the economy is.  They could give you a paradise in a week or so if they wanted toÖ or turn it the other way if they want to.  So here is the guy who is supposed to be in charge of it all, had no idea how serious the credit crunch would become.  What a joke.  These guys are paid millions of dollars.  They donít make mistakes.)


His blunt remarks lay bare the unease in the highest ranks of the cabinet that the downturn is making it all but impossible for Gordon Brown to recover momentum after a series of setbacks.


The chancellor, who says that Labour (A:  This is the Democrat Party in Britain.) faces its toughest challenge in a generation, admits that Brown and the cabinet are partly to blame for Labour's woes because they have "patently" failed to explain the party's central mission to the country, leaving voters "pissed off".  (A:  Boy, they are getting really foul with their language there, Ď pissed offí.)


In a candid interview in today's Guardian Weekend magazine, Darling warns that the economic times faced by Britain and the rest of the world "are arguably the worst they've been in 60 years". To deepen the sense of gloom, he adds: "And I think it's going to be more profound and long-lasting than people thought."  (A:  Well, youíd better believe it is because they donít plan to bring you out of it.  We are going IN to the next phase of the war.  Remember, the war, itís a hundred years war.  100 years war and at the end of it they plan to have a tremendously reduced population.  They plan to have brought through different types of genetically improved people right to the end product, which are the genetically CREATED people.  You wonít need male or female to create them and these are the ones that will serve the elite.  Charles Galton Darwinís book The Next Million Years talks about this kind of thing and he mentions that the elite themselves wonít alter themselves.  They have to keep their sense of survival capabilities working because they are steering planet earth.  But the public wonít need that capability anymore and it will be destroyed for peace, for world peace and the state will be making all their decisions for them, so they wonít need that capacity.)


The economic backdrop presents Labour with its toughest challenge since the 1980s. "We've got our work cut out. This coming 12 months will be the most difficult 12 months the Labour party has had in a generation," he says. But Labour has been lacklustre. "We've got to rediscover that zeal which won three elections, (A:  What a joke.) and that is a huge problem for us at the moment.† (A:  Anyway, I wonít give you any more of the political crap because thatís all this is.  Itís political crap.  They donít run the government.  They never have.  This stuff is for public consumption.)


They just made mistakes with their mathematics, their sums.  They just couldnít add up properly; a little mistake.  Thatís how they present this nonsense to the public.  Iíve had a lifetime of reading this nonsense.  Meanwhile, the guys who run the world publish books, on behalf of the organizations they work for.  They tell you how it really isÖ two systems co-existing; one for the public to believe in and one for the elite.  Itís quite amazing. 


As I say, there are curfews being introduced across the United States, really tough ones.  Theyíve even given cops M-16 rifles to handle the coming riots.  Iíll be back with more after this break.


Hi folks.  Iím Alan Watt and weíre Cutting Through The Matrix, trying to get to the bottom, the bottom reality of this world in which we live.  For those who cannot wake up, you know, switch on your TV and just go back into watching old reruns of Seinfeld or something or whatever makes you happy.  But for those who have woken up, we have to really get the information out quickly to others and there are people who are asking questions.  They donít have the information.  Weíve got to start spreading it very quickly because weíre getting brought into a PLANNED hell here.  A hell where the economies are pulled, gradually, and Iíve said that for years and years.  As the United States finishes off its job in the Middle East, at the SAME TIME they will be pulling the rug from under your feet back home.  That is happening.  Thatís happening.  Thatís the plan.  The US is to be brought under, SUBMERGED into the new world order which it helped finance and create. 


Jacques Attali wrote about this in his book, Millennium, when he talked about the next boat people of the world would be those Americans leaving the shores looking for work abroad.  That is going to be not just the US, thatís everywhere in the Western Hemisphere.  Thatís the planÖ written about widely by many others too.  Nothing happens by chance.  These guys donít have crystal balls where they simply predict something or channel something from Zeta Reticuli, which is very popular apparently.  They know the plan.  They sit in on the boardroom meetings where powerful people project what they want to happen in the future with the economy and the world and society at large.  A hundred years war.  A hundred years war and believe you me, this war has already taken its toll.  Iím astounded when people will call me up and say, when does this all start Alan?  They expect something to happen immediately, like an Atom bomb or something.  Thatís not how it works.  This war has been going on your entire life and everyone is a victim of it.  Everyone has had their series of brainwashing through the school system, the type of brainwashing called SCIENTIFIC INDOCTRINATION that Bertrand Russell talked about many years ago.  Weíve all had it.  Weíve also had all the inoculations of foreign DNA pumped into us.  Our immune systems are far lower than our predecessors.  This is all done by design.  Eventually weíll be so immune-compromised that simple, SIMPLE infections will kill us off and they expect this to happen in the near future.


Youíve got to look around you and see whatís happening with, again, military police.  Military uniforms, BLACK uniforms across Europe, in the subways and all the rest of it, supposedly to do with what happened on 9/11, 2001Ö supposedly.  In reality it had NOTHING to do with that.  You see, Britain tried to push through the anti-terrorist act to give them their full military martial law powers in 1998!  And Canada did it in 1998!  Allan Rock RAMMED it through, by itself, this Omnibus Crime Bill that really IS marital law.  9/11 was just the incident that gave them credence for what was already a plan.  It HAD to be done.  That was the ĎPearl Harborí event. 


This from  I like the logo, ďfor everyone in social care.Ē  It sounds like weíre ALL within social care, doesnít it?  And to an extent we are. 


Cornwall police hail voluntary curfew in Redruth (A:  This is in England.)

Posted: 28 August 2008 | Craig Kenny /


A voluntary youth curfew scheme in the South West has been hailed as a success, but was it a focus on parental responsibility that kept teenagers off the streets or the unseasonably wet weather this summer?


Curfews have been a feature in some areas of the UK for the past decade, (A:  10 years, you see, 10 years theyíve been at this, getting us all used to having cops and military in the streets.) prompting concerns about a growing array of police powers to drive young people indoors.


However, in recent years the courts have ruled that the police can only force a child to go home after curfew hours if they are at risk or are behaving antisocially.  (A:  What on earth is antisocial these days?  Have you watched the movies recently?)


While dispersal orders are still used by the police, particularly in inner cities where violent crime is a concern, many authorities have become more reluctant to use them.


Shouting and swearing


Last year, residents of Redruth in Cornwall complained of groups of young people being out late into the evenings, shouting, swearing, drinking alcohol and shinning up lamp-posts.


Initially, the police applied a six-month dispersal order, but when that expired and the problems returned, they tried a different approach - a voluntary curfew, with an emphasis on responsible parenting.


Operation Goodnight ran in the Close Hill area of Redruth over the school summer holiday (it ends on 7 September). Children under 16 were encouraged not to be out on the streets unsupervised after 9pm, and to be home by 8pm if under 10.  (A:  Then he goes on and on and on.)


Whatís interesting here though, is when you read the old documents by those who helped plan the society, the social system in which we live today, they talked about the destruction of the family unit, the emasculation of the males who would have no input into society, unless he joined the military.  Itís the only place you can go and do the man stuff and be applauded.  They also said that the STATE, the STATE and the MEDIA would be the ones responsible for giving children their culture and their morals.  What you are seeing NOW is the result of the state and the media giving them their morals.  Iíll be back with more after this break.


Hi folks.  I am Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix just pointing out what we are SEEING happening in the streets today because itís a wartime situation.  These guys at the top WANTED a complete war scenario.  What happens in war?  You have curfews.  You have ID cards.  You have restrictions on travel.  All of those things are happening across the Western world.  Why?  Because they decided that only under conditions of WAR can they run ahead and take over every facet of your life and guide you and order you around and YOU WILL COMPLY under war scenarios only.  For those that canít really GET IT, why do you thing they are having all these URBAN WARFARE drills within cities?  Here is one, just before I go to the phone calls.  Itís important.  Itís happening in Portland, Oregon.  This is from, the news for Oregon and southwest Washington.


Military chopper buzz returns to Oregon skies

Wednesday, August 27, 2008 / / By KYLE IBOSHI and Staff


PORTLAND, Ore. -- Military helicopter training that shocked and awed Portlanders Monday night were pulled back Wednesday over downtown skies.


Monday nightís drama was all part of a military exercise.   (A:  How dare theyÖ when you think about it.  How dare they practice on the public in your cities?  What do you think thatís all about?)


Newschannel Eight has learned, the Army and Navy are conducting Urban Military Training in Portland and Salem from August 17-30.   (A:  Thatís quite a long exercise.)


City officials said Wednesday night's training would only be around the jantzen Beach area.


The training will include ďlow visibility movement, military operations in urban terrain, manual and low weight explosive breaching, fast-rope insertion, live fireĒ and other exercises according to a memo from Portland Mayor Tom Potter to the Navyís Special Warfare Development Group(A:  Special Warfare Development, that sounds like some big corporation thatís into building eh?  Special, they build wars.  Special Warfare Development group, I wonder if you can get shares in that?)


A spokesperson in Mayor Potterís office says, the military asked permission to conduct the training last November.  The Portland Police Bureauís specially trained SERT unit is involved in the training.   (A:  Why do you think your POLICE are involved in urban warfare with the military?  Do you think itís to do with Iraq?  Your own police are involved.  Itís because they are getting ready for the riots back home and they are using us and our tax money to practice ON us.  Not bad eh?  Not bad at all.)


Mondayís exercise involved helicopters hopping from one downtown skyscraper to another.  Many residents and downtown workers were concerned by the low flying helicopters.   (A:  I guess the machine gun fire didnít bother them that much.)


The Department of Defense provided no advance warning of the exercise.   (A:  No advanced warning, eh.)


The Urban Military Training is expected to take place in Salem on Tuesday and Thursday.  It is not clear what type of training will take place in Salem.


Itís amazing.  Itís astounding what goes on and people still are out there getting ready for voting, and waving their little placards and their badges and their funny hats.  Quite ASTOUNDING to see how those in the illusion still operate.  Quite amazing.  Weíll go the phones and weíve got Mark from Sydney on the line.  Are you there Mark?


Mark:  Hi Alan, how are you?


Alan:  Iím surviving the mosquitoes and the rain and the thunder. 


Mark:  Thatís pretty awesome, mate.  Good show today.  I have a couple of questions for you.  I want to ask you something about what youíve referred to in the past about the trick of the elect, or the elec-tric.  What do you mean by that exactly?


Alan:  Well, they love to play on words at the top.  They give us names for things.  They name things in the esoteric.  They also go back to Adam and they call themselves Adam.  Adam was given the right to name all the animals and creatures and things in the world.  So they use this technique and when they give us new inventions and so on, they always wrap up their little joke inside of it.  They call themselves Ďthe electí at the top.  The Ďtrickí of Ďthe electí is to USE basically electricity.  Thatís what electric is.  Electricity is the medium by which they are going to control the whole planet via computer, satellite spy systems, cameras and all the rest of it.  All data collection is the Ďtrickí of Ďthe elect.í  Meanwhile, the trick is, we love it.  We love all these gadgets and gimmickry and we buy them.  They donít have to make us take them, we buy them, the cell phones and everything so that they can monitor us and find out our phoning habits and who our circle of friends are and all this stuff.  So everything generally is a trick and the trick is that they dangle it in front of us, we buy it and love it and it makes their job very, very easy. 


Mark:  I understand that concept of buying your own chains and stuff.  The other question I was going to ask you, are you familiar with a band called Devo?


Alan:  Devo, I think Iíve heard the name but I canít recall the music. 


Mark:  Okay.  It stands for de-evolution.


Alan:  Okay.  Iíve heard of them.


Mark:  Okay.  My friend went to one of their gigs the other night and he just sounded quiteÖ sort of profound, I guess, in terms of what they were saying and stuff. 


Alan:  I think someone, maybe it was you, sent me an article on them.


Mark:  Oh.  That might have been Alan actually.  Heís my mate. 


Alan:  I read some of that.  I think there was some Masonic stuff in there too concerning the band.


Mark:  Okay.  Alright Alan, thatís the only two questions I have for you, so you have a good day.


Alan:  Thanks for calling.  You too.


Mark:  Cheers mate.  Bye.


Alan:  Bye, now.  There is Alex from Chicago.  Are you there Alex?


Alex:  Hello Alan.  Thank you for taking my call; I have conversed with you before.  My question is concerning the religions of the world and Iíll try to make it very brief as I can.  From the books I have read and studies I have conducted, it seems that religions rise and fall, similarly to great civilizations.  For example, modern Christianity is so destabilized and balkanized that itís so weak and basically ready to be tossed over the next Age of Aquarius.  But what about Islam because it still holds true and according to Aldous Huxley, the horror of Brave New World may be upon us within a single century.  How can they achieve the new world order with a major monotheistic religion still around?


Alan:  Thatís the reason they are war with it basically.  Letís not kid ourselves.  This is NOT a war against terrorists.  This is just a cover to change the entire world but also to demolish the last remaining monotheistic religion, which is Islam.  Some of them wrote about this finalÖ even Pike mentioned it; this final war would be against Islam.  Thatís why theyíre going all out against it.  They have to get in.  If you noticed, the method that they use, once they have starved the people into submission and then they bomb them into the ground, they come in with UNESCO.  UNESCO is the first organization the United Nations sends in to immediately set up schools to indoctrinate the first generation into Western values and culture to make sure that they do not believe in their old God.  So thatís part of the plan and these guys hope to fulfill this within the next 10-15 years.


Alex:  May I ask you a question about the nature worship that is coming into view?


Alan:  Yes.


Alex:  For example, in the remote past, before monotheism was fully established there was sort of a religion called pantheism, a worship of the forces of nature and some remnants of pantheism were transferred to the next wave of religions.   For example, in Russia we still call the earth, Ďmother earthí.  So we give it a kind of anthropomorphic qualities.  We call it Ďmotherí earth for many centuries.  Is it a natural course of events that we are going back to nature worship?


Alan:  Not really.  Not really in this sense.  Nature worship is to be used as a front for the new priesthood to run and organize the peopleís lives, to do with population reduction to Ďsave the worldí, sustainable economies, sustainable society.  All the sustainable stuff is essential for them to run their brave new world but they must create a religion for the public.  Gorbachev talked about this in his book, Towards a New Civilization.  He said, WE are creating a new religion for the people and it MUST be based on a form of earth worship.  So theyíre going to use this as a technique of controlling the MINDS of people into a new reality.  All you need is one generation and it will all seem quite normal that you live to a certain age and then walk into the extermination unit when you hit 30 or something like that, or youíll allow yourself to be voluntarily sterilized to save the world.  This is already being taught by the way, in Kindergarten.  Schools, they are already getting taught this kind of stuff, to feel guilty about the ability to procreate and too many people.  There are already teenagers coming forward now and voluntarily being sterilized to save the world, saying that itís selfish to WANT to pass on your own genes and take up more room and more of the earthís resources.  So this indoctrination is working but itís combined with the whole New Age religion.  Pantheism is only a cover.  All major religions have been used as a cover for power over the public, for a small elite to live on top.  The ones at the top, the elite, never follow the religion that they make the people follow.  They never follow it themselves or the rules of it.  The New Age was set up to do this.  The New Age religion is a mixture of Christianity and Hinduism.  The Hinduistic part brings in the pantheistic part.  That was started in the 1880s and came to fruition with its second boost in 1960s and now itís everywhere.  This is all part of the creating of the pantheistic system, a form of earth worship.  Remember, every religion has its high priesthood and we will be given ours who will push this agenda of population reduction.  Thatís the real reason behind this, is population reduction AND control over the minds of the public. 


Alex:  So I guess the people, all they have left to do is take their 20 grams of soma and just keep perpetually happy. 


Alan:  Yes.  But thatís exactly what theyíll do.  They use this technique in India.  Thatís why they chose India to blend the Hindu with the West and Christianity because the Brahmans of India had perfected a system of mind control thousands of years ago.  The same Brahmanistic families run India today who ran it 2000 years ago.  They gave the caste system there where the people are born into their own caste and really, they truly believe they canít move out of it.  Itís a fixed, rigid system. 


Alex:  Alan Watt, could you clarify for me and this is going to be my last question and Iíll just go off line.  Could you clarify for me the nature worship in 1984 by George Orwell and also in Brave New World by Aldous Huxley?  Could you identify where the nature worship is there.  Thank you.


Alan:  You find the nature worshipÖ Remember, nature and how it is defined and how we think of nature and how the elite talk about nature.  When they used to use the term in the Middle Ages, they were talking about understand the Ďnature of things.í  That goes back to the ancient Greeks and the philosophies where the term was coined, Ďthe nature of thingsí and how things work, the sciences behind them, really.  The elite still talk about nature and theyíll use this term but they are talking about the sciences.  In Brave New World those creatures who were created in the test tubes and artificial wombs were created to literally LOVE their work and LOVE their system.  So technically that is also within nature; anything that can be done scientifically is therefore within the scope of nature.  This is what Lenin was pertaining to when he talked about a thousand directions that humanity could go off in, but they must BELIEVE that the one they are born into, the system they are born into is the only natural way it could possibly be.  They were well aware that anything that can be done in nature is therefore natural.  Thatís also in the Cabala, that belief system.  So the occultic system believes that anything that man can create is therefore natural.  Even if they gave you 2 or 3 heads it would therefore be natural, if it was designed that way by experts; itís still within nature. 


Alex:  Thank you so much and Iím eager to buy your books and especially the new book that came out and I advise any listener to do the same. 


Alan:  Thatís good.  I should plug myself more often, so thanks for doing it for me. 


Alex:  Yes.  No problem.  No problem.  Alan Watt, youíve been an inspiration I think, to many of the listeners.  So guys, if you listen help out, even send $10 donations or whatever you can.  Help out Alan Watt; heís done a marvelous job.  


Alan:  Thanks very much for calling.


Alex:  Thank you so much and I appreciate the clarification.  Thank you.  Bye, bye.


Alan:  Bye now.  Thereís Kate from California.  Are you there Kate?


Kate:  Hi Alan.  Thank you for taking my call.  Iím a first time caller.  I found you through Alex Jones and you are amazing.  I apologize if youíve talked about this before but whatís really the purpose behind the everlasting Palestinian conflict and whatís the goal there in the region and whoís really behind it?


Alan:  We know for instance, that itís been an odd place for a long, long time.  As far as how old that particular area is, in Palestine, we donít really know.  We donít know outside of whatís given as a bible of any history of an Israelite people.  That is fact.  That is agreed amongst even Israeli scholars today.  They can really trace their history from coming out of Babylon going there or maybe going back but all the archaeologists that have gone to Jerusalem and that area and all the surveys theyíve done, they canít find a trace of what they call a Yahweh-loving people.  They find lots of effigies of the mother goddess, everywhere they look with the yonah, everywhere they look, and the sacred fires and so on, but they cannot find this trace of an ancient people. 


As far as what was happening there 200-300 BC, we do know that on the temple mount there, there were massive sacrifices.  There are Greek philosophers that traveled there and documented this, where thousands of animals were sacrificed per day.  This was like an international place for all the top merchants to come.  They talk about the incredible bloodshed there in that area.  So it has some kind of occult significance; thereís no doubt about it.  The Knights Templars dug into that hill when they went in there about the 11th century AD.  So itís really a crossroads.  If you understand the meaning of Ďcrossroadsí in mystical, occultic terms, it means Ďa magical placeí.  Theyíll say thatís where you meet Satan is in the crossroads.  So Jerusalem was situated precisely where all invading armies were going from one place to the other, east to west, north to south, and would HAVE to cross through.  So itís a mystical, occultic place with a purpose.  Hang on and weíll go into this more after this break. 


Hi folks.  Iím Alan Watt and weíre Cutting Through The Matrix, talking to Kate from California about the significance of Palestine.  Palestine too, has connotations in the occult.  Even the name itself, when you break it down and you can do that for yourself and look into the Ďpale,í for instance, and we all know what Ďstineí is, or Ďstone,í is.  Youíll see a lot of occult significance there. 


What we do know is that the entire area of the Middle East was planned to be taken over a long, long time ago when they set up the big foundations in the 1800s.  They had to put in an advanced guard in there to create dissention, to create a form of a thorn in the side of the various populations there and the Arab populations as well.  So they set up Israel and believe it or not, Britain set it up and Britain financed it.  They even sent a good part of its military to take over, to drive the Turks out of that area during World War I in 1917.  They raised the first regiment, the first Jewish regiment called The London Archers and sent them over, led, LED by one of the Rothschilds.  He was killed in that action taking over Jerusalem.  They called them The London Archers; that became Division 2 of the Special Air Service, eventually down through the years.  So itís highly significant.  Then we find that Sir Ronald Storrs, who was the Lieutenant Governor for Palestine in the 20s and 30s, when they were taking in the massive immigration of Jewish immigrants from Russian primarily, he said that we are setting up an Ulster in the Middle East.  Ulster was the stronghold of Royalty in Ireland that created dissention for centuries, right up to the present day.  So this was done deliberately and the plan eventually was to basically recreate the ancient Babylonian system. 


Itís so strange.  I just got an article from the people who designed, the draftsmen or the architects who design the buildings for Dubai, and in one of the magazines there, a prominent magazine, theyíve got a pyramid there that is going to be a city.  The CITY is to be a pyramid spread over a few acres and everyone will live inside this pyramid, a ziggurat type pyramid and it will be a machine.  It will be a live machine and youíll live inside of it.  Why is all this ancient symbology being RE-introduced today, with the latest technology and gadgetry?  Why donít they do something different?  Why do they have to use the same formats, the same system, etc?  What you find is, the pyramid itself is manís first attempt to MAKE and PERFECT a mountain, a perfectly shaped mountain.  Itís not rough.  Itís not a rolling stone type roughness.  Itís a perfectly shaped system designed by MAN who decides that heís become as close as you can to God.  Iíve no doubt theyíve already done similar things in Israel.  We know that the big library, I think in Israel, was donated by the Rothschilds and itís in the shape of a pyramid but it also has an all-seeing eye over the doorway.  Why is this ancient symbology being displayed so prominently today?  Why canít they do something more original?  Well, itís because itís an ancient religion behind all of this.  If you go into the history of Israel youíll never find where the people really worshiped a single deity.  In fact all the prophets complained that all they ever did was worship other Gods.  I should really go into this on some other night in more detail to give an idea. 


I hear the music coming for the end of the show, so from Hamish and myself in Ontario, Canada, itís good night and may your God or your Gods GO with you. 



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