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Poem Copyright Alan Watt Sept. 1, 2008:

"Terrifying Propaganda Says You'll Die - Oh What to Do?
Roll Up Your Sleeve, Take a Jab, It May Prevent the Flu,
The Inventor has No Faith In It, and Studies are Askew,
The Makers Tell You'll Go to Hell if You Should Catch the Flu,
The Public's in a Quandary to Which Study Must be True,
Government's Mandate Says Don't be Late, We Must Prevent the Flu"
© Alan Watt Sept. 1, 2008


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Hi folks.  I am Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix on September 1st, 2008.  Newcomers should look into and go through many of the old talks as you can possibly handle because there is so much history involved in this system of the world which is now going into the new world order.  After that too, there will be another new world order.  They are always having the world as NEW all the time, the never ending story as the big builders, the big planners say, that we ARE the building material and through science and technology they can do with us as they wish, constantly creating new types and new types and new types to better suit their purpose, the old type being just too inefficient and weíve got to get pampered to an extent with entertainment. 


In between getting the wood in and doing all the usual stuff that you have to do at this time of year especially, when itís actually got dry for a few days.  There was 2 Ĺ months of daily rain and daily thunderstorms, a highly unusual phenomena but then what is new or what is unusual these days when big sciences are at play.  You can watch the aircraft in the skies every morning creating the polymer mush, and then the storms come in.  Big sciences.  That might be my topic for tonight because we are always given the argument to argue about, the topics AND the arguments and always both sides of the argument.  Thatís really part of the con game of the dialectic that goes on.  We never get into the real big picture ABOVE IT ALL which is generally so unthinkable to the average person that they canít handle the real news.  Stuff that used to be called paranoid is now the normal and what has been disclosed and yet itís only scratching the surface of whatís really going on in this world.


Weíve been trained to look upon the world and those who rule over us, and they are rulers.  Whether you think you are electing them or not, they are rulers.  There is a big, big difference between their world and your world.  THEIR WORLD IS THE WORLD OF CONNING, LYING, AND HUMORING YOU.  Thatís as simple as that.  They DO look upon the world as a big farm.  All of the major institutions in the higher learning, especially the granite stone buildings, or the Ivy league universities as they call them, teach that basically there are different kinds of humans, sub-humans and so on all down the pathway to eugenics.  And thatís what itís all about is EUGENICS, at the top and the bottom.  The ones at the bottom are supposedly the commoners, the lower animals, who will not go any further in the evolutionary program.  The ones at the top have decided there are too many of us in a technological age, we are not needed and theyíve got to start culling us off.  Therefore, we are offered all kinds of programs to protect our health.  At least thatís what they tell us. 


Itís so amazing, at the United Nations, which HAS a department for population CONTROL to bring DOWN the population.  In the same building at the United Nations, part of the United Nations, they have these big programs to inoculate you against, supposedly, every known disease.  That was a mandate that came out of the United Nations before it was the United Nations and it was called the League of Nations.  In 1917 or 1918 they came out with a mandate to eradicate all known diseases across the planet, at least thatís what they told the public.  When you saw who backed them, the big foundations that backed them, they all belonged to the Eugenics Society.  Nothing new about this except the points of view Iím going to put across to you after this break.


Iím Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix, going through the inconsistencies in the way that things are presented to us about our health, how they are so worried about our health and spending all of our tax money to save us from all of these diseases, mind you, benefitting the big drug companies in the process, which is itself amazing.  Here you have private corporations churning out vaccines and payingÖ theyíve even done documentaries on the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation television station about how these big pharmaceutical agencies hire special writers to put the positive spin on drugs and vaccines and all the rest of it.  Theyíve interviewed some of these characters who tell you quite openly that they just make the stuff up and lie.  And yet, here they go, hand-in-glove with the government enforcing the fact that we must take all of these shots that they are constantly coming up with. 


Today there was an article, again, from a Canadian press source talking about Gardasil, this supposed vaccine that all young women are supposed to be getting at first voluntary and then mandatorily.  In fact, the first place they have done it already is Scotland, of all places.  They are making it mandatory apparently in Scotland, at least thatís what Iíve been told.  And here is Canada following suit, offering it voluntarily.  The way it was presented itself was a lie because they said itís going to prevent cervical cancer.  The company itself said that there are only 2 or 3 types of viruses it MIGHT, it might and thatís the key word, might, prevent from taking off, causing inflammation and that causes the supposed cervical cancer, at least thatís one of the theories.  So that leaves 97 other varieties that itís not guarding against.  So itís a rather poor guard. 


Really, do we really know what it is in the first place?  We take everything on blind faith. We cannot get it through our heads that there are powers in this world that DONíT have our best interests at heart.  We can see this clearly with the studies on autism.  When you look into all of the vaccinations that the children get at about the age of 1 Ĺ years and the skyrocketing amount of autism it causes right after they get the jabs.  Now, if thatís the same with all the other inoculations, which it could very well be, have we been fooled since they first gave us inoculations? 


We know that in the 1800s Britain, London, made it mandatory to take, I think it was the smallpox vaccine.  Lo and behold, ALL THOSE THAT GOT THE VACCINE CAME DOWN WITH SMALLPOX.  People who didnít take the vaccine were quite healthy.  It killed off thousands of people.  Then you really, really wonder.  If they have a department, as I say, at the United Nations to do with population reduction, at the same building, in the same company, organization and they have a department for making mandatory vaccines the way of the worldÖ would you really trust them?  Why should you trust them?


This Canadian ad, or little spiel on the news, for Gardasil said that some patients, some girls might go into anaphylactic shock.  But donít worry about it; they have the antidote for that.  It says, donít worry about it.  If you go into anaphylactic shock you could have a coronary arrest, myocardial infarction, you blow a hole through your heart, or youíre going to get a stroke.  A blood vessel can pop in your brain and you could be paralyzedÖ but donít worry about it.  She made it sound so light, you see, oh, we have the antidote for that if that happens.  This is how all this stuff is PUSHEDÖ by giving you partial truths but not the rest of the story.  Thatís how the whole world is run, in fact.  Thatís how ALL things are presented to us. 


Here is an article from Britain on the flu vaccine.  Iíve talked about this before.  Itís from The Mail Online.


Flu jab that costs £115m a year (Alan:  you can double that for dollars.)

 does not cut death rate in elderly

By Jenny Hope / 29th August 2008 / (


(A:  Listen to the double-speak.  It goes back and forth like a ball in a tennis court.)

Having a flu jab does not cut the death rate among the elderly, claim researchers.


They say vaccination has a virtually non-existent effect on the risk of dying prematurely and that previous studies have ' exaggerated' the apparent benefits(A:  So there is a report thatís come out with, again, a whole bunch of experts... you know, the EXPERTS that deal with this stuff.  Of course, it gets retaliation IMMEDIATELY from those who are pushing it because they get little back-handers, not so little sometimes, to push it.)


A study of 700 pensioners suffering pneumonia, a complication of flu, suggested those who had taken the jab were indeed less likely to die than those who were unvaccinated.


But closer analysis showed those who were vaccinated were healthier (A:  Thatís a big difference to start with.) and more likely to look after themselves in the first place - which means they were less at risk of dying from flu-related complications.  (A:  But they also found out that they came from a higher socio-economic class and were better fed, etc.  See.  So by OMISSION of other facts you can be left with a false conclusion.  For years now the main health authorities have been parroting a SLOGAN that taking the flu shot is going to save 70-80% of the people from getting the flu.  Now, they have no statistics to back that up.  Itís just a slogan.  BUT SLOGANS STICK ONCE THEY ARE PARROTED OFTEN ENOUGH.)


The study looked at data on 700 Canadians aged 65 and over. Half had taken the vaccine and half had not, but they were all admitted to hospital for pneumonia.


Researchers from the University of Alberta found 12 per cent of patients died after a hospital stay of eight days on average.


Those who had been vaccinated were half as likely to die as unvaccinated patients- a finding consistent-with the benefits shown in previous studies.  (A:  Then they found that the patients clinical records and factors including age, sex, smoking, frailty and socio-economic status, they hadnít taken that into consideration and when they did they got a completely different picture because those that were dying were less well fed, they were already unhealthy and so on and so on and so on, and their age as well, that was factored into it.)


However, researchers then examined the patients' clinical records, and factors including age, sex, smoking, frailty and socioeconomic status.


After these were taken into account, the relative risk of death was reduced by a 'statistically nonsignificant' amount, says the study published yesterday in the American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine.


Dr Dean Eurich, of the university's school of public health, said it was 'implausible' (A:  That means itís NOT plausible.) that vaccination was halving the mortality rate among flu victims.  (A:  It wasnít plausible.)


Researchers suggested previous studies had not considered sufficiently that vaccinated patients who survived were probably healthier and better able to combat flulike complications than unvaccinated ones who died.


But it is difficult to prove the so-called 'healthy-user' effect, they said.


(A:  Here is the other partÖ) Dr Sumit Majumdar, associate professor in the university's faculty of medicine and dentistry, said: 'It is seen in what doctors often refer to as their "good patients".' They are well-informed about their health and look after themselves, 'and quite religiously get vaccinated each year so as to stay healthy'.   (A:  They are also from a different socio-economic class.)


He advised those with respiratory or immune diseases to still get vaccinated, along with those taking care of the elderly.


A Department of Health spokesman (A:  Here he is coming out with the old slogan againÖ) said: 'Studies show flu vaccines give about 70 to 80 per cent protection against flu infection. That is why it is recommended to those aged over 65 and those in an at-risk group.'


Dr Majumdar advised people with respiratory or immune diseases to still get vaccinated, along with those taking care of elderly people.  (A:  Here you are with your total confusion, which tells you they themselves are very confused.  But when I scroll down here, it saysÖ)

(A:  Here is the really telling part.)  In November, the jab's co-inventor Australian biochemist Dr Graeme Laver told the Daily Mail the jab did not guarantee protection.


He said 'I have never been very impressed with its efficacy.


'It is better than nothing and I wouldn't want to advise people not to take it, but you can't rely on it doing any good.(A:  This is the guy who helped invent it.  He says itís better than nothing.  Itís like crossing yourself or somethingÖ for protection, but you CANNOT rely on it doing any good, he said.)


A UK Health Protection Agency study also suggested that flu jabs did not reduce hospital admissions from respiratory infections.


Plans to extend the flu jab programme to adults aged 50 to 65 and children under the age of two were given the thumbs down by three-quarters of GPs polled earlier this year.


So there you go, the guy who helped invent the thing pretty well says itís useless.  But the SLOGANÖ You see, slogans are very effective.  Lenin said that.  He said, we shall win this war by the use of slogans.  You must repeat things of a minimum of 8 times, they found out in marketing, for the people to parrot it automatically without thinking.  Thatís why they keep repeating things over and over.  Itís certainly worked on these health officials at the top, the ones who are pushing it when they give you the same 70-80% protection rate and theyíve got no facts to back it up when you ask them.  Even the inventor tells you they thing is pretty well useless.


But donít stop there.  This is my point.  Donít stop at that.  I donít believe people at the top are that stupid.  I really donít.  Iíve seen the effects of inoculations on people.  Iíve seen people come down with chronic diseases after various kinds of inoculations, lifelong diseases; they canít get rid of them.  When you go in to the old health organizations and the depopulationÖ I call it the depopulation department of the United Nations; they call it the Department of Population Control.  When you go into their old talks, they talked about bringing down the population of the third world countries QUICKLY, but for the West they might bring down the West with long-term, crippling, disabling diseases.  Thatís my point.  I donít think that any of this is by chance whatsoever.  They are NOT that stupid.  Believe you me, at the very top they are not stupid.  The debate that we are supposed to fall into is, is it any good or is it very good.  I go further and say no, there is another reason.  I'll be back with more after this break.


Iím Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix.  As I said before, we have to go further than those facts, the dialectic as it is presented to us.  We have to go further and see what the real reasons would BE for something to continue when study after study comes out showing the detrimental affects of various inoculations.  We can not possibly take or discount the data we have constantly banged at us now, almost daily, that there are too many people on the planet, we have to DO something about it, we have to DO something about it.  Think about it.  How would YOU, if you were one of these planners at the top, start culling off the people?  Would you tell them you are doing it?  Or would you simply go about it the old-fashioned way, doing it quietly?  Silent weapons for quiet warsÖ and this certainly is a very, sort of, quiet war.  Not so quiet now, they are stepping it up and telling us kind of openly there are too many people. 


They donít like fertility much do they?  Thatís a major enemy, as the sperm count plummets in the males of the Western world.  They even boast about it in the newspapers every year from the United Nations and tell us how far down itís gone from the previous year.  But they never say itís a crisis do they?  They never come out with WHY itís happening, do they?  Well thatís how they do it.  They just go ahead and do it.  You are supposed to use your OWN perceptions and your own logic to come to the conclusions.  Donít expect the media to do it for you.  Their job is to make things look very confusing so you just give up even thinking about it. 


We have one caller already from Australia so Iíll take that now.  Is it Alan in Australia?


Alan [Australia]:  Good day, Alan. 


Alan:  How are you doing?


Alan [Australia]:  Yeah, good thanks.   I just wanted to ask you a question about the higher states of consciousness that are described by various mystics and gurus throughout the new age and eastern philosophy and even the psychedelic movement.  I was wondering if you could perhaps shed some light on, or your thoughts on that as to the source of and nature of their experience.


Alan:  Well, I donít really go into the new age because I know itís promoted.  Itís been given the go-ahead to be promoted from the 60s onwards.  There are so many con men out there.  They tie it in with saving mother earth and so on.  Itís all wrapped into the program of eugenics and depopulation and putting nature above man.  All you can do in your lifetime is go by YOUR own experience, no one elseís experience.  Because you ARE the microcosm.  The old mystics used to tell people, you are the microcosm and the first thing they do is join a group to find out whatís already gone before, what the majority are into.  If you do that, you are lost; you are being used.  You are being used right away because only YOU can get the experience.  If you try to get it through drugs or anything else, youíll never have an experience that will make sense to you.  The experience that you have, even in ancient times, had to be logical; it had to bring you to a state of consciousness.  Once it was over and gone, that consciousness stayed with you every single minute of every single day.  You didnít have to take drugs or bend your ankles around your neck to get that experience back again.  Or do shallow breathing until you create acidosis in your bloodstreamÖ to make you light-headed.  So YOU, only YOUR experiences matter and no one elseís.  Thatís really what they used to call as the spiritual experience.  Often the person wouldnít know why it hit them, why THEY had it.  When they said, why am I different, etc.  Some occasionally went seeking.  Some were hermits, literally isolated themselves from everyone else so they did a lot more thinking FOR themselves. Thatís the key to it.  You will not getÖ You will break through from the indoctrination that you have, and you have been indoctrinated from birth.  You will not break through until you cut the world off and you start thinking, for the first time, for yourself and using your own perceptions and logic.  Only then will you get to the answer for yourself and thatís all that matters. 


Alan [Australia]:  Okay.  As an experience, itís something that was heavily pushed during the 60s, during the whole psychedelic movement and you had characters like Timothy LearyÖ


Alan:  Öwho worked for the CIA.  Thatís admitted now.


Alan [Australia]:  Yeah.  Sure.  Also guys like Richard Alpert who later moved to India and found himself a guru and changed his name to Ramdass and then came back and started promoting the Indian philosophy, or religion. 


Alan:  Thatís right.


Alan [Australia]:  So youíre saying that it is a, even what they are describing as a higher state of consciousness is a genuine experienceÖ


Alan:  You can create an atmosphere even through basic crowd hypnosis and give people experiences but itís not a higher experience.  Itís different and you might think itís higher for them, but itís not.  Itís simply a matter of almost remote control.  Itís quite easily done.  You create the setting, which you are expecting to see, that TYPE of Eastern setting, the person who knows how to command in front of an audience, plus everyone who attends are already willing subjects so they are easily hypnotized.  The person who is hypnotized must believe in the master to be hypnotized.


Alan [Australia]:  So do you think that techniques such as meditation and yoga are actually a form of hypnosis? 


Alan:  Oh, they are hypnosis.  In fact, the Western world for a while taught self-hypnosis to attain the same kind of experiences, the feelings really, or calmness that some experience through yoga.  Hold on and weíll go into this after this break.


Iím Alan Watt and we're Cutting Through The Matrix and we are talking to Alan from Australia who is talking about the various Eastern philosophies that were introduced into the Western world from the 60s onwards, pushed really by the Beatles and Timothy Leary, which itself is an illuminate name.  I donít know if you realize that, the name itself.  Itís purely high Masonic and probably not real.  Blavatsky talked about the creation or the bringing together of the religion of India with Christianity to create a new world system, a new religion.  This has been pushed BY the big boys who run the world and Maurice Strong who works for Rockefeller and the United Nations too, that pushed the Bahaíi and all the rest of it.  This was set up a long time ago, in the 1880s, to bring it to fruition for today.  When you see such a majority of Western women running off to yoga classes thinking itís all about exercises, they havenít a clue of the origins of yoga and what itís real intent is until they go up to higher meditation.  What you are really doing is channeling.  You are channeling entities.  The whole idea of yoga was to bypass reincarnation so you wouldnít have to come back again, but you take on the forms of all these different Gods which some other religions, including their own, will call demons too.  Itís quite something.  You are into a religion big time and when they start selling you philosophies and HOW to think and HOW to think ABOUT different things, a whole format of religion, well, youíre in trouble if you donít realize youíre IN a religion.  You are being indoctrinated and someone else is pulling YOUR strings.  This is part of the global agenda.


Khrushchev, back in the 60s, he set up a special team in the KGB.  Their job was to go around the Western world MONITORING to see if all of these gurus that were sent over from India and the New Age religion was taking off and how it was affecting the culture and society.  It was known at the time that they would eventually blend with the Western world into this new world order and they needed a new world religion to guide us all into it.  With it all comes, again, EUGENICS and too many people and saving mother earth, forced sterilization, and all that kind of stuff.   Thatís what comes in to all this eventually.  All these roads lead to the SAME road.  They all join together.  Itís a road to hell to be honest with you, an utter hell on earth as this agenda steamrolls forward. 


But you must have a pretty well stupefied population to control and take along that road and you do it by the creation of this particular new age religion, which is coupled with no rights or wrongs.  Itís MORAL RELATIVISM and therefore there is no right or wrong.  Right and wrong is only a human judgment.  Good and bad is just a human judgment on events.  They always say that something benefits from every act, even the bad acts; therefore nothing is technically ever wrong.  They can start killing you off and it wonít be wrong either and you wonít even care about it because, after all, itís moral relativity.  Thatís how your mind is controlled. 


Alan [Australia]:  Iíve just got one more question for you and then Iíll let someone else get a crack.  Youíve spoken before about the English language being a form of programming itself.  I was just wondering, as far as the awakening process goes and if you can get past all the media bombardment and all the propaganda and all this other sort of new age sort of stuff, you are still left with this language which you use to think and you use to express yourself.  Is that something that you somehow have to be able to go beyond to truly wake up?


Alan:  You can.  You can go beyond it when you DO know and if you are lucky enough to have it happen naturally from birth onwards where you can also think in PICTURES and SOUNDS and so on.  You have many other languages which we are taught not to even use.  In fact we are taught to ignore.  Even intuition we are taught to ignore now and only go by what the experts give us as facts.  Everything, really, is a language on its own and when it all works together you can certainly overcome the spoken word.  THE SPOKEN WORD IS THE FIRST CON GAME and thatís why the Masons always talk in their lectures about how God SPOKE the world into existence.  He meant all reality, the spoken word.  Itís the same thing with Adam giving names to all the animals and so on.  Iíve said this often, if you had a child and he asks what a tree is, when he first sees a tree and asks, what is that?  And you say, a tree, heíll say tree and thatís the last time he will ever think about it.  The best answer is to say, what do YOU think it is.  Simply listen to him ramble.  He will ramble on but thatís the natural way to do something.  Everything is already created for us to follow and thatís the trap that we are into. 


Language, just like a computer and they knew this many years ago, that we are basically computers to an extent in the conscious world and the programmer who knows the language and the logic of that computer will know what the answer to a problem is before itís fed into that computer.  We are the same.  Thatís how they use propaganda on the public today.  We are fed streams of information.  We process it in the way itís presented to us and we will come out with the expected answer, which the guys at the top knew weíd have to arrive at.  So that is the way that it worked, plain and simple. 


Alan [Australia]:  When youíve had a lifetime of thinking and speaking or communicating using language, how do you break that?  How can you go beyond it?


Alan:  I think really the best way is to understand really what we are saying.  We donít really.  Itís so full of, I hate to even use the word, Masonic, because Masonic is a later organization of a much earlier organization that understood the creation of languages down through the ages.  Youíll find EVERY CULTURE IS GIVEN A SPECIFIC TYPE OF LANGUAGE FOR THE PURPOSE OF THAT CULTURE.  Iíve had people from major, MAJOR think tanks who work for this new world order, who have discussed people like the Chinese and how their language was formed and for what kind of personality itís formed for.  For their purpose, they are a mass man type of people who are very obedient to the system.  Individuality is frowned upon and they are given a specific language which reinforces all of that.  The English language was created to get a practical, working and war-based people on the go.  Old English, prior to Bacon and Dee and others, really was a form of Germanic-Saxon type of language.  If you look at the writings of Chaucer, the real writings, not the updates ones because there are many updated versions, if you look at the original ones, most people wouldnít even understand it today because itís closer to German than any other tongue.  In the 1500s, with Shakespeare AND the King James Bible at the same time for Britain, they introduced thousands upon thousands of new words which became the English language.  They were taught at the universities to make sure that they would go out into the populace and spread it, all the minister were taught it and so on, and teachers.  Thatís how the language was done.  At the same time they were upgrading the German language in a similar way through Luther and they created higher German from his rendition of the Bible.  So they did this across Europe at the same time.  Even France had changes.  The French in Quebec is more 1500s-based language and itís different from the updated later French from France.  This was a major organized effort by those who already run the ancient world, or at least Europe, to change them and create a society for their functions for each one of them. 


Alan [Australia]:  Okay.  Well thanks for that, Alan.  Thanks for your time.


Alan:  Thanks for calling. 


Alan [Australia]:  Thanks very much, take care now.


Alan:  Itís a deep subject and itís very extensive.  I could certainly ramble on for a long, long time on language and even teach the inner meanings of language as well but I donít really have time now at the stage that we are at in this world at the moment.  Thatís why Iím on the air trying to get it at least out to people and get them indignant about the basic things, the very basic things which are happening to them today. 


Alan [Australia]:  So, with the language, in your first book you offer a few keys on how to decipher a lot of words that we use nowadays.  So thatís really good.  What you are saying, to really understand what we are saying, is it that sort of analytical process that you are talking about?


Alan:  You have toÖ even Timothy Leary is ĎTime of the Leary.í  Thatís what it means.  A Ďlearyí is the man who lit the flame on the gas lamp posts in London before the electricity came in.  Thatís what a leary is.  His job was to go out into the world and promulgate the beauty of getting yourself bombed out of your mind with LSD.  He worked and itís been declassified, FOR the CIA.  The CIA were the ones who promoted the drug use and so on throughout the Western world.  This was all to get the children, the youngsters separated from their parents, which was very, very affective.  That was part of the program along with bringing in, again, the Beatles too.  They were TOLD to go over to India and start promoting the Hindu philosophies. 


Alan [Australia]:  Yeah.  Sure.  I noticed with a lot of bands today, there are actually getting a lot darker and more kind of occultic.  Part of the same sort of thing that I guess the Beatles were doing, turning people on to Eastern philosophy and meditation, yoga and that sort of thing.  But there seems to be, there are a few bands around today that are really pushing the ideas and the work of Aleister Crowley. 


Alan:  Oh yeah.  Aleister Crowley, again, worked for MI-5 and MI-6.  Thatís been announced now by Britain as well; they kept it quiet for years.


Alan [Australia]:  Okay.  Hasnít he claimed to do so from the beginning?


Alan:  Yes. There is no doubt about it.  Even during the world war he was over in Germany being a propagandist for Germany and after the war he wasnít imprisoned.  You know.  He was allowed to come back into Britain and carry on with his life and run the O.T.O.  Then he set up Parsons in the United States, who started off the Rocket Research Foundation which became NASA.  He set up another couple of branches of Freemasonry in the United States to do with NASA even.  So these guys are all connected and youíll find that guys like Crowley, etc, literally worked for the intelligence agencies.  Iíve met some people, even in Canada, who work for the Federal government who promote the new age.  Their job is to go around and promote the new age and Iíve personally met them. 


Alan [Australia]:  Youíve mentioned before that the O.T.O. was responsible for culture creation, as a branch of Freemasonry that was given that task.


Alan:  Of getting the youth.  It was to get the youth into this new way of thinking. 


Alan [Australia]:  Do you know of any perhaps musicians or artists that are actually members of that organization?


Alan:  I certainly do. 


Alan [Australia]:  Iíve heard rumors that David Bowie is a member and certainly some of his early stuff he does, singing about the golden dawn and Aleister Crowley, Jimmy Page from Led Zeppelin.† Now, modern day bands, there is a band called Toll who openly admit to being part of the O.T.O. † So there are a few of them out there.


Alan:  Even the big poetsÖ See itís not justÖ Anyone who affects your mentality, your mind, takes you off into dream land, even into meditation, even novelists and poets.  I think it was Elliot that was, or maybe Yeats, it was Elliot or Yeats, but one of them was the HEAD of the Golden Dawn for years. 


Alan [Australia]:  I think it was WB Yeats. 


Alan:  These characters, this is still the same today.  I have books here now that are just coming out with the stuff on the whole culture creation industry and pretty well every novelist and every major poet even, and artist, was a member at least of organizations being run by the CIA.  Thatís now declassified.  And they are still at it.  They havenít given up.  They are guiding us into the next phase.  Okay.


Alan [Australia]:  Okay.  Thanks for your time Alan. 


Alan:  Thanks for calling.  Iíve got Maggie in Texas.  Are you there Maggie?


Maggie:  Hello Alan.


Alan:  Hello.


Maggie:  Hi.  These last 15 or 20 minutes have been so interesting that I almost hesitate to go back to my original question, the question I had in mind.  But you were talking about vaccines.  I wanted your opinion on a subject that is closely related to the vaccines, namely the forced fluoridation of water.  Itís obvious why physicians, even little everyday ordinary physicians would be interested in promoting vaccines because they make money off of it; it may even be their bread and butter.  I would like to know why it is that dentists are so eager to push the fluoridation of water because they make no direct profit, as far as I can tell, on the illnesses that are caused by fluoridation in the water.  If they really believe it works, as it claims to, would that not actually take away from their practice because it seems to be that the bread and butter of dentistry is filling teeth and creating crowns.


Alan:  Here is the thing; every institution which is licensed is a politically correct institution with its own mandate.  Everybody who works for it and who is licensed KNOWS what they want.  They donít like, number one, dissent in any way at all.  In fact the guy who initially pushed the fluoridation in Canada, the top dentist, and got it through, eventually turned 180 degrees and went against it when he found out all the results of what it was actually doing to people and came out and apologized to the public.  Now, what happened to him and his job I donít know but I do know they do not tolerate dissent within their ranks.  Thatís the same with all institutions.  Thatís the beauty of running a system where you license the people who work, you can pull it so easily.  The dentist who lives like everybody else, they live high on the hog and live to the extent of their income; they donít want to lose their jobs too.  They also want to progress into higher institutions within their own categories and you wonít get up there if you go against the politically correct dogma.  Everyone knows what they want you to say and most folk, unfortunately, go along with it. 


Maggie:  So you think itís that simple, that they actually do know and they are just keeping quiet for their ownÖ


Alan:  They see the results.  They see the results of the accumulation of fluoride in the teeth itself.  They get dotted teeth.  They get little speckled parts throughout the teeth themselves.  Mind you, itís good for business because it creates a brittleness within the teeth AND the bones; we know that too.  Itís great for business.  People keep coming in to get broken teeth fixed. 


Maggie:  Oh, it is.  So that is really happening?


Alan:  Oh, yeah. 


Maggie:  I was wondering where I could find literature on that.  Iíd like to know more about it.  A dental school, a medical school?


Alan:  You can go into it and you can find the effects of fluoridation to do with, I canít remember the exact term they use, when it becomes the speckled effect throughout the teeth.


Maggie:  Fluorosis.  That is considered cosmetic and of course itís ugly as sin so even if it were only cosmetic, the fact that they accept that is outrageous.


Alan:  Sure.  What it does too, because fluoride is the byproduct of aluminumÖ in fact itís the waste product of the aluminum industry.  So they dump their waste products on the public and sell it.  Itís so beautiful.  It would be like you, instead of going to the bathroom, selling excreta to the public, and telling them itís good for them, THATíS what they do.  Thatís how they treat us.  Iím not kidding you. 


Maggie:  Yes.  I think of it as the analogous to the Tom Sawyer story in which he was punished by being made to paint a fence and he got his friends not only to do it for him but to pay him for the privilege. 


Alan:  Thatís right.  Thatís what weíre doing.  Hold on and Iíll be back with more after this break. 


Hi folks.  I am Alan Watt and weíre Cutting Through The Matrix, talking to Maggie from Texas on the fluoridation.  Remember, fluoridation too, the Bronfmanís, the Bronfman family, the guys who helped to run the racketeering stuff in the 20s and 30s, they became very rich and famous.  They owned the Alcan company and that was the big aluminum company that really profited massively from this con game of dumping their waste stuff into the public, into their toothpaste and everything else.  So the same characters are always involved down through time profiting off the misery of people and causing more in the process.  Itís always a big con game and whenever you get this aluminum build up in bones or teeth, it becomes brittle within that core.  Itís the same in teeth because the enamel itself is very, very strong and uniform but when itís interspersed with this little mottling effect, you have the brittle parts in there which makes it weak and they do break but itís good for business.  Also, of course, we know fluoridation makes people very placid.  It drops the IQ of the population and they are more manageable and thatís what the tyrants of the past have noticed when they put it into the drinking water of the public. 


Maggie:  Iíve noticed there has been an explosion in cosmetics industry and I wonder if a lot of that doesnít pertain to kind of covering up the effects of fluorosis. 


Alan:  Itís very possible but the cosmetic industry has much more deeper thingsÖ Again, I tell people YOU CANNOT BE PARANOID ENOUGH WHEN YOU KNOW THE AGENDA.  Iíve got articles here on the cosmetics and how there is so much of these xenoestrogens, etc, CHEMICALS in the cosmetics.  That the male fetuses Ė and this is from the British newspapers, the studies, many studies have been done recently.  They find that the male fetus between the age of 8-12 weeks will be SEVERELY attacked as far as their sexual reproductive qualities go when they get older.  They are tracing it down to these very, very harmful chemicals in womenís cosmetics. 


Maggie:  Oh my God. 


Alan:  And I donít think thatís by mistake either.  When everything is detrimental to the public, but falls in line with an agenda, half the time it should fall Ė if it was by chance Ė it should fall and benefit the public.  How come it always goes along with the agenda? 


Maggie:  Okay.  Well, thank you very much, Alan.


Alan:  Thanks for calling.  There is Robert from Nevada.  Are you there Robert?


Robert:  Hello.


Alan:  Hello.


Robert:  Do you think the next 3 years, as the time frame on Iím concentrating on, if you had a choice between staying in the United States with a secure job and just hunkering down with some freeze dried food OR going to say the rural Philippines, which would you choose?


Alan:  It would depend on where you are hunkering down in the US.  I think any city is highly at risk.  We know they are clamping down on cities. We know too, they want toÖ Iíve said, under a war scenario, you want to get rationing; you want to get migrations of refugees.  We are seeing that in New Orleans again.  I said years ago, they want to move mass populations around as they do in a real war situation and getting us used to it.  So if you are in a city, itís not the wisest place to be.  Those places are going to come under more strict control.  You are helpless for your food, your water, and for everything that you need to live within a city.  You have to move if youíre in one. 


Robert:  Do you think the next 3 years will be the time when everything happens?


Alan:  There is no doubt itís going to speed up to 2010-2012.  Thatís their own estimations from the Department of Defence. 


Robert:  Thank you.


Alan:  Thanks for calling.


From Hamish and myself in Ontario, Canada where Iím getting the wood in, mucho pronto, itís good night and may your God or your Gods GO with you.




"Flu jab that costs £115m a year does not cut death rate in elderly" by Jenny Hope ( - Aug. 29, 2008.



Transcribed by Diana



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