Sept. 5, 2008 (#163)

Alan Watt "Cutting Through The Matrix" LIVE on RBN:

Poem Copyright Alan Watt Sept. 5, 2008:

"Oh DOD Think Tank, Tell Me What Do You See?
Good Times for All, Ongoing Prosperity?
'No, Lad, There'll be Flashmobs and Riots, with which to Contend,
Plagues, Starvation and Mass Immigration, Still a Nation to Defend,'
But DOD Think Tank, How Can That Be?
What About Liberty, Equality, Fraternity?
'Well Lad, Generations and People are Just Like a Tool,
Used to Build Our Great Work, They're Always the Fool,
While Awed by Our Power and Military Drumming,
They Don't See Their End While the New World's a-Coming' "
© Alan Watt Sept. 5, 2008

Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - Sept. 5, 2008 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)
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Hi folks, Iím Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix on September the 5th, 2008.  I always advise newcomers to look into web site where you can download lots of the previous talks where I tried to piece this big jigsaw puzzle, which is projected to us, called reality, together for you because itís very, very complex and itís intentionally complex.  Youíre not supposed to know whatís really going on.  So I do my best to give you the short cuts.  You can download hundreds and hundreds of hours of my previous shows.  Also look into for transcripts which you can download and print up and pass around to your friends written in the various tongues of Europe.  Also remember too, that YOU the listeners keep me going because this is what Iím doing full time now.  Iím doing these shows and dealing with all the other aspects of it too.  The mail, sending out of books, all that kind of stuff is done from here, not through agencies.  I keep a tight control of it; that way, no one else can grab the material and destroy it.  This has happened to authors in the past.  So you can buy my books on web site or the CDs or discs I have of DVDs.  That will keep me going.  You can also donate to me through Paypal and other means, also on the site.† It tells you how to do it.† Now some people will send Western Union.  Western Union if fine, itís just that they will charge you a hefty sum on the other side to put your transfer through.  And even when you do it, youíve got to make sure that it IS up on their site.  Sometimes they donít finalize it and doesnít come up as having come through, but thereís many, many ways to pay, as I say.  US personal checks or postal money orders, international postal money orders from the US are acceptable in Canada.  The international postal order is the reddish, orange one, NOT the green one.  Not the green one that says, ďONLY VALID WITHIN THE US.Ē  Thatís not the one.  Itís the reddish, orangey, yellowish one. 

Tonight, I was wondering about this big mess we call The New World Order.  It appears to be a mess to most people because itís thrown at you like a scatter gun, like a shotgun with billions of little pieces coming to you.  A lot of itís disinformation, lots of itís to keep you tied up in the moment through political arguments over this politician or that politician and itís all a big, big scam, because the whole century, the WHOLE century and the following century, I have no doubt, has already been mapped out.  It isnít until you go into the old books to find how it was done in the past, that you get an inkling as to how strategy, global strategy, is developed and administered and run and put into effect. 

What you do, is simply through the financial aid you give to countriesÖ you bring in conditions.  And a bit at a time, over maybe 50 years, you eventually run their political institutions.  You make sure they copy YOUR system, what they call democracy, which is a rubber band.  Thereís no static democracy.  Itís ideal for that case because you can always update it to the next part of the agenda, but they also do it through non-governmental organizations and education; itís all run as a global type level from the United Nations.  This is a FRONT organization, set up really, to front for the Cecil Rhodes Foundation which became the Royal Institute of International Affairs.  They set up the League of Nations.  The United States financed it into existence and theyíre running the show today.  Iím going to go into this strategy of control after this break. 

Hi folks, Iím Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix, just talking about how this world is planned in advance.  Today I was going back through the report that was put out for, really, the rest of the century.  The report that was set up and made by the DCDC, they call it, the Strategic Trends Introduction.† The DCDC, it says here, itís a director general within the UKís Ministry of Defence.  This is the big think tank that runs the UKís Ministry of Defence.  Itís the ďDevelopment, Concepts and Doctrine Centre.Ē  Now, that also runs the NATO organization.  Itís so interesting to read how theyíve put everything out there, 90 pages of every possible disaster scenario you could possibly imagine, including the cultural changes, they foresee.† Now when they say they foresee something and something is likely, itís because itís going to be mandated to be so, including cultural changes in all the countries that theyíre going into, taking over and setting up the standardized system, but it also goes into the cultural changes back home in the western world, including the United States.  Where they talk about small enclaves coming together with their particular religion and a minority because they need some comfort, you know, some comfort with all the rapid changes going on around them.  Thatís how they treat people and see people and their religions.  Itís basically irrelevant, unless it keeps them peaceful and out of harmís wayÖ which means out of their faces.  Thatís out of harmís way for the Ministry of Defence. 

It also goes into what theyíre already doing and thatís the amazing thing about it.  What theyíre already doing.  Whatever you read in that document has been on the go for a long, long time.  What struck me is how close, if not how similar it was to the Council on Foreign Relations magazines that they put out there, where they always tell you the next part of their agenda.  Now, the Council on Foreign Relations is the just the American arm, the branch, the American branch, of the Royal Institute of International Affairs which manages this whole global free trade idea. 

What Iím talking about is how they get consensus between HUNDREDS AND HUNDREDS of big international corporations.  How they get consensus through education, in ALL the countries, giving out the same propaganda to the children, the same generations of children, one after the other.  However, at the same time, itís all coordinated, and thatís how you shape the future.  Thatís how you can predict whatís going to happen.  You MAKE the future happen.  No one else is doing it, so you might as well do it yourself, if youíre the big boys, you see?  Itís quite simple. 

When you go into British foreign policy, even in the 1700s, you can see the machinations of Britain with what it called the Balance of Power Doctrine.  Where it would fund little countries who were backed up next to giants and have a war going, back the side of the little country and knock the giant down.  Then, when the little country got big, theyíd reverse it and get someone else to knock them down.  Napoleon called them ďperfidious EnglandĒ because they kept changing allegiances and making new treaties.  Well, this strategy still goes on and everyone who was sent out across the planet, trained by the home office and trained in diplomacy had an incredible education because they were given long term strategy.  Strategy that they would often would NEVER see fulfilled in their lifetimes.  That was from, literally, the 1700s onwards and itís still going on today. 

That is why they can get consensus built up, with all the countries under their wings and shape the future and bring us all along in the same direction at the same time.  In every country, they run the Culture Industry, the Fashion Industry, the Education Industry, the Medical Industry and even the Science Theory Industry that shapes our minds and gives them excuses that they give to us as to why they have to do this or thatÖ with weather control and all the rest of it.  Thatís how you run the world.  A mammoth task but itís done through incredible networking.  Now, the Club of Rome itself presides over MANY other bodies, but itís only one organization.  Look at the pyramid of bodies thatís under its wing.  Itís astounding. 

Getting back to this Strategic Trends for this century weíre in today.  Going through it just put me in mind of the documents they put out in books in the 1700s and 1800s and 1900s.  Because they planned EVERY century, thatís what I really gets through to you.  They planned every century up till now.  You have the records of it or at least you can still GET them if you can find the old books going back to the 1700s where they projected the future.  Not because they looked at crystal balls but because they were the boys who ran economics.  They were they guys who funded corporations into existence and put armies in the field and ran the factories that supplied them.  They run the future at all times. 

What happens to the public in all the mayhem along the way, well Rockefeller said, ďYou canít make an omelet without breaking eggs.Ē  And when societies are totally disrupted, or put on the shelves, as North America is about to be, itís economy is definitely going down the tubes, thatís just making the omelet and thatís just tough luck, isnít it?  He also said, ďThis generation is the cannon fodder for this agenda.Ē  Thatís on tape.  Thatís what we are.  Weíre omelets, broken egg shells and cannon fodder for the big boys who come up with these plans and have all the little people around them work it into being for them.  Mephistopheles would be proud. 

You should look into the Strategic Trends introduction, by DCDC and I think it was put out in December 2006, this particular edition giving you the future right down to political trends which are not trends at all, itís the agenda.  Equality trends for males, females across the world, itís to bring more females up to status and actually supplant many men.  In many countries they intend to make them matriarchal societies.  Theyíre already doing it, by the way, in Africa and many other places, where the UN is funding small business but to females only and giving them computer and loans and all the rest of it to get going, so they can bypass the men and put them out of the picture.  They want to do the same thing across the Arab nations as well.  They must destroy Islam because thatís old.  Itís also in this particular report, the fact that they keep hammering at IslamÖ being a big possible nuisance for the next 50 years or so and they must deal with it, obviously. 

Also in that report, it talks about how countries will be using more and more the use of private armies.  Why private armies?  Well, itís because they canít trust an army supplied or paid for by the people.  The people want some feedback and some accountability from national armies that we have.  So the trend, again, is to go into private armies... who, remember, these soldiers will only be loyal to their paymaster.  Theyíre mercenaries.  And it even talks in that DCDC report about how theyíll work alongside GANGS and criminals GANGS who they can bribe off to work with them in other countries.  In other words, slaughterers and REAL mercenaries; theyíll take them under their wing and work with them.  Well, thatís happening in parts of Afghanistan and Iraq already.  It ties right in with the Washington Times report Iíve got here on Blackwater.  Sunday, August 24, 2008.  It says:


Blackwater Worldwide, Wal-Mart of modern war

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Say whatever you want about Blackwater Worldwide - and hardly a day goes by when something isn't being said about it - it does not put all its eggs in one basket.

Long before the company's recent announcement that it would seek to de-emphasize its personal security work in the future, it had created a diversified corporate structure. To use military terminology, it is a combined arms operation. (Alan: Iíll tell you what else it is too; itís a CIA front because there are no big private armies allowed to do whatever the hell they like across the planet.  You have to not only be AUTHORIZED but you have to be monitored and LED and scrutinized or youíd never be allowed by those who own the world, the big economists.)

While most attention is focused on Blackwater Security Consulting, the unit that provides contractors for work in Iraq and elsewhere, there is far more to it than that.

Blackwater has long sought to be a one-stop shopping center, a sort of Wal-Mart for all the U.S. government's military outsourcing needs, and a review of its business units shows it has gone a long way toward meeting that goal.

Consider Greystone Ltd., which is a Blackwater entity. A private security service, it is registered in Barbados and employs third-country nationals for offshore security work. Its Web site advertises its ability to maintain and train "a work force drawn from a diverse base of former special operations, defense, intelligence and law enforcement professionals ready on a moment's notice for global deployment." Tasks can be from very small-scale up to major operations to facilitate large-scale stability operations requiring large numbers of people to assist in securing a region. (A: You know they were also down in New Orleans, this bunchÖ this private army?)

Need something delivered by air? Look no further than Aviation Worldwide Services. AWS was founded by Richard Pere and Tim Childrey, and is based in Melbourne, Fla. Several of the MD-530 helicopters used by Blackwater Security Consulting in Iraq are operated by AWS.

AWS owns and operates three subsidiaries: STI Aviation Inc., Air Quest Inc. and Presidential Airways Inc. (A: Iíll be back with more on this company after this break.)


Hi folks, I am Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix, giving you the bigger picture and trying to get you to REALLY understand that NOTHING, even on a global scale, happens by chance.  EVERYTHING is planned well in advance.  The invasion of Afghanistan and Iraq were planned longÖ years and years before they went in there after 9/11.  9/11 had to happen to give them the plausibility to go in.  The first war that they have is to win the minds of the people over and through propaganda.  The first casualty of war is TRUTH. 

Iíll also put up that particular link to that DCDCís 90 page document for the projection of the future on my web site AGAIN.  Itís already in the [articles] archives section but tonight Iíll put it up again, so that you can go straight to it and go through it.  Itís a long, long document, 90 pages but it will give you an idea.  Whenever they say Ďlikelyí, it means this is how itís going to be.  Thatís why itís in italics.  Getting back to the Washington Times, talking about Blackwater, and all of its subsidiaries, it says: 

AWS owns and operates three subsidiaries: STI Aviation Inc., Air Quest Inc. and Presidential Airways Inc. In April 2003 it was acquired by Blackwater USA. Blackwater also operates an airport at its North Carolina facility, called Blackwater Airstrip Airport.

Of course, some of these units have had their own controversies. (Alan: Now, then it goes into saying something about these companies crashing abroad and inquiries into them.)


But thatís not the point Iím making here.  The point is, you see, even that company was given incredibleÖ letís say encouragement from the Pentagon and very high places to get going.  Theyíve had discussions about how to keep their armies faithful to governments in times of crisis in a diversified, globalized society.  They came up with the fact that they couldnít trust the soldiers so theyíd have to create these big mercenary outfits.  Thatís why, by the way, they started training the children 20 years ago on video games and movies where everyone wore black outfits with different patches or flashes, they call them, on their arms.  They were kind of faceless types but they obviously were the ones in charge; they had the big guns.  Theyíve raised a whole generation TO BE that very type of soldier. 

Someone was telling me yesterday, in fact, from New York, talking to a guy whoís in the black area there and he said the every youngster he knows wants to be IN the military or the police force.  Thatís how they see the future for themselves.  Thereís no other place for them.  Thatís the only place they can walk into from nothing land and be a somebody all of a sudden and get respect and a paycheck. 

This is all being planned that way.  You know, in Britain they used to close the factories down when they wanted people to get recruited into the military before they brought in conscription.  Itís the same thing here, when they took away the factories and encouraged them and financed them, with your tax money, to go to China; they knew theyíd raise a population up with not much of a prospect.  In fact, they started calling them generation X and thatís whoís in the military nowÖ the X-ers.  Everything is planned that way. 

Anyway, continuing with this particular article, it says here:

So Blackwater is on the ground and in the air. What about the sea? It has that covered, too. Blackwater Maritime Security Services offers tactical training for maritime force protection units. It has trained Greek security forces for the 2004 Olympics and Azerbaijan's naval sea commandos.

Blackwater's facilities include a man-made lake with stacked containers simulating a ship for maritime assaults. Blackwater received a contract to train U.S. Navy sailors following the attack on the USS Cole in 2000.   (Alan: Which people are still saying was a set-up job, too.)

And, of course, given that much American economic news these days deals with housing and real estate issues, it is only appropriate that Blackwater should have created the Raven Development Group. RDG got its start in 1997 by designing and building the world's largest private tactical training facility: Blackwater USA.

Among other things, RDG offers general contracting, construction management, designing and building services to its clients. (A: Youíve got to understand too, what this is talking about.  Heís talking about building air bases and army bases and so on across to planet along with Haliburton.  Another big, I say, front group because they go in and set up the infrastructure in countries to get them on their feet after the Air Forces blast them into oblivion. Well, how do these companies come into being? You see, you donít just work your way up to the top and they open the door and say, Ďwell done.í  No, you have to literally pry that door open and they MIGHT, and might not, bring you up the ladder.  You donít walk up it.  They HAUL you up and they make sure that you know your place in the great scheme of things.) 


Thatís Blackwater and it goes on and on and on about more and more and more about Blackwater and what theyíre up to.  Do you know the Roman Army had about 34 military bases across the planet in the ancient world?  That was similarÖ see nothing is NEW.  Thereís nothing is new under the sun.  The roman government had these big front contractors who would go inÖ where ever the Romanís went they were big builders; they were always big builders, the big masons.  They love big building contracts and make sure that you pay for it and Iíll explain that after the following break.

Hi folks, Iím Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix trying to make sense of the confusion which is bunged out there in our faces.  Just before we go on to the callers, Iíll mention too, in that DCDC 90 page report, they talk about the increasing use ofÖ what theyíre talk about really, is gossip... gossip for media.  If you notice, they give us nothing but gossip.  So-and-soís boobs are being reduced and so on... or implanted and made larger and all that kind of stuff.  These are the gossipy things because they want to keep the public dumb and stupid and out of action while they bring these massive changes upon them.  Theyíll be encouraging all this trivia and rubbish and Hollywood bimbo stuff and increasing articlesÖ more and more and more of them until thatís all people will talk about, I guess.  I call it comparison studies.  Whose boobs are bigger than the otherís because thatís all theyíre giving you. 

Iíll go to the callers now because we have a few thereÖ I should get it done.  Weíve got Justin in the UK.  Are you there Justin?

Justin:  Hi Alan? 

Alan:  Yes

Justin:  Hi, how are you?

Alan:  Iím surviving here.  Itís pouring rain again.  Iíve had three days of sun, the whole summer.  (laugh).

Justin:  Yes, itís been a bit of the same here in the UK; this summer has been a total washout.  Itís been officially the worst that I know in about 50 years perhaps.Of course, the farmers are being hit hard with the torrential rains... absolutely terrible. 

Alan:  Yes.  Same here.

Justin:  Thereís the weather warfare for you, I guess.

Alan:  It IS weather warfare and whatís interesting is they just put articles out now, officially, in the main stream papers, telling us that theyíre going TO HAVE TO DUMP sulfur dioxide into the air to save us.  (laugh) 

Justin:  Ha, right. 

Alan:  When theyíve been doing it for 10 yearsÖ with much more lethal stuff than that. 

Justin:  Yeah, yeah.  But I was just listening to what youíve been talking about with the relationship between Blackwater.  You know, the premier mercenary company on the planet and this police state theyíre trying to bring into being globally with private armies.I think I emailed you this before, but have you heard about what is called the Defence Technical Academy was going to be built, is being built, I think, in St. Afterman, Wales? 

Alan:  Yes.

Justin:  Youíve heard about thatÖ itís a very strange thing called the Metrics Consortium, various companies bounded together to provide training basically for whatever government can afford to pay the bill to send their thugs to be trained in this military, mercenary academy in Wales.  I think itís costing about 11 billion pounds of the tax payerís money. 

Alan:  Oh, yeah!  The tax payer pays for his chains.

Justin:  Yeah.  For sure, theyíve got companies like Kiddie Tech and Raytheon, of course, that are involved in this with various others.  Theyíve altered their web site nowÖ because they did include some rather interesting information about the training they were providing and other things but theyíve altered their web site now.† Thereís a bit of a public relations thing ongoing with this, so theyíve altered certain things, but itís all going on.  The people, as you say, itís all perception management, itís out in the public domain, but people are IGNORING the whole thing, you know? 

Alan:  And theyíre kept out of the loop, but see, this is the whole point of it.  They donít want the public to ever be conscious of what really is going on or the real long term agenda or they donít want to know, for sure, that they themselves are going to be suffering the onslaughts of these troops when theyíre let loose, which they do say in that DCDC report will happen.† Theyíll have flash mobs and theyíll need a particular type of army that will be unaccountable TO the public, you see, to go in and deal with itÖ as severely as possible. 

Justin:  Definitely, definitely.  Well, I just wanted to mention that.  Iíll have to see if I can send you some of the information on this because they deleted certain things from the web site, so Iíll see if I can email these to you.  They may be of interest to you.  Another quick thing before I leave this to other callers.  You mentioned in the past about how so many people are basically THE DEAD, you know, theyíve turned off from reality.  You know, their perception has been so well managed by the powers that be that everything is, you know, theyíre dead to the reality.I mean, I pretty recently woke up to the way things ARE.  My entire life I have seemed to be rebelling instinctively against the system.But you say that so many people are the dead, but if you consider that the dead are your close family and friends, how can you reallyÖ you know I basically want to try and do things to HELP my family who helped me my whole life.You know, how can you sayÖ and I realize what youíre sayingÖ but I want to try and help themÖ I want to find some ways to help the people that I know.  I canít just leave the dead, as we say, to it.  What do you think would be a way of helping them?  Because they feel theyíve left me behind from their perspective, you know.† Iím trying to work out a way to try and help them because these are the people that matter to me.

Alan:  What you can do is write up simplisticÖ actually for their stage in understanding, simplistic things which are going to affect their lives personally and ways which they can help to counter it, at least protect themselves or get ready for something coming down the pike.  Not to be sitting ducks so to speak.  Even to do with storing up food and things for whatís to come.  Stuff you can store for years if necessaryÖ but very simple stuff.  You can certainly point out what is PREDICTED to happen in the next few years.† It doesnít take a genius to look at the prices going through the roof and itís going to be much, much worse, especially with the fact that they have targeted the farm belts of Europe and North America and this winter and in the following year, definitely, will be even worse when the stocks start to go down.  This is intentional.  They want to bring up certain countries in Latin America, such as Chili and others to be the main producers of the GMO food for North America and parts of Europe.  If you can fill in the little parts that donít make sense to them, just fill them in on those parts which they CAN understand, at least get them ready for some kind of preparedness so they can come through some tough times ahead. 

Justin:  Yeah, for sure.  I have been trying, as some people will listen to certain things I will tell them about whatís going on, but itís trying to BREAK through the programming because they all have their little panaceas to relieve the pain of modern life.  Whether itís drugs, alcoholÖ

Alan:  I tell you, you canít do it.  If they go into the television every day, you wonít be able to do it. 

Justin:  The main thing is the television.The media saturation, the media programmingÖ trying to break through that Iím finding almost impossible. 

Alan:  Exactly, and thatís why they gave us television, was to destroy communication between adults and children.  You canít.  Itís too hypnotic, itís too professional, itís addictive, very addictive.  It gives them a safe, secure version of reality.  Everythingís being taken care of, donít worry, just lie back and just play.  Thatís what theyíre told, really.  You will not break through to them as long as theyíre GLUED on that television set.  Brzezinski said it himself, ďItís a scientific indoctrination through televisionĒ and he said, ďAll theyíll be able to do shortly is repeat that which is downloaded into them on the previous nightís news.Ē  Thatís happened with most people, unfortunately. 

Justin:  Yeah, definitely the television.  Of course, Iíve got adult friends big into the whole computer game thing as well.  Thatís even worse in a way.

Alan:  Thatís another thing in the DCDC reportÖ people should read it.  Theyíre going to encourage more and more and more of that to keep people in la-la land, and actually use all media and the internet to its FULL extreme to basically put you back into that limbo state of unreality.  They even say in it that fact and fiction will become so blurred, most folk will be unable to tell the difference.  Thatís what itís given for.  Thatís what itís given to them for. 

Justin:  Yeah, definitely.  Let the media do your thinking for you because Iíve been told in my own life ďRemember, you think too much,Ē itís the mantra constantly repeated, ďYou THINK too much.Ē  ďGo with the flow.Ē

Alan:  Thatís right.  How on earth could you possible ever think too much?  (laughs)

Justin:  Yeah, Iíve always been told, ďYou think too much.  Youíre too deep.ĒAnyway, Iíll leave it to other callers.  Iíve taken up your time, Alan.  So thank you very much and Iíll try and email you that particular article on the Metrics Consortium, you may find of interest. 

Alan:  Thatís fine.  Okay.

Justin:  Thank you, Alan.

Alan:  Talk to you again.  Now, weíve got Bernard from Philly.  Are you there Bernard?

Bernard:  Hello.

Alan:  Hello.

Bernard:  Good to meet you.  I have 2 questions and 1 request.  I think I heard you once say that the Tarot is the foundation of all religions.  Could you explain that?

Alan:  I donít know if I said that but the Tarot card, really, if you understandÖ you canít really do it on this kind of show from the time constraints and so on, but every symbol that you see and the symbols in symbols and there are symbols within symbols are part of theÖ actually itís the mechanism of the structure of control of all of society, including your mind.  Every age group, every genderÖ itís all in there tooÖ methods to do it.  Thereís many languages and symbolism is one of the MAIN languages from the most ancient times.  The high magi used symbols to communicate to each other and of course, the public thought it was nice pictures, but itís still in use today and itís definitely in the set of the Tarot cards.  The Tarot, remember, is just a scrambled Torah which means law. 

Bernard:  OkayÖ second question.  Could you explain the transition from the Roman Empire to the Catholic Church?  In other words, did the hierarchy of the Roman Empire become the hierarchy of the Roman Catholic Church or where did they go, where did theyÖ

Alan:  Well, what they did with ConstantineÖ Constantine set up a Bishop.  He didnít take the crown himself for that particularÖ he had plenty of hats to wear already being the Emperor, but what he did was to bring the Catholic Church (what became known as the Catholic Church) at the time.† Again, it was standardization process of many splinter groups which already existed.  He accepted it in as ONE of the religions under the Roman Empire.  He didnít make it the main religion.  That happened later and then Justin eventually sort of tried to bring it down again.  He was the last pagan one.  You find, too, that Constantine built a temple to himself where the people could go and worship HIM as a GOD, so he had lots of insurance policies.  He was Christian, he belonged to Mithraism, he belonged to all the standard groups of the day.  He had lots of insurance policies.  He himself had no particular favorite except that which would be popular for the people for control purposes and thatís really why he brought it in.  The following ones eventually took on that role as Pope and, as I say, up until Justin.  Then Justin, who was the last pagan emperor, he went back to philosophy.  He believed he was also a god.  He triedÖ he came down on the Christian churches of that day.  Christianity had many different factions before Constantine accepted IT as one of the faiths under the Roman Empire.

Bernard:  Okay and one request.  In regard to waking up the dead, I think two documents would be useful in waking the dead.  That would be the declassified documents you have regarding culture creation and also the members book you have from the RIIA, 1937, regarding the fall of the United States and the rise of China, etc.  Would you be able to post those to your web site?

Alan:  What Iíll do is do talks on both of them and then put up stuff on the web site, because theyíll take quite a while to go through, but I will do talks on them.

Bernard:  Okay.  Iíll be calling you again soon.  Thank you and Iíll let the next caller take it. 

Alan:  Okay.  Thanks for calling.  Thereís so much to this, too.  People donít even know the PAST because once again, the victorsí always writes the histories.  Nothingís really changed on that.  Even when youíre living through a time period, you have to cut through the propaganda which always exists and find the truth.  The truth is a HARDEST thing ever to find when youíre living inside an agenda, a planned agenda, where century by century, the future is always planned.  Now, weíve got Doyle in DC.  Are you there Doyle?

Doyle:  Alan?

Alan:  Yes.

Doyle:  Hi, how are you?

Alan:  Not so bad.

Doyle:  I have one question and then Iíll hang up and listen to your answer on the air.  Can you say slowly, the exact name of the report, the full name of the report that you keep referring to?  The DC something and I want to write it down so Iím going to hang up, okay?

Alan:  What Iíll do, is Iíll put this on the web site again, tonight; itís already on in the archive section of but Iíll put a link, back up, on tonightís talk.  Youíll be able to find it right from my site which should take you to this particular organization.  This military, think tank organization and youíll have no trouble finding it, so look into the site.  The front page of my web site for tonightís talk and the link will be right there for you to go and see.  90 pages, download it and go over it at your leisure.  Remember, think for yourself when youíre reading it because these characters donít have a crystal ball, itís not surmising.  Theyíre very politically correct.  They talk about the CO2 levels going to be a crisis.  These are still up in the air but theyíve accepted that as FACT.  Which means that this is the agenda; this is, again, a unified agenda from ALL sides along the same pathway to control the people, including using the weather and crisis to control them.  Now, Iíve got Todd from California.  Are you there Todd?

Todd:  Hello.

Alan:  Hello.

Todd:  Alan, how are you?

Alan:  Iím surviving.  Iím shrinking with the rain.  Iím becoming one of the little people.  (laughs)

Todd:  Well, calling from California, originally from New York.  I called before, a couple of months ago and I donated to youÖ I bought some of your books and stuff.  So theyíre great and constantly listening and this time I had a question.  In your studies and your research, did you ever find information where the ruling elite say, didnít brainwash us but they educated the people, they gave good food, really like good leadership and tried to help the people and had great effects?  It seems like the ruling elite are like, ĎScrew the masses, theyíre stupid.  Even if we educated them and gave them everything they would still be the masses?í 

Alan:  They have never gone full out to help the people, but Iíll tell you, they did give the US more leeway for a certain period of time to build themselves up, knowing they could take it all back from them down the road.  Even health wise in the 40s and 50s the US was way ahead of everyone elseÖ with height for the average person, good bones, teeth, health, etc, they gave you better food, allowed you to have a better economy to buy it, so they did itÖ hold on actually and well go into it after this break. 

Hi, Iím Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix and we have Todd from California on the line talking about, or at least asking the question, ĎDid the elite ever give anyone a break down through the ages?í  Thereís no doubt, once and a while theyíll give a break to a generation to build up the war capacity and a healthy robust young population to fight wars.  Thatís what the British troops noticed in World War II was how tall and healthy the American, young Americans, were compared to themselves who were stunted because the British had never, ever had a break.  In fact, the average British troop even in World War I grew up to 5 inches with the food he got IN the first three months in the military.  They were so starved of nutrition.  Britain never gave them a break but the US certainly did, but you can see itís all plummeting now as people go into the junk food and so on and arenít so healthy and robust; they have bad bones and teeth and all the rest of it.  They havenít ever really done anything to benefit the public because from their point of view, to share power and even health with the public means losing power for themselves. 

Todd:  It seems like in an ideal world, theoretically, if the educated, fed people well and were true leadersÖ  like, Alan you demonstrated leadership.  Youíre educating us about truth.  Where, if they had more leaders like you Alan, would the masses say, ĎHey, thank you very much, we have a good life, weíre not going to overthrow you and try to take power from you,í or theyíre afraid of that possible uprising if they gave people good food, education and they are going to be a threat to their power, you know?

Alan:  The problem again, is these people arenít the average normal people.  This is the tragedy of it all.  See, in this system, the psychopathic types tend to find each other and marry each other and they interbreed so well and they produce the same kind.  They cannot really empathize with you at all as a member of the public.  If fact, they think theyíve got nothing in common with you.  I mean, so much so, that Iíve heard them in Britain talking about the ďITSĒ like Plato called the commoners, as though they were a different species.  And they really mean it when they talk about us that way.  It would be fine, if these were just Ďordinary people who made it goodí sort of thing and got to the top, but theyíre not.  Theyíre NOT.  Theyíve got it all sewn up at the top.  Itís a big, BIG club at the top and thatís another thing the Americans used to find was odd, was they went over to Britain when they made lots of money in oil and so on and went to Britain, thinking theyíd be accepted by the aristocracy but they were shunned because the other requirement was good, intergenerational breeding, you see.  It wasnít until they had a few generations of that they were eventually accepted in like the Astors were into Britain and to get in with the elite, so thatís the other prerequisite.  You need the lineages.  Thatís very important to them. 

Todd:  Well, Alan, thanks a lot for answering my question and I leave not with the word psychopath but PEACE to everyone, and Iíll jump on the internet and donate again so we can help you continue the TRUE leadership in helping people understand truths.

Alan:  Okay.  Thanks for calling.  I donít know if I have time to get Paul from Australia in.  Maybe if itís very, very quick.  Are you there Paul?

Paul:  Hello.

Alan:  Hello.

Paul:  Itís an honor to be speaking with you Mr. Alan Watt.  How are you doing, sir?

Alan:  Iím surviving.

Paul:  Thatís excellent.  Thatís the main thing.  I have 2 quick questions, if I might.  Do you know much about that sequence collider machine thatís underground there in Texas, about how theyíre going to try to manipulate time and time travel?  Do you know anything about that?

Alan:  I know theyíre working on it.  I know thereís one near me in Coniston in Sudbury, Ontario.  Itís the largest particle beam accelerator on the planet, but let me talk about that on the next show that I go into, possibly if you can call in again. 

From Hamish and myself in Ontario, Canada, its goodnight and may your God or your Gods go with you, and get the new book which is out now for you.  Itís Waiting for the Miracle.  Look into the web site.  Good night. 



Transcribed by Diana