Sept. 8, 2008 (#164)


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Poem Copyright Alan Watt Sept. 8, 2008:

"Our New Health Authorities Don't Care Two Figs,
'Bout the Human Herd, Public Guinea Pigs,
To Be Prodded and Pricked, and Blood They Must Give,
Year After Year, as Long as They Live,
Who've been Injected with Serums, Food Pesticide-Laden,
They Want to Find Out How on Earth We're Still Livin',
Voluntary Beginnings All Must Become Law,
When Your Blood's Demanded, Don't Stick Out Your Paw"
© Alan Watt Sept. 8, 2008


Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - Sept. 8, 2008 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)
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Hi folks, I’m Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix on September the 8th, 2008.  I always advise newcomers, who come in all the time, and that’s a really good sign… younger and younger ones too, to look into web site, where they can download lots of previous talks.  Talks that go into the histories of how the world really is run and how it’s been run that way… it’s run in secrecy and that democracy is a BIG ILLUSION for public consumption.  It keeps us happy; it keeps us going along with the agendas and not asking too many questions.  Also look into where you can download transcripts in the various languages of Europe. 

Getting back to what I was saying about democracy, it really is a wonderful scam because we do….and we are trained to be socialized.   A socialist type system trains you to accept that you have BETTERS that are above you, experts and everything, who deal with all the weighty matters of the world and even the matters right down to your own home and your family and what happens between you and so on.  We’re all studied under the microscope and the process of socialization is STANDARDIZATION, where everyone just has to be the same way as everyone else.  That’s really where it all heads to and the public, unfortunately, have had a generation of this constant socialization.  They call it creeping socialism.  I think it was Khrushchev mentioned that fact, he says that communism is just socialism in a hurry. 

We got it the same way, through a different means.  Through gradualism and it was inevitable that this happened because people never, ever watch their government.  Once you have a little problem, or you have a bad famine or depression, we tend to be so concerned with survival that we forget to watch the governments and what they’re up to.  That’s when they ram laws through and take over various things that were your rights at one time. 

Socialization has to standardize everyone along the same path.  Nothing really explains it better than the communist writings and don’t forget that the Soviet system, now, is amalgamated with the West… completely.  This was outlined in the wish list put out by the Club of Rome in their book, The First Global Revolution.  They said that they had studied, the big think tank, this Club of Rome, they had studied all the different societies in existence that had been and were, and came to the conclusion that COLLECTIVISM, which they meant Sovietization, was the best method to rule over the masses of people, worldwide, for a world governmental system… that‘s what they meant. 

We have it all in place.  All the institutions that are now enforcement bodies, with authority behind them and law behind them started off as services.  Now they are our lords and masters.  And we’ve been trained to see them that way.  See, the only difference between obeying and not obeying is how you’re conditioned to view that credential, that card, the ID card or the uniform.  It’s all in how you’re trained to perceive it.  If you were living in the 1700s and a man stopped you on the road, in your coach, and he stopped you with a pistol, you would shoot him as a highwayman, before he shot you.  Today, the cops stop us and they can steal your car.  They call it impounding, but they steal your car.  They can have you locked up in prison until you pay their bosses, which is a form of extortion as well, you see.  It’s all been how you’ve been trained to perceive what is really happening.  And I hear the music coming in… I’m going to go on a roll with this tonight.  So hang in there and we’ll back after this break. 

Hi folks, I’m Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix.  I’m talking about how we got in this mess and how gradual it was…. although, now it’s on a roll because it has no enemies any more.  Most of the public are mind-bombed patsies, they don’t know really what’s happened to themselves.  They don’t know there’s anything strange going on.  They suck at the teat of the television every night and they eat all the fast foods that’s making them overweight plus all the modified oils and so on… that comes with it.  They’re being modified, genetically modified and we see the effects of it all around us. 

Socialism, the creeping socialism, that was intended to take away all your rights one by one.  This was done through different means; one of them was make you think that law, lawlessness was out of hand.  It was all over the country.  Every western country got this too.  The media were the main culprits.  They heightened up everything until people in some areas in some time down through the last 20, 30 years, were scared to get out of their doors for fear of being mugged or killed or whatever and that was PERCEPTION ALTERATION by the media.  Once people are terrified, then government comes forth with the solutions and you have to give up rights and get more cops to protect you.  And you end up being harassed and all the rest of it with the cops.  This is an ongoing system we’re in now, with terrorism everywhere.  It’s taken over from the fear of criminality.  And terrorism is now rampaging ahead, taking the last rights away from the public.  Unfortunately, the public have swallowed this… most of them have swallowed it, believing that they have to bend over backwards and be jabbed for their DNA and all the rest of it… all to keep the world safe. 

Tyranny is tyranny, regardless of the guise that it goes under.  It’s really always the same kind of tyranny.  All down through the ages, people were kept in different forms of slavery.  That’s what you find with the grandson of Charles Darwin.  His grandson wrote the book called The Next Million Years, Charles Galton Darwin.  He was a physicist in the 1950s and he was a eugenicist as well.  He believed that the masses, the inferior commoners, would overtake inbreeding the elite and therefore, his idea was to, basically, sterilize them by different means, using food, inoculations and injections of hormones into them.  It was to get hormones into them through one means or another.  That’s been done successfully!  You would basically emasculate the males, because it was the males that they were always worried about fighting and overthrowing tyrannical systems. 

He outlined this whole agenda in that book, The Next Million Years.  It really is a MUST READ for those who want to know what’s happened to them physically.  We have been under attack, our WHOLE lives, through institutions, which again, we were trained to perceive as being there to help us… the health industry and so on.  That is why Jacques Ellul talks about ALL media, when it comes to medicine and law enforcement, where it gives you fictional plays or series on television, he said, ‘It’s all propaganda to change your perceptions of those very institutions.”

We’ve watched the skyrocketing rate of autism and auto-immune problems that did not exist before the 1950s, SKY-ROCKET after the introduction of the polio vaccines and then all the other mass of vaccines that are given to children today.  Why?   Because the institutions that run this world, and there really is an institution at the very top, a capstone that runs all the other think tanks and the institutions, and they are into EUGENICS big time.  Eugenics is not just about culling off people; it’s also about sterilization of the people and literally, bio-engineering the people through different generations until they create the perfect, human SLAVE. 

Charles Galton Darwin said in that book, The Next Million Years, there has always existed slavery in one form or another, regardless of the system that seems to be running the country.  And he said that we are introducing a new form of more sophisticated slavery.  That is what socialism is.  It’s sophisticated, we don’t recognize it, although, people are getting nervous now when Children’s Aid suddenly comes in with SWAT teams to grab children, for absurd reasons, things like that. 

Because they know where they have the public today, mind-bombed, as I say, mind-bombed out of their heads with television and propaganda, they can’t think clearly because of all the GMO food they’re fed, they’ve also been attacked through inoculations… it literally did go to their brain.  I’m not kidding about that.  So the big system is on a roll… into the whole eugenics plan. 

Here’s part of it.  Now, I’ve mentioned Mark Baard before, who does  He also does an article for The Register.  And this is from The Register.  It’s from the 5th of September, 2008.


I was a government guinea pig, and all I got was this lousy t-shirt

(Alan: That’s the title of it.)

By Mark Baard


Published Friday 5th September 2008 12:08 GMT


What will the US government owe the hundreds of thousands of Americans it will swab, prick, track and trace over the next 21 years, in the largest children's health study ever? So far, the answer from the National Children’s Study is "not much".

The study, a joint effort led by the US Environmental Protection Agency (A: and we know all about those guys; those are the guys who allow all of the poisons to go into your food) and the National Institute of Health, also raises questions about a patient's right to privacy and to his own health records, according to a bioethicist (A: Bioethics, remember, and bioethicist, is a term now used for the eugenicist. They changed their name.  Hitler gave it a bad name to go into eugenics, so they’re now bioethicists.) who reviewed the NCS plan.

To understand the causes of asthma, (A: Well, we know what causes asthma because it skyrocketed again from the 50s onwards and now it’s common.  We also get it now in ADULTS.  It’s from the spraying of the aircraft for last 10 years, as they dose us with all the different chemicals they’re using across the planet.) obesity (A: We know what’s done to obesity because we’re being bio-engineered by the very food that we eat and they don’t make mistakes.  That’s the big con game, they let you think that they make mistakes along the way and then they say, ‘Oh, we made a boo-boo.  And here’s the effect.’  No, these characters know what the effects are going to be on the human body after MASSIVE testing on animals and even test groups of humans.  They KNOW how you’re going to end up at the end… we have that with obesity as well.) and other troubling childhood disease trends, (A: Trends, trends, you don’t SUDDENLY have trends in the conditions of health in the world suddenly. It doesn’t happen suddenly, even under their own laws of… basically Darwinistic evolution… nothing happens suddenly… but they have TRENDS.)   the NCS will sample DNA and monitor the health and environmental exposures of 100,000 [children], throughout their youth, from the womb to the dorm room.

Such a huge sample will ensure that less common diseases, such as autism, are captured in the study.  (A: Oh really, less common… it’s skyrocketing.)

To aid their hunt for lead and countless other toxins (A: What a joke, eh?), NCS organizers in 2004 explored the use of RFID and GPS transponders, wireless motes and sensors implanted under the skin.  (A: Now you know what the fad and the trend they gave to fashion for piercing yourself and through all things hanging off your lips and your eyes was all really all about.  It was to get you used to the idea of things being put into your skin or under your skin.)

But the government balked at having to corral an overload of data from the devices, said Sarah Keim, (A: See, there was no MORAL question here.  What turned them off was the overload of data they get from all the different devises.)   NCS associate study director for operations and logistics. (A: These are just like military institutions because that’s how they attack the public.  And they have all the same terminology for their officers.)  A 2004 report for the NCS, commissioned by the EPA (A: That’s the Environmental Protection Agency that allows us to be sprayed like bugs.), also envisions fashion-conscious teens rebelling against the sensor-laden clothes mom gave them.  (A: Well, I tell you if they gave some of the little bimbos they make stars the stuff to wear, it’d be a hit tomorrow.)

The report concludes that implantable sensors, while promising, “are still too invasive and prompt numerous ethical concerns". (A: Well, they don’t care a damn about ethics, they’re just scared there’s not quite time, then they get a backlash). There are similarly "no plans" to chip babies' diapers and men's underwear - another idea mentioned in the EPA report - according to Keim.  (A: See we’re just… do you understand, we are domesticated ANIMALS.  That’s how we are viewed.  Do you know when the SARS outbreak came out in Toronto, at least this test that they called the SARS outbreak, they had all the specialists on and they referred to the public as THE HERD.  This is on NATIONAL television.  They said, ‘This is herd management.’  MOOO!  So we ARE the herd to these people.  And all they’re doing is examining the conditions of the herd after attacking us for so long, as they try to alter us.)

The NCS will still get its pound of flesh from volunteers, quite literally, through extensive biological sampling. At the top of the NCS doctors' wish list for samples: hair and nail clippings, baby teeth, saliva, urine, blood for genetic testing, breast milk, umbilical cord blood, placenta and meconium (a newborn's first poop).  (A: You wonder what kind of CULT these guys are into, eh?)

All data collected for the NCS will be scrubbed of any personally identifiable information before researchers can see it, said Keim. (A: Oh, REALLY?  I’d like to see her blush when I question HER.)   The NCS is one of several colossal epidemiological studies coming online globally, made possible by ubiquitous sensors, faster computer processors and advances in genetic testing. (A: We’ll be back, with more of this monstrosity, by the monsters, after this break.)

Hi folks, I am Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix reading from an article from by Mark Baard.  And it’s to do with a massive experiment that’s going on where they’re tracking data on thousands of youngsters to follow them up through their lives.  No doubt to see if all the poisons they’re giving them are working.  Do you remember what they said years ago, when Wilson was the President and they had Colonel Mandell House there and House said, “For anything that happens in government, there’s always a good reason given to the public and then there’s the REAL reason.”  That’s how socialist democracy actually works.  We’re never given the real truth of what they’re up to.  And to continue with this article, it says:

Like the UK Biobank, which will examine the health of a half-million middle-aged Britons, the NCS (A: This is for the US.) is expected to generate a mountain of genetic test results.

And many study participants will want to see their results, the NCS has discovered in its surveys. The problem is that doctors will not know what most of the DNA test results mean.  (A: And you see it’s not meant for the average GP.  It’s a higher level of science where the guys who do all this stuff, and the higher stuff, where they really understand it.  They will KNOW what the results do mean.  It won’t be to your benefit.  They want to see how detrimental their war against you has been.  It says:)  "Science has not advanced to the point where we know the clinical significance of many genetic markers," Keim said.  (A: It’s quite amazing that after they’ve just announced that they’ve found out about by some method why some men are promiscuous, they’re claiming it’s called a particular gene that some of them have.  So they have all this double-speak at the lower levels of genetic research.)

Test results can also be wrong, said Vanderbilt University bioethicist (A: or eugenicist) Ellen Wright Clayton, who reviewed the NCS research plan as part of a National Academy of Sciences panel. "Research labs do not have the same quality control measures as diagnostic labs," said Clayton.

Clayton declined to speak on behalf of the NAS panel, or specifically about the NCS. In a world already full of hypochondriacs self-diagnosing themselves via Google, doctors now fear raw research data and early findings might prompt patients to make bad choices. "Returning incidental findings (to patients) is one of the most vexed topics in research ethics," Clayton said. "We are in the middle of a huge debate."  (A: I wonder who ‘we’ are because the public aren’t involved in it.)

In other words, scientists aren't sure whether or not they should return DNA test results to volunteer subjects, even those fearing they might have a genetic disposition to a particular form of cancer, for example.

The budget for the NCS - about $100 million per year - might not be enough to cover genetic counseling for individuals. Even as it searches for a full-time bioethicist, the NCS is moving forward. NCS workers in January 2009 will begin fanning out in a door-to-door search for test subjects.  (A: Oh, oh, boiling oil, boiling oil from the parapets.) Recruiters in several US cities will be seeking a "vanguard" sample of pregnant women and those not yet pregnant - asking them to commit themselves and their [children] to 21 years of interviews, physical exams and lab tests. Getting poor Americans on board will not be easy, however.  (A: And you can guarantee that’s who they’re targeting.)

Many Native Americans, for example, will not want to part with their hair, the NCS has found. Hair and the placenta are considered sacred by many tribes. (A: Who have more sense than the white man.)  Pregnant and parenting teens in one NCS focus group placed a high price on their umbilical cord blood and placentas, and their baby's blood. (A: Again, they’ve got more brains than we have.)  Volunteers can opt out of any part of the study that makes them feel uncomfortable, said Keim.  (A: They should be uncomfortable at the very thought of it.  Being a guinea pig, for something you have no idea what it’s really all about.)

To ensure proper consent, women with cognitive impairments and some with mental illnesses will be excluded. NCS recruits, many living in dire poverty in housing projects and on Indian Reservations, might feel they are giving more than they are getting.  (A: Well, I hope the Indians on the reservations remember their histories.  Hmm?  I hope they really, really remember their histories and learn that one word from the white man that says, NO!  NO!  A very small word, it means a lot…  NO.)

A promotional video for the NCS says participation is all about family and country. (A: Now, there’s your utter, utter, drooling hypocrisy here from the very system that is determined to destroy the family unit.  ‘Participation is all about family and country…’) "People will look back on this and say, 'My [child] was in the National Children's Study,' and that will be a point of pride for that family,'" said Dr Donald Dudley, an advisor to the NCS from the University of Texas (A: My God, you think they could dream up something better than THAT!).  in the video.

NCS subjects, then, can expect little more than gestures of thanks for their prolonged assistance. "Volunteers," said Keim, can expect a "t-shirt (A: you get a t-shirt for all that!), small toy, or gift certificate, and also modest monetary incentives for completing each visit."  (A: Pavlov’s dog:  punishment, reward, reward… and so on.)

And there you are with it folks.  We’re just the herd and that’s where socialism HAS TO BRING THE PEOPLE, because it was nothing about helping the people.  Institutions that were at one time were services are now authorities over you.  They serve the elite, who OWN, as far as they’re concerned, the entire world.   We’re just the domesticated animals.  The same animals that the same types of organizations have said they must start culling down rather quickly in the population debates that are still raging on at high levels. 

I hear the music coming in….  I just finished with that particular article.  I’ll be back with more after this break.

Hi folks, I’m Alan Watt.  This is Cutting Through The Matrix.  It’s astounding really, to me, how we watch television and you’ll see these different anthropologists and so on, going into the little tribes that are here and there in jungle situations and studying them and watching them and photographing them and writing down everything about them.  Well, you see what they’re doing is seeing what their customs are and that was done to everyone else a long, long time ago in the western world.  We’ve been so studied and by watching your habits, male, female, and so on, they then can then utilize your particular habits and turn them against you for their own ends, at the top. 

This next article falls right in line with again this odd phenomenon that is getting no real air time whatsoever and it’s called infertility amongst males.  The United Nations every year comes out with its statistics on this, that and everything but the kitchen sink, and they tell you, quite calmly, that the sperm count has dropped since 1950 by 75%.  That means they’re 75% sterile in the western world.  And there’s no comment made, such as, ‘This is a crisis.’   They just go on to the next statistic.  That tells you that this is the agenda.  This is INTENTIONAL.  Whatever’s causing it is intentional! 

Then you fall back again on Charles Galton Darwin’s book, The Next Million Years, where he said that ‘We’ve got to alter the hormonal systems in male and female but mainly the male.’  This article ties right in with this because, as I’ve said on many, many shows, how is it that everything that we find out that has happened to us, physically, ends up being right along with the agenda.  Why don’t they do something, in food or something that will really help us, by mistake?  It doesn’t happen that way.  It’s always to our detriment but always along in the same direction as the agenda.  That doesn’t happen with the law of averages.  Sometimes we should win, if it was all accidental.  Here’s from The Mail online, the Daily Mail and that is the 1st of September, 2008.

How perfumes and scented creams could make your unborn baby infertile


(Alan: This isn’t news, remember, I’ve read stuff like this years ago.  It says…)

Pregnant women are being urged to stop using perfumes or scented creams after research suggested the products could cause unborn boys to suffer infertility or cancer in later life.

It found the reproductive systems of male fetuses were damaged at as early as eight weeks' gestation by chemicals found in cosmetics.

Professor Richard Sharpe, who led the research at the Medical Research Council's Human Sciences Unit, said that he had discovered a 'time window' of eight to 12 weeks' gestation, when certain hormones in the fetus are activated and the male reproductive system comes into being.

At that time, future problems of male fertility, including undescended testicles, low sperm count and the risk of testicular cancer could be determined if these hormones, such as testosterone, do not work properly, he added.

The experiments on rats confirmed that if the hormones were blocked, the animals suffered fertility problems.

Professor Sharpe said he had discovered the male programming window occurred far earlier in fetal development than was previously thought, before the reproductive organs fully develop, and when androgens in the fetus are most active. (A: This is exactly what Charles Galton Darwin was aiming at, androgens and testosterone and all the rest of it.)

'If the male fetus does not receive enough androgens it may not realise its full reproductive potential,' he added.

'Women could stop using body creams and perfumes.

'Although we do not have conclusive evidence they do harm, there are components about which there are question marks; for example, it could be certain combinations of chemicals.' 

In other words, it could be augmented, the more different kinds you apply, but you also find in soaps and all the rest of it, the artificial stuff they’re giving you.  You’ve got various xeno-estrogens and all the rest of it... and it’s in your shampoos too.  It doesn’t mention this, in this particular study, but we’ve been under this attack for a long, long time, as I say, and we’ve got to wisen up, BEFORE IT’S TO LATE. We can see the effects already in society.  We see the physical alterations of males and females in our society.  It’s obvious to those who’ve lived long enough and who’ve been aware and could see and watch and remember how it used to be. 

Men are becoming thinner and thinner…. they have narrow shoulders and are becoming more effeminate, if you notice.  And that ties right in with the Human Agenda.  Read the book, The Human Agenda.  They talk about the necessity of creating a form of HERMAPHRODITIC WORLD… in the near future.  SPONSORED AND PAID FOR BY THE American Psychiatric Association. 

I’m not making any of this up.  I don’t have to.  We are living in science fiction and it’s all around you, only IT’S FACT!  When they come out with these studies and they tell you that they didn’t know that this happened so early in a fetus’s gestation… that is not true.  At a higher level of science, you can bet your bottom dollar, they knew what the effects would be years ago.  It falls right in with the agenda. 

Now, this is from the Canada Free Press and it’s called the Anti-Human Agenda.  Monday, May 19th, 2008.  Interesting article. 

Anti-humanity and anti-society environmentalists

The Anti-Human Agenda

By Dr. Tim Ball  Monday, May 19, 2008

A tongue-in-cheek comment from my university said if we could just get rid of the students it would be a great place to work. Some environmentalists think if we could just get rid of all the people on the planet it would be a great place to live. Generally over-population is a major part of the environmentalists’ argument that humans are causing all the problems, including climate change. Satire is a good measure of this position typified by the bumper sticker that says, “Save the Planet, Kill Yourself.”

The relationship between population and resources has been an issue throughout history. All predictions to date were wrong including Thomas Malthus in the 19th century, who claimed the population, would outgrow the food supply. The most recent flurry of alarmism over population growth was a key piece of the ideas of the Club of Rome and the now discredited book “Limits to Growth”. It received momentum through Paul Ehrlich’s book, “The Population Bomb.” The ideas were combined with sustainable development at the 1994 world conference on population in Cairo.  (Alan: That’s the United Nations, UN organization, had that.)   Here it is in ‘bureaucratese’ from Section 3.1

The Rio Declaration on Environment and Development and Agenda 21, adopted by the international community at the United Nations Conference on Environment and Development, call for patterns of development that reflect the new understanding of these and other intersectoral linkages.

There is also general agreement that unsustainable consumption and production patterns are contributing to the unsustainable use of natural resources and environmental degradation as well as to the reinforcement of social inequities and of poverty with the above-mentioned consequences for demographic parameters.

Although the discussion was about health and development, there was little doubt the underlying theme was the need to reduce population, especially in the developing world. It was the wrong approach. The error of left wing politics is to ignore how population declines with increased development. It’s a process called the “demographic transition” in which the death rate declines, then the birth rate declines and population numbers decline. It is evident in every developed country and unless supplemented by immigration, as many developed nations are now practicing, can cause other problems.

Environmentalism in its more virulent form is anti-humanity, and anti-evolution. It holds that human progress is not a natural evolution but an unnatural aberration. Ron Arnold, Executive Vice-President of the Center for the Defense of Free Enterprise, said, “Environmentalism intends to transform government, economy, and society in order to liberate nature from human exploitation.”

The 1990 Greenpeace Report on Global Warming said, “Carbon dioxide is added to the atmosphere naturally and unnaturally.” What do they mean by “unnatural”? It is a Freudian slip disclosing an underlying thought, but it also introduces a profound contradiction. If what humans do is not natural, then by inference we are not natural. If we are not natural then by default you must conclude a greater authority put us here--but of course they don’t want that either.

Somehow evolution, survival of the fittest and the most adaptable, doesn’t apply to humans. Some actually express this view. David Graber, a research biologist with the National park Service said,

“Human happiness, and certainly human fecundity, are not as important as a wild and healthy planet. I know social scientists who remind me that people are part of nature, but it isn’t true. Somewhere along the line – at about a billion years ago – we quit the contract and became a cancer. We have become a plague upon ourselves and upon the Earth. It is cosmically unlikely that the developed world will choose to end its orgy of fossil energy consumption, and the Third World its suicidal consumption of landscape. Until such time as Homo Sapiens should decide to rejoin nature, some of us can only hope for the right virus to come along.”   (A: These are the characters who are in charge of these big authorities now, the big stick over us that WE FUND, by the way, we fund our own extermination.  I hope we realize that.  To continue with the article, it says….)

What contract and with whom? What happens if the virus wipes out Graber and his like? (A: Cheers, that’s what you’d get!) Perhaps Christopher Manes, author of “Green Rage”, would decide because he says “a large percentage of humanity is (an) ecological redundancy.” (A: He means, all the lesser people are just in the way.)  Getting rid of everyone permanently solves the problem – David Foreman former chief lobbyist for the Wilderness Society says the optimum number is zero. Presumably he’s the last to go.

Canadian David Suzuki, (A: Boy, what a guy this is.  He was picked young for his propaganda role.)  a former genetics professor might see the irony, although I doubt it. He said “Economics is a very species – chauvinistic idea. No other species on earth – and there are may be 30 million of them – has had the nerve to put forth a concept called economics, in which one species, us, declares the right to put value on everything else on earth, in the living and non-living world.” First, he is wrong because all other species do put a value on everything else - it is food or it is not food. Doesn’t get more basic than that. Second, the 30 million number is wrong, but so are the statistics Suzuki uses about the rate of extinctions. Then it is another of those confounded species chauvinistic ideas and doesn’t apply to those who know the truth. Suzuki traveled across Canada selling a book (how economically driven) (A: Of course, for his own economic reasons.) claiming 2 species an hour were becoming extinct. I challenged him to name them and the 46 others that disappeared every day. I suggested we have a daily obituary column lamenting them. It won’t happen because it simply doesn’t happen. It does imply we are arrogant mass-murderers as well as economists.  Of course no other species had the nerve or ability to develop concepts like economics. Conceptual thought is another of the evolutionary advances humans made. (A: This guy also believes in evolution, of course.)  Or is it? Again we confront the conundrum – apparently our advances are not evolutionary, we are not playing according to the ‘natural’ rules.

The English TV comedy series “Yes Minister” had a wonderful episode in which the most efficient and economical hospital was one that had no patients. Well environmentalists don’t harbor those views lightly. Ingrid Newkirk of People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals said,

“Mankind is a cancer; we’re the biggest blight on the face of the earth.” “If you haven’t given voluntary human extinction much thought before, the idea of a world with no people in it may seem strange. But, if you give it a chance, I think you might agree that the extinction of Homo Sapiens would mean survival for millions if not billions, of Earth-dwelling species, Phasing out the human race will solve every problem on earth, social and environmental.”

(A: And that puts me in mind of the statements made by Albert Pike, and we also find it with the various communist societies of the late 1800s early 1900s, where they said, they would let loose on the world all those with basically chips on their shoulders, the atheists and the nihilists.  Well, you see, they’ve got these people with big chips on their shoulders and they fund them into being spokesmen of these prominent organizations that then hold the big stick over us.  Hitler would’ve loved to have recruited these people.)

It’s too bad the dinosaurs or all the other species that became extinct long before Homo Sapiens came on the scene did not know of this.   (A: That’s the come back to that last bit.)

Before you conclude Ms. Newkirk is alone in this extreme view, consider Richard Conniff’s comment in “Audubon.”  (A: You know, the Audubon Wildlife series.)  “Among environmentalists sharing two or three beers, the notion is quite common that if only some calamity could wipe out the entire human race, other species might once again have a chance.” The Roman adage, In vino veritas (In wine there is truth) applies although apparently Ms. Newkirk did not need such liquid courage.

I struggled for years with the role or function of extremists in society. I realize now their job is to define the limits of an idea or ideology. We are all environmentalists to a greater or lesser extent and we should resent those who have usurped the concept or the title. Everyone cares about the environment; the question is how far do we pursue the concept. Those who are anti-humanity and anti-society or don’t believe evolution applies to humans have the ultimate in arrogance. Is there any other species that would advocate its own demise?

Not a bad article.  That’s what it’s all about.  You see, we have got all these weirdoes with chips on their shoulders and who really hate society and they make them spokes people for all the U.N. front groups.  The ones who are bringing us into this glorious New World Order… not because they plan it that way, but because their bosses at the top plan it that way and they have a different view of society.  Because Charles Galton Darwin said the elite will continue.  They will continue and they will not be numbed with drugs or attacked, physically, by the inoculations and so on.  They themselves will be very fit and healthy and will live to a ripe old age and they must steer planet earth. They will retain their survival capabilities.  That’s the Anti-Human agenda. 

I have one more article to go after this and my page just dropped out with a caller so I don’t know who’s on it.  This is a hard one to get back up again.  I’ll continue prattling away here.  This article is from the BBC News, and it’s quite amazing.  I’ve talked about socialism and where it’s gone and how it’s got so far and Britain is the home of this.  It came out of World War II, after fighting a socialist regime; it came out of the World War II, as the premiere socialist regime because government took over every function in society during World War II.  That’s why wars are very handy for the elite.  This article is from the BBC and it’s from Sunday, the 13th of July, 2008. 

Call for more searches of pupils

(Alan: Listen to this.)

Teachers should be able to search pupils for alcohol and drugs, inside or outside of school, says a review on tackling bad behavior among pupils.

Sir Alan Steer has delivered the proposals in a government-commissioned review of ways to improve discipline.

Alcohol is identified as a growing problem (A: It’s also the most promoted on television!)  and Sir Alan wants teachers in England to have the legal power to search pupils and confiscate drink.

At present, teachers only have the right to search for weapons.   (A: And I’ll go on with the article, it’s just amazing, after this message.) 

Hi folks, I’m Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix and I was reading an article from the BBC and maybe I’ll manage to get a caller in afterwards, I don’t know, but we’ll see.  It says here…  This is about teachers given the right to search inside and outside school.

Sir Alan Steer has delivered the proposals in a government-commissioned review of ways to improve discipline.   (A: Oh, discipline… they’re really into it; They’re sadomasochists, I tell you.)

Alcohol is identified as a growing problem (A: As I said before, that’s the most widely advertised on television and that’s all you see.)  and Sir Alan wants teachers in England to have the legal power to search pupils and confiscate drink.

At present, teachers only have the right to search for weapons.  

The Schools Secretary Ed Balls (A: What a name this guy’s got, Ed Balls) has welcomed the report - and its conclusion that "behaviour is generally good and is improving in our schools".

Stolen property

The call for wider powers to search pupils is a response (A: see, it’s to help you) to the concerns of head teachers about the influence of alcohol and, to a lesser extent, illegal drugs.

This power "should apply when pupils are on the school site, or off site on school trips and activities," says Sir Alan.

But he rejects as "unviable" suggestions that schools should introduce drug testing on pupils.

Teachers should also have the power (A: See, they always want more and more power.  All these organizations want more and more power.) to search for suspected stolen property in pupils' pockets or bags, in situations such as disputes over stolen mobile phones or music players.

Last year, schools were given legal powers to search pupils they suspected of carrying weapons - and they were allowed to refuse entry to any pupil who refused to be searched.  (A: I’d have loved that.  I’d have brought a catapult every day and they’d have sent me home.)

Sir Alan is also expected to call for more ways to involve parents in improving school discipline.   (A: And this is what happened.  See, they took the rights away from the parents and they got the rights of the child, that big bill they put through at the United Nations, that LAW, and you find out that parents have no rights over the child at all.  This is exactly what Bertrand Russell WANTED, where the State gives the child their new values system.  We see the effects of it everywhere.  Then when it all seems to be chaotic, they step in with the next phase and the next phase and the next phase.  This was all planned this way... planned this way.) 

This could include using text messages and e-mails to make immediate contact with parents where there are concerns about pupils' behaviour or if they are absent from school.

The review also calls for more parent advisers and parent councils and a local authority panel to hear parents' complaints about schools.

The review on behaviour in school comes against a background of growing concern over teenage knife crime (A: You see, you can’t have firearms in Britain, so, I tell you, if they take knives away, they’ll hit each other with clubs or bricks or something.  You see, it’s not the object that’s used, it’s the INTENT behind it that causes these problems.  It doesn’t matter what the weapon is, or even if you kick someone and whatever…. I mentioned the name earlier, someone’s name……. but, if you kick someone that can also be the same thing.  That can do the same kind of damage.) 

Sir Alan, head teacher of Seven Kings High School, Ilford, has warned that adults can too often set a bad example for young people, showing them behaviour that is greedy and aggressive.   (A: Now, nowhere, did they ever mention the MEDIA, the MOVIES that we’ve been fed for FIFTY YEARS with increasing violence and slaughter.  No one mentions that, the ones that give them the culture, the culture industry.  Why not?  Why isn’t that ever mentioned?  No.  They always attack the people and they attack the effects of it.)


So, that’s that article there.  I don’t know if we have time to go to Harley from Michigan.  Are you there Harley?

Harley:  Alan?  Hello, how are you?

Alan:  Oh, I tell you…I didn’t even know….  I can just hear the music coming in now.

Harley:  Okay, well look…

Alan:  Can you call the next time and I’ll try to take your call?

Harley:  I sure will.  Good to talk to you again Alan.

Thanks.  From Hamish and myself in Ontario, Canada, it’s good night and may your God or your Gods, go with you.



Transcribed by Diana